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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

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    Table of Contents
    I - Introduction
    Legal Info
    Version History
    II - The Fleet
    001.0 - Fighter Class 
    002.0 - Corvette Class
    003.0 - Resource Class
    004.0 - Frigate Class
    005.0 - Super-Capital Ship Class  
    006.0 - Non-Combat Class 
    007.0 - Mothership Class
    III - General Strategies 
    001.0 - Offense 
    002.0 - Defense 
    003.0 - Resource Collecting 
    IV - Multiplayer Strategies 
    001.0 - Starting Out 
    002.0 - Developing Your Fleet 
    003.0 - Finishing On Top 
    004.0 - Adapting 
    V - Single Player Walkthrough 
    001.0 - Kharak System 
    002.0 - Outskirts of Kharak System 
    003.0 - Return to Kharak 
    004.0 - Great Wastelands Part 1 
    005.0 - Great Wastelands Part 2 
    006.0 - Diamond Shoals 
    007.0 - The Gardens of Kadesh 
    008.0 - The Cathedral of Kadesh 
    009.0 - Deep Space - Sea of Lost Souls 
    010.0 - Super Nova Research Station 
    011.0 - Tenhauser Gate 
    012.0 - Galactic Core 
    013.0 - The Karos Graveyard - The Shining Hinterlands 
    014.0 - Bridge of Sighs 
    015.0 - Chapel Perilous 
    016.0 - Hiigara  
    Welcome to my Homeworld FAQ. 
    Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
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    Version History: 
    First Submission: Version 1.0 
    II - The Fleet
    001.0 - Fighter Class 
    001.1 - Defender 
    Cost: 65 RUs
    Firepower: 10
    Maneuverability: High  
    Max Velocity: 385 m/s
    Coverage: 11% 
    Armor: 325 
    Mass: 10 tons
    Strengths: Heavy armor means that Defenders are best used as a wall to 
    protect other ships.
    Weaknesses: Defenders don't really excel in anything, and it has a very low 
    firepower, so don't plan on destroying anything without a lot of these 
    001.2 - Scout 
    Cost: 35 RUs 
    Firepower: 12
    Maneuverability: Very High  
    Max Velocity: 1000 m/s 
    Coverage: 12% 
    Armor: 110 
    Mass: 8 tons 
    Strengths: Scouts are quick to build and are good for annoying capital ships 
    while your Salvage Corvettes slip in and steal the grand prize. And because 
    of how inexpensive they are, they're great to kamikaze into your enemy. 
    Weaknesses: Weak, both in firepower and armor. They might be able to survive 
    because of their speed, but don't expect them to destroy anything by 
    001.3 - Interceptor 
    Cost: 55 RUs
    Firepower: 26
    Maneuverability: Very High  
    Max Velocity: 875 m/s 
    Coverage: 12% 
    Armor: 160 
    Mass: 10 tons
    Strengths: Better than a Scout in almost every way without increasing the 
    cost very much. If you actually expect to get anything out of a wing of 
    fighters, Interceptors are a great way to go. Just make sure to have them in 
    groups of 25 or higher. 
    Weaknesses: In terms of the fighter class, none. Its only drawbacks are weak 
    armor and firepower, but that's why it's a fighter. Interceptors do become 
    fairly obsolete against more powerful opponents, though.
    001.4 - Cloaked Fighter (Kushan only) 
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Firepower: 25
    Maneuverability: High  
    Max Velocity: 775 m/s
    Coverage: 4%
    Armor: 150 
    Mass: 10 tons
    Strengths: Like the name implies, it's a cloaked fighter. You can attack 
    enemies without being seen.
    Weaknesses: More expensive than the other fighters without getting very much 
    in return. It also takes a while to build, and it doesn't score very high in 
    the firepower department. 
    001.5 - Attack Bomber 
    Cost: 85 RUs 
    Firepower: 42 
    Maneuverability: Very High 
    Max Velocity: 750 m/s 
    Coverage: 12%
    Armor: 100 
    Mass: 10 tons
    Strengths: The most powerful fighter out there, Attack Bombers are good for 
    taking on capital ships and Resource Collectors. They're particularly deadly 
    when you have a group of corvettes protecting it.
    Weaknesses: Without that escort, your Bombers won't stand a chance against 
    the enemy's Strike Craft or Missile Destroyers.  
    Defense Fighter (Taiidan only) 
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Firepower: 0
    Maneuverability: High  
    Max Velocity: 875 m/s
    Coverage: 80%
    Armor: 300
    Mass: 75 tons
    Strengths: It shoots down incoming attacks.
    Weaknesses: It doesn't actually attack anything. More often than not it's a 
    better idea to have an escort that can fight back guarding your valuable 
    002.0 - Corvette Class 
    002.1 - Light Corvette 
    Cost: 135 RUs
    Firepower: 9 
    Maneuverability: Medium 
    Max Velocity: 575 m/s
    Coverage: 16%
    Armor: 900
    Mass: 150 tons
    Strengths: Higher armor means that Light Corvettes will last longer than the 
    fighters. They're also pretty cheap. 
    Weaknesses: Fairly slow and poor firepower. Instead of these, spend the same 
    amount of resources on Interceptors. 
    002.2 - Heavy Corvette 
    Cost: 250 RUs
    Firepower: 23 
    Maneuverability: Medium  
    Max Velocity: 520 m/s
    Coverage: 33%
    Armor: 1700
    Mass: 150 tons
    Strengths: Well protected and fairly powerful, Heavy Corvettes are great for 
    wiping out Strike Craft. Have five or six of these things guard your Resource 
    Collectors against Strike Craft and forget about them (until you can build 
    Multi-Gun Corvettes, that is). 
    Weaknesses: They're more expensive than most Strike Craft and are still 
    pretty slow. 
    002.3 - Repair Corvette  
    Cost: 150 RUs
    Firepower: 5 
    Maneuverability: Low  
    Max Velocity: 500 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 1200
    Mass: 150 tons
    Strengths: It repairs your ships. It's also pretty useful to kamikaze. 
    Weaknesses: Very weak. Support Frigates are usually a better choice. 
    002.4 - Salvage Corvette  
    Cost: 220 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Low
    Max Velocity: 425 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 1500
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: They steal enemy ships. Not only does this eliminate one ship that 
    you'd have to destroy anyway, but now you can use it against your enemy. 
    Salvage Corvettes are the key to winning any game in Homeworld; in the single 
    player game, you gain ships that you normally wouldn't be able to until later 
    at a bargain. Do the math: four Salvage Corvettes steal an enemy's Missile 
    Destroyer (it takes three, but we'll assume one is destroyed). That means you 
    score a 1500 RU ship for 880 RUs. And remember, Salvage Corvettes can be 
    reused, so that's the low estimate. 
    Weaknesses: They're fairly slow, which makes them an easy target to knock out 
    if they come at a ship head-on. And any intelligent player will attack your 
    group of Salvage Corvettes before you get the chance to steal anything.
    002.5 - Minelayer Corvette  
    Cost: 295 RUs
    Firepower: 183 
    Maneuverability: High  
    Max Velocity: 425 m/s
    Coverage: 100%
    Armor: 1800
    Mass: 150 tons
    Strengths: The mines are small, which makes picking them out if you aren't 
    really looking a chore. The mines are also pack a punch, and even a capital 
    ship will go down if it gets caught in a field. 
    Weaknesses: Space contains a lot of wide, open space, so there's a good 
    chance no one will ever stumble upon your group of mines unless they're 
    placed in a heavily trafficked area (directly in front of the other 
    Mothership or in patches of resources). 
    002.6 - Multi-Gun Corvette  
    Cost: 225 RUs
    Firepower: 19 
    Maneuverability: High
    Max Velocity: 695 m/s
    Coverage: 74%
    Armor: 1400
    Mass: 150 tons
    Strengths: Multiple guns with high armor and coverage. Multi-Gun Corvettes 
    will annihilate any Strike Craft. Good for escorts.
    Weaknesses: Technology-wise, don't expect to see these for a while. And 
    Multigun Corvettes won't make a dent against frigates or capital ships. 
    003.0 - Resource Class 
    003.1 - Resource Collector 
    Cost: 650 RUs
    Firepower: 0  
    Maneuverability: Low   
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 10800
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: It collects resources for you, isn't that enough? It's also the 
    largest ship that you can kamikaze.  
    Weaknesses: It can't protect itself and it doesn't automatically repair. 
    Collectors also attract enemies looking to interrupt your flow of resources, 
    so make sure to send an escort with them or risk having to replace it. 
    003.2 - Resource Controller 
    Cost: 680 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 13600
    Mass: 600 tons
    Strengths: If you order a Controller to guard your Collectors, it'll follow 
    them around, drastically decreasing the time it takes for a Collector to drop 
    off its resources and begin harvesting again. They can also repair and refuel 
    fighters and corvettes, which means they won't have to leave the Collectors 
    that they're protecting to refuel.
    Weaknesses: Like the Collector, without any weapons, the Controller won't be 
    able to defend against the enemies that will surely come after it. 
    004.0 - Frigate Class 
    004.1 - Assault Frigate 
    Cost: 575 RUs
    Firepower: 82 
    Maneuverability: Low 
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Coverage: 33%
    Armor: 16000
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: The Frigate's turrets allow it to fire in multiple directions, 
    unlike the Ion Cannon Frigate. It's one of the few non-Strike Craft ships 
    that can take on Strike Craft. 
    Weaknesses: It doesn't really serve any distinct purpose. If there's a 
    specific job you need done, there's always a better ship to use than the 
    Assault Frigate. 
    004.2 - Support Frigate 
    Cost: 425 RUs
    Firepower: 28 
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 450 m/s
    Coverage: 1%
    Armor: 12000
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: Repairs and refuels Strike Craft, and can repair capital ships at 
    200 points per second. Great for using as a secondary base that's closer to 
    your target.  
    Weaknesses: None, really. Its firepower and coverage are laughable, but you 
    aren't building a Support Frigate with the intentions of using it to fight.
    004.3 - Drone Frigate (Kushan only)
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 16000
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: Good for protecting other ships. 
    Weaknesses: The drones don't provide a lot of firepower; it's useless against 
    anything stronger than a corvette. 
    004.4 - Defense Field Frigate 
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Coverage: 100%
    Armor: 17600
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: Same as the Drone Frigate. It has different abilities, but it gets 
    the same job done: protecting larger ships that are vulnerable to Strike 
    Weaknesses: Same as the Drone Frigate. Missiles, ions, and mines aren't 
    affected by it.
    004.5 - Ion Cannon Frigate 
    Cost: 650 RUs
    Firepower: 138 
    Maneuverability: Low  
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    Coverage: 3%
    Armor: 15000
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: With its highly concentrated ion beam, you'll be able to begin 
    considering taking on super capital ships and Motherships. 
    Weaknesses: Low maneuverability and coverage; because of the single ion beam, 
    the Ion Cannon Frigate has to completely shift its position before aiming and 
    shooting. You'll be fine against the slow-moving capital ships, but they 
    don't stand a chance against Strike Craft. 
    005.0 - Super-Capital Ship Class
    005.1 - Destroyer 
    Cost: 1350 RUs
    Firepower: 347 
    Maneuverability: Very Low   
    Max Velocity: 315 m/s
    Coverage: 41%
    Armor: 44000
    Mass: 1800 tons
    Strengths: The addition of turrets along with ion cannons means that, unlike 
    the Ion Cannon Frigate, Destroyers can fend off Strike Craft, just not very 
    well. Regardless, Destroyers are the backbone of your Battle Group, and will 
    wreck havoc against almost any ship it encounters. Probably the most 
    satisfying ship to steal with a group of Salvage Corvettes. 
    Weaknesses: Expensive, and they take a while to build. 
    005.2 - Missile Destroyer 
    Cost: 1500 RUs
    Firepower: 450 
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 295 m/s
    Coverage: 100%
    Armor: 42000
    Mass: 1000 tons
    Strengths: It fires powerful homing missiles that will utterly decimate 
    Strike Craft. Always have at least two of these with your Battle Group and 
    you'll never have to worry about being picked apart by formations of fighters 
    ever again.   
    Weaknesses: Its missiles aren't as effective against other capital ships. In 
    a one-on-one battle, the other ships will usually win. And after the initial 
    volley of missiles, Missile Destroyers can only fire one or two missiles at a 
    time without recharging.
    005.3 - Heavy Cruiser 
    Cost: 3700 RUs
    Firepower: 921
    Maneuverability: Very Low   
    Max Velocity: 250 m/s
    Coverage: 100%
    Armor: 90000
    Mass: 10000 tons
    Strengths: Incredibly high firepower and armor, the Heavy Cruiser will 
    obliterate any capital ship it targets. It has turrets all around it as well, 
    which makes salvaging one a real chore.  
    Weaknesses: Very slow, very expensive, and it takes forever to build one. 
    Anyone with half a brain will send their entire Battle Group after the Heavy 
    Cruiser first, so without an escort of other capital ships it's a sitting 
    duck. Unless you know how to use it, don't waste the resources building a 
    Heavy Cruiser - you can get three Destroyers for almost the same price. 
    005.4 - Carrier 
    Cost: 2000 RUs
    Firepower: 109
    Maneuverability: Very Low   
    Max Velocity: 300 m/s
    Coverage: 100%
    Armor: 72000
    Mass: 10000 tons
    Strengths: It's a miniature version of your Mothership that can build Strike 
    Craft and Frigates. A great strategy in multiplayer is to build one of these 
    with a heavy escort and send it to hide in a dust cloud, leaving your 
    Mothership defenseless. When the other player destroys it, hyperspace your 
    Carrier to their own Mothership and take them out. 
    Weaknesses: Without the ability to build capital ships, using one as a last 
    resort to survive won't get you very far. It also won't be able to defend 
    006.0 - Non-Combat Class 
    006.1 - Probe 
    Cost: 30 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Very High  
    Max Velocity: 4000 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 800
    Mass: 25 tons
    Strengths: Four times as fast as a Scout, and it's cheap. It's a good tool to 
    use when you want to get an idea of what your fleet is getting into. But be 
    ready to survey the area, because people hate being spied on and will 
    immediately go after a probe if they find it.
