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"More fun than a barrel of...worms?"

Now, Worms Armageddon is an oft overlooked title for the PC due to the fact that there isn't a ridiculous amount of blood and it looks rather cartoon-like. For shame, gamers everywhere, for shame. For Worms provides tons of strategic fun for hours on end, and Armageddon is another title in the series that deserves every bit of praise you can give it.

Graphics: 10/10: They're funny. Lets face it. If I had a worm with a minigun shooting a wide-eyed worm into water, I'd want it to look like that. And you just don't beat blowing things up with old ladies and flying sheep wearing football helmets. Its the best 2D you could imagine.

Sound: 10/10: From the sound of the old lady grumbling to the half a million voice schemes for your worms, many of them quite funny, this is also the best imaginable sound you could be offered.

Gameplay: 10/10: It never, ever gets old. You control between 1 and 8 worms, either selectable or in order, in a turn-based fashion. You must make them move and use their weapons/tools within the time limit. Some tools do not count as a turn, whereas some do. Some weapons have several shots to a turn, like the shotgun (you can fire twice before your turn is over.) Overall, its simply heavenly, the amount of things you could accomplish with this little engine.

Replayability: 10/10: The game generates its own levels, and you can always use the level editor tool to make your own levels (somewhat.) You can tweak all the options you want and make unique circumstances in your matches. Then you can always play Deathmatch mode, to see how far you can go (it gets progressively harder), or try the many, many missions. Then there's Training, first Basic (for the missions), but then there are several other modes like artillery range and the like, where you can test yourself on how long you can last. There are several fun modes too, those that involve racing super sheep around collecting crates, and killing old ladies.

Level editor: 7/10: Its certainly lacking in the fact that you can't just place objects and bridges where you want them, even if they fit. And how the computer places them is somewhat odd as well. Raising the water level a bit may make a bridge FAR above the water level disappear. Its really a game of luck for direct placement. Otherwise, however, you can replicate levels just as the computer generates them, and often the computer will pick up the hint and place those bridges and objects close to properly.

Fun factor//multiplayer: 10/10//12/10: Overall, the game is just too much damn fun. You can use various weapons in odd ways for major explosions, and the level of skill involved in some weapons like the standard grenade or bazooka makes for some hit-and-miss awesomeness. Multiplayer is even more fun, to ridiculous proportions might I say. There's no greater satisfaction than poking your friend's worm off a cliff or killing his worms with an old lady while they look at you oddly and yell ''BLOODDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HEEEEELLLLLLLLL'' while flying to their deaths.

Overall: 9/10: NOT AN AVERAGE- Worms Armageddon is, so far, the best turn-based war strategy game in existence, which I expect could only be bested by another Worms game. So, if you like turn-based gaming with a hilarious twist, I don't understand what you're waiting for. Go get it, it can't cost more than $10 US by now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/03, Updated 04/06/03

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