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""We aspire to make the greatest game on the internet""

Quoted from 1999 when I first tried this game out. Now although Everquest does have the largest number of subscribers of any internet game out there does that neccessarily make them the best? Nope, and why you ask? Because they aren't trying to make it the best game. Everquest is one of those games that is supposed to draw you in for months and months at a time and keep you wanting to play. The problem is they (Verant/Sony) are not trying very hard to actually improve it. They are saving their time,money, and ideas for something better (EQ2).

GAMEPLAY 5/10 The game was designed to be group oriented, nothing wrong with that but they failed to realize alot of people don't have the time and/or patience to always deal with other people. Its too group oriented in my opinion.
Tedious- one word to describe the advancing of your character, it can be fun battling with other people and using different stradegies to adjust to multiple group combinations BUT they made certain classes very needed like a Cleric or Enchanter which makes it much more difficult to adjust when you lack those classes. On top of that you must deal with slow leveling, 1-50 can be managable 51-65 is very hard and even more tedious and time consuming.
The trade skill system is the same way, slow and tedious and very expensive to the point where only the richest characters actually get the benefit of making it useful.
As an example of how they draw the game out, when you have a level 5 wizard it make take you about 3 minutes to meditate from 0 mana to full mana but if you are a level 60 wizard it will take you a good 12-13 minutes to meditate from 0 to full mana. Same thing with melee characters, regaining your hit points without a healer is just about an all day effort so you can forget soloing as a warrior once you reach about level 30. Even if you are a paladin (warrior/cleric), you are able to heal yourself ha! but guess what? you regain mana even slower then the clerics and your healing is nowhere near as good.

I recommend you don't get involved in this hype. You pay $12 a month. Instead of giving a 3 year old game big improvements and more interesting things to do they just draw it out by making leveling and earning cash/good equipment slow and tedious. Don't bother with Everquest.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/02/02, Updated 12/02/02

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