    Weaknesses: Its engine can only be used once, so make sure you're on target 
    when you send it off.  
    006.2 - Proximity Sensor 
    Cost: 50 RUs
    Firepower: 0   
    Maneuverability: Very High 
    Max Velocity: 1000 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 800
    Mass: 25 tons
    Strengths: Let's you know when cloaked enemies are in the area. They're also 
    fast, cheap, and quick to build. Keep them around your Mothership and main 
    Battle Groups to avoid be caught by surprise.  
    Weaknesses: They have almost no defenses, so you'll have to build a few of 
    them if you plan on attacking groups of cloaked ships, particularly fighters. 
    006.3 - Sensors Array 
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Very Low   
    Max Velocity: 280 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 4500
    Mass: 300 tons
    Strengths: It let's you see every ship on the map, and Heavy Cruisers, 
    Carriers, and Motherships actually appear on the sensors manager. Everything 
    else is still a red dot, but now there's a red dot for every ship instead of 
    one dot representing an entire group. It's good to have one to get an idea of 
    what's going on.
    Weaknesses: It takes a lot of researching to get one, it's slow, and it 
    doesn't have any defenses. 
    006.4 - Research Ship 
    Cost: 700 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Low 
    Max Velocity: 280 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 7500
    Mass: 300 tons
    Strengths: Probably the most important ship in your fleet, next to the 
    Mothership. Without one, you can't research new technology and build newer, 
    better ships.  
    Weaknesses: Defenseless. 
    006.5 - Gravity Well Generator 
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Firepower: 0  
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 8000
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: Immobilizes Strike Craft and prevents anyone from hyperspacing 
    into your area. 
    Weaknesses: Strike Craft can still attack it even if they can't move. And 
    since capital ships aren't affected by it, you know the first thing they'll 
    do is target your Gravity Well Generator to rescue their Strike Craft. 
    006.6 - Cloak Generator 
    Cost: 500 RUs
    Firepower: 0 
    Maneuverability: Very Low  
    Max Velocity: 325 m/s
    Coverage: 0%
    Armor: 6000
    Mass: 400 tons
    Strengths: Can cloak small groups of ships for a limited amount of time. If 
    you combine a few Cloak Generators working at different times (while one is 
    cloaking, the others are recharging), you can keep ships cloaked 
    Weaknesses: Slow, and far down the technology tree. The only time I've ever 
    used Cloak Generators was in the Bridge of Sighs level. 
    007.0 - Mothership Class
    007.1 - Mothership 
    Cost: N/A
    Firepower: 7500 
    Maneuverability: N/A  
    Max Velocity: 50 m/s
    Coverage: 60%
    Armor: 160000
    Mass: 5000000 tons
    Strengths: It stores your ships, builds new ones, and can take a beating. 
    Without it, you can't play the game. 
    Weaknesses: Motherships can't defend themselves, and they can only move by 
    making hyperspace jumps. 
    III - General Strategies 
    001.0 - Offense 
    001.1 - Strike Craft
    - Strength in numbers 
    This one's a no-brainer. With a few exceptions, Strike Craft are similar 
    enough that in an even match, you're bound to lose as many fighters as the 
    enemy will. Besides sending a Scout to spy on someone, always keep multiple 
    wings on hand. 
    - Different Strike Craft are better in different situations 
    Again, this should be obvious. As a blanket statement, it's always good to 
    have about twenty Interceptors, twenty Defenders, and fifteen Scouts as your 
    Strike Craft's foundation. An extra group of fifteen Heavy Corvettes can 
    knock out any escorts the enemy capital ships, and later on a group of twenty 
    Multi-Gun Corvettes will plow through any formation of fighters like it's 
    nothing. On the other hand, Attack Bombers are pretty much the only Strike 
    worth using against capital ships, along with Heavy Corvettes.
    - Sphere formation is the best way to attack lone capital ships. 
    Strike Craft suffer from a lack of firepower, so you'll want your attacks to 
    be highly concentrated. In Sphere, all of your shots become a constant stream 
    of fire, quickly knocking down the ship's armor. This only works if the 
    capital ship is left unguarded, though, because having your ships that close 
    together makes them easy to target and destroy by other Strike Craft.
    - Claw formation is the best formation to use against opposing Strike Craft 
    When fighting groups of Strike Craft or Missile Destroyers, Sphere formation 
    is suicide. With Claw, your ships remain mobile while only sacrificing a 
    small part of that constant stream of fire. 
    - Attack enemy Resource Collectors 
    If they can't harvest resources, then they can't build more ships, right? 
    Early on, if you see a Collector far enough from the main Battle Group, send 
    your Strike Craft to pick away at them while your own Battle Group deals with 
    the enemy's. Besides, Collectors are quick enough and take irregular paths 
    that they'll be able to escape from your slower Battle Group. 
    Obviously, Attack Bombers will work the best, but make sure to have a group 
    of Multi-Gun Corvettes with them to take care of the Collector's own escort. 
    Of course, if you're looking to do this early on, Heavy Corvettes and 
    Interceptors will get the job done as well. 
    Likewise, this strategy can also be applied to Research Ships in multiplayer 
    - Use Salvage Corvettes to capture enemy ships
    I don't think I can say this enough: Salvage Corvettes are the key to being 
    successful in Homeworld. It's the easiest and most cost-efficient way to 
    build your fleet, and at the same time it takes a ship from your enemy to use 
    against you. 
    One of the better ways to capture ships is by having a small group of Ion 
    Cannon Frigates coax a Destroyer or two to chase after it. While your 
    Frigates return to the Mothership, send in your group of Salvage Corvettes at 
    an angle to capture as many ships as you want. By the time they realize 
    what's going on, it'll be too late to shift around and attack. 
    Another great strategy to use involves Cloak Generators. By keeping a small 
    group of Salvage Corvettes, along with an escort of Multi-Gun Corvettes or 
    Interceptors, invisible until the last moment, you can sneak out with a nice 
    prize without even being noticed. 
    Here's a list of how many Salvage Corvettes you need to capture a particular 
    Strike Craft - 1 Salvage Corvette 
    Frigates - 2 Salvage Corvettes 
    Destroyers - 3 Salvage Corvettes 
    Heavy Cruisers - 5 Salvage Corvettes 
    Carriers - 5 Salvage Corvettes 
    Keep in mind that Strike Craft can only be salvaged if they're immobile, 
    either from a Gravity Well Generator or a lack of fuel. It's also a good idea 
    to send one extra Salvage Corvette than needed, just in case one is 
    destroyed. This way, you can still capture it, instead of leaving it swinging 
    in circles until another ship comes by and targets the other Corvettes. And 
    if you don't need it, simply send it to steal something else or follow after 
    the others back to the Mothership.
    - Missile Destroyers spell disaster for Strike Craft 
    For the most part, capital ships aren't able to seriously defend against 
    Strike Craft, but Missile Destroyers almost make using them obsolete. The 
    best strategy to use is to distract it with a small group of Scouts flying in 
    evasive tactics at first to draw the initial volley of missiles. Afterwards, 
    send your Attack Bombers in on evasive and simply continue pounding it. 
    On the other hand, not having a Missile Destroyer in your own fleet is an 
    entirely new level of foolishness. 
    - When all else fails, kamikaze 
    Sure, it's a cheap shot, but it's actually pretty effective, particularly 
    late in the game when your enemy has multiple Missile Destroyers protecting 
    its fleet. It's always worth keeping Attack Bombers and Heavy Corvettes, but 
    your weaker ships like Interceptors and Scouts will do more damage this way 
    than trying to survive and attack. This also applies to Resource Collectors, 
    which are the biggest ship you can kamikaze. Once you reach the point where 
    you've built your fleet, consider sending them headlong into your enemy's 
    001.2 - Capital Ships and your Battle Group
    - Keep your Battle Group in Wall formation 
    Wall formation isn't just the best, but probably the only formation worth 
    using with your big, lumbering capital ships. It prevents your ships from 
    getting tangled together, and it allows you to align them and attack a single 
    - Have at least two Missile Destroyers in your Battle Group 
    It was mentioned before, but it's worth repeating. With a pair of Missile 
    Destroyers around, Strike Craft have almost no chance of making a dent in 
    your powerful capital ships' armor before being shot down.  
    - Concentrate your attacks on one ship at a time 
    Sure, it's easier to simply drag a box around the enemy fleet and let your 
    Battle Group take care of them, but unless you have an incredibly stronger 
    fleet you won't be as successful. Think of it this way, you each have five 
    ships that do the same amount of damage, and you order you ships to attack 
    one at a time while they attack all five at once. Yeah, more of your ships 
    are taking damage, but you're destroying theirs five times faster. And as 
    each ship goes down, you decrease their overall firepower while yours remains 
    the same. By the end of the battle, you'll have a few damaged ships, but 
    their ships are now space junk.
    - Always make sure to have enough firepower - and then some
    Never go into a battle without at least having an idea of what you're up 
    against. Before deciding to attack, send a probe out to see how many ships 
    are waiting for you. You should have enough firepower to wipe out an enemy's 
    Battle Group, with a large escort of Multi-Gun Corvettes and Attack Bombers 
    to keep smaller capital ships and Strike Craft at bay. In multiplayer games, 
    you also have to worry about Salvage Corvettes stealing your ships and being 
    able to do enough damage to drain 160,000 points from the opposition's 
    002.0 - Defense 
    002.1 - Escorts 
    - Strike Craft are the best ships for escorts 
    This is important for several reasons. For one, if you have capital ships 
    guard other capital ships, it means you're dividing your fleet. And as I 
    mentioned above, you really don't want to unnecessarily divide your fleet. 
    Second, Strike are quick enough to move from one place to another in case 
    they get separated from what they're protecting. And just to top it off, 
    Strike Craft are quick and cheap to build, so you don't have to worry about 
    losing and replacing them. 
    - Sphere formation is the only formation to use with an escort 
    The idea behind surrounding a ship in a large sphere is that any incoming 
    fire will hit the escort, not the ship that they're protecting. Of course, 
    Sphere isn't the best offensive formation, so you'll want to make sure you 
    have enough firepower to at least hold off anything that's going to attack 
    you. If you need that extra punch, stick with Claw. 
    - They're called "Defenders" for a reason 
    Early on when your fleet consists mainly of Strike Craft, you'll want to 
    protect any capital ships you already have. While some of the more expensive 
    ships like the Heavy Corvette are great to use, the Defender - as the name 
    implies - is designed to defend stuff. For its price, the Defender has good 
    coverage and armor. 
    - Mutli-Gun Corvettes are the best anti-Strike Craft ship 
    Once you finish researching the technology, Multi-Gun Corvettes are the best 
    ships to use for escorts. A strong Battle Group to attack enemy capital ships 
    with an escort of Multi-Gun Corvettes to deal with other Strike is almost 
    002.2 - Defending the Mothership 
    - Have a diverse fleet defending your Mothership 
    Don't try to guess what the enemy will throw at you. With a strong fleet of 
    quite a few different types of ships, you'll be prepared for anything. For 
    example, you can have as many Destroyers and Ion Cannon Frigates as you want, 
    but without a Missile Destroyer or Strike Craft to defend against enemy 
    Strike, you're in trouble. 
    That being said, don't build ships for the sake of wasting resources. To 
    effectively defend the Mothership, you should have a strong group of frigates 
    and maybe a spare Destroyer or two as your main defensive Battle Group with a 
    large wing of Multi-Gun Corvettes, Attack Bombers, and Heavy Corvettes. You 
    may want to include a few Gravity Well Generators to immobilize Strike Craft 
    and Proximity Sensors to reveal any cloaked ships. If you have the spare 
    resources, consider building an extra Missile Destroyer to keep at home. 
    - Make sure your Battle Group is prepared for an attack 
    This means setting them up in a formation and positioning them correctly. 
    Frequently check the sensors manager for any red dots moving towards your 
    position, and have your Battle Group facing in that direction. There's 
    nothing worse than watching the enemy blast away at your Destroyers while 
    your capital ships slowly spin around to counter-attack. 
    003.0 - Resource Collecting
    003.1 - Using and defending Resource Collectors
    - Your Collectors should always be harvesting 
    This is common sense. If you don't use them, your Collectors end up being a 
    waste of resources. For best results, send them to the largest pack of 
    resources first and then order them to harvest. That way, you'll be getting 
    more resources in a shorter amount of time. 
    - Send Resource Controllers to guard your Collectors 
    Perhaps the most annoying part of collecting resources is when you need RUs 
    immediately and have to wait for your Collector on the other side of the map 
    to reach a Controller or the Mothership. Ordering your Controller to guard 
    the Collectors ensures that the Controller will be as close as possible to 
    your harvesters at all times. Ideally, you'd want the Controller/Collector 
    ratio to be 1:1, but this is probably unrealistic. Still, two or three 
    Collectors to a Controller is fine. 
    - Never send out an unprotected Collector 
    Unless you have the entire map to yourself (after one of the single-player 
    levels, for example), an unprotected Resource Collector is a dead Resource 
    Collector. An escort of Heavy Corvettes, Attack Bombers, and Multi-Gun 
    Corvettes will keep them safe. 
    Likewise, make sure your Controllers are protected even more, since they'll 
    be the main targets for your opponent. Another positive is that Controllers 
    can refuel Strike Craft, and you can send the extra ships out to one of your 
    Collectors if it's attacked. 
    Later in the game when you have the extra resources, send out a small group 
    of Ion Cannon Frigates near the main resource areas in case your Collectors 
    come across anything bigger than an Assault Frigate. 
    003.2 - Attacking enemy Resource Collectors 
    - Attack enemy resource teams early and continuously 
    In multiplayer games, the first thing you should do is create a wing of 
    Interceptors to go out and hunt the enemy Collectors. As the game progresses, 
    add Attack Bombers and Multi-Gun Corvettes to deal with the Collectors and 
    Strike Craft escorts, respectively. 
