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    Ter'angreal/Enemy FAQ by Joylock

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wheel of Time Single Player Ter'angreal and Enemy FAQ (Ver 1.1)
    Last Updated: January 1, 2007
    by Alan Chan (joylock @ hotmail.com)
    The Usual:
    This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. That
    being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) don't
    make any changes to it and b) don't charge money for it. You don't even have
    to get my permission to post it, but it would be nice if you emailed me and
    let me know.
    There's a nice walkthrough for this game, but it really doesn't go into detail
    about the Ter'angreal or Enemies in the game. So I decided to write this more
    in-depth look. It contains spoilers, or course, so keep that in mind.
    I've never read any of the Wheel of Time books, and all the information about
    the WoT universe included in this guide I got from the game itself. There are
    probably a whole bunch of story-related inaccuracies, but that really doesn't
    matter for gameplay purposes.
    Version History
    *								     *
    * Update #1: Added more information to the Ter'angreal section       *
    *            Corrected health value for the Questioner               *
    *            Minor additions to enemy-defeating strategies           *
    *                                                                    *
    * Update #2: Broke up large chunks of text into paragraphs           *
    *            Minor value corrections based on UnrealED info          *
    *                                                                    *
    * Update #3: Ishmael -> Ishamael                                     *
    *            Minor addition to Black Ajah strategy                   *
    *                                                                    *
    * Update #4: Some minor reformatting for easier reading              *
    *                                                                    *
    the latest version of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    - Ter'angreal:
    - General Combat Tactics:
    - Creatures:
    	- The White Tower:
    	- Children of the Light:
    	- Shadar Logoth:
    	- The Forsaken:
    	- Bosses:
    Figures explained:
    Max Ammo: The maximum number of charges you can carry for that ter'angreal
              NOTE: A (?) indicates I have no idea how much you can carry,
                    because there isn't enough of this ter'angreal in the
                    game to fill up your inventory 
    Damage: How much damage the ter'angreal does to the target
    Speed: How fast the ter'angreal projectile travels
    Effect: How long the ter'angreal effect lasts
    Rarity: How common is the ter'angreal
            NOTE: I've given the 'official' rarities of each ter'angreal, but
            these are not all that accurate. If I disagree with them, I've
            put in the real rarity of the ter'angreal in brackets. 
    Element: What elements the ter'angreal is woven from
    Direct Projectile (Spell Group 1):
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: 200 to 400 (based on charge time)
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Fire, Spirit
    The most powerful weave in the game, Balefire is the 'railgun' of
    the game, a thin beam traveling instantly in a straight line and capable of
    passing through walls and multiple enemies. Balefire becomes more powerful the
    longer you charge it, with a single fully-charged Balefire blast doing a
    whooping 400 damage, sufficient to obliterate any enemy (even the Black Ajah)
    with the exception of Champions and boss characters. Most bosses including
    Ishamael will fall before two Balefire shots, and Legion succumbs to three.
    Balefire hits instantly and cannot be dodged, nor can it be defended against by
    any form of protection. Balefire's only disadvantages are its rarity, the fact
    it takes a few seconds to charge a blast, and how the narrow beam makes it 
    easy to miss a shot if you aim is less than perfect and your opponent
    is moving very quickly.
    Max Ammo: 35
    Damage: 40 
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Common (Very Common)
    Element: Fire
    The most common offensive weave you'll find (even more common
    than Dart), Fireball will be your staple attack spell throughout the game. This
    Ter'angreal hurls a flaming hot boulder that explodes on contact. Fireballs
    increase in speed as they travel further from you. Despite the spell's
    impressive bang, it's not incredibly powerful. Although a couple fireballs can
    kill Minions and Weak Trollocs, most grunt-level enemies require more than 4 or
    5 direct hits to kill. Don't use Fireball against enemies who are in your face,
    as the splash damage will do considerable damage to you as well. Fireball's
    greatest weakness is the fact that almost all of the game's enemies have the
    ability to side-step it almost flawlessly if you shoot it directly at them.
    Instead, try to fire at their feet to harm them with the spell's splash damage.
    Earth Tremor:
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: 30 + 5 per second
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Element: Earth
    Earth Tremor fires an energy pulse that arches upward than
    falls in an arc, and explodes upon hitting the ground. The resulting explosion
    does a reasonable amount of damage, but the spell's real power lies in the fact
    it also creates an expanding area of seismic disturbance where it lands, which
    will constantly damage and shake any enemies standing in the area. Earth Tremor
    does a goodly amount of damage, but since it can be difficult to aim properly
    and enemies often run outside of the damage zone before taking much damage, you
    might not find much use for it.
    Max Ammo: 100
    Damage: 10
    Speed: Very Fast
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Common
    Element: Fire, Air
    The very common Dart Ter'angreal rapidly fires small bolts of light
    that travel at high speed and damage enemies upon contact. Since Dart has no
    splash damage, you can use it freely against enemies at close range. Enemies
    cannot dodge your attacks at close range, so Dart can be quite useful if you
    become annoyed at Trollocs and Minions always sidestepping your Fireballs.
    Although each individual Dart doesn't do much damage, the damage from several
    Darts really does add up... in fact many of the game's enemies can be felled
    with just a dozen shots from this weave. Dart can also 'stun' enemies by
    repeatedly forcing them into their pain animation, and this can prevent them
    from attacking or at least reduce their rate of fire. Don't underestimate it
    just because it's not as rare or fancy as some of the other Ter'angreal, you'll
    find Dart very useful even in the last few levels of the game.
    Air Pulse: 
    Max Ammo: Infinite
    Damage: 15
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Common (Permanent)
    Element: Air
    You start out with only this most basic Ter'angreal, which fires
    a burst of air a few feet in front of you. Any enemies that gets hit by the
    burst will take damage, but unlike other Ter'angreal attacks Air Pulse will not
    stun any enemies who get hit by it. Coupled with its short range and weak
    damage, you'll be best off switching to Dart as your standard Ter'angreal as
    soon as possible. Air Pulse's sole advantage, beside its infinite usage, is
    the fact it can bypass normal anti-weave defenses such as Whitecloak shields or
    the Reflect spell. It's decent for busting open crates to look for supplies,
    but should only be used as a last resort for combat.
    Seeking (Spell Group 2):
    Max Ammo: 20
    Damage: 60
    Speed: Slow
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon (Fairly Common)
    Element: Fire, Air
    The most basic seeking attack, Seeker fires off a large green
    energy ball that moves at walking speed, but which will almost flawlessly
    pursue an enemy until it hits them. Seeker shots are stronger than Fireballs
    and also have decent splash damage, making them great against almost all
    enemies. They are also reasonably common, although not nearly as common as
    Fireball or Dart. Be aware that the splash damage from Seekers will also harm
    you or your allies, so don't use it on enemies which are too close to you. You
    can fire several Seekers at the same time. Also note that really quick enemies
    (most notably Minions) can run around the Seeker if there's enough space, so
    it's best used in narrow areas where the enemy doesn't have much room to dodge.
    Chain Lightning: 
    Max Ammo: 30
    Damage: 25 per charge (maximum)
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Element: Water, Fire, Air
    Chain Lightning creates an aura of electricity around your
    character for as long as you cast the spell. When an enemy gets close enough to
    this aura, a stream of lightning will shoot out at that enemy and will do
    constant damage to them for as long as that enemy is within range. Chain
    Lightning can affect multiple enemies as long as they're close to each other,
    and does greater damage the closer the enemy is to you. The only problem with
    Chain Lightning is that it doesn't stun enemies and takes several seconds
    to kill them, giving them lots of opportunities to whack you. The good
    news about Chain Lightning is that enemies cannot dodge it, but this is
    somewhat nullified by the fact that it has a pretty short attack range.
    NOTE: The damage Chain Lightning does seems to vary slightly based on
    what type of enemy you're using it on.
