Review by MDaubbes

"A decent game but it just doesn't capture the original spirit of Half-Life."

Graphics: Generally similiar to Half-Life's (and that's not a bad thing) but I do wish that in the time the had to produce this game they could've come up with something better than slightly fatter security guards. Animation on the guns is really decent and you have a crapload of them to play around with this time around. Animation of the ropes when you're climbing them is god-awful however. 8/10

Sound: Again, decent and similar to Half-Life's but nothing spectacular. If anything the sound effects in this one are kinda' lame (The noises the pitworm sounds like it was compiled from a ''Sounds of Nature'' CD). 5/10

Gameplay: Generally pretty decent. Being able to play as one of the enemies from Half-Life gives it a good slant on things. I do have some complaints tho': One, those ****ing
ropes, god I hate them. There's maybe four places in the entire game where you need this rope climbing skill and it doesn't help the game along much at all. Climbing it is not what I object to, it's trying to jump off and land where you want to. It took fifteen minutes of that drill sergeat
yelling at me ''Get back up there and try that jump again'' just to get past that stupid double-rope obstacle. Why didn't they just stick with ladders.
Second: The story (and the end-boss and those floating lights) didn't make much sense until I read about it online. Basically they should have done a better job conveying what exactly that big green end thing *was* (As far as is my understanding, it was supposed to be some sort of ''converter'' alien that was sending out those floating lights to convert our world into something a bit more hospitable than what was there before. This why there is so many of those green spore shooters and green veiny rock junk all over the place). Third thing that ticked me off about this game: The levels themselves, they just seemed to be lacking something. This game never really held any surprises. The first Half-Life always had a few moments
each level where something totally unexpected would happen and scare the crap out of you, Opposing Force just isn't as creepy. Nothing much new here (and what *is* there is packed with those annoying black-ops assassin chicks). 8/10

Replay value: Hardly any, there was barely enough there the
first time through. 5/10

Buy or Rent: Buy, it's not Half-Life but it's not terrible either.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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