    - Don't attack Collectors unless you can win 
    The one time you shouldn't be aggressive against enemy Resource Collectors is 
    when they stay close to their Motherships. In this case, it's better to leave 
    them alone rather than risk losing your ships. In multiplayer games, more 
    often than not you'll find that you and the other player set unspoken 
    boundaries where it's safe to harvest without having to worry about being 
    attacked. Of course, if they cross into your territory, feel free to let them 
    - Destroy the Controllers first, and then the Collectors 
    Just like you want to attack the ship with the most firepower in a major 
    battle, it's a good idea your ships on the most important part of the 
    resource team - the Controller. Once it's destroyed, the Collectors will have 
    to retreat all the way back to the Mothership, giving you enough time to 
    chase them down and destroy (or salvage) them. 
    IV - Multiplayer Strategies 
    001.0 - Starting Out 
    Your first goal is to build a few Resource Collectors and Research Ships: 
    three or four of each is good. You'll want to build the Collectors first, 
    though, since technology is useless without the resources to put them to use. 
    As each ship is built, immediately begin using it. The multiplayer games 
    start out as a race to see who can harvest and research the fastest and most 
    effectively, so an idle Collector or Research Ship is a waste. 
    Early on, one question that you'll probably be asking is, "What should I be 
    researching?" You have so much technology available to you and you'll 
    eventually want all of it, but where to start? While it may seem logical to 
    start with fighters and work your way up to capital ships, it's actually 
    better to research Capital Ship Drive first. For one, you'll be able to build 
    a Resource Controller, which means you'll be getting resources more 
    frequently. After you have Capital Ship Drive, begin researching Capital Ship 
    Chassis and Ion Cannons, it'll allow you to build Ion Cannon Frigates and 
    it's a step towards Destroyers. Also consider building a few Assault Frigates 
    in the meantime.  
    But you do still need Strike. Decide at the beginning which Strike class 
    you'll be using more and use them exclusively, at least in the beginning. On 
    one hand, Defenders are good for protecting your frigates early on, but 
    Multi-Gun Corvettes wipe out any Strike Craft foolish enough to attack you. 
    Whichever you decide doesn't really matter, but the fact that you only 
    advance one class at the moment gives you an advantage over someone who tries 
    to get both at the same time. 
    But besides building ships, is there anything in terms of offense you should 
    be doing? Well, nothing much, but there's always ways to harass the other 
    player regardless of how far along you are. In the very beginning, send out a 
    group of Scouts to attack the enemy's Research Ships. Remember that they're 
    trying to research as quickly as possible, and if you manage to destroy their 
    Research Ship before they can add a second one to it (which double its armor) 
    they'll just have to spend that much more time building a replacement. If 
    it's burning up and about to explode, you can always kamikaze into it to 
    finish it off. 
    But if a suicide mission isn't your thing, there's always the option to go 
    after Resource Collectors. At this point, it's unlikely that they're very 
    well protected, which is the perfect opportunity to attack. Max out your 
    Scouts and hunt them down. Like destroying a Research Ship, it hurts to 
    replace it. 
    002.0 - Developing Your Fleet 
    Alright, so you have a large harvesting operation going on and enough new 
    technology to play with - it's time to get serious about building a fleet. 
    The first step towards this is to build a group of Ion Cannon Frigates. 
    They're the best ship you have at the moment, and they'll more or less hold 
    their ground for the rest of the game. From here, it depends on how your 
    opponent is playing. If you find that they're attacking you and your Resource 
    Collectors, focus on researching and building more advanced Strike Craft, 
    either Attack Bombers and Interceptors or Heavy Corvettes and Multi-Gun 
    Corvettes. If you've been relatively left alone, it probably means they're 
    planning an attack, so you'll want the extra firepower to survive it. 
    Super-Capital Ship Drive is the important one, since it'll allow you to build 
    Destroyers. Don't jump at Heavy Guns just yet, it takes forever to research 
    and there are better technologies to have right now - Guided Missiles, for 
    example. A Missile Destroyer would be a significant addition to your fleet, 
    but I'm getting ahead of myself. After Super Capital Ship Drive, return to 
    researching Strike Craft technology. If you using fighters, you want to go at 
    least as far Plasma Bomb Launcher tech for Attack Bombers. For corvettes, 
    Fast-Tracking Turrets, and the Multi-Gun Corvettes that result, are a must.  
    You'll want to make sure you have enough protection around you Collectors and 
    Controllers so that you won't have to worry about them while you build up 
    your fleet. A group of Heavy Corvettes and Multi-Gun Corvettes or Defenders 
    and Interceptors for each ship is enough, although you may want to consider 
    adding a few Assault or Ion Cannon Frigates later on. 
    Attacking enemy Resource Collectors becomes extremely important at this 
    point, because the resources that are gained now are probably going to be 
    used to build the capital ships that will be attacking your Mothership. A 
    group of Ion Cannon Frigates, along with Multi-Gun Corvettes or Defenders 
    will be powerful enough to quickly wipe it out, along with its escort. 
    But the most important part of this stage of the game is building your Battle 
    Group. The Ion Cannon Frigates you hopefully have are a good start, but 
    you'll need more - a dozen if possible. Besides that, three or four 
    Destroyers and a pair of Missile Destroyers will serve as the extra firepower 
    you'll need to take out the Mothership and its capital ship escort. 
    Note: Heavy Cruisers are nice to have, but more than likely you won't have 
    time to build one. They take forever to build, and it's probably not worth 
    sitting around while it's being built. 
    003.0 - Finishing On Top 
    Before heading out to your opponent's Mothership, take the time to build a 
    Probe and send it out to spy on the other player. There's a good chance it'll 
    be spotted pretty quickly, but you'll still have enough time to get a glance 
    at where they stand. Obviously, if you don't think you have enough firepower 
    to eliminate their own fleet and then the Mothership, start building more Ion 
    Cannon Frigates and Destroyers immediately. Conversely, make sure you aren't 
    being probed either; they're relatively easy to spot if you're looking for 
    them, and the less your opponent knows about you the better off you are.   
    That being said, when you think you're ready, send you Battle Group out to 
    attack, but make sure to leave a group of capital ships back at the 
    Mothership in case she's attacked. After all, by this point in the game, 
    it'll be the most vulnerable with the majority of your Battle Group out, and 
    the last thing you need is to get to the Mothership just to have the other 
    player's Battle Group hyperspace in and find your Mothership defenseless. A 
    good defense for the Mothership is a large wing of Ion Cannon Frigates with 
    plenty of Attack Bombers. Besides that, any Strike Craft that are good 
    against other Strike (Multi-Gun Corvettes, Heavy Corvettes, Defenders) should 
    hang around as well to deal with enemy Strike. 
    Also, consider building a Heavy Cruiser for an added boost of firepower. It's 
    a tough choice whether to leave it at home or send it out with the rest of 
    your Battle Group, and both have their pros and cons. 
    Keep in mind that your Battle Group, even with Missile Destroyers, still need 
    Strike Craft to protect it. Build a large wing of fighters or corvettes to 
    tag along and attack those pesky Attack Bombers that are thrown your way. 
    As for actual capital ship combat, do only as much fighting as you need to. 
    Concentrate your attacks on the more powerful ships (Heavy Cruisers and 
    Destroyers) first. Getting the big guns out of the way early makes it easier 
    to plow through the rest of their fleet and reach the Mothership relatively 
    And once you do reach the Mothership, hit it with everything you have. Even 
    if there are a few straggling Ion Cannon Frigates, you should have more than 
    enough firepower to destroy their Mothership before the remaining fleet can 
    wipe out your Battle Group. Of course, if you're playing with multiple 
    players you obviously can't do this, but hopefully that's a given. 
    004.0 - Adapting
    004.1 - Specific Game Options 
    004.11 - Carrier-Only or Low Resource Games 
    In both situations, the games move much quicker that the standard one. 
    Because of this, you may have to rely solely on fighters or frigates. While 
    your opponent is busy researching Heavy Guns for that Heavy Cruiser, you'll 
    have a strong fleet of Assault Frigates and Ion Cannon Frigates that can take 
    out their Mothership. The key here is to only build ships that are quick and 
    cheap, the limited resources make the more advanced ships a waste of RUs.    
    As for Carrier-Only games, you might even want to forget about capital ships 
    all together. If you've played the single player missions then you know how 
    well Strike Craft can be against a Carrier. Again, the key here is speed. If 
    you can throw together a powerful fleet of Strike Craft while the other 
    player is wasting time building Ion Cannon Frigates, nine times out of ten 
    you'll come out on top. 
    004.12 - High Resource Games 
    On the other hand, those long, high resource games are just about the 
    opposite to the previous style of gameplay. With enough extra resources, by 
    all means invest in that Heavy Cruiser and extra Destroyer. Another 
    interesting note is that the extra time you have gives you the option to 
    bring Salvage Corvettes into play. It's a little more difficult to pull off 
    than it is against the game's AI, but the rewards are that much more 
    Cloak Generators are also used more often, since you now have the time to 
    research for them. In fact, combining Cloak Generators with Salvage Corvettes 
    can be a great way to increase your fleet or gain an extra Resource 
    Collector. Of course, your opponent might be thinking the same thing, so make 
    sure to have a handful of Proximity Sensors on hand. 
    004.2 - Multiple Opponents 
    Multiple players are unique for the obvious reasons. You now face the 
    possibility of fighting on multiple fronts, as well as having to quickly 
    regroup after eliminating a player. 
    For the most, the first two parts are the same, since you'll need to get to 
    the point where you're powerful enough to fend off and hunt down enemy Battle 
    Groups. However, beyond that point things get tricky. The most important rule 
    to keep in mind is that you can't get into all-out wars with a single player. 
    Anyone with a brain will stand on the sidelines while you and your target 
    duke it out, and then attack you both with a full fleet when you're at your 
    most vulnerable. 
    So how do you prevent this from happening? The best answer is alliances. If 
    you can team up with another player, you not only gain their firepower for 
    the time being, but that also eliminates them as a threat. Sure, you'll have 
    to fight later, but worry about that when it comes up. 
    With or without an alliance, always go for the weakest players first. It 
    might seem a bit dirty, but it means one less enemy that'll eventually attack 
    you. If you see some action on your sensors manager, send a Probe out to see 
    what's going on and who's winning. Players who have been weakened by recent 
    battles are perfect targets, as are the ones who have lost their Resource 
    Conversely, it might be better to team up with the weakest players and go 
    after the strongest player first. If you notice one player is particularly 
    powerful, it probably means that the other players have noticed it as well, 
    in which case forming an alliance to get rid of the greater threat is the 
    only way to stay alive long enough to make it to the end of the game. After 
    all, even an incredibly strong fleet will have trouble fighting up to three 
    different opponents at the same time. 
    V - Single Player Walkthrough 
    001.0 - Kharak System 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Harvest asteroids
    - Construct a Research Ship 
    - Destroy the target drones using a formation
    - Destroy the target drones using tactics 
    - Capture a drone using a Salvage Corvette 
    Secondary Objectives: 
    - Research Fighter Chassis 
    New Technology: 
    - Fighter Chassis 
    - Corvette Drive 
    Overview: It's taken many years and a lot of work, but the Mothership is 
    finally ready. Before making your first hyperspace jump, though, a few trials 
    need to be completed.
    Fleet Construction: You begin with a small group of Scouts and a Resource 
    Collector, but you'll need to build a Research Ship and a Salvage Corvette.
    This is basically an introduction level for anyone who skipped over the 
    training session, so don't expect much out of this level. 
    You can knock out the first two objectives almost immediately. Begin 
    constructing a research ship with the RUs you have already and send your 
    Resource Collector out to harvest the area. When the Research Ship is 
    completed, don't forget to research Fighter Chassis technology and Corvette 
    Drive after that.
    When Fleet Intelligence prompts you, assign your Scouts to a group and set 
    them up in a formation - any formation - and attack the drones. When they've 
    been destroyed, head over to the second group of drones and attack them in 
    either aggressive or evasive tactics. When they're finished, send the group 
    back to the Mothership for refueling and repairs. 
    Afterwards, Fleet Intelligence announces, "The next trial will test the 
    performance of the Salvage Corvette. Build one and capture the Target 
    Drone here." 
    Do exactly that. Your Research Ship should have already researched 
    Corvette Drive technology, so you'll be able to build a Salvage Corvette 
    right away. Capture the drone and bring it back to your Mothership. 
    Well, that was exciting. Before making the hyperspace jump, let your 
    Collector finish harvesting the area and build a group of six 
    002.0 - Outskirts of Kharak System 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Send a probe to the Khar-Selim
    - Defend the Mothership 
    - Salvage the Khar-Selim 
    - Defend the salvage team
    - Destroy the attacking fleet
    Secondary Objectives: 
    -  Investigate the power source 
    New Technology: 
    - Corvette Chassis 
    - Heavy Corvette Upgrade 
    Overview: You're first hyperspace jump is successful. Well, almost. You've 
    mis-jumped, but at least you're still in one piece. After failing to make 
    contact with the Khar-Selim, Fleet Intelligence pinpoints the support ship's 
    beacon and orders you to send a Probe to investigate. 
    Fleet Construction: Add about six or seven Interceptors and four Heavy 
    Corvettes to your Scouts. The enemy isn't very strong, so that should be more 
    than enough firepower. 
    Don't go near the Khar-Selim just yet. Instead, have your Collector harvest 
    the area and begin researching Corvette Chassis technology. When that 
    finishes, research the Heavy Corvette Upgrade, which will allow you to build 
    Heavy Corvettes. In fact, it would be a good idea to build four of them as 
    soon as you can, if you run out of resources your Collector should be 
    dropping off another batch any time. 
    Divide your Strike Craft into three groups: one of your Scouts, one of 
    Interceptors, and another of Heavy Corvettes, and send a probe to the Khar-
    Selim. The ship has been destroyed, and the enemies that did the deed appear 
    and head towards your Mothership. Order your Scouts to attack the two 
    Fighters that are ahead of the group, and have your Interceptors and Heavy 
    Corvettes take on the main pack of six Fighters and three Corvettes before 
    they reach the Mothership. 