    Soul Barb: 
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: 5 (common spells), 10 (uncommon spells), 20 (rare spells)
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: 15 seconds
    Rarity: Common (Rare)
    Element: Spirit
    Soul Barb is the fastest moving seeking weave, a black hole sun
    traveling somewhat faster than a character's running speed. Ter'angreal or One
    Power users hit with Soul Barb will sustain damage every time they cast a spell
    or use a Ter'angreal for as long as the Soul Barb is in effect (although most
    such enemies can neutralize it with Unravel). Greater damage is caused by using
    more powerful weaves. Common spells like Dart only cause 5 damage, uncommon
    spells like Seeker cause 10 damage, and rare spells like Decay cause 20 damage.
    Soul Barb lasts for a decent period of time. You acquire this Ter'angreal for a
    brief period of time during the siege of the White Tower, but you will quickly
    lose it after being captured by the Whitecloaks, after which you will never see
    it again (except when your enemies use it against you).
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: 150 
    Speed: Very Slow
    Effect: 15 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Water, Spirit
    Decay is the slowest moving weave, traveling at a crawl towards its
    intended target. However, when it hits, Decay will burrow into your enemy and
    cause constant damage for a set duration of time. The total amount of damage
    caused by a single decay is extremely high, much more than the damage from a
    Fireball or Seeker. Decay also slowly saps the charges from any Ter'angreal
    your opponent is carrying. Unfortunately, due to its slow speed, most enemies
    are agile enough to dodge it unless you shoot them with it up close. A good use
    for Decay is to fire a couple at an enemy, that run away and wait for the spell
    to slowly kill your opponent. Decay is uncommon, but you'll find at least some
    of it on most of the game's levels.
    NOTE: Decay does 150 damage to enemies, but can only do a maximum of
    75 damage when used on you. Thus, a single Decay is enough to kill
    any grunt-level enemy (Warders, Soldiers, Minions, or Trollocs) if
    you give it time to do the maximum amount of damage.
    Max Ammo: 10 
    Damage: 5 (common spells), 10 (uncommon spells), 20 (rare spells)
    Speed: Average
    Effect: Permanent
    Rarity: Rare (Nonexistent)
    Element: Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, Air
    A victim of Taint will find all their Ter'angreal permanently tainted
    (duh), and every time they use a Ter'angreal they will sustain damage relative
    to the strength of that Ter'angreal. Taint is permanent, the only way to remove
    it is through Unraveling. Taint travels faster than Seeker but not as fast as
    Soul Barb. You will not acquire this potent Ter'angreal yourself in the single
    player game, although a few of the game's One Power using bosses will cast it
    against you.
    Shields (Spell Group 3):
    Personal Shield: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Until Broken or Unraveled
    Rarity: Common
    Element: Air
    Personal Shield creates a physical barrier that halves all
    damage you sustain as long as it is in effect. Unlike other shields, which
    slowly vanish over time, Personal Shield acts like armor and breaks apart as
    you take more and more damage. Personal Shield is fairly common, and you should
    use it as much as possible to increase your durability. This spell is vital to
    Elena's survival, because without protection she can take much less damage than
    the enemies she faces. It is essential for use against One Power using enemies,
    since most Ter'angreal attacks like Fireball or Seeker will kill you in 2 or
    3 hits without protection.
    Fire Shield: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 20 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Fire
    Fire Shield protects against flames both natural and magical.
    Besides protecting you from the Fireballs of hostile One Power users, it will
    also allow you to walk through magical fire unharmed. The most common of the
    magic shields, and the only one with any real combat usefulness. Like all magic
    shields (except for Personal Shield) Fire Shield only lasts for a short, set
    period of time.
    Air Shield: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 20 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Air
    Air Shield protects against air-based weaves such as Dart and
    Whirlwind. In the single player game you will only encounter it once, for
    preventing high speed winds from affecting you in the cliffs near the Aes Sedai
    Excavation Site.
    Earth Shield: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 20 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Earth
    Earth Shield defends against Earth-based attacks such
    as Earth Tremor. You will not find it in the single player game.
    Water Shield: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 20 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Water
    Water Shield protects against Water-based weaves, i.e. Freeze.
    In the single player game it allows you to remain underwater without having to
    breathe, and also prevents you from being affected by water currents.
    Spirit Shield: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 20 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Spirit
    Spirit Shield grants protection against attacks and enemies
    of a spiritual nature. It grants immunity against Legion's seeking ghosts and
    Mashadar's tendrils, and slows down the life-draining effects of Machin Shin.
    Defensive (Spell Group 4):
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 8 seconds
    Rarity: Rare (Nonexistent)
    Element: Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth
    While Absorb is in effect, any Ter'angreal that hit you will be
    instantly stolen from your enemy's inventory and placed in your own. Thus if
    you shoot a Fireball at an enemy with Absorb active, all your Fireball
    Ter'angreal will be lost as they transfer to your opponent. You will not get
    the opportunity to receive this Ter'angreal in the single player game.
    Fortunately only one of your enemies, the Whitecloak Leader, will use it
    against you.
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 5 seconds
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Spirit
    Reflect is the best defensive weave you'll ever get, and is THE
    Ter'angreal of choice when battling enemies using the One Power. Not only does
    Reflect completely protect you from One Power attacks, but any attacks that do
    hit you will be bounced right back at their caster. Reflect's only disadvantage
    is that is lasts for an extremely short period of time. It's too bad this
    protective Ter'angreal is pretty rare, so save it for major battles and be
    sure to re-cast it as needed.
    Swap Places: 
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon (Rare)
    Element: Spirit
    Swap places fires a trail of seeking sparkles that, if they hit
    an enemy, will cause you and that enemy to exchange positions. All seeking
    weaves that previously targeted you will now target the victim of this spell,
    and vice versa. Although this feature gives Swap Places a tactical use, you
    only receive this Ter'angreal for use in puzzles, and never are allowed to
    stock up enough to use in combat.
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon (Rare)
    Element: Spirit, Air
    Shift displaces you a couple meters forward in space, allowing you to
    pass through thin portcullises. Additionally, any active seeking weaves will no
    longer target you once you teleport. Although it has a tactical purpose in
    combat, in the single-player game you will only receive Shift Ter'angreal for
    the purposes of solving puzzles.
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 10 seconds
    Rarity: Rare (Very Rare)
    Element: Air, Spirit, Water, Earth, Fire
    Fork is a weaker version of Reflect... although it bounces hostile
    weaves back at the caster, they only do 50% damage to your enemy. Additionally,
    you will still suffer the full damage from the attack. An uncommon Ter'angreal,
    Fork is surprisingly not much easier to find than its stronger cousin,
    Reflect. It's not all that useful, since you still take the damage from the
    enemy attack, and 2 or 3 hits from most Ter'angreal like Fireball or Seeker
    are sufficient to kill you.
    Defensive II (Spell Group 5):
    Aura of Unraveling: 
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 10 seconds
    Rarity: Uncommon (Rare)
    Element: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Spirit
    This Ter'angreal creates a small white box which, when
    stepped on by you or an enemy, will create a large bubble within which the One
    Power does not function. All One Power projectiles or effects within the bubble
    will vanish (include status effects such as shields or defensive weaves), and
    all One Power users caught within the bubble will be unable to use the One
    Power as long as they remain inside it. Extremely rare, this spell is best
    saved for encounters with the toughest One Power users.
    NOTE: Casting Aura of Unraveling will not harm you, even if you are Soul Barbed
    or Tainted.
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 2 seconds
    Rarity: Rare 
    Element: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Spirit
    Unravel will briefly surround your character with a mystic bubble
    which neutralizes all spells that enter it, effectively protecting you from any
    attacks involving the One Power (with the exception of Balefire itself).
    Unravel also neutralizes negative Ter'angreal effects such as Decay or Taint.
    However be aware that it also neutralizes beneficial weaves such as Personal
    Shield or Reflect. Also be aware that while your character is protected from
    spells in the bubble, she cannot cast any spells herself either. Like
    Reflect, Unravel is a very short-lived spell. Fairly rare, it should be saved
    for encounters with particularly difficult One Power users. Be aware that even
    touching a character's Unravel bubble will cause your Ter'angreal defenses to
    be neutralized, so you should keep your distance from Black Ajah if you're
    defending against their Fireballs with a Fire Shield. Alternatively, you can
    destroy the magical protections of enemy One Power users by touching them while
    you're surrounded by an Unravel bubble.
