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    FAQ/Walkthrough by falsehead

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ********************* DUNGEON KEEPER 2: FAQ/WALKTHRU ********************
                       PC Strategy Game; released 1999 UK
                      FAQ/WALKTHRU (Version 1.0) 24/01/2004
    Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com
    Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
    your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
    me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
    content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
    purposes that's OK).
    This guide may NOT be used as part of a restricted Pay-to-Enter website or in
    print unless you are prepared to pay me for its inclusion.
    If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
    to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
    type all this up for the good of my health you know.
    ********************************* CONTENTS *****************************
    a) Installation and Patch versions
    b) The Controls
    c) The Mentor
    a) Excavation and Building
    b) Cash, Mana, (Marvellous)
    c) Using the Hand of Evil
    d) First Person Mode
    e) Combat
    a) Room List
    b) Planning Dungeon Layouts
    c) Room configurations for Elite Creatures (ver 1.61 - 1.7)
    a) Creature List
    b) Creature Comparison table
    a) Hero (pah!) List
    b) Hero Comparison Table
    7) MAGIC and MANA
    a) Researching Spells and Accumulating Mana
    b) Spell List
    c) Magic Items
    a) Doors
    b) Traps
    a) Warcry
    b) Enchantments
    c) Greed
    d) Snipers
    e) Fear
    f) Besieged
    g) Rout
    h) Caverns
    i) Aftermath
    j) Ambush
    k) Smashing
    l) Carnage
    m) Scavenge
    n) Conversion
    o) Reap
    p) Storm
    q) Crusade
    r) Creep
    s) Angelic
    t) Brotherhood
    u) Interception
    v) Regicide
    a) Golf
    b) Duckshoot
    c) Maze
    d) Bowling
    a) Liberty
    b) Discovery
    c) Bottleneck
    d) Recruits
    e) Furnace
    f) Masterpiece
    g) Torment
    a) Ver 1.51
    b) Ver 1.61
    c) Ver 1.70
    *************************** 1) INTRODUCTION *****************************
    INTRODUCTION - Well I am doing it and no one can stop me, ahahahah!!! Yes
    Dungeon Keeper 2 is one of my favourite games of all time and I have decided to
    write the definitive FAQ.  Within this document you will find pretty much all
    the information you will need to play the game and play it well.  I have
    included the list of controls and guide to the interface for those who may have
    lost manuals and also a guide at the end to the various patches available for
    the game.  The rest is my guide to the various rooms and creatures, building
    strategy and a walkthrough of the main single player campaign mode.
    Dungeon Keeper 2 is the sequel to the original Dungeon Keeper game that was
    created by the same people who brought us such strategy classics as Theme Park
    and Populous.  Although Dungeon Keeper was a great game in it's own right, it
    was criticised by some for lacking focus.  Missions were simply a case of
    building a big dungeon and overpowering the enemy.  Dungeon Keeper 2 is
    everything you could ask for in an update, adding a coherent and challenging
    Mission based campaign mode as well as large "Pet Dungeons" to play around in. 
    With its array of great characters, wicked sense of humour and extreme
    flexibility, it really is the best strategy game ever made!
    This guide was written using both the original unpatched version of the game
    and also the patched version 1.7.  Anyone with any version of the game
    shouldn't have difficulty following this; any new items are labelled as such to
    avoid confusion.
    So please enjoy this FAQ and this fabulous game!
    REVISIONS - (24/01/2004).
    I sweated blood over this!  The ultimate Dungeon Keeper 2 guide and I am damn
    proud of it.  There are a few little extras I plan to add, but this is as it
    stands everything you need to know to play the game and more.  Just to keep in
    with the humour of the game, I've written it in the style of the in-game
    mentor.  I think it works!
    *************** 2) GETTING YOUR REIGN OF TERROR STARTED *****************
    Welcome Keeper, we have heard great things about you and are eager to see how
    you will measure up to the challenge of enforcing the rule of evil.  But before
    we begin you must face perhaps your greatest challenge, getting the game to run
    on your PC.
    Only the Dark Lord himself could have come up with such infernal architecture
    as exists within the modern Personal Computer.  You may find yourself with a
    computer that far outstrips the requirements and yet.. refuses to run the game
    stably.  Ah well, the devil works in mysterious ways.
    To run the game effectively your computer requires the following minimum
    Windows 95 or 98
    Pentium 166 MHz (or equivalent)
    32MB free system RAM
    285MB Hard Drive Space
    4 x CD ROM
    2MB Video Card
    It is recommended for efficient running that you actually have the following or
    Pentium II - 266 MHz (or equivalent)
    64MB free hardware system RAM
    660 hard drive space
    8 x CD ROM Drive
    Supported 16MB 3D Accelerator
    Once the game is installed, graphics and sound options can be toggled in-game. 
    However before you begin, it is a good idea to install any patches you want to
    the game first.
    Well because installing the patches at a later date can sometimes affect your
    save game data.  It is recommended that you periodically back-up your save game
    directory as this can sometimes be affected if you have to Uninstall then
    Re-Install the game for any reason.
    There are several patches available for the game with the final one being Patch
    1.7. If you check your version of the game CD you may find the patches included
    with some of the budget re-release versions (for example one EA compilation
    version has patch 1.51 included).  It is recommended that you install patch 1.7
    if you can get it, this can be downloaded off the ea-Europe site.  This
    contains all the tweaks and additions added in prior patches and also offers
    the following major changes:
    - New character, the Maiden of the Nest
    - Improved Elite Creatures
    - New traps and levels
    - Better support for 3D accelerated graphics
    Download from: http://dk2.ea-europe.com/
    A full patch history is included at the end of this guide.  The main things you
    must bear in mind is that to successfully install patch 1.7 after you have
    begun a game, you should uninstall then reinstall the game.  If you have save
    data that uses an older patch version then it is likely that your save data
    will become unusable, so it is better to install the patch before you begin a
    So Keeper you have the game up and running, but now you face another problem. 
    You have no manual.  Maybe you lost it, maybe you purchased the game
    second-hand and it was not present, perhaps you have the budget version and
    cannot get hold of Adobe Acrobat to read the manual off the CD (which you
    probably lost anyway).  I am sure that evil though you are you didn't download
    this game using a P2P file-sharing service...
    Whatever the reason, here is the full list of controls.
    GOD (!) MODE
    Scroll Up  - Arrow Key UP
    Scroll Down - Arrow Key DOWN
    Scroll Left - Arrow Key LEFT
    Scroll Right - Arrow Key RIGHT
    Zoom In - HOME or CTRL+ Arrow Key UP
    Zoom Out - END or CTRL+ Arrow Key DOWN
    Speed Scroll - Key and SHIFT
    Rotate View Left - DELETE or CTRL+ Arrow Key LEFT
    Rotate View Right - PG DN or CTRL+ Arrow Key RIGHT
    Pause + Options - ESC
    Take Screen Shot - PRINT SCREEN
    Pick up Objects (Not creatures) - PAGE UP
    Send Multiplayer messages - TAB
    Increase Ambient Light =
    Decrease Ambient Light -
    Camera Isometric - F1
    Camera Top Down - F2
    Camera Oblique - F3
    User Camera 1 - F4
    User Camera 2 - F5
    User Camera 3 - F6
    Ally Window - A
    Zoom to next fight - F
    Toggle GUI - G
    Zoom To Dungeon Heart - H
    Toggle Player Information - I
    Map - M
    Zoom To Portal - P
    Camera Mouse Rotate  - X + MOUSE LEFT/ RIGHT
    Camera Mouse Zoom - Z + MOUSE UP/ DOWN
    Increase Gamma - SHIFT + .
    Decrease Gamma - SHIFT + ,
    Roll Right (Free Camera / Set User Camera) - CTRL + DELETE
    Pitch Down (Free Camera / Set User Camera) - CTRL + END
    Pitch Up (Free Camera / Set User Camera) - CTRL + HOME
    Roll Left (Free Camera / Set User Camera) - CTRL + INSERT
    Yaw Right (Free Camera / Set User Camera) - CTRL + PG DN
    Yaw Left (Free Camera / Set User Camera) - CTRL + PG UP
    Pick High Level Creature - CTRL + . + Click on Creature portrait
    Pick Low Level Creature - CTRL + , + Click on Creature portrait
    Quick Load - CTRL + L
    Restart Level - CTRL + R
    Quick Save - CTRL + S
    Pick Lock/ Disarm/ Jailbreak - NUM 0
    Fire - SPACE
    Creep - CTRL
    Run - SHIFT
    Possessed Melee Select - 1
    Possessed Spell Select 1 - 2
    Possessed Spell Select 2 - 3
    Possessed Spell Select 3 - 4
    Possessed Primary Ability - 5
    Possessed Secondary Ability - 6
    Possessed Group Select - 7
    Remove From Group - CTRL + G
    In Possessed mode you actually need to hold down the relevant key then left
    click the mouse to make your selection in some cases.  For example, making up a
    group of possessed creatures, you must hold down 7 to get a highlight on the
    creature you wish to add then left click to get it to follow you.
    The screen layout seems complex, but soon becomes easy to understand.  Across
    the top of the screen you will find your Dungeon Heart health icon, your
    current Mana reserves, the $ payday metre, your stored gold and a scrolling
    information panel.
    In the bottom right left corner is the map of the dungeon, as you excavate more
    lands it turns red.  Lava is marked in dark red, unclaimed and enemy land as
    grey.  Rival Keepers territory is blue/green/purple/yellow.  Portals are a
    flashing dot and the various circles marked on the map are the radius of
    influence from certain rooms. You can click on the map to move quickly to
    another area.  Around the map are four icons: ? is the query icon, $ allows you
    to select areas of rooms to sell off, the PC icon takes you to the Option Menu
    and the Magnifying Glass zooms in and out of your dungeon.
    Next to this are your room, spell and creature management panels. The Imps
    panel stays permanently displayed.  From top to bottom it shows, total number
    of imps, number of imps idle, number of imps busy, number of imps fighting.
    Left click on the imps panel to pick up imps quickly.
    The creature symbol allows you to view the creature panel.  This shows how many
    and what type of creatures you have in your dungeon.  Left click on them to
    quickly pick them up, right click to just move the dungeon view to where they
    are. Click on the Jobs icon to quickly see who is engaged in what activities. 
    Click the Fighting Panel to see who is engaged in combat or guarding the
    Dungeon. Click on moods to quickly find out who is unhappy and restore their
    good mood.
    The Rooms Panel gives you the rooms currently available to build.  Select the
    room then drag out the blueprint in an excavated and claimed area of land.  If
    the frame turns red, it means it costs to much to build right now, so go get
    more gold!
    The Workshop Panel gives you the current selection of Doors and Traps you can
    build.  Once you have selected an item and dropped to blueprint onto the
    dungeon, you need to get workers into the workshop to build them.  Once the
    panel is closed you can track the building of items as a sort of clock hand
    moves around the Workshop icon, to find out which item, open the workshop panel
    and see which has the clockhand moving around it.
    Spells, like the Workshop icon this can be used to monitor the progress of
    spell research and upgrades.  Here you also select spells to cast as long s you
    have the Mana available to do so.
    Next to these panel icons and above the panel they open is the message panel. 
    Here information and alerts from your Mentor will appear in written form. Right
    click to get rid of them quickly.  If you are attacked by an enemy then a
    battle icon will appear at the far right of the bottom area.  Right click on it
    to quickly zoom to the battle.
    Finally in Campaign Mode only there is the HORNY icon.  Horny is the demon who
    appears to collect Portal Gems at the end of each campaign level.  If you find
    a bonus level then at the end of the current level a quarter of the Horny
    Talisman will fill in. Finding a piece gives you the ability to summon Horny in
    the next realm.
    As you play the game Keeper, the stentorian tones of the Mentor will guide you
    on your way.  He is my brother and is just as keen as I to see you succeed in
    your endeavours.   As your dungeons become bigger and more complex he will be
    most helpful in alerting you to any problems that occur.  He will notify you if
    a creature has become angry or unhappy.  He will tell you if you require bigger
    rooms, he will let you know when spells have been researched and when items
    have been finished in the workshop.  He will let you know if you are under
    attack, or if your creatures are rebelling.  Although these notifications also
    appear on the message panels, its saves valuable time hearing them from him
    rather than clicking on the panels.
    Sometimes you need to use your judgement as to how you follow his advice.  He
    may tell you a room is too small, but if you have multiple rooms of that type,
    you can ignore his advice.  Just make sure access to the rooms is easy.  If he
    tells you a creature is unhappy because it hasn't been paid, check the payday
    timer at the top.  If it is past halfway you can leave the creature alone, it
    will be paid soon.  If payday is just gone and creatures are still unhappy,
    check the locations of your treasuries, in larger dungeons your imps maybe
    dumping gold in far-flung treasuries while the ones near your main areas are
    empty.  Listening to your Mentor is a useful way of finding these things out.
    (And sometimes he likes to have a little joke with you to.  He'll even suggest
    you get some sleep if you play too late into the night and if you pause the
    game for a while, prepare for sarcasm!)
    It is of course up to you what actions you take, but ignoring his advice and
    warnings can result in problems as you become overwhelmed with demands, fights
    and forget to check on things like training, spell research and workshop
    activity.  Your Mentor is an important part of your micro-management, not just
    a tutorial function!
    ******************* 3) THE BASICS OF BEING EVIL *************************
    Now Keeper, its time to familiarise yourself with the basics of the game.
    The first Campaign Mode levels introduce rooms, creatures and spells to you
    slowly and your mentor will give you pointers on control and combat.
    If you combine this with playing around in My Pet Dungeon Mode as you progress
    through campaign mode, you can experiment with different styled maps and
    practise combat in a safe environment, as it becomes progressively harder in
    Campaign Mode.
    This is just a basic overview, more detailed information of the various
    Creatures, Hero's, Security, Gold, Mana and Rooms are found in the in-depth
    You begin most dungeons with just your dungeon heart and four Imps.  Imps are
    your magical servants, they need no food, or rest.  But they do require Mana to
    keep them going.  Imps excavate rock, reinforce walls and most importantly
    claim land for you.  Once a tile of land is claimed as yours, you can build on
    it and it will also generate 1 point of mana for your mana reserves every turn.
     Your Dungeon Heart is your most important area.  It acts as a treasury,
    storing a maximum of 16,000 Gold and if it is destroyed, then that is the end
    of your dungeon.  You should make your dungeon heart well fortified with doors
    and traps.
    Using the Hand of Evil you can select areas to excavate.  If rock has a gold or
    gem seam imps will prioritise the collection of that over anything else.  You
    should start by excavating fairly small room shapes connected by tunnels ready
    to start laying down your network of rooms.  No creatures will appear until you
    claim a Portal, these are often buried in nearby rock, but you can tell where
    they are usually by a black square shadow marked in the rock.  If you wish to
    spend sometime storing gold and building rooms wait and do so before you break
    into that area and claim the portal.
    Once the first portal is claimed it will support a maximum of 15 creatures,
    further portals will allow another five each.  So if you have three portals you
    can have 25 creatures through.  If one dies, another creature will come to
    replace it, but will never rise above 25.  This obviously excludes skeletons,
    vampires and captured Heroes, who do not arrive via a Portal.  You should also
    watch for Hero Portals, if you are in campaign mode these are used for attacks
    against you.
    When you excavate you will find various kinds of terrain to cope with.
    - Soft Rock, easily dug through by your imps
    - Bedrock, thick rock you cannot dig through and nor can enemies, use it to
    make natural borders to your dungeon.
    - Gold Seam, shiny gold running through the rock.  Your imps will collect the
    gold and run back to put it in the treasury.
    - Gem Seam, usually just once square marked with multicoloured blobs.  These
    can be mined infinitely for cash.  However, your imps prioritise the collection
    of wealth over everything except defending the dungeon heart.  If your imps
    aren't doing their other jobs, make sure you deselect the gem seam for a while!
    - Water, will slow your creatures down a bit, but only vampires cannot cross
    it.  Build wooden bridges across it to make traversing easier.
    - Lava, only passable by Salamanders and Giants.  Use Stone Bridges to cross
    permanently or wooden bridges for a quick crossing (they burn up).
    - Enemy Territory, usually marked in grey.  Disarm any traps nearby so the Imps
    can claim the land safely for you.
    Each map will present a different dungeon building approach but a general rule
    is you should keep lairs fairly small and spread out across the dungeon so
    creatures can bed down near where they want to work.  Place plenty of
    hatcheries about the places so they don't get unhappy and have to walk too far
    for food.  The same with treasuries, if your dungeon is going to sprawl, make
    sure you keep the central treasuries well stocked to prevent creatures not
    being able to get their wages.  If the level is not a timed one and Gold isn't
    to tight to mention, always add a casino to keep them very happy.
    Also try and keep your rooms enclosed within rock walls with doorways, rather
    than on open ground.  Install doors in the doorways as soon as you can, even a
    lowly wooden door increases your creature's sense of security and makes them
    Don't be too eager to excavate and claim territory over and above building
    rooms.  You may runs into a Hero Gate and find yourself dreadfully unprepared. 
    Create more Imps right from the start.  Add at least one more straightaway and
    another five when you have the mana.  Keep them out of danger and they will
    level up and become mega-efficient. If you are nearing the end of the level and
    don't need as many imps anymore drop them into the dungeon heart to reclaim
    half their original mana cost.
    Speaking of mana, Keeper, Let me now tell you about this and the other thing
    you need to keep your dungeon running well.  Gold.
    Mana is your source of power for all magical things. In the top left corner of
    the screen is your current Mana levels (number in blue).  Each square of land
    you claim will generate 1 Mana point per turn.  If you claim a Mana Vault
    (looks like green smoking tiles), these will add 100 Mana each turn.  If you
    have built a Temple, you can get your creatures to pray there to add more mana.
    Casting spells and maintaining Imps drain mana.  Some powerful spells can take
    off 50,000 mana, and as you can only store 200,000 maximum its pays not to get
    too trigger-happy with spells.  If you decided you don't need as many imps
    anymore, drop any superfluous ones into the Dungeon Heart.  You'll save mana by
    not having to keep them alive and also get a mana boost of half the Imps mana
    Gold can be acquired through mining the finite seams of yellow or the permanent
    Gem seams.  You can hold as much gold as you have treasury space to keep it in.
     If you run out of space the gold will be left lying there, you can collect it
    later when you have space though, it won't disappear.
    As you get creatures into your dungeon, they will need paying.  The payday
    timer is located at the top of the screen and the gold moving round its rim is
    the countdown to the next payment date.  The amount that you will lose will
    flash briefly in blue, make sure it doesn't take you into the red, or your
    creatures will get angry.  It also costs money to train creatures in the
    Training Room, but you really can't get around that.
    Casino's can be used to recycle your gold through, if you "rig" the casino, you
    will make money back off your creatures, but they won't be as happy.  If a
    creature wins the casino Jackpot but is unable to collect, they will also get
    mad.  If money is running low, collect up all your Imps and drop them in a
    treasury, they may have gold they haven't deposited yet.  As an emergency
    measure you can sacrifice Mana to make gold with the handy "Create Gold" spell,
    or sell off rooms using the $ option in the bottom left of the screen near the
    aerial map.
    If you become bankrupted, your creatures will leave your dungeon rather
    quickly; so effective cash management is vital, not every level has an infinite
    Gem seam to mine in it.
    The hand of evil is YOUR hand Keeper.  This is you way of keeping control of
    your dungeon and its minions.  As well as acting like a normal mouse pointer,
    it has several modes and actions that can be discerned visually:
    - If the hand is not engaged in anything, it will be open and will restlessly
    move its fingers.
    - If you pass it over something and left click it will pick that creature or
    gold up.  If it has a creature you will see it dangling from your finger.  You
    can pick up more than one at a time.  If it holds gold, it will cup itself. 
    Left click to drop the gold/creature again.
    - If you pass the hand over a creature you can right click to slap them.
    - If a pickaxe appears in the hand this is an area you can tag blue for your
    imps to excavate.
    - If you have selected something from the control panel, like a spell, or room,
    or trap etc the finger will point.  Drag and/or drop then left click to
    activate or right click to deselect. The action icon appears by the hand, if
    there is a red line through it, the action cannot be performed in that place.
    With the hand you interact with your creatures in two ways.  Picking them up is
    useful for quickly moving them to Lairs, Hatcheries and Treasuries if they are
    moaning about lack or sleep/food/cash.  You can also drop them into an area to
    do work, e.g. Research in the Library or Training in the Training Room (there
    is no guarantee they will always do it then though!).
    You can also drop creatures near to enemies, but be warned, there is a "stun"
    effect when they land and they make take damage if dropped too close to a foe.
    You can also use the hand to pick up imprisoned enemies and drop them in the
    torture devices or in the combat pit.
    Slapping is the other way to interact with them.  This is best reserved for
    your imps, as your other denizens may get angry from your abuse and leave. 
    Imps however will squeak and work harder with the odd slap.  The exception is
    the Dark Mistress; she positively loves a damn good "right clicking". Be
    careful as well with your imps, too much sadistic slapping may kill them.  Take
    it out on a chicken instead; they explode in a bloody mess of feathers when
    slapped (mwahahaha).
    Creatures normally work at 80% efficiency.  Slapping (once) will add 10% to
    that as will dropping the creature where you wish it to be working.
    Once your Warlocks have researched the Possession Spell you can cast this upon
    a creature to see through their eyes.  Using the mouse to look around and the
    cursor keys to move about you can stroll through your dungeon and admire your
    handiwork close up.
    It also has a more important function, possessing certain creatures can be
    tactically useful, some have special abilities you can use while in control of
    them.  Dark Elves have the ability to snipe enemies from long distances; you
    can use this to quickly take out enemies from far away.  A Rogue can cloak
    himself and you can use him to infiltrate enemy dungeons, he can then pick the
    locks of enemy prisons and release any captured creatures inside.  You can also
    use the Rogue to scout out land unseen and you can use the Troll to spot and
    disarm those invisible enemy traps. Possessing a Vampire gives you access to a
    wider range of spells to cast, even possessing a Dark Mistress while you
    interrogate a prisoner will make them capitulate faster.
    While in Possession Mode you can also group together a gang of creatures and
    lead them into battle.  This is useful if you have only low-level creatures at
    your disposal.  Under your direct command they become much braver and will not
    flee battle.  Battle can become chaotic though, and takes some getting used to.
     It is recommended that you spend time practising with Possession Mode in My
    Pet Dungeon; this will make life much easier for you when it comes time to use
    it in your evil Campaign!
    Possessing is a great way of getting the most out of your dungeon. If you are
    in a quiet period, it's nice to wander around watching your creatures having
    fun in the Casino or cheering on a fight in the combat pit.  They may be
    disgusting hell-spawn, but Keeper, they are YOUR disgusting hell-spawn.  Be
    proud of them!
    e) COMBAT
    Combat can be a pretty chaotic affair. As you have no direct control over your
    forces (unless you have someone under possession) you need to put some planning
    into how you approach your fights.  Each creature has a different fighting type
    and functions better or worse in certain situations.  You also cannot expect
    creatures to fight against overwhelming odds; most of them (except for the Dark
    Mistress and skeleton) will flee if they are outnumbered.  The four types are:
    - BLITZER.  These are your shock troops, these are the ones who charge the
    enemy and fight quickly and viciously.  Dark Angels and Dark Mistresses fall
    into this category as do the mindless skeletons and the tough Vampires.
    - BLOCKER.  These are creatures that provide the next line of attack if enemies
    get through the Blitzers and also provide a wall of defence.  These include the
    slow but strong Bile Demons and Trolls, and the powerful Dark Knights.
    - FLANKERS.  These are weaker creatures that function better in groups. They
    will attack from the sides supporting the Blitzers, and overwhelming the enemy
    through their numbers.  Goblins and Salamanders fall into this category.
    - SUPPORT. These are the physically weak creatures that should be kept out of
    close combat. They specialise in distance attacks, Warlocks with their spells
    and Dark Elves with their arrows make the best support.
    The Rogue and the Firefly are categorised as Flankers but really should be kept
    out of combat.  Their specialities lie elsewhere.
    So when planning combat first make sure your creatures have trained and
    levelled up as much as you can afford or have time to do. Try and send as many
    in as you can, force of numbers gives your creatures more confidence and more
    fearful creatures such as Goblins will be less likely to flee when the Lord of
    the Land appears. Use common sense and don't drop a load of Warlocks on the
    front line and then be surprised when they are hacked to pieces.
    Pay attention to training, when you can access a combat pit, do use it, as many
    creatures effectiveness rises dramatically with the jump to level 5.  For
    example the Dark Mistress will acquire more spells making her even more awesome!
