Review by Mattie005

"A GREAT game!"

Storyline – 10 out of 10
It is just a simple storyline really. It is like Half-Life but you are the opposing team, you are on the armies side! How cool is that?
Half-Life: Opposing Force returns you to the Black Mesa Research Facility, where an experiment has gone completely wrong.
However, before you are given your orders, something goes horribly wrong and
Your whole platoon is killed. Left stranded, dazed and confused, you'll need to work with those you were sent in to ''contain.'' A few squads of military personnel are still alive within the complex as well and you'll need their help to escape alive.

Graphics – 10 out of 10
The graphics in this game was extreme; out of this world! It was absolutely great, could not be a tiny little bit better! No glitches, no errors, no fuzzy screens; no nothing! Great quality, textures and colors made the graphics outstanding too. Unlike other first person shooting games, there were blood and guts in it. That really made it more realistic!

Sound – 10 out of 10
Sound in this game was like having a stereo on surround sound, it was fabulous! It was not hard to hear, it was not straining your ear and it was not hurting your ear.

Music – 10 out of 10
I love Opposing Forces music. It has scary music when you are at a scary bit; it has relaxed music when you are at a safe bit. Very affective too!

Weapons – 9 out of 10
A nice collection of weapons. You have plenty of GREAT weapons and a nice arsenal of them. (E.g. SAW, knives, pipe wrenches, sniper rifles, a teleporter gun and new, top secret, alien technology. The thing that let me down was that you could not use your fists. Anyway, that did
not matter much.

Controls – 8 out of 10
Very good controls; although I changed them around to suit myself.

Gameplay – 9 out of 10
Some great levels. Long and interesting levels; lots of levels too. They are nevertheless challenging for all first person shooter players. Have lots of team mates to help you along the way, lots of enemies to stop you along the way, lots of guns to try out… (I could go on all day literary!) Just….brilliant!

Should you buy it? Absolutely yes!
It is one of the best first person shooting games I have ever played. I like it so much; I could play it 5 times without being boring. I tell you what; you are MAD if you do not buy this game!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/29/04

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