Review by K0LDSTeeL

Reviewed: 03/20/00 | Updated: 03/20/00

A very cool mission add-on for Half-Life

As usual, I picked this one up when it came out. I knew this would be good, since it is the official Half-Life mission add-on. I was right and this is a really fun game to play. I just love the weaponary in this game, no pacifist weapons for me, just plain old big freaking guns.

Graphics 8/10
Still using that freaking out dated Quake 2 engine, oh well. Still very drab, even to me, since I have been spoiled by games like Unreal Tournament;) Still the blocky bodies and dull sprites, oh well.

Sound / Music 9/10
Mediocre sounds, and the standard fare of military sounds and grunts, and oh ya, the usual scientist/fat cop getting shot grunt. But still, it is very good voice acting, and the mouths move too. The music too jumps in the right moment to scare you.

Control 9/10
Very responsive control, which I like, and it did not jump around to much. Very easy to get a guy to come with you, press that button and, viola, you got a new for your team.

Gameplay 10/10
Very fun to play, try to beat it on hard, I dare you. You know why, the freaking AI got so smart, that it actually enjoyed kicking my butt, but, I would chase that alien, or scientist, or even the fat cop, and shoot them down:)

Challenge 8/10
It is quite a feat to master the multiplay area, but the single play is just too easy. If you ever see me play any game online, my alias is K0LDSTeeL, as you usual (I am mostly on Tribes now).

All in all, buy this game if you love and have Half-Life, otherwise, whatever. I play mostly the online portion of the game itself, which is very challenging to beat a human oppenent. It is also insane in multiplay to fight a human that camps and launches missles at you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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