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"Not as good as Ultima..... but a good online RPG nonetheless"

I reviewed this game once already and I received hundreds of emails telling me that ''it's not anyone's fault that your computer sucks!'' I had to agree, but let's just clear this up: My computer does not indeed suck. It is a 833 MHz Pentium and I recently got hooked up to a cable. Anyways, just to clear that up, I will go on with my ''revised'' review of this game.


EverQuest has the best 3D visuals in an Online RPG I have ever seen and great music and control. However, those three elements do not make a game. EverQuest is a time-consuming online RPG that will keep players coming back for 6 - 12 months to get all the items, quests, and level ups. This I think is great. It is a massive world with lots to do and I love the grouping and working together part of the game that Ultima does not offer. But, the major flaw is: After the 12 months is up and you got everything, what else is there to do? You will find yourself saying, I wasted one year of my life just FOR this???

I found myself bored within the first 2 months of playing this game. I was a Barbarian Shaman and I had a great time in the first 2 months. I was playing hours on end grabbing loot and getting experience. However, by the end of the 2 months, I was level 21 and I had 2 more bubbles to go until Level 22. I was wandering around aimlessly the same dungeon fighting enemy after enemy, when I suddenly got bored from the same thing everday. That's when I camped and went back to Ultima.

There are plenty of classes and races to choose from in EverQuest, but what's the point? They are all the same except different starting points and magic spells. The point is: Level up, conquer dungeons, quests, and group with people. In Ultima, it is more time-consuming. You can buy a house and do everything you do in EverQuest but the point is not leveling up, it's survival because in Ultima, there are people called Murderers that come on and kill you to get your stuff. It's more like real life where in EverQuest you have to play on PK servers because in regular servers you can kill other players.

But, don't get me wrong: EverQuest is a good game. But, if you want to play a real, in-depth online RPG, go with Ultima. If you are more into power leveling, EverQuest is your game. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But, I would recommend Ultima over EverQuest.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/26/00, Updated 11/26/00

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