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Reviewed: 12/20/02 | Updated: 12/20/02

One Bad ass Scary FPS/RPG on the PC!

Well ive had System Shock 2 for a long time now. ive came close to beating it but i havent yet »_« its a great and scary game! you will freak out!! now on with the review.

Story:10/10:you take place as a marine,navy,O.R.S,or the army. this woman known as SHODAN thinks she is a goddess and merged her self with a computer and has taken over man kind.This Hacker which tried to shut down shodan has failed. but now it is up to you to stop all the zombies and seek and distroy shodan. can you do it??

Graphics:10/10:The Graphics arnt as good has Half-Life's but there pretty damned good for this game! The Weapon Skins are great.There is Blood to. the lighting of the area is awesome! and since ur in space it really kicks ass. insted of elevators you have gravity shafts!! how cool is that!!?? The graphics on this game are really somthing!!

Challange:10/10:OMG THIS IS A HARD ASS GAME! it will have you confused for hours on wondering what to do and where to go! you gotta find pass codes for rooms.shut down sercurity systems.Hack in to things. And try to stay alive! its very hard and very scary i love this game!!!

Sound:10/10:The Sound and music on this game come out crystal clear!! the zombies comeing at you saying ''ERR KILL ME!!'' or ''IM SORRY!!'' the sounds of the weapons firing is great! Very cool sound!

Multiplayer??? YES!:You can go through the game on cooperative if you and a friend can set up a server! you can stop shodan togeather! its bad ass! gotta love the multiplayer!!!!

Fun Factor:10/10:This game is soo good its addicting! i got addictied to it when i started playing it! i just wanted to come home so i could play SS2 its awesome! i love the gameplay of this! so smooth and perfect!! no messups no flaws! just perfect!!!

Style:10/10:The style of this game is FPS and diabloish type. you pick the items up just like you do in diablo and sort them out in your invintory. yet you go around blasting the hell outta zombies.which i enjoy very much. you dont gain levels but you get these things called cyber moduals where u can upgrade your stats if you find upgrade units. this is sorta like gaining levels. its kinda how u say FPS/RPG combined. i like and love this game it is BAD ASS!!!!!

Multiplayer: YES!!
Fun Factor:10/10

Buy/Rent? Umm since u cant rent this game i suggest you try the demo. or JUST GO BUY THE DAMNED GAME! IT OWNS! Trust me this is a must have for any FPS lover!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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