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    Cheats/Glitches FAQ by Demandred82

    Version: 1.52 | Updated: 12/31/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cheats and Glitches (Version 1.52)
    Here's all the cheats, glitches and other weird things I know for the
    WoT PC game. If you know any I haven't put down then please email me at
    alexturvey@lifebylifelevelbylevel.com.  An old version of this was compiled
    a long time ago when thewheeloftime.co.uk still existed.  I've finally got
    round to giving it a version number, because there's a couple of versions of
    this floating around on the internet.
    Feel free to do what you want with this document, I don't mind at all.
    Thanks goes to Hussain Ali, Jack Smith and Mirat h.
    A html version of this guide can be found at:
    http://www.lifebylifelevelbylevel.com/books/wot/cheats and glitches.html
    Press ~ on the keyboard to bring down the console from the top of the screen.
    Alternatively, press Tab to bring up the one line console command cursor in
    the bottom left of the screen (Tab is so much better in my opinion).
    Then type in a code and press enter.
    Note: for some reason it's @ not ~ that brings down the console on my game,
    so if you can't get the console to come down using ~, try @.
    The codes aren't case sensitive I just put them in caps because it's easier
    to read.  You can type AlLaMmO (if you're an idiot) and it'll still work.
    CODE            - EFFECT 
    ALLAMMO         - Gives you the entire collection of Ter'angreal with infinite
    ALLANGREAL      - Gives you the entire collection of Ter'angreal each with the
                      amount of charge they would have if you just picked them up.
    ALLARTIFACTS    - The same as ALLANGREAL but instead of just giving them to
                      you they drop in front of you for you to pick up.
    GOD             - This toggles invincible (God) mode on and off.
    FLY             - This allows you to fly around the level.  You are also
    GHOST           - Allows you to walk through walls, fly and you are
    AMPHIBIOUS      - Stops you from drowning when underwater.  Must be typed in
                      whilst on dry land.
    WALK            - Turns off FLY, GHOST and AMPHIBIOUS.  Do not do this if you
                      are standing in a wall.
    DYNAMICCROSSHAIR - Toggles the WoT equivalent of a laser sight on and off.
    INVISIBLE #     - Toggles invisibility on and off.  # = 1 is on, # = 0 is off.
                      If you attack an enemy or jump on their head (easier with
                      bb on) while invisible you will become visible to them.
    BEHINDVIEW #    - Toggles 3rd person view on and off.  # = 1 is on, # = 0 is
                      off.  It's not very good at all.
    FOLLOWCAM       - Toggles a far superior 3rd person view on and off.  However
                      you must type GIVEITEM LEGEND.FOLLOWCAM first before it
                      works.  You will need DYNAMICCROSSHAIR to aim properly.
    HOLDCAMERA      - Toggles static camera on and off.  This only works while you
                      have FOLLOWCAM on.
    SLOMO #         - Sets Gamespeed to #, where # is from 0 to 10 (i.e. 0.3).
                      Lower than 1 makes it slower, higher then 1 makes it faster.
                      Slomo without a number sets it to 0. The normal speed is 1.
    FOV #           - Sets the field of view to # degrees, where # is from 0 to
                      170 (i.e. 10).  Lower than 90 zooms in, higher zooms out.
                      The default is 90.
    PLAYERSONLY     - Freezes EVERYTHING that isn't a player, toggles on and off.
                      This includes doors, projectiles fired, enemies and dynamic
                      cross hair.  Be warned, walking into enemy projectiles
                      will still hurt you.
    TELEPORT        - This will teleport you to wherever your cursor is aiming.
                      However you will be stuck in place and have to type
                      UNTELEPORT to be able to move again.
    BB              - Shrinks all enemies within a certain range.  Each time it's
                      typed the enemies get smaller and smaller.  After 4-5 times
                      they are practically invisible.
    DROP            - This will drop the Ter'angreal you currently have selected.
                      It is the same as pressing Ctrl or /.  Pretty useless.
    DROPTAINTED     - This drops all Ter'angreal that have been tainted by the
                      Taint Ter'angreal. Airburst and Unknown are the only two
                      Ter'angreal that won't be dropped.
