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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jimfish

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                   _______  _______  _______ _________ _______   
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                  | () () || (   ) || (    \/   ) (   | (    \/  
                  | || || || (___) || |         | |   | |        
                  | |(_)| ||  ___  || | ____    | |   | |        
                  | |   | || (   ) || | \_  )   | |   | |        
                  | )   ( || )   ( || (___) |___) (___| (____/\  
                  |/     \||/     \|(_______)\_______/(_______/        
                         _______  _        ______
                        (  ___  )( (    /|(  __  \  
                        | (   ) ||  \  ( || (  \  )
                        | (___) ||   \ | || |   ) |
                        |  ___  || (\ \) || |   | |
                        | (   ) || | \   || |   ) |
                        | )   ( || )  \  || (__/  )
                        |/     \||/    )_)(______/
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              | |(_)| ||  ___  |  \   /  |  ___  ||  __)   | |(_)| |
              | |   | || (   ) |   ) (   | (   ) || (      | |   | |
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    --------------------------------------------------------STRATERGY GUIDE
                          *          An FAQ            - 
                          -            by              *
                          *       Steve Taylor         -
                          -    Began: 25/September/05  *
                          *   Posted: 24/October/05    -
                          -  Updated: --/--/--         *
                          * Finished: --/--/--         -
                          -   E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com*
    To cut down on massive lists and TOCs, I've just made simple Ctrl +F strings
    for you. Want to visit the actual Walkthrough? Just type W-T in the search
    function. The guide's not that hard to navigate either way, but just a small
    feature to make it a little easier.
                                     Table of Contents:
                                   (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                                   (C-N) Contact Me   (C-N)
                                   (W-T) Walkthrough  (W-T)
                                 (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)
    A review here should give you the whole brief on the game and what it's all 
                                        MAGIC AND MAYHEM
    Magic and Mayhem is a break from the norm. Not just for Fantasy RPG games, but 
    for Real-Time Strategy games as well. If you're a die-hard fan of Command and 
    Conquer games then you will love this gem. Magic and Mayhem gives you the 
    opportunity to mould your own army, whether it be a swarm of bats or hordes of 
    M&M pits you up against mages from all over the world as you hunt down your 
    missing Uncle, whilst discovering other dastardly plots as well. As your quest 
    progressing, you'll gradually discover new magic items which boost your spells 
    and magic arsenal. By completing tasks as you adventure you'll gain Experience 
    Points and have the chance to level up. You have three talismans at the start 
    of the game, but as you upgrade your character you can gain more.
    The spell creating section of the game is very simple but can tax your noodle 
    on what spells you'll need to bring to counter the enemy. As I mentioned 
    before, you have three talismans at the beginning of the game and 3 magic items
    to get you started. Depending on what talisman you place the magic item in, 
    you'll discover different spells. For example, place a Diamond in the Talisman
    of Neutrality and you can summon a Dragon. But if you put it in the Talisman of
    Chaos, you'll gain the chance to summon a Champion of Chaos.
    The choices you make could alter the entire battle you have with your enemy, 
    for good or for worse.
    You have loads of spells at your disposal, but what will you choose? Take 
    your pick. There are 21 creature summoning spells for you to select or perhaps
    you'll want to choose some enchantments; Healing spells, fireball spells, Totem
    Poles to scare away enemy creatures, flying spells, combat/defence 
    enhancements. It opens up a lot of gameplay options for you.
    The spell choosing and the casting is very easy to learn due to the simple 
    interface the game gives. A simple click on a piece of bread will make you eat
    it, clicking on a portion of the map will make you walk there. Easy as pie.
    There was a once mighty feature where you can battle it out online with players
    all over the globe, but as the sands of time passed, the feature soon went 
    unused. The servers to play online might even be down, but it's hard to tell 
    since there's nobody to play against.
    On the whole, this is one awesome game for you collection. RTS game fans'll 
    love this. 
                               (C-N)    CONTACT  ME   (C-N)
    Yes. It's official. I love the attention. Gimme your e-mails. Make my head 
    To send me mail that I will read, please set it up with the following fields:
          E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com
    Subject Line: Magic and Mayhem Guide
    Now that you've got my interest, you must abide by the rules below, or else it
    won't be read and instead, ignored. Please, if you want your voice to be heard,
    follow the rules/guidelins.
                                         THE DO'S
    - Inform me of errors that I've made. Either constant grammar or factual info. 
    - Pass on strategies and solutions on how to solve parts of the game which I
      have not mentioned.
    - Ask for help about things not mentioned in the guide.
