Review by Falsiloquos

"A complete waste of time"

Yoot Tower is a game that quite simply should never have been made, and it definately should never be played by anyone! Not to be overly negative, but there it is.

Yoot Tower is a sort-of sequel to the Maxis game SimTower. I say sort-of because Yoot is not made by Maxis, it's made by SegaSoft. Even more curious is that I couldn't find out anywhere what ''Yoot'' even means. Is it an acronym for something? ''You only own towers''?? Or is it a foreign word that means ''Sim''? Sanskrit maybe? In SimTower you had the responsibility of building a tower, filling it with offices, condos, hotel rooms, and whatnot, and getting the tower to grow. It wasn't easy, but you managed. In Yoot Tower, you do the exact same thing. With the exact same graphics (mostly). In fact, the only difference I noticed between the two games was that Yoot is a great deal more difficult. I found it very hard to stay afloat in this game, and soon had to quite because the Tower started becoming vacant. I never had these problems in SimTower.

Another thing that bothered me, is the lack of information that the game gives you. Tenants will start moving out, and you would like to know why. There's absolutely nothing that will tell you. If you click on the apartment they just abandoned, nothing. There's no charts, or information screens where you can check out all your towers problems, you just have to guess work it. This lack of information starts with the manual, which is about as informative as a blank sheet of paper, to the help screens, which don't really help. So, despite the fact that I played with the same winning strategy that I used in SimTower, I was now inexplicably losing money. Why? I'll never know, the game sure isn't telling me!

So, we have a sequel with the same graphics, worse gameplay, horrible documentation, and a shoddy interface. I guess you can see where the 1 rating came from!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/07/00, Updated 04/07/00

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