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    Trainers List by EVanheest

    Updated: 06/27/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: MM7: Trainers list, speed-style
    From: Eric Vanheest <edv@netcom12.netcom.com>
    Date: 27 Jun 1999 10:36:38 GMT
    Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg
    While replaying MM7, and trying for speed, I made the following list of
    trainers which I found very useful and figured I would share.  It is
    organized by map area (Harmondale, Tatalia, etc.) and lists all of the
    expert/master/grand master trainers available in the section.  This is
    useful for the speed player to note which training options are convenient
    at the moment and which are not (for instance, you might spend those
    ten horseshoe skill points on something that you can learn locally (or in
    the next segment to which you will be traveling) instead of something
    ostensibly more useful, since you may not get to the other trainer for a
    long time.
    Also pivotal in trying to get a high score (synonymous with speeding
    through the game) is using the transportation schedules.  However, those
    are listed in a nice order in the FAQ, so I will not repeat them here.
    Here, then, is my list (the city names in parenthesis are for ease of use
    when grepping the entire file):
      Axe Expert                       (Harmondale)
      Body Expert                      (Harmondale)
      Dodge Expert                     (Harmondale)
      Earth Expert                     (Harmondale)
      Identify Item Expert             (Harmondale)
      Leather Expert                   (Harmondale)
      Perception Expert                (Harmondale)
      Repair Expert                    (Harmondale)
      Spirit Expert                    (Harmondale)
      Staff Expert                     (Harmondale)
      Stealing Expert                  (Harmondale)
      Bow Grand Master                 (Harmondale)
      Disarm Master                    (Harmondale)
      Fire Master                      (Harmondale)
      Sword Grand Master               (Harmondale)
      Water Grand Master               (Harmondale)
      Identify Monster Grand Master    (Harmondale)
    Tularean Forest:
      Air Expert                       (Tularean Forest)
      Alchemy Expert                   (Tularean Forest)
      Bow Expert                       (Tularean Forest)
      Chain Expert                     (Tularean Forest)
      Dagger Expert                    (Tularean Forest)
      Disarm Expert                    (Tularean Forest)
      Fire Expert                      (Tularean Forest)
      Identify Monster Expert          (Tularean Forest)
      Merchant Expert                  (Tularean Forest)
      Water Expert                     (Tularean Forest)
      Earth Master                     (Tularean Forest)
      Perception Master                (Tularean Forest)
      Spear Master                     (Tularean Forest)
      Identify Item Grand Master       (Tularean Forest)
      Leather Grand Master             (Tularean Forest)
      Spirit Grand Master              (Tularean Forest)
      Air Expert                       (Tatalia)
      Armsmaster Expert                (Tatalia)
      Body Master                      (Tatalia)
      Chain Expert                     (Tatalia)
      Disarm Expert                    (Tatalia)
      Fire Expert                      (Tatalia)
      Plate Expert                     (Tatalia)
      Spear Expert                     (Tatalia)
      Spirit Expert                    (Tatalia)
      Sword Expert                     (Tatalia)
      Mace Master                      (Tatalia)
      Repair Master                    (Tatalia)
      Axe Grand Master                 (Tatalia)
      Dagger Grand Master              (Tatalia)
      Mind Grand Master                (Tatalia)
      Stealing Grand Master            (Tatalia)
      Body Expert                      (Erathia)
      Mace Expert                      (Erathia)
      Mind Expert                      (Erathia)
      Sword Expert                     (Erathia)
      Plate Master                     (Erathia)
      Spirit Master                    (Erathia)
      Dodge Grand Master               (Erathia)
      Fire Grand Master                (Erathia)
      Repair Grand Master              (Erathia)
      Identify Item Expert             (Nighon)
      Identify Monster Expert          (Nighon)
      Mind Expert                      (Nighon)
      Staff Expert                     (Nighon)
      Stealing Expert                  (Nighon)
      Alchemy Master                   (Nighon)
      Bow Master                       (Nighon)
      Dagger Master                    (Nighon)
      Learning Master                  (Nighon)
      Leather Master                   (Nighon)
      Water Master                     (Nighon)
      Body Building Grand Master       (Nighon)
      Disarm Grand Master              (Nighon)
    Bracada Desert:
      Alchemy Expert                   (Bracada Desert)
      Body Building Expert             (Bracada Desert)
      Bow Expert                       (Bracada Desert)
      Dagger Expert                    (Bracada Desert)
      Dodge Expert                     (Bracada Desert)
      Learning Expert                  (Bracada Desert)
      Light Expert                     (Bracada Desert)
      Identify Item Master             (Bracada Desert)
      Staff Master                     (Bracada Desert)
      Air Grand Master                 (Bracada Desert)
      Merchant Grand Master            (Bracada Desert)
    Barrow Downs:
      Body Building Expert             (Barrow Downs)
      Earth Expert                     (Barrow Downs)
      Mace Expert                      (Barrow Downs)
      Merchant Expert                  (Barrow Downs)
      Plate Expert                     (Barrow Downs)
      Repair Expert                    (Barrow Downs)
      Axe Master                       (Barrow Downs)
      Spear Grand Master               (Barrow Downs)
      Armsmaster Expert                (Deyja)
      Dark Expert                      (Deyja)
      Learning Expert                  (Deyja)
      Body Building Master             (Deyja)
      Stealing Master                  (Deyja)
      Sword Master                     (Deyja)
      Chain Grand Master               (Deyja)
      Earth Grand Master               (Deyja)
      Mace Grand Master                (Deyja)
      Perception Grand Master          (Deyja)
      Axe Expert                       (Avlee)
      Leather Expert                   (Avlee)
      Mind Master                      (Avlee)
      Perception Expert                (Avlee)
      Spear Expert                     (Avlee)
      Water Expert                     (Avlee)
      Air Master                       (Avlee)
      Armsmaster Master                (Avlee)
      Chain Master                     (Avlee)
      Identify Monster Master          (Avlee)
      Alchemy Grand Master             (Avlee)
      Body Grand Master                (Avlee)
      Learning Grand Master            (Avlee)
      Staff Grand Master               (Avlee)
      Light Master                     (Celeste)
      Light Grand Master               (Celeste)
      Blaster Expert                   (Celeste)
      Blaster Master                   (Celeste)
      Dark Master                      (Celeste)
      Blaster Grand Master             (Celeste)
      Dark Grand Master                (Celeste)
      Dodge Master                     (Evermorn)
      Merchant Master                  (Evermorn)
      Plate Grand Master               (Evermorn)
    Eeofol (Land of the Giants):
      Armsmaster Grand Master          (Eeofol)

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