Review by K0LDSTeeL

"A very good racing game by EA."

When I first played Need for Speed High Stakes, I thought I would not like it, but was I wrong. As with all PC racing games, it is MUCH funner with steering wheel, anybody will tell you that. I got a cheesy one for 30 bucks at CompUSA, and it works just fine. This is one of the nicer done games by Electronic Arts, and it does have the Hot Pursuit mode, which was in Need For Speed III. Buy it.

Graphics 9/10
Gorgeous graphics, everything was nicely done. The cars look almost exactly like their real life counter parts. Very nicely done lighting for the car's lights, the interior had lights, too. The interior camera is a really cool view. It lets you see what the inside looks like, and I liked that.

Sound / Music 10/10
Good engine revs and crashing sounds. The music is exceptional, it is sorta of a mix between techno and rock. I prefer the techno tracks out of this game. The music was also nicely composed, and it did go with the pace of the game itself.

Control 9/10
The control stands out the most when you have good steering wheel. It was responsive most of the time and you can tune the car's steering, which I like to set it at the loosest setting. This setting makes the car too uncontrollable for novices, but not me.

Gameplay 7/10
The game was really fun while it lasted, but after you beat it, it is not that fun at all. But the other modes make the game longer, such as the single arcade mode and Hot Pursuit (I love to trick the cops and make them crash:).

All in all, Need For Speed High Stakes was really fun to play. And this title does stand up to Electronic Arts reputation of good games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/16/00, Updated 03/16/00

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