Review by AJM Ruler

"Better than Worms 2 but just as FUN!"

First off this is a review for Worms Armageddon and I will show what are the ups and downs of Worms Armageddon. The Categories are graphics, sound, controls, gameplay, and the verdict.

Graphics: (9) This game as pretty much the same as Worms 2 in graphics I mean. You get a tiny bit more detailed worms, but other than that it is still pretty much the same as Worms 2. The environments in the game are a little bigger and a little bit more detailed, but it didn't go up a whole big notch, but it went up a little.

Sound: (10) The sound has improved from the last game greatly, it is awesome right down to the most realistic ocean sound I have ever heard. The voice-overs are great, with those witty remarks, who wouldn't like this game? This is one of the new high points of the worms series.

Controls: (9) The controls are pretty much the same as the last game, though it has improved a bit, like with the double jump and stuff like that (which makes the game a lot easier for all of us!) You will learn a lot of cool controls in the training mode when you first take it.You can either choose the right click button for to choose the weapons or you could use the F buttons to see what weapons you want.

Gameplay: (10) This is the biggest improvement in the worms series and this game. You know get a training mode which is really helpful for learning new moves and what not. There is these modes for getting high scores in stuff like sheep launcher where you have to hit as many targets in a minute. And last the missions, which actually are missions, not like the last missions which used story codes in it. You have actually have to strategize in this game unlike the other worm games. You got to plan out stuff like how you are going to get to this certain place.

Verdict: (10) My verdict for this game is a perfect ten! Everything makes it a perfect ten coming from the graphics right straight down to the gameplay. If you ever find this game and wanting to enjoy a fine class game, I would say buy it. And if your hungry for multi player, this is right up your alley!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/22/02, Updated 06/22/02

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