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    Relics/Artifacts Guide by Gouki007

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    Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor Relics & Artifacts guide
    Version 1.00 9/25/2003
    By Ross C-D
    do as you please with this FAQ as long as it is not used for making a profit
    , and as long as credit is given to the author.
    Relics & Artifacts FAQ's
    Q. How soon can I start getting some of these items?
    A. Pretty much at the start of the game the red dragon living in the dragons
    lair on emerald isle will quite often give up the goodies early. (Assuming 
    you can kill it)
    Q. How can I guarantee that I will get a good item?
    A. "SAVE" before you loot the dragon's corpse, even better use the infamous
     "Multi Looting" Technique (see next question).
    Q. The "Multi Looting" Technique, what's that about?
    A. Due to what I believe to be a programming bug or glitch in the game corpses
    may not disappear when looted - getting yet another item, in short you can
    exploit this bug almost endlessly; unfortunately it's very random, just save,
    if the corpse goes reload and keep trying ( i had enough stuff to equip my 
    party three times over - all of it top of the range weapons & armor ).
    Q. any other opportunities for the good stuff and "Multi Looting"?
    A. Yes Plenty, Wormthrax the dragon living in tatalia also is a good source use 
    the same technique above (killing him is the crusader promotional quest).
    at least 2 dungeons i know of give guaranteed relics/artifacts in chests
    (Clanker's Laboratory & colony Zod's Dungeon ( what you get is determined
    when you enter the level not when you open the chest)
    Late in the game (or early if your like me and make the trip to nighon & the
    land of the giants before rescuing the dwarves) blue & red dragons + blood 
    titans also have high chances of good drops.
    Q. what can i do to increase the chance of getting them?
    A. Equip items/armor etc that increases the luck stat for the person looting 
    the corpses, also have NPC,s like chimmney sweeps that boost your luck.
    Q. which ones are the best?
    A. any that complement your characters abilities and class (such as "Justice")
    Q. any that just plain suck?
    A. "Mash" has to many negatives that outweigh the one positive, other than that
    "Evil" persuasion stuff is no use to me ("Walk in the Light")
    Q. is there a limit to how many i may have at one time?
    A. Yes i think there is - somewhere between 13-15 before you will stop getting
    them from corpses.
    Q. What about the obelisk & arcomage treasures?
    A. I dont consider them either arifact or relic.
    Q. I cant be bothered spending all that time looking for relics etc, how else
    can i get them.
    A. use a hacking utility like "MM7VIEW" (use google)
    The Artifacts & Relics complete List (29 in total)
    Amuck (Axe)
    Type: Relic 
    Attack: +11, Damage: 3d7 +11
    (Might +100, Endurance +100, Armor Class -15) The original name of Amuck has
    been lost in time, but the blade retains a magically keen edge and all of its
    original power. Fantastic strength and vitality are conferred upon the owner 
    at the expense of a proper sense of fear. Wielders of Amuck don't much bother 
    dodging blows in battle.
    Value: 30000
    Ghoulsbane (Large Axe)
    Type: Artifact 
    Attack: +15, Damage: 1d9 +15
    (Undead slaying, Immunity to paralysis, 3-18 fire damage) Ghoulsbane was
    commissioned by the Church of the Sun more than 150 years ago as part of their
    effort to destroy the ever growing population of undead created by the Church 
    of the Moon. Though powerful, it is only one weapon, and the undead are legion.
    the Church of the Sun fell in 1083 A.S.
    Value: 20000
    Splitter (Axe)
    Type: Artifact 
    Attack: +11, Damage 4d2 +11
    (Explosive impact, Fire Resistance +50) Though powerful, Splitter is never 
    wielded by a single owner for long. The blade gives off great blasts of fire 
    when struck, and the magical protection against fire the weapon offers isn't 
    enough to completely shield a user from the blast.