    Your Strike Craft should pass this test with flying colors, so have them 
    regroup as Fleet Intelligence tells you to retrieve the Khar-Selim's data 
    recorder. Send a Salvage Corvette out to do so, but make sure to have your 
    group of Heavy Corvettes guarding it (preferably in a sphere formation). As 
    the salvage team is returning, more Fighters appear, but they don't stand a 
    chance against the escort of Heavy Corvettes. After the Salvage Corvette is 
    safely aboard your Mothership, focus your Interceptors and Corvettes on the 
    three waves of Fighters thrown at you. Again, thanks to the group of 
    Corvettes, this shouldn't be a problem. After watching the final recording of 
    the Khar-Selim, another wing of Fighters and Corvettes will stage a final 
    strike against you. With your Heavy Corvettes initially focused on their 
    Corvettes and the Interceptors battling the Fighters, this should be a one-
    sided match. 
    With only a few enemy units left, Fleet Intelligence locates the source of 
    the fighters - a Carrier. It's tempting to properly punish them for what they 
    did to the Khar-Selim, but resist the urge to follow after it. Clean up any 
    remaining crafts that haven't docked with the Carrier, and then return to 
    your Mothership for repairs. 
    Like before, don't immediately hyperspace away. Finish harvesting around the 
    Khar-Selim and build as many Salvage Corvettes as you can for the next 
    mission. A total of eight would be ideal, but you may only have the RUs for 
    an additional six to go along with the one you already have. As long as most 
    of your Strike Craft is still intact, don't worry about building anything 
    Before making the hyperspace jump, group your Salvage Corvettes into groups 
    of two. 
    003.0 - Return to Kharak 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Defend the Cryo trays
    - Capture an enemy ship using two Salvage Corvettes
    - Salvage the Cryo trays 
    New Technology: 
    - Capital Ship Drive 
    - Capital Ship Chassis
    Overview: There's a surprise waiting for you when you return to Kharak. The 
    entire planet is engulfed in flames, and the Scaffold has been destroyed. And 
    it just so happens that there's an attack squad arriving to wipe out the Cryo 
    trays that contain the last of your population.  
    Fleet Construction: Your Strike Craft should still be intact from the 
    previous mission, so don't worry about adding anything. However, build as 
    many Salvage Corvettes as you can before hyperspacing from Level 2. Eight 
    would be ideal, but seven will still work.
    You have almost no time to prepare for this, as the group of Assault Frigates 
    will be in range of the first Cryo trays within a few seconds. Send your 
    entire Strike Craft out to intercept them, but keep them on evasive tactics 
    and don't focus them on a single one. With the Frigates distracted, send your 
    Salvage Corvettes in to capture all four of them. 
    Now here's where it becomes tricky, because the Assault Frigates will attempt 
    to pick off the Salvage Corvettes latching onto the other Frigates. If you 
    have eight, this shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep them out of the 
    Frigates' lines of fire for as long as possible. If you have less than that, 
    you'll have to adapt to how they spread out. They seem to fall into a pattern 
    of three staying together with one drifting over to the far right, which 
    works out perfectly. 
    With seven (or any odd number, really) Salvage Corvettes, order your 
    Interceptors to harass the three Frigates that are together as cover for the 
    six Salvage Corvettes. Send the Scouts and Heavy Corvettes to distract the 
    fourth Assault Frigate until the seventh Salvage Corvette can latch on. He 
    won't be able to drag it in, but the Frigate will be stuck swinging around in 
    circles while its partners are hauled into the Mothership. After the first 
    Frigate is captured, send a second Corvette to bring the final Frigate in. 
    With an even six Salvage Corvettes, follow the same pattern, except after the 
    three Assault Frigates are captured, focus all of your energy on the final 
    Frigate. This is actually a little more difficult to do than capturing all 
    four of them, because the other Frigate has a tendency to attack your salvage 
    teams. Just make sure to keep your Heavy Corvettes on it from the beginning 
    to ensure its destruction as quick as possible.  
    Either way, when the threat is eliminated, order your Salvage Corvettes to 
    bring in the Cryo trays. Don't worry if one or two of them were destroyed, 
    the only reward for protecting all of them is personal satisfaction. And 
    don't forget to begin researching Capital Ship Chassis technology; you 
    automatically gain Capital Ship Drive for capturing the enemy Assault 
    As always, harvest every last dust ball in the area before hyperspacing. You 
    should add enough Interceptors and Heavy Corvettes to have fifteen of the 
    former and eight of the latter, as well as at least two Assault Frigates. 
    Spend the rest of your RUs on Salvage Corvettes. You need a total of sixteen 
    for the next level, but you'll have time to build more early on. If you 
    aren't interested in capturing enemy ships, either save those resources for 
    later or build a Resource Controller. 
    004.0 - Great Wastelands Part 1 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Begin collecting resources
    - Protect the fleet from Turanic Raiders 
    - Destroy the retreating Turanic Raider Carrier
    Secondary Objectives: 
    - Build and deploy a Resource Controller 
    New Technology: 
    - Ion Cannons
    Overview: The previous two missions have made your trip home much more 
    complicated. Interrogation of the captured captain has revealed that a 
    powerful empire ordered the destruction of Kharak because you broke a four-
    thousand year old treaty preventing you from developing hyperspace 
    technology. So instead of simply returning to Hiigara, you're going to have 
    to fight your way through. But first thing's first: Revenge against the fleet 
    that destroyed Kharak and the Khar-Selim.
    Fleet Construction: You'll want to build a Resource Controller early on in 
    this level, as well as fifteen Interceptors and eight Heavy Corvettes. If you 
    have at least two Assault Frigates from the previous mission, you'll be set. 
    Like before, invest the rest of your resources into Salvage Corvettes; by the 
    middle of the level you'll want sixteen. 
    Follow Fleet Intelligence's advice and begin harvesting the resources. If you 
    have a Controller already, order it to guard the Collector. This way, it'll 
    follow the Collector around, making it easier and quicker for resources to be 
    dropped off. 
    If not, don't worry about it. But after one batch of resources, begin 
    building one. Around this time, Fleet Intelligence reports that another 
    Mothership is closing in, one with power readings that are off the chart. But 
    luckily, it's just the Bentusi, and they're more interested in trading than 
    fighting. They offer you Ion Cannon technology for 300-500 RUs, but don't 
    accept it just yet. In the time that it took for the cinematic to play out, 
    your Collector should be full and your Controller - if you began building it 
    this level - should be just about completed. 
    If you want to capture a lot of ships, hold off accepting the Bentusi's offer 
    for now. If not, accept right away and build three or four Ion Cannon 
    Frigates to make up for the ones you would've captured. Otherwise, wait until 
    the Bentusi are prepared to leave before accepting; it'll give you Collector 
    enough time to gather more resources. 
    Either way, as they leave, they warn you that Turanic Raiders are about to 
    ambush you; or more specifically, your Resource Collector and Controller. 
    Send your Strike Craft and Frigates out to protect your resource team and 
    begin building as many Salvage Corvettes as possible until you reach the 
    magic number of sixteen. I know it's frustrating to continue pouring 
    resources into Salvage Corvettes, but this is the last time you'll have to 
    for a while, and it'll really pay off in the long run. 
    With your team of Salvage Corvettes, position them around your Mothership in 
    this fashion: one group of two on each side about seven and a half kilometers 
    away and four groups of two behind it twelve kilometers away. The remaining 
    four should be sent out to where your Strike Craft is, except well off to one 
    side to keep them out of the action. 
    By now, a dozen Turanic Fighters should be tangling with your Strike Craft, 
    but with a more powerful fleet than before you should finish them off easily. 
    A second wave of Fighters and Corvettes will appear afterwards, but they too 
    will fall to your fleet. 
    But the Turanic Raiders wise up, and decide to send a group of five Missile 
    Corvettes into the battle. These things will obliterate your Interceptors if 
    you let them, but Heavy Corvettes are able to withstand their attacks long 
    enough to destroy them. After the majority of the units are destroyed, 
    another wing of Missile Corvettes appear, along with the host Carrier and a 
    pair of Ion Array Frigates. 
    Send your Heavy Corvettes to wipe out the new group of Missile Corvettes; and 
    after your Interceptors finish off the last of the Turanic Strike Craft, send 
    them to annoy the Carrier and Ion Array Frigates. At the same time, order 
    your Frigates to go after the Carrier and the four Salvage Corvettes to steal 
    the two Ion Array Frigates. If you don't eliminate the Carrier's escort, 
    they'll attack your Frigates, making it impossible to destroy the Carrier in 
    time. That's right, there's a time limit here; if you let the Carrier escape, 
    the game is over. To prevent that from happening, switch all of your ships' 
    tactics to aggressive and hit the Carrier as hard as you can.
    A few minutes after the Carrier appears, six Ion Array Frigates hyperspace 
    directly around your Mothership. But if you positioned your Salvage Corvettes 
    beforehand, they'll appear directly above your salvage team. Quickly capture 
    all six of them (remember, you can select ships and move the camera while the 
    game is paused) and return to the battle with the Carrier. 
    There really isn't much more you can do at this point. If you gain control of 
    an Ion Array Frigate before the Carrier is destroyed, send it out to aid your 
    fleet. As long as you attacked it early, though, they should be able to 
    handle it by themselves. 
    With the Carrier destroyed, send your fleet back to the Mothership and wait 
    for the salvage team to "officially" capture all of the Ion Array Frigates. 
    Your resource team is probably done harvesting by now, so use the extra 
    resources to build up your Strike Craft. If you didn't capture at least four 
    or five Ion Array Frigates, consider building enough Ion Cannon Frigates to 
    have a total of eight Frigates, regardless of whether they're of the Ion, Ion 
    Array, or Assault variation.
    Besides that, though, have at least twelve Heavy Corvettes and twenty 
    Interceptors. If you captured all of the Ion Array Frigates, then you have 
    more than enough Salvage Corvettes already. If not, you'll want at least ten 
    going into the next level. 
    005.0 - Great Wastelands Part 2 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Investigate the asteroid belt
    - Eradicate all enemy ships
    Secondary Objectives: 
    - Destroy enemy Resource Collectors   
    - Research Defender Subsystems 
    New Technology: 
    - Plasma Bomb Launcher 
    - Defender Subsystems
    Overview: The Turanic Raiders have been wiped out, but the fleet that 
    destroyed Kharak is still around. But now you've tracked them down, and it's 
    time to make them suffer. 
    Fleet Construction: With the spare resources from the previous level and the 
    ones on your side of this map, add enough Heavy Corvettes for a group of 
    twelve, fifteen Interceptors, and at least eight Salvage Corvettes. You 
    should also have about ten ships in your Battle Group as well, which you'd 
    have if you've been capturing enemy ships. Otherwise, build a few Ion Cannon 
    First of all, ignore Fleet Intelligence's advice of sending a Probe to 
    investigate the dust clouds. Instead, send a Probe forty-nine kilometers away 
    from your Mothership in between the V-shaped dust cloud. This will act as 
    your marker for triggering the Taiidan attack. Before getting into that, 
    however, send out your resource team to harvest the area on your side of the 
    Probe. When they get too close, send them over to the other side of the "V" 
    and let them work from there. While you're waiting for them to finish, begin 
    researching Plasma Bomb Launcher technology. 
    With the extra RUs, finish building up your fleet if you haven't already. The 
    six to eight Ion Array Frigates and three Assault Frigates you've captured 
    already will serve as enough firepower in your Battle Group, and a Strike 
    Craft composed of a dozen Heavy Corvettes and twenty Interceptors will get 
    the job done. 
    When you're ready, send your Strike Craft and Battle Group out to the forty-
    nine kilometer mark. Position your Salvage Corvettes about twenty kilometers 
    behind your fleet and slightly off to the right. Have one Interceptor cross 
    the line to trigger the battle, but wait for them there. 
    The Taiidan fleet is formidable, and consists of two wings of ten 
    Interceptors, two groups of four Assault Frigates, three Ion Cannon Frigates, 
    and two Destroyers. On top of that, two Resource Collectors begin harvesting 
    the right end of the "V". 
    Because the Destroyers hang back initially, you might be thinking of 
    capturing an Assault Frigate or two. Don't bother, keep your eyes on the big 
    The Taiidan Interceptors attack first, with the Assault Frigates lumbering 
    behind. Your Strike Craft can deal with the weak Interceptors, and your 
    Battle Group outnumbers the Frigates three-to-one; for the highest possible 
    efficiency, have them attack a single Frigate at a time. When two of the 
    three have been reduced to space junk, the other group makes its appearance. 
    Repeat the same strategy until they're gone as well. 
    Around the time the fifth Assault Frigate is destroyed, have four of your 
    Salvage Corvettes sneak over to the Resource Collectors (they're the yellow 
    blip on the sensors manager) and snag them. If you attempt this too early, 
    the Frigates will try to protect their harvesters, and you'll probably lose a 
    Corvette or two. 
    The next wing of fighters is a new type of ship: the Defender. While you're 
    scuffling with them, Fleet Intelligence reports that they can copy this 
    technology, so begin researching Defender Subsystems. 
    After the Defenders are gone, begin retreating back to your Mothership while 
    your Battle Group attacks the Ion Cannon Frigates below you. When the 
    Destroyers come into view, divide your Strike Craft into two groups, with the 
    Heavy Corvettes focusing on any remaining fighters and the Interceptors 
    harassing the Destroyers. At this point, order your remaining Salvage 
    Corvettes to capture the Destroyers; they should be coming in from the side, 
    so the Destroyers won't have time to turn around and defend themselves. Make 
    sure to do this before the Carrier catches up or it'll knock your Salvage 
    Corvettes off. If you have any spare Salvage Corvettes, consider stealing the 
    Support Frigate as well; it doesn't have any weapons, so it's a joke to 
    snatch and comes in handy a few missions down the road.
