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"All I know, he killed my buddies"

Opposing Forces takes you back in Black Mesa as Adrian Shepard. A special forces grunt sent in to silence everyone in Black mesa about the incident, that even includes Gordon Freeman. Not only are their aliens after you, but the government has dispatched even more special forces after you and the grunts.

Graphics 10/10
For a game made in 1998 the graphics were very well done. The lips move when scientists or when Barneys talk. The weapons graphics were very well done. With the updated graphics from Blueshift the NPC's were looking like real people you'd find at a science convention (or a nerd convention well same thing..)

Music 0/10
The music in this game is the most horrible thing in the game. I always played without the music but once I turned it on to listen to it I wanted to throw up. An intense game like Half Life shouldn't have techno music playing. It should be silent.....very silent not knowing what's gonna be behind the corner. I was disgusted by the music and never turned it on again.

Sound 10/10
The sound was great in this game. The footsteps sounded real. Listening to the aliens talk was creepy almost getting the feeling that they're behind you when you have surround sound on. The commandos talk was scary too but then again too funny. The scientists were very well voiced, sounding like actually nerds and geeks. The sounds of the guns were done well. The crowbar was also done very well.

Gameplay 10/10
Gameplay is the same as in the other two half lifes. In here you'll be using more cooperative team work with your other grunt friends. This time you have Medics, which restore your health, Engineers, which bust down certain doors, and your regular grunts with M-16's or Saws. There's a whole new arsenal of weapons. The sniper rifle, a knife, monkey wrench, barnacle gun (think of samus' electric swinging gun), a Saw, and two new alien guns.

Story 10/10
This time you take the role of Adrian Shepard. You start off after the incident has happened and your sent to Black Mesa to clean everything up. But the aliens are too strong. Your job is too find and kill freeman but that later changes to getting the hell out of there. Early on you find out that your men aren't doing the job good enough, so the government dispatches Black Special Forces. There sort of like Assassins but twice as deadly. Some of them have M-16's or Sniper Rifiles. Also there are new aliens which are harder than the orignal half lifes aliens. There smarter than before so that means you have to think up of more strageties to beat them.

Challenge 10/10
Challenge was very high in this game. What makes this game hard is you have to conserve your ammo. You have no matter what if you don't you are definately screwed. The enemy's AI is the best i've seen. The Commando's actually have planned attacks for you and the aliens seem even smarter. Once you've mastered the game you know their tactics but if you're new to it, be prepared for the worst. What also makes this game difficult is jumping. Jumping can be a pain but not too hard.

Replay 6/10
Once you've beaten the game, there's not much more to it. You can mess with the displacer gun at certain levels but thats about it. Cheat, use codes for the fun of it.

Overall 9/10
A very good expansion pack. Gearbox knew what they were doing when they made this game. Kudos

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/01/03, Updated 06/01/03

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