"You Can't Stop Playing this Game!"

''Have you ever tried this game before?'', was the question my friend asked me before I sat down at his computer. I looked at the a burned disc he was holding that said ''Worms Armageddon'' on it. This was the begining of a new revelation in 2d computer gaming for me.

Gameplay 9/10: This is one of the better qualities in the game.I mean who can resist blowing a cute little worm off the screen with more weapons than any other game I've seen. It may look simple at first but try going online on worm net and play against some of the ropers...you'll see what I mean. I gave it a 9 though sometime it's a little bit awkward using the mouse and the keyboard at the same time.the multi player is awesome though, as I will explain later.

Audio 7/10: This is a ok part of the game because you can choose from tons of voices, anthems, and cool sound effects for your team. The only reason a gave it a seven is because the music get really old and some time I just turn down the volume because of it. Bt don't get me wrong the music is ok just not really exciting.

Graphics 9/10: The word here is intricate. Everything is beautifully sculpted and the worms are cute little cartoon characters that are really fun to blow up. The explosions are nothing special but are adequate. The reason I give this a nine is due to the 2d format. I think this game could have worked even better with a 3d format to play on.

Replayability 10/10: This is the best aspect of the game. This is the most addictive thing I've ever done. Don't waste your time in single player though, Go straight to MULTIPLAYER!!!!! Every person I have let play this game has become instantly addicted to it and wants a burned copy right away. You can play on wormnet all the time and join the world of people hooked on worms.

To Rent or Buy: Well you can't rent this (because it's a computer game! Duh!)but I definitely recommend buying or burning a copy you will not be disappointed at all!!!!

In all Worms Armageddon is one of the best 2d game ever invented or to be invented!!!!! Get it now!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/01, Updated 07/25/01

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