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"This combat sim is as good as it gets!"

When it comes to strategy and combat, most usually think of tanks, the army, and explosions. With Worms: Armageddon, im afraid the tanks are replaced with animals and such, witha few crazy things here and there (I.E. Old Women), and army is instead an army of worms, but dont worry, your in for some heavy duty explosions, and in the end, isnt that all that matters?

The Graphics on Worms: Armageddon are nothing when compared to Quake or Half-Life. Its a simple 2D environment in which you try to kill all enemy worms. But if this game wasnt in a 2D environment, the control would have to be redefined and it would ruin the total nature of this game. The color is beautiful, and it runs smoothly, even on my old computer! The huge explosions your treated to, after placing some dynamite between a worm and some mines, is spectacular. The levels are all funny looking, and always seem to crack me up. This game proves that it doesnt have to be 3D to have good looking graphics.

This game has better sound then any other game i have ever played. First off, while creating your team, you have to pick theyre voices. Its got just about every voice you could think of, including Brooklyn, Redneck, Old English, and my favorite, French. After winning with my team of worms (The Hockey Players), i love to hear the High Pitched "Victua" shouted by a living worm. You also get to choose your national anthem you wished to be played while creating your team. In the game, the opposing worms will taunt you with words if you make a mistake. While it can sometimes be hurtful to your feelings, the sound is perfect, right down to the squrming in the dirt, and the plunk of when you hit the water.

Control in this game is well thought out and very simple. A right click will bring up your list of weapons, and then you click on the one of your choice. There are different ways to use different weapons, as some are explosives, some are utilities, some are guns, and some are air strikes. WIth an airstrike, its as simple as Pick and Click. Pick the weapon, click the drop spot, and youve got one hell of a fireworks show. With a Gun or Grenade, you pick the weapon, and then use up and down to adjust the aim, hold space bar to select velocity, let go, and let the gun fire. With explosives, you will either use space bar to plant next to opponent and run, with something such as dynamite or a mine, or you will deploy a Sheep or a Bird, where they walk for a certain amount of time, then eventually explode, perfect for long distance combat! The camera control is also simple and smart. Since you get a close up view, you cant see the whole map at once, so just move the mouse to see a different part, simple as that!

Gameplay is something that will keep you playing, hours on end, and provides plenty of replay value. With cheats to win after accomplishing certain missions or training disciplines, the game doesnt get old. Team 17 also includes Network or Internet play, making it easy to hook up with freinds and play to see who is the ultimate worms player. Once you try playing over the internet, you'll never want to stop playing this game. The only problem with internet play, is the fact that the server is often down, but you can download a new server that is usually up at (Courtesy Dr. Pepper).

Overall, this is the best combat video game yet. With great graphics, great sound, great control, and great gameplay, you may be wondering if this game has anything that brings it down. Ill tell you right now, the answer to that one is no. If your looking for a game well worth your money with tons of replay value, this is the one for you. Be sure you and your freinds all get it soon, so you can bring an Armageddon of your own.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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