    Use your spells to support your creatures, Lightning Bolt is weak but can drop
    armoured foes to the ground allowing your weaker Flankers to pile in and attack
    them.  Healing also helps tip the scales in your favour, but don't get to click
    happy, it can drain your mana reserves quickly.  You can see how injured a
    creature is by the petals left on their mood/health flower, if they get knocked
    down to two petals, heal them NOW!  Once they are at one petal they will be
    incapacitated and if an Imp doesn't take them away to rest up, they will die.
    So then most importantly make sure you drop Imps into the combat field
    regularly, they will rush in and drag any injured foes into the Prison, and
    also will take away the fallen bodies of your creatures, if they get them back
    to their lair quickly enough, it will recover to fight another day.
    Creatures level up to four maximum in the Training room, then they can go up to
    level eight in the Combat Pit.  They can only attain level nine and ten via
    level up items and combat with enemies.  To check up on their progress zoom in
    so you can see a "clock-hand" moving round their health flower.  This shows you
    how much further they have to go until they attain the next level.  Once a
    creature is level eight it will not fight anymore in the Combat Pit nor will
    others attack it.
    Spells like Call to Arms allow you to quickly muster your forces in one place,
    and if you have fortified your dungeon with traps these can provide extra
    support.  Once again Keeper, it is recommended to experiment in My Pet Dungeon
    Mode, here you can trigger Hero invasions whenever you wish and plan tactics
    around a variety of terrain and situations.  With practice and some thought you
    can build a truly terrifying combat force out of even the lowliest collection
    of Goblins, Skeletons and Warlocks, the Lord of the land will stand no chance
    when Dark Knights and Mistresses start flocking to your cause!
    *********************** 4) BUILD A BETTER DUNGEON ***********************
    Now Keeper, we have quickly covered the basics of the game, now it is time to
    go into depth.  First we shall look at the various rooms you can build and how
    to get the best from each of them, including in the final section the layouts
    you must follow to attract the Elite Creatures to your dungeon (for those of
    you with versions 1.61 and 1.7).  In this and following sections I have listed
    for your convenience a shortened three-letter code for each room, which is then
    used in the layout grids.  Onward!
    a) ROOM LIST
    Your Dungeon Heart is the lynchpin of every nefarious kingdom you construct. 
    It's health is depicted by the small heart icon at the top of the screen, if it
    should come under attack its health will drop until it is destroyed, which
    means you have failed the level.  So you must keep it well protected, even your
    Imps will battle to protect your Dungeon Heart sacrificing themselves to keep
    it safe, ah such loyalty Keeper, it makes your rotten heart glow...
    Your Dungeon Heart also acts a treasury and will store up to 16,000 Gold
    Pieces. It also gives your surrounding creatures a boost in confidence, the
    threat factor of attacking enemies will be reduced once they enter your Dungeon
    Hearts sphere of influence that is marked on the map by a circle radiating
    If you need a quick Mana boost you can also pick up and drop Imps back inside
    and you'll get half their original Mana cost back.  As soon as you can do so,
    fortify your Heart with heavy doors and traps, it is recommended you DON'T
    excavate out the walls around it, but leave access via doorways only so you can
    defend it more effectively.
    2) LAIR (Code: LAI)
    Cost: 300 per tile
    Attracts: Firefly
              Goblin (minimum 5 tiles)
              Bile Demon (minimum 9 tiles)
    Minimum recommended size: 1x1 Tile
    Every creature that wanders into your Dungeon and into your service needs a
    place to sleep, a place where they can call home... ahhh. Creatures only
    require one tile to make a lair upon, although to make keeping track of your
    creatures easier it is better to build larger lairs and group them together. 
    Because Lairs can be any size it is better to place them in strips next to
    other rooms rather than excavate specific squares. For example when you build a
    library a strip down one side of three - four lairs can provide a nice resting
    place for your Warlocks close to their preferred workplace.
    Or you can build small Lair and hatchery rooms just "off" a larger room if you
    wish to maximise wall space; e.g.
    Keeping Lairs close to Hatcheries is generally recommended, as creatures often
    want to sleep after they have eaten. Creatures will tend to head for the Lair
    closest to the Portal the arrive in, so if you wish to have certain creatures
    bed down in certain places, grab them and drop them onto the Lair tile and they
    will happily make a new home.
    3) HATCHERY (Code: HTY)
    Cost: 300 per tile
    Attracts: Bile Demon (minimum 3x3 tiles)
    Min recommended size: 3x3 tiles
    Hatcheries can be as small as one tile and will still generate chickens for
    your hungry minions to eat, but it is recommended you make them at least 3x3
    tiles.  This will make a coop appear in the middle and chickens will be
    replenished much faster.  You should make hatcheries small, but plentiful if
    your dungeon starts to grow to a large size.  You will find getting hungry and
    not being able to get to a hatchery fast enough is a sure way to put a creature
    in a bad mood.
    You can also use chickens to heal dungeon denizens either before you get the
    Heal Spell or to save on Mana.  Drop an injured creature in the Hatchery and it
    will eat and recover some health before retiring to its Lair to lick its wounds
    and recover fully.
    You can also use chickens to keep your captured enemies alive in Prison and in
    the Torture Chamber.  Simply left-click to pick up as many chickens as you wish
    and then hold them over the pathetic Hero in question, right click to keep
    dropping them down and they will hungrily eat them until they crack.
    (There is also the mystery of the coop, if you possess a creature and wander
    into a Hatchery with a Coop, watch it closely.  It will begin to rock from side
    to side, then feathers will fly, then a door will open and an egg will be fired
    out of it... but what is inside? It is a mystery O Keeper!)
    4) TREASURY (Code: TRE)
    Cost: 200 per tile
    Attracts: Nothing
    Min recommended size: 1x1 tile
    Now your creatures have a place to rest and food to eat, but they also need
    paying, and you need moolah to build more rooms and defences.  There are all
    those lovely seams of gold to be mined, so you need to build a treasury to
    store it in.  It tends to be a good idea to keep Treasuries easy to access and
    in the middle of large groups of rooms.  Multiple doorways are recommended. 
    Basically your creatures hate to be kept waiting when they have to get their
    pay, it may seem insecure, but it is better than having your minions become
    angry due to lack of cash.
    Because Imps prioritise the collection of money above everything except
    protecting the Dungeon Heart it's a good idea not to make your treasuries too
    far out of the way, as they will waste a lot of time then running back and
    forth to store gold.  A good idea is to make one fairly large treasury near to
    your Dungeon heart, and then if your Dungeon begins to extend a long way, add
    smaller, outlying treasuries to make sure your more far-flung creatures can
    reach payment.
    5) TRAINING ROOM (Code: TRR)
    Cost: 500 per tile
    Attracts: Salamander
    Min recommended size: 3x 3 tiles
    So we now have cash, food and rest covered.  Time to stop pampering those
    fiends and get them working, right Keeper?!  So we need to train them, and for
    this we require, a Training Room.
    To maximise the efficiency of your Training Room, ensure it has walls. For
    every three tiles of wall-space you have, you will add another training target,
    thus increasing the amount of creatures that can train at once. Creatures can
    train up to a maximum of level 4 in the Training Room, after that they can only
    gain levels in actual combat, via battles or the Combat Pit.
    It costs 20 Gold per turn to train a creature up, but it is recommended you do
    so as much as you can afford.  Level 4 creatures make far more formidable
    combatants than Level 1 ones.  Some creatures will train themselves happily
    without you having to give them friendly encouragement (like dropping them in
    and locking the door!).  Salamanders and Dark Knights will train themselves up
    without being coerced.  Other creatures will concentrate on priorities first,
    for example, Warlocks prefer to be researching spells, Dark Mistresses prefer
    to be interrogating prisoners, Trolls prefer to be toiling in the Workshop and
    Rogues prefer to be off exploring or gambling.
    However a bit of slapping and dropping in the room should get it through to
    them that you require them to level up, NOW! But use your sense, the more
    Warlocks you have researching, the faster you get your spells.  If you have
    traps and doors under construction, then you really should leave the Trolls
    working at that. Interrogations and conversion don't require a Dark Mistress,
    but they happen a lot faster with her "personal" touch, and do you really want
    your Rogue in battle?  He may be better left scouting new territory.
    So you see Keeper, you need trained minions, but plan access wisely.  Let the
    Salamanders, Dark Elves, Goblins and Skeletons train up first, then when they
    are done, it should be time to let some Warlocks, Bile Demons and Mistresses
    loose in there.  Once everyone has reached level 4 and if you have no plans to
    extend your forces with new skeletons or captured Heroes, then sell the
    Training Room.
    6) LIBRARY (Code: LIB)
    Cost: 600 per tile
    Attracts: Warlock
    Min recommended size: 3x3 tiles
    Your magic spells need to be researched Keeper and a Library is vital to the
    operation of your Dungeon.  It will quickly attract the Warlock into your realm
    and his preference is for research so you will not need to coerce him into it. 
    Like the Training Room, it is best if you can have the room surrounded by
    walls.  Wallspace generates more shelves and you can store more researched
    spells in there. A nice size for a Library is 4x5 tile.  This is pretty big but
    the more Warlocks you can cram in researching, the faster you get your spells!
    Its best to keep your Library to the back of your Dungeon, this is because any
    magical items discovered by your Imps will be stored there and you don't want
    enemies capturing those. Warlocks will most likely be your primary researchers.
     If you can capture an enemy wizard early on you can add him, but give him a
    small library of his own as he and the Warlocks will hate working together. 
    Dark Angels, Vampires and The Maiden also like to research and are the best at
    it, but you will probably have done all your spell research by the time they
    deign to enter your Dungeon.
    7) WORKSHOP (Code: WOR)
    Cost: 600 per tile
    Attracts: Troll
              Bile Demon (minimum 3x3 tiles)
    Min recommended size: 5x5 tiles
    As your Dungeons expand, they will need protection. For this a Workshop will be
    yours to create Traps and Doors in. A Workshop should be at least 4x5 or 5x5
    and again it should be walled to increase worker capacity and storage space.
    Once a workshop is available the Workshop Icon appears on the panel.  Click on
    it to open up the range of items you can build.
    Bile Demons and Trolls are your best manufacturers. Both will happily work away
    creating traps and doors, other creatures like Goblins can be induced to help
    out, but it's best to leave the Trolls as your major workers, giving the Bile
    Demons time off to train up for battle.
    Building and running and effective Workshop is a complex business and is
    covered in more depth in the section on Dungeon Design.
    8) GUARD ROOM (Code: GAR)
    Cost: 600 per tile
    Attracts: Dark Elf
    Min recommended size: 1x1 tile
    An important room in some dungeons and not in others.  If your dungeon has
    sprawled along way out from its centre it's a good idea to put a Guard Room or
    two along the further reaches.  Each tile supports one guard, so create it as
    big or as small as you need.  A 3x3 guardroom is good idea and it has a decent
    sphere of "alertness", this is a ring of influence that if enemies stumble into
    will raise an alarm and bring nearby guards running.
    A nice way to set up a Guard Room is to place a few lairs and a Hatchery next
    to it and even a few treasury tiles with cash on them.  This way your Guards
    can stay focused on patrolling and won't need to go all the way back to the
    central dungeon area.  If you add doors, you can use this to lock down
    creatures until they are ready for battle then use possession to lead them on a
    raid into enemy territory.
    If you are playing My Pet Dungeon then this room becomes less important, but
    experiment with building them and seeing how the Guards react to invasions. 
    Any creature can be dropped on a Guard Room and most will then perform Guard
    duties.  Dark Elves perform this as their preferred duty. Salamanders can also
    be useful guards once they are done in the Training Room and you have no Combat
    Pit to level them up further.  Skeletons also make good guards as they don't
    require food, sleep or pay.
    9) PRISON (Code: PRI)
    Cost: 750 per tile
    Attracts: Skeletons
    Min recommended size: 5x5 tiles
    Well Keeper, your minions are fed, rested, paid and have work to occupy
    themselves.  But sometimes those sickeningly righteous forces of good want to
    spoil your smooth running of things.  Once you have smited them, you need to
    give them your best accommodation.  So what better than a dank prison full of
    rats and bones?
    You may not require such a big prison as a 5x5 one, a 5x4 one is often big
    enough.  Once an enemy has had its health reduced to one petal on its health
    metre your imps will drag it away and place it in the dungeon.  What happens
    next depends on what you want out of the following.
    Do you want more skeletons?  Then let them die quickly and they will rise again
    as Skeleton fighters on your side. Do you have a Graveyard and need a Vampire? 
    Take them straight to the Torture Room and quickly have them tortured to death,
    then the imps will dump them in the graveyard and mulch them down for Vampire
    fodder.  Finally if you wish to convert them to your side, heal them first in
    prison either with a spell or a chicken, then take them to the torture room
    until their puny will breaks.
    If you want to prevent Imps putting prisoners in a particular prison, click on
    the door bar to lock it down.  This makes no difference to the security of the
    prison, it's just to keep Imps out if you want them to take enemies to another
    prison, or let them die and become Graveyard fodder.  You can manually drop
    more creatures in the prison until it reaches over capacity, but you may suffer
    a jailbreak, so it's not recommended.
    When a creature dies and rises as a skeleton you may have to remove it manually
    if you are playing the original unpatched version of the game.  Later patches
    improved the skeletons ability to walk out of the prison, with 1.7 they will
    leave straight away.  They need no lairs either, just keep them away from Bile
    Cost: 1500
    Attracts: Dark Mistress
    Min recommended size: 3x3 tiles
    If you don't leave your enemies to rot in prison then you can leave them in the
    loving clawed hands of the Dark Mistress.  It is here you can either torture
    enemies to death to gain map information and corpses for the graveyard or you
    can convert enemies to join your dark cause.
    When you build a torture chamber maximize its capacity by keeping it walled. 
    This will give you extra torture devices on the walls.  You'll get an electric
    chair and some wall wheels in a small chamber, make it larger and a horizontal
    wheel is added as well.
    To begin torture pick up the unfortunate from the prison and make sure the
    torture device is highlighted when you drop him down.  If they miss they will
    be free to start attacking again and your creatures will swiftly crush him and
    send him back to prison. Now once they are in a device, they will wail and
    scream.  Place a Mistress nearby to speed the process up.  If your Mistresses
    "client" is weak and unhealed they will die quickly and reveal map information.
     If you have a graveyard the Imps will take their pathetic corpses away to rot
    down for Vampire life force.
    If you want an enemy to join your side, then heal them either before you place
    them in the chamber or as soon as they are strapped down.  Keep an eye on their
    health and if it drops to two petals heal them again with spells or chickens. 
    The weedier the enemy the quicker it will convert. Dwarfs and Wizards break the
    fastest; Giants, Knights and Royal Guards take the longest.  But they will
    break, everyone breaks... eventually.
    11) COMBAT PIT (Code: COM)
    Cost: 750
    Attracts: Black Knight
    Min recommended size: 5x5 tiles
    Now its time to let your creatures get their hands and claws bloody with some
    one-on-one combat.  This allows them to rise up to level 8.  To get to levels 9
    and 10 you must engage in battles with the enemy.
    If you keep heroes or enemy creatures alive in your prison you can use them as
    fodder for your minions in the pit.  Drop an enemy in with one of yours and
    they will fight until one is knocked out. You can also pit your own creatures
    against each other.  If you drop multiple creatures in they will only fight in
    pairs. As they knock out one foe they turn on the next until only one is left
    It is a good idea to keep an eye on group fights in the pit.  As creatures are
    knocked out they are left near dead by the side of the pit, if an Imp doesn't
    rush in and drag them to their lair they may die.  The same goes for enemy
    fighters used, they need rushing off back to prison.
    If you are trying to level up one particular creature, keep healing them so
    they can keep fighting. Once they reach level 8 and above a creature will not
    engage in battle within the pit.  Take time out to possess a nearby creature
    and watch the fight up close, make the Imps fetch popcorn now!
    12) CASINO (Code: CAS)
    Cost: 750 per tile
    Attracts: Rogue
    Min recommended size: 3x 3
    You've been working those dungeon denizens hard Keeper.  After a hard day
    toiling, researching, patrolling and training everyone needs to kick back for a
    drink and a gamble.  So if your dungeon is flourishing and you have gold to
    spare, install a Casino. Make it a decent size as your creatures will want to
    use it a lot if they have no work or training left to do and they get narked if
    they can't get a table space.
    You can make the Casino generous or rigged by clicking on the payout lever in
    the middle of the room.  Rigged Casinos can make you more money, but your
    creatures will be unhappier.  Keep it generous if you can, happy creatures are
    loyal creatures.  Occasionally someone will hit the jackpot, I suggest Keeper
    you rush over there and possess a creature to enjoy the party!
    If you want to retrieve some of the winnings pick up the lucky creature, take
    him/her somewhere private and slap it about until it drops some of the cash. 
    Cruel, but at least no one else saw you.  Only do this if you are strapped for
    gold though, otherwise let them enjoy their winnings, the Lord of the Land may
    kill them soon and they can't take it with them.
    13) GRAVEYARD (Code: GRV)
    Cost: 2000 per tile
    Attracts: Vampire
    Min recommended size: 3x3 tiles
    A pricey room and one you may not always want to have, this depends on how much
    use you find Vampires in your battle strategy.  One 3x3 graveyard will create
    and support one Vampire, make it bigger and more graves will appear, creating
    and sustaining more of these Undead fighters.
    Each time an enemy dies your Imps should drag the corpse to the graveyard.  The
    more threatening and powerful the enemy was, the more lifeforce it will
    generate and the faster a Vampire will rise.  So a dead dwarf will contribute
    little, but a dead Knight or Giant will create a large amount.
    Once a dead body has been placed in the Graveyard it cannot be resurrected with
    the "Raise Dead" spell or a Special Item.  It is gone for good.
    14) TEMPLE (Code: TEM)
    Cost: 3000 per tile
    Attracts: Dark Angel
    Min recommended size: 5x5 tiles
    A hugely expensive room, especially when you factor in that it must be at least
    25 tiles in size.  But once you have access to it, build one, you will attract
    the most awesome fighter in the game, second only to Horny in sheer naked
    power, the terror it causes and incredible coolness.  Temples = Dark Angels and
    you can't skimp on construction.
    Making it 5x5 means a large hand will appear in the middle, here you can drop
    in creatures as sacrifices to your Dark Gods.  Certain combinations create the
    following gifts back from them (sacrifices must be done in the listed order,
    remember when you select creatures to drop, the last you clicked on will be the
    first dropped, so to sacrifice the Bile Demon, Dark Elf and Mistress, pick them
    up in reverse order).
    GIFT               1st SACRIFICE       2nd SACRIFICE    3rd SACRIFICE
    Imp                Black Knight       Warlock         Firefly
    Goblin             Warlock            Warlock         N/A
    Troll              Dark Elf           Dark Elf        N/A
    Warlock            Troll              Troll           N/A
    Salamander         Rogue              Rogue           N/A
    Dark Elf           Skeleton           Skeleton        Firefly
    Bile Demon         Vampire            Vampire         N/A
    Mistress           Salamander         Salamander      N/A
    Skeleton           Mistress           Mistress        N/A
    Rogue              Bile Demon         Bile Demon      N/A
    Black Knight       Guard              Mistress        N/A
    Vampire            Black Knight       Black Knight    N/A
    Receive Imps       Bile Demon         Dark Elf        Mistress
    Make Safe          Dwarf              Dwarf           Mistress
    Increase Mana      Monk               Monk            Monk
    Increase Gold      Thief              Thief           Thief
    Once a Temple is built, your creatures will go and pray at it.  Warlocks and
    converted Wizards seem especially keen to pledge their unholy piety in this
    way.  Don't discourage them, praying quickly adds nice amounts of mana to your
    mana reserves and quickly gets you back up to a full tank of it.. (do you store
    Mana in a tank Keeper?  Perhaps I am not as all knowing as I think I am).
    Cost: 200 per tile
    This is a useful and cheap way of extending your dungeons influence.  Although
    most of your creatures will cross water, they prefer a bridge to speed things
    up, so if water is featuring heavily in the level, make sure you build plenty
    of access ways.  Also if a magical item is floating in water your Imps won't go
    and collect it unless you build a bridgeway to it.  And although imps will mine
    out land and gold on islands, you need to connect them to your nearest claimed
    land to get them to carry on and claim the island land.
    If friends or foe die in the water, Imps won't collect them there either, if
    you can, quickly build a bride pathway under their bodies so they can be
    retrieved. You can also use Wooden Bridges for temporary access over lava,
    although they will begin to burn up.  If you need to build quick emergency
    causeways for retrieving bodies or magic items, sell the bridges straight
    afterwards if you wish.
    Cost: 500 per tile
    More expensive that the Wooden Bridge, so it should only be used to cross Lava.
     You can use the Stone Bridge tactically against the enemies in Campaign Mode. 
    If they cross a Stone Bridge you built over Lava you can quickly sell the
    bridge from under their feet sending them tumbling into the lava for extra
    damage, ho ho ho!  Just beware of Rival Keepers, they will claim the Bridge
    first with their Imps so that tactic won't work.
    As you progress through campaign mode, rooms will be made available to you
    gradually.  So in won't be until the final missions that you will have to worry
    about making space for large Temples and Combat Pits.  The most important rooms
    of any Dungeon are the three you get quickly.  The Lair, Hatchery and Treasure
    Room.  Keeping your creatures happy means keeping them fed, rested and paid,
    these rooms rank above all other and dungeons should be constructed with easy
    access to these places.
    Each creature only needs one square to make a Lair upon.  So unlike other rooms
    which require square or rectangular construction to be most effective, you can
    strip Lairs anywhere.  It is often a good idea to place a few lairs nearby to a
    room where you wish creatures to work to make them happiest. For example
    stripping some lairs down the side of a Library and having all your Warlocks
    bed down there.  Another nice idea is exacting a hatchery sized room, creating
    the hatchery and laying down some lairs and some treasury strips.  With all
    their favourite things together you will find your creatures becoming less
    The Workshop can also be designed to be more efficient.  First excavate a nice
    sized square or rectangle of ground, make sure it has room for a 3x3 hatchery
    and some lairs. E.g.
    Now make sure it has only one doorway and create a door, then lock it.  Now
    your any Trolls and Bile Demons you place inside can be locked in to create
    traps and doors at speed.  With food, sleeping quarters and cash on hand, they
    won't get angry.  Just make sure when you have finished needed traps and doors,
    you let them out, or they will get angry. Also you'll have to quickly unlock it
    to allow the Imps to get in and take the created items away.
    You can do something similar with Warlocks and the Library, but Warlocks are
    better at applying themselves to their chosen speciality and will usually
    research your spells quickly and without coercion.
    When excavating rooms, the thing you need to bear in mind is that certain rooms
    like the Training Room, Library, Torture Chamber and Casino will have more
    spaces available in them if you reinforce the walls.  This allows more items to
    be installed in the room, useful if you can only construct small rooms.
    You should always try and keep you Dungeons compact.  Clump your rooms around
    the Dungeon Heart and connect them with long passageways full of traps and
    doors.  You will need to sprawl out in some areas.  Just create Guardroom
    Outposts to defend your borders.  To keep your far-flung guards happy, make
    sure you give them lairs, a hatchery and some cash in store to make them most
    When you begin to acquire converted creatures, it's a good idea to give them as
    much of a "mini" dungeon as you can.  If you have space, create lairs, a
    hatchery, a training room and keep this locked off and stocked with cash for
    pay-day.  This minimizes contact between the fallen heroes and your evil
    minions and stops bad feeling arising.  If space is at a premium, at the very
    least clump your converted troops into their own block of lairs, but don't be
    surprised to hear the Mentor informing you that creatures are becoming unhappy
    in the company of creatures they hate.
    The best way to practice designing Dungeons is in the My Pet Dungeon Mode. It
    is worth playing through to unlock all the Dungeons as they take place across a
    variety of terrain and you can experience building a dungeon in a larva filled
    level or one full of twisting seams of undiggable rock.  Taking time out here
    to see how best to layout rooms and how best to defend against attack will reap
    dividends as you progress through your Campaign to unlock the Portal to
    If you are playing patched versions 1.6 or 1.7 you can attract Elite versions
    of each creature into your dungeon by building a specific configuration of
    rooms.  There is only one Elite per species and if they are killed in battle
    they are lost for the rest of that level.  They are stronger, more efficient
    and better in battle than their normal counterparts and some have a slightly
    different physical appearance.
