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"Funny, fun, difficulty Wrapped up in 1 Game!!"

Worms Armageddon is a classic fun, hilarious and very difficult game. It's all wrapped up nicely and makes a great game!

Game Features (9/10)
The game comes complete with many different ways to have fun. First is of course a single player mode. A training section comes included to get you used to the game and give you some help later on. A deathmatch mode where you are in a straight elimination match with the computer. And the mission mode where you try to get through 33 or so different levels. In each training you can earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal depending on how well you perform. With a gold you unlock a cheat. There are 5 different training games you can play. In deathmatch you play straight elimination with the computer. At first it's easy and get harder and harder as you get going. The mission mode is the best single player way to play where you attempt to get through 33 different levels where you must perform a special operation and survive from you enemies. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friend or practice with yourself. You can play different schemes and use different maps. You can also play online. This is probably the best option. There are about 10 different types of games to play online too. From golf to races. You can create your own team aswell with your own special weapon, own names, own flag and your choice of voice, most of which are funny. The multiplayer can be hilarious depending how you play but the online mode is still probably the best. 9/10 for game features.

Graphics (7/10)
This is one area where the game could improve greatly. Although the graphics really aren't too bad the aren't very appealing at first. Once you play the game a few times though you notice the detail. A more or less 2D game that has a lot of detail. It could be better and should come with a different view. The only optional thing is the size. You can play between a large view where everything is huge or one where you can see the landscape better. 7 out of 10 for lots of detail but there is lots of room for improvements.

Controls (8/10)
A basic control system is very easy to learn and is very simple. There are hotkeys so you don't need to use the mouse and you can hook up controllers if you like. Overall pretty easy but if you are using the rope it can be hard. 8 out of 10 for controls.

Sound (9.5/10)
The sounds in the game are either A) REALLY FUNNY or B) really stupid. The sounds of the weapons are all fairly good except for a few. Some other sound effects make the game funny but the main thing that's hilarious about the sounds are the worms voices. There are over 25 to choose from and about 75% are very funny. ''A donkey, a donkey, my kingdom for a donkey'' Stupid stuff like that in funny voices. More stupid stuff at it usually comes at a funny time. 9.5 because of some stupid annoying voices but most are funny and really add to the game.

Gameplay (9/10)
The gameplay is the best part of the game as it is with most any game. You usually have to kill your opponent or get to a crate. You have limited resources and must get by obstacles and can be a real challenge sometimes. You can use girders, ropes, parachutes and teleports to help you get to your enemy or target. The problem is that you don't get those to start out with. You have to perform tasks to get these. And on top of all of that you have to worry about computer ememies aiming at you at the end of your turn. The multiplayer has better gameplay IMO though. You simply kill kill kill. It is hilarious if you play it right. Huge explosions send multiple worms FLYING into the sky, baseball batting your friend into the water and watching him drown, holy hand grenades that sing halaluya. On top of all this the funny voices make you crack up like mad. Once you've had the game for a week the funny part dies down and you start play for real and practice to beat players online. You can fun, a challenge or both so 9 for gameplay.

Difficulty (8/10)
If you are trying to beat it all, missions, training and deathmatch and master the online play i wish you goodluck. Doing all this is EXTREMELY hard. Beating all missions and training is hard enough. It has it's easier parts though. Deathmatches start out easy and the training can be easy at first. 8 out of 10.

Fun Factor (8/10)
Well as I already explained the game is really funny and is really fun to play. It has good replay value and you can play online so that really adds to it. Online gaming is a whole different experience. 8 out of 10 because it can get boring if it's all you play but it's usually fun.


Game Features : 9/10
Lots of different ways to play and keep you coming for more. About 5 or 6 different modes.

Graphics : 7/10
Lots of detail for a simple 2D game but there is still lots of room for improvements.

Controls : 8/10
Fairly easy controls when your learning but different things can be hard to master.

Sound : 9.5/10
HILARIOUS voices, good sound effects. Only reason this category doesn't recieve a 10 is some annoying voices.

Gameplay : 9/10
Fun Fun Playing. Different modes and a good challenge for you.

Difficulty : 8/10
Easy and hard parts but it's hard to fully complete.

Fun Factor : 8/10
Can get boring if you play too much but Hilarious at first and fun once you get going.

Overall : 8/10
Funny, fun, difficulty Wrapped up in 1 Game!! Buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/23/01, Updated 08/23/01

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