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"Just another shooter..."

I am a big Jordan fan, and I do NOT like this game. Maybe I am a bit spoiled by the painstaking character developement in the books, I don't know. I looked far and wide for this game when I found out that it existed, to no avail. I drooled in anticipation of a game that could hold me like the epic books do. Something that would bring me back again and again to explore the world that Robert Jordan created. Unfortunately, I did not find such an experience in Legends' The Wheel Of Time.

This game is just another shooter for me that happens to have WOT themed locations and characters. The plot was non-existant, and the story only had a faint tie to the events of the books, past, present or future. To top it off, the game gave me a headache after playing it for 30 minutes. I don't know why some FPS games do this, and some don't, but I was ready to hurl.

I appreciate the detailed environments, but no ammount of eye candy makes up for good game play and a solid story. I turned it off to play Wizardry on my SNES.

Hopefully some time in the near future we can expect a good WOT game, but that day is not here now. I would like to see an action/strategy game featuring the main characters of the books and highliting the attributes of each. Play the swordsman Rand or Lan. Handle court intrigue with Moiraine and Thom. Plan out the battlefield and lay sieges with Perrin in the Two Rivers. Spy and carouse with Mat in the seedier parts of town. There is so much possibility for a main game with tens of minigames to keep the player immersed for time on end. Online playing, anyone?

It takes several days to plow through a WOT book, so I know that I have endurance, but I tired of this game after only an hour. Jump. Pick up weapon (albeit terangreal). Shoot enemies. Run. the FPS hasn't come too far since the days of Wolfenstein 3D, and this game is no exception. Nothing new or innovative here. I now see why I found it in the $10 discount bin at Software Etc. Unless you are the most diehard fan of WOT, or just love FPS's, don't waste your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/03/02, Updated 05/03/02

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