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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SMetzler

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    Steve's Guide to Planescape: Torment
    (A Planescape: Torment walkthrough)
    Last updated: 7th August, 2001
    Planescape: Torment is a brilliant fantasy computer role-playing game set in 
    the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons™ Planescape multiverse. You take on 
    the role of The Nameless One, a formidable being - yet unaware of who you 
    are, and how you happened to awake on a cold metal slab in a surreal 
    mortuary... shades of Gene Wolfe!
    Once again, I've chosen to eschew that handy yet game spoiling Table of 
    Contents. OK, so this Guide is loaded with outright spoilers anyway, but I 
    try not to ruin all the fun right up front by providing you with a listing of 
    all the important locations you will visit. If you're looking for references 
    to a particular location, person, weapon, etc., then just search for it in 
    your browser.
    At the bottom of this guide are handy tables for locating important items and 
    Directions are given assuming that the top of your screen is north, and the 
    longer direction names are abbreviated, like SW for southwest. If more 
    precision is needed, then positions on a clock face are used, like: 
    10 o'clock.
    Before you even think about starting to play, download and apply the latest 
    patch, which at the time of writing was the version 1.1 patch 
    (ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/patches/Trmt11.exe). This patch fixed numerous 
    bugs, and also gets rid of the problem where the game slows down terribly 
    after about an hour's play.
    The Nameless One (TNO hereafter), begins life as a Fighter. Later on, just by 
    conversing with various NPCs, TNO can change roles to be a Thief or a Mage. 
    While the idea of switching back and forth throughout the game to overcome 
    various obstacles that suit tackling by a particular class of character seems 
    a clever one, this course of action is probably best avoided. You see, 
    experience points (XP) accrue only for the present class. If you keep 
    switching between classes, you'll dilute the XP across the board, and will 
    never obtain real proficiency in anything. So, it's best to choose your 
    preferred role early on in the game and stick with it!
    Balance, balance, this game is all about balance. When creating your 
    character at the beginning of the game, it's probably best to load up your 
    primary stat just a little bit. For instance, Strength (STR) for a Fighter. 
    But... I wouldn't recommend going above 15 on any stat. As far as TNO is 
    concerned, all stats are important! Intelligence (INT) gives you more 
    conversation choices, and it will be easier to talk your way around things 
    rather than having to fight all the time. TNO has lost his memory, and a high 
    Wisdom (WIS) helps him to regain more memories. Dexterity (DEX) is useful for 
    thieving skills, but is also important as it lowers your Armor Class (AC), 
    making you harder to hit in battle, and so forth. The first time I played, I 
    wanted TNO to be a Mage, so I set INT to 15. Of course, I had to skimp 
    elsewhere, and only wound up with a Constitution (CON) of 11. I suffered the 
    consequences of this decision for nearly the entire game, being easier to 
    knock off than a fat guppy in a tank full of piranhas :-( Each time your 
    character goes up a level, you get to spend 1 point on one of these 
    characteristics, so you can eventually rectify mistakes; however, it is 
    better in the long run to start off with a balanced character, and gradually 
    build up all the stats.
    Talk to every character that exhibits a blue circle when you place your 
    cursor over them, especially the zombie workers and skeletons in the 
    Mortuary. This is the primary way by which you discover things, get quests, 
    It's probably a good idea to turn off the Party AI. You'll have better 
    control of your party members in battle then. For example, with the AI turned 
    on, any Priests in your party will be constantly wading right into the thick 
    of things to heal someone who only just got a scratch, thereby placing 
    themselves in great peril. Also, the space bar is your best friend in battle! 