    SHOWVIEWTRACE   - This shows your line of sight by drawing a yellow line from
                      your character to the first solid object it hits. So far
                      there is no known way of removing the line.
    NPCSTATS        - This displays statistics of nearby enemies in the top left
                      corner of the screen for a few seconds, then disappears.
                      If you bring down the console it will usually display the
                      information in more detail.
    KILLPAWNS       - Kills all enemies within a certain range.
    KILLALL #       - Kills all #, where # is an object class in the game (e.g.
                      KILLALL BLACKAJAH) within a certain range. 
    SAY #           - Broadcasts # to all players, where # is a message of your
    SETTEAM #       - Change your team number.  Default for singleplayer is 0.
                      All SUMMON # enemies and most ingame enemies are team 255.
                      Enemies/Players that share team numbers will not attack
                      each other.  Anything summoned with the three Summon
                      Ter'angreal will have the team number of the player.
    SWITCHLEVEL #   - Switches the current level to any map in your
                      wheeloftime/Maps folder, where # is the name of the level.
                      e.g. SWITCHLEVEL ARENA_01.  SWITCHLEVEL ARENA_01.WOT also
                      works, but adding .wot is redundant as it isn't needed.
    SWITCHCOOPLEVEL # - This seems to work in exactly the same way as
                      SWITCHLEVEL, but I've heard it's meant to give coop-style
                      weapon carrying.  I don't actually know what this is, so
                      if you do, please email me.
    SUMMON #        - Summons #, where # is an object class in the game. e.g.
                      SUMMON BLACKAJAH summons a Black Ajah opponent.
    Note: The cheat code COMPLETELOVOL does not work and doesn't complete all
    levels as you may have seen somewhere else.
    All Enemy Classes (for use with SUMMON and KILLALL)
    Trollocuber, Trollocstrong, Trollocmed, Trollocweak, Trolloc (same as
    Trollocweak), Blackajah, Batrolloc, Myrddraal, Minion, Legion, Questioner,
    Archer, Soldier, Sitter, Sisterblue, Sistergrey, Sisterred, Sisteryellow,
    Sisterwhite, Sisterbrown, Sistergreen, Sister (same as Sistergreen),
    Warder, Blackajahboss, Houndbot, Aessedaibot, Whitecloakbot, Forsakenbot,
    Hound, Aessedai, Whitecloak, Forsaken.
    Mashadar don't seem to work.
    Summon Legion does work but for some strange reason you have to position
    yourself in a corner for it to work.
    Do not type KILLALL AESSEDAI if you are playing as Elayna Sedai, or FORSAKEN
    if you are playing as Ishamael e.t.c. because it will kill you and crash so
    you are stuck on an unmoving screen.
    All Ter'angreal Classes (for use with SUMMON and KILLALL)
    Balefire, Fireball, Earthtremor, Dart, Airburst(Air Pulse), Seeker,
    Lightning(Chain Lightning), Soulbarb, Decay, Taint, Shield(Personal Shield),
    Fireshield, Airshield, Earthshield, Watershield, Spiritshield, Absorb,
    Reflect, Swapplaces, Shift, Fork, Ama(Aura of Unraveling),
    Removecurse(Unravel), Wallofair(Sever), Ice(Freeze), Expward(Explosive Ward),
    Target(Find Target), Whirlwind, Champion, Guardian, Minion,
    Illusion(Personal Illusion), Heal, Levitate, Disguise, Tracer, Trapdetect,
    Distanteye, Lightglobe(Light Sphere), Special(Unknown).
    For all the Ter'angreal summons, instead of typing SUMMON # you have to type
    SUMMON ANGREALINV# where # is the Ter'angreal class.  Similarly you have to
    SUMMON ANGREALINVFIREWORKS will summon a Fireworks Ter'angreal.  It looks
    exactly like the Fireball Ter'angreal and will be placed next to the Fireball
    Ter'angreal in your inventory.  However when you use it it lets you shoot
    fireworks everywhere.  They do 50 damage.
    Other objects that can be summoned and killed are SEAL and ANDILAYROOT.
