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"A dark and gothic advanture....."

Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay is good, but unoriginal. This game is a lot like Tomb Raider in the sense that you have to go around solve puzzles, and kill things. The only difference is that it’s set in the past with sharp objects replacing guns. In this game you cannot fly, but you can glide with the use of your wings. In Soul Reaver you learn skills such as swimming and morphing to progress in the game. You learn these skills by devouring the souls of the game’s well thought out bosses. These skills are used to solve puzzles and get to out of reach places. The bosses are very original and unique. For example one of the bosses requires you to lure him to a gate and cut of his head by closing it. The only problem with the game is the enemies, or should i say lack of them. In this game you spend way too much time solving puzzles then killing enemies. In this game you need to feed of the souls of your enemies. To do that you must kill. You need to feed on their souls because apparently vampires devour souls, and lose health when they don't get enough of them.

Controls 9/10
The controls are fairly standard. I think to fully appreciate this game you definitely need a controller. There are a lot of different actions you can perform which is why you need a controller with a lot of buttons.

Storyline 6/10
This game is about a vampire who betrayed his master by receiving his ''gift'', a pair of wing before his master. Apparently his master, Kain didn't like it so he threw him into a waterfall. The main character Raziel awakens after a long amount of time after the ordeal, and swears to get his revenge. The storyline is dark and gothic, so if you are into that stuff I suggest you buy this game. The reason i gave this category a 6 was because of the ending. The game just breaks of at the end unfortunately thus meaning you would have to purchase the sequel to find out what happens with Raziel.

Replayability 4/10
There isn't much to do when you beat the game, except collecting the secret items by backtracking through the whole game. Unless you really enjoy finding secrets, this game has no replay value.

Final Score: 7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/15/02, Updated 12/15/02

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