    Note: Casting Unraveling will not harm you, even if you are Soul Barbed or
    Max Ammo: 20
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon (Rare)
    Element: Air, Spirit, Earth, Fire, Water
    Sever erects a mystical barrier between yourself and the spell's
    target. Any attack weaves fired at you by the target will be harmlessly
    absorbed by the barrier. Unlike Unravel, which is active for a set period of
    time, Sever will stay up as long as you continue to cast it, although a charge
    will be used up every second. The advantage of Sever over Unravel is that it
    does not neutralize your beneficial weaves, the disadvantage is that it does
    not protect against spell attacks from multiple spellcasters. Sever isn't as
    useful as it might be due to its relative scarcity throughout the game, and
    the fact it burns up pretty quickly when you cast it. The Sever barrier can
    also be neutralized if your enemy touches it with an Unravel bubble.
    Traps (Spell Group 6):
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: 5 seconds
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Element: Water
    Freeze will encase its target in ice for a few seconds, during
    which the target will be unable to move or attack but will still be vulnerable
    to your own attacks. Freeze travels quickly but is only a semi-seeking weave... 
    it will curve its path based on the movements of the target, but it can still 
    be dodged as it cannot turn more than 90 degrees. Freeze is quite rare, and 
    should be saved for Black Ajah, boss encounters, and other particularly tough 
    Explosive Ward: 
    Max Ammo: 25
    Damage: 50
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Common
    Element: Earth, Fire
    Explosive Ward places a glowing red circle upon any
    surface. The circle will explode when stepped on or shot, causing an amount of
    damage approximately equal to that of a Fireball. You can clump multiple wards
    together to create a more powerful explosion. Explosive Wards make nice traps,
    but since each individual ward doesn't do all that much damage you're probably
    best off saving them up and using a whole bunch of them to weaken a
    particularly powerful enemy.
    Find Target: 
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 15 seconds
    Rarity: Rare (Very Rare)
    Element: Air, Spirit
    As long as Find Target is active, your seeking weaves will be
    able to target enemies even if they are not in your line of sight. You only
    receive this Ter'angreal once in the course of the single player game, as a
    means of solving a particular puzzle involving a Trolloc on the other side of
    an un-openable door.
    Max Ammo: 40
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Element: Air
    Like Chain Lightning, Whirlwind uses up charges for as long as
    you cast it continuously. Whirlwind encases the targeted enemy is a swirling
    tornado, lifting him into the air spinning and making it impossible for him to
    move. By slowly moving your mouse left or right, you can guide the whirlwind to
    move your enemy. The best use of Whirlwind is to move enemies over cliffs,
    large lakes, or acid pools, after which you can let go of them and smile as
    they plummet to their doom. Be warned that enemies caught in a Whirlwind can
    still shoot at you.
    Summoning (Spell Group 7):
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Permanent until Death
    Rarity: Rare (Nonexistent)
    Element: Spirit
    Summons a Champion-level character (Aes Sedai Sitter, Trolloc Clan
    Leader, Questioner, or Legion) to aid you in battle. Not available in the
    single player game.
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Permanent until Death
    Rarity: Rare (Nonexistent)
    Element: Spirit
    Summons a Guardian-level character (Aes Sedai Sister, Myddraal,
    Whitecloak Archer, or Mashadar Tendril) to aid you in battle. Not available in
    the single player game.
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Permanent until Death
    Rarity: Rare (Nonexistent)
    Element: Spirit
    Summons a Minion-level character (Aes Sedai Warder, Trolloc,
    Whitecloak Soldier, or Minion) to aid you in battle. Not available in the
    single player game.
    Personal Illusion: 
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 20 seconds
    Rarity: Common (Uncommon)
    Element: Air, Spirit
    Personal Illusion creates a phantom likeness of you that
    floats in one place for a period of time. The duplicate can confuse seeking
    weaves and Mashadar into targeting it instead of you. Be aware that the
    duplicate can also confuse your own seeking weaves, so be careful not to aim at
    it when firing your attacks. This spell is fairly rare, so it doesn't see much
    use in the single-player game. You do receive a decent supply of it in
    Shadar Logoth for faking out Mashadar, and it can help divert some of the
    seeking attacks of Legion.
    Effect (Spell Group 8):
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: Heals 10 health per charge
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Rare (Common)
    Element: Water, Air, Spirit
    Heal restores 10 health points to you for each charge used. A
    fairly common spell, Heal is the usual means through which you regain your
    health after taking damage from enemies. There's a decent amount of it
    scattered throughout all the levels, but try to conserve as much of it as
    possible because it is easy to run out if you're too careless with your
    Max Ammo: 50
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Element: Air
    Levitate doesn't allow you to float, instead it simply slows down
    the rate at which you fall, thus allowing you to considerably extend the range
    of your jumps. It uses up charges for as long as you continue to cast the
    spell, but charges for it are fairly common and always available nearby when
    you need it to get past an obstacle.
    Max Ammo: 60 (only 17 charges in the game)
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Rare (Very Rare)
    Element: Spirit
    Disguise will cause you to assume the form of the nearest enemy to
    you, allowing you to walk past all members of that creature's faction without
    being attacked by them. Disguise does NOT work if you attempt to disguise
    yourself while you are in an enemy's line of sight. You'll only find one
    Disguise artifact in the normal course of the single player game, in the Inner
    Sanctum of the Forsaken. There really isn't enough of it to be of much use,
    although you can use the limited amount you're given to skip fights with a 
    few enemies.
    Seal Seeking (Spell Group 9):
    Max Ammo: 10
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Fast
    Effect: Instant
    Rarity: Rare
    Element: Fire, Air
    When cast, Tracer creates a line of sparkles that lead in the
    direction of the nearest Seal. You'll only use this spell for two of 
    game's levels, the puzzle level and the final battle. 
    It's much more useful in multiplayer Citadel mode.
    Detect Traps: 
    Max Ammo: 20
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: 15 seconds
    Rarity: Common
    Element: Water, Air, Earth
    As long as this spell is in effect, a glowing symbol will
    float over all traps. Different traps will display different symbols. Mostly
    useful in the puzzle level, but can be of use later in the game.
    Distant Eye: 
    Max Ammo: 5
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Permanent
    Rarity: Common (Nonexistent)
    Element: Air, Earth
    Creates a magical eye which stays in one place. You can see
    through the eye's point of view at any time by recasting the spell.
    For multiplayer use only.
    Light Sphere(*): 
    Max Ammo: *
    Damage: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Effect: Permanent until Deactivated
    Rarity: Rare (Permanent)
    Element: Fire, Air
    When activated, a sphere of light floats over your head,
    illuminating the nearby area. Very useful for seeing in dark places, and due to
    its infinite charge you don't have to worry about ever running out of it. You'll
    take this off the body of your first Black Ajah enemy.
    *General Combat Tactics:*
    Here are some general combat tips for the game. Bear in mind that Wheel of
    Time's combat is heavily influenced by Unreal, so combat will be somewhat
    different from most usual FPS games.
    Don't waste Ter'angreal by picking up spells even when your current stock of
    that spell is full. Keep track of how many Ter'angreal you currently have and
    how much you're allowed to carry, and leave any extra Ter'angreal lying around
    in case you ever need to go back for more.
    At medium or long range, all enemies except for One Power users and Legion can
    side-step your shots almost flawlessly. This is most apparent when using either
    Fireball or Dart. To get around this problem you can either shoot Fireballs at
    your opponent's feet to harm them with the splash damage, or shoot them during
    their reloading animation during which they cannot dodge. One Power users do
    not have a 'dodge' move, so it is easier to hit them with your attacks
    (although they can still sometimes strafe around your shots).
    When an enemy is right next to you, they can't dodge your shots. This doesn't 
    help much for the Fireball weave, since the splash damage would seriously hurt 
    you at close range. However, the Dart weave has no splash damage, so you can 
    rapidly blast an enemy with it and hit them almost 100% of the time if
    they're very close to you.