    That leaves the Carrier, which is following the helpless Destroyers to the 
    Mothership. This one doesn't try to escape and its weapons are limited, so 
    you shouldn't have a problem taking it out. When it goes down and all of you 
    new toys are under your control, Fleet Intelligence reports victory and 
    prepares to hyperspace. As always, let your new and improved collection team 
    suck the area dry of resources and begin building your fleet for the next 
    You won't need any new ships for your Battle Group, but you will need a large 
    Strike Craft. If the majority of your Interceptors are still intact (at least 
    fifteen), build a dozen new Attack Bombers and the same number of Defenders - 
    you should have a total of forty fighters and corvettes ready for the next 
    Once your harvesters have finished, have everyone regroup back at the 
    Mothership. Assign your entire Strike Craft to a single group, and everything 
    else to a second one. This will make things a lot easier to manage, believe 
    006.0 - Diamond Shoals 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Protect the Mothership
    New Technology: 
    - Super-Capital Ship Drive 
    - Drone Technology 
    Overview: Fleet Intelligence has decrypted a message from the Assault Frigate 
    you captured at Kharak that describe powerful Taiidan outposts that are 
    capable of destroying your still relatively weak fleet. To avoid running into 
    these, you have to take the road less traveled through an asteroid field and 
    a nebula. 
    Fleet Construction: Before hyperspacing from the Great Wastelands, you should 
    have added a group of twelve Defenders and twelve Attack Bombers to your 
    fleet of Interceptors. If you didn't, it might be too late now. Heavy 
    Corvettes will manage fine, but expect to lose a few.
    Immediately when the level begins, order your capital ships, frigates, and 
    miscellaneous ships (Research Ship, Salvage Corvettes, et cetera) about fifty 
    kilometers to the right of your Mothership. This will keep them out of harm's 
    way while your Strike Craft destroys the asteroids coming at the Mothership. 
    Despite being heavily armored, it can only take so many hunks of rock 
    bombarding it before going up in flames. 
    However, your Resource Collectors will manage through the asteroid field just 
    fine, so don't pass up the chance to gain a few thousand more RUs. 
    With your one large group of fighters and corvettes in Wall formation, begin 
    attacking any asteroid that's on target to colloid with the Mothership. 
    You'll notice that most of them fly right by, and if you position the camera 
    directly behind or in front of it, you'll be able to see which ones are 
    In the midst of all of this, Fleet Intelligence reports that Super-Capital 
    Ship Drive technology is available for research, so do so right away. 
    The one problem you may face is when your Strike Crafts begin to run out of 
    fuel. Obviously, you can't have your entire fleet dock all at once and leave 
    the Mothership unprotected, so take ten to fifteen ships at a time and order 
    them to dock. About halfway through the asteroid field is a break in the 
    action, which is the perfect time to refuel the majority of your fleet. Don't 
    worry if they aren't in dire need of it, the extra juice will hold them over 
    for the rest of the level. 
    Once you make it out in one piece, the Bentusi arrive and offer you Drone 
    Technology. Accept it, of course. When Fleet Command asks the traders about 
    the nebula, the Bentusi respond with "No one returns." 
    Want to find out why? 
    007.0 - The Gardens of Kadesh 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Harvest the nebula 
    - Defend the fleet  
    Secondary Objectives: 
    - Protect your resourcers
    New Technology: 
    - Fast-Tracking Turrets 
    Overview: After coming out of hyperspace, Fleet Intelligence reports that the 
    nebula is extremely rich in resources. But your attempts to harvest them gain 
    the attention of the Kadeshi, the protectors of the Garden. And they aren't 
    very happy about you defiling this sacred place...
    Fleet Construction: The next two levels, like the one before it, are all 
    about Strike Craft. As long as you have a few Ion Cannon or Array Frigates, 
    forget about building any more, unless you want to build a Support Frigate. 
    You'll want enough Heavy Corvettes that you can divide them up between your 
    Resource Collectors and Controller in groups of six, as well as forty 
    Defenders and fifteen to twenty Interceptors. Retire all of your Attack 
    Bombers, as they'll only serve as target practice for the Kadeshi Swarmers. 
    Before taking up Fleet Intelligence's advice on harvesting, assign your Heavy 
    Corvettes to guard your Resource Collectors and Controller in sphere 
    formation - six to each ship will work. As they begin collecting resources, 
    put your Battle Group and Strike Craft in formations, it's a good idea to 
    keep your Defenders and Interceptors in two individual groups. 
    After about a half a minute of harvesting, an unidentified Mothership 
    appears. They tell you that you've violated the Garden, and that the only 
    punishment is death. 
    The Kadeshi fleet is composed of three (for now) ships: Swarmers, Fuel Pods, 
    and the needle-shaped Mothership. The Swarmers are the main threat, as 
    they're extremely fast and attack in massive groups. However, because of 
    their size they also have a limited amount of fuel, enough for about four 
    passes; afterwards they have to return to a Fuel Pod. 
    This makes the strategy pretty simple: destroy the Fuel Pods. While your 
    Strike Craft are occupying the Swarmers, send your Battle Group over to a 
    group of Fuel Pods and blast them. Without a source of fuel, the Swarmers 
    become immobile, making them easy prey for your Strike Craft. Just be sure to 
    keep your precious capital ships away from the Kadeshi Mothership; not only 
    is it equipped with a pair of ion cannons, but it also has a tendency to ram 
    any ship that gets in its way. 
    It takes your Mothership ten minutes to recharge the hyperdrive module, so 
    that's the amount of time you'll be spending fighting off these monsters. The 
    Swarmers usually make a few general passes before targeting a single ship, 
    whether its one of your frigates or a Resource Collector. Because of this, 
    you'll want to keep an eye on where your resource team is at all times; if 
    you see a wing of Swarmers headed their way, immediately send your Strike 
    Craft after them. If you have a Support Frigate, have it repair the unlucky 
    ship after, or even while, it's attacked. As long as you take out as many of 
    them as possible before they reach their target, they should run out of fuel 
    before they manage to destroy anything. 
    Likewise, you don't want to run out of gas either. Most of your Strike Craft 
    will survive, but after seven or eight minutes of flying some of your smaller 
    ships like the Interceptors will be calling for a chance to dock. I find that 
    when Fleet Command announces that there's only one minute of charging 
    remaining, there's a slightly longer lull between the groups of Swarmers. It 
    may not be the best time, but it's probably the only one you'll get to 
    Since there really aren't any breaks in the action, though, you might get 
    caught up and forget about saving your progress. Don't. If you happen to miss 
    a step and end up losing a ship or two, you're stuck with either restarting 
    the level or going on without it. Otherwise, you can simply replay from a few 
    minutes ago and prepare yourself better.
    Two minutes into the battle, Fleet Intelligence reports that it can develop a 
    ship to specifically combat these things, so start researching Fast-Tracking 
    Turrets as soon as you get a break. If you begin researching immediately, 
    you'll finish around the eight-minute mark, which gives you two minutes to 
    build as many Multi-Gun Corvettes as you can and deploy them. In reality, you 
    might not get the chance to use them this mission, but they come in handy in 
    the next one as well. 
    When the hyperspace module is charged, Fleet Intelligence advises you to make 
    the jump. It sounds like a good idea, but don't. Unbeknownst to you, the 
    Kadeshi Mothership also acts as a hyperspace inhibitor, which will keep you 
    in the nebula while it's still in the area. The only thing that results from 
    trying to hyperspace is that your Mothership and capital ships are left 
    unguarded while your Strike Craft re-launch. 
    Instead, continue fighting the Swarmers, but make your way over to the 
    Mothership when it floats by. Hit it with your Battle Group and spare Strike 
    Craft, and it'll eventually leave. 
    Now, was that really so bad? 
    As Fleet Intelligence reported in the beginning, the nebula is loaded with 
    resources, and you'd be a fool not to harvest them. It might take a while, 
    but this level and the following one are the last two missions that are so 
    rich in resources. In fact, if you play your cards right, these resources 
    might very well last you for the rest of the game. 
    Before hyperspacing, make sure to rebuild any ships you've lost. You can 
    retire all but ten of your Heavy Corvettes and replace them with Multi-Gun 
    Corvettes. All in all, you should have twenty Interceptors, forty to forty-
    five Defenders, and twenty to twenty-five Multi-Gun Corvettes, along with 
    your Battle Group of ten Ion Cannon Frigates or the equivalent. You should 
    also have sixteen to eighteen Salvage Corvettes. 
    When you attempt to hyperspace, you'll get the message you were supposed to 
    have gotten when the Kadeshi Mothership was still in the area. It only takes 
    a few seconds for the game to catch up and realize that the hyperspace 
    inhibitor is gone, and you can re-dock and hyperspace away.
    008.0 - The Cathedral of Kadesh 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Destroy the attackers
    - Destroy the hyperspace inhibitors
    Overview: It's a trap! Three Kadeshi Motherships surround the Mothership and 
    send Swarmers at you from all directions, as well as the powerful new Multi-
    Beam Frigates. Even one hyperspace inhibitor will keep you from leaving the 
    nebula, so all of them have to be destroyed.
    Fleet Construction: The Kadeshi attack you almost immediately after coming 
    out of hyperspace, so if you didn't build anything before leaving the Garden 
    you won't have the time to now. As mentioned above, you should have twenty 
    Interceptors, forty to forty-five Defenders, twenty to twenty-five Multi-Gun 
    Corvettes, sixteen to eighteen Salvage Corvettes, and ten ships in your 
    Battle Group. 
    The Kadeshi ambassador appears almost immediately and gives you one final 
    chance to join them before attacking. You can still give commands while this 
    dialogue is going on, though, so set up a strong defense before it ends. Move 
    your Resource Controller and Salvage Corvettes closer to your Mothership and 
    send your Multi-Gun Corvettes in their place. Then move your Defenders behind 
    your Battle Group, and leave the Interceptors to guard the front. When they 
    finally launch, have your remaining Heavy Corvettes to guard your resource 
    team, but don't send them out to harvest. If you forget about them and they 
    reach the other end of the map, they'll encounter a substantial group of 
    Multi-Beam Frigates that the Heavy Corvettes won't be able to fend off. And 
    besides, you should have more than enough RUs on hand to get you through this 
    After defending your fleet from the initial attack, this level is pretty much 
    the same as the one before it. Swarmers and their Fuel Pods will attack from 
    every direction, but never at the same time. However, there are bound to be 
    multiple Fuel Pods that you missed on a given run hanging around, which the 
    Swarmers will eventually find if their main Pod is destroyed. Since it's 
    difficult to move your entire Battle Group across the screen, send Salvage 
    Corvettes with a small escort to capture a few Fuel Pods. You can't use them, 
    but you score 300 RUs for each one you retire. 
    However, you'll want to keep most of your salvage team free, because shortly 
    after the first few waves are destroyed, small groups of Multi-Beam Frigates 
    attempt to sneak in and catch you off guard, which is actually surprisingly 
    easy. At first glance, they look a lot like Fuel Pods, but their four ion 
    cannons pack an extremely powerful punch. Luckily, they're also pretty easy 
    to steal, and you'll definitely want them in your fleet. The first group of 
    three appears directly in front of the Mothership, so send three groups of 
    two to capture them.
    About a minute after the first group of Multi-Beam Frigates come into view, a 
    wing of Swarmers attack you from the left. But they're only meant to be a 
    distraction, because at the same time a pair of Multi-Beam Frigates drop down 
    from the right. Don't be fooled, send four Salvage Corvettes to haul them in. 
    With your salvage team holding down the fort, most of your attention will 
    probably be on the group of Swarmers that your Strike Craft have been dealing 
    with. But once again, another group of three Multi-Beam Frigates appear from 
    the front. Capture them, and send any group of Strike Craft back to the 
    Mothership. Occasionally a small wing of Swarmers will attack your Salvage 
    Corvettes, Research Ship, and Collectors while you're occupied, but even a 
    small wing will be able to hold them off until help arrives. 
    In the mean time, hit the Kadeshi Mothership nearest you, and hit it hard. 
    Send any of the Multi-Beam Frigates you've already captured to blast it away 
    as well, it shouldn't take too much work to destroy it. Clean up any 
    remaining Swarmers and return to your Mothership, another Kadeshi Mothership 
    is taking up the fight and the final two Multi-Beam Frigates are coming in 
    from the left - almost directly above your arriving Battle Group. Capture the 
    Frigates and head over to the other Mothership. Repeat the same strategy 
    until it's destroyed as well. 
    When the second Needle Mothership goes down, the third and final one retreats 
    to the far end of the map, near an unusual friendly beacon. Don't follow it 
    just yet, it isn't going anywhere and no one else will attack you. Refuel and 
    repair your ships and organize yourself, and don't forget to add your new 
    Multi-Beam Frigates to your Battle Group. When you're ready, send your Battle 
    Group, along with an escort of Multi-Gun Corvettes, Defenders, and at least 
    fourteen Salvage Corvettes to the green beacon. 
    About three-quarters of the way there you'll encounter two groups of Advanced 
    Swarmers, followed by seven Multi-Beam Frigates. Pause your Battle Group's 
    advance while your Strike Craft deal with the Swarmers and your salvage team 
    captures the Frigates. After the coast is clear again, continue on to third 
    Mothership, where Fleet Intelligence makes a remarkable discovery: it's one 
    of the Khar-Toba's sister ships. So it's true that the Kushan are related to 
    these people. It's a shame you have to annihilate them. 
    With the last of the Swarmers and Frigates out of the way, the final Kadeshi 
    Mothership doesn't have anything left to throw at you. Focus all of your 
    ships on it, and it too will be destroyed. 
    Send your ships back to your Mothership and begin harvesting. While that's 
    going on, figure out how much damage was done - if any - to your fleet; the 
    addition of over a dozen Multi-Beam Frigates should make up for any Ion 
    Cannon Frigates you may have lost.
    You won't need too many new ships for the next mission except for Strike 
    Craft, which you should have more than enough of from the nebula missions. 
    Twenty Defenders, twenty Interceptors, and twenty Attack Bombers is more than 
    enough firepower; but consider adding a small group of fifteen or so Scouts 
    to be used as bait, you should be able to afford the 525 RUs. 
    So much for, "No one returns." 