    With it, you can pause at any time, issue commands for all your party 
    members, swap items, use healing aids, etc. Then just hit the space bar again 
    when you're ready to resume. It's the next best thing to turn-based combat :-)
    During battle, I always micro-manage my party. Before you even engage the 
    enemy, hit the space bar straight away. Then, assign each of your Fighters to 
    attack a specific creature. To do this, click on the party member you want to 
    use, then hold down the shift key and click on the creature you want them to 
    attack. Repeat for each Fighter. You might also at this time organise each 
    Mage to fire off their first spell at a specific target. Then, hit the space 
    bar again to let the battle commence. When you kill any creature, hit the 
    space bar right away and immediately re-assign your now idle Fighter to go 
    beat up on something else! This way, you make sure your resources are always 
    efficiently employed. Whenever you notice any of your party members getting 
    low on health, hit the space bar quickly, and get them healed (you can keep 
    all your healing charms of a similar type grouped together, and just pass 
    these groups of charms around from party member to party member as the need 
    arises)! Of course, it goes without saying that you should keep your Fighters 
    up front, and your Mages pretty far behind so they can keep firing off spells 
    without fear of being attacked.
    Another warning about dilution of XP. Remember that you split any XP gained 
    amongst all the members of your party. While having a bigger party is more 
    fun, it definitely makes the going tougher, as characters will gain new 
    levels at a much slower rate.
    Whenever a new person joins your party, engage them in conversation at the 
    earliest opportunity, and grill them about everything. You learn a lot of new 
    things this way, and sometimes acquire valuable items.
    After a tough battle, if you've a Priest in your party, get all the party 
    members healed as much as you can with the Priest's remaining healing 
    spells... then you can rest. Using this technique, you'll need to spend much 
    less time resting in order to get your party fully healed, and the Priest 
    will regain all the healing spells after the first 8 hour's rest!
    Note that when you or your party members use Thief skills to steal something, 
    you can't subsequently sell it to anyone because all the merchants will know 
    it's stolen goods. So, don't bother to steal anything you're not going to use.
    The best way to identify items is with Charms of Infinite Recall. Just wait 
    till you have at least a half dozen items that need to be identified (doing 
    only 1 or 2 at a time is a waste), and make sure they're all in a single party 
    member's inventory. Then, put one (or more. Only one will be used) of these 
    Charms in an empty Quick Item slot of that party member, return to the game 
    world, right-click and select the Charm(s). You'll note the person becoming 
    infused with light. When you return to that person's inventory, all the items 
    are now identified! You can also equip each of your Mages with an Identify 
    scroll, but then only one item per day/per Mage can be identified. Much more 
    tedious. You can buy or find these Charms all over the place, so what the 
    An easy way to move across a large area that you've already seen: select all 
    party members, then open up the map. Click once to get a yellow square around 
    the section you wish to travel to. Then, double-click on the square and 
    you'll be back in the game world, positioned right at the place you want to 
    wind up. Just hold down the shift key, click once more on the ground here 
    (or a doorway), and your party will run straight over to where you clicked.
    Some thoughts concerning Wisdom
    I could never figure out how, according to the manual and the in-game help, 
    increased WIS got you more experience points, because you always get the same 
    XP for completing a given quest regardless of your WIS. Well, I finally did 
    find out by playing a portion of the game through with a high WIS (to the 
    detriment of several other stats, of course), and the way WIS plays its part 
    in gaining XP is this: whenever your party splits XP, you get the same as 
    everyone else plus an additional bonus according to your WIS. There is 
    roughly a 20% bonus for you at WIS of 20, and a whopping 35% at a WIS of 25! 
    Unfortunately, this Guide was written before I had twigged the nuances of 
    Wisdom, and I played all the way through the game (twice!) with just slightly 
    above average WIS. What a high WIS ultimately does for you is ensure that 
    you attain new levels at a much faster rate than your companions, thus making 
    it much easier to complete quests and do battle, as TNO will have higher 
    stats all around. Anyway, in retrospect, I would recommend that if you need 
    to have any stat as your 'secondary' stat, then it should be WIS! 
    Well, that's probably enough of the up front stuff. Time to wade right in...
