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Reviewed: 07/15/02 | Updated: 07/15/02

Opposing Force has an overall weak single player.

Introduction: Opposing Force is a sub par expansion to Half-Life. The game has an incredibly difficult and pointless single player mode that has no story line and no fun. The decent multi player makes up for many flaws.

Gameplay(5/10): The game is extremely boring and the enemies are not that intelligent including your buddies who have an even lower intelligence. The game plays exactly like Half-Life but that is because its only an expansion. The strangely fun multi player brings up the gameplay score quite a bit. Overall the gameplay is disappointing.

Graphics(9/10): This game packs some nice graphics for running on an aging Half-Life engine. The environments look slick and the characters are nicely animated. The monsters are quite impressive, but there are not really many new monsters. The weapon designs look nice and the system requirements are not very high so even if your computer is a little outdated it can run the game well.

Single Player replay value(1/10): Can I get my point across enough, this games single player sucks. Dumb enemies with even dumber buddies and constant annoying almost impossible jumps. The story is not even close to being good. It lacks a certain spark to get things and the ending is extremely weak it's almost like they didn't know how to end the game. The game makes no sense. You basically just run through the game occasionally killing enemies and doing difficult jumps that don't have any point except to move you forward through a poorly designed facility. The single player disgraces the good name of Half-Life. Why they would even sell this game for its single player mode is beyond me. It's a pointless, drab, dull affair that ends on a very weak note.

Multi player(8/10): This game has a strangely addictive multi player mode with some interesting weapons and fun, quick paced gameplay. It has only three modes but I only bother with free for all. The game runs well even with a 56k and the battles can be so addictive as you try to climb your way to the top of the charts with cool alien guns and your basic weapons.

Sound(8/10): It packs pretty much all the same sounds as the original Half-Life but those sounds are good. The enemies make the noises you would expect but is very good. The sound the guns make are very pleasing and are quite cool.

Overall(6/10): The good multi player and decent graphics save this game from being a complete flop. The single player is HORRIBLE.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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