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"Worms - not just for your dog anymore"

The Intro
Worms Armageddon is yet another installment in the Worms turn based strategy game. In the Worms series you take the role of several worms battling it out against your fellow androidgenous insects to the death, using everything from baseball bats to Holy Hand Grenades (huzzah for Monty Python references!). However all out battling won't get you far, most of the time. You have to be very aware of your surroundings and think too, adding a nice twist to the game.

Playing the Game
In Worms Armageddon you create your own team of Worms and customize them giving them individual names, as well as a flag and an accent to make them as unique as possible and then you're off to make war on your opposing factions.

One of the best things about Worms is it's numerous modes of play. There are several training modes where you earn medals, including the aptly named Euthanasia where you have to kill as many grannies as possible in a limited time with an even more limited supply of weapons at your disposal. Other modes include Supercow, where you control a flying cow and have to make it fly and collect crates without crashing. Aside from the training you have the option of playing Deathmatch, which is an all out battle where you fight increasingly more enemies who get harder to beat each rank you move up. You also have the option of playing a quick game, which is essentially a Deathmatch game where you can play without worrying about it affecting your Deathmatch rank. However, you'll probably spend most of your time in the training mode. With over 33 missions to beat, each getting even more difficult you'll spend plenty of time on them.

The weapons at your disposal range from such real-word things as flamethrowers, bazookas, hand guns, shot guns, baseball bats, homing missiles and grenades. On the more bizarre end of the spectrum are weapons such as Grannies, SuperCow a flying kamikaze cow, and exploding sheep, or a gas spewing and exploding skunk.

Something every mode has in common are the games simple controls. You right click to bring up a menu that lets you choose a weapon or item, and then left click the item you want to use. You then aim at your target and hit the space bar to use the item. For certain items, such as grenades you can hold the space bar to make the item go where you desire. A blue bar appears letting you know how much power you're using, as well as pointing in the direction that you're going to fire. Knowing how long to hold the button and how to adjust based on things like wind takes practice, as well as a bit of luck. While this may sound complicated at first it's actually quite easy to understand.

There's also a multi-player mode, which lets you and your friend take place at the keyboard or you can even play eachother online. You can do things like customize the amount of starting weapons, how many weapon crates are dropped.

Think Before You Shoot
As previously mentioned, you need to think before you shoot in Worms Armageddon - you need to keep track of things like how close you are to the water (falling into the water will lead to your worms' untimely demise) and where things like mines and exploding barrels. For example, while you may have an open shot on one worm, you maybe have another on a barrel the will explode and do damage or even kill 2 or 3 others. Also you need to keep track of the weapon crates, which dispense things like weapons, jet packs, parachutes and sites for your weapons, or health crates which will restore your health and cure you if your enemy poisons you. Weapon and health crates will also explode and cause fire damage to enemy if you shoot them, adding another strategical element to the game. Probably the thing you need to watch the most is the wind, as it will greatly effect the path of your weapon fire. A skilled player will use this to their advantage, where as a novice will be hindered by it. Also, each time a worm dies they self destruct, doing as much as 25 points of damage to any worms close enough. This allows you to take out anywhere from 2-4 worms by compounding the damage.

Yes, But How Does it Sound?
The music has a very primitive, almost tribal sound to it, with heavy use of drums which suits the war-like mood present in Worms Armageddon quite well. All the explosions are done quite well, and I especially like the mooing of SuperCow or the chattering of the granny before she explodes when you send her after an enemy. The whiny almost child-like voices of the worms adds some nice comedic relief. Also the various accents your worms have are hilarious, and rather well done ranging from none to British or even Australian.

In Conclusion
Worms Armageddon is an entertaining and fun game with simplistic controls, yet still makes you think before you shoot. Definitely worth picking up whether you're a fan of this genre or not, it'll supply countless hours of fun. It has a great odd sense of humor to it similar to those seen in games like MDK2 and Earthworm Jim, something that really seperates it from many other games within its genre.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/04/02, Updated 05/04/02

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