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"Fun for everyone!"

A couple years ago, a great game was released. In it, you could control a couple worms (from there, the name of the game) which had to fight each other using various weapons. Now, after some time, this is one of the sequels released to that game. Is is still as fun as the original game? Read this review in order to know much more about this incredibly game...

On the main menu you will be able to pick what kind of game you wanna play, I mean, you can play a couple games against your own computer or you can play against other players worldwide, by internet connection. Once you get in the battle field (one of the many included in the game) you will be able to control a couple of worms which can use different weapons, selected by yourself. Apart from these weapons you start with, there are many more weapons you can collect by picking up the ''gifts'' that sometimes fall from the sky, which are a surprise... Sometimes they can give you more funny weapons (like the Super Sheep or the Holy Grenade) or increase the life of a particular member of your team, but unfortunatly they can also be a trap that will blow up in your face. After getting these weapons, you use need to use them in order to fight against the other teams (which may be 2 up to... more than 2) and the one that has any alive player at the end of the level will win. Easy to understand, no?

Well, I don't think that this game has any story at all, it's just some worms fighting against each other...

The graphics of this game are just great, they are really well drawn and you will surely laugh a lot when you see the little worms being hit with all those amazing weapons. As for the sound, it is also nice, as you can hear everything quite nicely...

Play Time/Replayability
Since it doesn't have a story mode or anything like that, you could think that this game didn't have much play time or replay value, which isn't true. This game surely can be played for a long time, since it is really funny plus you can play it with your friends, all in the same computer, without needing anything else!

Final Recommendation
This game is not only good for playing in your own computer but also really nice for playing with your friends, in order to have even greater laughs!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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