    Value: 20000
    Ullyses (Bow)
    Type: Artifact 
    Shoot: +10, Damage: 5d2 +10
    (Accuracy +50, 9-12 water damage) The Archer's dream. Ullyses requires no 
    arrows, firing bolts of ice formed when the string is drawn back. Its origins 
    are unknown, but the style suggests Elvish make.
    Value: 20000
    Ania Selving (Crossbow)
    Type: Relic 
    Shoot: +9, Damage: 4d2 +9
    (Accuracy +150, Bow skill +5, Armor Class -25) Master smith Ivan Selving named 
    this crossbow after his only daughter Ania, calling it his second best creation
    ever. Archers using this crossbow rarely miss their targets, but their 
    concentration and slow, careful movements make them easy targets in turn.
    Value: 30000
    Corsair (Sword)
    Type: Artifact 
    Attack: +13, Damage: 2d4 +13
    (Stealing skill +5, Disarm skill +5, Luck +40) Corsair is one of the finest 
    weapons ever turned out by the Regnan armories. Ever true to their nature, 
    Regna's smiths fashioned a weapon that would aid their imperial "tax collection
    " efforts on the high seas and coastal towns. To this date, Regna has not 
    forged a weapon that didn't advance their selfish goals at the expense of 
    Value: 20000
    Iron Feather (2-handed sword)
    Type: Artifact
    Attack: +10, Damage: 4d5 +10
    (Might +40, 6-15 points of Electrical damage) an impossibly light two-handed 
    sword, the Iron Feather boosts the Might of its owner to make wielding the huge
    weapon even easier. The combination almost makes it possible to use the sword 
    in one hand--the huge size of the blade being the only problem.
    Value: 20000
    Puck (Sword)
    Type: Artifact
    Attack: +14, Damage: 3d3 +14
    (Speed +40, Swift) Ancient and fey, Puck's enchantments cause it to practically
    fly for the enemy's throats. No one knows when or where Puck was forged, but 
    the Faerie origins are unmistakable.
    Value: 20000
    Wallace (Sword)
    Type: Artifact
    Attack: +12, Damage: 3d4 +12
    (Armsmaster skill +10, Personality +40) Wallace has somehow found its way into 
    the hands of rebels and rabble rousers for centuries. The weapon magnifies both
    the ability and the confidence of its wielder, frequently leading its owners 
    to take risks they might otherwise have avoided. Though none of its owner's 
    ambitions have been fulfilled, no one has ever declined to carry Wallace once 
    they have heard its siren song.
    Value: 20000
    Charele (Spear)
    Type: Artifact
    Attack: +18, Damage 3d9 +18
    Built at the behest of Hareck I during the formation of the Regnan "Empire", 
    Charele was named after his wife, Queen Charele. It was left in Regna's only 
    Erathian outpost during the chaos following Hareck's poisoning death in 
    590 A.S.
    Value: 20000
    Gibbet (Spear)
    Type: Artifact
    Attack: +12, Damage: 3d6 +12
    (Undead slaying, Dragon slaying, Demon slaying) A humorless weapon, to say the 
    least, Gibbet was forged by Mekorig the Blind to help end the Age of Monsters, 
    and promote the age of Man, A noble idea, but one that hasn't worked out very 
    well. Gibbet often goes missing for years, only to be rediscovered in some 
    dragon's hoard by ambitious adventurers. The power of the weapon often inspires
    such adventurers to move the weapon to another dragon hoard, where it once 
    again goes missing for years.
    Value: 20000
    Ethric's staff (Staff)
    Type: Relic
    Attack: +9, Damage: 2d4 +9
    (Of Dark Magic, Meditation skill +15, Decrease hit Points over time, Evil) 
    Much more a tool than a weapon, Ethric's Staff was fashioned by the worlds 
    first lich--Ethric the Mad. The staff magnifies Dark magic, drawing from the 
    life force of its user. Since Ethric's life force was magically sustained, 
    this wasn't a problem for him. Mortals, however, will slowly feel their life 
    force drain away while they hold the staff.
