Review by Fransiska Ike

Reviewed: 11/09/06

A nice game with decent storyline!

Soul Reaver is an adventure based game with puzzle addition thus making this game very different from the others. I personally love the storyline and the gameplay, which are the most notable aspect from this game.


The most interesting fact from this game is its storyline. Here's a bit description, you control Raziel, a vampire who is gifted with all-newly obtained wings. He then presents his wing to his leader, Kain, who is jealous by his achievement and punishes him to be buried in The Abyss. Later, Raziel will be revived and starts his journey to hunt down his own master. The major plot here is involving betrayal and revenge and ultimately lead to never ending pursuit. This game's storyline is original and I find it interesting because most of the games present only common storyline and may be boring to watch.

Score 10/10


This game offers third person view feature similar to Resident Evil series, but you are given with greater control such as an ability to jump, climb and swim to explore the damned city Nosgoth. Well, if you love Resident Evil, you will certainly love this game also. And not only that, there are series of block puzzle waiting to be solved! So there's not only simple action like attacking your enemy and jumping to avoid traps BUT also solving puzzles which may probably confuse you for the first time.

Score 10/10


Not that amazing but not bad either. The sprites textures aren't too well detailed and sometimes minor glitches may occur. The environments are well-planned and nicely done such as swamps, lakes and cliffs added with quite nice lightning effects. Some minor effects also can be seen unlike another old PC games which tend to ignore this aspect. In short, this game's graphics won't disappoint you

Score 8/10


Yaiks! No decent sound effects packed here, only some ..... 'rather' good background music, but the characters' voice are nice and interesting to be heard.

Score 6/10


This game -sadly- has almost no replay value, simply because it has no secret and many sidequests.

Score 3/10


Soul Reaver has some unique aspects, and with its decent story, I believe this game is worth to try.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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