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"If you read Jordan, you must buy this game!"

OK, I am a big Jordan reader myself, so I'm sorta biast, but I must congradulate Legend on this one. It is a very cool game, wether you are familiar with the world or not, its still a blast!! Just have some asprin standing by.

Gameplay 7
CONS:Ok, fine, most of the time Jordan's Characters did not spend time pulling switches and jumping obstacles. That gets old Reeeel quick. And a lot of the game is that. The Enemies, also, do NOT jump around madly when a fireball goes at them, making them IMPOSSIBLE to hit unless your standing in his face( that's why seeker is so good.)
PROS: Ter'Angreal. You Love TA. You Want TA. I asked fir TA fo christmas. The spell system is Reeeely awesome, you'll be using them in your sleep! Plus the game is just FUN!!!! It's your shooter, in a fantasy land! How cool is that!

Graphics: 10
CONS: clipping problems and frame rate slows sometimes
PROS: WOW! Legend has painstakingly created every possible detail to every single thing in the world. Take a moment to just study one room and you will find wonders of beautiful computer artwork. Legend certainly brings the world of Robert Jordan to Life!

Sound: 9.0CONS: Often, there is no music.
PROS: When there is music, it's cool. Its by a Sweedish folk rock band. Nice.

RePlay: 9.0
CONS: Unless you have a FAQ at your side like mine (hint) you may leave the single player game in frustration if you have no patience, but i recommend you try it.
PROS: The Multiplayer is where this game shines. It is just awesome! There are three different modes, a normal Arena(Deathmatch), Plus a Citadel Mode where you create traps to prevent others from getting in while you try to gt in to theirs, there's one more but i forget what it was I'm engrossed currently in the single player game writing my FAQ.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/99, Updated 12/30/99

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