    Enemies with ranged attacks (i.e. Trollocs, Whitecloak Archers, Myrddraal,
    Trolloc Leaders, and the Whitecloak Questioner) can 'lead' their shots based on
    the direction you're moving. This means you can't simply strafe around them and
    hope to avoid their attacks. You can either hide behind cover and duck out to
    attack between shots, or change the direction you're moving as soon as they
    open fire. The projectiles of Trollocs and Myrddraal are slow enough for you to
    avoid simply by strafing in the open, but the shots fired by Archers, Trolloc
    Leaders, and the Questioner simply travel too fast for you to reliable dodge.
    Your character moves slightly slower when backing up than when running forward.
    Keep this in mind when being pursued by an enemy with a melee attack. Even
    though many enemies can outrun you if you back up in a straight line, you can
    often confuse them by circle-strafing around them.
    Seeking attacks will gradually build in speed after they are cast. An enemy
    Decay spell may start out slow and easy to outrun, but if you don't lose it
    soon it will start to get faster until it eventually ends up moving as fast
    as you.
    Healing roots don't carry over into the next level, so don't bother trying to
    conserve them.
    There are a few levels in the game in which you will be assisted by your White
    Tower allies. Although they can be helpful, they are usually injured and
    outnumbered and tend to die quickly while dueling Trollocs or Minions. Note
    that whenever an enemy is given a choice of either attack you or one of your
    NPC allies, that enemy will almost always focus their attacks on you and ignore
    your allies completely. One way to extend the lifespan of your allies is to get
    the attention of the enemy by running up to them and getting them to chase you.
    While they're chasing you, your allies can stab/shoot them in the back without
    taking any damage. The exception to this is Escape From Shadar Logoth, as
    Mashadar will wipe out your allies no matter what you do.
    Your seeking attacks can and will target your computer-controlled allies, so
    it's a good idea to be careful throwing those Seekers when friendlies are
    The game's final bosses (Sephraem, The Whitecloak Leader, and Ishamael himself)
    are skilled users of the One Power and can be quite challenging even for a
    seasoned WoT player. An easier alternative to a straight-on deathmatch with
    them is to shoot them with a fully charged Balefire as soon as they appear,
    quickly stop them with Freeze, then charge and shoot another Balefire while
    they're frozen to disintegrate them. Most bosses like to fire Soul Barb or
    Taint before you can freeze them, so it's a good idea to have a Reflect up to
    guard against this.
    *Guardians of the White Tower*
    The Aes Sedai sisterhood of magic users and their Warder bodyguards will serve
    as your allies for the single player game. They'll only make a few minor
    appearances in a small number of levels, but they can be helpful in a fight
    when they do show up. Unlike the books which treats the secretive and
    manipulative organization in shades of grey, here they're clearly presented as
    the good guys.
    Warder (WARDER):
    Appearance: Robin Hood-like warrior in studded brown leather with long, green
    Weapon: Broadsword
    Special Ability: Cloak of invisibility (only works when standing still)
    Attacks: Sword Stab = 15 damage
             Sword Slash = 20 damage
             Sword Combo = 20 + 20 damage
    HP = 150
    Warders have the ability to turn invisible when standing still, only
    materializing when approached by an enemy. This special ability is of little
    consequence in the single player game, and otherwise they are limited to melee
    attacks with their swords. Warders are fairly quick, moving slightly faster
    than Trollocs (although not as fast as Minions). Their melee skills are also
    better than that of Whitecloak soldiers or Trollocs, doing more damage per hit
    (In a one-on-one fight, Warders always win against any of the other grunt
    level enemies). Warders also have a special sword combo attack where the Warder 
    impales their enemy on his sword, immobilizing them, and then extracting the 
    sword by pulling it upward through the enemy's body. This sword combo attack 
    hits twice for 20 damage each time (once going in and once coming out), but 
    only works when the target is standing still.
    Aes Sedai Sister (SISTER):
    Appearance: Young woman in Renaissance Fair robes (comes in seven different
    Weaves: Air Pulse, Dart, Seeker, Shift, Personal Shield
    Special Ability: Channeling the One Power
    Attacks: Air Pulse = 15 damage
             Dart = 10 damage
             Seeker = 60 damage
    HP = 350
    Your Aes Sedai allies have a very limited selection of weaves they can cast.
    They fire Seeker at long range, Dart at medium range, and Air Pulse for close
    combat. If targeted by seeking weaves or attacked by melee combatants, the
    Sister can also Shift herself a few meters to a new location. They can also
    cast a Personal Shield to reduce damage to themselves. Aes Sedai Sisters are
    surprisingly durable, and their Personal Shield only adds to the amount of
    damage they can sustain (note that many of the Aes Sedai allies you encounter
    in the single player game will be injured and thus not as powerful as they
    should be). Not exceptionally bright, Aes Sedai will often charge their enemies
    and as a result get caught in the splash damage of their own Seeker attacks,
    which is the leading cause of death for them.
    Aes Sedai Sitter (SITTER):
    Appearance: Woman in Brown Ajah robes with Sitter's Stool ribbon hanging from
    her shoulders
    Weaves: Air Pulse, Fireball, Earth Tremor, Seeker, Soul Barb, Unravel, Earth
    Shield, Fire Shield
    Special Ability: Channeling the One Power
    Attacks: Air Pulse = 15 damage
             Fireball = 40 damage
             Earth Tremor = 30 damage + 5 damage per second
             Seeker = 60 damage
    HP = 425
    The Aes Sedai Sitter is a master of the One Power, with a choice selection of
    both offensive and defensive weaves. Offensively the Sitter has access to Soul
    Barb, Fireball, Earth Tremor, Seeker, and Air Pulse. Defensively, she can
    neutralize hostile weaves with Unravel. The Aes Sedai Sitter's greatest
    advantage is her ability to cast both Fire Shield and Earth Shield at the same
    time, allowing her to defend against practically any weave you can throw at her
    (with the special exceptions of Air Pulse, Freeze and Balefire). A ribbon of
    green sparkles swirling around the Sitter indicates the shields are in effect,
    at which point almost all magical attacks against her become futile. This more
    than compensates for the fact that she has the least hit points out of all the
    champion-level characters, and makes her by far the strongest champion (in a
    one-on-one fight, she can easily kill any enemy or boss except for Ishamael and 
    occasionally the Trolloc Clan Leader). You'll only encounter an Aes Sedai Sitter
    once in the entire game, and when you do she will be injured and not as powerful
    an ally as you might hope.
    *Children of the Light*
    The Children of the Light (called Whitecloaks by the Aes Sedai for their
    distinct garments) are Inquisition-style fanatics who claim to serve the forces
    of Light but whose paranoid fanaticism often leads them to target the innocent
    as well as the guilty. They regard all magic as evil, and thus are
    understandably unfriendly towards Aes Sedai. The Children of the Light
    presented in the game are a splinter cell of the organization, consisting of a
    remote garrison under the command of a charismatic leader with a particular
    personal vendetta against the Aes Sedai.
    Whitecloak Soldier (SOLDIER):
    Appearance: Crusader-like, thin-looking soldier in full chainmail suit and
    metal cap, wearing white robes and cloak.
    Weapon: Broadsword
    Special Ability: Shield which reflects One Power projectiles
    Attacks: Sword Stab = 10 damage
             Sword Slash = 15 damage
             Sword Lunge = 15 damage
    HP = 150
    Whitecloaks are slightly slower than Trollocs or Minions, and you can actually
    outrun them much of the time even when backing up. They can withstand a bit
    more damage than Minions or Medium Trollocs, but they're still pretty easy to
    kill individually. Also unlike Trollocs or Minions, Whitecloaks are limited
    entirely to close range melee attacks. The Whitecloaks' advantage lies in the
    special sunburst emblem shields many of them carry. These shields are resistant
    to the One Power and can reflect direct projectile Ter'angreal attacks such as
    Dart or Fireball straight back at the caster. Whitecloaks block attacks almost
    flawlessly, however their shields are damaged by each attack and will break
    after reflecting several spells (once they lose their shields Whitecloaks will
    attempt to dodge your shots just like Trollocs). 
