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    FAQ/Walkthrough by d0om

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                ####  System Shock 2 FAQ V2.7  ####        by d0om
                e-mail me at d0om@earthling.net
    (The first 0 is a zero)
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    This is my first FAQ so I'll try to write a good one. First though I would 
    like to say that I do not recommend reading ahead in any hint guide or FAQ than
    the bit which you are stuck on. System shock 2 is such an atmospheric game, that
    knowing what is around the next corner can really spoil it. Anyway on with the FAQ.
    If your stuck on somewhere I haven't covered yet, e-mail me. But first go to gamefaqs.com
    and see if you have the latest version. If not, then see if I've answered it allready before
    e-mailing me please, thanks.
    Revision history
    V1 Just got the character generation up and the first level
       I'll try to get deck1 and some weapons done soon.
    V2 Engineering added and a few weapons. 
    V2.1 added some more weapons + some of Hydroponics
    V2.2 fisihed Hydroponics and added some of Ops. Also I spell cheaked it!
    V2.3 Some OS upgrade info added.
    V2.4 Some more stuff added
    V2.5 Some minor changes
    V2.6 Deck 4-6 info added
    V2.7 Some more stuff added
    1.Character generation
    4.OS upgrades
    5.Legal Stuff
    1.Character generation
    At the start you get a choice of three branches of the military, this has a large 
    significance on the early game. 
    These are the psionic group they get Tier one ability for free.
    Their tour of duty goes like this:
    Tier 2 ability, Cryokinesis +
    Pscho-refective screen or
    Kinetic redirection or
    Pschogenic cyber affinity
    +2 Endurance or
    +1 research or
    +2 Psionic ability
    +1 strength, +1 Agility, +1 Cyber affinity +
    Remote electron tampering or
    Nuro-reflex dampening or
    Psychogenic agility
    They also get a Psi-amp
    I would recommend getting the Kinetic redirection, +2 Psionic ability
    and remote electron tampering. This lets you get out of reach items, 
    cast more powerful psionic powers and stop alarms (Very useful). 
    An OSA character should make the most of their psionic powers. Getting
    the tier 2 power heal should be their first goal. Research is also important.
    They should use their cryokinesis to take out cameras and multiple enemies.
    But beware of using all your Psi points as they only regenerate with a psi-hypo
    and later on, a researched item.
    They get +1 standard weapons for free
    Here are their tours of duty:
    +1 strength +
    +1 modify or
    +1 repair or
    +1 hack
    +2 standard weapons or
    +1 maintenance (free maintenance tool) or
    +2 cyber affinity
    +2 Agility or
    +2 Endurance or
    +1 Research
    I like the navy the best. I would recommend choosing hack, cyber-affinity and 
    research. This is because hack is extremely useful in the game, you get cheaper
    and better goods from replicators, you can get turrets to fight for you and you
    can open security crates. The cyber-affinity helps with the hacking and research
    is important to do more damage to enemies and is also necessary for some objectives.
    They also get +1 standard weapons for free
    Here are their tours of duty
    +2 agility or
    +2 endurance or
    +2 strength
    +2 standard weapons or
    +1 Heavy weapons, +1 Cyber affinity (free grenade launcher) or
    +1 energy weapons, +1 Cyber affinity (free laser pistol)
    +1 repair or
    +1 modify or
    +1 maintenance (free maintenance tool)
    The marines are a good unit to join, you get a good stat, weapon skill and
    technical skill. I would recommend getting the bonus strength for carrying things around,
    then whichever type of weapons you like best and then maintenance which is vital
    for energy weapons and also all other weapons apart from hand to hand.
    The weapons are divided into four types, each requiring a different weapon skill and 
    normally being associated with another stat or tech skill.
    Standard weapons
    Wrench---------This is the first weapon you get, it is quite powerful. A high strength 
       will increase damage and a high agility increases the fire rate. Pretty
       good for taking out hybrids, but for anything else, you'll want something 
       a bit better.
    Pistol---------This require standard 1 to use. It is versatile, one shot of standard takes
       out a camera, and one AP round kills a protocol droid. Best to save the AP
       rounds for Maintenance robots if you can. If you don't have a laser pistol
       then use them for Protocol droids as well. The anti-personal ammo is good
       against annelid monsters. Quite reliable as well. The burst mode is 
       inaccurate but effective in a pinch.
    Shotgun--------This requires standard of 3 to use. It has two ammo types, normal and 
       antipersonnel. The normal is pretty all purpose, and the antipersonnel
       is good against fleshy targets. The triple shot does double damage, good
       if ammo is no problem, but bad if your trying to make every shot count.
