Review by Majin Magus

"The BEST Way to Waste Your Life"

Little did I know when I created little Sallainla, my Human Wizard on Drinal server, that was stepping into a world that would alter my thoughts and life. I knew from the first five minutes playing (even though I had NO clue what I was doing) that this was a very special game. You see, it is so addicting, I believe because some wish to be fantasy characters with magic but aren't, and here's their chance. That and it mirrors real life in ways that I will explain a little later. Let's get to the categories.

EQ is the best game I have ever played. I have rejected all other types of games when EverQuest is available. The game is just like real life, which is why I like it. I'll elaborate in my ''Story'' category. I like the arrow keys, and I have perfected a technique with my right hand on the mouse or typing keys, and my left hand on the arrow keys... but sometimes lag brings the gameplay down.

Okay, okay, there is no story but only technically can I say that. The story is what ever you want to make it. You want your character to have been alone since age two? Fine. Want a tragic past? It's yours. Elaborate on why your character is roaming Norrath... Quests you do can be the story, but EQ, as I've said, is just like life. There is no predestined outcome like in other games, like 'you'll kill this guy and that's it, game over.' You can't say what the ending will be, and you aren't supposed to do any particular. Just live your EverQuest life. That's it.

Okay music, but I suggest opening a mp3 player and mixing your own playlist as you while away hours. Of course, then you can't hear SandGiants and Mummies moaning and clomping around, but your loss =)
Sounds are decent, but when you run or walk the sound of footsteps doesn't match your pace. That and the graphics aren't matched with real action, like ''A Gnoll Hits YOU'' and then a few seconds after the thing swings. Not good for spell-timing casters, but what are you going to, hmm?

--Replay Factor--
This game never ends. There is no end boss. That has delighted me since my first play. Again I must say that this game reminds me of life. You are to determine your character's destiny. It hasn't been set for you by a computer. Be a dark, shadowy warrior of Neriak or a light-giving Druid servant of the Healer Deity 'Rodcet Nife.'

--The Worth--
$10 a month plus 10-30 dollars to buy it isn't too bad if you have an income or people like to give you money for special occasions and you save it and not spend it. If you like to beat games and say ''I won, I CONQUERED!'' then I don't think you'd like EverQuest. If you like playing with others and magic and RPG's, then buy EverQuest. I'll see you on Drinal server.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/10/01, Updated 05/10/01

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