    - Write in words. Not internet short cuts.
    - I like to read e-mails with proper formatting and grammar. Please do be sure
      to write your e-mail like so.
    - And please, read through the guide before even thinking about contacting me.
      I've had many e-mails in the past about my other guides where they ask me 
      questions which were answered, or not answered in some cases, since some were
      about the demo guides I had wrote.
                                        THE DO NOT'S
    - Send me chain letters or spam. That's one big no-no.
    - Send attachments. In some cases, I do accept them, but usually for pictures
    - Call me names/Insult me/Threaten me/yadda yadda yadda... 
    - Use child like e-mails with crap colours. I don't want size 32 bright yellow
      font on top of a lime green background.
    - Type in alterNaTiNg CaPs LiKe ThIs or just in ALL CAPS AND STUFF.
    - No stupid 1337 speaking. If I see it, it's deleted in a flash.
    - Ask irelevent questions which I answered in my guide. It irritates me to have
      that done.
    See those rules? Well...they're more like guidelines anyway...but it doesn't
    matter either way! OBEY THEM OR DIE!
                               (W-T)     WALKTHROUGH      (W-T)
                                        Realm One:
                                      Forest of Pain
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Talked to Camulos.  :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Defeated Camulos.   :                 40EXP.      : 
                               Total Experience Possible = 50/50 
    Playing upon the Initiate setting will make Hermes give you a tutorial on
    how to summon creatures and other basic commands. It's best to start on this
    setting so the game'll be a little more clear to you.
    Follow Hermes commands, making sure you leave a creature on the Place of Power
    before tackling the Redcap on the bridge. Cast a couple of allies to aid you, 
    zombies would be the best, and follow the terrain around. When you're in range
    Camulos will talk to you and then attack. He's a very weak enemy, so sending 
    some zombies up for close combat and you casting Fireball from afar will cause 
    him to retreat.
    Once he's gone, jump into the portal and on to the next level.
                                        Realm One:
                                 The Plains of Greenhenge
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Talked to Regas.    :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Killed Camulos.     :                 60EXP.      : 
                   : -Found Tincal.       :                 40EXP.      : 
                               Total Experience Possible = 110/110 
    Once again, Hermes will introduce some more gameplay elements to you in the 
    form of Mana Sprites. These when used give you a burst of Mana. Pick up the 
    sprites and follow Hermes' heed about a storm brewing. Follow the path and a 
    friendly unicorn will approach and give you some helpful information. Head to 
    the Place of Power, casting zombies to help kill the enemy Skeletons who guard 
    it. If you were hit in the storm, collect the food from the huts and heal 
    yourself. Now you can either wait for Camulos to attack, or you can head to the
    center of the map to take him out. 
    His army is always skeletons, and he does use some fireball attacks. Once 
    again, Zombies work best with fireballs from a distance. Once he's defeated, 
    he'll drop a new magic item (TINCAL) for you. Pick it up and nip through the 
                                        Realm One:
                                      Fiddler's Green
    This level is a branch-off one, like a sub-quest. It's well-worth it as the end
    result is a new magic item for your spell box (CLOVER).
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Received the Syrinx :                 --EXP.      : 
                   :        Pipes         :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Stole the Clover.   :                 30EXP.      : 
                   : -Kill Yeoric.        :                 60EXP.      : 
                               Total Experience Possible = 100/100 
    Your mage will appear in the small enclave of Redcaps and they aren't too 
    pleased to see you. Either take them on or rush to the Tavern where Hermes 
    points out. Don't be afraid by all the Fauns you see, they're friendly (for the
    time being). Talk to the owner of the Tavern and leave, making sure you don't 
    try to occupy his Place of Power. Hermes'll direct you once more to where the 
    Clover is located, but don't head over there just yet.
    Instead, scout around the surrounding area of the Tavern looking for a Place of
    Power, dropping a Brownie to guard it. Whilst you're here, walk around to the 
    back of the Tavern and cast another Brownie through the window, allowing him to
    pick up all the food items stored here.
    Once you're stocked, head over to where the Clover is. Place another creature 
    on the Place of Power around this area and open the chest. Yeoric won't take 
    too kindly to this and attack. The spells he uses most are Gorgan Stare, Summon
    Elf and Summon Faun. He'll be wandering around the empty plains between the 
    Tavern and the Clover-Bridge area. Tackle the attacking Fauns with fireballs 
    and head out to meet Yeoric. Surround him with Zombies and cast Brownies a 
    short distance from him to stone him.
    After a short time, he'll die and a portal will appear. Pop through it.