    However, these creatures don't show up in Campaign mode.  Whereas building the
    relevant room in My Pet Dungeon or Skirmish mode brings the Elite in right
    away, in Campaign Mode they are not available.  Some Elites can be found as
    neutral creatures such as Knud in "Fluttershine" and Zachariah in "Regicide". 
    But otherwise they are for My Pet Dungeon, Skirmish and Multiplayer modes only.
    Elite Goblin: GRUBB
    3x3 lair with 1 hatchery in each corner
    Elite Firefly: BZZZT
    3x3 hatchery with 1 lair in each corner
    Elite Troll: KNUD
    5x5 workshop with 1 lair in each corner
    Elite Salamander: FURNACE
    5x5 training room with 1 lair in each corner
    Elite Warlock: ALMERIC
    5x5 library with 1 lair in each corner
    Elite Dark Elf: ZENOBIA
    3x3 guard room surrounded by 5x5 training room
    Elite Bile Demon: BLOZ
    5x5 hatchery surrounded by 7x7 workshop.
    Elite Rogue: GERVAISE
    5x5 casino with 1 treasury in each corner
    Elite Dark Mistress: DOMINIQUE
    3x3 prison surrounded by 5x5 torture chamber
    Elite Skeleton: BANE
    5x5 prison with 1 treasury in each corner
    (Bane seems to have some brains; he will set up a Lair and will collect wages
    on payday!)
    Elite Black Knight: KALEB
    5x5 combat pit surrounded by 7x7 training room
    Elite Vampire: KESSLER VAN DOOM
    Two 3x3 graveyards with northeast/southwest corners overlapping, surrounded by
    7x7 library
    Elite Dark Angel: ZACHARIAH
    5x5 Temple with a strip of 7 squares of Treasury down the East side, 7 squares
    of Training Room down the West side. Strip of 5 Lair on the North edge and 5
    Torture Chamber on the South Edge
    ********************* 5) THE UNGRATEFUL DENIZENS ************************
    Well we have talked long enough about constructing your Dungeon, time I think
    Keeper to find out all there is to know in detail about the various creatures
    we have mentioned. Here then is a list of each creature, for each one you will
    find information on what attracts them to your dungeon, how they fight and what
    they use, what skills they learn, their preferred job in your Dungeon and how
    to get the best from them in Possession Mode.  Onward!!
    (Note: Special Skills are those only available when you possess that creature,
    they will not use them in the normal course of battle etc)
    1) IMP
    Your Imp is the poor oppressed, down trodden cog that keeps the machinery of
    your dungeon running.  They only need mana to exist and never need food, sleep
    or paying (now if only all creatures were like that).  They level up by working
    rather than fighting.  Level 8 and above Imps are a precious commodity as they
    can caste Haste on themselves and quickly teleport around your dungeon to new
    jobs.  For that reason, keep them safe from enemy traps and ambushes, as they
    will fall in a few strikes from an enemy.
    Slap them to increase their work speed and don't be afraid to keep picking them
    up and dropping them into new areas to get on with territory claiming or into
    battle to collect injured bodies.  They don't suffer from drop stun and can
    move at an incredible rate making it tough for enemies to hurt them if they are
    battling your main forces.
    You create more Imps with the Create Imp spell and the upgraded version of the
    spell creates a faster, smarter level 4 Imp.  Depending on the dungeon size
    you'll need to create more than the four you begin with.  Ten is a good number
    for a medium dungeon; fifteen - twenty maximum for a sprawling one if you can
    afford the Mana drain.  Only in My Pet Dungeon Mode will you get to play with
    hordes above twenty-five, where mana is plentiful and enemies are not.  Drop an
    Imp back into the Dungeon Heart if you need to downsize your workforce and
    you'll get a Mana boost back as well.
    2) FIREFLY
    Attracted by: Lair
    Job Class: Scout
    Combat Style: Flanker
    Likes: Scouting through the Fog of war
    Dislikes: Combat
    Hates: Nothing
    Firefly's are useful in some dungeons and not in others.  They only ever seem
    to turn up one at a time, and like to spend their time cruising around
    exploring.  How useful this is depends on the territory you are in.  In some
    places you don't want the firefly drawing attention to you too soon, in others
    you may welcome the quick uncovering of territory.  They aren't much use in
    battle, but it may be worth training them up so enemy traps don't instantly
    kill them.  They can obviously pass over lava and water so can make useful
    scouts to possess for forays across difficult territory.  As residents of the
    dungeon they don't seem to get unhappy or angry very often so you can bed them
    down anywhere.
    3) GOBLIN
    Attracted by: Lair (minimum 5 tiles)
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Flanker
    Likes: Training and Gambling
    Dislikes: Research and Manufacturing
    Hates: Nothing
    The humble goblin will be a useful fighter in your early campaigns, but later
    on you will want to attract the more powerful Salamanders and Trolls in their
    places.  They are cowardly on their own, but in groups can overwhelm a knight
    and their great speed means they can rain blows down upon a foe with great
    ferocity. They tend to be easy to keep happy, as long as they have somewhere to
    eat and sleep nearby they won't grumble.  They will train without too much fuss
    and once trained up like to hang about in the Casino.
    4) WARLOCK
    Attracted by: Library
    Job Class: Thinker
    Combat Style: Support
    Spells: Fireball, Firebomb, Heal Creature
    Likes: Research
    Dislikes: Manufacturing
    Hates: Converted Wizards
    Warlocks are a great asset early in the game.  These diabolical wizards
    research all your spells for you, so as soon as the Library becomes available
    you will start attracting them to your dungeon. They are physically quite weak
    and will flee if outnumbered, they should be kept to the back of your fighting
    forces using their ranged fire spells and healing support magic. Once they have
    finished researching, get them in the training room to level them up.  Their
    ability to heal in battle is very useful.  They can get tetchy and unhappy if
    they have no work to do and have no Casino to take their mind off things. 
    However they seem to like a few gold pieces being dropped their way if they
    begin to get unhappy, just make sure they always get paid on pay day, or they
    will mutiny.
    5) TROLL
    Attracted by: Workshop
    Job Class: Worker
    Combat Style: Blocker
    Special Skill: Spot and Disarm Trap
    Likes: Manufacturing
    Dislikes: Research
    Hates: Converted Giants
    Once the workshop becomes available, the Troll will arrive to join your ranks. 
    If you are planning on having a dungeon fitted out with many traps and doors,
    then build a large workshop and try and attract at least three.  This will
    greatly speed up production times.  Trolls are fairly easy going, as long as
    they have work to do, and don't have to walk too far for food and sleep you
    will have no problems with them. In battle they are rather slow, but their
    hammer packs quite a punch.  You should line them up with the Bile Demons to
    create a solid defensive wall.
    Attracted by: Training Room
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Flanker
    Spells: Fireball
    Immunity: Lava
    Likes: Training and Gambling, Lairs near to Lava
    Dislikes: Research and Manufacturing
    Hates: Nothing
    The Salamander is a useful beast right up to the end of the game.  Tougher than
    goblins, they can walk on lava and have a ranged projectile attack. Build a
    training room, preferable near some lava and scatter some lairs about for the
    best Salamander conditions.  They will happily train up to level 4 without
    needing prompting to do so.  Once they have done so, they tend to go off and
    perform guard duties or even help out your Imps with mining. If you have a
    Casino they tend to gravitate towards that.  They have no particular
    antipathies towards other creatures; however, they get unhappy quickly if they
    are not paid on time.
    In battle, a group of them can be quite formidable as they have good speed and
    can bring down tough enemies with the right back-up. Exploit their ability to
    traverse lava safely by using them to take out enemy gun-emplacements and
    traps.  Once they reach about level 7 their bravery seems to shoot through the
    roof and I have personally witnessed one Salamander destroy most of the cannons
    protecting King Reginald's fortress, with just some support healing from the
    Keepers hand of Evil to help him out!
    7) DARK ELF
    Attracted by: Guard Room
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Support
    Spells: Knives, Guided Bolt
    Special Skill: Sniper
    Likes: Patrolling/Guarding
    Dislikes: Research and Manufacturing
    Hates: Converted Eleven Archers and Dwarves
    Dark Elves are creatures that again can be of more use in some dungeons than
    others.  If you have a large sprawling dungeon then it is useful to create
    guard outposts at the edges and have Dark Elves patrolling your boundaries. 
    With their long-range bow attacks they can injure any invading force and raise
    the alarm before you are overwhelmed.  Their sniper skills are also useful in
    some campaign missions when you possess them. If you are planning a small
    dungeon with a powerful offensive rather than defensive force, the Dark Elf may
    not be as much use to you.  As long as you have no converted Elves or Dwarves
    about they are usually fine.
    Attracted by: Torture Chamber
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Blitzer
    Spells: Lightening, Freeze, Hailstorm
    Immunity: Fear
    Likes: Pain, Torturing "clients", more pain, Training/Combat and er.. pain
    Dislikes: Anything that doesn't involve pain
    Hates: Converted Fairies and lack of pain
    Aah, a vision of loveliness to liven up your fetid environs.  The Dark Mistress
    is a woman of many skills.  Once a torture chamber becomes available, she will
    arrive.  If she has no clients to service, she and any other Mistresses will
    spend time enjoying the equipment themselves.  The Mistress has very little
    fear and will charge enemies even if outnumbered.  So be careful as sometimes
    her enthusiasm for pain may end up getting her killed.  Once you have them,
    train them up as their formidable close combat skills are complemented by a
    useful array of ranged spells.  Mistresses also strike fear into weaker enemy
    hearts and two or three make a potent attack force on any groups of lowly
    thieves, elves or dwarves.  Mistresses hate Fairies with a passion and seem to
    take great delight carving them up first.  Never put a converted fairy near a
    Mistress.. you'll quickly make her unhappy and you don't want that do you?
    Attracted by: Lair, Hatchery (minimum 5x5 tiles), Workshop (minimum 3x3 tiles)
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Blocker
    Spells: Gas Cloud, Gas Missile
    Special Skill: Dwarf Chucking
    Immunity: Poison
    Likes: Eating, Training, Manufacturing
    Dislikes: Research, being hungry
    Hates: Skeletons
    Attract one of these stinking lumps into your Dungeon and expect to hear the
    words "A Bile Demon has become unhappy because he has no food" a lot. The Bile
    Demon is the toughest creature in the game, with the ability to take more
    damage than even a Black Knight or Dark Angel.  He is however a slow beast, but
    packs quite a punch with his horny clubs. They are a very valuable resource so
    they should be quickly bedded down by the 5x5 hatchery and Workshop you built
    to attract them.  They work efficiently alongside Trolls manufacturing traps
    and doors, but are not quite as reliable as they often wander off to eat.. all
    the time.
    Make sure they spend time training up in the training room and combat pit, they
    are very lazy when it comes levelling up and need a bit of a slap every now and
    then to get them out of the Hatchery and out of bed.  However, they provide an
    awesome defensive wall.  If you are assembling a strike force, the Bile Demons
    should stay at the back and any enemies who break through the front will
    suddenly find a wall of red blubber blocking their path.  At higher levels,
    their Gas based attacks can also cause panic and confusion amongst weaker
    creatures. Just keep them away from skeletons, they HATE them and will often
    lash out at them if nearby.
    He may have a face not even a mother could love, but Keeper, he will be one of
    your strongest and most useful fighters right up until you get the Black
    Knights and Dark Angels, so put up with his moaning.  He is worth the trouble.
    10) ROGUE
    Attracted by: Lair, Casino (minimum 3x3 tiles)
    Job Class: Scout
    Combat Style: Flanker
    Spells: Make Invisible
    Special Skill: Cloak, Pick Lock
    Likes: Exploring, Gold and Gambling
    Dislikes: Research and Manufacturing
    Hates: Nothing
    The Rogue is an intriguing character. Like the Firefly its unlikely more than
    one will turn up into your dungeon at any one time.  He can be very useful in
    some instances and less in others.  His major use is his ability to cloak
    himself on enemy terrain (that's rival keepers rather than Hero territory).  If
    you possess him you can explore rival dungeons with almost impunity and pick
    the locks of the Prisons to release any captured comrades.  This can make him a
    hugely tactical choice and can spice up skirmish and multiplayer mode no end.
    In Campaign Mode he becomes less useful as his skill do not seem to work on
    Hero's land, but there are a few levels such as the Keeper melee at Sparklydell
    or Asmodeous at Woodsong that can use his talents.  He is also reasonably fast
    and strong and if he needs to fight he will and is far superior to his
    counterpart the Thief. He will spend most of his time exploring the outer
    reaches of your realm and gambling in the Casino, he appears to have no special
    11) SKELETON
    Attracted by: Prison
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Blitzer
    Immunity: Fear
    Likes: Patrolling/Guarding
    Dislikes: Nothing (but unsuited to anything else but training and guarding)
    Hates: Nothing
    Skeletons have many great strengths but also great weaknesses.  You create
    skeletons by allowing enemies to die in your dungeon.  Some weaker ones like
    Dwarves and Thieves don't always resurrect as skeletons, but those that do
    provide you with a valuable soldier.
    Skeletons have no fear whatsoever.  They are not put off by fear traps, nor by
    overwhelming odds.  If they see a distant enemy they will charge at them
    screaming in delight, making them great for instigating battles and drawing out
    enemy forces.  They are fast and reasonably strong and also cause fear en masse
    in weaker enemies.
    However, they are fragile and can't take a lot of hits.  If their health flower
    is depleted to nothing they shatter and cannot be dragged off to a Lair to
    recover.  They are gone for good.  They cannot rest up or eat to regain health,
    they must be cured using the Heal Spell. They cannot be placed in the Combat
    Pit without great care as they will be lost if they are allowed to shatter.
    But, on the upside Keeper, they cost nothing to create, don't need lairs, don't
    need food and don't need paying!  They make ideal guards as they will stick at
    their posts and not leave to sleep or collect wages.  Just keep them away from
    Bile Demons, they hate skeletons and will attack them.
    12) VAMPIRE
    Attracted by: Graveyard
    Job Class: Thinker
    Combat Style: Blitzer
    Spells: Slow, Drain, Raise Dead
    Special Skills: a) Turn into Bat, b) Hypnotise Enemy
    Weakness: Cannot go through water
    Likes: Research
    Dislikes: Manufacturing
    Hates: Converted Monks
    Creating a Vampire requires one of the more expensive rooms in the Dungeon and
    lots of enemy corpses to feed them with. To let an enemy turn into a corpse,
    either lock the Prison so your Imps cannot store people inside, or just torture
    enemies to death and the bodies will go "squish" and your Imps will drag them
    off and leave them in the Graveyard.  Soon, vampires will begin to rise.  Train
    up vampires quickly as if they are killed they will resurrect back in the
    graveyard minus a level.  If a Vampire is at level one and dies he is gone for
    Vampires like to research and are better at it than your Warlocks.  Once they
    have nothing to research, they will get grumpy so make sure you put a casino in
    for them. They are also fanatical about praying, if you have a Temple in your
    Dungeon your Vampires will spend most of the time praying to the Dark Gods (and
    generating lots of mana in the process!).
    Vampires are great in battle, they are very fast and though not incredibly
    strong have a range of useful magic including he ability to raise any dead
    bodies nearby up into skeletons.  These skeletons only have a limited time
    though and if not destroyed before it runs out, collapse back into bones. 
    Hypnotise enemy can be used in Possession mode and works like the Turncoat
    spell, temporarily confusing an enemy.  Drain takes away enemy health and gives
    it to the vampire, Slow.. well slows enemies down or nullifies someone with
    Haste cast on them.
    Monks are the worst threat to a Vampire. Monks can exorcise Vampires and
    prevent them from resurrecting whatever level they are at.  It goes without
    saying that any converted Monks you have will make your vampires unhappy in the
    Attracted by: Combat Pit
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Blitzer
    Likes: Training, Combat
    Dislikes: Anything not to do with fighting
    Hates: Converted Knights and Royal Guards
    These bruisers need to be thought of as big babies.  Thick, needy, petulant,
    but worth the hassle in the long run. These Knights have superb strength and
    their heavy armour gives them sizable resistance to enemy blows. However, they
    get bored and irritable without combat to keep them occupied so make sure they
    are regularly fed and always paid on time as they can rebel at the drop of a
    helmet.  Keep them away from converted Goodly Knights or they'll start a
    punch-up and that means having to sling one or both in prison for a while to
    sort them out.
    Train them up to level four then drop them in the Combat Pit to get them to
    level 8 as soon as you can.  Then make sure you have a large casino they can go
    and get drunk in while you finish preparations for battle.  They have no
    special skills or magic attacks, they are pure brawler.  But they can also be
    quite cowardly.  Don't expect a couple of them to take on a large group of
    enemies, they'll run like girls.  They work best charging forward with
    Mistresses and Skeletons ahead, and Bile Demons, Warlocks and Salamanders
    behind.  Then you'll see them carve a bloody swathe to the Lord of the Land.
    14) THE MAIDEN
    Attracted by: Temple and Library
    Job Class: Thinker
    Combat Style: Blocker
    Spells: Web shooter
    Likes: Research
    Dislikes: Manufacturing
    Hates: Nothing
    The Maiden is only available in version 1.7 and is not in the Campaign Mode. 
    This terrifying creature is a mixture of woman and spider and although not
    hugely strong, strikes incredible fear into almost all enemies. She likes to
    research in the Library if it hasn't all been done.  Otherwise she will hang
    out in the Casino.  She seems to have no particular antipathies.  The Mentor
    will not announce her arrival in your Dungeon, but her distinctive sneeze and
    laugh will alert you to her appearance.
    In battle she should be back with the Bile Demons, her mid-range spells provide
    useful support and if people do break through your Blitzers, she will give them
    pause for thought with her frightening appearance.
    15) DARK ANGEL
    Attracted by: Temple (minimum 5x5 tiles)
    Job Class: Fighter
    Combat Style: Blitzer
    Spells: Disruption, Hailstorm, Raise Skeleton Army
    Immunity: Fear
    Likes: Research, Training and Combat
    Dislikes: Manufacturing
    Hates: Converted Monks and Fairies
    The most powerful creature you can attract, the Dark Angel is worth the expense
    of building a 5x5 temple.  The temple must be that big to produce a Hand.  Each
    Hand supports two Dark Angels.  If you wish to attract more, then you must
    build more 5x5 temples.
    Although they have only a medium amount of endurance, they are insanely strong
    and reasonably fast. They will be at the forefront of any attack party you make
    and their strong presence strikes fear into enemies and boost morale of your
    own creatures fighting alongside. Their powerful spells of Disruption,
    Hailstorm and raise Skeleton Army (raises 3 level 1 skeletons) add to their
    awesomeness even further.
    Once attracted to your Dungeon they settle in relatively well.  Lairs near the
    Temple make them feel comfortable and a nice big hatchery close by is advised.
    They like to research in the Library and are the best researchers in the game,
    but if this has been done they like to train and fight in the Combat Pit,
    before going to the Casino for a drink and a flutter.
    They are also excellent to possess as a group leader, weak creatures flee from
    you and you can kill most with a couple of sword thrusts.  If ever you needed
    to feel the power, getting inside one of these beings heads is the way to do it.
    16) THE HORNED REAPER (aka Horny)
    Horny can be summoned early in the game in any level after one in which you
    found a part of the Horny talisman (which is a special box unlocking a secret
    level).  He doesn't cost Mana to summon in that instance but has a 75 second
    time limit.  Horny will try and take the shortest route to either the Lord of
    the Land or the Dungeon Heart so try and summon him as close as possible
    otherwise he may march off on a long time wasting detour.
    With his scythe and stun projectile he is pretty much unstoppable and cannot be
    killed just slowed down.  Once you have the power to summon him at any time
    later in the game, it requires 100,000 mana to summon him, and then your mana
    will deplete to keep him sustained until you run out or dismiss him.  He can be
    dismissed with one slap from the Hand of Evil.
    This table just gives a quick overview of the creatures at your disposal; it
    also includes Speed and Threat. Threat covers how effective that creature is in
    striking fear into the hearts of opponents.  Dark Angels naturally being the
    highest and Imps the lowest.  Speed covers how quickly a creature can move
    about and how quickly it can attack.   These attributes are rated out of ten.
    Imp         Scout     Low     8-10     1     Non-Combat   Haste Self, Teleport
    Firefly     Scout     Low      8       1      Flanker     None
    Goblin      Fighter   Low      6       2      Flanker     None
    Warlock     Thinker   Low      5       2      Support     Fireball, Firebomb
                                                              Heal Self
    Dark Elf    Fighter   Low      5       2      Support     knives, Guided Bolt
    Salamander  Fighter   Low      5       3      Flanker     Spit Fire
    Troll       Worker    Low      4       2      Blocker     Spot/Disarm Trap
    Skeleton    Fighter   Low      5       3      Blitzer     None
    Rogue       Scout    Medium    6       4      Flanker     Invisible, Cloak
                                                              Pick Lock
    Mistress    Fighter  Medium    6       5      Blitzer     Lighting, Freeze
    Vampire     Thinker  Medium    8       6      Blitzer     Slow, Drain, Raise
                                                              Dead, Turn into Bat
                                                              Hypnotise Enemy
    Bile Demon  Fighter  V.High    2       7      Blocker     Gas Cloud, Gas
                                                              Missile, Dwarf
    Dark Knight Fighter  High      4       8      Blocker     None
    Maiden*     Thinker Medium     5       8      Blocker     Web Shooter
    Dark Angel  Fighter Medium     7       9      Blitzer     Firebomb, Hailstorm
                                                              Disruption, Raise
                                                              Skeleton Army
    *The Maiden of the Nest is only available in the 1.7 patched version of Dungeon
    Keeper 2 and does not appear in Campaign Mode.
    Also each creature (except the Maiden) has an Elite member, these are stronger,
    faster, braver and more threatening than their normal counterparts, these are
    also found only in patch versions 1.61 and 1.7.
    Use the speed and threat ratings to plan your best attack strategies.  If you
    check a Hero's speed and threat you can judge who is best to take them on. 
    Remember that bravery AND threat increases with numbers.  A single Goblin is
    not frightening, but many will intimidate lesser Heroes such as Elven Archers. 
    A single Goblin will be scared of a Knight or Guard with a high threat rating,
    but backed up by superior numbers and with allies such as Dark knights and Dark
    Angels nearby they will not flee the fight.
    ******************* 6) THE WEEDY FORCES OF GOOD *************************
    So we have covered your potential minions and what a fine body of men, women,
    demi-humans and foul gassing lumps they are.  Now it's time to turn to the more
    distasteful subject of the Goodly Heroes.  Yes with their brightly polished
    armour and smug self-righteousness these so-called heroes will storm into your
    beautifully constructed dungeon and try and destroy you.  There are three ways
    to deal with these pathetic beings.  You can imprison them and let them rot and
    die, they will then rise as skeletons ready to do your bidding.  You can
    imprison them, then torture them until they die, then sling them in a graveyard
    to make life-force compost to raise a Vampire.
    Finally and perhaps most evilly you can torture them until they join you and
    become part of your underworld army (this is covered in the Torture Chamber
    section in Room Types). So in the following list you will find out how best to
    attack each type, whether you should recruit them or mulch them and I have
    listed their skills, likes, dislikes etc so you can compare them easily to
    their darker counterparts.  Hold your nose Keeper; it's time to check out the
    forces ranged against you.
    a) HERO LIST
    1) DWARF
    Job Class: Scout
    Fighting Style: Flanker
    Likes: Digging Rock
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Research, Combat
    Hates: Dark Elves, Bile Demons
    Pathetic little creatures.  The Heroes equivalent of Imps.  Weak, annoying and
    they hardly ever rise as skeletons when imprisoned.  They are no challenge for
    any of your creatures in a fight and should tortured for information and left
    to feed vampires in the graveyard.
    Job Class: Fighter
    Fighting Style: Support
    Special Skills: Sniper
    Likes: Patrolling/Guarding
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Research, Manufacturing
    Hates: Dark Elves
    These creatures offer nothing over your Dark Elves. They are weaker, slower and
    have fewer skills.  They are easily crushed in battle and are best off used to
    create skeletons or feed Vampires.
    3) WIZARD
    Job Class: Thinker
    Fighting Style: Support
    Spells: Heal, Fireball, Firebomb
    Likes: Research
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Manufacturing
    Hates: Warlocks
    Wizards are about equal to Warlocks and indeed are a little more efficient when
    it comes to researching and upgrading spells. In some realms you may acquire a
    converted Wizard before a Warlock turns up so use them to research quickly.  If
    you have Warlocks around, its best to not recruit a Wizard as they rile each
    other up very quickly and you may have a rebellion on your hands.  If you
    decided not to convert them, let them become skeletons.
