How do i take the cubes off each other?

  1. Im in the silenced cathedral, in one of the block puzzle rooms. the one that has behind it, in a sort of glass doom, one of the glowing gem pieces that give you strenght when you catch five of them. in this puzzle room there are 8 blocks, four on the ground, and another 4 one the ceiling... when i tried to get the ones on the ceiling i stuck the 4 ground cubes on top of each other... now i cant get them anywhere... and cant get the cubes on top, off there...

    User Info: Ialcan

    Ialcan - 8 years ago


  1. You can still move columns of cubes around, as you would a single one. There should be a ledge of some sort in the area as well (unless the developers made a serious oversight in this instance), so all you have to do it shunt the column up against the ledge, climb onto it, and then push the top block off onto the ground.

    User Info: The_Necronoir

    The_Necronoir - 8 years ago 0 0

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