    (*I don't really understand why you need to kill the guy in cold blood, since
    he was a friend of your Uncle and he did give you a present...*)
                                        Realm One:
                           The Village of Joseph of Arimathea
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Summoned the Grail  :                 --EXP.      : 
                   :  Knights.            :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Allied with         :                 --EXP.      :
                   :  Twinkindle.         :                 10EXP.      : 
                   : -Found Campaniform   :                 --EXP.      :
                   :  Bell.               :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Killed Urfang       :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Defeated Lutheron.  :                 40EXP.      :
                               Total Experience Possible = 80/80
    You'll spawn in a zombie village, so quickly leave before they attack. Just a 
    few yards from this village is the Brownie Village, so take refuge there. 
    You'll be attacked, but the King'll call it off. 
    Cast a Brownie of your own and send him over to the Place of Power in the 
    centre of the village, whilst you go over to the church where Hermes points 
    out. You could talk to the Brownie King first, but if you do the enemy Wizard 
    will attack before you're ready. Cast another Brownie to guard the Place of 
    Power here, pick up the scroll on the floor and read it. 
    Summon a Brownie on the little platform in the alter and kill him with 
    fireballs. This'll summon 5 Skeletons with a high Bloodlust rate. Send all of 
    them down to the small, stone building just south of the church. Position them
    to 3 watch one door and the other 2 protect the other. Waddle down there 
    yourself and cast a fair number of zombies on either side to double the 
    The Wizard may present himself at this point, but it doesn't matter either way,
    just get to the village. The Brownie King will talk to you as you get in range,
    so listen to what he says and then find the chest in one of the huts. Open it 
    and get the Campaniform Bell. Don't bother using it since it stuns and 
    paralyzes all undead creatures, including your own Zombies and Grail Knights. 
    By now the Wizard and his Hellhound cohort would of appeared and started their 
    attack. Cast some Brownies to protect the King and head back out to the Stone 
    Building where you left you Knights. If all went well, Urfang the Dog would of 
    died in just a few seconds of being released and Lutheron would be trapped and 
    surrounded. Cast a few fireballs at him and through in some more Zombies to 
    finish him off. When he's defeated, the Brownie King will tell you of a Paladin
    Knight who'll be of assisstance to you. Head to and jump through the portal.
                                        Realm One:
                                     Apple Tree Orchard
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Disabled trap.      :                 10EXP.      : 
                   : -Freed Percival.     :                 20EXP.      :
                   : -Killed Lutheron.    :                 50EXP.      : 
                               Total Experience Possible = 80/80
    This level introduces you to puzzles and traps, so learn something from it. 
    Hermes'll give you some subtle hints but failing that he'll tell you what to 
    Cast a Brownie over the fence and send him over to stand on the switch. Now 
    enter the little side room and cast another Brownie out the window and send 
    him over to the huts just north of your prison. Make this Brownie stand on 
    the switch to release Percival, then make him stand on the Place of Power. 
    Cast a few Zombies outside the window and send them off to the East to attack 
    a Basilisk on another Place of Power. When you have another Mana, cast some 
    more Zombies out the window and send them over to the Bridge near your newly 
    liberated PoP. 
    Cast some zombies inside your prison and move yourself and your creatures to 
    the door. When Percival releases you, send all your creatures fowards to the 
    Bridge. If you were lucky, you would of trapped Lutheron in the centre of the 
    bridge, so attack him from all sides. If not, attack the last remaining PoP by
    the Bridge and send hordes of zombies after him. 
    Lutheron favours Basilisks, Elves and he'll use Vines inorder to get away. Keep
    attacking and he'll perish. Percival will tell you of his own quest about the 
    Grail, so jump through the Portal and prepare to hunt for it.
                                        Realm One:
                                      Misty Marshes
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Freed Twigkindle.   :                     10EXP.  :
                   : -Received Seven      :                     --EXP.  :
                   :  League Boots.       :                     10EXP.  :
                   : -Found Grail.        :                     30EXP.  :
                   : -Killed Dagda.       :                     50EXP.  :
                   : -Found Hemlock.      :                     30EXP.  :
    Collect the Mana Sprite which Percival leaves for you and follow him to a Place
    of Power. As you approach, Twigkindle will call for help from his prison. Free 
    him by standing on the trigger just outside. He'll thank you and give you the 
    Seven League Boots.
