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"Black Mesa has a new hero!"

Opposing Force, or more commonly known as OpFor, pitches you as Adrian Shepard, a US Marine sent into Black Mesa to eliminate everyone associated with the Black Mesa incident in Half-Life. Along the way, you'll interact with fellow teammates including Engineers, Medics and fellow grunts, and fight the Alien Menaces that are taking over Black Mesa.

''You'd better move it, Marine!''

Graphics 10/10

For its time, the graphics are excellent. If you received this game with Blue Shift, or if you have the High Definition Pack installed, the visuals are close to excellent. Minor graphical glitches and texture blurs appeared, but weren't such an annoyance that it detracted from the game. The settings are depicted well with the graphics, and the uses of lights and ambient sounds portray Black Mesa as the top-secret, underground, alien infested facility we all love.

''This isn't a babysitting job...''

Music 7/10

Ill be up-front with this, I love HL's music. Yes, the techno tunes don't portray the setting perfectly, but the music is good nonetheless. Turn it down or off for maximum effect, and if you like the music but not its placement in the game, it can be extracted from the CD.

''Forget about Freeman, we are cutting our losses and pulling out!''

Sound 11/10

OpFor's sound is great. The NPCs all have their own chatter and agendas, from getting out alive to getting the beverage machine to work, and environmental sound causes reverbs and echos when underwater or when in a long tunnel. The bullet and weapon sounds are great, and listen carefully enough and you can hear the casings hit the floor. Alien noises are also excellent, and the PA system is enjoyable to listen to, often with funny phrases or inside references.

''Adrian? Is that you?''

Story 9/10

OpFor's storyline is parallel to Half-Life and Blue-Shift's stories. Taking place shortly after the Black Mesa Incident has occurred, you fly in with your team to eliminate all of the facility's personnel. Fighting with your team for the first few levels and encountering numerous losses, the government deems your squads ineffective and costly and orders them all out. Unfortunately, you are left behind and your objective changes from finding and eliminating Gordon Freeman, the scientist behind the incident, to getting out alive. To make matters worse, the Government sends in assassins, or the Spec Ops team to eliminate your own men! You are locked in a battle with both the government and the's all up to you to determine who will win!

''We are not alone...''

Game-Play 8/10

OpFor's gameplay is more team based than Half Life was. You order medics, engineers and grunts around and lead them through many levels. You can pick up all sorts of new goodies such as the SAW, a favorable military machine gun, knives, pipe wrenches, sniper rifles, a teleporter gun and new, top secret, alien technology. The gameplay has changed, but still remains close to HL's and runs boring at short periods through the game.

''Lets deliver the package and get out of here...''

Replay 4/10

OpFor lacks in replay. Once you've beaten it, you can repeatedly play it over, or play multiplayer, but with Counter Strike available and included in the Platinum GOTY Pack, there's not much reason to play the OpFor multiplay. There are some mods for the game available, thus increasing its replay value.

''I'm not opening this door until someone turns that bomb off!''

Rent or Buy?

Buy. Since you can buy the Half Life Platinum pack which includes Blue Shift, OpFor, Half Life, Counter Strike and Team Fortress Classic, you get this great expansion along with other excellent games.

''That's the nastiest-looking thing i've seen yet!''

Overall 9/10

OpFor will always have a place on my gaming shelf, and its additions to the HL Universe are excellent. GearBox has created an excellent game with OpFor, and it deserves a trial by any Military-Action or FPS fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/15/04

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