    The Mortuary
    2nd floor
    Morte, the indefatigable skull, is hovering near you when you stir back to 
    life on the mortuary slab. There's some writing on your back. Hmm. So, we 
    need to find this guy Pharod, and your journal. Get the Scalpel and some 
    Bandages from the tables in the northern part of the room, arm yourself 
    with the Scalpel, then attack the southern-most zombie in the room. Take the 
    key off him, then proceed through the door in the NW corner. You could kill 
    the other 2 zombies, but they're only worth 65 XP each. Note that the key 
    disappears from your inventory when you go through the door. This is the 
    game's way of telling you that you won't be needing it any longer. Get used 
    to losing items like this, because it happens a lot, and you don't want to be 
    wasting time looking for items that you think you have lost, but you haven't!
    The next room holds 3 zombies, and little else of interest for the moment. So 
    just head through the next door. This is more interesting. Pick up the Fist 
    Irons, the Receiving Room Logbook, and some jink (er, Coppers) from the 
    tables here. Note that the last page is missing from the Logbook. I suspect 
    that has something to do with you. Talk to zombie worker #1201 here. You 
    notice something in his mouth and cut it out with your Scalpel, for 250 XP. 
    Use the Note, and fold the corners in this order: upper right, lower right, 
    upper left, upper right again (marks corresponding to the number of this 
    zombie). The Note dissolves, and you are left holding a Triangle Earring, 
    which you can't identify yet (it's actually a 'Rule-of-Three Earring', as 
    you'll later discover), but solving this puzzle nets you another 250 XP. 
    Also, chat with the scribe Dhall in the south end of this room. You have 
    been here many times before. It seems as if Dhall might have ripped the last 
    page out of the Logbook, so that the Dustmen would not discover who or what 
    you are and have you cremated! From now on, whenever a Dustman approaches you 
    and asks you what you are doing in the Mortuary, you can just mention Dhall's 
    name to get rid of them.
    Again, proceeding clockwise, the next room doesn't have much of anything 
    noteworthy in it, except a Receiving Log Page that you get from zombie #1664 
    there, which has an entry numbered 16539 that looks suspiciously like 
    TNO/you! Reading more, it looks like we'll have to locate this Copper 
    Earring, and also zombie #79, who might give us a clue on how to interpret 
    the markings on the Earring.
    Things start to get even more interesting in the next room (let's say at 
    2 o'clock on the Mortuary - 2nd floor map). If you accidentally topple over 
    zombie #985, you get a new weapon. Also, speak to the Dustwoman Ei-Vene to 
    get Quest 3 below, the first one you can immediately carry out :-)
    3rd floor
    The Finger Bone that activates the secret portal (see Quest 4 below) is 
    located in a locked container on the 3rd floor, in the room at the 12 o'clock 
    position. It doubles as a Bone Charm - but of course, don't use yet, or you 
    won't be able to activate the portal!
    Skeleton #863, in the room at 10 o'clock, has a Parchment attached to him. 
    The note on the Parchment alludes to there being a Prybar somewhere on this 
    floor. Indeed, there's one on a table in the room at 6 o'clock on this floor.
    The stairwell on the west side of this floor is locked. The key to open this 
    door is located on a shelf on the SE part of the stairwell wall. Indeed, once 
    you have this Mortuary Sanctum Key in your possession, all the remaining 
    locked doors in the Mortuary will be open to you!
    The room to the south contains 3 zombies. Examine zombie #79, and you'll be 
    able to open that Ancient Copper Earring you've been carrying around (250 XP).
    Zombie #42 is wandering continuously in a big circle around the central part 
    of the 3rd floor. If you've recalled the memory of him (see Quest 3), and you 
    cross your arms, he'll put his arms at his side. You can then reach inside 
    him and pull out the package that's stitched into him (250 XP). Inside it are 
    2 Clot Charms, some Rags, and a Green Steel Knife! Looks like TNO knew he 
    might be coming back here again.
