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Reviewed: 01/16/03 | Updated: 01/16/03

A precious waste of time

If you hate your life, your friends, school, your job, and the sun, then this is the game for you. Why do I say that, you ask? Well friends, let me elaborate. First, I'll start by saying that this isn't a rash first impression or anything. I spent $120 or so and a good four months of my life wrapped up in this goofy polygon world. So, on with the review.


Here's where this game really 'excels'. You start by making a character, which, personally, is my favorite part. It's all downhill from here. After customizing your person, being forced into a rigidly structured class, and picking your birthsign, you're plopped into the game proper. You start with a few rudimentary items and a short quest to accomplish. Once finished, you're pushed closer to those wolves they threw you to at the beginning there by having to use your meager weapons to fend off the various critters walking about. Now, this is where the game gets ugly.

You walk up to an enemy and click it to target. Sounds ok so far, right? A lot of games are like this. Yes, but wait. Once you click, you click one more button and.......AND.......that's it. That's combat. Oh excuse me, you can cast spells too. Only if you get the timing right though. I don't care about the damage calculation and how it works etc. You hit a button, your character starts swinging, the end. Maybe you win, maybe you don't. This will be the majority of your Everquest career.

Surely, I jest, you say. There's gotta be more to the game than THAT. Oh, there is. Lots more. Guess what? You can MAKE STUFF! First, you need to kill stuff (yes again) to get enough money to buy the ingredients or items you need, then you have to hope against hope that you don't fail. There's also a load of different items to get and a whole slew of places to see. This all sounds well and good, doesn't it? Well, don't be disillusioned by all the little side stuff that some people get so wrapped up in that it makes the game fun for them. The game is about combat and combat alone. Which is why it baffles me that the combat is so horrendous.

To summarize: Gobs and gobs of things to do, but expect to spend the majority of your time staring at the screen while your character swings a sword.



Well, since you're supposed to make your own story, the only thing Verant did was create back story to flesh the world out and create a reason for you to be killing this thing or that thing. It's hard to be more verbose on a factor that is so lacking. Therefore:

STORY: 0.5/10 (because a 0 is just plain mean)


This is where the game only recently redeemed itself, since the inclusion of the mp3 player. Since I got to listen to my own choice of music and therefore have created a loophole in my rating system, I shall award extra points to compensate. The sound effects are there, but I don't know a single player who turns them on. The majority of them are combat related and therefore seem displaced in contrast to the usual silence or repetitive footfalls.

AUDIO: 4/10


I'll not get into the whole pre-Luclin/post-Luclin hoopla. Instead, I'll assume that here in 2003 most players will have Luclin and say that the graphics are pretty decent. Compared to most games out now they're sub-standard, but with all the stuff happening on-screen at once, they're tolerable.



Here is where the game gets my own personal kick in the gut. A game that never ends cannot be replayed, therefore has no replay value to speak of. End of story.

REPLAY: 0.5/10


The hype and the multiplayer aspect of the game is what has rocketed it to such global success. If I want to talk to people, though, I'll go to a free chat room. If I want to play an RPG with massive scale and beauty, I'll play Morrowind. Those of you who want to blend the two and risk becoming sucked into the vortex, then this is your game. I like to keep my online and my gaming seperate, thank you very much.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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