Review by czmiel

Reviewed: 11/22/03

This is a Great Game

Need For Speed High Stakes is pretty good. You’d probably enjoy it.
First, in the main menu, you can choose plenty of options. You can do a career play or connect players. The connect players option is neat. You can connect to other people using methods such as the modem. In single player mode, you can choose Single Race mode, do Hot Pursuit mode a knockout, or tournament. If you do well in a knockout or tournament, you can unlock bonus cars and tracks. There’s a lot to unlock. There are plenty of cars to choose from in all play modes. There are eight tracks plus many more to unlock. You can have driver assets also. You can do many things in this game. I give game play a 10/10.
The graphics in this game are also really good. All the cars you have look good.
Same thing is with the tracks. Everything looks so real and so good. Nothing’s blurry like in other games. Everything’s so clear and so sharp. Even in the menus the graphics are good. The sound is also great. You can listen to great music and great sound effects like sirens, engines, and crashes. There are plenty of songs both on and off the track.. I give graphics and sound a 10/10.
This game takes a while to play through. There’s a lot in career mode to play through, that is there are a lot of races to play through. In single player mode, it takes a long time to get through the knockouts and tournaments. If you spent one hour daily playing this game, it would take you at least a couple of months to get through the whole game and unlock everything. It takes a long time, but it’s worth it. After you play through the game, up comes the question of “Should I play through the game again?” You probably won’t have much fun playing through the game the second time as you would the first time, but you might still have some fun. I give play time and replay time a 9/10.
Now here are some final recommendations. You should buy this game and play through it. Not one thing is bad about it. You will have lots of fun in Need for Speed High Stakes. This game has tons of neat features. You will have plenty of fun in this game. I sure did.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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