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"Ummm... this is fun??"

The hardcore will say that this is a great RPG, because it doesn't bombard you with the thick plot and pre-determined storylines of games like Final Fantasy or Fallout. Perhaps, if gathered with a bunch of friends, this is a fun thing to do. But, in Everquest, it presents as a tedious and unrewarding chore.

Graphics: horrid. Really bad. Perhaps, when this first came out, they were ok. But, now, they are laughable. Characters employ a bare minimum of texture mapping, so they all look like first-generation N-64 creations. The backgrounds are better, but highly pixellated up close. Ugly ugly ugly.

Sound: Not much... just the music (not bad), and the usual sounds of warfare.

Technical: Aside from the graphics and sound, the only real technical problem is that it takes, roughly, 15 days to load each segment of the world. So if you leave the town, and realize you need to go back, you want to shoot yourself, because you waste half your life just waiting for the town to reload. There's not much excuse for this, since the different zones are hardly works of art.

Play: This is where it counts, and this is where the game falls to bits. This game is relentlessly boring. I played for over a month, assuming that, sooner or later, it would pick up. It never did. You progress very slowly through the levels, which isn't a big problem, except for the progression itself isn't exciting. You fight the same damn monsters over and over for weeks. The world is huge, but I think you must have to play for two years to see half of it, because as soon as you venture beyond your starting location, you will die.

Not only do you level slowly, but there is little to reward you when you do. There are no cool weapons to buy, so you'll be fighting with the same stick for the first few months of playing. The magic spells are slow to learn, but add some flair. I was able to summon creatures, but they all just look like different-textured Slimers, so that wasn't much fun either.

The interface is clunky and complicated. You can assign certain actions to these little buttons on the screen, to customize the layout a bit. This helps, but it's still clunky. The interface looks like a bunch of disjointed windows, just slapped over the already ugly gamefield.

Fighting is a bore. You face an enemy, and click ''fight.'' Then they fight. Then you win. Then you raid the corpse, and get another fairy wing or other useless item. You never find anything interesting... just stupid knick-knacks. Once in a long while, you'll find someone who wants these things, and you get rewarded with some other knick-knack that nobody needs.

There is no plot. There are no real quests. There is no incentive to level up. The combat is dull. The graphics are uninspired. And you have to pay each month to play. Perhaps I'm missing something, but why the hell would anybody want to do this? At least in Diablo II, you get the satisfaction of finding cool items and learning cool skills.

This game fails in every respect to create an immersive world, and doesn't even try to create an interesting one. The only positive aspect is socializing with everybody else, although, in my experience, all that happens is people run around giving free crap to anybody who chose a female elf as their persona, and ignoring anybody else.

Don't buy into the hype with this game. It serves best to hold cold drinks. Wait for something better.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/24/01, Updated 10/24/01

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