    4) FAIRY
    Job Class: Scout
    Fighting Style: Flanker
    Spells:  Lightning
    Likes: Scouting
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Manufacturing
    Hates: Dark Mistresses, Vampires, Dark Angels
    Swift and armed with a long-range lightning spell the fairy is not a
    recommended addition.  Although she can fly, her presence in your Dungeon
    aggravates too many much better creatures. She has little endurance and falls
    quickly in battle.  She doesn't always rise as a skeleton, but makes a good
    source of vampire food.
    5) THIEF
    Job Class: Scout
    Fighting Style: Flanker
    Special Skills: Cloak
    Likes: Stealing Gold, Gambling
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, working
    Hates: Nothing
    The Thief is another character who offers much less than your evil equivalent
    the Rogue.  Although you can acquire the Thief earlier, he is very weak and
    cowardly.  He cannot take the punishment the Rogue can while out spying.  He
    best left to become a skeleton though sometimes he will not rise as one.
    6) MONK
    Job Class: Thinker
    Fighting Style: Flanker
    Spells: Haste, Armour, Heal Self
    Special Skills: Pray (Heals nearby friendly groups)
    Likes: Research
    Dislikes: All your evil minions
    Hates: Vampires and Dark Angels
    The Monk can be a powerful addition to your Ranks.  Although he is very slow,
    he can heal a lot of surrounding creatures, raise their defence and even kill
    Vampires so they cannot resurrect.  He can take a lot of punishment, although
    he doesn't inflict too much in return, his real value lies in his support magic
    and how skilled you are in exploiting that fact.
    They can take a long time to convert in the Torture Chamber so keep an eye on
    them, they may need healing more than once.  Once they join up, keep them away
    from Dark Angels and Vampires.  If there is no research to be done they will
    gravitate the Casino for a bout of debauchery (when they fall, they fall hard).
    7) GUARD
    Job Class:
    Fighting Style: Blocker
    Likes: Training/Combat, Guard Duty
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Research, Manufacturing
    Hates: Dark Mistresses
    These bog standard soldiers can add valuable muscle to your often weak forces
    early in the game. Slow, but well armoured they help bulk out your defensive
    line in the early stages of campaign mode.  They can be intimidating to a few
    Goblins and Warlocks so you need to overpower them with force of numbers. They
    don't take too long to convert, and generally seem to be easy going.  Only the
    Dark Mistress seems to bring back bad memories so keep them apart.  Otherwise
    they train up and perform guard duty without too much coercion.
    8) GIANT
    Job Class: Fighter
    Fighting Style: Blocker
    Special Skills: Dwarf chucking
    Likes: Training/Combat
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Research, Manufacturing
    Hates: Trolls
    Giants feel like creatures who SHOULD be on your side, but have been duped
    against you by those sickening Lords of the Land.  They are slow, but very
    intimidating, so once again early on you will need to overpower these beefy
    beasts with force of numbers, and try and ambush them one at a time. They seem
    to take special pleasure in squishing your Imps so be careful.
    They take some time to convert to your side, but once again provide valuable
    defensive services early on when you lack the Bile Demon's fragrant charms.
    They don't really like to do anything other than train up and raid the
    hatchery's.  They seem to get on with pretty much all your evil minions, but
    Trolls seem to be the only ones to rub them up the wrong way.  They remain
    useful recruits right up to the end of Campaign Mode.
    (Dwarf Chucking is a hilarious, if rather useless possession skill and its
    worth keeping a Dwarf around to see it once).
    9) KNIGHT
    Job Class: Fighter
    Fighting Style: Blocker
    Likes: Training/Combat
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Research, Manufacturing
    Hates: Dark Knights, Goblins, Trolls
    Knights appear quite early on in Campaign Mode and then don't reappear until
    later in the game.  They tend to appear in the levels where you need to do a
    bit of converting to beef up your army.  Although strong and well armoured they
    are very slow.  A gang of Salamanders and Goblins raining quick blows upon one
    can weaken him quickly.  Use your Lighting Spell as well to drop them to the
    floor, this reduces their threat and makes your creatures bolder.
    They take ages to convert, but once onside are almost as good as the Black
    Knights you don't get for ages. However they are very grumbly and seem to get
    testy about being around any of your creatures with a special hatred of Dark
    Knights.  They tend to rebel if left angry for more than a minute or so, so
    tend to their complaints quickly.  They may seem more trouble than they are
    worth, but in the early campaigns, they are invaluable.
    Job Class: Fighter
    Fighting Style: Blocker
    Likes: Training/Combat
    Dislikes: All your evil minions, Research, Manufacturing
    Hates: Dark Knights
    These super-knights only appear at the very end of Campaign Mode.  Like normal
    Knights they are slow but tough, so need to be ambushed and taken out by groups
    of faster creatures if possible.  They take the longest time to convert and you
    may need to heal them several times in the chamber.  However once onside they
    are a good as Black Knights (maybe slightly better), but as with normal Knights
    they don't settle well in your Dungeon and so try and tie up the Campaign level
    before they start rebelling.
    Here is a quick look up table collating the various information on each type of
    Goodly Hero (yuk).  If you use this in conjunction with the creature comparison
    table you can see who can be intimidated easily by the forces you have at your
    disposal and those whom you need to watch out for and plan strategy against. 
    Their threat effectiveness seems to stay the same once they come over to your
    Dwarf    Scout      Low       7      1       Flanker    None
    Archer   Fighter    Low       5      2       Support    Sniper
    Wizard   Thinker    Low       4      2       Support    Fireball, Firebomb
    Fairy    Scout      Low       7      3       Flanker    Fireburst
    Thief    Scout     Medium     4      3       Flanker    Cloak
    Monk     Thinker    High      4      3       Flanker    Heal Self, Armour,
                                                            Haste, Pray
    Guard    Fighter   Medium     3      6       Blocker    None
    Giant    Fighter    High      3      6       Blocker    Dwarf Chucking
    Knight   Fighter    High      3      7       Blocker    None
    Guard    Fighter    High      3      8       Blocker    None
    You'll notice Keeper that although many of the forces of good have lots of
    health they are in fact very slow. You can maximise the effectiveness of your
    weaker, but faster troops against them by using the Thunderbolt spell to drop
    them to the ground.
    Royal Guards make superb recruits, fit to stand alongside your Dark Knights and
    Angels.  Goodly Knights, Guards and Giants make useful additions to your
    defensive line as well, the rest don't offer anything better than what your own
    creatures have.  So they are best off mulched or skeletonfied.  The exception
    is the Monk, he is unique and you may want to play around with him to see if
    his excellent support magic offers you an edge you can't get from your own
    Just remember, converted heroes annoy your evil denizens and these fallen
    heroes are unhappy to be rubbing shoulders with the scum of the underworld. 
    Check out the Dungeon design section for more detailed stuff on making areas to
    keep converted Heroes happy in.
    ************************ 7) MAGIC and MANA ******************************
    Using your hand of evil you can cast spells upon friend or foe.  A maximum of
    200,000 points of mana can be stored in your Dungeon Heart and it is upon this
    that you draw your magical energy.
    Mana is the driving force behind your nefarious schemes.  Without Mana you
    cannot maintain your Imp workforce, you cannot supply power to your traps and
    you cannot cast spells.  With a maximum of 200, 000 to be stored, and some
    spells taking 25-50,000 to be cast you cannot afford to rely on magic to get
    you out of every tight spot.  But efficiently managed, you can keep generating
    a steady supply from the following resources:
    1) CLAIMED LAND - Every tile of land your Imps claim generates a small amount
    of mana per turn.  The more tiles you claim, the bigger the cumulative effect. 
    Room tiles do not generate any more Mana than normal floor tiles, so if you can
    safely excavate a large area, but do not need to build more rooms, do so simply
    to generate more mana for your hungry Dungeon Heart.
    2) MANA VAULTS - Scattered about many levels are mysterious Mana Vaults.  These
    are small craters that give of a blue smoke and will generate 100 Mana per turn
    for each one you claim.  You MUST get your Imps to claim the Vault, simply
    excavating around it is not enough.  If a Vault lies in water, build a bridge
    to it to allow you Imps to do their thing.
    3) INCREASE MANA - You may be lucky enough to excavate a magical item that can
    give you an instant Mana Boost of several thousand.  Keep them stashed in your
    library until you need to use them.
    4) PRAYER - In the final levels you can build Temples and your creatures will
    pray at them to generate nice quantities of Mana per turn.  The amount depends
    on the creature, but Thinking types such as Warlocks generate more than
    Fighters, such as Black Knights.  A converted creature will also generate twice
    as much Mana, with converted Monks being one of the richest sources of Mana via
    So long as you don't get too trigger-happy with your spell-casting finger, you
    shouldn't have too much trouble managing your reserves.  If you are idle and
    your Mana is dropping rather than rising, then you have more imps and traps
    than your dungeons size can sustain.  So either get rid of some Imps or quickly
    expand your territory.  You need to have Mana reserves that fill steadily after
    every bout of spell casting to be able to mount any kind of effective offence
    or defence.
    There are two types of Spell in the game.  Keeper spells are the ones that
    require research to learn and Mana from your reserves to cast.  Creature spells
    are ones that are known and unique to the various creatures in the game.  These
    will be used once the creature in question attains the level needed to use
    them, with a few skills only accessible when you take possession of their puny
    During Campaign Mode you will carry over any new spells you researched in the
    previous realm to the next realm.  So make sure you hang about until you have
    discovered all you can in that realm.  Once all available spells have been
    researched in the Realm, your creatures will start researching upgrades.  Once
    a spell is upgraded, it cost no more mana to cast and has a more profound
    effect, so its worth keeping some Warlocks constantly researching to get the
    best spells as quickly as possible.
    Mana Cost: 1500 for the first time then +1500 each time its cast
    (eg: cast first time for 1500 mana, then again for 3000, again for 4500 and so
    Your most valuable spell.  This can be cast on any square of land your other
    Imps have claimed. A squad of magical helpers are created at the wave of your
    evil hand, and once this spell has been upgraded you will create Imps at level
    4.  They do however consume Mana per turn to stay alive and if your mana drops
    to zero, they will disappear.  If you need a quick mana boost, drop one in your
    dungeon heart for half the original mana cost back into your reserves.
    Mana Cost: 6000
    A very useful spell early on in the game.  If enemies come onto your claimed
    land you can strike them down with a Thunderbolt.  Although it does not do a
    lot of damage, it can knock powerful enemies to the ground allowing your weaker
    hordes to swarm on top of them before they can strike.  This is very useful
    against invading armoured foes such as Knights and the Lord of the Land, with
    judicious use of the Thunderbolt you can provide valuable support to your
    troops and prevent the tin-clad fools form getting any hits in at all.  The
    upgraded version hits a little harder.
    Mana Cost: 500
    Using this spell you can get inside the head of one of your minions.  If you
    wish to scout out new areas you can do by taking control of any of your
    creatures.  You will get a different view depending on whose head you are
    inside, for example the Firefly looks through a pair or compound eyes, the
    Salamander sees things with a red tinge.  You can activate special attacks
    which are displayed at the top of the screen, and by pressing 7 then clicking
    on creatures highlighted in pink you can have them join a group and lead them
    in an attack.  Be warned though that being killed while inside the body of a
    creature costs mana (and is quite disorientating to).
    4) HEAL
    Mana Cost: 5000
    Another very handy spell to support your creatures in a melee. If you see a
    health flower depleting rapidly, cast heal to restore health to that particular
    creature.  This can keep your creatures in battle much longer and it makes them
    braver to, knowing their all-seeing Keeper is looking after them.
    Mana Cost: 5000
    Sight of Evil, reveals a temporary area of land through the Fog of War.  Keep
    casting it around to check out which might be the best places to start mining
    through.  The enhanced version reveals a much wider area.
    Mana Cost: 10,000
    As soon as you want to make an attack or respond to an invasion the best way to
    martial your forces is to cast the Call to Arms spell.  This plants a banner on
    the ground which all your minions will flock around, if you plant it correctly,
    they should be ready grouped to take on invading forces.  Once you have no need
    of the Banner, either slap it to get rid of it or right click on it on the
    toolbar.  You can also left-click to pick the Banner up and move it, which will
    save mana as you do not need to keep recasting it.
    7) TREMOR
    Mana Cost: 30,000
    This spell is superb for speedily breaching enemy dungeons.  By casting this
    you will weaken claimed enemy tiles and walls, destabilize doors and damage
    traps.  You can even reduce some areas to dirt rock so your Imps can quickly
    dig through and bust open an enemy fortress.  The upgraded version is more
    destructive.  Although your Imps ignore it, it can frighten your own creatures
    so it's best to cast it and wait for the effects to end before dropping your
    creatures into attack.
    Mana Cost: 20,000
    A spell that some may find more useful than others.  When cast on an invading
    enemy it confuses them into attacking their own side.  Cast on a knight this
    can lead them to cutting a bloody swathe through their dwarf and elven foes
    before they come to their senses and in the confusion you and your evil hordes
    can mop up the rest.
    Mana Cost: 15,000
    This lets you sacrifice mana for gold, useful in some levels where gold can be
    tight.  Level 1 drops 1500 gold, Level 2 drops 2000 gold ones. It can only be
    cast on your own land.
    10) INFERNO
    Mana Cost: 50,000
    The biggest and best of all your offensive spells.  This casts a large boiling
    mass of flame that boils outwards trapping the unfortunates within its sphere
    of influence and burning them as they try and flee.  Devastatingly damaging, it
    can kill several weaker enemies at once.  The upgrade boils out even further. 
    Be aware though that fire resistant creatures, Giants and Salamanders are
    immune to this spell.
    Mana Cost: 100,000
    In the first ten or so Campaign Levels you can only draw on Horny's power by
    collecting a part of the Horny Talisman.  Once you have the whole Talisman he
    can be summoned when your Mana reserves reach 100,000.  He costs 100,000 mana
    to summon, then after about 30 second he will begin to drain about 2000 mana
    per turn. How long you can sustain him depends on how much Mana your dungeon
    generates per turn.  Give him a slap to dismiss him before all your Mana is
    Used by: Warlock/Wizard/Salamander
    A long distance attack that fire a ball of burning flames at an enemy. 
    Warlocks have access to this attack early on. The Salamanders fireball is more
    powerful, and learned at a higher level.  They also gain a more powerful, firey
    spit attack.
    Used by: Dark Mistress/Fairy
    A long range lightning bolt attack that can stun an enemy and damage them
    severaly if they are standing in water.  One of the first ranged attacks the
    Mistress learns and one that makes a charging group of them wonderful for
    breaking up enemy attack formations.
    3) FREEZE
    Used by: Maiden, Mistress
    4) HEAL/PRAY
    Used by: Warlock/Monk
    After he has gained a few levels, the Warlock can heal himself.  As he gets
    stronger he can also heal other wounded creatures in the middle of battle. They
    will tend to back off first to recover at a safe distance so it is best to let
    them do so if you are bogged down managing the battle elsewhere.  The Monks
    Pray is also a powerful healing skill as he will use it in the midst of a melee
    and heal creatures across a larger radius.
    Used by: Dark Elf
    The Dark Elf can shoot from a distance with the powerful and very accurate
    Guided Bolt.  As they get more experience, they can unleash a barrage of knives
    which cause multiple wounds in the unfortunate recipient.
    Used by: Bile Demon
    At close range the Bile Demon lets out a vast green fart cloud of noxious fumes
    which repel attackers and cause them damage. As they get stronger, they can
    unleash their fart as a guided missile of stench damaging and disabling all
    those in the vicinity when it explodes!
    7) ARMOUR
    Used by: Monk
    This skill raises the defence of a creature and allows it to take more
    punishment in battle.
    8) SLOW
    Used by: Vampire
    Cumbersome heroes can be rendered almost immobile by the judicious use of the
    Slow spell. Used by the vampire it can be very handy even just for cancelling
    out the effects of Haste and enemy may have cast upon themselves.
    9) DRAIN
    Used by: Vampire
    health is sucked out of a target with this skill and used to replenish that of
    the Vampire by a similar amount.
    Used by: Firefly
    The Firefly doesn't have a lot to offer offensively, but trained up it can hold
    its won if attacked while scouting if a blast of wind that stuns and opponent
    giving the Firefly a chance to escape and report back.
    11) HASTE SELF
    Used by: Imp
    It's a good idea to keep your Imps alive, as they reach level 4 and beyond they
    learn better skills such as Haste, which allow them to perform their duties
    much more efficiently.
    Used by: Rogue
    By cloaking himself, the Rogue can slip into enemy territories for a spot of
    Scouting and Thieving.  But beware, cross an enemy Guardrooms sphere of
    detection and he will be spotted.
    Used by: Dark Mistress, Dark Angel
    A powerful shower of Ice is rained down upon target, which if weak or weakened,
    can be ripped into shreds by the assault.
    14) RAISE DEAD
    Used by: Vampire
    If there are dead bodies lying about the place that have not been taken to a
    Graveyard, then the nearest vampire with this skill can temporarily raise them
    back up as skeletons.  Their lifespan is only limited and will crumble to dust
    after a short time
    Used by: Dark Angel
    Three level 1 Skeletons can be raised by the Dark Angel as many times as he
    likes.  Although they are only level 1, they are enough to strike fear into the
    hearts of lesser mortals, especially in the company of the ultimate Dark Angel
    Used by: Dark Angel
    A flesh peeling, skin-flaying blast of pure plasmatic energy, learned by
    top-level Dark Angels.  The effect on enemies is much like having a Fireburst
    trap set of in your face.  Nasty.
    17) TELEPORT
    Used by: Imps
    If you Imps have survived to levels 9-10 they can teleport about your Dungeon,
    making them the ultimate in helpers.
    While excavating new areas, you may be lucky enough to find special magic
    items.  These are the secrets listed on the score table at the end of each
    successfully completed level.  These tend to be found in far corners, often in
    nooks and crannies of soft rook going into the bedrock.  If you have a library,
    your Imps will drag the item back there for safe storage.  If you do not have a
    library they will leave the item where it is.  As long as the imps have
    actually claimed the item, you do not actually need to click on it to activate
    it, the spell will be logged in your spell panel where you can quickly cast it
    for an extra bonus amount of something useful.
    ****************** 8) PRACTICAL DUNGEON SECURITY ************************
    Running an efficient Workshop is covered in the Build a Better Dungeon section
    of this guide.  Many traps and door types become available to you as you play. 
    The mark of a good keeper is how well you exploit these often overlooked
    elements of your Dungeon campaign.
    a) DOORS
    Gold Cost: 500
    A weak door that doesn't offer much protection against enemy blows, but is
    handy for controlling the movements of your own creatures, especially Imps.  It
    can also be amusingly combined with the Boulder Trap for a devastating surprise
    (the enemy will aim for the weakest door, so plonk some fake doorways with
    lethal traps behind them!).
    Gold Cost: 1000
    A tougher door which is a good cheap way of providing inner dungeon security. 
    It provides moderate defence and securing your outer rooms with this will make
    your creatures feel happier and more secure.
    Gold Cost: 1500
    A very tough door, and one you should be using all around the entrance to your
    Dungeon Heart and the doorways leading out of the dungeon.  Enemies have to
    batter on this for a while to break it down, so combine it with Alarm Traps and
    Guardposts to alert your defences.
    Gold Cost: 6000
    A door as tough as the steel one with the added bonus of spitting fireballs at
    any attackers.  This of course comes at a price; they are very expensive.  They
    are extremely useful though in dungeons where you have to fend off enemy Imps. 
    They will repel low-level creatures and prevent them from trying to claim your
    outlying territory.
    Gold Cost: 3000
    This door is cloaked to the enemy and is valuable in levels where you are
    sneakily constructing a dungeon under the very nose of your rivals or enemies. 
    It must be used sensibly though, if you are going through it and it opens in
    front of an enemy, they will see it and be able to attack it.
    Gold Cost: 400
    Cheap and cheerful and brutally effective used correctly, the barricade slows
    down enemy assaults and is excellent for blocking off those portals you cannot
    disable.  Be aware that your own creatures cannot pass though it once it is
    erected.  Fly creatures and projectile attacks can pass over.
    b) TRAPS
    Gold Cost: 1000
    Mana Cost: 5 per turn, 250 to fire
    A small cannon that fires a ball of energy at approaching enemies.  This is
    useful when placed on the outer reaches of a dungeon as it will repel enemy
    Imps and annoying dwarves trying to breach your dungeon.  It won't really scare
    off anything bigger, so it is best combined with Alarm Traps etc.  That way you
    have time to muster a defence while the enemy deals with the sentry traps.
    2) FEAR TRAP
    Gold Cost: 750
    Mana Cost: 5 per turn, 125 to fire
    An extremely useful trap. This strikes fear into the hearts of all but the
    toughest of Knights or largest groups of enemies.  Scattering a few of these
    around your dungeon borders will massively slow up raiding parties as they try
    and attack it from a distance, or wait until there are enough of them to
    overcome its effects.  Its a good idea to place some Sentry, or Lightning Traps
    behind a couple of these.  While the enemy vacillate about trying to pluck up
    the courage to advance, you can zap them with the other traps!
    Gold Cost: 500
    Mana Cost: 5 per turn, 0 to fire
    Alarm Traps work well placed outside outlying Hero Portals you can't disable. 
    They save having to waste a Guardroom in an otherwise useless area and give you
    a bit of a wake-up call to boot.
    Gold Cost: 300
    Mana Cost: N/A
    If you have a large dungeon and limited resources you may not be able to
    support lots of Guard rooms, so a Guardpost gives you some security for a
    fraction of the cost.  If you check the map you'll see a circle radiating out
    from the post.  That's the "sphere of detection" similar to the ones Guardrooms
    have.  If intruders come within the circle, any nearby creatures will be
    alerted and rush to fend them off.
    Gold Cost: 750
    Mana Cost: 5 per turn, 0 to fire
    A superbly nasty trap.  When walked over by an enemy, a mass of spikes pops up
    and causes quite a bit of damage.  Best placed in front of and just behind
    doors for maximum effect.
    Gold Cost: 300
    Mana Cost: N/A
    This is used to set up multiple trap activation.  It can only trigger a trap on
    the next tile, so if you wish to set off a trap a distance away you need to set
    up a line of trigger traps.  But by doing this you can link traps together and
    have them all fire at once, for example laying several trigger traps in a cross
    shape could allow you to have three lightning traps and a boulder trap all fire
    together.  How useful you find the Trigger Trap depends on how fiendishly you
    like to set your traps up.
    Gold Cost: 1500
    Mana Cost: 5 per turn, 0 to fire
    If you have mined out long thin corridors leading into your dungeon, what
    better way to great an intruder than with a giant boulder?  Once activated, the
    Boulder will roll over the hapless enemy and carry on crushing all in its path
    until it runs out of steam.  Beware, once activated, it will crush
    indiscriminately, so pull any creature of yours out of the way quickly.  Best
    placed behind a weak wooden door.  Knock Knock, "Who's there?" SPLAT!
    Gold Cost: 1500
    Mana Cost: 10 per turn, 250 to fire
    Another trap that can seriously hamper enemy progress.  Crossing this trap will
    result in the enemy being frozen to the spot for about 30 seconds.  During this
    time your minions can merrily kick the crap out of them until they shatter into
    a zillion icy shards.
    Gold Cost: 3000
    Mana Cost: 125 per turn, 375 to fire
    These can be a serious annoyance and should be at the forefront of your dungeon
    defences.  When an enemy get reasonably close, it sends out a long bolt of
    lighting which will briefly stun them and do damage.  If the enemy is standing
    in water at the time, the damaging effect will be much greater.
    Gold Cost: 6000
    Mana Cost: 10 per turn, 250 to fire
    The super-dooper trap of all traps, this is actually better laid inside your
    dungeon as part of your Dungeon Heart defences, as its trigger and effect range
    can be small.  Once activated though it sends out a circle of flame make crispy
    meat of enemy invaders.  Placing a lot of these in your Dungeon Heart room can
    make last ditch defence all the more likely to succeed.
    ******************** 9) CAMPAIGN MODE WALKTHROUGH ***********************
    So now Keeper you are finally ready to embark on your quest to bring your evil
    to the land above.  Your mission is to collect one portal gem from each of the
    20 Lords of the Land you must face. Once all twenty are collected, you, your
    hordes and Horny can break into the upper world and spread terror wherever you
    tread, hurrah!
    One thing Keeper to bear in mind as you progress, if a new spell to research
    appears in your spell panel as a "?", stay in the realm until it has been fully
    researched and added to your spell list. If you defeat the Lord of the Land and
    move on to the next realm before your Warlocks uncover its secrets it will need
    to be fully researched again in the next realm thus wasting precious time.