    Whitecloak are also vulnerable in that their shields cannot reflect seeking 
    Ter'angreal such as Seeker or Decay, or direct effect Ter'angreal such as Chain
    Lightning or Air Pulse. Whitecloaks also cannot block Balefire, but you really
    should save this extremely rare spell for more powerful opponents. Another 
    useful tactic is to throw Fireballs at their feet, as they will still be hurt by
    the splash damage. Whitecloak soldiers can't block your spells at close range,
    but it's hard to take advantage of this fact since you'll end up taking damage
    from their melee attacks and the splash damage from your own spells. If a 
    Whitecloak does get in your face and starts whacking you, you can try blasting
    them with Dart (the rapid Dart bombardment should stun them and reduce their
    attack rate).
    Note: Some of the first few Whitecloak soldiers you encounter will lack 
    shields, these guys are particularly easy to kill, not only because
    they cannot deflect your attacks, but also because they only have 50%
    health. They can still dodge your shots by leaping sideways, though.
    Whitecloak Archer (ARCHER):
    Appearance: Tall, thin soldier in metal plate armor wearing a white cloak
    Weapon: Longbow
    Special Ability: Master Archer
    Attacks: Sword Stab = 30 damage
             Sword Slash = 30 damage
             Arrow Shot = 10 damage
    HP = 350
    Whitecloak Archers have no shields, but instead wield a set of bow and arrows
    with which they are exceptionally skilled. The Whitecloak Archer has the most
    effective ranged attack in the game, his arrows travel almost instantly and are
    much more difficult to dodge (even at long range) than the crossbow bolts of
    the Myrddraal, the thrown axes of the Trollocs, or even the hurled weapons of
    the Trolloc Leader or the Questioner. The Archer can also absorb more damage
    than the regular Whitecloaks, but lacks the protection of a weave-deflecting
    shield. Like the other Whitecloaks the Archer also carries a sword for close
    combat, and does more damage with it than the regular soldiers. 
    The Whitecloak Archer's weakness is his slow reload time... in the time it takes
    him to load and fire one arrow, a Myrddraal can fire off three crossbow shots. 
    This leaves him vulnerable to your Fireballs since he can't dodge while loading
    and firing. Unlike other enemies who have to follow through with their shot as 
    soon as they begin their attack animation, the Archer can patiently lay prone 
    in firing position waiting for you to come into view, at which point he will 
    instantly let fly with his arrow. Your best strategy to avoid the Archer's shots
    is to quickly dodge in and out of cover to tempt the Archer into firing. Once
    you hear the Archer shoot his arrow, immediately jump out and fire off a couple
    of Fireballs/Darts/Seekers. Repeat as soon as the Archer manages to load another
    arrow into his bow.
    Questioner of the Light (QUESTIONER):
    Appearance: Bearded Whitecloak with red-trimmed white robes and gold chain mail
    Weapon: Broadsword
    Special Ability: Shielding throwing, Shield reflects both direct and seeking
    One Power weaves
    Attacks: Sword Stab = 10 damage
             Sword Slash = 15 damage
             Sword Lunge = 15 damage
             Shield Throw = 25 damage
    HP = 700 (500 when summoned)
    This bearded Whitecloak elite can be distinguished by the red trim on his cloak
    and the round gold shield he carries. Like the lesser Whitecloaks, the
    Questioner's shield deflects your Ter'angreal attacks back at the you. However
    in addition to this the Questioner's shield is also indestructible, and has the
    added attribute of flawlessly reflecting seeking Ter'angreal attacks such as
    Seeker or Decay. The Questioner can also hurl his shield at you at high speed,
    and this attack is very difficult to dodge due to both the speed of his
    projectile and his ability to lead his shot based on the direction you're
    moving. The Questioner's single weakness is that after tossing his shield he
    will be vulnerable to your attacks for a few seconds while he waits for his
    shield to regenerate (note that the Questioner can still dodge your direct
    projectile attacks just like every other enemy in the game). 
    Like all Whitecloaks the Questioner also likes to charge you while swinging 
    his sword, but unlike the other Whitecloaks the Questioner actually runs 
    faster than you making it difficult to avoid his melee attack. Similar to the 
    Whitecloak soldiers, the Questioner has difficulty blocking your shots and 
    swinging his sword at the same time, so feel free to try hitting him with a 
    few Decays if he starts whacking you. The Questioner is perhaps the most 
    annoying of the champion-level boss characters, but fortunately you'll only 
    have to face him once in the single player game, and when you do you should 
    have a Balefire Ter'angreal in your possession which should helpfully cut his 
    health in half. The Questioner is also unable to defend against Chain Lightning,
    so you should use it against him if you've got enough of it. 
    *Servants of Shadar Logoth*
    The ancient city of Shadar Logoth is an evil that exists separate from the
    great evil of the Dark One. This evil is most often manifested in the
    life-sucking mist known as Mashadar, but it can also attack you through its
    twisted servants, wanderers like yourself who entered the city and were
    corrupted rather than killed by the evil inside. Shadar Logoth's creatures are
    the first enemies you'll encounter and thus the weakest, but they can still
    pose a challenge for you even later in the game.
    Minion (MINION):
    Appearance: Stooped, emancipated brown ghoul with glowing red eyes and a pair of
    Kerrigan-like tentacles on its back
    Weapon: Claws
    Special Ability: Grappling tentacles
    Attacks: Running Claw Slash = 15 damage
             Standing Claw Slash = 25 damage
             Bite Attack = 30 damage
             Tentacle Strike = 10 damage
             Running Tentacle Strike = 15 damage
    HP = 50
    Minions are the fastest, but also the least durable of the grunt-level enemies.
    Although they run slightly faster than any other creature in the game
    (including you), it only takes a single Seeker or a couple of Fireball blasts
    to defeat them. Minions are not limited to melee attacks with their clawed
    hands, they can also lash at you with the two long hooked tentacles coming out
    of their back. These tentacles have surprising reach and can even be used by
    the Minions to pull you towards them off ledges or from a distance.
    Unlike most enemies who attack you on sight, Minions will often lurk in the
    shadows and wait to spring upon you when you get close. Although they like to
    hide in dark corners, they can still be spotted by their glowing red eyes. They
    will readily dodge your Fireballs if you shoot directly at them, but you can
    still hit them with reasonable accuracy if you shoot Fireballs at their feet.
    Other strategies for defeating them include either shoot a Seeker in their
    direction, or to wait until they get up close before rapidly firing Dart into
    them. If you use Seeker, make sure to keep the Seeker between you and the Minion
    to prevent it from moving around the Seeker.
    Mashadar (MASHADAR):
    Appearance: Tentacles of white mist that emerge from holes in the city walls
    Special Ability: Life draining touch
    HP = 150
    The great evil that inhabits Shadar Logoth, Mashadar takes the form of slow
    moving tendrils of white mist which reach out of holes in the walls of the
    cursed city to pursue you. Upon touching you Mashadar will quickly drain your
    health for as long as you are in contact with it. The tendrils are semi-solid
    and can be attacked. Inflicting enough damage on the tendril will cause it to
    retreat back into the hole from which it originated. However Mashadar cannot be
    destroyed permanently, the tendril will re-emerge after a few seconds. Don't
    bother fighting Mashadar, instead just flee from it until it stops pursuing
    you. Mashadar tendrils will retreat if you run out of their range of influence.
    The Spirit Shield Ter'angreal grants immunity to Mashadar for as long as the
    shield is in place.
    Legion (LEGION):
    Appearance: Massive, elephant-sized gestalt of naked corpses merged into a
    dog-like shape
    Weapon: Volcano stomp, Spitting ghost heads
    Special Ability: Insanely Durable
    Attacks: Foot Stomp = 10 damage
             Homing Ghost = 25 damage
    HP = 1000
    At first glance, Legion appears to be a skinless dog the size of an elephant.
    On closer inspection you realize this physical embodiment of Mashadar is really
    a collection of dozens of naked corpses intertwined with each other and
    animated by the power of Shadar Logoth. The largest creature in the game,
    Legion is a tank, capable of withstanding considerably more damage than any
    other character. Legion's extreme durability is offset by the fact his massive
    bulk prevents him from dodging your projectiles.