    All .WOT Levels (for use with SWITCHLEVEL and SWITCHCOOPLEVEL)
    Arena_01, Arena_02, Arena_03, Arena_04, Arena_05, Arena_06, Arena_07,
    Arena_08, Arena_09, Battle2_01, Battle2_02, Battle2_03, Battle2_04,
    Battle2_05, Battle3_01, Battle3_02, Battle4_01, Mission_01, Mission_02,
    Mission_03, Mission_04, Mission_05a, Mission_05b, Mission_05c, Mission_07a,
    Mission_07b, Mission_08a, Mission_08b, Mission_08c, Mission_10, Mission_12a,
    Mission_12b, Mission_13, Mission_15, Mission_16, Mission_17, Mission_18,
    Tutorial, Tutorial_citadel, Entry, Credits, Wheeloftime.
    Wheeloftime.wot will take you back to the title screen.  Also you'll need
    Light Sphere for Credits.wot, as it's pitch black. Mission_13 is the real
    As well as all these levels that come with the game, you can also do it with
    any other additional levels you have downloaded, as long as they are in the
    map folder.
    Other Weird Things/Glitches---------------------------------------------------
    Dancing Characters:
    After completing the game, if you sit through all of the credits (instead of
    skipping them with Esc) you will see a funny clip of the characters dancing.
    To complete the game quickly SWITCHLEVEL Mission_18, then SUMMON SEAL and
    place it on the desk.  Do this three times and it's game complete.
    To skip through the credits extremely quickly just turn on SLOMO 10 before
    placing the last seal, then type SLOMO 1 once the dancing has started.
    You can also use the BEHINDVIEW 1 and FOV # cheats to look around with the
    mouse and zoom in.
    Switching Characters:
    If you SUMMON HOUND, WHITECLOAK or FORSAKEN, then save, then reload, you will
    be playing as that character.  To switch back, complete the level or do the
    same thing but SUMMON AESSEDAI.  Also try BB before saving and reloading.
    Whilst you play as one of these your taunts (G H J K L ;) are different and
    the Champion, Guardian, and Minion Ter'angreal summon different creatures.
    Phantom Mode:
    When you die, if you type WALK, FLY or GHOST you can wander around with 0
    Hit Points.  Enemies will ignore you, and if you reach the end of the level
    it will load up the next one, giving you full health.  If you get hit by an
    explosion (i.e. fireball) though you will fall back down dead again if you
    are only walking (flying and ghosting makes you invincible).  You can use
    the ALLAMMO cheats to give yourself weapons but the Heal Ter'angreal will
    not work while in Phantom Mode and the Light Sphere doesn't work unless
    constantly activated.  Also if you use WALK to enter Phantom Mode then
    Machin Shin will still be able to kill you, so FLY or GHOST is preferable.
    Balefire Machinegun:
    When in Phantom Mode you can fire the Balefire Ter'angreal a lot faster than
    normal.  It also pushes you further.  Try aiming at the ground and shooting
    it a few times.
    Shift Falling:
    If you use the Shift Ter'angreal while flying you will fall to the ground.
    You won't be able to fly anymore but you will still be invincible.  On top
    of this you will move quite a bit faster then normal, but you won't be able
    to jump properly.
    If you Shift while ghosting you will fall through the ground and die.
    Shift Flying:
    If you turn on SLOMO to a really low value (i.e. 0.1) you can then use the
    Shift Ter'angreal to fly.  Use ALLAMMO to get unlimited charges, then just
    aim up and keep clicking.  Also, when landing make sure to shift just before
    you hit the ground, otherwise you'll die.
    Perpetual Whirlwind:
    Use the INVISIBLE cheat or enter Phantom Mode and walk up to a stationary
    enemy. Place a few Explosive Wards directly under the enemies feet, then
    back off to a safe distance and use the Whirlwind Ter'angreal on them.  As
    long as the enemy dies from the blast the whirlwind that appears stay there
    permanently. and can only be removed by switching levels.
    Inactive Hound:
    On the first level of Single Player mode go through the first cave as normal.
    When you exit the cave turn right and there will be a broken bridge.  Use FLY
    or GHOST to cross the river and you will come across the Hound and two
    Trollocs that are just standing there facing the wall.