    You can cast a few creatures to protect Twigkindle, but there's no need since 
    I've never had him be attacked. Percival will rush off to find the Grail, so 
    once again follow him. You'll be crossing swamps and marshes filled with 
    crocodiles, so try to evade them and save your Mana. When you make it a large 
    wooden bridge like structure, cautioucly make your way around the bridge, 
    rushing past the Redcaps in their little posts. Percival will get caught up in 
    a trap and head back to the Twigkindle area. 
    Equip your Seven League Boots and rush over the trap tile and to the next Point
    of Power. Cast a creature to drain it and then cast a whole army of Zombies. 
    When you think you have enough, send them all foward. A Totem will appear and 
    swarms of flies will attack your Zombies, but don't worry. The undead can carry
    the plague but aren't affected by it. Send your army round the structures to 
    the two other Points of Power. Dagda will be around here, but your 
    plague-ridden Zombies will infect his creatures and kill them off easily. 
    Occupy the two PoPs and swarm Dagda.
    Whilst he's busy, rush by the Totem Pole yourself (You'll get infected, but if 
    you use Cure or wait, it'll disappear) and collect the scroll in front of the 
    two chests. The riddle is easy, so pick the right chest (Riddle me this, 
    Batman. Was I saying choose the chest on the right? Or the opposite to the 
    wrong chest? :P) and get the Grail. 
    Dagda will be close to death right now and when he dies, an unstable portal 
    will appear. As soon as you get the Grail, you'll want to go back the way you 
    came and out to the centre of the swamp otherwise you might run out of time. 
    When Dagda does die, he'll drop a new magical item for you (HEMLOCK). One of 
    your Zombies should automatically pick up the Hemlock so don't worry about 
    picking it up yourself. Jump through the portal and you're away.
                                        Realm One:
                               The Forest of Woodman's Hall
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Killed Blaise.      :                 50EXP.      :
                   : -Killed Elidor.      :                 20EXP.      :
                   : -Found Glasses Of    :                 --EXP.      :
                   :  Vision.             :                 10EXP.      :
                   : -Found Alectorius.   :                 20EXP.      :
                               Total Experience Possible = 100/100
    Do not think of using Elves on this level, as Elidor, King of Elves can easily 
    turn them against you.
    When you first appear in the level, three elves will begin to attack you. 
    Ignore them and let Percival take care of them. Your goal, however, is to head
    to the nearest Point of Power and guard it with your life. Set up a zombie on
    the PoP and then either cast a Fountain of Life next to it, or a Pestilence
    Totem. If it's a Pestilence Totem, the zombie will spread the disease onto any
    enemy creatures who attack, which means the enemy side can't draw power from 
    that magic source.
    Cast yourself up some more zombies. Walk a little way from the zombies, and 
    command them to walk over to the Totem to infect themselves. Now begin your own
    way to the large stone Elven Building in the centre of the map. The door to the
    place can only be opened once you pass by it, so that's why you need to go 
    Once it's open, cast a few zombies into the place to keep the Elves busy and 
    get a short safe distance from the entrance. Command your pestilence army of 
    the undead to swarm this building, making their way to the two Places of Power
    at the far back.
    Whilst they are busy pillaging the building, walk a short distance from the
    entrance to a small wooden hut and go inside. There might be a Elf inside, but
    cast something to keep him at bay. Stand on the little switch in here to
    disable a rigged chest nearby. Leave and go over to the chest. Inside, you'll
    find the Glasses of Vision.
    Now that you are ruling the battle field, cast up even more zombies and infect
    them. Send them out to the four corners of the map in search of Blaise. When 
    one of them makes contact, pull all of your forces togeather (Save the ones on
    the PoPs) and attack him en masse. When he's crooked it, Elidor will show up
    and decide to attack. Send all of your forces to attack him, leaving the odd
    one or two on their Place of Power. 
    Elidor will die easily once he's swarmed. Now that he is dead, leave all of 
    your creatures alone and go over to the other building in the region by 
    yourself and get close to the entrance. It's best to save here.
    When you're ready, go through the door to activate a timer. You need to hit all
    the switches in the room to get to the the teleporter, so head to the only one
    that's avaliable to you. Summon to Brownies to take care of the Redcaps and 
    run all over the place to activate the switches. Be sure to pick up the magic
    item (Alectorius) before leaving.
                                        Realm One:
                                       Joyous Garde
                   : Achivement           :           Experience Points :
                   :                      :                             :
                   : -Killed Bertilak.    :                 50EXP.      :
                   : -Confronted the      :                 --EXP.      :
                   :  Overlord.           :                 20EXP.      :
                   : -Took the Laurel.    :                 30EXP.      :
                   : -Freed Lucan.        :                 400EXP.     :
                               Total Experience Possible = 140/140
    This is it. The finale of the Celtic Realms. You'll be marching into the Castle
    of Joyous Garde and being all mean and rad and stuff. There will be some Mana
    Sprites to the South, but Percival will snatch most of them. Collect the ones 
    he doesn't want and then head back to the Main Entrance. 
