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"Very Impressive, but in my opinion Levelquest isn't perfected"

I love Rpgs and I've played them all for twenty years. When I saw games like Everquest and UO come out I jumped for joy! Finally here was a rpg that would never end. After years of wondering ''what would happen if the plot went this way?'', or questioning ''why do people keep repeating themselves over and over again?'', that was all going to change. In this world I would make the plot. My destiny was mine and not some microchip. I anticipated never picking up my Playstation controller again. The box read ''Welcome to our world'' and I was sooooo willing to be welcomed. So I began and entered the world through my magical PC box.

At first everything was even more than what I expected. The rich landscapes and lush musical scores put UO to shame and made me never want to leave. With a sword in hand I set out exploring and conquering evil as my alter ego Paladin-Aleron. For about a month things went on this way. I made some friends and we grouped regularly. Finally I had gained enough power so I could leave the land I was born in and go exploring other terran.
Upon reaching my manhood I discovered a realization which broke my noble heart in two........

There's really nothing more to do in Everquest than kill monsters to gain levels and items.

Yes, this is quite a challenge and takes a very, very, long time but that's all there is. In a world like Everquest the players make the world and most players in these types of games are only interested in one thing, Power. Roleplaying at times can be almost non-exsistent (unless you consider ''let's hunt to gain levels'' roleplaying). The game does provide built in quests but these quests are handed off byimpersonal NPCs who just spew out their programming (now doesn't that sound familiar, see first paragraph). Besides, so many people end up completing these quests that there's just no mystery anymore. Feel free to waltz into any zone, scream out something along the lines of ''how do you complete quest so and so'' and you're bound to recieve a detailed answer. How Fun:( Oh and by the way, all of the quests center around two things, fighting monsters and gaining items.

Speaking of items:
Most items of any interest appear only on certain monsters at random times. Fair enough right? Hmmmmmm, let me try to explain what happens in steps.
1)word gets out that monster A is the only monster that holds this item and that monster A will only spawn (appear) at a certain location.
2)About 100 players flock to this location and sit there until the monster appears. In the game this is called ''camping''
3)The monster appears and you guess it all 100 players rush to kill it. In the end the monster might not even have the item and 99 players are left yelling at the player who got to the monster first.

This process never, ever, ever ends and goes on everywhere throughout the game

Of course I'll admit that things like this are bound to happen in Online games, but the problem is you have no alternatives. You can't build homes, shops etc., you can't interact with your surroundings, and god forbid you try to explore. Imagine if in the 17th century the frontier was already camped out by everyone else. Yes the game has many zones but what they don't tell you is that these zones will all be very overcrowded with all areas of any interest camped. (see above) A great example of this is most dungeons. In my opinion a dungeon just isn't scary when every monster is being slaugtered for you by the 60+ players around you.

If you can't do anything what's left. Ahhh the trade skills such as blacksmithing, brewing etc, skills that cost you every cent with few results. Most of them just don't work out and if you have the patience to get them to work don't forget you can't build a store or create any signature of your own. The only thing you can do is run into zones screaming blah blah for sale. That's just not very classy.

Everquest was a great idea but sorry to say it's nothing more then a fancy room with monsters. There's really nothing interactive about ''our world'' expect, you guessed it the Monsters and the items. The game should've been called Levelquest since that's all the game is really about.

Oh well, I guess I shall continue my quest for that world.
Everquest is but an incomplete idea.........

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/28/00, Updated 05/28/00

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