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"Like Half Life and many other great mods this game is one of the best expansions EVER!"

Like Half Life at the beggining you get the stuff about you and see some people talk about the mission.You are in a helicopter and going to the landing zone and you still havent got the objectives yet.When you are almost there something happens and a ufo destrys a chopper then goes for yours.If you remeber half Life you get teleported too places?Well it is the same in this case and you will see what happens at the crash site.I will not spoil the rest for you.

You are Shepherd a soldier in the black mesa's point of veiw.You must contain the Facilty and kill the people inside it(if oyu find them).This is like Half Life get your self alive and outta there.While there are no changes since the Half Life it is still good.

The graphics for an old game is not that bad.Some of the things are improves like the wrench you get looks nice and spiffy.Other things looked good also like the character models.gun models,and background.Your hand when you hold the gun isnt good as Gordons but it still looks good.Like I said the graphics still look nice to this day.

There are still the same noises but there still good.There is some new gun shots and other things.Hitting stufif in different places will sound different.The gunshots may not be realistic but it is still nice.

There are new weapons like the wrench or bladed knife.Some wepons have some useless secondary but maybe good for your survival later on.Like the new pistol you get has a laser sight but you have crosshairs actually made me aim better.I kill those eye shockers in one hit because of good aim.There is some more weapons and your old favorties.

There is some news ones and the old ones like the annoying crabs(god I hate those things).The AI is okay also but can sometimes be very "stupid".

They are the same as last game but you get soldiers as your friends this time and some new ones.Some people in the game are more helpful than Half Life. There are still the stupid useless scienctis but the can make good target practice.

Some of the people are stupid like the will still run on the walls or cannot go down the latters in the game.It is a ashame because some are useful and the new ones can help you in combat like the welder or basic soldiers for example.There are some more like the medics and stuff.

Not good as counter strike but some of the new wepons are good like the big tongue thing in your arm.It is actually quite addicting but you will probably not play as much as counter strike.

I swear this game is long it may take you a couple of months.You have too conserve ammo so you can surive because you have to watch for survival.Dont go around and waste bullets aim carefully where it can hurt really bad.

Replay value6/10
Online is ok but it wont last too long.there are no things too unlock but maybe you can always beat your old time in the game.But that may take too long

Overall Score8
The average score if my math is correct is 7.8.For that score I bumped it too an 8 becasue it was near too it.This game is worht getting and it is for free when you download steam and have a counter strike or Half Life cd key.

Rent or Buy
You cant do both lol.Like I said earlier you can download the game if you have Half Life or counter strike.But the game is worth getting I like it better than the origanl Half Life game though online isnt good as Counter Strike.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/07/04

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