    009.0 - Deep Space - Sea of Lost Souls 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Investigate the anomaly 
    - Destroy the unknown vessel
    - Salvage the unknown vessel 
    New Technology: 
    - Guided Missile 
    - Gravity Generator 
    - Super-Heavy Chassis
    Overview: An unknown ship is detected, and Fleet Intelligence would like to 
    know what it is and what it's doing. 
    Fleet Construction: It's all about Strike Craft here. As long as you still 
    have most of them from the nebula missions (at least fifty, not counting 
    Heavy Corvettes) you'll be fine. Build about fifteen Scouts to use as a 
    distraction, though.
    First of all, send your resource team out to harvest. Resources aren't as 
    plentiful and are much more spread out, but they're there. At the same time, 
    send your Scouts (who should be set to evasive tactics) to the beacon, with 
    the rest of your Strike Craft following well behind. When you get within 
    range of the unknown vessel, you'll see a strange, black ship (labeled the 
    "Ghost Ship") surrounded by an escort of two Taiidan Assault Frigates, a 
    Turanic Ion Array Frigate, a pair of Kadeshi Multi-Beam Frigates, and a new 
    ship - a Taiidan Missile Destroyer. Its homing missiles will wreck havoc 
    against your Strike Craft, but don't bother sending any of your Capital Ships 
    near the Ghost Ship. If any capital ships come within ten kilometers of the 
    Ghost Ship, it takes control of it and uses it against you. 
    Now, you can send your Battle Group just out of range and lure its escort 
    away and then destroy it, but you'll miss out on multiple rewards. Not only 
    do you gain control of any ships that survive when the Ghost Ship is 
    disabled, but if the Missile Destroyer is included, you automatically gain 
    Guided Missile technology, which comes in handy in the next mission. 
    Otherwise, you'll have to wait until Level 12 before you get it. 
    Anyway, send your Scouts to harass the Missile Destroyer when they come into 
    range. As they make their first pass, the Destroyer pulls away to follow 
    after them, leaving the rest of your Strike Craft to hammer the Ghost Ship. 
    The rest of the escort won't cause you too much trouble, but your attacks 
    don't seem to be affecting the Ghost Ship's armor. However, they are causing 
    the control field around it to fluctuate, so keep at it. 
    Eventually, Fleet Intelligence reports that the vessel has been neutralized. 
    Send your Strike Craft and new capital ships back to the Mothership, and send 
    a Salvage Corvette to explore the Ghost Ship. When it returns, you find out 
    that the ship is over a million years old, but its purpose it still unknown. 
    As a bonus, the ship's control field was used to develop Gravity Generator 
    technology, which you should begin researching immediately. 
    And if that wasn't enough, the Bentusi arrive and ask for the data you 
    collected from the Ghost Ship. In exchange they'll trade you Super-Heavy 
    Chassis technology - what a bargain!
    Before hyperspacing, build a second Missile Destroyer and have at least three 
    regular Destroyers. You should also have fifteen or more frigates of any 
    type, but that shouldn't be a problem. 
    010.0 - Super Nova Research Station 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Destroy all enemy forces 
    - Destroy the enemy Carrier 
    - Destroy the research outpost
    New Technology: 
    - Minelaying Tech
    - Proximity Sensor 
    Overview: As your fleet pushes forward to the Inner Rim of the galaxy, 
    Taiidan resistance is expected to become much heavier. But there are 
    weak points in their defenses that you must exploit. As Fleet 
    Intelligence puts it, "It is time to hunt the enemy as they have hunted 
    us." The first example of these weaknesses appears in the form of a 
    Research Station near an active supernova. However, getting close enough 
    to attack will be difficult due to the intense radiation being emitted. 
    Fleet Construction: Forget about your Strike Craft, they won't be able to 
    withstand the radiation, even in the protected dust clouds. Ideally, you'll 
    want two Missile Destroyers, three normal Destroyers, and at least fifteen 
    frigates. If you can't meet those requirements - particularly the Missile 
    Destroyer - go back and replay the previous levels. 
    The first thing to do is put your Battle Group into wall formation and 
    separate them into groups. To make things easier to manage, have one group 
    composed of just your Missile Destroyers, one with the rest of your Battle 
    Group, and then the two of them combined. 
    Now go to your Sensors Manager and look at it from a 3D view. See those dust 
    clouds that run above and below the Research Station? If you send your fleet 
    through those clouds instead of straight to the ping you'll be protected from 
    the radiation. Of course, you can be sure that the Taiidan know this as well, 
    so expect to be some resistance along the way. 
    The path that runs above the Research Station is more heavily protected, but 
    it's more straightforward, whereas the lower path requires you to jump 
    between dust veins but isn't as well-guarded. As long as you have a Missile 
    Destroyer, though, you'll be able to get through the high route without too 
    much trouble. 
    But why are the Missile Destroyers so important, you ask? Well, as your 
    preparing to leave, Fleet Intelligence reports that the Taiidan have set up 
    minefields. The mines are too small to be targeted by your capital ships, but 
    will still do some serious damage to your fleet. However, the Missile 
    Destroyer's homing missiles will be able to clear a path for you. 
    Before leaving, begin researching Proximity Sensor technology and Minelaying 
    Tech when the other finishes. Send your Battle Group up to the first red dot, 
    but aim about three or four kilometers higher than the dot to keep the lower 
    half of your Battle Group from being fried. Likewise, if you see one of your 
    ships taking damage, adjust the direction of your Battle Group accordingly (a 
    frigate on the right is out of the dust cloud, so move your group more to the 
    left, for example). 
    The first red dot turns out to be two wings of Strike Craft: fifteen 
    Interceptors and eight Heavy Corvettes to be more descriptive. Pause your 
    Battle Group's ascent and order your Missile Destroyer to attack them; the 
    fighters and corvettes should be wiped out pretty quickly to the Destroyers' 
    devastating homing missiles.
    When they've been eliminated, regroup and continue to the next red dot. But 
    as you go, begin "sweeping" for mines. You can't target them normally, you 
    need to use the Force Attack (Ctrl + Shift) when dragging a box to attack the 
    mines; but be warned, you can attack your own ships this way as well. 
    Once you find a minefield, stop your Battle Group and send the Missile 
    Destroyers out to clear the area. Continue forward and destroy the other two 
    walls of mines along with the Minelayer Corvette as well, and then have your 
    Battle Group catch up. Eventually you'll stumble upon another Minelayer 
    Corvette surrounded by a sphere of mines, but even with that many mines, your 
    Missile Destroyers should make short work of them. 
    The next red dot is more of the same: three walls of mines and a third 
    Minelayer Corvette. When the last of the mines are cleared, regroup and save 
    your game. The final red dot is a group of two Destroyers and your first 
    Heavy Cruiser, so be prepared before heading into battle. 
    Normally you'd want to target the Heavy Cruiser first, but it seems that the 
    pair of Destroyers move forward to attack you while the Cruiser hangs back. 
    Because of this, attack one of the Destroyers first, but keep an eye on the 
    Heavy Cruiser; if it gets too close, focus all of your attention and 
    firepower on it. Remember, the Cruiser has almost three times as much 
    firepower as a Destroyer, so it poses a much greater threat. It's almost 
    impossible to keep all of your ships intact here; whichever capital ship the 
    Heavy Cruiser targets will most likely be destroyed, so try sending your 
    Frigates out first as bait instead of the more-valuable Destroyers. 
    When the Cruiser and its Destroyer escort are gone, continue heading straight 
    through the dust veins. You'll begin to see flickers of the Research Station, 
    but don't jump out at it just yet; the area between the dust veins and the 
    Research Station are unprotected, and the last thing you need is a damaged 
    fleet before attacking the Station's garrison, which includes a pair of 
    Assault Frigates, four Ion Cannon Frigates, a Carrier that releases Multi-Gun 
    Corvettes, and forty-five Defenders. 
    When you're perpendicular with the Research Station, make the cut to the side 
    and target an enemy to attack. Your Missile Destroyers should obviously 
    target the Defenders and Multi-Gun Corvettes, and the rest of the Battle 
    Group can focus on the other capital ships. You'll probably want to target 
    the Assault Frigates on your left first just to avoid being surrounded. 
    But wait, there's a problem with the enemy Carrier. Like the Great Wastelands 
    level, the Carrier begins retreating, and you can't let it escape. But unlike 
    your last encounter with an escaping Carrier, you have a little more 
    firepower this time around. As it begins to fly away, it'll pass right next 
    to your Battle Group, so hit it with everything you have. You should be able 
    to destroy it before taking too much damage from the remaining Ion Cannon 
    When the Carrier and Ion Cannon Frigates are space junk, turn around to where 
    the Assault Frigates were; five more appear, but they won't stand up to your 
    Battle Group. Finish off any remaining Defenders or Multi-Gun Corvettes, and 
    then finally hit the Research Station. It doesn't have any weapons and there 
    aren't any more surprises, so destroying it is simple enough. 
    Before hyperspacing away, you'll notice that there are two small clusters of 
    resources on either side of your Mothership. You can send your Collectors and 
    Controller out to harvest them, but make sure you keep a Support Frigate to 
    repair them once they reach the safety of the resources. You'll score about 
    six thousand RUs between the two patches, so it's definitely worth the 
    The next level won't give you any time to prepare, so make sure you build 
    your fleet before making the jump. If most of your Battle Group is intact, 
    you should be alright. A strong wing of fighters is a must, though; about 
    twenty Interceptors and ten Scouts will do the trick. You'll also want a 
    minimum of fourteen Salvage Corvettes, but the more you have the more ships 
    you'll be able to capture. 
    011.0 - Tenhauser Gate 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Destroy the Taiidan fleet
    Overview: In a coded Taiidan transmission, you find that the Emperor isn't 
    very pleased about his fleet's inability to prevent you from returning. He 
    also knows that the Bentusi are helping you, and demands that they be 
    silenced before contacting the Galactic Council. You can't let that happen. 
    Fleet Construction: There's no time to build anything once the level begins, 
    so whatever you have at the moment will have to do. As long as you have a 
    competent Battle Group, some Interceptors and Attack Bombers, and plenty of 
    Salvage Corvettes, you won't have to worry about a thing. 
    The Taiidan attack squad consists of an Assault Frigate, four Ion Cannon 
    Frigates, three Destroyers, and another Heavy Cruiser. This is a golden 
    opportunity to increase the size of your fleet, and at the very least you'll 
    want to salvage the Destroyers and Cruiser. It takes five Corvettes to steal 
    the Cruiser, and three for each Destroyer; which means the minimum number of 
    Corvettes you'll need is fourteen. Add another two Salvage Corvettes for each 
    Ion Cannon or Assault Frigate you'd like to have, and have a couple of spares 
    just in case. 
    When the mission begins, Fleet Command reports that the Bentusi are nearby 
    and in distress. Immediately put your Battle Group in Wall and send them 
    fifteen kilometers in front of the Mothership (there's no ping yet, but 
    that's where the Bentusi are). A short cinematic will play in a few seconds 
    that shows the defenseless traders being pummeled by the Taiidan forces.
    The first thing you need to do is distract the Taiidan from attacking the 
    already damaged Bentusi. However, this proves to be pretty simple, as any 
    attack against them will draw their attention away from their target. Send a 
    small group of Interceptors to harass the Destroyers and Frigates, but send a 
    separate group of Scouts to pick at the Heavy Cruiser. At the same time, 
    divide your Salvage Corvettes into two groups and send them to either side of 
    the Bentusi Mothership, but don't order them to capture anything. 
    Your Battle Group should be in range by now, so order them to attack anything 
    you don't want, and have your wing of Attack Bombers target the lone Assault 
    Frigate. As the level progresses, the enemy ships will slowly separate into 
    smaller groups, and that's your signal to send the Salvage Corvettes in. Move 
    them as close as possible before issuing the order, though, because as soon 
    as you target something, the rest of the ships will go after your salvage 
    team. However, the idea is that because you actually issue the order at the 
    last minute, there won't be any time to defend against them. 
    With the Taiidan fleet destroyed and captured, send your fleet back to 
    the Mothership and wait for your new playthings to fall under your 
    control. When they do, the Bentusi thank you for helping them and reward 
    you with a gift greater than any technology: the gift of knowledge. In 
    the "First Time" the Taiidan empire exiled your ancestors from Hiigara, 
    with the Guidestone being the only link that survived the journey. The 
    Bentusi's final words are, "Reach your Homeworld. Establish your claim." 
    Now you know the whole story, and why the Taiidan are so intent on 
    exterminating you. 
    Before making the hyperspace jump, make sure you have at least two Missile 
    Destroyers and six or seven Proximity Sensors in your fleet. Also, enter the 
    Launch Manager and select the "Remain Docked" option. You'll be glad you did. 
    012.0 - Galactic Core 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Protect the fleet 
    - Destroy the source of the gravity field 
    - Protect the defector 
    New Technology: 
    - Cloaked Fighter 
    Overview: Things are finally going your way; the Bentusi have told you the 
    history of your people, and you're heading into the inner rim of the Hiigara 
    system. But the Taiidan haven't given up just yet, and they have quite a few 
    more traps ready for you.  
    Fleet Construction: You'll be fighting a bunch of Taiidan capital ships in 
    this level, but never more than three or four at a time. As long as most of 
    your Battle Group is intact, you'll have more than enough firepower to defend 
    the Mothership. You'll want about six Proximity Sensors to alert you of the 
    cloaked ships that attack later on, too. And because of the Gravity Well 
    Generators in the beginning you won't be able to launch your Strike Craft, so 
    have a pair of Missile Destroyers on hand. After the Gravity Wells are 
    destroyed, you can use a wing of Multi-Gun Corvettes to help clear away the 
    enemy's Strike. 
    When you drop out of hyperspace, you find yourself surrounded by three 
    Gravity Well Generators with a pair of Support Frigates each. Divide your 
    Battle Group into three groups and have them attack the Generators; your 
    fleet should be strong enough to destroy them even with the Support Frigates 
    healing them, but if not go after them first. Shortly after you attack the 
    Generators, an Assault Frigate and a Missile Destroyer appear to wipe out any 
    Strike Craft that are immobilized by the Gravity Wells. Since your Strike are 
    safely docked in the Mothership, forget about the other Generators and take 
    them out. 
