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Reviewed: 07/14/03 | Updated: 07/14/03

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NOTE: This review is for only the Gold levels (the 5 new ones) in the Gold version of TR2.

The original Tomb Raider was a game unlike no other. Massive 3D environments, a female lead character, and cleverly designed puzzles. Tomb Raider II expanded on this formula, and was also an excellent game. Then the original TR got a ''Gold'' version, which featured 4 extra levels along with the original game. Soon after, TR2 got a Gold version as well, featuring 5 new levels to test the true skills of TR2 players, as well as the original game.

Story - 1/10

Uh... you're looking for a Golden Mask. Other people are trying to get it, too. Kill them and find the mask. That's the whole story. There aren't even any cutscenes.

Graphics - 7/10

By todays' standards, the graphics are pretty dull, but this used to be ''amazing'' ''jaw-dropping'' and a ''virtual wonderland''. All that kind of stuff, you know. Anyways, the graphics are the same quality as the original Tomb Raider II. Having a 3D accelerator makes this game look a lot nicer than the PlayStation TR games.

Sound - 8/10

The sound effects and music are nothing special, but they work fine. Gunshots, growls, and footsteps that vary depending on what kind of surface you're walking on. The music is just atmospheric stuff.

Gameplay - 9/10

Well, this is the real draw. You can do a lot of moves in an open 3D environment. Running, climbing ladders, driving snow mobiles, swimming, jumping... lots of stuff. Levels are well designed and you get a good selection of weapons to choose from including pistols, a shotgun, harpoon gun, uzis, and more. You explore the environments and get keys and hit switches and swim. The standard Tomb Raider stuff. But it's fun stuff.

Replay - 1/10

Tomb Raider games aren't really good for playing over and over. There aren't any bonuses you can unlock by replaying the game. You can hunt down the secret areas in each level, though, and that could take some time because they are often in tricky and hard to reach areas.

Overall - 8/10

It's not worth buying the Gold version if you have the original already. You only get 5 extra levels. But for TR fantatics and those who have too much money may want to buy it anyways. The new levels do have really good design, and a moderate challenge. If you don't already have the original version of TR2, this game is definitely worth buying.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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