    1st floor
    There are 4 Giant Skeletons in the central room of this floor. They are much 
    too difficult for you and Morte to take on at this stage in the game, but... 
    there is another way. If you get the Tome of Bone and Ash off zombie #932 in 
    the room to the SE, it will give you the knowledge necessary to dissect the 
    Giant Skeletons! First, you have to examine each Skeleton's armor, then you 
    have to compare the runes on it to the runes in the Tome. Then you have to 
    remove the wards in the correct order. Worth 800 XP per Giant Skeleton, plus 
    3 of the Skeletons leave behind a Rune of Lesser Warding (invokes "Armor") 
    and one has a Rune of Greater Warding (invokes "Shield"), though all of these 
    are only usable by Mages.
    Also in this room, on the wall to the north, is a Crescent Hatchet. The 
    Skeletons don't seem to mind if you take it.
    Near the exit from the Mortuary, in the room to the SW, speak to Soego. He 
    will open the gate for you for 500 XP (you can exit here instead of using the 
    portal. You still come out at roughly the same place). Alternatively, you can 
    snap the neck of one of the other Dustmen here, and take the key off their 
    corpse, but this is bad for your karma, especially if you're attempting to 
    keep your alignment leaning towards the Good side.
    Converse with the spirit of Deionarra, in the room to the NW. She... once 
    meant a lot to you. You should get 1000 XP for recalling a memory of how you 
    can raise the dead (plus, it now becomes one of your Special Abilities). You 
    also get 500 XP for her telling you about the exit portal, even though you 
    might have already heard it from Vaxis. After speaking to her, if you've got 
    the Bone Charm in your inventory, you may use the portal that opens up when 
    you approach one of the openings in the northern part of this room!
    1. Find "Pharod".
    This... might take a little while. Let's not spoil things just yet.
    2. Find your missing journal.
    3. Fetch Embalming Fluid and Needle for Ei-Vene - Embalming Room Key, +1 HP, 
    and 750 XP.
    There are 2 jars of Embalming Fluid in the room at 4 o'clock on this floor. 
    Also in this room is a locked container. You can bash it open with your newly 
    found club. Inside is that (Ancient) Copper Earring mentioned in the 
    Receiving Log Page. Take the stairs up to the 3rd floor here (on the shelf at 
    the top of the stairs is a Charcoal Charm). Then, go inside the room to the 
    north and head for the shelf on the wall to the NW. There is a Needle and 
    Thread there. Remember, when the Dustmen accost you, say you are looking for 
    someone (Dhall).
    Once you have secured the Needle and Thread, return to Ei-Vene. Before you 
    get her attention this time, notice the motion of her hands. You recall your 
    first memory, about stitching something inside zombie #42, and get 250 XP. 
    Then give her the Embalming Fluid, Needle and Thread (250 XP), and hold 
    still while she stitches you up. You get a permanent +1 to your HP for this. 
    Finally ask her for the Embalming Room Key (250 XP). Now you may complete 
    Quest 4.
    4. Fetch Embalming Key for Vaxis - Location of portal and 500 XP.
    Zombie #821 in the room to the south of where Ei-Vene is located... is 
    actually not a zombie at all. Rather, his name is Vaxis, and he's disguised 
    as a zombie. If you complete Quest 3, Ei-Vene will give you the Embalming 
    Room Key. Once you give this Key to Vaxis, he'll offer to disguise you as a 
    zombie too. For this, you'll need to give him some Embalming Fluid, Needle 
    and Thread. You get 500 XP for doing this, but I'm not sure it's worth it. 
    For one, you blow the disguise if you forget you have it on and try to run or 
    arm a weapon. And secondly, you already have a way to get by the Dustmen, 
    using Dhall's name. However, 500 XP early on in the game is not something to 
    scoff at. Your call.
    More importantly, Vaxis tells you about a secret portal located in the NW 
    room on the 1st floor. You need to find a Finger Bone on the 3rd floor to 
    activate the portal...
    The Hive - Northeast region
    If you exited the Mortuary via the portal, then you wind up in a small tomb. 