    When the Gravity Wells and the small attack group have been destroyed, 
    regroup and begin launching your Strike Craft. The Support Frigates will 
    retreat back to the other side of the map, and it might be tempting to 
    destroy or capture them. Don't, the key to surviving this level is staying 
    close to the Mothership; the Taiidan only attack in small groups, but if you 
    go out and look for trouble there are plenty of minefields and capital ships 
    ready for you. 
    There's a fairly long lull between the initial attack and the next one, so 
    you should have plenty of time to prepare your Strike Craft and Salvage 
    Corvettes, you'll also want to assign your Proximity Sensors to your main 
    Battle Group. Eventually, two formations of Interceptors and Scouts will 
    appear, followed by an Assault Frigate. Capture the Frigate, and let your 
    Missile Destroyers and Multi-Gun Corvettes take out the rest. 
    The Interceptors and Scouts are succeeded by a wing of Attack Bombers and a 
    half-dozen Heavy Corvettes. Around this time, your Proximity Sensors will 
    begin alerting you of incoming enemy units, and three wire-frame Ion Cannon 
    Frigates will appear. Destroy the Cloak Generator to make them fully visible, 
    but don't attack them. Instead, put those idle Salvage Corvettes to use and 
    steal them. 
    Another weak attack follows the cloaked Ion Cannon Frigates in the form of 
    Scouts and Interceptors. Destroy them, but try stealing the Support Frigates 
    if you can. It may seem like a waste of time, but they come in handy during 
    the final mission. 
    Some Attack Bombers and Heavy Corvettes make one final attempt at an attack, 
    but they're more of a diversion than anything. Below you, a Heavy Cruiser, 
    six Ion Cannon Frigates, ten Heavy Corvettes, and about twenty Defenders are 
    trying to catch you off-guard. Don't let them, let your Missile Destroyers 
    finish cleaning up the Strike, and send your Multi-Gun Corvettes and Battle 
    Group to fight the Heavy Cruiser's escorts. Have all of your Strike Craft go 
    after the Defenders and other Strike, with your Battle Group focusing on the 
    Frigates. At the same time, order your Salvage Corvettes to capture the 
    Cruiser; by the time they get close, the Cruiser will already have picked one 
    of your capital ships as a target, which makes stealing it much easier than 
    it could be otherwise. 
    With the Cruiser and its escort dead or captured, send your fleet back up to 
    the Mothership and wait there for a moment. Take all of your Salvage 
    Corvettes that aren't tied up, along with a small group of capital ships and 
    Multi-Gun Corvettes, and send them about five kilometers to the northeast. 
    Eventually, a cinematic will play that shows a Taiidan Destroyer hyperspacing 
    in. The ship, known as the Kapella, is led by Captain Elson, a member of the 
    Taiidan rebellions who support your cause. He's being followed by a pair of 
    Ion Cannon Frigates and Assault Frigates, as well as two Support Frigates 
    with docked Strike Craft. 
    If you look at your Sensors Manager, Elson's Destroyer is speeding towards 
    the Mothership from the northeast. Send your Strike and Battle Group to 
    distract the ships attacking him, and use your Salvage Corvettes to capture 
    them. Any spare Corvettes should be used to steal the Support Frigates. 
    With the attackers destroyed, follow Elson back to the Mothership and finish 
    salvaging any ships you still have. Small wings of Attack Bombers and Scouts 
    may fly by occasionally, so keep your Missile Destroyers and Multi-Gun 
    Corvettes on hand. If you wait around long enough, another three cloaked Ion 
    Cannon Frigates may decide to attack as well. 
    When Elson is aboard the Mothership, Fleet Intelligence tells you to 
    hyperspace away. For once, doing so isn't a bad idea. There are plenty of 
    resources being harvested by Taiidan Collectors, but the amount of work it'll 
    take to fight for them isn't worth it. 
    013.0 - The Karos Graveyard - The Shining Hinterlands 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Dock Strike Craft with the Communications Relay
    New Technology: 
    - Heavy Guns
    - Cloak Generator 
    Overview: While you've mainly been on your own throughout the game (with a 
    little help from the Bentusi), the Kushan aren't the only people fighting the 
    Taiidan Empire. The destruction of Kharak has incited a rebellion against the 
    corrupt empire, and they're waiting for Elson's signal to move into the next 
    phase. Hidden in the Karos ship graveyard is a relay station that Elson can 
    use to make contact with them; and in exchange, he can guide you through the 
    Taiidan's defenses surrounding Hiigara. 
    Fleet Construction: For Method One, you'll need a strong Battle Group that 
    can quickly destroy the Junkyard Dog, but after that a small group of Missile 
    Destroyers can clear a path through the graveyard. 
    For Method Two, a group of twenty Multi-Gun Corvettes and five to ten 
    Interceptors will be more than enough. 
    013.1 - Method One - Destroying the Junkyard Dog 
    The graveyard and relay station are relatively unguarded, in the sense that 
    the only resistances you'll encounter are some Autoguns and a single ship: 
    the Junkyard Dog, which can be described as basically the ultimate Salvage 
    Corvette. The Junkyard Dog is small, fast, and can capture any ship by 
    However, it does have one weakness: it's vulnerable to Gravity Well 
    Generators. So as soon as you drop out of hyperspace, set up your Battle 
    Group and begin construction of a Gravity Well. Have it guard a ship in the 
    middle of the group and send them about five to ten kilometers out in front. 
    Now enter the Sensors Manager. You'll see a single red dot flying around the 
    graveyard, that's the Dog. When it eventually comes to your end of the map, 
    it goes after one of your capital ships. Don't let it get close enough, 
    activate the Gravity Well Generator and order your entire Battle Group to 
    attack it. The Dog's armor is tough, but without the ability to move it's as 
    good as dead. 
    Without having to worry about the Junkyard Dog, send your Missile Destroyers 
    out to clear the graveyard of Autoguns. You might want to send a Support 
    Frigate with them just in case they take some damage, but the Autoguns aren't 
    terribly powerful. Use this time to check out the ships floating around the 
    graveyard, you'll see some rejected ship designs for Heavy Cruisers and 
    Support Frigates, among others. 
    When the Destroyers reach the relay station, send a small group of 
    Interceptors or Scouts (in case you missed an Autogun) in evasive tactics out 
    to dock with it. After it does, Elson thanks you and transmits new hyperspace 
    coordinates to your Mothership before hyperspacing away. 
    013.2 - Method Two - You Take The High Road...
    I actually prefer this strategy over the other one, simply because it doesn't 
    take as long. You need about twenty-five Multi-Gun Corvettes and a handful of 
    Interceptors. Send the two groups above or below the graveyard until they're 
    over or under the relay station. Send the Multi-Gun Corvettes in first and 
    have them target any Autoguns in the area. About fifteen seconds after the 
    Corvettes reach the relay station, send your Interceptors in and have them 
    enter the relay station. The Multi-Gun Corvettes will be able to knock out 
    most of the graveyard's defenses, but remember to order your Interceptors to 
    do something when one of them goes to dock - they just sit around otherwise. 
    When one of your ships makes contact, immediately hyperspace away. After all, 
    there's really nothing else to do here but sit around and take damage.  
    014.0 - Bridge of Sighs 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Destroy the field generator 
    Secondary Objectives: 
    - Destroy the hyperspace gates 
    New Technology: 
    - Sensors Array 
    Overview: Captain Elson gives you some useful information about what's 
    waiting for you around Hiigara. Most importantly, there are a series of 
    hyperspace inhibitors that will prevent the Mothership from hyperspacing into 
    the Homeworld system. Elson has given you the coordinates of the most 
    vulnerable inhibitor; if you can destroy it, you'll create an access point 
    for a hyperspace jump. 
    Fleet Construction: Like the Karos Graveyard level, there are two different 
    strategies that you can use. For Method One, you'll need fourteen to sixteen 
    Salvage Corvettes, twenty Multi-Gun Corvettes, five Scouts, and a small 
    Battle Group that has at least two Missile Destroyers in it.
    For Method Two, you'll want six Cloak Generators, a pair of Heavy Cruisers, 
    four or five Destroyers, twenty Multi-Gun Corvettes, and twenty Attack 
    Also, in both strategies, research Sensors Array technology. You may want to 
    consider building one if you have the extra RUs.
    014.1 - Method One - Thou Shalt Not Steal
    Being the least protected field generator surrounding Hiigara, the only 
    resistance you'll come up against is a very small fleet of over a hundred Ion 
    Cannon Frigates and even more Strike Craft surrounding the inhibitor in a 
    gigantic sphere. The plan here is to bait small groups of Frigates out and 
    capture them with a team of Salvage Corvettes. 
    Why use this method? Well, for one, the size of your fleet will at least 
    double. In fact, you can begin the next level with anywhere from twenty to 
    one hundred and twenty Ion Cannon Frigates, six Destroyers, and three Missile 
    Destroyers, all for the price of a group of Salvage Corvettes. 
    Second, this is actually pretty easy to do. Luring the Frigates away from the 
    main sphere in groups of seven or eight isn't as difficult as it might seem, 
    and they're just as easy to capture. 
    The drawback: It's extremely time consuming. Having to go back and forth with 
    the slow-moving Salvage Corvettes and waiting for the Mothership to receive 
    the enemy ships becomes tedious and boring quickly. 
    Anyway, before stealing anything, you'll want to prepare your fleet. Take any 
    Ion Cannon and Assault Frigates (Ion Array and Multi-Beam Frigates will also 
    work if you don't have at least ten of the others combined) and any Missile 
    Destroyers you have and set them up in Wall formation. Position them about 
    halfway in between the Mothership and the edge of the Ion Cannon sphere. 
    Next, take the rest of your Battle Group and have them sit just in front of 
    the Mothership. Finally, take a group of fourteen or more Salvage Corvettes 
    and send them to where your Frigates are, except about twenty kilometers off 
    to the left or right. 
    Now send a small group of Scouts, set to evasive tactics, into the Ion Cannon 
    sphere. Don't go too far or you'll attract too many at once; but as soon as 
    an enemy ship comes into view, immediately send them back to the Mothership. 
    Anywhere from seven to twelve Ion Cannon Frigates will follow after them, so 
    be prepared to destroy anything you can't capture. Send your Frigate/Missile 
    Destroyer Battle Group to intercept them on their way to the Mothership, and 
    then slip your Salvage Corvettes in from the side. It's a good idea to steal 
    the Frigates that are closest together and near the back, since the remaining 
    Frigates may try to knock off any Salvage Corvettes that are latched onto one 
    of their comrades. If you steal a Frigate up front or leave one next to 
    another being salvaged, it might have enough time to catch up or turn and 
    With your Salvage Corvettes tied up, target any remaining Ion Cannon Frigates 
    with the Battle Group you have waiting. Occasionally, a wing of Strike Craft 
    will tag along, which is why you have a few Missile Destroyers on hand. You 
    should have the Frigates outnumbered, but if a few manage to slip by while 
    you're dealing with another one, the rest of your Battle Group is waiting by 
    the Mothership to defend her and your Salvage Corvettes. 
    Now repeat about a dozen times. You can pick away at the sphere by sending 
    your Scouts to different sides of the map, and you don't have to worry about 
    eliminating the Frigates behind the field generator. Just remember to save 
    after every successful capture, because there's nothing more annoying then 
    having to replay something that's already unbelievably repetitive. 
    When you get too close to the field generator, Fleet Intelligence reports 
    that there are several (three) hyperspace gates in the area, and they should 
    be destroyed to prevent reinforcements from aiding their defenses. At each 
    hyperspace gate, you'll encounter a pair of Support Frigates with a swarm of 
    Attack Bombers, Heavy Corvettes, and Interceptors, followed by two Destroyers 
    and a Missile Destroyer. 
    However, if you ignore the Strike Craft and focus solely on the hyperspace 
    gate, you can destroy it before the three Destroyers appear (since they 
    arrive after the Strike Craft are eliminated). On the other hand, these are 
    the only Destroyer-class ship you'll come across this mission, and it'd be a 
    waste not to capture them. Likewise, it's a good idea to steal the Support 
    Frigates, since you'll max out your Frigates and won't be able to build any 
    of your own for the final mission.
    If you want them, send your Frigate and Missile Destroyer Battle Group to a 
    hyperspace gate, along with at least nine Salvage Corvettes (thirteen if you 
    want the Support Frigates) and a strong wing of Strike Craft that includes a 
    small group of Scouts. Keep your Salvage Corvettes well away from the gate, 
    since the enemy Strike will target them. When the Support Frigates appear, 
    have your Strike and Missile Destroyers attack them, but leave the Support 
    Frigates alone. When they realize what's going on, they'll move about twenty 
    kilometers away, but won't actually try to escape. 
    With most of the first wave dead, the three Destroyers appear. Send your 
    Scouts to harass the Missile Destroyer, and the rest of the Strike Craft to 
    attack the entire group. The two Destroyers will more than likely target one 
    of your capital ships, so order them to retreat and send your salvage team in 
    at the same time. The Destroyers will be preoccupied with attacking your 
    Battle Group that they won't have time to defend themselves, and the Missile 
    Destroyer shouldn't be too much trouble either with your Strike Craft keeping 
    them busy. When the threat is gone, send the rest of your Salvage Corvettes 
    to capture the two remaining Support Frigates, and return to the Mothership 
    for refueling and repairs. Afterwards, head over to another hyperspace gate.
    Eventually, the majority of the sphere will be eliminated. You'll want at 
    least the front half gone, but getting rid of any more wouldn't be a bad 
    idea. When you think you're ready, send everything you have at the field 
    generator: both Battle Groups, a strong wing of Multi-Gun Corvettes, Attack 
    Bombers, and Heavy Corvettes, and at least six Proximity Sensors. Order all 
    of your ships to guard the slower group of Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers to 
    make sure you'll all arrive there at the same time, and then evenly spread 
    your Proximity Sensors around. 