    You will also encounter Hero Portals while excavating your lands.  If you wish
    to disable a Hero Portal, simply have your Imps claim all the land around it.
    If the portal is surrounded by water, just surround it with a bridge.  This is
    something you may want to spend time doing if you have Hero Portals to the rear
    of your dungeon and are suffering niggling attack from the rear as you try and
    concentrate on the front line.
    a) "WARCRY" - Smilesville
    Main Objective: Assault and Kill Lord Antonius
    Sub Objectives: Build a 5x3 Lair
                    Build a 3x3 Hatchery
    Secrets: 1
    New Creatures: Goblins
    New Spells: N/A
    New Rooms: Lair, Hatchery
    New Traps/Doors: N/A
    A small dungeon Keeper, and it is here you can begin to learn the basics of
    Dungeon craft.  Your only minions will be the Goblin.  Weak on its own, but
    once a few have arrived they find safety in numbers. Being thick-headed
    creatures they can be dropped near an enemy and suffer little stun effect. 
    Build a Lair and a Hatchery, claim the Portal and wait until a decent amount of
    Goblins have turned up.
    Some Dwarves may break into your dungeon, you can see them off easily and your
    Goblins will gain some valuable experience. Once the Dwarves have been
    destroyed, dig a little further North and to the West (a thin tunnel of soft
    rock in the Bedrock), there you will find a Magical Item which will give all
    your minions enough experience to rise to the next level.
    Soon Antonious will try and wipe your foul stain off the land, your Goblins
    will swarm over him and soon he will lie defeated.  Horney will rise up and
    claim his Portal Gem and so begins the reign of terror!
    b) "ENCHANTMENTS" - Sing Song
    Main Objective: Invade Lord Darius's Keep and Slay him
    Sub Objectives: Build a Library and use Warlocks to research new spells.
                    Train up creatures in the training room
    Secrets: 1
    New Creatures: Warlocks
    New Spells: Create Imp, Lighting Bolt
    New Rooms: Library, Training Room
    New Traps/Doors: N/A
    Now Keeper after your first triumph its time to start using the magical powers
    at your disposal. Time to entice in some of those corrupt magical users, the
    Warlock.  You can now build a Library and a Training Room, so do so.  Make the
    Library big enough to hold 5-6 researchers and your two spells will be
    discovered and upgraded quickly.  Remember don't finish the level until any
    spells in the spell panel marked "?" have been discovered, or you will have to
    waste time researching them again in the next realm.
    Make sure your Training Room is walled so you create more wall targets.  Create
    a couple of 3x3 hatcheries and strip Lairs.  Claim the Portal when you are
    ready and soon Goblins and Warlocks will enter your Dungeon.  The Warlocks
    should quickly gravitate to the Library and your spells should be acquired and
    upgraded quickly.  While they research, have the Goblins train up to level 4,
    then put the Warlocks to train up.  Use your new spell to create some more Imps
    to excavate faster.
    If you mine Northwards, you'll encounter some Dwarves, your tough little
    Goblins should see them off fast.  You will be shown which tiles need to be
    broken through to break into Lord Darius Keep.  Wait until you have a nicely
    trained force of level 4 Goblins and Warlocks then break through.  Drop your
    minions nearby and the Goblins will swarm the Lord, while the Warlocks fire off
    their fireballs. Use your new Lighting Spell to attack the Lord.  He won't be
    hurt but the Lighting stuns him for a second or two allowing your Goblins to
    kick his head in.
    Now when Darius lies broken and crushed, Horny will rise and strip him of his
    Portal Gem and that is another Goodly Fool wiped out.
    c) "GREED" - Ramshackle
    Main Objective: Send greedy Lord Avaricious to his grave.
    Sub Objectives: Mine out all the gold in the land to entice the Lord out of
                    his Keep.
                    Build Sentry Traps and Wooden Doors to defend your dungeon
    Secrets: 1
    New Creatures: Firefly, Troll
    New Spells: N/A
    New Rooms: Treasury, Workshop
    New Traps/Doors: Sentry Trap, Wooden Door
    Now Keeper, the next Lord of the land is a greedy fool. You must lure him out
    by excavating all the gold near to his land.  First though build some Lairs and
    Hatcheries, a Library for spell upgrades, and Training Room and a new room, the
    Workshop.  This will bring the strong troll into your Dungeon.  They are keen
    workers and once one is built you can begin to fortify your dungeon from attack.
    Excavate the nearby Gold and store it in a small treasury.  Claim the Portal
    when you are ready.  Don't be tempted to go for the gold seams running to close
    to Avaricious Keep, he will burst out and attack, so wait until you have some
    well trained creatures first.
    You are shown a good place to set a Sentry Trap so follow the advice.  Watch
    how the timer counts down until construction is finished.  If you are lucky to
    get two Trolls building should be fast indeed.  You may want to try adding some
    Wooden Doors, these are weak but make your creatures feel more secure.  As you
    tunnel further North experiment with adding a few more sentry traps, they can
    provide useful back-up.
    Once your Troll is done, make sure it has got itself trained up as well as
    everyone else.  A Firefly may decide to enter your dungeon at this point.  They
    make useful scouts and it will uncover land for you as it cruises about.  Train
    it if you like, at this point it can offer some threat against lowly Dwarves.
    When you feel ready, tag all the gold around the enemy area.  Soon Avaricious
    will come running out to stop you.  If you placed some Sentry Cannon near by
    they should give him a nasty surprise.  Now just amass your force and overwhelm
    him, using the Lighting Bolt to help out.
    The love of Gold proves this Lords downfall; you can't take it with you Lord
    Avaricious, especially not after Horny has tap-danced on your throat. 
    Congratulations Keeper, another Portal Gem is yours.
    d) "SNIPERS" - Shadygrove
    Main Objective: Traverse the Moat of Lord Ludwig's Fort and wrestle the
                    Portal Gem from him.
    Sub Objectives: Find and claim the Guard Rooms
                    Lead a charge of grouped creatures into Lord Ludwig's Fort
    Secrets: 4
    New Creatures: Dark Elf
    New Spells: Possession
    New Rooms: Guard Room
    New Traps/Doors: N/A
    Now Keeper a larger area for you to play around in and one with some danger
    from all sides. If you dig North, West and East you will uncover Guard Rooms. 
    The East and West one's face Hero Gates.  The North one faces an enemy door
    behind which lies a second portal.  You best plan is to first as usual set up
    some Lairs and Hatcheries.  Keep mining Gold so you can afford to build a
    Library, Training Room and Workshop.  Once you have a nice snug little set of
    these rooms set up, create some treasuries and claim the first Portal.
    Dig East, West and North to uncover and claim the Guard Rooms there. This will
    quickly attract the Dark Elves into your Dungeon.  They like to patrol, but
    make sure they get some time in the training room. Your Warlocks will soon
    research the new spell, Possession.  Practice possessing a creature and using
    the number keys to select different attacks and group creatures with you (hold
    7 then left click when the creature you want is highlighted).
    Breaking though to the North Guard Room also exposes a lot of water and two
    Hero Portals to the East and West.  If you excavate the rock to the East and
    West of these Portals you will find two Magical Items that raise all your
    minions by one level.  Don't use them now; wait until everyone has trained to
    level 4.  Break through the door in front of the North Guard Room (drop
    creatures in front and they will batter it down).  Inside are a few paltry
    foes, crush them and claim the Portal.
    There will be a few enemy incursions, but you should fight them off easily, put
    Wooden Doors and Sentry Traps around your Dungeon Heart to make life harder for
    them.  Once things have calmed down, spend time training up.  Now excavate
    North and your Imps will break into the area with the entrance to Lord Ludwig's
    Fort.  The Mentor will suggest you kill him from long-range with a Dark Elf. 
    Before this however, your will see your Imps will keep trying to claim land and
    getting shot at by the cannons.  Lock your Imps safely in a room for now so
    they don't accidentally raise the alarm.
    Now drop a Dark Elf on the nearest piece of claimed land and possess her. 
    Press the INSERT key to go into Sniper Mode.  Walk forward slowly until the
    Dwarf is highlighted as a target.  Now look at the top of the screen you will
    see a Bow and an Arrow icon.  Press 2 to move to the Arrow. Now left click to
    send an arrow flying into the Dwarf and knock him dead.  From here you can also
    knock out the Cannons, or you may prefer to possess a Troll and go in close and
    smash them to pieces quickly.
    Now if you managed to kill the sentry and not raise the alarm, gather a force
    together using the group possession (make sure you use the two level up items
    displayed on the spell panel) and either beat down the door or barge right in. 
    Ludwig has few left to protect him, so within minutes he should be crushed
    under a barrage of hammerblows, arrows and fireballs.
    Horny rises up and takes the Portal Gem from his lifeless body.  Shivering
    behind a moat couldn't keep this Lord safe.  I hope not all Lords of the Land
    are this cowardly Keeper, don't you?
    e) "FEAR" - Elmshadow
    Main Objective: Force your way into the Keep of cowardly Lord Constantine
                    and destroy him.
    Sub Objectives: Find and Claim the Prison
                    Create Skeletons
    Secrets: 6 (including part 1 of the Horny Talisman)
    New Creatures: Skeleton
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: Wooden Bridge, Prison
    New Traps/Doors: None
    Ah Keeper, it looks like we have yet another coward content to sit behind
    defences. He uses the dastardly fear trap to keep enemies away and you will
    find your creatures unable to go further until they are disabled.  But how can
    this be done, well in this realm we will discover a creature unaffected by
    Elmshadow is a large and sprawling land, and I would encourage you to excavate
    as much as you can, for many magical items can be found tucked away in corners,
    including the ability to access a secret level and summon Horny in the next
    realm.  Set up your dungeon with Lairs, Hatcheries, a Library, Workshop and
    Training Room and swiftly claim the Portal.  The Forces of good make regular
    forays into your dungeon and you need to be prepared for them.
    Soon your Imps will uncover and claim a Prison a little to the south.  You
    should expect a raiding party soon of puny Thieves and Dwarves. Crush them and
    now you will see the Imps drop their bodies off into the Prison to rot.  If a
    creature falls into the water, build a wooden bridge underneath to allow the
    Imps to reach them.
    When the feeble Heroes have died, they will become skeletons.  They have no
    fear which is good.. and bad.  As soon as they leave the Dungeon they will try
    and destroy the two cannons nearby, and being only level one they will shatter
    and be lost.  Possess a troll or Warlock and lead a few creatures over the
    water to take out these annoyances and now your skeletons will be fine.  Drop
    them in the training room to level up, then assign them Guard duty.
    Excavate as much of your Dungeon as you like to collect the secret items then,
    when you are ready to take on Lord Constantine, excavate the area nearby the
    prison until you uncover a Fear Trap.  If your imps manage to claim tiles near
    to it then you can drop the skeletons nearby and they will attack
    automatically. If not, possess the skeleton (other creatures will reject your
    possession if you make them go near the trap), and hack the trap down.
    Carry on and this should entice out Constantine.  Muster all your Trolls,
    Goblins, Dark Elves and Warlocks and attack him full on.  He has a large force,
    but if you kill him, you do not need to worry about the rest.  Let him get onto
    your territory and you can drop him with the Thunderbolt, allowing plenty of
    battering to his armour-plated bonce to take place.
    Soon Constantine will be rusting in the water and Horny will arrive to take his
    Gem.  The only thing to fear around here Keeper is you and your cohorts!
    f) "BESEIGED" - Sweetwater (a)
    Main Objective:  Assault the castle in which Lord Iron Helm resides and crush
                     him utterly.
    Sub Objectives: Capture and convert Lord Iron Helm's minions
                    Try to locate the hidden passageways leading to Lord Iron
    Secrets: 5
    New Creatures: Dark Mistress
    New Spells: Heal
    New Rooms: Torture Chamber
    New Traps/Doors: Barricade, Fear Trap
    Your forces have been laying siege to Lord Iron Helm for a while now, time to
    end this.  Yet he is well defended and shows no sign of budging and your forces
    are not strong enough to take him head on.  Some tactics and cunning are
    required Keeper to enlarge your forces as you have no portals to draw extra
    troops from the netherworld.
    So you will be pleased to hear that in this Realm you are now blessed with the
    services of the Dark Mistress and her Torture Chamber.  Not only can you build
    up and army of Undead skeletons, but also convert whimpering Heroes on your
    racks and chairs of pain.
    After a small amount of excavation south you'll see all the various entrances
    to Lord Iron Helms castle, they are well guarded and you don't want to be
    attacking them.  But place guards nearby and sentry traps as there will be
    persistent incursions from his forces almost straight away. You want to uncover
    some Map information so the first few thieves and wizards you capture,
    interrogate them for info.  You should quickly reveal to the far southwest and
    east some guard rooms and single cell prisons holding neutral creatures.  These
    are what you need to be heading for.  To do this, excavate northeast and
    northwest.  To the NE you will uncover a Hero gate.  Claim the area around it
    and you'll see a thin tunnel of soft rock snaking south round the edge of the
    map.  You can find something similar to the west as well.
    Excavate them as far as you feel safe.  Wait until you have built up a nice
    force of converted Knights and Guards.  To convert, strap them into the torture
    devices and heal them, then leave them there until they join you.  You may need
    to heal the Knights up as they are quite resistant to your ministrations.  If
    you can convert around five knights and five guards and add about 6-7 skeletons
    that is an awesome boost to your fighting forces.
    Now excavate down those tunnels and break into the guardrooms and prisons at
    the back of Iron Helms fort.  Claim the rooms and this gets you into the heart
    of his territory.  Soon you break into the main area and its fight time. 
    Quickly drop in as many forces as you can muster and if you want to totally
    crush him, summon Horny (if you got the talisman secret last level).  If you
    have plenty of Knights, skeletons and Mistresses at your disposal he will fall
    in seconds.
    Horny arrives for his next Gem and the land of Sweetwater is now minus its
    Lord.  Very good Keeper, very good indeed.
    g) "ROUT" - Sweetwater (b)
    Main Objective: Intercept and kill Lord Iron Helm before he escapes through
                    the Hero Gate
    Sub Objectives: Capture wandering Heroes
                    Interrogate the prisoners in the Torture Chamber to find Lord
                    Iron Helm's Hero Gate.
    Secrets: 11
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: Heal
    New Rooms: Torture Chamber
    New Traps/Doors: Barricade, Fear Trap
    Your forces have been laying siege to Lord Iron Helm for a while now, time to
    end this.  The coward has decided to make a break for it and it will be your
    job to catch and kill him before he makes it to his Hero Portal.
    Your first task is to interrogate the Wizard languishing in your Prison.  he
    will quickly reveal that Lord Iron Helm's base lies to the far north.  Our next
    task is to build a dungeon and fighting forces as well as finding out where he
    will try and escape to.
    As you build up your dungeon you will find some more trolls and skeletons in
    hidden rooms.  You'll also come across low-level guards and wizards in your
    southern end.  Torture them to find out that the Portal is not very far to the
    east of Iron Helms stronghold.  So you must dig your way up to the northeast
    fairly quickly as a timer will begin to count down. Once it hits zero he will
    make a run for it.
    There is no Portal here so the Dark Mistress will join you in the next level. 
    As time is short you may not want to spend time converting captured heroes,
    either torture them to locate some of the many specials on the map, or let them
    become a nice big skeleton army.
    As you make your way up you'll find the Portal protected by two cannons and two
    fear traps.  Use your skeletons to destroy them, then block off the portal with
    lots of barricades and sentry traps.  Claim all the land up to the side door of
    Iron Helm's place as you can then cast your magic on him.  Once the timer is up
    he will try and flee.  Summon Horny to make quick work of him; you may need his
    help as Iron Helm has a lot of level 3 knights accompanying him.  The
    barricades should hold him if he managed to make a break for it and the rest of
    your forces can pummel him while you floor him with Thunderbolts.
    Horny arrives for his next Gem and the land of Sweetwater is now minus its
    Lord.  Very good Keeper, very good indeed.
    h) "CAVERNS" - Emberglow
    Main Objective: Dispose of fiery tempered Lord Sigmund and his retinue of
                    of Giants.
    Sub Objectives: Traverse the Giants Caverns
                    Be wary of the molten lava that course through this land
    Secrets: 6 (including part 2 of Horny talisman)
    New Creatures: Salamander
    New Spells: Sight of Evil, Call to Arms
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: None
    Well Keeper, things are going well and now we have new terrain to deal with. 
    Lord Sigmund resides within Caverns of lava, and your first task within this
    unforgiving place is to fend of a marauding giant and begin taking over the
    remains of your predecessor's dungeon.  Start excavating the nearby gold and
    lay a couple of Lairs as soon as you can.  A Giant will soon come and attack
    your Dungeon Heart, some Goblins and your Imps should be able to take him down,
    though some may die in the process.
    Nearby are a Workshop, Lair, Hatchery, Torture Chamber, Library, Training Room
    and Treasury.  There are a few Giants roaming about, you may end up playing a
    bit of cat and mouse with them as your Imps gradually claim the rooms. Excavate
    the rock near the workshop to create a larger library and when you have claimed
    the Lair, sell it and build a prison.  You want to start converting Giants as
    soon as possible.  The fiery Salamander will also join you in this Realm. Like
    the Giant he can cross Lava and will train himself happily up to level four
    without prompting from you.  When trained, they sometimes join your Imps in
    mining and collecting Gold. Truly a useful creature to have around.
    Work your way North and capture and convert Giants as you meet them.  At least
    5 or 6 will prove ample for your needs.  Also torture some to death to gain the
    locations on the map of Sigmund's Fort; this is represented by two Hero Portals
    which you should uncover via torture.  As usual excavate areas of long thin
    soft rock in bedrock to uncover secrets.  There are a couple of cash injection
    magic items and a level up lying about.  To locate the Horny talisman secret (A
    New Land) you should build a wooden bridge going east from the small treasury
    you claim and excavate the Rock going around and down from there.  You can also
    use your new "Sight of Evil" spell to uncover areas for a short time.
    Soon you'll stumble across a solitary wizard and the larger guardroom as you
    head north.  Kill the wizard and storm the three doors of the guardroom.
    Capture all the guards and convert them, they will make more valuable muscle.
    Let the wizard become a skeleton.  Post some of your own creatures in the room
    and begin to excavate east.  As you excavate you will need to keep building
    wooden bridges for your imps to cross over.  When you need to batter down
    doors, use your Salamanders and Giants as they can cross the lava when they
    need to return to your main dungeon and won't get trapped and irritable. 
    You'll keep running into wizards, capture them and make sure your imps can get
    them back to the prison.  Let them rot into skeletons.
    At some point you'll trigger a mini attack.  You'll hear Sigmund call out and a
    force will pile out of a door and attack.  Quickly summon your troops by
    clicking on the creature panel.  Although you have the "Call to Arms" spell,
    too many of them cannot traverse lava.  If you have been converting Giants and
    Guards and have a few trained up Salamanders you should have no problems
    crushing this small force.  Capture and convert any you need, and let the rest
    become your Undead cohorts.
    When you reach those Hero Portals, have your Imps excavate all the way around. 
    You'll see the Fort lies in the middle of a Lava Pool, with a door at the front
    and back. The back door has one tile in front of it, so build a bridge and have
    an imp claim it, this is very useful as you can drop your minions straight into
    the fort now.  Make sure all your creatures are as trained as you need them to
    be and use any level up specials you found.  Now build two bridges either end
    of the fort and have a couple of giants batter the doors down simultaneously. 
    Now as they crash the doors, drop as many as you can at the back and front to
    assault Sigmund from both sides.  Despite all his cannons, he is not well
    defended and he will quickly fall, sweet irony that it should be at the hands
    of his own converted Giants.
    Horny will rise up and collect the Gem and unlock the second secret land for
    you.  You can summon him to in the next realm, as your Horny Talisman reaches
    half completion.
    i) "AFTERMATH" - Snapdragon
    Main Objective: Take over Keeper Dante's abandoned dungeon and massacre
                    Lord Titus
    Sub Objectives: Find and claim all the scattered rooms
                    Defeat the Guardian Wizards
    Secrets: 10
    New Creatures: Rogue
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: Stone Bridge, Casino
    New Traps/Doors: Gas Trap
    You have impressed us so far Keeper, now let us see how you cope with a more
    challenging task.  Keeper Dante allowed his Dungeon to be taken over by the
    sickening Lord Titus.  How shameful.  Your task Keeper is to take three
    Salamanders, two Mistresses and a Troll and uses this as a basis to build a
    large army to smear that goodly fool into the ground.
    Your first job is to methodically reclaim every abandoned room in the dungeon,
    neutralise the Hero Portals and destroy or capture those left standing guard. 
    Take a moment to move your hand around. You will see to the left of your
    Dungeon Heart are many rooms, a Hatchery, Training Room, Casino, Prison, Guard
    Room and Torture Chamber.  To the right there is a Workshop and a Library. 
    There is also a Portal.  But do not claim the Portal just yet for you will set
    off an alarm and the wizards and guards lurking behind it will destroy your
    meagre, untrained forces.
    First mine the small gold seam and claim the hatchery.  Kill the enemies and
    now you have enough gold to build a bridge to the Lair. Claim the Lair and
    ensure your six creatures have bedded down. Carry on left and grab the
    Treasury.  Hopefully your six creatures have gained a level or two, so now you
    should claim the Portal and destroy the Wizard in the water.  There is a fear
    trap blocking your access to the Library and Workshop.  If you have both
    Mistresses still you may be able to get them to disable it, if not you will
    have to wait until you have claimed the Prison and got some skeletons.  Fear
    not, you do not really require the help of Warlocks in this realm.  Concentrate
    on excavating towards the Prison and Torture Chamber.
    Once you have claimed the Casino a Rogue may join you.  His stealthy nature is
    more suited to exploration than battle, but he is effective at attacking and
    disabling traps and tends not to need encouraging to do so.  As you excavate
    make sure you destroy all enemy traps and doors.  You disable a Hero Portal by
    claiming the land around it.  If the Portal is in water, simply build a bridge
    around it.  It will collapse in a smoking heap of rubble when neutralised.
    As soon as you get the prison, start building a skeleton army.  Excavate to the
    Torture Chamber and you will find three neutral mistresses enjoying themselves.
    Just click on them to pick them up and pop them in your main dungeon, once they
    contact one of your creatures they automatically join you.  Start capturing the
    Giants that make regular attacks on you via your Casino.  If you can convert
    enough of them and a few Guards as well, the Lord of the Land will stand no
    chance.  If you can, convert around six giants for an awesome strike force.
    You will soon notice that you can approach Lord Titus from three ways, the
    front, and both sides.  Do not excavate near the area until you are ready to
    attack. You can see the sphere of alertness as a white circle on the map.
    Once you are ready, the left side seems the best way to attack him, break down
    the nearby door and have the imps claim land as far up to the Fort as they can.
     Then drop your attack force down or cast "Call to Arms". He should have few
    guards left now after all his attacks on you and should fall quickly.  If you
    got the Horny Talisman in the previous realm, cast it on the closest piece of
    claimed land, Horny will finish him spectacularly if your other minions haven't
    Well done Keeper, Horny has the next Gem and you have atoned for Dante's
    pathetic defeat.  Even the other Keepers in the land are watching you now...
    j) "AMBUSH" - Silverstream
    Main Objective: Ambush Lord Voss as he traverse the Realm, gem in hand.
    Sub Objectives: Attempt to capture the Heroes outposts on the river
    Secrets: 5
    New Creatures: Bile Demon
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: None
    A different kind of challenge here Keeper, and one that sees you up against the
    clock. You have twenty minutes before the Lord Voss arrives from west and
    traverses your land to the exit to the east.  There are three enemy guardrooms
    along the river, one to the east and two to the west.  You begin will a small
    dungeon in place, with lairs, hatcheries, treasury and a workshop. Almost
    immediately a new creature will join you, the foul gassing Bile Demon.  This
    blubbery lump is slow, but one of the toughest in the game.  Muster several and
    you can create an impenetrable line of defence.  Juts make sure he is kept well
    fed, and if he is not making items in your workshop have him train up.
    Now, quickly excavate out space for a small prison, torture chamber, training
    room and a few more lairs and treasury spaces and a library if you feel you
    need the services of Warlocks.  You will find a gem seam that you can mine if
    cash runs low in the gold seam near to the treasury you begin with.  Within
    five minutes or so you should have attracted a good number of trolls,
    mistresses and salamanders.
