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"This is the best game!"

As long as I have been playing RPGs (since I could read, and the first one came out) I havealways dreamed about on-line RPGs. Sure Ultima on-line sounded cool, but it just didn't cut it.Its fun and all, but 2D, and WAY old-school. Its like playing Dragon Warrior. But when I heardabout a 3D on-line RPG, I almost wet myself! And then when I heard that there were 13 races, and14 different classes for you to choose from, I died. Sure I was sceptical at first, and definately hadmy doubts. Like would the graphics and sound be good? Or would it lag real bad? And how the battle would work with thousands of people playing at a time? But listen here my friend, I hadno reason what-so-ever to doubt it. This game is Everquest!

Graphics 10/10

This game has good graphics, and ecspecially for a game with literally 1000's of differentlooks for each character! The people are great looking, easily distiguisable among the races.And your appearance changes depending what your wearing! And not all things of the same typelook the same! Different armor looks different. Different weapons look different! Everything!The towns, forests, fields, water, sky, items, and houses are great looking. All perfectly 3D!You can actually walk around a store! And this is true 3D, not some "fake" 3D like some othergames, I mean, this is Mario 64, and Zelda 64 3D! And the spells look cool too.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay in this game is superb! You use both the mouse and keyboard, and can customizecertain things as you see fit! There are also hot keys, to make you life a-lot easier. Youcan walk, or run. You can jump, sit, crawl, stand, you can do almost anything! The battles are very good too. You use a mix of skills you learn, magic, and fighting to slay your enemy.You can either train on monster, or go after other players, like yourself. The magic is sooocool! There are over 700 different spells! Each totally unique, not just copies of other.After battle, if you got hurt you need to regain your health and stamina. To do this youactually rest! Is that cool or what! You can join/create a party, or just be a loner, its yourchoice.

Sound/Music 10/10

The sounds and music in this game are some of the best i've heard! The towns all have musicthat fits them perfectly. While as soon as you start a battle, the music smoothly pics up andturns into some of the coolest battle music I've heard. The slashes of swords, whizzes of arrows, and blasts of magic are all extremely crisp and clear! And none of these sounds areshared. Each thing has its own sound.

Control 10/10

Ahh, control. This is where I thought the game would lack, but much to my suprise, its great!You do everything with the mouse and keyboard. And with 3 views--3rd person, 1st person, andone that YOU move the camera--you dont ever have a hard time getting around. The menus areeasy to navigate, and you can learn them quick.

Replay Value 11/10

Actually, the replay value is infinate/10! You never get the same game twice. With 13 differentraces, and 14 classes to choose from, you never get bored. On top of that, the world of EverQuest(Norath) is HUGE! There is NO way to walk around it all. It would take you forever to see it all!And its not just repetative stuff either. Every part of the world is diffent. Just be carful not to wander into another race's town that is enemies of your race. Unless you want to die. And oneof the coolest things about it is that there is no "Set" story. Only the history of Norath hasbeen laid out infront of you. You--the player--and all the others create the story as it wouldbe in real-life. Like for instance, on my server, the Wood Elves (my race) hunt and kill Gnomesfor sport! I have no idea how that started, but when I went to another server one day, they hadnever heard of the idea! Just so you know, you can switch servers as you wish. On top of that,they are always making additions to this game. Like as of March 2000, there will be an expansionpack that adds another race (the 13th) and add another continent! This game hads endless possablities!

Overall infinate/10

I have had an extremely hard time keeping this review "short". There is just som much to sayabout such a good game. Sure you have to have a 3Dfx card, and it must be played online, but itsstill good. I read another review--author shall remain nameless--and he said yo uneed a greatcomputer for this to work. But my computer is a piece of crap, and this game runs great. Andhe also said the game lagged alot. It dosen't! Every once-in-a-blue-moon it has about 1/2 ofa seconds worth of lag. So I HIGHLY reccomend this game, and if yo uever want to meet me in thegame just e-mail me at: and we'll set up a meeting poingt. Well, I hopeyou enjoyed the game. Thank you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/16/99, Updated 12/16/99

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