    As you inch closer to the generator, a proximity warning will go off and 
    three cloaked Destroyers will attack. Order the majority of your fleet to 
    attack the Destroyers, and set aside a small group to knock out the Cloak 
    Generators. Soon after, another cloaked Destroyer will appear from above, so 
    repeat the same strategy you used before. The generator's last major defense 
    is a cloaked Heavy Cruiser, but the combined force of your Battle Group will 
    be able to overpower it without a problem. 
    From here, hit the generator, and hit it hard. There's a Carrier hanging 
    around, but it doesn't attack too aggressively. Send your Multi-Gun Corvettes 
    and Heavy Corvettes to wipe out any Strike Craft it decides to launch. A few 
    Ion Cannon Frigates may also wander over, but there shouldn't be too many if 
    you did a good job of clearing away the sphere. Allocate a small group of Ion 
    Cannon Frigates (ten is more than enough) and your Attack Bombers to deal 
    with these nuisances. 
    The field generator itself has no defenses whatsoever, but you do have to 
    worry about one of your ships being destroyed by one of the individual 
    sections as it rotates. It's not a major problem, but definitely set your 
    fleet to evasive tactics and keep an eye on where they are. 
    Once all eight sections are destroyed, Fleet Intelligence reports that the 
    hyperspace inhibitor field surrounding Hiigara has been shut down. There's 
    really nothing left for you here, so hyperspace away (unless you plan on 
    salvaging the Carrier and Resource Collectors). 
    014.2 - Method Two - Can't Hit What You Can't See 
    This method is just as simple as the other one, but it also leaves you with a 
    relatively small fleet (relative to what it could be using the strategy 
    described above). But the positive here is that it won't take as long to 
    complete. Instead of getting rid of the sphere of Frigates, you'll be 
    bypassing it entirely. Using Cloak Generators, a small but extremely powerful 
    fleet will sneak past all of the Ion Cannon Frigates and destroy the field 
    generator before the Taiidan can close in and retaliate. 
    To prepare for this, put your Heavy Cruisers and Destroyers into Wall 
    formation. Order your Attack Bombers into Broad formation and have them guard 
    the top of the Battle Group, while the Multi-Gun Corvettes do the same but 
    with the bottom of it. 
    Now put your Cloak Generators into five groups. Group 1 will be any three 
    Generators, and Group 2 will be the other three. Now choose one Cloak 
    Generator from each group and assign them to Group 3. Groups 4 and 5 will be 
    identical to Group 3, but with the other Cloak Generators. 
    It may sound confusing, but it's really not. The idea behind this is that you 
    can quickly activate any Cloak Generator from each group, so while one is 
    cloaking, the others can be recharging. And when the active one is about to 
    run out, you can easily switch to another Generator. With Groups 1 and 2 on 
    either side of the main Battle Group, you'll be able to keep your ships 
    cloaked indefinitely. 
    Before heading over to the field generator, run a few tests. Make sure all of 
    your ships are cloaked, but while moving and standing still. If anything is 
    visible and you aren't able to squeeze them into the Cloak Generator's field, 
    get rid of them (this applies to Strike Craft, not your capital ships). 
    When everything's working and you're sure the cloaking field will hold up, 
    send your Battle Group to the field generator. When you get close to the 
    sphere of Frigates, activate one pair of Cloak Generators (remember to do 
    this before the ships will spot you). When the first pair's power is running 
    low, switch to the next two and let the others recharge. 
    Once you reach the field generator, order your Battle Group and Attack 
    Bombers to destroy it. If the cloaked Destroyers and Heavy Cruiser figure out 
    what's going on and lumber over to attack you, ignore them; you should be 
    just about done destroying the last few sections of the generator anyway. Use 
    your Multi-Gun Corvettes to attack any Strike Craft that get in your way. 
    When the hyperspace inhibitor field is gone, immediately hyperspace away - 
    there's no reason to stick around and you have quite a few angry Taiidan 
    ships surrounding you. 
    014.3 - Method Three - The Best of Both Worlds 
    This isn't really a separate strategy per se, but it's still worth 
    mentioning. If you have a weak fleet but don't have the patience to knock out 
    the entire sphere of Ion Cannon Frigates, steal as many as you want and then 
    send your cloaked ships in to destroy the field generator. 
    015.0 - Chapel Perilous 
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Destroy the object 
    Overview: The Taiidan are becoming desperate, they've strapped an engine to a 
    very large asteroid and set it on a collision course with the Mothership. But 
    as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and this is a surprisingly 
    effective strategy considering how bizarre it is. 
    Fleet Construction: There's no time to build anything new, so you're going to 
    have to deal with whatever you have on hand. 
    Send your entire Battle Group and all of your Strike Craft out to intercept 
    the asteroid; like with the field generator, use evasive tactics to avoid 
    colliding into it and losing one of your ships. As you get closer and closer, 
    the asteroids escorts will begin attacking you; first with a group of twenty 
    Interceptors, followed by twenty Heavy Corvettes, thirty-six Defenders, and 
    twenty Multi-Gun Corvettes. Order all of your Strike (minus the Attack 
    Bombers) and Missile Destroyers to go after them. 
    As for the meat of the asteroids escort, you're going to go up against two 
    groups of sixteen Assault Frigates and four Destroyers. You might want to 
    consider sending your Salvage Corvettes in to capture the Destroyers - or at 
    the very least hold them at bay while you attack the asteroid. 
    If you have a strong group of Ion Cannon Frigates (at least forty or more), 
    order them to attack the asteroid, along with your Heavy Cruisers and 
    Destroyers; any Ion Array or Multi-Beam Frigates you have should distract the 
    asteroids escorts. If you have a weak alternate Battle Group, ignore the 
    escorts and just attack the asteroid. 
    When the asteroid is destroyed, finish off (or capture) any remaining Taiidan 
    ships and harvest the area. At the same time, prepare your fleet for the 
    final level by maxing out all of your capital ships. If you've been using 
    Salvage Corvettes a lot, you probably won't even be able to build very many 
    ships, which is a good thing. If your Battle Group is maxed out and you still 
    have some spare RUs, build about twenty-five Multi-Gun Corvettes, twenty 
    Attack Bombers, and fifteen Interceptors. If you need RUs, retire any non-
    combat ships you don't need: Research Ships, Proximity Sensors, and Sensors 
    Arrays. Don't get rid of your Collectors and Controllers, though.
    Also - and this is important - build as many Support Frigates as you can. The 
    final mission throws a very large fleet at your Mothership, and without at 
    least one Support Frigate to repair her there's a slim chance you'll be able 
    to get through in one piece. Four is a good number, but more is better.  
    016.0 - Hiigara  
    Primary Objectives: 
    - Eradicate enemy forces
    Overview: The asteroid, while not destroying you, served its purpose as a 
    delay tactic. When you arrive at Hiigara, a very large Taiidan fleet is 
    waiting for you, including the Emperor's flagship. This level is divided into 
    five fairly large battles, and you're going to have to fight some of them 
    simultaneously in different areas. If you really want your Homeworld back, 
    you're going to have to earn it. 
    Fleet Construction: Like the previous mission, there's almost no time to 
    build anything before being attacked; any fleet building should've been done 
    before hyperspacing. But feel free to build any new ships to replace the ones 
    you lose throughout the course of the level. 
    Quickly put all of your Capital Ships in front of your Mothership. You'll 
    want to have two relatively-equal Battle Groups for later, but at the moment 
    you're attacking one target. Move your Support Frigates behind the 
    Mothership, but close enough that they won't have to shift around to heal 
    her. Third, send your Missile Destroyers and any Strike Craft that do well 
    against other Strike Craft (Multi-Gun Corvettes, Heavy Corvettes, 
    Interceptors, et cetera) about twenty kilometers directly above the 
    Mothership. Finally, send your Collectors out to harvest and have your 
    Controller guard them; they'll be well away from the action, and they'll drop 
    off plenty of valuable resources. 
    After letting you wait around for a minute, the first wave of Taiidan appears 
    from all directions. Above you, a Carrier launches a few waves of Strike 
    Craft; none of which should really be too much trouble for your own Strike 
    and Missile Destroyers. Below you is a small group of seven Ion Cannon 
    Frigates that should be ignored for the most part, because the main threat is 
    much more destructive: six Ion Cannon Frigates, two Destroyers, two Missile 
    Destroyers, six Assault Frigates, and a Heavy Cruiser. 
    Luckily, most of these ships only go after your Mothership, which should keep 
    your losses at a minimum. Of course, this also means that the Mothership's 
    hit points are going to dramatically drop unless you have Support Frigates 
    repairing her and enough firepower to take out the wave of Taiidan ships. 
    With your Strike Craft dealing with the Carrier's escorts and your Attack 
    Bombers picking away at the Ion Cannon Frigates below you, focus all of your 
    attention on the main Battle Group. Destroy the Heavy Cruiser first, followed 
    by the Destroyers, Ion Cannon Frigates, Assault Frigates, and finally the 
    Missile Destroyers. As soon as your Mothership takes damage, order your 
    Support Frigates to begin repairing it. As long as you get Cruiser and 
    Destroyers out of the way quickly, you should be able to get through without 
    the Mothership going down in flames. 
    If you survive, save and prepare for the next battle. Your Support Frigates 
    should have enough time to repair your Mothership and any capital ships that 
    took damage. Don't forget about your Strike Craft hanging around out of sight 
    above you; the Carrier doesn't do anything afterwards, so don't bother 
    attacking it. 
    Now, divide your Battle Group into two parts. Order one to remain in front of 
    your Mothership (which will henceforth be called Battle Group 2), and send 
    the other one (Battle Group 1) twenty kilometers up and twenty kilometers 
    behind the Mothership. Eventually, Fleet Intelligence reports that 
    reinforcements are coming out of hyperspace behind and above you. Battle 
    Group 1 should already be heading in that direction, but adjust their 
    positions to intercept them. 
    The second battle puts you against a fleet similar to the main Taiidan threat 
    from the first battle: six Assault Frigates, six Ion Cannon Frigates, three 
    Destroyers, and another Heavy Cruiser. Attack them the same way you did 
    previously - concentrate fire on the bigger ships first. This is a little 
    more difficult because you only have half of your Battle Group, but you 
    should still be able to win if you get rid of the deadly Heavy Cruiser as 
    soon as possible. 
    With only a few enemy ships remaining, Fleet Intelligence announces that yet 
    another wave of Taiidan capital ships are coming out of hyperspace. This 
    time, they're below your Mothership and off to the right. Immediately after 
    Battle Group 1 takes care of the last of the second battle, send them down to 
    meet them. You have to do this quickly to prevent them from reaching the 
    Mothership, so forget about putting your ships into formations - it'll only 
    waste time. 
    While your first Battle Group is en route to the third battle, the rest of 
    your ships will be waiting by your Mothership. Don't send them down to help 
    the others, a fourth group of ships are coming at your Mothership. 
    Battle Group 1 will meet up with their target before the other Taiidan ships 
    reach the Mothership, so pay more attention to them at the moment. This wave 
    of Taiidan destruction is composed of a third Heavy Cruiser with an escort of 
    ten Ion Cannon Frigates and ten Assault Frigates. Despite their numbers, the 
    lack of any Destroyers makes this battle a bit easier than the others. After 
    the Cruiser is out of the picture, begin hunting the Frigates, but begin 
    switching back and forth between the two Battle Groups. 
    The final attack against your Mothership is similar to the first one: six 
    Assault Frigates, six Ion Cannon Frigates, two Missile Destroyers, a pair of 
    Destroyers, and a Heavy Cruiser. Like before, take them out in order of 
    firepower and have the Support Frigates repair the Mothership as it takes 
    damage. This time around, though, the Taiidan ships attack both the 
    Mothership and your Battle Group, which makes surviving a bit easier. 
    But right in the middle of this frenzy, Fleet Intelligence reports of another 
    fleet emerging from hyperspace. The usually calm voice is showing signs of 
    fear as he announces, "We're being overwhelmed!" 
    Thankfully, it's Captain Elson, and he's brought reinforcements for you 
    - certainly a change from the norm. He gives you command of six Assault 
    Frigates and a pair of Missile Destroyers, which you should throw into 
    the battle to finish off the rest of the Taiidan. 
    With both of your Battle Groups victorious, Elson and his Ion Cannon 
    Frigates head across the map to attack the Emperor's Mothership. If 
    Battle Group 2 is still intact for the most part, follow after him. 
    Otherwise, wait for Battle Group 1 to make it back and then send your 
    entire fleet after Elson. Remember, there aren't any more attacks 
    against your Mothership, so don't worry about leaving it defenseless. 
    Before attacking the Taiidan Mothership, Elson and his fleet stop at a 
    lone Carrier, which launches twelve Multi-Gun Corvettes and twelve 
    Attack Bombers. Your Battle Groups probably won't be able to catch up, 
    but your Strike Craft can. Order them to fight the Carrier's escort 
    while Elson destroys the Carrier itself. When your Battle Group finally 
    arrives, have it attack the Carrier as well. 
    Once the Carrier is space junk, follow Elson to the Taiidan Mothership. 
    The Emperor is guarded by three Heavy Cruisers, each with a pair of 
    Support Frigates. Elson ignores them, but you shouldn't; make sure to 
    get rid of the Support Frigates first, and then destroy the Cruisers. 
    When you reach the Mothership, you'll see the Emperor launching Strike 
    Craft that immediately kamikaze into Elson and his Frigates, along with 
    a pair of Missile Destroyers and a Gravity Well Generator. The Missile 
    Destroyers really won't put up much of a fight, so focus exclusively on 
    the Mothership. Elson's fleet has probably done most of the work for 
    you, so you probably won't have to wait very long before the Emperor's 
    flagship goes down. When it does, the Bentusi arrive with the Council 
    and declare and end to the war between your species and the Taiidan. 
    It's been a difficult journey, but you're finally home. Congratulations. 
    Sit back, watch the credits, and enjoy the song "Homeworld" by Yes. 

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