    There's a Note from someone named Penn. He apparently hired Vaxis to see what 
    was going on inside the Mortuary. Also, 30 Coppers with the Note. Handy. Head 
    south from the tomb, and enter the small house to the east there. This is 
    Angyar's house, the subject of Quest 1 below.
    If you exited the Mortuary by the front door instead, then you can make your 
    way to the tomb by just heading south once you exit the Mortuary grounds. The 
    tomb is set into a wall to the east. Collect the stuff from the tomb, then 
    make your way to Angyar's house as above.
    Pretend to be dead for Pox, just outside the Mortuary front gate, for 500 XP.
    You can learn to converse with a Dabus for 500 XP.
    You'll probably bump into Annah in your travels. She's a wee lassie with a 
    mean Scottish accent and attitude to spare. Hmm. I wonder if you can get her 
    to join your party somehow...
    The Hive at night is not a nice place to be. You'll want to be finding a 
    place to bed down, else be prepared to fight a lot of thugs.
    One of the entrances to the Alley of Dangerous Angles is located in the SW 
    corner of this region. See section on the Alley below.
    1. Free Angyar from his Dead Contract and return it to him and his wife - 750 
    XP, and a free place to rest from now on!
    Talk to Wife-of-Angyar, not Angyar himself! You'll get this quest which may 
    be solved by locating Gravesend in the Gathering Dust bar (she gives you some 
    confusing directions, it's actually due west of Angyar's place). Once you 
    locate Mortai Gravesend, there are 3 ways you can obtain the Contract:
    a) Shame him into just giving you the Contract back, by convincing him that 
    it's morally wrong to hold such a Contract. This is the cleanest way.
    b) Have him fetch the Contract and kill him for it, but this is the extremely 
    messy way. Everyone in the bar will attack you.
    c) Have him fetch the Contract and steal it from him. Obviously, either you 
    or someone in your party must be a Thief in order to make this option 
    Once you've obtained the Contract by whatever means, return it to 
    Wife-of-Angyar. She'll ask you to show him the Contract, but not tell him how 
    you got it back. Tear up the Contract right there in front of him, and he and 
    the wife are eternally grateful to you (a place to rest for free from now on).
    2. Look into the matter of the mausoleum's walking dead - 1000 XP plus 
    200 Coppers.
    Talk to Norochj in the Gathering Dust bar. He'll tell you about a mausoleum 
    to the north that is accessible via a portal. Sure enough, when you approach 
    the entrance to the building just north of the Dustman Monument, a portal 
    materialises. When you step through it, a spirit appears immediately you are 
    inside. See Quest 8 for further details. 
    3. Find the "source" of Pharod's bodies for Emoric - 2500 XP and 300 coppers.
    Talk to Emoric in the Gathering Dust bar, and convince him that you want to 
    join the Dustmen faction. You'll get this quest when you bring up the topic 
    of Pharod (of course, you'll have to find Pharod in order to complete this 
    quest). Also, you'll get Quest 4.
    4. Talk to Norochj for Emoric, and do what Norochj asks of you - Quest 6.
    Norochj gives you Quest 5. When you have completed it, return to Emorich 
    again, and you will get Quest 6.
    5. Speak to Awaiting Death on behalf of Emoric - 500 XP and Quest 7.
    You can kill yourself for the benefit of Awaiting-Death. You get 250 XP for 
    this, and he gets a fresh outlook on life. When you report back to Emoric, 
    you get an additional 250 XP.
    6. Speak to Sere on behalf of Emoric - 1000 XP and Quest 12.
    Soothe Sere the Skeptic concerning her misplaced faith for 500 XP. When you 
    report back to Emoric, you get an additional 500 XP.
    7. Track down a thief disguised as a Dustman - 1500 XP and 200 Coppers.
    The person you seek is named Ash-Mantle, and is hanging about in the SW 
    region of the Hive. Speak with him, but don't accuse him of being a thief 
    outright or you'll scare him off. As you make to leave, you'll notice him 
    trying to pick your pocket. Allow him to do so, observing his technique 
    (750 of the above XP). Then, try to grab his hand. Once you've scared him 
    off, you can return to Norochj and claim your reward.