    Assault rifle--This requires standard of 6 to use. It is identical to the pistol, except
       it does 25% more damage, has a larger clip and can fire in auto rather than
       three shot burst. The auto is extremely powerful, it can kill anything in 
       seconds, as long as the right ammo type is being used. However, it uses a 
       lot of ammo, and the gun degrades in condition very quickly, so a high
       maintenance is essential. Note that it uses the same ammo as the pistol.
    Energy weapons
    Laser pistol--This requires energy 1 to use. Most of the following applies to all energy 
      Weapons. This gun has no ammo so there is no lugging ammo round or trying to
      find it, but you need a rechager. It is weak against hybrids and virtually
      useless against annelids, but good against cameras and robots. Maintenance is 
      vital to hold more charge. It is very reliable. The overcharge is useful
      against bigger robots, but remember that you can fire standard shots while
      the overcharge is reloading. (Assigning a key that you can remember to this feature 
      will help.)
    Laser rapier--This requires an energy of 4 and agility 3. It is a hand to hand weapon and 
      has no ammo or charge and doesn't need any maintenance. It is very powerful
      and can kill most enemies in one or two swipes. Good against everything apart
      from a few annelid creatures which are resistant.
    EMP rifle-----This is the best in robot killing. One shot from this will kill a
      camera or protocol droid and three shots kills most robots. Requires
      an energy of 6 to use. It is amazing against any robot or cyborg. The
      Overcharge mode does not have to recharge either and the weapon has a 
      high rate of fire. Normal shots use 2 charge, overcharges cost 20. 
      NB-does nothing to fleshy targets. Also, it requires a maintenance of 6 to
      use a maintenance tool on it.
    Heavy Weapons
    Grenade launcher--This requires heavy 1. It is the most versatile gun in the whole game.
          It has many different grenade types, frag, proximity, incendiary, EMP
          and disruption. The frag is an area explosion, the proximity detonates
          when something moves near it. The incendiary is good for flammable targets.
          By flammable targets, I mean most monsters that do not contain metal.
          the EMP grenades are really powerful against robots and cyborgs, but are
          rare. The disruption grenades are powerful but have an extremely small
          blast. Grenades can either detonate on contact, or bounce around. 
          Proximity grenades will 'stick' onto any surface when fired on contact
    Stasis field------This requires heavy 3 and strength 3 to use. It uses prisms as ammo.
          It can fire on two different modes, area and target. They both freeze
          what ever they hit, but area doesn't freeze them for as long. It does 
          no damage however and so is good as a retreat tactic, or to allow you
          to pummel them with your wrench.
    Fusion gun--------Coming soon
    Exotic Weapons
    I won't give too much away on these. 
    Crystal shard-------Exotic1  Research 4  Best combat weapon
    Viral prolifacator--Exotic4  Research 3  IMHO not worth the effort
    Worm Launcher-------Exotic6  Research 6  Good, but a bit expensive in cyber
                                             modules, the EMP rifle but for
                                             alive targets. Make sure you
                                             use the right mode and remember,
                                             Hybrids and all their evolutions
                                             are HUMAN.
    Note that throughout the game you will find beakers. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. Take them to 
    the nearest pile of worms and drag the beaker onto the worms. These beakers of worms 
    will stack. They are used as ammunition for some exotic weapons. Also, this worm ammo
    can be duplicated with the appropriate psionic power.
    Deck 2 Med/Sci
    If your stuck at the very start then read the manual as it has a walkthrough up to the
    first security room. If you can hack then try to disable the security. Instead of 
    providing a complete walkthrough, I'll just address the key mission objectives. There 
    will still be a lot of other stuff to see and do though not necessarily vital.
    1 Go past the security room and then left, watch out for a camera, (if you don't have a gun
    or hack then got to the Xerxes room, right instead of left, and search all the bodies 
    for a pistol). Search the smoking body and get the power cell and game player :).
    2 Recharge the cell by going to the recharger! it is straight out of where you started, turn
    right and carry on past the lift and the through a door. Go past the chemical store room
    (or in if you need a chemical to research) then go down the ladder and into the lower area.
    Watch out for the two turrets if you haven't hacked security. There are explosive barrels 
    near them if you want to fight them. Use the recharger.
    3 Go back and put the recharged cell in the socket in the wall. Go through the bulkhead to 
    med/sci 2.
    4 The key card for the crew sector is left, past the medial table and regenerator, then
    right, running past the camera, (or shooting it) and carry on until a radioactive bit.
    Smash the window on the left and jump through. Watch out for a camera. Climb down the ladder
    and pick it up.