    Legion has two attacks... at long range he spits out ghostly skulls which travel
    quickly and flawlessly home in on you. These skulls do considerable damage and
    are impossible to avoid (although you can protect against them with Spirit
    Shield or destroy them by shooting them with three Darts). At close range Legion
    uses a stomp attack which causes a volcano to erupt underneath your feet.
    Although this physical attack doesn't do as much damage as the flying skulls,
    it is still difficult to avoid. 
    You'll encounter Legion about four times throughout the game, but the
    only times you actually have to fight it are your first and last encounters
    with this creature (the second time you meet it an Aes Sedai Sister and her
    Warder will destroy it for you, and the third time it's invincible). For your
    first encounter Legion will take several seconds to pull itself together, and
    during this period you should get some free hits in with Decay and Seeker. Put
    your Spirit Shield up to defend against Legion's skulls, and keep your distance
    to avoid it's stomp attack. Blast it with Seekers or Fireballs until it screams
    and collapses. Your final battle against Legion is trickier since you probably
    won't have Spirit Shield (Unravel or Reflect also work, but their short duration
    can be problematic), but if you want you can simply Freeze it and blast it with 
    Balefire until it disappears from the time stream (three fully-charged shots 
    should do the trick). An alternative strategy to use against the final Legion 
    is to blast him with Seeker or Decay, and quickly switch to Dart to shoot down
    Legion's ghost attack whenever he fires it (A single Fireball can also destroy
    Legion's ghosts, but you'll get hit with the splash damage if they detonate
    too close to you). 
    *Forces of the Forsaken*
    The creatures in thrall to the Dark One serve as your main enemies in the game,
    and are also some of the toughest units you'll ever face. Be especially weary
    of the Black Ajah sisters, who use the same One Power attacks as you do.
    Appearance: Ugly, 7-foot tall animal-man in scale mail armor
    Weapon: Small Axe
    Special Ability: Axe throwing
    Attacks: Weak Axe Slash = 10 damage
             Strong Axe Slash = 15 damage
             Axe Throw = 10 damage
    HP = 50, 100, 150, 200
    These foot soldiers of the Dark One are the most common enemies you'll face in
    the game. Trollocs prefer to charge you and slash with their axes, but at long
    range they can also throw their axes at you quite accurately. Fortunately,
    their axes are the slowest moving projectiles in the game and are fairly easy
    to dodge. Trollocs run slightly faster than you do when backing up, so you
    can't simply fight them by backing away while firing at them. At medium range
    Trollocs are best dispatched with fireballs, although since they can dodge a
    direct attack you'll have to aim your shots at their feet in order to get them
    with the splash damage. At close range your best Ter'angreal should be Dart,
    since it has no splash damage and enemies tend to not dodge your shots at close
    range. Trollocs are also unable to dodge your attacks during the split second
    when they pull a new axe from over their shoulder after tossing their current
    one, but this moment of vulnerability is very short and it's hard to reliably
    get the timing right on your attacks. 
    Trollocs come in four different species with different levels of size, health,
    and tenacity. The black armored, purple-pig Trollocs are the weakest, as frail 
    as a Minion and unable to throw their axes. The orange Trollocs with beaks are 
    medium-strength and can withstand about twice as much damage as the weak ones. 
    The green armored, dog-faced trollocs are stronger and can withstand quite a 
    bit of damage. The large Uber Trollocs have cat-like faces and can withstand 
    almost as much damage as a captain-level enemy.
    Myrddraal (MYRDDRAAL):
    Appearance: Pale man with no eyeballs wearing steel armor and black hood and
    Weapon: Blacksword, Crossbow
    Special Ability: Fade into smoke
    Attacks: Sword Swipe = 20 damage
             Sword Skewer = 30 damage
             Black Poison = 3 damage per sword hit
             Crossbow Shot = 10 damage
    HP = 350
    Myrddraal are generally ranged attackers, firing at you with magic crossbows.
    Their crossbow bolts travel faster than Trolloc axes, but still move slow
    enough for you to dodge at long range. If you get close to them, however, they
    will draw their black swords and attack. Provoking a Myrddraal into melee
    combat is usually a very bad idea, their swords are poisonous and will do
    continuous damage to you for several seconds after the initial strike. The
    Myrddraal have a fairly long loading/firing animation for their crossbow
    attack, during which they cannot dodge your attacks. Thus the best time to
    blast them with Fireball or Dart is immediately before they shoot at you.
    If you engage a Myrddraal at medium range and can get them to stand still
    and fire several shots at you, you can manage to land multiple direct hits
    on them with Fireball. 
    Besides their powerful attacks the Myrddraal also have the ability to fade into
    smoke and reappear a few seconds later in a different location. Besides 
    confusing you, they will also use this ability to avoid your seeking weaves. 
    They also almost always fade as soon as you try to shoot seeking weaves at them.
    These guys are the most durable of the captain-level enemies, as their ability 
    to fade and reappear allows them to avoid your most damaging attacks. One way 
    to get around their fading ability is to run right up to them and cast a couple
    Decays. The close proximity will allow you to hit them before they manage to 
    fade. If you do this while they're firing their crossbows and back away quickly,
    you can even do it without getting stabbed.
    Trolloc Clan Leader (BATROLLOC):
    Appearance: Huge, red-furred, ten foot tall boar-man
    Weapon: Halberd, Claws
    Special Ability: Halberd throwing, Ramming with horn
             Halberd Jab = 10 damage
             Long Halberd Jab = 20 damage
             Double Halberd Slash = 30 damage + 30 damage
             Double Punch = 20 damage + 20 damage
             Horn Ram = 30 damage
             Halberd Throw = 10 damage
    HP = 700
    More than twice as tall as a regular Trolloc and with the girth to match, the
    Trolloc Clan Leader is second only to Legion itself in size and durability.
    Don't be fooled by his large bulk, however, the Trolloc Clan Leader (Big Ass
    Trolloc to his buddies) is even more nimble than a regular Trolloc and can
    quickly rush at you for melee combat. The BA Trolloc's primary weapon is a 
    massive halberd which he either slashes you with at close range or hurls at 
    you at medium-long distance. He's a powerful thrower, the halberd flies quickly 
    and can be difficult to dodge. It takes several seconds between throws for the 
    Trolloc Leader's halberd to regenerate, and during this period he will charge
    you and rapidly punch at you with his claws. The BA Trolloc can also ram you 
    with his horn, this powerful attack with often send you flying through the air. 
    Because he moves faster than you, it can be difficult to avoid the Trolloc 
    Leader's melee attacks, as he relentlessly chases you down. Fortunately,
    the BA Trolloc's berserker approach also means he often won't dodge your
    attacks since he's so occupied with charging straight at you. This lets
    you hit him with fireball or dart consistently without worrying about
    him leaping out of the way (although he can dodge occasionally).  
    You'll encounter this beast on four separate occasions throughout the game.
    Don't be ashamed to run away if he's not directly in your path, or use
    Whirlwind to toss him off a cliff if you're given the opportunity. You can even
    Freeze him and bombard him with your best attack while he's immobilized. One
    cheap but useful tactic is to try and find a doorway the BA Trolloc is too
    big to fit through, hide through it, and blast him from the other side while
    he futilely tries to get at you. Going toe to toe with the BA Trolloc in a 
    wide open space is highly ill advised, his superior speed and relentless 
    melee attacks give him a serious advantage. If you must face him in
    a straight fight, try hurling 3 or 4 Decays at him, then laying into him
    with Dart (the constant Dart hits will stun him and reduce his rate of attack). 
    Don't bother with splash damage spells like Fireball or Seeker, the Trolloc
    Leader's in-your-face approach means you'll just kill yourself with the 
    splash damage. 
    Black Ajah Sister (BLACKAJAH):
    Appearance: Corrupted Aes Sedai sister with black hair and black robes cut to
    expose her cleavage.