    Freeze Yourself:
    If you Swap Places with someone you have just used the Freeze Ter'angreal on
    you will become stuck in the ice, while they will become free.
    Dark Cubes--------------------------------------------------------------------
    Dark Cubes are tiny enclosed areas (normally inaccessable) that house an
    enemy or two.  These enemies do nothing to you normally since they are
    literally sealed in from all sides.  So far there are 2 known Dark Cubes.
    DC 1. The Bowels of Shadar Logoth (mission_03):
    At the end of the level, where you have to fight a Legion.  Use INVISIBLE 1
    or GOD and walk right up to the Legion.  Aim underneath his feet and use the
    Shift Ter'angreal.  You should end up in a tiny box with a Minion.
    DC 2. Saving the White Tower Part 1 (mission_05a):
    At the end of the level, instead of going through the locked door, turn around
    so your back is to it.  Now go down the stairs in front of you, sticking as
    close as you can to the right hand wall.  Stop when you reach the candlestick
    and look out at the sky in the gap between the two walls.  Turn on GHOST and
    fly straight ahead, checking NPCSTATS every couple of seconds and you should
    be able to home in on two Myrddraal stuck in a Dark Cube.
    Sky Boxes---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyboxes are small enclosed areas in (who'd have guessed?) the sky.  They do
    not contain enemies.  Instead, they seem to have their walls textured with
    what makes up the sky scenery in many outdoor areas.  You need GHOST and
    SLOMO 10 to access them.  Then once inside you can WALK (although if you
    aren't exactly in there properly you'll die).
    SB 1. Menu Screen (wheeloftime):
    Once the game has loaded up and you are on the menu screen press ESC to be
    able to move around that area.  Look up at the sky through the gap in the wall
    where the rain is coming through, then GHOST upwards.
    SB 2. Bank of Manetherendrelle (mission_01):
    GHOST on to the roof of the castle at the end of the level.  Then look halfway
    between the moon and the mountain on the right and GHOST upwards.
    SB 3. The Bowels of Shadar Logoth (mission_03):
    From the beginning just GHOST straight upwards.
    SB 4. Saving the White Tower Part 1 (mission_05a):
    Follow the directions for Dark Cube 2 above, but instead of homing in on the
    Dark Cube, just continue to go straight from the candlestick.
    SB 5. The Ways Part II (mission_08c):
    In the Shadar Logoth area, face Legion, then turn left and aim at the purplish
    sky in the corner.
    SB 6. The Excavation (mission_10):
    Just go straight down at the start of the level.  Once you are below
    everything, look around in a circle for the skybox.
    SB 7. The Fortress of the Light (mission_12a):
    Just go straight down at the start of the level.  Once you are below
    everything, look around in a circle for the skybox.
    SB 8. The Fortress of the Forsaken (mission_15):
    GHOST straight up at when you reach the floating house.  Then look around.
    SB 9. The Inner Sanctum (mission_17):
    GHOST straight up at the start of the level.  Then look around.
    SB 10. Gathering the Seals (mission_18):
    GHOST straight up at the start of the level.  If you look around you should
    be able to see five seperate areas (four Citadels plus Portal Stone world).
    The skybox is near the area on the left.
    Secret Areas------------------------------------------------------------------
    Secret Areas are exactly that.  They are areas that were designed to be in the
    game, but are well hidden so that not all players will find them.
    SA 1. The Bowels of Shadar Logoth (mission_03):
    At the beginning of the level, flip the lever and go past the open gate.  In
    the next area turn left (past the Dart Ter'angreal and you will be in a dead
    end, with a grate at head height, Shift or GHOST through the grate to enter
    the secret area containing two Mashadars, a Minion and Dart, Seeker, Personal
    Shield and Heal Ter'angreals.
    SA 2. Saving the White Tower Part 1 / Gathering the Seals (mission_05a + 18):
    This works on either level. From the starting room go into your chambers (the
    door on the left with the rug on the floor).  In the room, on the right are
    two bookcases with a gap in between them.  Fire a fireball at the wall of the
    gap and a secret door will open.  Inside is a secret chamber containing a
    Seeker (it's not there on Gathering the Seals) and a door at the end opening
    into the main hall.  When you're in the secret area you can open the doors by
    touching them.