    8. Defeat the intruder in the Mausoleum for the Guardian Spirit - 1000 XP.
    Once inside the mausoleum, if you assure the Guardian Spirit that you are 
    there to help, he'll let you pass. Now, you can explore the entire mausoleum, 
    killing all the undead that attack you, or you can head right for the centre 
    of the action. To do this, make an immediate right, and just keep heading 
    south. First, a word of caution: if it's early on in the game, it's best to 
    let Morte fight all the battles. He's got a much lower AC than you. Just give 
    him all the Bandages and Clot Charms, stand back, and let him have a go! 
    Anyway, keep heading south and west and you'll reach a part of the path 
    that's guarded by a Giant Skeleton. Once past the Giant Skeleton, you enter a 
    room that contains an evil necromancer (really, is there any other kind?) and 
    his skeleton henchmen. Just sic Morte on him. Once he's dead, all his 
    skeletons immediately collapse into harmless piles of bones and the struggle 
    is over. There's a good haul of scrolls here, a Magus Guard, and a magical 
    Bone Dagger... and be sure to read Strahan's Diary for a laugh! The Guardian 
    Spirit rewards you with some XP as soon as you leave the slain Strahan's 
    chamber, but be sure to return to Norochj to collect your reward for 
    completing Quest 2.
    9. Find a way to help Ingress - 750 Xp and Ingress' teeth!
    Ingress is wandering around just to the NW of the Dustman Monument. She's a 
    distraught woman, having come through a portal over 30 years ago, and not 
    being able to find the portal to take her back. She's even afraid to walk 
    through any doorway or arch lest she be accidentally teleported! You need to 
    seek out the fellow named Candrian in the Smoldering Corpse bar, SE region of 
    the Hive. He offers to help Ingress, and also gives you a Negative Token (to 
    ward off the undead). Go speak to Ingress again, and then return to Candrian 
    once more to collect your reward.
    10. Find Craddock for Baen the Sender - 500 XP plus 45 coppers.
    Baen the Sender is wandering around just to the north of the Gathering Dust 
    bar. He asks you to find this man Craddock... somewhere in the Hive. Craddock 
    is located in the marketplace, SW region of the Hive.
    11. Help Sev'Tai get her revenge - 250 XP and Copper Earring.
    Sev'Tai, a Tiefling woman, is standing inside the Dustman Monument. Her 3 
    sisters were murdered by a Chaosmen gang who call themselves "Starved Dogs 
    Barking". This gang hangs out in the SE region of the Hive. Just kill 3 of 
    them, and return to Sev'Tai. Note: in order to join the Chaosmen faction, you 
    need to speak (bark?) with Barking-Wilder, who hangs around outside the 
    Smoldering Corpse bar, on the east side of it. You have to be of Chaotic 
    alignment in order to pull this off, so don't even bother trying if you're 
    playing a goody two-shoes type.
    12. Find Soego for Emoric - 2500 XP and invitation to join the Dustmen 
    You must complete Quest 6 first. As your final quest on the way to becoming 
    an initiate of the Dustman faction, Emoric wll ask you to locate Soego, whom 
    you first met in the Mortuary. Once you've completed this quest (I can't tell 
    you how just yet), Emoric will invite you to join their faction. Hmm. I think 
    some of the other factions provide greater benefits when you join. But if you 
    always wanted to be a Dusty...
    The Hive - Northwest region
    Arlo's flophouse is located just to the west of the gate leading to the NE 
    region. You can kip here for the night for only 5 Coppers.