    Value: 30000
    Justice (Flail/Mace)
    Type: Relic
    Attack: +14, Damage: 2d4 +14
    (Undead slaying, of Mind magic, of Body magic, -40 speed, Good) forged in the 
    halcyon days at the beginning of the Church of the Sun, Justice is a powerful 
    weapon for Good. at the cost of a speed, Justice is one of the mightiest relics
    a Paladin or Cleric can wield for the Path of Light.
    Value: 30000
    Mekorig's Hammer (Hammer/Mace)
    Type: Relic
    Attack: +13, Damage: 2d5 +13
    (Of spirit magic, Might +75, air Resistance -50) This is the very hammer the 
    great Mekorig the blind used to turn out so much of the world's finest 
    enchanted equipment during his many years as Master of the Mekorig Foundry. 
    The hammer's connection to the elements leaves the wielder vulnerable to 
    elemental magic, but is a small price to pay for the enhanced Self ability and 
    Might the hammer provides.
    Value: 30000
    Mash (Mace)
    Type: Relic
    Attack: +15, Damage: 1d3 + 15
    (Might +150, Intellect -40, Personality -40, Speed -40) It is said that Mash 
    was the answer to the First Ogre's prayer to the Gods for a weapon that would 
    make it stronger than anything else. Annoyed, the God's cursed the First Ogre 
    with Mash, and all Ogre's have since borne the mark of that act--strong, but 
    slow, dull, and stupid. In any event, Mash is yours now.
    Value: 20000
    Old Nick (Dagger)
    Type: Relic
    Attack: +8, Damage:2d2 +8
    (Disarm skill +5, 8 points of Poison damage, Elf Slaying, Evil) Secretly 
    passed from one Assassin to another for centuries, Old Nick happily vanished 
    from history's sight during the Battle for Morning--a joint Human-Elvish attack
    on the Assassin's guild nearly 200 years ago. It is said that Old Nick has 
    killed more people than the Plague. Now that you've found this evil weapon, 
    you're going to throw it down a well..aren't you?
    Value: 30000
    Yoruba (Plate Mail)
    Type: Artifact
    Armor: +60
    (Immunity to disease, insanity, paralysis, poison, sleep, and stone conditions,
    Endurance +25) Named after its owner and creator, Yoruba is an extremely 
    tough, magic resistant suit of plate mail. Because of the armor's prohibitive 
    expense, it was built in piecemeal fashion--and it shows. Different pieces are
    made of different materials, with the most expensive ones in the breastplate.
    There are two puncture holes in the breastplate that the original owner never 
    repaired, possibly for sentimental reasons.
    Value: 20000
    Governor's Armor (Chain Mail)
    Type: Artifact
    Armor: +36
    (Half damage from missile attacks, +10 to all statistics) Owned by Colonial 
    Governor Padish at the Time of the Silence, This fantastic armor has resurfaced
    in many of the great treasure hoardes throughout history. Like most creations 
    turned out by the Heavenly Forge, it is nearly indestructible, and its like 
    can no longer be made by nay forge in the land.
    Value: 20000
    Harecks Leather (Leather Armor)
    Type: Relic
    Armor: +30
    (Stealing skill +5, Disarm skill +5, Water Walking, Luck +50, All Resistances 
    -10) This leather armor was specially built by the Regnan armory for Hareck 
    the First, Lord of Regna, and Emperor of the Endless Ocean. The armor did 
    everything a glorified pirate like Hareck could hope for, except protect him 
    from poison. The mighty first Emperor of Regna died just after dinner while 
    wearing the armor, poisoned by his wife's hand.
    Value: 30000
    Glory Shield
    Type: Relic
    Armor: +24
    (Of Spirit Magic, Shield skill +5, Body Resistance -10, Mind Resistance -10) 
    One of five such shields known to exist, the Glory Shield was built during the 
    Time of Wonders. It was especially tuned to promote spirit magic, but that same
     attunement leaves the wielder somewhat open to Mind and Body based attacks.