    SA 3. The Fortress of the Forsaken (mission_15):
    When you reach the floating platform with the house on, jump onto the platform
    but don't enter the house, instead walk round to the side and you will see a
    ramp walk into the space between the house and the ramp and you will enter a
    little niche containing Reflect and Decay Ter'angreals.
    Here's a few shortcuts you can use to get through levels quicker.
    SC 1. The Streets of Shadar Logoth (mission_02):
    After the first open area where the Hound Fireball under your feet you will
    come to a second open area.  There will be a window across from you with a
    Fireball Ter'angreal behind it.  FLY up to the window and Shift through it
    (or use GHOST) then turn left at the next opportunity and you'll be at the
    end of the level.
    SC 2. The Bowels of Shadar Logoth (mission_03):
    As soon as you fall down into the water at the start, turn around and swim down
    the corridor until you reach the end (with the Personal Shield Ter'angreal
    on the ground).  Aim at the wall and use Shift and you should end up in the
    underwater corridor of the two rooms connected by water pools.
    THUMB Fun---------------------------------------------------------------------
    THUMB (Ter'angreal Hand Utility Modifier and Builder) is a utility created by
    one of the guys who made the game.  It lets you customise how your ter'angreal
    are organised, i.e. you can assign Fireball and Seeker to the same key.  It
    also allows for a few extra cheats.  You can download THUMB here:
    To make an artifact click on "Options" then "Add".  In the Class field type
    whatever you want the new Ter'angreal to be called, then in the ClassName
    field type whatever the particular cheat calls for then click "Save" then
    "Done".  Click on the hand you would like the new Ter'angreal to be added to
    in the game.  Then find the new Ter'angreal in the list on the bottom half of
    the program and right click on it to add it to the selected hand.
    To bind an action to a key, click on the keys tab then click on an empty key
    you want to bind the action to.  Then select "Action" in the Bind Type drop
    down box.  In the new drop down box that appears click in the empty space
    and type your command.
    Remember to click "Use these settings" to apply your changes in THUMB.  Also
    all changes will only work in new games, if you load up a saved game and try
    these cheats they won't work.
    Legion Seekers:
    Make an artifact with the classname LEGIONINVSEEKER, then in game type 
    SUMMON LEGIONINVSEEKER.  The Ter'angreal is invisible, but if you walk forward
    you will pick it up.  You can now fire Legion skulls!  The only drawback is
    you have to be off the ground when you press fire.  Constantly jumping works,
    but if you can find a small rock to stand on, that works too.  They do 25
    Legion Stomp:
    Make an artifact with the classname LEGIONSTOMPANGREALINV, then in game type 
    SUMMON LEGIONSTOMPANGREALINV.  This shows up as an Earth Tremor Ter'angreal
    but when you pick it up it won't do anything.
    Make an artifact with the classname #INVENTORY (where # is one of the object
    classes listed below, then in game type SUMMON #INVENTORY.  The Ter'angreal
    is invisible, but if you walk forward you will pick it up.  They all have 0
    charges except for Seal, which has 1.  Inventories that work are:
    Trolloc, Blackajah, Batrolloc, Myrddraal, Minion, Mashadar, Legion,
    Questioner, Archer, Soldier, Sitter, Sister, Warder, Blackajahboss, Seal.
    Andilay Root:
    If you make an artifact with class name ANDILAYROOT then in game, whenever
    you pick one up it will show an image of one sliding into your inventory.
    It won't actually be there though.
    Bind "Meteor" to an empty key, then in game press that key to make Fireballs
    fall from the sky to hit where ever you are aiming.
    Bind "Teleport|OnRelease UnTeleport" to an empty key, then in game press that
    key to teleport to where ever you are aiming.  It doesn't work if you are on
    land aiming into water.  Same as typing TELEPORT and UNTELEPORT but faster.
    Bind "FOV 10|OnRelease FOV 90" to an empty key, then in game press that key
    to have your field of view zoom in to 10 degrees of arc instead of 90.
    command like all other similar cheats but doesn't actually summon anything.

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