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"Multiplayer will make you lose complete track of time"

The Worms series is known for its simplistic approach and addicting gameplay. The concept of a bunch of little worms running around killing other worms may sound ridiculous, but it is extremely fun. The new set of worms have a huge set of outrageous weapons ranging from the simple handgun to the ever popular super banana bomb to the hilarious concrete donkey. Some weapons affect the whole environment such as the earthquake and the Indian Nuclear Bomb. Other items result in defensive moves such as the girder pack and the scales of justice.
The weapons are the best part of Worms, but the game is much more. Each worm has different sound effects to it. When you create your own team of worms, you can name your team, name your worms, pick a special weapon, select a voice set for your worms, select their background music, pick their tombstone and more. Customising your team is so much fun.
The single player mode is quite fun too. In the normal mode, your team of worms are given a number of missions, with various stipulations. One of them involve protecting the mayor of a city(who is a worm) from an approcaching meteor strike. Most of the missions require you to go from one place to another to get stuff. Still, each mission is a lot of fun and completing them result in secret options such as the new Aqua-Sheep.
The deathmatch mode is just like multiplayer except you are pitted against the computer and the odds get worse for you as you go along. Soon you'll have to take on as many as 16 worms, while you have only 2. As you beat each level, your rank increases from absolute beginner to rookie and up.
All your single and multiplayer statistics are saved for bragging rights. This game is the premier strategy/multiplayer game out there.

Graphics: 7.
Very simple graphics in 2D. Worms on a bunch of different terrains, fighting each other. The weapons look pretty cool though, especially the concrete donkey.

Sound: 9.
The sound is great. There are a lot of choices for your team when it comes to background music and speech. The speech choices are absolutely hilarious.

Gameplay: 8.
This game is simple, but it does require some skill. A beginner will surely get his butt kicked by an expert. The controls are pretty easy to follow, although the ninja rope could get quite challenging.

Replay Value: 10.
Single player is very long and fun. Multiplayer will keep you playing for ever and you really need to play at your own risk. I missed quite a few classes unintentionally, playing this game.

Overall: 8.
This game is a lot of fun. Multiplayer will just make you want to play on and on and on...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/04/00, Updated 03/04/00

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