    5 The key card for the R&D sector is in the crew sector. Go past the OS upgrade station,
    and down into the waterlogged area beneath, its on the far right hand side in a room called
    Watts' room! Watch out for cameras
    6 In R&D its pretty straight forward, watch out for cameras and carry on until you get to a lift, 
    Watts is down there. Search for a log with the key code to engineering before you leave.
    7 Go back to where the lift is and opposite is the maintenance shaft go down it.
    Well done, You've done the first deck (Note I missed out all the guns and enemies on purpose
    You should explore and find them yourselves) 
    Deck 1 Engineering
    1 Go to the engineering control room, left at the start and follow the passageway. Its locked,
      Polito tells you where to go.
    2 Go through the maze, resting in the non-green (radioactive) bits to allow your 
      rad counter to go down. Rad hypos will help a bit as will speed boosters. enter 
      all the storerooms you can.
    3 You will receive the code for one of the storerooms from Polito, this is the
      one with the rad suit in.
    4 Get out of the coolant tubes and into an area with a replicater, a lift, a regeneration chamber
      and a camera. There is a security station inside the central room.
    5 Go through the door with a ramp past the Xexes room and into a corridor. Go up the grav
      shaft to reach fluids control.
    6 The code for fluids control is in Cargo bay 2. The key card for this is in cargo bay 1.
    7 These are straight on the corridor and through a bulkhead.
    8 Cargo bay 1 is unlocked, just hit the rubble with your wrench.
    9 Security can be disabled from the control room, also there is a Recharger and some upgrade units.
    10 Once you have the code from cargo bay 2, return to the fluidics control room.
    11 The part is in the chemical storeroom (check your map) a log gives you the code.
    12 Put the right part in the slot in the  top story of the control room by the cargo bays.
    13 Go back to  fluidics control and reset the system.
    14 Go all the way back to the start of the level and go back to the door that wouldn't open.
    15 Go to both the nacelles and reset them, then reset the main engine (Up a lift).
    16 Go to http://www.shock2.com and download the patch. If you enter Hydroponics without
       it you will find it impossible.
    17 Return to the lift in engineering/med sci and go to the highest deck you can.
    Deck 3 Hydroponics
    This deck is actually impossible without the patch, so go to http://www.shock2.com 
    and download it.
    1 You need to find a way to get rid of the slime. Maybe a science officer left a log here
      Telling you what to do? It can be found if you turn right out of the lifts, and carry on.
      Watch out for the turrets and camera. A security station is to the left of the lift. 
      Choose a good OS upgrade and the check all the rooms on this corridor.
    2 The vials of Toxin are in the room with both its doors locked. Notice there is a desk and 
      breakable window in the next door room. Climb in and smash the window. This was what the 
      patch corrects - without it you can't get through the window!
    3 You don't actually need to get research as there is a labassistant in here and the vials 
      only need a skill of 1.
    4 Go to a storeroom to get the needed chemicals. Check your chemical manifests to find which
      one has what chemicals.
    5 Now you need to get some more vials. There is one if you turn left out of the lift and carry
      on until you get to the penultimate room. There are actually five vials. And one of the others
      is on the way to a regulator on a body.
    6 Go to the Xerxes room and go through to the replicater. Then go up the ladder in the 
      nearby room.You should end up in a room with stuff growing in a cabinet. Go down the ramp and
      kill the guardian. Watch out for the emerging monsters. Place a vial in the regulator.
    7 Go to the room up the ramp and smash the glass over a desk and climb into the attic. Watch out
      For the broken glass. Once you've looted the place go and step on the broken glass! There's a 
      laser pistol about here somewhere on a dead corpse.
    8 The next regulator is in the cold area. You can get there by turning left off the loop you 
      dropped down on. Then going straight on (say cheese to the camera) and turning right.
    9 Two down and two to go. You should now have a key card for another hydroponics sector
      if not go back and get it! Check your map and go to the door that you got the card for!
      Go through the bulkhead. And watch out for the camera in the room. There should be a 
      re-charger nearby. Down the corridor are some maintenance robots and a camera. There is a 
      security box down the corridor. The evironmental regulator is at the far end of the 
      corridor. Watch out for the trap. 
    10  The last regulator is in the remaining setion that you havn't been to. The key card
    was in the last regulator's area. This one is straight-forward. Just clear out
    the top bit and then decend down and put the vial in the regulator.
    11 Then leave the Hydroponics deck and go to ops to meet Polito.
    Deck 4 Ops
    1 activate the bio-reconstrution unit. Search the crates and then try each buckhead.
    only one will open.
    2 Procead down the corridor to find (finally) Polito. 
      (That's your first objective complete!)
