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"A great game that will keep you busy for awhile"

The best racing series on the market continues with another solid title. This one adds even more cars, an option to upgrade your cars in career mode, and gives you a lot of replay value.

Gameplay-9 This game has a great sense of speed. Its great racing trying to win, avoid the obstacles, and keep your car in good shape so you dont have to pay the damage fees.

Controls-10 Very simple controls. You use the arrow keys to drive, and the space bar to handbrake. And if those dont satisfy you, you can always change them.

Audio-7 Somewhat realistic sounds, but the soundtrack is pretty annoying. The horns are realistic, they vary from car to car.

Graphics-9 They can't get much better then this for what EA had to work with. Its great to see how much damage affects your car even with the slightest nick. In some races, you even have to try your very best not to hit anything so you can keep your lights so you can see in the dark. The lighting affects are also impressive for the headlights and streetlights.

Cars-10 I love all the cars in this game. Ranging from the Merceedes CLK 230, to the Ferrari F50 and the adrenaline filled-- McLaren F1. You'll have a great time upgrading the cars, and picking cool paintjobs for them too.

Career Mode-10 Best career mode in any racer pre-1999. (Im writing this in 2003) You must earn money to buy better cars, upgrade the ones you have, and fix the damage you recieve in races. Its great because you have to earn money to buy better cars, and some tournements only accept a certain class of cars, or just one car. The events vary from different tracks, and different prizes for each event. You will start winning more money the farther, and better, you get. Some events even give you a car as your reward.

Replay Value-10 I could play this game for 10 hours sraight and not get bored. You a few different types of gameplay to chose from. Being a Cop is always fun, and of course the classic ''Hot Pursuit'' running from the cops is great fun. And like I said, the career mode is great, and it will keep you busy for a month or two.

Overall, this title is great in all its aspects, and you could probably find it for $15 or less at your local Target or EB. The excellent gameplay, graphics, and replay value really come together for an excellent game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/31/03, Updated 05/31/03

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