    Value: 30000
    Kelebrim (Shield)
    Type: Relic
    Armor +20
    (Immunity to stone condition, Half damage from missile attacks, Endurance +50, 
    Earth Resistance -30) One of the first shields to issue from the Kelebrim 
    Foundry, this one bears the simple stamp "Kelebrim" on the inside under the 
    hand strap. It has very powerful enchantments meant to protect from the 
    medusas gazes, but like many grand enchantments, it comes with a flaw. 
    Kelebrim Weakens it's owners resistance to Earth magic.
    Value: 30000
    Phynaxian Crown (Headgear/Crown)
    Type: Relic
    (Of Fire Magic, Water Resistance +50, Personality +30, Armor Class -20) This 
    is the lost (WAS the lost) crown of the short lived Empire of Phynax. When 
    worn, the crown's jewels smolder with barely restrained fire magic, and cast
     reddish light upon the face of the wearer. The crown amplifies any skill in 
    Fire magic the wearer may have, and fiercely resists water based attacks.
    Value: 30000
    Scholar's Cap (Headgear/Hat)
    Type: Relic
    Armor: +2
    (Learning skill +15, Endurance -50) The Scholar's Cap vastly improves the 
    ability of the mind to absorb and retain experiences. The effect is so intense 
    that the wearers frequently forget to care for their bodies while swimming in 
    the sea of their thoughts.
    Value: 30000
    Taledon's Helm (Headgear/Helm)
    Type: Relic
    Armor: +14
    (Of Light Magic, Personality +15, Might +15, Luck -40, Good) Owned by Taledon, 
    Divine High Priest and High Holy Conduit of the Church of the Sun from 870 A.S.
    , this powerful helm probably contributed to his untimely death in 881. It is 
    said that an object may take so much enchantment--try to put too much in, and 
    something negative squeezes out. In this case, the negative made the wearer 
    profoundly unlucky. Taledon, arguably the most powerful figure of his time, 
    veteran diplomat, soldier, and priest, was crushed beneath the wheels of a 
    runaway peasant's wagon while crossing the street in Steadwick.
    Value: 30000
    Seven League Boots
    Type: Artifact
    Armor: +15
    (Speed +40, of Water Magic) So named for their boost to their wearer's reflexes
     and pace, the boots true function is to ease the use of Water Magic in order 
    to speed travel. Anyone using the boots is destined for greatness, but not 
    necessarily honor. Much mischief can be attributed to previous owners of these 
    Value: 20000
    Hands of the Master (Gauntlets)
    Type: Artifact
    Armor: +12
    (Unarmed skill +10, Dodging skill +10) The Hands of the Master are meant for 
    Monks, but a few Thieves have put them to use with excellent results. Most of 
    the owners have gone on to fame and fortune, but the last one obviously didn't 
    do so well.
    Value: 20000
    Ruler's Ring
    Type: Artifact
    (Of Mind Magic, of Dark Magic) The Ruler's Ring was made in 744 A.S. by Joshua 
    Stom, chief alchemist for the Warlocks of Nighon. Although not an inheritly 
    evil artifact, the ring was created to control and conquer, nothing more.
    Value: 20000
    Titan's Belt
    Type: Relic
    (Might +75, Speed -40) Like so many similar items, the Titan's Belt increases 
    the might of its wearer at the expense of speed. The only difference with this 
    relic is the magnitude of the trade off.
    Value: 30000
    Twilight (Cloak)
    Type: Relic
    Armor: +13
    (Speed +50, Luck +50, All resistances -15, Evil) The sinister Twilight Cloak 
    has been used by spies and assassins for centuries. The nature of the 
    enchantment is so beneficial to those professions that the loss of magical 
    resistance is easily overlooked.
    Value: 30000

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