    Observe the Guard Rooms to the east and west. Have your imps tunnel through the
    bedrock and come out at the sides of the rooms.  Now capture the eastern one
    first by building a wooden bridge to the side of the room and have the imps
    breach the wall.  Now drop down your creatures and they should very quickly
    overpower the guards.  Let some become skeletons and start converting others. 
    If you can add four or five guards to your forces you will have no problems.
    Quickly do the same for the western guardroom.  Now start your trolls and Bile
    Demons working on traps and doors.  Fill the Guardrooms either side and your
    dungeon with doors, sentry traps, barricades and anything else you feel you
    need.  Lord Voss will try and break through your rooms rather than go around
    them, what a fool he is.
    Now depending on how fast you worked, you may wish to take the final and
    furthest flung Guardroom as well. If you decide to do so, build a bridge to it
    and breach it with your Imps, or lead a possessed group and break down the
    doors.  You may want to concentrate on training your troops up and laying traps
    with your final few minutes.  If you have two Guardrooms under control it is
    unlikely Lord Voss will make it past your Dungeon.
    Once the twenty minutes is up, Lord Voss will appear with a small fighting
    force.  If you did not capture the last guardroom, he will pause there to
    collect the guards patrolling there.  As he moves towards your guardroom, drop
    as many creatures as you have into there and when he sets foot upon your land,
    cast Thunderbolt upon him.  There will be a short but (very) bloody battle and
    he should fall without getting further than the guardroom.
    If you didn't capture the western guardroom, the same tactics go for fighting
    in your Dungeon.  It may be tougher as he will have more soldiers under his
    command, but if you placed plenty of traps and recruited some skeletons that
    should help thin things out.  As a last resort if all his minions are dead, he
    will start to run very fast towards the exit.  For this reason it is a good
    idea to fill the eastern guardroom with barricades and traps to bring him to a
    Whatever your tactics, he will find it hard to run with broken legs.  Once he
    lies bleeding on the ground, Horny will appear and the ninth gem is yours.
    k) "SMASH" - Woodsong
    Main Objective: Defeat Keeper Asmodeous and take the Gem from him.
    Sub Objectives: Smash your way through Lord Ronin's lines to attack Keeper
                    Seek out the weak spot in Asmodeous's defences
    Secrets: 9 (including part 3 of the Horny Talisman)
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: Tremor, Turncoat
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: Braced Door, Spike Trap
    Keeper, you are halfway there, but trouble is brewing.  Rival Keepers also vie
    for the Portal Gems and the tenth has fallen into the hands of Keeper
    Asmodeous.  To make matters worse between his dungeon and yours lie the forces
    of Lord Ronin.  Ronin is mustering for an attack against you and Asmodeous, an
    attack you will not survive, so it is imperative you defeat Asmodeous before
    Ronin moves against you.  You have 45 minutes before Ronin will strike.  But do
    not panic, it may seem impossible but the secret is knowing what to prioritise
    and what to leave alone.
    Before you begin, quickly check the lay of the land.  You will see that to the
    North lies Asmodeous's Keep.  Between you and he lies a large body of water
    with Ronin's forces to the east and west, joined by a bridge and patrolled by
    elven archers and dwarves.  You will see to the southeast and west of you are
    two hero portals and to the east and west two enemy occupied treasuries.  You
    will be assaulted from all sides, almost from the start.
    Now quickly excavate some gold and build the following before claiming the
    portal.  A library, a Workshop big enough to hold at least five workers, a
    training room with at least nine spaces, a prison and torture chamber big
    enough to cater for around eight prisoners and four or five "clients".  Lay
    lairs and Treasuries in strips where you have space, but build at least one 5x5
    Hatchery to attract the Bile Demon.  Try and build as much of this as you can
    afford before breaking through and claiming the portal.  Two Mistresses will
    join you immediately, and having a large Hatchery and workshop set up means
    trolls and Bile Demons will be through first and not lots of goblins.
    You'll begin to suffer attacks from the southern hero portals almost straight
    away.  Plus your dungeon will be breached from the north.  Capture and convert
    as many giants and guards as you can, you need as much muscle as you can
    muster.  Let the dwarves, elves and wizards become skeletons and keep them
    training and defending.  Fill those long tunnel areas that the heroes are using
    to invade your dungeon from with Braced doors and spike/gas traps. Fear Traps
    also slow down those pesky dwarves and thieves.  If you have five workers in
    your Workshop, you should be turning out items in around 20-30 seconds apiece. 
    Once your dungeon has all the rooms you need and you have started to torture
    captured enemies, excavate north, you will find a gem seam nearby and also
    another Portal.  Claim the Portal, but don't excavate through into the main
    body of water yet.
    Make sure your dungeon is secure with plenty of traps placed in the tunnels
    from the northern portal and make sure your Warlocks have researched the Tremor
    spell.  Once the timer hits fifteen minutes left it's time to make your move.
    The key here is to basically ignore Ronin's forces; you have not the time to
    defeat them nor to spend destroying his defences before heroes come pouring
    into the realm.  You must bypass him utterly.  To do this, build a bridge west
    from where you broke through by the northern portal, then build the bridge
    north until you hit Ronin's bridge. Now drop some Imps on the end of the bridge
    and they will claim the bridge, you may need to drop a Mistress or two there to
    kill of any patrolling Elves.
    Now carry on building the bridge north until you hit a patch of unclaimed land
    by Asmodeous's Keep.  Start excavating the rock and also very importantly claim
    the nearby bridge and collect the secret item to get the third part of the
    Horny Talisman. Excavate the rock as far as the enemies Lair, this allows the
    quickest access to the enemies Dungeon Heart.  Use the Tremor spell to destroy
    the fortifications and your imps can break through the now soft rock quickly. 
    Now as they break into the lair, be ready to drop down your Mistresses and
    skeletons, they will charge into the enemy dungeon and frighten away enemy imps
    so you can quickly claim the lair.  Start dropping down Giants and Bile Demons
    and Warlocks and hopefully they will charge the dungeon heart and destroy it.
    If you have a force of at least four Bile Demons, four Giants, four Guards, six
    Mistresses and assorted back-up Elves and Warlocks (at level 3-4 at least) you
    should have the Dungeon Heart destroyed in seconds.  You may hear the Mentor
    tell you that your own dungeon is under attack; it's a gamble you have to take.
    Storm Asmodeous's Keep before yours is destroyed, as long as you do it before
    the 45 minutes are up, your doors and traps should keep those pesky Hero
    incursions away from your Dungeon heart.
    Once Asmodeous's Dungeon Heart lies smoking in rubble and the blood of his
    pathetic minions seeps into the ground, Horny will rise up and claim back the
    tenth Portal Gem that is rightfully ours.  Halfway there Keeper!
    l) "CARNAGE" - Sparklydell (a, b and c)
    Main Objective: Kill all your rival Keepers
    Sub Objectives: a) Build up a strong force quickly
                    b) Hold of strong rivals while you deal with weaker ones
                    c) Attack your neighbour before he can build up a fighting
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: Trigger Trap, Boulder Trap, Steel Door
    Now Keeper, we have already seen off several rival Keepers for the privilege of
    collecting the Portal Gems.  Now you will be pitched against five others
    Keepers in competition for the eleventh.  Whoever comes out on top will be
    deemed worthy of carrying on the quest. Kronos, Belial, Raksha, Morgana and
    Draco stand against you here.  But fear not, they are not just in competition
    with you, but also each other and whichever approach you take, this should be
    used as part of your tactics.  There is some unpredictability in how the other
    Keepers will react and the shape their dungeons will take, and this should be
    born in mind when following the strategies below.
    a) This starts you off in the strongest possible position.  You start with a
    Portal nearby and gold to set up a small but efficient dungeon.  If you check
    the map you will see Portals marked across it, each Portal represents the
    locations on enemy dungeons so don't start expanding yet. Once you have a
    decent force ready, you should excavate southeast and you will soon breach an
    enemy dungeon.  If you took your time amassing a force, you may discover this
    Dungeon Heart already under attack from another's forces, try and destroy it
    first and then keep excavating anti-clockwise.
     As you take over dungeon rooms and claim their Portals your forces will grow. 
    You may encounter stiffest opposition in the northeast dungeon amongst the
    lava.  This Keeper will often cast Thunderbolt upon your creatures and will
    capture and torture them.  However usually once you destroy this Keeper, you
    should have won the Gem and Horny will arrive to declare you champion.
    b) Decide to start from this position Keeper and you will face two weak
    opponents on either side and one tricky one.  There is already land excavated
    for you so quickly build the rooms you require, I advise a large workshop as
    you will need to do some serious Dungeon Fortification and a decent sized
    Prison and Torture Chamber as you will have much opportunity to expand your
    forces via conversion.  Once you have some creatures in your dungeon trained up
    its time to take pout the Keepers either side.  To the east and west are weak
    Keepers whose Dungeons you should conquer easily.
    You will hear that the Keeper to the North has defeated a rival Keeper be
    careful you do not excavate too far and breach their walls too soon. Make great
    use of the Sight of Evil spell to scout out where Dungeon Hearts are located
    and the layout of the dungeons.  As you defeat the smaller Keepers, convert as
    many good creatures as you can and create some skeletons to.  Fortify your
    Dungeon Heart with many traps and metal doors.  As soon as the other Keeper
    feels its time they will launch an attack on you.  You can use the Sight of
    Evil to locate the Dungeon Heart and start using the Call to Arms spell to have
    you troops gradually invade the others Dungeon.  Hopefully the traps and doors
    will hold off attack from other sides enough for you to get to the final Heart
    to crush.  Life can be made easier if you found the Horny Talisman piece in the
    previous realm.  Summoning him within sight of the final Heart will speed
    victory and see you awarded that precious Portal Gem.
    c) The trickiest position to defend and attack from Keeper and a sizable
    challenge. You begin with two Mistresses and three Salamaders.  Quickly dig
    Northeast and you will find a Dungeon heart will little protection, just a
    couple of Warlocks and some Imps.  Your Salamanders and Mistresses should
    destroy the Heart while your Imps claim the hatchery and Lair.  Once this is
    done you can claim the nearby portal and things are not as desperate as they
    You'll find a small Library, with lots of space southeast to excavate.  Quickly
    build up some gold reserves and excavate this area to build rooms.  Workshops
    for traps and doors, and Prison and Torture chamber for adding to your numbers.
     Don't excavate too far North or West until you have attracted as many
    creatures as you can and done some Dungeon fortification.  There is a powerful
    Keeper to the North who may try and breach your Dungeon, so make sure you put
    some nasty traps in his way.  If you can, quickly take on the Keeper to the
    West, he is weaker and you can claim his rooms and Portal fairly easily.
    You are likely though in this area to be under constant attack, keep calm and
    remember to place Fear traps as you expand to keep those pesky rival Imps from
    claiming your land to soon and make use of spike traps and heavy iron doors to
    slow up incursions.  Keep healing creatures as they fight the incursions, if
    you take care of them, they will level up and you may find that after a while
    you have a handful of tough warriors who have made it to level 8 and over.
    You should end up with just one tough opponent left, usually the Keeper to the
    North.  If you can summon Horny to smash his Dungeon Heart life will be much
    simpler. If not just use your Sight of Evil or interrogate captured creatures
    to find the final Dungeon heart and be prepared for a large battle to take it
    down.  Use the Call to Arms spell to keep your creatures grouped and forging
    forward.  If you have managed to get some creatures to level 8 - 10 it should
    be a lot more straightforward.  Once the final Rival is crushed, Horny rises to
    award you the prized Portal Gem.
    m) "SCAVENGER" - Goldenglade
    Main Objective: Finish of Lord Brambles remaining forces and take the Portal
                    Gem from Keeper Malachi
    Sub Objectives: Amass an Army of Undead through exploration and resurrection
    Secrets: 7
    New Creatures: Vampire
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: Graveyard
    New Traps/Doors: None
    A challenging level indeed Keeper as no Portal is available to you.  It is time
    to make use of the newest addition to your hordes, the Vampire.  To get him you
    need a graveyard, but do not build one.  If you excavate West you will soon
    find a large one, one that can support 8 vampires.
    First though take a look at the lie of the level. Directly North of you is what
    remains of Lord Brambles Keep.  To the North of that is Malachi's Dungeon.  We
    will ignore the Keep for now, the regular incursions of dwarves will provide
    food to raise vampires from and a little later on there will be guards you can
    To start with dig and excavate east, this releases some trapped skeletons who
    join you, keep excavating the areas right to the bedrock until you have made
    enough spaced to set up a training room.  As soon as you uncover and claim the
    graveyard, incursions by dwarves will become frequent, they are at low levels
    and your skeletons will kill them easily.  Without a prison, the Imps will wait
    until their bodies die and then drag them to the graveyard.  Soon vampires will
    start to rise.  If you have the cash, excavate the wall at the bottom of the
    Graveyard and add another row, it will increase the number of vampires
    supported to eleven. As they like to research, build them a small library,
    where you can also store the magical items you will find.
    Vampires do need Lairs so strip them near the library and training room,
    slaughter enough dwarves and you should get your full eight+ soon.  When a
    Vampire is killed it reincarnates back in the graveyard minus a level, so do
    make sure they train as well, a level one Vampire is destroyed when killed. 
    Vampires also get bored and like to gamble, a small casino should be built to
    stop them sulking.
    You should build a prison and Torture Chamber. Dwarves die in prison, but
    capture and torture enemy guards to get them converted, you should be able to
    get around five in attacks from the Keep and they provide valuable muscle.  Now
    to acquire cash build bridges to get your imps to start excavating the land
    East and West.  You want them to move up, excavating every nook and cranny for
    gold.  Join the land up with bridges so they claim it and add more mana per
    turn.  You should find all sorts of useful magical items, such as Stun Enemy
    Imps, Make Enemies Unhappy, Restore Health x2 and Cash.
    Once they reach the walls of Malachi's keep, stop and don't breach them.  Once
    you have all the gold lying around in the rock, its time to storm Brambles
    Keep.  It's a pretty easy job, you may lose some imps to the spike traps, but
    once they are sprung your Vampires can take them out quickly, and the cannons
    as well.  Break down all the doors and claim all the rooms.  Sell them off to
    generate some more cash, you don't need them.
    Now can you attack Malachi from the front, or side.  Through the side is
    slightly faster as it takes you in nearer from his dungeon heart.  When you do
    decide to attack, either bash down the door (front) or breach the walls,
    (side).  Send your skeletons in first, they will frighten the weaker creatures.
     Use your Make Unhappy and Stun Imps specials if you have them.  Drop all your
    imps in with the skeletons then add the Vampires, if you have all eight
    vampires at level 4 then you have nothing to fear.  If they die, just click on
    the creature panels to bring them back into the fray quickly.
    You should start claiming rooms and be close to the Dungeon Heart.  Drop any
    guards you converted in as well and to keep their minds on the job cast "Call
    to Arms" right by the enemy heart.  Although his forces seem larger, your
    Vampires terrify them and as they back off, your Guards and Skeletons can start
    finishing them off and your imps carry on claiming the rooms.  Vampires are
    strong too and soon the Dungeon Heart will fall under their blows.
    Another challenger to you has been crushed and Horny rises up to claim the next
    gem.  It's always good to see him enjoying himself.
    n) "CONVERSION" - Cherish
    Main Objective: Crush Keeper Malleus's Vampire Hordes and take the Gem from
    Sub Objectives: Capture and convert the Monks of St. Cuthbert
                    Use your converted Monks against Malleus's Undead Hordes
    Secrets: 9
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: Turncoat
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: Freeze Trap
    Now Keeper, a substantial challenge awaits you in this realm.  You begin with a
    sizable area already excavated, some gold in your reserves and six goblins at
    your disposal.  If you check the land you will see that to the east is a cross
    shaped area, which houses the Abbey of St. Cuthbert the Thrice Martyred and a
    collection of Monks.  Beyond that furthest to the east lies Malleus's Dungeon. 
    Use your "Sight of Evil" spell to confirm its location.
    However it is not just that small section of the Abbey that lies between you.
    More or less the entire land between you and Malleus is filled with rooms and
    Hero Portals.  Time will have to be expended neutralising those Portals and
    taking over rooms, but this can work to your advantage.  Although it might be
    tempting to amass a force and storm Malleus' Dungeon, you will find your forces
    over stretched and demoralised by the time you reach his Dungeon.  No the key
    tactic in this realm is patience...
    First of all lay down some Lairs for your Goblins and create a Training Room.
    Start training your goblins quickly, and excavating gold.  You will see a
    Portal and a Hero Portal to the North and you should try and claim it as soon
    as possible.  If you are unlucky an incursion may be sent through the Hero
    Portal before you can neutralise it.  So excavate and claim it quickly and if
    you can build a prison and torture chamber quickly to capture and convert the
    Monk who lurks nearby.  If you cannot afford to yet, do not worry, many more
    inhabit this realm.
    Now build a large 5x5 hatchery, and a large Workshop, you will want to have
    many Trolls and Bile Demons working away.  Add a big prison and torture chamber
    if you haven't already and as soon as you can afford to, create a Graveyard big
    enough to support at least eight Vampires.  If you keep excavating Northeast
    along the line of bedrock from the Portal, you will stumble across a Gem seam,
    so do not worry too much about cash.  Create a Library and Casino and you
    should have a thriving dungeon up and running in no time.
    Now Hero's will keep attacking so capture and covert the Monks, if you can get
    around 5 or 6 that should be more than enough.  Add any giants and guards and
    let the rest rot into skeletons or become food for vampires.  Put the converted
    Heroes together in their own Lairs, they will mingle with your evil minions
    reluctantly, but only sharing sleeping areas makes them really angry.
    As you begin to excavate east you will start coming across heroes occupying
    dungeon rooms.  One tactic you should use is once you have taken over the
    wooden bridges and claimed land on the other side, SELL THE BRIDGES.  Vampires
    cannot cross water and when Malleus sends his Vampire Hordes to invade, you
    will reduce his options to get at your dungeon to one thin tunnel area. You
    will see the bedrock just west of the Prison you uncover forms a thin tunnel,
    which at one point widens with a column of bedrock in the middle.  Place two
    Iron doors either side of the column then basically fill the area with spike
    and freeze traps and the ever popular, Boulder Trap (behind a door for maximum
    As you excavate and claim rooms, build small Guard posts and set Fear traps. 
    When Malleus sends his forces to come for you he will attempt to claim your
    land, removing the wooden bridges and laying Fear and Sentry traps will scupper
    those plans.  Disable the two Hero Portals to the south of where you uncover a
    Prison and Torture Chamber.  Now the enemy incursions will be less annoying. 
    About now, Malleus should send his Vampires after you.  They will first take
    over the cross shaped area with the Monks in.  I would suggest you don't try
    and take over land that far along yet. Time to bed down in your Dungeon and
    Once the Vampires and their converted Monks break through they should be
    slaughtered by your fiendish array of traps.  The Monks will die quickly, the
    Vampires are at level 8, and if you don't set your converted Monks on them,
    they will return after being killed at level 7, then 6, then 5 etc.  Your
    troops should make mincemeat of them, and keep crushing them as they return
    until you have turned his mighty Undead army into dust.
    Now you can methodically excavate Eastwards, keep laying Fear and Sentry traps
    to repel those enemy Imps.  Once you have claimed the treasury, you should find
    the fourth part of the Horny Talisman. Soon you will breach the walls of
    Malleus's Dungeon.  More Vampires will attack, but a handful of them should be
    no match for your large army.  Set your skeletons and Mistresses to charge in
    and take out the cannons around the Dungeon Heart and then as many of your army
    as you wish to crush his pathetic heart.
    Soon it will be rubble, like his hopes of becoming the most powerful Keeper in
    the land.  Horny arrives to claim the gem and now you have the ability to call
    upon him when your Mana is sufficient.
    o) "REAP" - Peachtree
    Main Objective: Summon Horny and kill Lord Tiberius
    Sub Objectives: Claim all the Mana Vaults
    Secrets: 8
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: Magic Door
    Horny is impressed with your work Keeper, but requires that you prove yourself
    further to him.  Here is a land with only the barest minimum of resources and a
    steady stream of enemies to combat.  To storm Lord Tiberius Keep, you will not
    prevail without Horny's help, but you must first amass the mana to summon him.
    Speed is of the essence in this realm Keeper, you will need to train your
    creatures and storm the Keep before your reserves of gold run dry.  You will
    need to make some hard choices when you begin, you must build some Lairs, a
    hatchery, a Prison and a Training Room, but what other rooms should you build? 
    A workshop will allow you to create traps to slow the assaults upon your
    Dungeon Heart, but a Torture Chamber will attract the powerful Dark Mistress. 
    You may wish to create a Library so your healing spells become more effective
    the choice is yours. I recommend a small Workshop, a Training Room and a
    Prison.  Once you have created initial fortifications you can sell the Workshop
    for emergency cash.  The most important thing is to train your small army and
    keep your numbers up with skeletons.  Also most enemies in this level have a
    lot of cash on them, when they die in prison it is easier for your Imps to
    retrieve and add to your store.
    Build what you can afford, and create bridges to quickly excavate the gold
    around the Portal. Do not dig to the East; you will only attract unwanted
    attention.  You should quickly acquire some Salamanders and whatever other
    creatures you built rooms for.  There is gold to the west but do not excavate
    the last segment right away, it will attract attention.  Give your creatures a
    few minutes to train up in the Training Room then excavate the last gold
    segment.  You should expect an assault by level one archers, giants and monks. 
    You should kill them and support your creatures by healing and casting Lighting
    Bolt. Let them become skeletons as you have neither the time to spend torturing
    them, nor the gold to pay their wages.
    This will expose a long pathway that leads to a Magic Door, assaulting this
    straight on will attract unwanted attention from the guards, so cunning is
    required. Build a bridge through the narrow gap in the rock and breach the room
    from the side; if you are lucky, your imps may be fast enough to claim the
    tiles around the portal before the next wave of Heroes comes through.  Once
    this is done, kill the guards and claim the guardroom and two mana vaults and
    disable the magic door. If you have the cash, build another room here of
    whatever you are lacking to attract more creatures.
    Now quickly mine the gold down the passageway and if you wish, excavate the
    area around it to find secrets and lay more tiles to generate mana.  Build
    bridges to reach the single gold seams dotted about and sell the bridges when
    you are done.  Soon you should reach an area defended by cannons. You now have
    a choice.  If you break down the door and go east you can claim two more Mana
    vaults and disable another Hero Portal.  If money is running very low and your
    creatures are getting tetchy, try summoning Horny now.  He will wade into the
    Keep northwards and slaughter most of the guards.  If your mana runs out before
    he reaches Lord Tiberius, you shouldn't have to long to wait before it reaches
    100,000 again.
    With most of the Keep guards' dead, you can take out the cannons and build a
    bridge over to the Keep.  Once your Imps have claimed a tile or two, drop all
    your creatures into the Keep.  There will be deaths, but they should buy you
    time until you can summon Horny again.  Now there is nothing stopping him and
    he will quickly reach Tiberius.  A few swipes of the scythe and Tiberius lies
    dead, his gem in Horny's scaly hand.
    p) "CRUSADE" - Fluttershine (a)
    Main Objective:  Kill Lord Volstang who resides in the Fairy Fortress
    Sub Objectives: Rescued imprisoned Black Knights
                    Storm Fairy Fortress
    Secrets: 9
    New Creatures: Black Knight
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms:  Combat Pit
    New Traps/Doors: None
    Lord Volstang has crushed the rebellious Knights and is garrisoned in the fairy
    Fortress.  There are no portals to hand, and you begin with the ten Black
    Knights stuck in enemy prisons. However things are not as desperate as they
    seem.  Check out the prisons and you will see that only the closest one is
    guarded heavily.  The rest have patrols going past, so excavate close by and
    break through when a patrol has passed, this will give you time to claim the
    Prisons and free the Black Knights inside.
    Quickly lay down some lairs, hatcheries, a training room and a torture chamber.
     You can only add to your forces by conversion here so you need to get busy as
    soon as you claim the first prison.  Don't take too long freeing the Black
    Knights, the weaker ones may die in prison and the longer you take the angrier
    they are when they come out.  You may have to crush a rebellion or two and
    teach them a lesson in the Torture Chamber.
    So as quickly as you can claim the outermost prisons and the Combat Pit, you
    should have at least six Black Knights and a couple of converted guards fairly
    quickly.  Once they are settled, free the final three Knights.  Make sure they
    are all happy by making sure they are fed and paid.  A Casino is a useful
    addition if you feel you can afford it as it helps the bad mood of the Black
    Knights lift. Money can be tight here so start training up in the Combat Pit. 