    Weaves: Air Pulse, Dart, Fireball, Seeker, Decay, Unravel
    Special Ability: Channeling the One Power
    Attacks: Air Pulse = 15 damage
             Dart = 10 damage
             Fireball = 40 damage
             Seeker = 60 damage
             Decay = 75 damage
    HP = 350
    Black Ajah have a much wider selection of weaves than their Aes Sedai
    counterparts, and are also surprisingly durable. The oh-so-deadly Fireball is
    by far the Black Ajah's weave of choice, but they also occasionally cast Dart,
    and will even throw a Seeker or Decay at you every couple of minutes. Black 
    Ajah also can cast Unravel to defend themselves from your Ter'angreal attacks,
    and they especially like to cast it to neutralize your seeking weaves such as
    Decay or Soul Barb. The Black Ajahs' rapid and devastating magic attacks make
    them some of the most challenging opponents you'll face, so it's fully 
    justifiable to use one of your rare Balefires to disintegrate them whenever
    you face one. A single fully charged shot will suffice. 
    If Balefire is unavailable, defend yourself from their Fireballs with Fire
    Shield or Reflect while laying into them with the best Ter'angreal you have
    available. Freeze is great, and Dart sometimes can stun them if fired rapidly
    enough. Fireball also works, but you'll need to keep on your toes to constantly
    dodge their own fireball attacks. Seeking weaves are not as effective, since
    Black Ajah usually block them with Unravel. They don't block ALL the time,
    however, so feel free to throw a couple of Seekers at them every once
    in a while to keep them on their toes. 
    When dueling a Black Ajah (or any Ter'angreal user for that matter), it's a
    good idea to stay as far away as possible to give you enough time to dodge 
    their shots. Ideally, you should lure them either into a wide open area or a
    circular corridor where you can constantly retreat, and let them chase you
    around in circles. Black Ajah can run faster than you retreat, but they
    tend to hang back rather than try to get in your face, so you usually
    won't have to worry about them getting too close as long as you keep
    Black Ajah tend to run at you in a straight line, so hitting them even at long
    range shouldn't be too difficult. They also don't have an automatic dodge move
    (although they can strafe around), so you can aim directly at them without
    worrying about them dodging at the last second. 
    There's no simple way to beat a Black Ajah (other than vaporizing them with
    Balefire or Freezing them and blasting them while they're frozen), so just rely
    on the skills with Ter'angreal you've been developing up to the point where you
    finally face them.
    *Unique Enemies*
    The Bosses. These enemy faction leaders also use Ter'angreal, and behave much
    more like Deathmatch Bots than regular enemies. Your Ter'angreal vs. Ter'angreal
    duels against them should prepare you for multiplayer battles against real
    The Hound (HOUNDBOT):
    Appearance: Thin, hawk-faced man wearing a padded leather tunic
    Ter'angreal: Fireball, Dart, Fork, Shift, Personal Shield
    Special Ability: Use Ter'angreal
    Attacks: Dart = 10 damage
             Fireball = 40 damage
    HP = 150
    Although the assassin will serve as your nemesis and the game's main antagonist
    throughout the story, the only time you actually fight him is in one of the
    game's first few missions. The Hound will attack you at the end of the Bowels
    of Shadar Logoth, after your first encounter with Legion. The Hound's
    Ter'angreal attacks are pretty simple, consisting mostly of charging at you
    while rapidly hurling fireballs in your direction (The Hound can also cast Dart
    for close combat). Not particularly durable, it takes less than half a dozen
    fireballs of your own to defeat him. 
    If you have trouble with a head-on confrontation, a good strategy is to fire a 
    couple of Decays at him, then hide from him in the side corridors until he 
    collapses. Be aware that the Hound can Shift to avoid your seeking weaves, 
    although he doesn't always do so. The Hound can also cast Fork, so if he starts 
    glowing green be prepared to dodge your own projectiles as they're bounced back
    at you (don't worry, the Hound will still take damage from them). He also can 
    use a Personal Shield Ter'angreal to reduce the damage of your attacks, but this
    shouldn't significantly alter your strategy to defeat him. There should be 
    plenty of Heal Ter'angreal scattered about the arena, so you should be able to 
    hide and recover if you lost a lot of health fighting Legion.
    Elayne's Reflection (AESSEDAIBOT):
    Appearance: It's you. Only evil.
    Ter'angreal: Soul Barb, Dart, Seeker, Unravel, Personal Shield, Shift
    Special Ability: Use Ter'angreal
    Attacks: Dart = 10 damage
             Seeker = 60 damage
    HP = 400
    Elayne's dark half is a fairly skilled One Power user, her spells are a potent
    mix of Aes Sedai and Black Ajah and she has about as much health as an Aes
    Sedai Sitter. The evil reflection starts the battle by hurling a Soul Barb at
    you as soon as she emerges from the magic mirror, after which she proceeds to
    lay into you with Dart and the occasional Seeker. As the battle continues she
    will re-cast Soul Barb soon after her previous Soul Barb wears off. Evil Elayne 
    can also cast Unravel to neutralize your spells, or decrease their damage with 
    Personal Shield. She may also Shift to avoid your seeking weaves. If you get hit
    by Soul Barb you'll take damage every time you cast a spell, so it's a good idea
    to run upstairs and hide until the spell wears off. 
    A good strategy to defeating your reflection is to cast Reflect as soon as the
    battle begins to bounce her attacks right back at her, then switch to Dart, rush
    right up to her, and blast away until she collapses. If you've got good aim your
    Dart bombardment should stun her, preventing her from launching a 
    counter-attack. Alternatively you can back away from her while tossing
    Fireballs, but this takes longer and leaves you more vulnerable to her attacks.
    Another strategy is to fire Seeker at her until she hits you with Soul Barb, run
    upstairs and wait for it to wear off, then run back downstairs and continue
    firing Seekers at her. If you're really having trouble with her, you can weaken
    her a bit by bobby-trapping the spot in front of the mirror where she appears
    with Explosive Wards.
    NOTE: One major challenge you'll have when facing this boss is the fact
    you won't have very much Ter'angreal, so be sure to grab as much as you can
    by breaking the crates in the room before walking up to the mirror and 
    initiating the battle.
    Machin Shin:
    Appearance: Huge swirling cloud of ghostly screaming faces
    Special Ability: Swallow your soul!
    The great evil that patrols the Ways searching for unwary souls to absorb, the
    Black Wind appears as a massive swirling cloud of tortured faces. When you hear
    the sound of the wind while in the Ways, it's a sign that Machin Shin is coming
    and you should run for the nearest Waygate. If caught within Machin Shin, your
    health will be drained at a rapid rate until the Black Wind claims your soul.
    Spirit Shield will slow down the life-draining effect, but it will not protect
    you completely. Machin Shin is not so much an enemy as a force of nature. You
    cannot defeat it or even fight it, you can only run from it.
    Sitter Sephraem (BLACKAJAHBOSS):
    Appearance: Sultry Aes Sedai Sitter wearing a tight and flimsy little black
    gown that reveals more than it conceals
    Weaves: Soul Barb, Seeker, Decay, Taint, Air Pulse, Freeze, Fire Shield,
    Reflect, Shift
    Special Ability: Channel the One Power
    Attacks: Air Pulse = 15 damage
             Seeker = 60 damage
             Decay = 75 damage
    HP = 650
    Sephraem's specialty are seeking weaves, which she loves to hurl at you in
    rapid succession. Opening up with Soul Barb, she'll proceed to toss Seeker,
    Decay, more Soul Barb, and even the very annoying Taint at you. Fortunately,
    Sephraem limits herself to seeking weaves and won't use direct projectile
    attacks on you (She can cast Freeze and Air Pulse, but only at close range).
    With the exception of Soul Barb most of her attacks are fairly slow moving and
    can be avoided if you keep constantly circling around the arena. Defensively,
    Sephraem can protect herself with both Reflect or Fire Shield if she feels
    threatened by your attacks. 