    3 Not quite what you thought? If you found all the logs and stuff you could have figered it
      out all-ready.
    4 The sim-units are located through the bulkheads in this cental room, two are through one
    (the one with the bend in it) and one is through the other bulkhead.
    5 The door in this sector has no sim-unit behind it, but it has some stuff that 
    you need to re-program the sim-units. 
    6 There are three sim-unit keys, each one for a differnt sim-unit.One is through each
    bulkhead and the other is through this door. They are found on the bodies of
    the red cyborgs. They run away from you, but will attack if cornered.
    7 One of the Red Cyborgs is in a room with lots of falling explosive barrlles! Just keep on
      the move.
    8 One is in what looks like a meeting room with chairs.
    9 The sim units are: One is at the end of the non-bendy bulkhead, near a bulkhead which
      leads to the chemical storeroom. Its in a room along the corridor by the ramp which goes
      down to some eggs.
      One is in the bendy bulkhead, go to a large room with two ladders leading down, this 
      leads down to  another room which has "sim unit 3" in it. This is the one refered to
      in one of Malik's Logs.
      The last sim unit is also in the bulkhead with the bend in it. There is a turret on 
      the right at the end of a corridor, the sim unit is passed the turret and is in the same
      place as Bronson's dead body. 
    Deck 5 Recreation
    Just a brief note here, the trannsmiter code is hidden in art terminals about the deck
    the code is given in a way that there are two possibilities. The code is
    [1, 4, 10, 6] or [1, 10, 4, 6] I can't remember which, try them both.
    Also the crew key card is in the garden, the athletic key card is in the crew sector.
    and an OS upgrade is in the mall.
    The lift to deck 6 is in the middle of the crew sector.
    more to come
    Deck 6 Control
    Another fun deck full of nasties. Watch out for the rumblers and rocket lancher turrets.
    Try to hack the turrets if you can and make sure you have something to hide behind if
    you are going to fight them.
    1 Simply go out the lift and through the only open door to the tram. If you are a hacker,
      return to the lift and hack security before running back to the tram and jumping on.
      That will help at the first tram stop!
    2 Procead to the last tram stop and get out. Go through the bulkhead and watch the sence
      before you. You can't catch up with them, so don't try, you'll only be spotted by a 
      camera or something equally nasty.
    more to come
    The Rickenbacker
    Brief note here as it seams to be a comon problem, the hardest to find of the eggs is
    hidden in the area with the series of narrow corridoors with the turrets in. An egg is 
    hidden on the top floor behind a gas leak. This could well be the last one your looking for
    if you have just one to go
    more to come
    4. OS Upgrades
    You only get 4 of these in the game, so choose them wisley. They offer unique
    abilities and should be chosen to suit your character, either to enhance your
    weaknesses or to enhance your strengths. Whatever you do, do NOT choose naturally
    able. It is very poor in the long run. It might look good at the beggining, but it
    is usless at the end. (Your getting 20+ cyber modules each objective past deck3).
    Strong metabalism
    This is bad. Rad and toxin exposure is normally only brief and a rad-suit will 
    do a better job.
    This one is quite good. On normal difficulty, it is like +1 endurance. But it is better 
    than that on higher levels. Should only be bought with an edurance of at least 4. This is 
    beacuse you could just buy a bonus endurance for a few cyber modules.
    Pack rat
    This is +1 strength for carrying only. It is compleatly usless is your strength
    reaches 6 or 5 and you use an implant. Not very good.
    Cybernetically enhanced
    This is one of the best. It means you can have a +1 strength as well as
    a +1 endurance implant. This efectively gains you pack rat and Tank. Of course
    the power can run out but a high maintanance skill will help. Also some mid-game
    implants of alien origin are usefull.
    Also you can swap in out out any implants at will making it versitile.
    NB There is an implant for each Statistic as well as Labassistant and the alien
       ones. Also, you cannot have two duplicate implants at once.
    Pharmo Friendly
    This should be the first choice for OSA. This is because they rely solely on
    psi-hypos for power,and this increases that power. Replictor expert works well for
    OSA as well.
    More soon 
    5.Legal section
    You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
    1  You give me credit 
    2  It is shown in it's full version nothing is taken out, changed or edited
       but it can be inserted into html code for example 
    3  This fine print is included 
    4  It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
    5  It will not be included on any book, magazine or CD or any other media 
       that is charged for 
    6  You are responsible for getting the newest version 
    7  Please don't link to this file directly, either upload it to your web page or
       link to the gamefaqs .html page that this file is on
    This document is copyrighted (c) 1999-2000 d0om
    All Rights Reserved 
    e-mail d0om@earthling.net

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