Review by Rosa Aquafire

"This game is so good, you`ll never wat to stop playing"

A huge Jordan fan, I once spotted this game at a local bookstore. I thought ''Hey, Wheel of Time .... how bad can it be?'' It turned out that I had just picked up on a whim one of the most amazing video games I have ever played.

Gameplay: 10/10

You have to be somewhere in five minutes, you can save at any time ... but you just can`t quit! You are always trying to get more of this game while you`re playing it! It is fun, it is involving, and it is SO much more than most First person Shooters! It`s innovative (a shooter in a fantasy world with spells?), it`s not just about killing (some puzzles kept me up for weeks!) and it can be very, very frightening (I screamed aloud once in the Shadar Logoth levels). The enemies try their hardest to be constant with the novels, the areas are mood-making and atmospheric ..... it is awesome!

Control: 10/10

Easy, smooth control. 3-D environments aren`t dizzying or frustrating to navigate with Elayna`s quick running speed and good stop time.

Story: 9/10

The only reason this story is not a perfect score is because of one or two gaping inconsistencies with the novel. (Ishamael ...?) However, the actual world is exactly like Robert Jordan would have wanted it, and Elayna herself acted very much like one of Jordan`s heroines. She reminded me especially of Moiraine. The characters from each of the Ajahs acted like they would have considering which they came from. For instance, Sephraim, the Red Sister, is characterized exactly like anyone would have expected Elaida or Liandrin.

Music: 10/10

Awesome music! It was so atmospheric, it scared me sometimes and I had to turn off my speakers. Rock/Metal/Classical/Celtic all at once. The White Tower music was especially gorgeous. Lovely, incredible, beautiful music that I could listen to all day!

Sound: 10/10

Once again, nearly flawess. The trolloc voices were perfect, and the whispers of the mashadar could scare you to death! ''be ... still ...''. It sends shivers all up and down your spine. Bad point: Elayna`s drowning noise is terrible.

Challenge: 10/10

Not too easy, not too tough. A perfect combination.

Graphics: 10/10

Beautiful textures! A bit or glitchiness here and there, but not enough to really bother you. The Shadar Logoth levels were nice, and the White Tower and Children of the Light levels were exactly as you`d imagine Jordan painting them!

Buy or Rent: Buy it buy it buy it buy it!! It is an amazing game that will keep you up for hours on end!

Statement must be made about the tutorial. The method that they chose for the tutorial was perfect and amazing. It seemed right out of the novels!

This is such a good game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/02, Updated 11/29/02

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