    1. Deliver box to Ku'atraa - 250 XP and Quest 2.
    A young man by the name of Mar is standing just to the south of Arlo's 
    flophouse. He'll give you a box, tell you not to open it, and to deliver it 
    to a man in the SE part of the Hive. Of course, if you do open the box... 
    out comes a hideous fiend. You can kill the fiend, and he leaves behind a 
    Blood Dagger. It's a good weapon, but unfortunately it's also cursed. Once 
    you arm yourself with it, you go berserk in battle and lose all control of 
    your character. In order to get rid of it, you need to find someone who can 
    cast Remove Curse (like, Mebbeth in Ragpicker's Square). Anyway, what you 
    should do to complete the quest is first locate Ku'atraa in the warehouse, 
    SE region of the Hive. He'll have nothing to do with the box, runs screaming 
    from the warehouse, but suggests that you take the box to "Brasken" in the SW 
    region of the Hive.
    2. Deliver box to Brasken - 250 XP and Quest 3.
    Ku'atraa asks you to deliver the box to Brasken, whose house is located on 
    the western edge of the SW region of the Hive. The door to his place is more 
    like a portcullis (bars). When you deliver the box to him, he tells you a bit 
    more about the history of the box, then suggests you take it to Shilandra. I 
    feel a Fed-Ex coming on...
    3. Deliver box to Shilandra - 250 XP and Quest 4.
    Shilandra's place is located in the far NE corner of the NE region of the 
    Hive. She then sends you to the burnt-out cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous 
    4. Go to cathedral located at the center of the Hive - 1000 XP.
    Finally... Aola in the burnt-out cathedral (east side of Alley of Dangerous 
    Angles, search carefully, in the middle of the burnt-out out building, for 
    the entrance to the cathedral) will vanquish the fiend in Morodor's box! If 
    you feel like living dangerously, you can ask Aola to make you a disciple of 
    'Aoskar'. If you choose to become a disciple, you incur the wrath of the Lady 
    of Pain... immediately you leave the Alley, the Lady appears and sends you 
    into the Player's Maze (see section on this below). You can return Moridor's 
    box to Aola after you escape from the Maze... that is, if you escape from 
    the Maze :-)
    Anyway, once you've got rid of the box, you get Quest 5.
    5. Talk to Mar about the box - 1250 XP and 500 coppers, plus Hollow Axe!
    Finally, things come full circle with this seemingly interminable Moridor's 
    box quest! Mar has moved from his original position to the south of Arlo's 
    flophouse, and is now hiding in the stone arbour to the NW of the flophouse. 
    Let him try to explain the situation to you, then gracefully accept all the 
    goodies he hands over.
    6. Find Nestor's fork - 500 XP and Obsidian Earring.
    Nestor is the distressed guy inside Arlo's flophouse. Looks like he needs his 
    fork to go through a portal, and someone has taken it from him. That someone 
    is a big, dumb berk by the name o' One-Ear, who is hanging out just to the NW 
    of Arlo's Flophouse.
    7. Retrieve Porphiron's necklace - 1000 XP plus weapons training.
    Porphiron is standing just to the north of Arlo's flophouse. The thieves that 
    took his necklace are to be found just to the west of the Smoldering Corpse 
    bar in the SE region of the Hive. After you get the necklace back, Porphiron 
    will train you in all weapon categories (amount of proficiency attainable 
    subject to the level you have attained as a Fighter).
    The Hive - Southwest region
    Another entrance to the Alley of Dangerous Angles is in the NE part of this 
    region. See section on the Alley below.
    The Office of Vermin and Disease Control is the large building roughly in the 
    centre of this region. If you talk to Phineas T. Lort inside, he'll 
    eventually bore you to death (good place to rest for free). If you can 
    pickpocket Phineas, his key opens the locked cellar door. There's a Wererat 
    in the cellar. Watch it, they're only susceptible to magical weapons! The 
    locked chest down there contains, amongst other things, a Charm of Infinite 
    Recall (allows you to identify magical items).
    1. Find Jhelai for Craddock - 750 XP and 30 coppers.
    Once you find Craddock for Baen the Sender (see The Hive - NE region, 
    Quest 10), in the marketplace here, Craddock asks you to find Jhelai. The man 
    is located just south of the Smoldering Corpse bar, in the SE region. You get 
    250 XP just for finding Jhelai, but he won't go back to work for Craddock. 
    Return to Craddock, and offer to fill in for Jhelai.
