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"Very fun, and addicting MMORPG"

Wake up, go to school / work, come home, and play EQ. Thats almost what your life consists of when ever you get this game. Its a must play because of its addictive aspect, feeling that ''YOU MUST MAKE YOUR CHARACTER THE BEST!!!''

Game Play (4/10) Not really enjoyable game play considering all you do is go up to a ''mob'' and cast a spell, or hit it with your weapon, and hope the the out come favors your side. Don't get me wrong, it sounds boring, but in a way its not, considering you get experience most of the time, or you get a piece of loot that you can sell to a NPC merchant, or a PC for platinum, gold, silver, or copper, or a straight and simple trade for another item, which means you've just advanced your character, and as I said, its an addictive nature to make your character great.

Sound (2/10) There really is no great sound track to this
game. Most people like me just turn the music off because it can be annoying after it carries on for hours and hours of game play, never changing, unless you move to a different zone, which is easier said than done, since you have to usually sit in one area fighting a few mobs of your choice. The combat sounds, and the environmental sounds are nothing to give much credit to either. Just a few UGH!, AH!, and EH's! make up the combat sounds. And a few waves, or the sound of thunder make up the environmental sounds. But after the Shadows of Luclin expansion, the environmental sounds advanced alot.

Graphics (8/10) Old school Ever Quest players like me remember the very low detailed graphics of the ''old world'' but after the 4 expansions there has been a huge improvement on the player models, and the monster models. The surroundings such as trees, walls, and buildings give nice detail to your hunting area too. Before the expansions I would have gave the graphics a 4/10, but Varent has made a huge improvement.

Controls (10/10) Controls are very easy to adjust to since you can make your own hotkeys, making your controls what YOU want them to be. After awhile its your nature to hit certain keys.

Multiplayer (10/10) The multiplayer interactions are mind bending. You can form up a mass amount of players to go kill dragons or gods, which adds to more gameplay, considering they are the most graphically enhanced monsters, and the monsters that take the most wit, and brain to take down. Its certainly not a rush in and win situation in this game. It takes team work, considering there are no cheats out there for this game, and if you have managed to find any, you can say good bye to the account that you've been paying $13.00 a month for, because Verant doesnt tolerate foolishness, profanity, or hacking. The social aspect is great too, a great game to make friends in, or to just sell off items that you have earned to other players.

OVER ALL (9/10) The gameplay can get rather boring after awhile, but the addictive nature keeps you wanting to come back for more, and a game that does that deserves a good score.

NOTE: People who usually give this game a bad rating are the people who played it for only a couple weeks or months, and havn't gotten to the main game. Trust me you have to atleast advance past the 40th level to start seeing the world of Ever Quest, so if you are going to take peoples opinions about the game, make sure its a person who's actually achieved alot in the game, and not a person who advanced their character to level 12 with cloth and leather armor.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/17/02, Updated 11/17/02

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