    Excavate North to uncover a Mana vault.  Excavate South and you'll find a
    workshop with the Elite Troll Knud lurking inside.  With him in your dungeon
    you can now add some fortifications.
    You'll quickly hit bedrock to the South and North, with only one way forward, a
    long bridge leading East into the Fairy Fortress.  Inside are two Hero Portals
    and behind them waits Lord Volstang.  If you have the ability to summon Horny
    this level can be made much easier.  Simply send Horny in with your troops to
    slay most of the enemies around the Hero Portals, then have your Imps disable
    them.  Wait until your mana has accumulated again and keep sending Horny in
    until the Lord of the Land lies dead at his hooves.
    If you wish to prevail without Horny, then make sure you have trained all your
    Black Knights, Knights, Guards, and Giants up to level eight and your skeletons
    to level four. If money is running short, build a bridge around the fortress,
    hugging the bedrock either north or south and you'll find a gem seam around the
    other side along with a nice large area to excavate for mana vaults and
    specials.  However you defeat Volstang is immaterial as long as his Portal Gem
    is yours.
    q) "STORM" - Fluttershine (b)
    Main Objective: Storm the Fairy Fortress and kill Lord Volstang
    Sub Objectives: Build a Combat Pit to train your creatures
    Secrets: 9
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: Combat Pit
    New Traps/Doors: None
    After having resources so limited in the previous realm, you have plenty of
    gold, gems and portals at your disposal in the fairy realm of Fluttershine. 
    It's time to use your new room, the Combat Pit to train your minions to level
    8.  Be aware that although you have access to the Combat Pit, you will not
    attract Black Knights until the next realm, alas.
    Start by building a nice large Dungeon with plenty of Lairs and Hatcheries. 
    Install a large Combat Pit as well a big Prison and Torture Chamber.  You may
    be laying siege to Volstang for sometime, so add a Casino.  There will be
    plenty of hero incursions for you to crush so build a Graveyard to nurture
    vampires in.  Excavating West will soon reveal the main entrance to Volstangs
    fortress.  You can tell it is the main entrance as there is a Gem seam located
    there.  Disable the sentry cannons to avoided your Imps being killed while
    mining gems, but don't break down the door yet.
    You will find a second portal close to your first, but also excavate north and
    south as far as you can to locate a third and fourth portal.  Turn the fairies
    into skeletons or torture them for map information then use them as wormfood.  
    You should reveal some prisons with skeletons inside located behind the Fairy
    Now you tactics depend on your confidence and the strength of your troops. Once
    you have a good-sized army of minions you can storm the front of the castle and
    summon Horny to help.  But you will be facing around 20 or 30 level 6-8
    Knights, Monks and Fairies.  You may prevail, but you may want to tip the odds
    more in your favour with some cunning.  It is up to you.
    If you decide to take it slowly then build a wooden bridge around the side of
    the fortress until you get to the back.  You can now take over the prisons and
    release the skeletons.  Be careful though they will rush out and try and get
    into the back of the fortress so make sure you send them to the Dungeon via
    your Hand of Evil.
    Now if you excavate northwards of the Prison/Combat pit area you will uncover
    several mana wells and find several useful specials such as Level Up and
    Increase Mana.  If you then head south you will find Elite Troll Knud and his
    workshop!  Now to deplete the forces in the stronghold, peck away at them. 
    Breach the south-western corner and you can take out several rooms of guards
    without springing a full alert.  You can also capture Knights and take over
    rooms inside giving you a base to work from.
    When you feel ready, muster your forces out front, and drop some in the back. 
    Attack him from two fronts and there should be a horrible bloody melee (which
    is what we like).  Summon Horny to boost your minions spirits and watch him
    carve a bloody path through fairies, knights and monks..  Soon Lord Volstang
    lies dead and the next Gem is yours...
    r) "CREEP" - Stonekeep
    Main Objective:  Kill the unsuspecting Lord Pureheart
    Sub Objectives: Stealthily build up your dungeon within Lord Purehearts walls
    Secrets: 4
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: Create Gold
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: Lighting Trap, Secret Door
    Another taxing mission Keeper, and another that is not for the impatient
    amongst you.  You begin with limited resources and your task is to excavate and
    take over the Keep room by room.  The most important thing on this level is to
    keep your imps under control.  It is advisable to create a small locked room to
    drop them in, then have just one excavate into a new area to avoid them all
    rushing out and taking over tiles in front of the patrolling heroes. The second
    thing is to make use of your Sight of Evil spell to watch for the patrols and
    check which rooms are coming next.
    First things first, you should take over the two workshops and create a couple
    of laird and hatcheries.  Create a secret door just beyond the workshop
    doorways and lock it.  You should carefully breakdown the other doors in the
    workshops and claim the tiles, before placing Secret Doors and locking them.
    This should be your strategy with each room, once you have claimed it, remove
    the wooden doors and replace them with locked Secret doors. To lock a door
    simply click on it.  Click again to unlock, this way you can prevent your imps
    and creatures wandering into the corridors and attracting attention. 
    Fortunately for you Lord Purehearts forces are quite stupid, if you pull your
    forces out quickly with your hand of evil, they will often wander off and not
    pursue you.
    Now you need to expand your fighting forces.  So excavate as far east as you
    can, you will come across some gold seams and three Salamanders lurking
    in-front of the lava.  Now you have a decent strike force, it's time to claim
    your first guarded rooms. To the right is a prison with a goblin in it and next
    to that one with a Dark Mistress in it.  Claim these rooms first.  If a guard
    spots you, pull your imps out with your hand of evil.
    Once you have these rooms, enlarge the prison by excavating the room out a bit
    more and sell the next one and place a small torture chamber inside.  Now you
    will probably be running low on funds so, next go to the left and claim the
    library.  Try and capture and convert the Wizard inside.  Once you have him he
    will research the new spell "Create Gold", as you are taking things slowly
    here, you can sacrifice mana for gold and keep your denizens happy.
    You will find a Black Knight and a Warlock in the two other prisons. Claim
    these and then you should begin making incursions into the main body of the
    Keep.  Take over the central rooms, but sell them off.  You want to keep your
    rooms in a rim around the centre, selling the middle rooms means more cash and
    fewer areas needing defending.  If you work your way east again from the last
    two prisons you will come across a graveyard.  Sell the outside edges but
    obviously keep the one in the centre of the bedrock.  You will gain Vampire
    here.  Sell off you prisons you don't need and make space for a Casino and
    Combat pit.
    You will probably tangle with various patrols as you replace the outer doors of
    your dungeon and claim the interior rooms.  As per usual, keep the Knights and
    Giants and use the rest for Vampire food and skeleton fodder.  This way you
    should add bulk to your rather small forces.  Disable alarm traps as quickly as
    you can, if you can destroy them before the patrol arrives you will be OK.
    You will see two small guardrooms northwards, each one of these lies before two
    hero portals.  Work your way through and disable all four portals.  You'll see
    some water.  Use Sight of Evil to show Lord Pureheart lurking in the central
    area. Once your forces are as trained up as much as you need, break through and
    let your imps claim as far as they can.  Now, drop all your minions into the
    area and take Pureheart out.  If you have Horny with you the fight will be over
    in seconds.  But as long as you disabled the Hero Portals and killed his main
    patrolling force, he should be a walkover without the Horned Reaper at your
    Not noticing his Keep was shrinking and his forces were disappearing under his
    nose, Pureheart is truly a fine example of the stupid royal nitwit.  Horny
    claims the gem and we pass the three quarters mark.  So near Keeper!
    s) "ANGELIC" - Moonshrine
    Main Objective: Use Dark Angels to crush your rivals Harkon and Garrion
    Sub Objectives: Kill 20 heroes on the Dark Angels Temple to gain their favour
                    Capture if you can, the Temple and use its Unholy Power
    New Creatures: Dark Angels
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: Temple
    New Traps/Doors: None
    This is what we have been waiting for Keeper.  The Dark Gods now think you are
    the one to complete the mission and gain the Portal to the land above.  But
    they require one final demonstration of power before they will release their
    feared Dark Angels into your service. You must kill 20 Hero's in this realm. 
    So no prison should be built.  If a hero dies in prison or in the torture
    chamber they will not count.  You can however build a graveyard, once the
    heroes are dead, you can use them to make new Vampires.
    You are also up against the sons of your only rival Keeper left, Nemesis. You
    begin in the southern part of the realm.  The Dark Temple is to the north,
    surrounded by four Hero guardrooms.  To the northwest and northeast are
    Dungeons run keepers loyal to Nemesis, Garrion and Harkon.  They are weak and
    foolish.  They send their troops at pathetic low levels to attack the heroes
    right away and claim land up to your doorstep.  Never fear, they get
    slaughtered, but it does mean the heroes will have attained level 8-10 by the
    time you launch an offensive.
    Worry not about that. First of all we have plenty of resources.  Nearby are two
    portals.  Excavate left of the western Portal to locate two gem seams. 
    Excavate North of the east portal to collect a very useful special item -
    Reveal Map.  Use this to dispel all the fog of war.  Now you will see the
    progress of the other dungeons and how dismally they have failed.
    So build up a nice big dungeon.  A big Combat pit is recommended as you want
    all trained up to level 8. Build every room you think you need bar a prison. 
    If you wish to take captives later on, do so after you have filled the Dark
    Angels requirements. Don't excavate much further north than your Dungeon heart
    in case you accidentally break through right in front of the Heroes area which
    is fortified with Magic doors and cannons.  Also imps from the other keepers
    will try and get inside.  When you want to break through it is a good idea to
    dig a long tunnel through the softrock near the eastern portal.  Fill it with
    Magic doors and Fear traps to repel enemy imps and your dungeon is safe.  If
    you come out near the gold seam, you can claim another special.
    Spend time overlooking the Combat pit, you should have around four Black
    knights to train up, plus Dark Mistresses, Trolls, Salamanders.  All creatures
    should be taken up to level 8 then use any level up specials you have.  Once
    your fighting force is ready to go, have your imps break through and start
    quickly claiming tiles up to the heroes areas.  You can then send it your
    troops, or if you wish to even things up even more, send Horny in first. He
    will take out the first guardroom, them stomp up taking out cannons and doors
    and any attackers before crashing into the Temple area and chasing down the
    guards.  This should add about ten at least to your Hero killed total.
    Then send your own troops in; it shouldn't be long before 20 heroes are killed.
    Although they are at high levels, they are only thieves, archers and dwarves
    mainly.  Your Black Knights, Vampires, Mistresses and Salamanders should make
    short work of them if you levelled them up enough.  You may need to go back and
    heal up before making a second foray if you didn't use Horny.
    Once 20 are dead, you will be rewarded with ten Dark Angels at level 10.  Make
    sure you have a nice set of lairs and a nice big hatchery ready for them!  Now
    you should claim the temple.  Once claimed, claim all the bridges around it,
    then sell the bridges to prevent those enemy imps claiming it back.
    Now taking out the two Dungeons will be easy.  You can have your imps fight
    running battles with the other imps to claim tiles up the dungeon.  But by far
    the best way is to drop about five dark angels as near as you can then possess
    one, group possess the other four and then simply stroll into the Keepers
    dungeons and smash down the doors to their dungeons hearts.  Then, crush the
    Heart. There are creatures in the dungeons but they flee from you.  Traps may
    be an annoyance, but nothing can really hurt you.
    Once both Hearts are rubble, Horny arrives and the seventeenth gem is ours. And
    now in the final missions, you can draw on the awesome power of the dark angel
    to help you out.
    t) "BROTHERHOOD" - Cherry Blossom
    Main Objective: Defeat Keeper Nemesis and his despicable cohorts
    Sub Objectives: The lesser Keepers Faust and Fabius support Nemesis. Defeat
                    Them first and use their resources.
    Secrets: 5
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: Firestorm
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: Fireburst Trap
    Patience is the key to success in this realm Keeper.  You must build and train
    your forces to a high level before moving against the three Keepers ranged
    against you.  Luckily for you, none of the three will make pre-emptive attacks
    against you, so, as long as you do not breach their dungeons before you are
    ready to fight, you can build and train at your leisure.
    You begin with a couple of Dark Mistresses so excavate some Lairs and a nice
    big hatchery.  There is a Portal very close by, but before you open it, spend
    time accumulating wealth and placing rooms.  If you excavate to the East you
    will find some water and Lava.  DO NO EXCAVATE down past the Lava yet.  This
    will open a Hero Gate and you will be overwhelmed by level 6 and above heroes. 
    So excavate down past the water to uncover three gem seams for infinite wealth,
    lovely stuff.  Now you can go mad building a Combat Pit, Graveyard and Temple. 
    Although you may not get a Dark Angel or Dark Knight these rooms are still
    incredibly useful as you can train your minions to level 8 and also generate
    much Mana per turn making creatures pray in the Temple.
    Once you are ready, open the first Portal and begin training creatures and
    researching the powerful Firestorm spell.  You should also fortify the path by
    the lava eastwards with traps and door to make life easier when you breach the
    Hero's lair there (use sight of evil to check it out). There is another Portal
    to the West, and another Hero gate.  This only lets few some low level
    creatures. I would recommend not imprisoning but allowing the killed Heroes to
    feed vampires.  A force of 5 or 6 Vampires is highly recommended. Train up as
    many creatures as you can to level 8 (take care with vampires in the combat
    pit, keep healing them or they lose a level when K'OD).
    When you have a strong force, breach the Hero gate area and let them mangle
    themselves on the traps.  Feed as many as you wish to make Vampires, let others
    become skeletons, I wouldn't waste time with conversions. If you claim the area
    them build a bridge back around the top of the area you'll find another Temple.
     Claim it and sell it, it's in an awkward place.
    You need to take out the two Keepers either side of Nemesis first. It doesn't
    matter which you take out first, but you will need to build a long, long wooden
    bridge snaking through the Hard Rock going East to get to the top wall of the
    East Dungeon. Once you are at the top of the Dungeon, excavate and claim the
    land the other side of the wall.  Then drop all your creatures on that claimed
    area and cast call to arms by the enemies Dungeon Heart. Now use Tremor to help
    your Imps quickly breach the walls and your amassed army should charge through
    and attack the Dungeon Heart.  Once its dead, your Imps will claim the rest of
    the Dungeon and you'll own another Portal as well.  Do this with both the side
    dungeons, taking some time to training new recruits and heal up between attacks.
    When you are ready to take on Nemesis your tactics will be pretty much the
    same.  If you build a bridge out from one of the Guard Rooms in the West
    Dungeon you will see an area by the wall of Nemesis's Dungeon with sentry
    cannons and barricades on.  Destroy the cannons and barricades and build a one
    or two square Guard room there and post a skeleton or Dark Elf to prevent the
    enemy Imps reclaiming the squares.  When ready, as before, summon your
    creatures and breach the wall.  Summoning Horny will make life extremely easy
    and you should have the mana for it if you claimed all the enemy Mana Vaults
    and have a Temple.
    Nemesis's Dungeon Heart will soon be a pile of smoking rubble if you took your
    time, trained and planned ahead.  Now only Royalty stand between you can the
    final Portal Gems.  Keeper, we are in the End Game, don't lose your nerve now!
    r) "INTERCEPTION" - Butterscotch
    Main Objective:  Capture and Convert the three Princes
    Sub Objectives: Prevent any of the Princes escaping, or the Gem will be lost
                    None of the Princes must die before Conversion or the Gem
                    will be lost
    Secrets: 6
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: None
    This can be a very tough level as you must capture the three Princes, Felix,
    Balder and Tristram before they flee through one of the four Hero gates.  To
    begin with you should build all the rooms you think you'll need and make sure
    you get training up your creatures.  Excavate all the way around the circular
    area to collect all the gold and also several level up items out on islands. 
    To the North there are some Giants patrolling and the very handy Reveal Map
    special. You really must get and use this or the level is almost impossible.
    You should also be aware that to the West is a neutral Black Knight and a
    Combat Pit, just contact him to have him join you.  Once your Dungeon is up and
    running you should have revealed the Heroes area and the four portals.  With
    some cunning you can make life much easier for yourself.  The bottom Portal is
    only connected to the main area via a stone bridge. This also connects to
    another island area with a Guard in it.  First of all build a stone bridge down
    to the area with the portal. Very quickly claim the bridge and then sell it.
    Voila Keeper, that is one Portal not accessible.  Now.  Build a stone bridge
    around the Guard post island.  Wait for the Prince to pass through and quickly
    sell the bridge that connects that island to the main area.  That's one Hero
    trapped and ready to be picked off when you are ready.  DON'T get him yet
    though as he will alert his brothers and they will escape.
    Now you need to cut off the top two portals (one looks like steps going into a
    cliff-face).  Do you remember the "Creep" mission?  Well this is much the same.
     Gradually claim land until you are passed the second Portal room.  Put in some
    Secret doors and don't let the enemy see them opening.  This should cut the top
    Princes patrol route right down and keep him much closer to his middle brother.
     Now if you look at the middle Portal you'll see there is some soft rock just
    to the right of it.  If you extend a stone bridge from the second Portal you
    claimed and go around then break through at that side, you can send your troops
    in to ambush the two brothers as they try and escape through it.  You should
    have a well-trained force of around 20 level 8 monsters at least, plus any
    Vampires or skeletons you raised.
    Now when the two Princes fall make sure you pluck them out of prison and strap
    them down on the rack.  While they are being tortured, defeat the last Prince
    and add him. Now keep healing them until they convert to your side.  This can
    take a long time so get the Mistresses to help out. Once their puny spirits are
    broken they will hand over the penultimate Gem and we are one step away from
    facing the King and spreading misrule throughout the land!
    s) "REGICIDE" - Heartland
    Main Objective:  Kill King Reginald and open the gateway to the Sunlit Land
                     of the Heroes
    Sub Objectives: Cot off the Heroes attack routes or you will be overwhelmed
    Secrets: 1
    New Creatures: None
    New Spells: None
    New Rooms: None
    New Traps/Doors: None
    This is it Keeper, the final showdown against King Reginald, and he will not be
    an easy fight.  With an army of level ten wizards and knights at his command
    you will need to do some serious training and trap setting to avoid being
    overwhelmed by his superior strength.  But, I have faith in you and although
    having made it this far you are probably not in need of my advice anymore, I am
    nothing if not thorough and shall endeavour to give you the advice you need to
    emerge triumphant in this realm.
    This level can be split into two distinct experiences.  The first half of the
    level sees you struggling to amass a fighting force while under constant attack
    from low level heroes.  The second half will have you training your forces for
    the final assault.  I would suggest Keeper that you very quickly build some
    lairs, a hatchery and a Workshop while also collecting gold.  As you acquire
    cash, spend it immediately, adding in a Prison, torture chamber and library as
    soon as you can.  Then place a Training room and some treasuries and you should
    have a few creatures setting up home already.  You'll very quickly be attacked
    by heroes, support your creatures with thunderbolt and heal and you should have
    a few skeletons quite quickly.  Also if you dig just to the southwest, you'll
    find a couple of neutral Salamanders.
    You'll have to keep excavating for gold and you'll quickly see that there are
    four hero portals which you are being attacked from, plus one Hero gate by the
    mana vault to the northwest.  You must disable these Portals, your Dungeon
    won't be able to stand the repeated incursions while you try and build for the
    big push.  Each Portal has a Treasury and Guardroom by it, as you claim the
    land around the Portal you'll collapse them.  The Hero gate cannot be disabled,
    but incursions through it are rare. If any Giants appear, convert them, they be
    very useful later on.
    At this point you should also be building a Graveyard, Temple and Combat Pit. 
    Although this seems like a lot of cash, the Temple will replenish your Mana
    quickly and you can fill your treasuries using the "Create Gold" spell.  There
    is also a Gem seam found over the lava right in the northeast corner which you
    can go looking for as soon s you feel it is safe to do so. You are likely to
    find that even with the relevant rooms, Black Knights and Dark Angels will not
    appear.  There isn't much you can do about the Dark Angel, but you can get
    Black Knights easily by sacrificing a Dark Mistress and a captured Guard (see
    Temple recipes in the room section). Mistresses will replace themselves via the
    Portals (you can claim two more, one to the North west and the other to the
    east) and Guards are plentiful, so you should do this early on to get a nice
    Horde of tough, mean Knights.
    Once the four Portals have been neutralised you can relax a bit. Your Imps have
    most likely opened up the area with Reginald's Castle and are probably being
    gunned down by cannons.  There is a sort of double-layer to the defences.  A
    U-shaped defensive wall packed with cannons, traps and two Hero Portals. 
    Beyond that is the Castle proper.  You can actually bypass the first line of
    defence by digging around to the northeast and west, but its best to neutralise
    and claim that whole area as it will allow your Imps to quickly drag the
    wounded back to your dungeon and stop them constantly being shot at by cannons.
     So use Stone Bridges and Salamanders to destroy the outside cannons and break
    through using Tremor.  Kill or capture everyone and destroy the portals.  You
    now have a whole claimed area right on Reginald's doorstep!  Your Imps can now
    access the Gem seam that is located right up in the Northeast corner more
    safely, and limitless wealth is yours!
    Now take time out to train, train, train! Try and get everyone to level 8 its
    worth it.  Reginalds castle consists of a Main room with four Hero Portals and
    two Hero gates with some guardrooms guarded by level 10 guards either side.  If
    you are feeling sneaky you can try and take out the guards either side to cut
    his fighting force down even more.  Then once you are ready amass your forces
    and attack.  They are all very tough so Summon Horny, he will swing the odd in
    your favour and Reginald will quickly be dead.  Mop up the remainders then
    allow your creatures to rest and recuperate as in a few minutes time there will
    an incursion of about ten level 10 heroes, and for there on they will keep
    coming until you defeat the two Stone Lords in the corridor to the Surface.
    Use the Heal All now if you need to speed things up and dump as many people as
    you can into the Temple to get as much Mana as you can.  If you have a lot of
    trolls, you may have time to sprinkle some spike traps etc round the Hero gates
    before the incursion begins.  If you are careful you should have enough Mana to
    summon Horny as soon as the Heroes appear, if not your creatures are hopefully
    well trained enough to defeat the first wave and hold the two Lords at bay
    until you can Summon Horny to kill them.  ONLY HORNY CAN FINISH THEM OFF!
    Once Horny has struck down the final obstacle between you and the Portal, you
    can sit back, relax and watch Horny walk out into the light...
    Well done Keeper, you have proven your mastery of the Underworld with flair and
    style.  The Dark Gods are pleased with you and we hope that you will continue
    your reign of terror in similar style across the Overworld.  For now, I must
    leave you, but I will return when needed to offer guidance and information.
    Until then, farewell...
    ************************** 10) SECRET LEVELS ****************************
    There are four secret levels which are unlocked each time you find a piece of
    the Horny Talisman.  You can then play them by clicking on the relevant area on
    the map.  They are basically mini-games to give your a breather from your
    campaign of terror, but be warned they are actually more difficult and
    frustrating than anything else in the game!
    1) GOLF
    Secret found in: Fear
    Aim of the Game: Play a three round game of Golf for relaxation
    You have three Boulders which you slap into the Portals.  You only have ten
    slaps and three minutes to do it in.  If the Boulder hits the walls to many
    times, it crumbles.  The only way to do it is practice and move the angle you
    view from around to change the direction you slap in.
    Secret found in: Caverns
    Aim of the Game' Shoot the Heroes in a Fairground Duckshoot
    Simply roll up your Warlock sleeves and shoot as many of the Heroes as you can.
     Just watch out for Elves and Wizards, they'll shoot back at you.
    3) MAZE
    Secret found in: Smashing
    Aim of the Game: Make you way through the Booby-trapped Maze
    You get to possess a Dark Angel for this little trip, sounds good right? 
    Unfortunately the maze twists across lava, sections drop away and you are
    harassed by Wizards blasting you from a far. Once you get to the end of the
    maze there are six doors.  Open the correct one and you make it "home".  Open
    one of the incorrect ones and you get crushed by a Boulder Trap.
    4) BOWLING
    Secret found in: Conversion
    Aim of the Game: Kill the Dwarves with Boulders
    You get to have some fun here with live skittles.  Once again you have to slap
    the Boulders along thing pathways.  Before they crumble you should try and
    crush as many Dwarves as possible.  As with the Golf game, keep twisting the
    perspective to get your slaps aimed in the right directions.