    Your best defensive strategy is to use your own Reflect to bounce her seeking 
    attacks right back at her. Since Reflect doesn't last very long and her attacks
    don't travel very fast, you can actually speed the process along by running into
    them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Sephraem cannot cast Unravel,
    so if you manage to hit her with her own Taint spell she will be unable to cure
    it and will continue to take damage from her own spells for the rest of the
    battle until she kills herself. Sephraem's own Decays are also a potent weapon
    against her, since her inability to cast Unravel will cause her to take
    the full 150 damage whenever she's hit by one. 4 or 5 decays are sufficient
    to kill her. Unfortunately, Sephraem's pretty good at defending against seeking
    weaves with Reflect, so it can be difficult to land a successful Taint or Decay
    on her. To maximize your results, try to wait until there are several 
    seeking weaves floating around the arena before activating Reflect and 
    running into them all to send them at Sephraem.
    If she manages to hit you with Taint, Decay, or Soul Barb, be sure to cast 
    Unravel on yourself to cure the problem. Otherwise, blast away at her with your
    Ter'angreal attack of choice. Sephraem always appears out of the corridor to 
    the left of where you enter the arena, so if you're feeling sneaky you can 
    always booby-trap the passage with Explosive Wards and wait for her to walk 
    into them. There are plenty of healing roots lying around the arena, so be 
    sure to grab one if you do happen to take some damage.
    NOTE: When reflecting Seekers back at Sephraem, try to keep some distance
    away from her. You'll still be harmed by the splash damage if you're 
    standing next to Sephraem when a Seeker blows up in her face.
    The Leader of the Children of The Light (WHITECLOAKBOT):
    Appearance: Roman Centurion-looking buff blonde wearing a shiny metal
    breastplate and (you guessed it) a white cloak.
    Ter'angreal: Air Pulse, Dart, Fireball, Seeker, Decay, Taint, Absorb, Air
    Shield, Shift, Heal
    Special Ability: Use Ter'angreal
    Attacks: Air Pulse = 15 damage
             Dart = 10 damage
             Fireball = 40 damage
             Seeker = 60 damage
             Decay = 75 damage
    HP = 800
    One of the game's 3 final bosses, along with Legion and Ishamael. The Whitecloak
    Leader is a big fan of seeking Ter'angreal, often spamming the arena with
    Seeker, Decay, and Taint. He also enjoys perforating you with Dart, although he
    can also switch to Fireball for variety. The Whitecloak Leader can also cast
    Air Shield to briefly defend against Air elemental attacks. His real ace in the
    hole is his ability to cast Absorb, which allows the sneaky bugger to steal one
    of your Ter'angreal if you use it against him while the spell is in effect. Be
    sure to watch for the tell-tale green energy pulse which indicates that he's
    cast Absorb, and avoid using any offensive Ter'angreal for a few moments until
    the spell wears off. Fortunately he tends to stop using Absorb once he's
    acquired one of your Ter'angreal, so if you find it annoying you can always
    sacrifice a Ter'angreal you don't use a lot. The Whitecloak Leader can also
    cast Heal on himself, so it's a good idea not to waste time and give him the
    opportunity to do so. 
    On the whole, his mix of direct projectile attacks and seeking weaves make him
    a little more difficult than Sephraem, but his lack of defensive Ter'angreal 
    is a definite weakness, and unlike Ishamael he prefers to hang back a little 
    rather than being constantly in your face. One BIG weakness of the Whitecloak 
    Leader is that he cannot cast Unravel, so if you manage to hit him with his own
    Taint, he'll take damage from his own spells for the rest of the battle and will
    eventually kill himself. Unlike Sephraem, he cannot deflect Taint with Reflect,
    so it's pretty easy to hit him with his own spells. His inability to cast
    Unravel also means he'll take full damage from the Decay spell whenever it
    hits him.
    Unfortunately you can't skip this battle since his death is required to trigger
    the opening of the exit door. The good news is that the cathedral you fight him 
    in is large enough so that you have enough room to dodge his attacks (although 
    it's not as large as the arena you fought Sephraem in, and since it's one big 
    room there's no place to hide or take cover). Overall the same strategy you 
    used against Sephraem should work fine against the Whitecloak Leader... unleash
    2 or 3 Decays on him as soon as he appears, use Reflect to bounce his own 
    seeking attacks back at him (particularly Taint, which he cannot cure), and 
    blast away at him with either Fireball or Dart. He should fall sooner than you 
    Ishamael (FORSAKENBOT):
    Appearance: Lordly-looking dark-haired man with trim beard and glowing eyes,
    dressed entirely in black finery
    Ter'angreal: Air Pulse, Dart, Fireball, Earth Tremor, Seeker, Decay, Soul Barb,
    Unravel, Reflect, Swap Places, Earth Shield, Fire Shield, Summon Minion
    Special Ability: Use Ter'angreal
    Attacks: Air Pulse = 15 damage
             Dart = 10 damage
             Fireball = 40 damage
             Earth Tremor = 30 damage + 5 damage per second
             Seeker = 60 damage
             Decay = 75 damage
    HP = 800
    Ishamael is perhaps the most skilled user of the One Power in the game and truly
    worthy of the title Nab'lis. Even though his Dark One-granted One Power
    abilities are currently sealed, his skill in the use of Ter'angreal makes him
    your most difficult opponent. Besides having all the powers of a Aes Sedai
    Sitter, Ishamael also has the added Ter'angreal weaves of Dart, Decay, and
    Reflect to give him an extra edge. Ishamael enjoys weakening you with Soul Barb,
    at which point he will proceed to mercilessly blast away at you with Fireball
    and Earth Tremor at medium range, as well as Dart up close. Ishamael can also
    fire off Seekers, and he can cast Decay if you really annoy him (but
    fortunately, he usually doesn't). He can even fire off a few Swap Places just
    to bug you. Ishamael's real strength lies in his expert use of defensive
    Ter'Angreal, as he is capable of defending himself against your attacks with
    Unravel, Reflect, and even the all-mighty Fire Shield/Earth Shield combo which
    defends against almost any attack.
    Fighting Ishamael can often feel like you're up against a brick wall, as he's
    immune to your attacks more than 50% of the time. Another added challenge is
    the fact that the series of chambers you fight him in are so small it's
    difficult to successfully avoid his spells or their splash damage. This makes
    Ishamael almost impossible to defeat in a 'fair' fight, so your best bet is to
    destroy him with an overwhelming attack before he can begin to move (the
    Balefire/Freeze/Balefire combo is strongly recommended).
    If you really want to beat Ishamael in a straight fight, at least lure him back
    to the wide open arena where you fought Sephraem so you'll have more room to
    maneuver. Keep far away from him at all times and spam the arena with your
    Ter'angreal of choice. Decay or Seeker are best since they do decent damage and
    you don't have to aim or get close to him, and you can even target him
    with seeking weaves through the destroyable wood wall. Make sure to stop firing
    once he puts up his shield. If the shield really annoys you, you can either flee
    until it wears off or disable it with an Aura of Unraveling. Another helpful
    strategy is to lay down a trap with all your Explosive Wards and lure Ishamael
    into it, which is fairly easy to do thanks to the narrow corridors of his
    citadel. Try not to face Ishamael head-on, his flurry of Fireballs will
    tears you to pieces in seconds.
    Like the battle with Sephraem, a good defense can mean the difference between
    victory and defeat. Unravel is essential if you get hit with Soul Barb or 
    Decay, and Reflect can be used to bounce his seeking attacks back at him 
    (although Ishamael is less reliant on seeking attacks than Sephraem or
    the Whitecloak Leader, so Reflect will be less useful against him). 
    Ishamael also can cast Unravel, so status-affecting weaves like Decay or
    Soul Barb are less effective against him.
    You don't have to fight Ishamael if you don't want to, in fact you can simply
    run into his chamber, grab the seal, and run back the way you came to the
    Portal Stone. With luck you should be able to escape from the Forsaken's
    citadel before Ishamael can catch up to you. Unlike your final battles with
    Legion or the Whitecloak Leader, killing Ishamael isn't necessary to escape from
    his realm, so the only real reason to duke it out with him is purely
    satisfactory (the warm fuzzy feeling you get from blowing up Mr. Big Bad Evil
    One long before the hotshot Dragon Reborn came along).
    Copyright 2003 Alan Chan

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