    Cast up some creatures (Hellhounds are perfect for this level, especially their
    Paralysis Beam) and then kick down the door. There are some archers in their 
    posts in the corners, and a Troll guarding the door. Send your Hellhounds to
    attack the Giant and run past this main hall to unlock the barriers to the Elf
    Archer Posts. Summon up some more creatures and send them to attack the now 
    exposed archers, whilst they do that, make your way DOWN the hallway. Don't
    worry about the fireballs hitting you, just rush past the torch. By now, the 
    front entrance creatures will have killed the enemies, so bring them along
    with you. 
    Open the two chests in the side room and keep heading along the hallway. Kill 
    the Troll and then head over to the Place of Power which Hermes points out. 
    You need to get there fast and defend it, otherwise you won't win this battle.
    Cast a Fountain of Life by the Place of Power and make a barrier of creatures
    to defend the corner and just stay here. When you have enough Mana, cast 
    another Fountain. Keep doing this until you have about, say, 7. Leave a strong
    creature to drain the PoP and go to the other Place of Power, near the jail.
    This PoP is rigged, but it varies every time you play. It's either booby 
    trapped by weight, or by electricity. Pick up the scroll nearby and read it
    to determine what type it is. If it's the electric one, just do what the note
    says and stand on the four triggers to disable it. If it's the Weight trap, put
    a Brownie or something similar onto it.
    Once again, defend the PoP by building a wall of creatures and then begin to 
    cast the Fountains when you have the chance. When you have seven here, replace
    the Brownie with a stronger creature and head off to the last PoP on the ground
    floor. You might of encountered Bertilak whilst doing this, but don't be afaird
    once he summons the Hell Hound Lords. 
    Anyway, back to the last Place of Power. Cast some Fountains outside the little
    room and put some creatures to guard the entrance, whilst you go in by 
    yourself. Cast a fireball or trajectory at the Basilisk on the PoP to kill him.
    Carefully, make your way around the room by stepping only on the wooden beam. 
    Cast a Brownie to guard the place and leave. Leave more Hellhounds to guard 
    this room and then head to the first Place of Power you took over. Summon every
    thing you've got and attack Bertilak. Kill him, and let the Overlord approach
    and talk to you. If you thought that battle was tough, that's nothing compared
    to the Overlord who can kill any creature he pleases with a single spell. When
    he walks off, go and free your Uncle from the last cell on the right. Don't 
    step on any of the switches except the one for Lucan's prison, the one opposite
    and the first one on the left.
    Leave via the portal to complete and leave the First Realm. 
                                TO BE COMPLETED....
                             (T-K) THANKS TO... (T-K)
    There are people who deserve credit, and they are as follows:
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQs: Because they always get top-billing. ^_~
    -http://www.network-science.de/ascii/'s wonderful ASCII generator!
    -Yams, Spring Rubber, SoftReset, MetalGearREXDude, Hello2ucat, Falcor, Bass X,
    iamtheprodigy, BannedAccount, KageShinobi, PSXer, RoarMonkey, Lollybomb,
    Agonized Flyer, Tomba42, monker, derrate, Red Snake, DeathStalka2, GigaRaver, 
    TwistedCrow, NeoChaosPerfect, RedLight, Spiderman23JII, autoIoad, Moth366, 
    monster master, K1NGCAL, Pigwater, eeyoreluv, jedi zero, Bob the Cow V, 
    VisionofImmortality, trickery...and a whole bunch of RI'ers who are badass 
    and stuff and also...just for being...well, people.
                             (C-R) Copyright Information (C-R)
    This text file for "Magic and Mayhem" may not be republished and reprinted for 
    any charges and/or profits. This includes being reproduced in books, 
    magazines, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, on other web sites other than GameFAQs 
    without the permission of  the original author. Any changes to this 
    file without the permission of the author is wrong and breaks the law
    of copyright, so please don't do it. And as the legal owner of this
    guide, I bare the right to require any reproduced copies of 
    this guides to be removed from any source of media that may
    use this guide.
    You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
    also print it if you wish. 
    The latest version of this guide can always be found on the GameFAQs.com
    gaming website. 
    Pfft...that's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, ain't it?
    Copyright 2005 Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor. <(o_q)>TM

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