    ************************ 11) MY PET DUNGEONS ****************************
    My Pet Dungeon allows you work your way through a variety of Dungeons,
    fulfilling sub-objectives to score points and move onto the next level.  Unlike
    the Campaign levels, every room is available to you, but they are time
    released, so you have to wait a while before you can build some of the later
    rooms. My Pet Dungeon Mode should be played as you begin campaign mode as it
    helps immensely in mastering the controls and things like group possession,
    creature conversion, combat and resource management.  If you have spent some
    time away from your Campaign, a quick blast through one of the Pet Dungeons
    will bring it all flooding back!
    a) "LIBERTY" - Dragos
    Objective: Amass 10,000 points
    Sub Objectives: Administer 50 slaps to your creatures
                    Research all of your spells
    Portals: 5
    Ah, this is a Keeper's heaven (or should that be Hell?).  Five portals
    supporting 40 creatures, lots of soft bedrock to tunnel into and two seams of
    gems offering an infinite supply of wealth.  Keeper you will never have it so
    good anywhere else, so use this opportunity to experiment with room layout,
    battle and spell casting, in a gentle environment.
    The gem seams are found beyond the northern and southern portals and will
    require bridges to reach them.  There are also several rooms to claim in the
    Northwest, southeast and south-eastern corners.  Nine mana vaults are also
    claimable in the northeast corner.
    Your sub-objectives are easy to achieve, you only have to research the spells
    once, you are not required to research the upgrades as well.  Administering 50
    slaps is also straightforward, and ones aimed at your Imps also count towards
    the score.  If your Warlocks are being tardy in researching, lock them in the
    library to speed things up.  Once you have achieved the required score you can
    move on or stay in the realm.  If you choose to stay on, you will need to exit
    to the debriefing screen to carry on to the next Pet Dungeon.
    b) "DISCOVERY" -
    Objective: Amass 15,000 points
    Sub Objective: House 15 happy creatures
                   Build 10 rooms
    Portals: 1
    This land offers you a rather complex network of water and lava, threaded with
    islands of land you can claim and build on.  You need to work your way around
    clockwise, excavating gold and building lairs and hatcheries as well as your
    other rooms.  If you mine quickly you should start uncovering other rooms which
    you can claim, rooms that also house neutral creatures.  These will join you as
    soon as your imps make contact with them and you should have 15 happy creatures
    fairly quickly, especially if you dig all the way around, past the Hero Portal
    and uncover the Graveyard with three vampires in the southwest corner.
    If you start running shirt of gold, relax, there are several gem seams behind
    where the Hero Portal is which you can mine for infinite wealth.  This levels
    objectives can be completed fairly quickly if you imps mine quickly around the
    level.  But its may be worth staying on and expanding your dungeon, and
    experimenting with defending areas that are not enclosed by walls.
    c) "BOTTLENECK" - Djocasta
    Objective: Amass 20,000 points
    Sub Objective: Get one creature to level 8
                   While in possession of a creature, group 5 others
    Number of Portals: 2
    This land Keeper, is bereft of infinite gem seams and some strange force has
    disabled your "Create Gold" spell.  So although there is gold aplenty in seams
    to the east and west, it is not infinite so perhaps a little care should be
    taken.  Your best approach is to construct a great deal of your dungeon before
    you decide to break open the first portal. Excavate plenty of gold and amass a
    good stock in your treasuries.  Build lairs, hatcheries, a training room and
    any other rooms your think you'll need.  Once the game has started offering you
    the guardroom or wooden bridge, it's a good time to claim the first portal. 
    This way your creatures won't be spending too much time hanging about waiting
    to be paid as you wait for the Combat Pit to present itself.
    The level shape is more egg-timer than Bottleneck.  Once you have excavated all
    around the southern end, you can break through and build a bridge past the hero
    gate to the next area.  There is another portal here and more gold seams, so
    you really shouldn't start running short.  It's probably best not to build a
    Casino though, jackpots can take an awful lot of cash from your reserves and
    rigged casinos mostly just make your creatures grumpy.  The group possession
    can be done quickly, as soon as your Warlocks have researched the spell.  Once
    in possession of a creature, press the 7 key and then left click when a
    creature is in your line of sight and highlighted in pink.  Once you have five
    in a group you'll get your bonus points!
    While you await the combat pit, you can also get experience for your creatures
    by triggering a few Hero incursions.  This builds experience quickly, but of
    course ensure high level creatures don't die.  Once you have the combat pit
    available, drop your highest level creatures in.  You can keep healing them as
    they fight, which allows them to fight on until they level up to 8.  Once done
    so, you will get your bonus points and be able to access the next Pet Dungeon
    when you choose to exit this one.
    d) "RECRUITS" - Nasreem
    Objective: Amass 25,000 points
    Sub Objective: Get 24 Creatures
                   Get 20 creatures to at least level 4
    Portals: 0
    A nice easy level this one.  Although you have no portals the creatures you
    require are all nearby.  Break into the first set of rock you can access to
    release the first two creatures.  Quickly build a lair in that area to house
    your first recruits then build up a bit of cash by mining the gem seam nearby. 
    There are many gem seams about the level, with four places at each corner of
    the circle of rooms about your dungeon heart.  In fact once you have the
    treasury, I recommended you turn every strip of path around the dungeon heart
    into one to store a whopping 180,000 gold in a very easy place for all your
    creatures to access.
    With some money in the bank work your way around mining out the small rooms. 
    As room become available, build them, including the Prison and torture chamber.
     If you excavate in the southern area you'll quickly uncover a cannons in the
    south east and south west.  Build wooden bridges over and have your creatures
    destroy them, excavate behind them to find Level Up specials.  If you excavate
    directly east and west you'll find two Level UP specials sitting in the water,
    build wooden bridges to collect them as well and save them for when you have 20
    creatures to level up.
    There are also some Fear Traps to the south so use the skeletons you uncovered
    to disable them for access to another special.  You can also excavate and claim
    two massive treasure rooms, which I would sell off and turn into a Graveyard
    and a larger Library or Training room.  If you excavate North around the Hero
    gate there are no more rooms, but a couple more Specials to find.  To get the
    last few creatures to take your total to 24, trigger a hero invasion or just
    pick up a few from the Hero pit and drop them into your dungeon to be quickly
    crushed.  Then either imprisoned and turned to skeletons or used to make new
    Vampires.  You should have 24 creatures at level 4 or above without any major
    headaches and the next Pet Dungeon is now accessible.
    e) "FURNACE" - Frimley
    Objective: Amasss 30,000 points
    Sub Objective: Build 10 Doors of any type
                   Build 10 Traps of any type
    Portals: 3
    Another easy level here Keeper.  Although the terrain is full of lava and
    tricky to negotiate, you have been blessed from the start with the Stone
    Bridge.  Your main task here is to ensure you carefully excavate the areas,
    while leaving places to build doors.  Even two columns on their own can be used
    to hang a door between, you do not have to make square room shapes.  So begin
    to build bridges and excavate rooms leaving plenty of places to fit doorways
    in.  There is only one room that is vital here, the Workshop of course.  Build
    any other rooms as you see fit.
    Once the workshop is available, begin constructing doors and traps.  They do
    not have to be ten different doors.  You can create ten wooden doors if you
    like as long as the are put up and not destroyed.  The same with the traps, as
    long as ten are placed and not destroyed you will accrue your Bonus points. 
    There is a gem seam in the middle of the level for infinite wealth, you may
    also want to experiment with trap and door combinations against enemy
    incursions here to make things more interesting.  Once you are ready to move
    on, the final Pet Dungeon awaits...
    f) "MASTERPIECE" - Sanddar
    Objective: Amass 25,000 points
    Sub Objective: Build a Temple of at least 25 tiles in size
                   Attract two Dark Angels
    Portals: 3
    Here Keeper you begin with all rooms available and all spells at level 1.  But
    before you break one those portals, you may wish to accrue some wealth and
    build some rooms in advance.  I suggest to take you Imps and excavate south
    until you hit the large gem seam there.  Then you build up a massive treasury
    and then start building rooms to attract the best creatures as soon as
    possible.  Attracting the Dark Angels is the hardest part of this level, as
    they are reluctant to come through even with a Temple erected in their honour. 
    You can 100% guarantee getting one straight away if you construct the room
    needed to attract the Elite dark Angel - Zachariah.
    Build that room and he will come through as soon as you open the portal.  Then
    it's a matter of potluck if the second one will arrive.  Even though a Temple
    should support and attract two Dark Angels, it seems to help to build another
    5x5 temple.  You may find that you have attracted all the creatures you can and
    still no second angel.  Well in that case Keeper, you have to make the hard
    decision to get rid of some lesser denizens.  You can sacrifice them in the
    Temple for the speediest removal. Keep doing it and hopefully the second Dark
    Angel will arrive to fill the new gap.
    Other than that, enjoy the freedom of lots of cash and big rooms to build.  See
    if you can get everyone up to level 10 by triggering Hero invasions regularly. 
    When everything is up and running, possess a creature and take a stroll, kick
    back and smell the Brimstone.  After learning your trade here Keeper, your
    campaigns and skirmishes should become much easier!
    g) "TORMENT" - Omelas (Patched Version Only)
    Objective: Amass 25,000 points
    Sub Objective: Claim the neutral Salamander
                   Claim the neutral Dark Angel
    Portals: 3
    Although it sounds difficult Torment merely has a lot of hard bedrock to be
    worked around.  You can quickly claim several prisons, with trolls, Bile
    Demons, vampires, Fireflies and Mistresses inside.  As you excavate around
    across the water you'll need to curve back around and up into the Northwest
    corner to access the Lava where the Neutral Salamander is and also several gem
    The Dark Angel is locked up in a room in the northwest corner. As you work your
    way around beware enemy traps on small island areas. There are lighting traps
    by the mana vault and two Fireburst traps on the small islands near the Hero
    The only Tormenting thing about this map is that completing the sub-objectives
    will not give you the full amount of points to beat the level.  Accumulate the
    last 5000 or so points by killing Hero's and claiming as much land as you can.
    ************************** 12) PATCH HISTORY ****************************
    This is included you so as you can confirm which patch you may be using and
    whether or not you think it worth updating the patch. Most versions of DK2 come
    with patch 1.51 included on the CD.  Patches 1.6 and 1.7 add new creatures but
    have little in the way of bug fixes or tweaks.
    All patches can be downloaded from: http://dk2.ea-europe.com/
    If you have a game started in an early version it will usually not play in the
    updated version, or it may restart you from the beginning of whichever level
    you had got to.  However it is a good idea to back your various saves up
    separately from the DK2 main files, if you need to reinstall the game to patch
    or even unpatch it you can copy the save files back in and as long as they
    match the version you saved in, they will be fine.
    a) VER 1.51
    This update does not fix all of the hardware configuration problems that we've
    seen as addressing them is out of our control. We have found that memory
    resident programs, overclocking and bad or outdated drivers account for 90% of
    the problems we've seen. For more info, read the TroubleShooting guide in the
    Support section of http://www.dungeonkeeper.com/
    Gameplay tweaks and additions in Update 1.51
    * 1024x768 resolution supported.
    * Added 'No Mans Land' map. 2 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Circlet' map. 3 Player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Patrol' map. 4 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Pressure' map. 3 player. Skirmish only.
    * Added 'Torment' My Pet Dungeon level.
    * Added 'Olympia' map. 4 player. Multiplayer and Skirmish. Also in Bonus Pack 1.
    * "The battle in the Combat Pit is over" is played when only one creature
    * Selecting "Quit" from the main menu now requests confirmation before quitting.
    * "Your Library does not have enough storage" now played when there are more
    spells to research but no more space.
    * Added "Press Space to go to Debriefing Screen or Escape to continue" at end
    of levels.
    * Added a bunch more Temple Recipes.
    * Added a check for 150MB disk space (necessary for swap files).
    * Added a flower icon to the Hero Alarm Trap.
    * Added a multi-line chat message window to MP.
    * Added a multiplayer option that makes reinforced walls impenetrable to enemy
    * Added a new cheat for gaining mana.
    * Added a warning box if player is timing out in multiplayer lobby.
    * Added a warning for when all players in MP don't have the map chosen.
    * Added A3D audio support.
    * Added better confirmation that a game has been saved.
    * Added better lava balls.
    * Added clearer alliance notification in the Allies window in MP.
    * Added current values on slider bars.
    * Added functionality in MP to let you chat once you have died.
    * Added functionality that lets you play on in Single Player with the GUI
    * Added 'Message To' functionality in the Allies window in MP.
    * Added Mistress whip effect for Torture Chamber.
    * Added notification of player's defeats in MP.
    * Added the ability to have an allied end in multiplayer.
    * Added the ability to wander the realm as a lost soul once after a multiplayer
    * Added tooltip for MPD Level Selector.
    * Added Torture flower icon.
    * Added Total Evil Rating calculations and names.
    * Adjusted Freeze Trap mana costs.
    * All players can now see a thumbnail pic of the level in the MP lobby.
    * Alliance information can now be heard by all players.
    * Ally window in MP now shows who is allied to whom.
    * Altered terrain slightly in Hopping.
    * Altered the amount of damage Boulder now takes when hitting a creature.
    * Altered the Knight's melee sounds.
    * Attacking sleeping creatures in first person now wakes them up.
    * Boulders now take damage when slapped.
    * Campaign progress now not saved with MPD or Skirmish.
    * Certain creatures now use the Temple when idle.
    * Changed "New Campaign - Are You Sure?" to only display if a Campaign has
    already started.
    * Changed Combat Pit tooltip.
    * Changed CPU player so that it uses the Combat Pit.
    * Changed MPD Level Selector tooltip.
    * Changed Library tooltip.
    * Changed Monk's heal usage.
    * Changed the eye-height of some creatures.
    * Changed the highlight on the Hero Portcullis.
    * Changed the highlight on the Fear Trap.
    * Changed the Horny melee timing.
    * Changed the 'Imps moving spellbook' tooltip.
    * Coloured MP messages to differentiate between private, public and server
    * Computer player can now be set in multiplayer games. Will not work properly
    with all maps.
    * Computer player now deals with neutral rooms better.
    * Computer player stats revised to make some attack earlier.
    * CRC checking of .exes to ensure that in multiplayer the .exes match for all
    * Creatures show how much mana they are generating from prayer.
    * Dark Elves now eat and sleep if they need to when patrolling.
    * De-activated game functions when in chat e.g. Zoom/Rotate.
    * Debriefing stats revised.
    * Disallow Full-screen map while game is paused.
    * Each Mana Vault now provides an increase to the maximum amount of Mana.
    * Efficiency tooltips now rounded up.
    * Ensured that creatures cannot get stuck in doors which are opening or closing.
    * Ensured that creatures killed in the Torture Chamber contribute to debriefing
    * Ensured that Imps only drag back unconscious bodies when there is one spare
    floor tile.
    * Environmental effects default to 'off' (for EAX environment compatible
    * Creatures will no longer be targeted in First Person mode.
    * Game settings now saved between games.
    * Given creatures the ability to cast Heal/Armour/Invisibility on themselves,
    if they have that spell.
    * Hand now taken out of possession spell mode when coming out of possession.
    * 'Heal' Creature Spells now slightly more powerful.
    * Hero Lair texture is now easier on the eyes.
    * Host quitting out of lobby will now automatically kick other players out of
    that lobby.
    * Imp priorities adjusted slightly.
    * Imps now have their correct death effect in the Temple pool.
    * Imps stats altered so that it's easier for them to reach level 10.
    * Increased the health of MPD Hero Invasion Parties for higher levels.
    * Increased the update rate of the full-screen map.
    * Some Keeper Spells can now be cast into the Temple pool to contribute to
    Temple Recipes.
    * Lobby chat text now more legible against the background.
    * Made Casino jackpot music only play for one player.
    * Made chat textbox more responsive.
    * Made Hi-Score Table easier to enter.
    * Made Horny immune to freezing.
    * Made it easier to distinguish between separate sub-objectives.
    * Made rewarded creature from Temple Recipe appear at average level of
    creatures dropped in pool.
    * Magic Doors now only damaged by magic attacks.
    * Mana from Prayer values tweaked for all creatures.
    * More feedback when door is locked/unlocked.
    * More silly speech implemented.
    * MPD quicksave no longer writes over Campaign quicksave.
    * Multiplayer lobby now shows IP Address of all machines.
    * Now easier to get around traps in 1st person.
    * Pay-day timer now starts when first creature joins your side.
    * Player names now shown instead of Player 1, Player 2 etc.
    * Players are now informed of players that have dropped out of a MP game.
    * Reduced frequency of "There is nothing left to research" message.
    * Reduced frequency of "Your Portals have attracted as many creatures as they
    * Removed cheats in MP.
    * Rooms, doors and traps cannot be set to researchable in MP game options.
    * Some creatures now use the Casino when idle.
    * Subtitles on Level 5 appear in a better place.
    * The F3 camera option is not as zoomed in.
    * The Mistress now trains more and is less obsessed with the Torture Chamber.
    * Tidied up 2D Front End map sections.
    * Tidied up Control Options in Front End Menu.
    * Tidied up text in the chat window.
    * Tweaked music scripting.
    * When trying to join a game in Internet Dungeon Watch you now also get a
    * Winner's name now at the top of a MP debriefing.
    * You can now assign ESC key in game and Front End.
    Fixes in Update 1.51
    * After joining someone else's MP lobby, you no longer inherit their game
    * After loading a saved game, correct debriefing speech now plays.
    * Fixed a Multiplayer problem related to items dangling in the hand.
    * Fixed a problem in MPD Level 3 involving Continual Invasion.
    * Fixed a problem related to decomposing in the Graveyard.
    * Fixed a problem where "Locate Hidden Land" special was appearing at the end
    of  a Skirmish game.
    * Fixed a problem where creatures sometimes cannot get picked up in MPD mode.
    * Fixed a problem where creatures sometimes could not be dropped in MPD mode.
    * Fixed a problem where flowers of creatures in Toolbox flash for no apparent
    * Fixed a problem where movies don't show video on some CD drives.
    * Fixed a problem where players were forced to replay completed missions.
    * Fixed a problem where the first chicken to be picked up would be black.
    * Fixed a problem where you could lose the spells you started with when taking
    over an enemy Library.
    * Fixed a problem where you couldn't view the "Cut 1" movie.
    * Fixed a problem with MPD Levels 2-6 so that creatures can be dropped back
    into the Toolbox.
    * Fixed a problem with news update speech on map screen.
    * Fixed a stalemate bug on Level 10.
    * Fixed an Alt+Tab crash
    * Fixed an out of sync problem between German and non-German versions involving
    Elven Archer torture anim.
    * Fixed an out of sync problem related to jailbreaks.
    * Fixed an "invisible Imp" problem.
    * Fixed Level 20 so that Hero Gates can be collapsed.
    * Fixed problem in multiplayer where loading screen was not shown at some
    * Fixed problem related to experience gained through destroying traps and
    Dungeon Heart.
    * Fixed problem that caused framerate drop when exposing the map in MP.
    * Fixed problem where "Player Not Responding - Kick Player" message wasn't
    clearing the thumbnail from the screen.
    * Fixed problem where "Teach your prisoners a lesson - build them a Torture
    Chamber" got played incorrectly.
    * Fixed problem where "There is nothing more to research" got played
    * Fixed problem where "You have my allegiance, Keeper" got played incorrectly.
    * Fixed problem where being kicked from a lobby was taking a long time before
    timing out.
    * Fixed problem where creature spell 'Knives' were coming out in the wrong
    * Fixed problem where creatures were shown in the full-screen map at the point
    they were picked up from.
    * Fixed problem where debriefing wouldn't show after continuing a MPD game.
    * Fixed problem where fire sound would play indefinitely.
    * Fixed problem where frozen creatures in possession won't animate when coming
    out of possession mode.
    * Fixed problem where Horny would sometimes get stuck on the way to the Portal
    * Fixed problem where Imps weren't taking crates to blueprints.
    * Fixed problem where it was possible to get idle CPU Keepers in Skirmish.
    * Fixed problem where it was possible to get overlapping GUI windows.  	
    * Fixed problem where Portal Gem was created in an incorrect place after a game
    had been loaded.
    * Fixed problem where rebelling creatures leaving the dungeon were getting
    * Fixed problem where some walls weren't getting rendered when exiting
    possession mode.
    * Fixed problem with duplicated level objectives screenshots in mission
    * Fixed problem with sound in movie player on Aureal cards.
    * Fixed Voodoo and non-MMX machine config problem.
    * Game installed to a path without spaces in now runs from the Autorun menu.
    * High Score Table no longer displays "Level 20" after completing a Secret
    * Temple created creatures now never get stuck in the pool.
    * Valid video mode now set up for Matrox Millenium video card.
    b) VER 1.61
    Dungeon Keeper 2 Update 1.51 to 1.61
    Elite creatures in Dungeon Keeper 2!
    This version adds Elite creatures to Dungeon Keeper 2.  Elite creatures are
    tougher, faster, stronger versions of their ordinary creature counterparts, and
    add a deadly twist to any Multiplayer, Skirmish or My Pet Dungeon game.
    However, attracting them in will not be easy, and you will need to discover
    their particular preferences to draw them in.   As a clue, to attract the Elite
    Mistress, build a 3x3 Prison surrounded by a Torture Chamber.
    Good luck attracting in the others!
    Other Changes in Version 1.61
    In this version we have added the much requested functionality to replay
    completed levels, as well as play levels that were not played when a choice was
    given in the Campaign game.
    c) VER 1.70
    This version adds the Maiden and the Jack-In-The-Box Trap to Dungeon Keeper 2.
    The Maiden is an awesome creature that spits webs and slays enemies. The Maiden
    can be used in Skirmish and Multiplayer levels. The Jack-In-The-Box Trap
    literally scares the life out of Imps and also damages enemy Dungeon Hearts.
    This version has a fix for users of Environment Mapped Bump Mapping 'EMBM' -
    please do not confuse this with other types of bump mapping that are not
    supported. Currently, the Matrox G400 is the only card we are aware of that
    fully supports 'EMBM'. Please ensure you are using the latest Matrox drivers
    (Point your browser to 'www.matrox.com') if you wish to try this feature.  Use
    the following commandlines '-enablebumpmapping' and '-enablebumpluminance'
    to activate bump mapping on your G400. Please note 'EMBM' Bump Mapping is an
    unsupported  feature and, as such, cannot be discussed by our technical support
    'EMBM' BUMPMAPPING ON YOUR MACHINE. (For further information on commandlines
    please consult the ReadMe.txt)
    Installing this update on top of an earlier version of Dungeon Keeper 2 will
    mean that the Uninstall function will not clear out all DK2 files. After using
    the Uninstall option, you can safely delete the remaining DK2 files manually.
    If you have installed to the default path these files will be located at
    "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Dungeon Keeper 2\"
    Gameplay tweaks and additions in this Update
    * Added a new creature - 'The Maiden'.
    * Added the 'Jack-In-The-Box' Trap.
    * Added 'Frosty's Realm' a new 2 player map. Multiplayer and Skirmish 4 player
    * Added 'Frosty's Lair' a new 3 player map. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Frosty's Castle' a new four player map. Multiplayer and Skirmish.
    * Added 'Mercenary Portals' these Portals allow you to get hero creatures in
    the levels that support them (Frosty's Castle, Frosty's Lair and Frosty's
    * Added 'EMBM' Bump Mapping for G400's. This effect has been added onto Lava
    and Water in
      the game.
    * Added 'My Pet Dungeon 7' to the update.
    * Added Windows 2000 support to DK2.
    * Altered Balance of Elite Creatures so that the Elites are now much tougher.
    * Altered AI on some skirmish maps to improve Keepers abilities.
    * Fixed - Elite creatures are now not turned into their normal counterparts
    after saving/loading.
    * Fixed - You now do not become stuck if you press ESCAPE in first person.
    * Fixed - Wizards do not fall into the Temple.
    * Imps now disappear when their Mana reaches zero.
    * Imps now perform better on Skirmish maps.
    * Shrinking Princes problem on Level 19 fixed.
    * Creatures in the combat pit now get hungry.
    * Sniveller is not the only rating in multiplayer.
    * It is now possible to have spaces in a savename when saving at the end of a
    * You can now slap Horny again to cancel him once cast.
    Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
    would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome. 
    Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
    My email is falsehead@aol.com
    (Blatant plug: check out my games website at www.kungfuhamster.cjb.net for
    loads of info on Martial Arts, Beat 'em Ups, Kung Fu Movies and Pokemon!)
    Also check out another site I write for http://www.thunderbolt.be
    Big Thanks to CjayC, the cool bloke who runs GameFAQs.  You've given me the
    opportunity to reach more people with my stuff than I ever could have alone!
    Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
    Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
    contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.
    Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
    and being all round awesome dudes! asherdeus, Djskits, bloomer, sashanan,
    ASchultz, MaxH, Vegita, Marc and Bobo The Clown Love yah all guys!
    ***************************** THE END *********************************

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