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"Watch out worms, Armageddon has arrived!"

Introduction -
Worms Armageddon is the third installment of the very enjoyable Worms series. The folks at Micro Prose and Team 17 both spent a lot of time making this one, and the wait was worth it. Whether you play online or offline, you will surely enjoy this game. After having so much fun playing Worms 2, I realized that this game was really not that much different from it. Yet, it delivers nearly double the excitement for any Worms 2 fan. They could have made this an expansion pack or perhaps something to download. While the game is fairly cheap, you will still get your money’s worth from it though.

So...uh...what is this game?

In Worms Armageddon, you control and fight animated worms. Each and every worm looks and does basically the same thing, but the real objective is trying to defeat every other team as efficiently as possible. There are many obstacles that can be extremely fatal to your team or hopefully your rival teams. Including water, napalm barrels, mines, extreme heights, low gravity, and much more. Most of these can be reconfigured to make things either easier or harder, depending on if you want to kick some major ass or challenge yourself.

Each team can have up to eight of these tiny worms as well as customizing their own gravestone, victory music, special weapon, and how they talk. There are tons of weapons to choose from unless you decide to change the options. Same goes for the places they fight at. Heck, there is an easy-to-use scenario editor. If you do not wish to take the time to make a board, then the game has a random-level-generator feature you can use. There are perhaps thousands of maps to choose from without making your own. Not to mention that there are many other options such as ''sudden death'' and a weapon editor, where you can choose the availability and quantity of each weapon during the game.

Presentation -
Worms Armageddon includes one CD and a nice instruction booklet. There are no problems here. One of the best things about this game is how much you can modify each scenario. There are billions of settings you could make. Any strategy fan should become addicted to this game quickly. There are nearly endless possibilities here. Different types of terrain, weapons, options…the list goes on and on. You get the gist hopefully.

The game's hilarity factor will keep you entertained...

One thing about this game is that some of the voices and weapons are quite humorous. Sometimes you will start laughing your ass off when you see five or six worms all fall in the dip at once because of a deadly banana bomb. There are tons of voices you can choose from when creating new teams, including British, Yorkshire Tykes, Kamikaze, Angry Scottish, and of course, American. Some of the weapons are hilarious, like the Old Woman, the Homing Pigeon, Sheep, and Mad Cow. Just watching the game will keep you entertained. Nice family fun.
Presentation – 9/10

Graphics -
As mentioned earlier, Worms Armageddon has animated graphics. They look pretty nice, but just not up-to-date though. Any person who plays this game will probably not even mind the visuals at all. The worms look very nice though. Their various gestures are very realistic, yet humorous. They do all kinds of things like pick up a berry off the ground and eat it, make an evil face at the camera, look around nervously, and much more. The backgrounds are sort of lame, but nothing you should be paying attention to anyway.

The weapon visuals look nice too. It is back to the old Batman-like cartoon, where every sound effect is written on the screen. When a banana bomb detonates, a large 'boom' is written on the screen as well as the sound is played. Sort of cheap, but again, nothing here should bother you unless you are picky about graphics.
Graphics – 6/10

Music/Sound -
Inside the CD of Worms Armageddon, there are a couple of music tracks through the duration of each battle. None of them are not that pleasing, but it is not like any game has the best music. The sound is never choppy, nor the music. The sound and voices do at some point become very annoying and lame after listening to them about a thousand times. To sum that all up in a few words: Nothing wrong or perfect.
Music/Sound -5/10

Gameplay -
The bombs, the grenades, the homing missiles, the jet-packing, the ninja-roping, the teleporting, the hilarity factor, and of course, the worms fighting each other! The action never seems to stop, does it? Worms Armageddon will keep you brawling for quite some time. Playing online is a lot more fun, but do not get me wrong, offline is still really fun as well.

So...what kind of stuff can you do in this game?

There are four main things you can do in this game, and they are:

- Single Player Training
- Single Player Deathmatch
- Multiplayer Mode
- Online Mode

There are tons of things you can do. They are all guaranteed to keep you busy for hours. I recommend any beginners to do Single Player Training first, mainly because if you do not then you will be having a hard time with the other modes. Once you finish those missions, move on to the fun deathmatch mode, where you keep fighting until the AI get too tough for you. It gets more challenging each time, something I like in any game. You may get tired of the game at some point in your life, but there will always be a new challenge awaiting you when you retire from the game. No doubt about it.

Tired of playing by yourself? How about the Multiplayer Mode for a change? This is basically the scenario editor, where you can change anything. You do not have to play with other people in this mode, but this is the only mode where you can. You will be spending most of your Worms Armageddon days here. Get to know your enemy and weapons, then give the online mode a try. Online is much different, but much more enjoyable. That is a promise.
Gameplay -9/10

Replay Value -
As you could have guessed, this game will keep you occupied for a while. Mission after mission to attend to, nearly infinite set-ups, and playing online are all major factors of the replay value of this game. Micro Prose and Team 17 both did a great job with trying to keep the worm fanatics busy with this game. This is one of those games you will remember for a long time after you 'complete' it. Truth is, there is no real way to 'complete' this game, which is what boosts the replay value pretty far up the scale. Unfortunately, at some point, you will get very tired of this game. No need to worry, it should not happen for a long time though.
Replay Value -9/10

Quick Review -
Presentation - 9/10
Graphics - 6/10
Music/Sound - 5/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Replay Value - 9/10
Overall (not an average) - 8/10

Bottom Line - Situation: You are either a previous Worms fan or a fan of very fun and challenging action games. Solution: Give Worms Armageddon a try!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/06/01, Updated 07/06/01

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