    2. Remove Reekwind's "curse of stench" - 5000 XP, and some interesting tales 
    penned into your journal.
    Phew! Reekwind is standing just NE of the marketplace here. If you pay him 3 
    coppers and listen to his story, you'll get this quest. Looks like you can 
    just get a Mage to cast 'Remove Curse' on the poor bugger, but the solution 
    to this quest is far more complicated than that, and it's far away from here 
    that you'll find it!
    3. Find a tombstone for the Crier of Es-Annon - 1000 XP.
    The Crier is wandering around on the west side of this region. Engage him in 
    conversation, then mention that a tombstone might serve all the Criers' needs 
    better than the present method of remembering their lost city. Go to the 
    Dustman Monument in the NE region of the Hive, and tell Death-of-Names that 
    you want to bury a name... Es-Annon, of course (500 XP for this). Then return 
    to the Crier and tell him what you've accomplished.
    The Hive - Southeast region
    Mourns-for-Trees is... mourning for the trees in the northern part of this 
    region. 500 XP for offering to mourn along with him. If you can get at least 
    2 more of your party to agree to mourn for the trees, it's another 500 XP.
    In the Smoldering Corpse bar, talk to 'O', and add +1 to Wisdom! Also, you 
    can get Dak'kon to join your party for 1000 XP... and perhaps Ignus too, if 
    you can find the means :-) Talk to Barkus, the owner. For 500 coppers (300 
    with decent CHR), Barkus will give you your old eye back. You recall some 
    memories with this eye, plus gain some weapon proficiencies and 1000 XP.
    Dak'kon can teach you much, but you have to become a Mage first. He can 
    transform you into one. Then, tell him you want to learn the Way of 
    Zerthimon. He opens up the first Circle on his circular stone artefact. 
    Curiously, in order to use/read it, you have to access it in his inventory. 
    I'll tell you, that one had me stumped for a while! Anyway, there are 
    6 Circles to read on the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. They require 
    progressive levels of Wisdom in order to comprehend what you are reading (by 
    the way, Fell's tattoo parlour, mentioned just below, is a great source for 
    tattoos to increase your WIS :-) Here's what you get upon completing each 
    Circle to Dak'kon's satisfaction:
    1st Circle (requires WIS 12) - 300 XP
    2nd Circle (requires WIS 13) - 600 XP and 'Scripture of Steel' spell
    3rd Circle (requires WIS 14) - 900 XP and 'Submerge the Will' spell
    4th Circle (requires WIS 15) - 1500 XP and 'Vilquar's Eye' spell
    5th Circle (requires WIS 16) - 3000 XP and 'Power of One' spell
    6th Circle (requires WIS 18) - 5000 XP and 2 x 'Balance in All Things' 
    spell (one for Dak'kon!)
    You're probably familiar with all of them bar the last one. That's because 
    Dak'kon never mastered the 6th Circle himself (you beat him too it)! Balance 
    in All Things is fairly handy. When struck by an opponent and you take 
    damage, the same amount of damage is meted out to all foes in a 10 ft. 
    Well, you'd think there'd be no more Circles after that, but you'd be wrong! 
    Examine the Unbroken Circle again, and you should be able to unlock the 7th 
    Circle for 3000 XP more. Then, you get 2 copies of the spell Missile of 
    Patience, for another 5000 XP. Gee, I think you're milking this for all it's 
    worth. I didn't stick around as a Mage for long enough to determine what 
    Missile of Patience gets you... but I did up my WIS by one more to 19 in 
    order to see if I could take the Unbroken Circle any further. Indeed, you can 
    unlock the 8th Circle for 6000 XP. Once you learn the 8th Circle, you get 
    10000 XP for yourself and Dak'kon, another 10000 XP split amongst your party, 
    plus 2 Scrolls of Zerthimon's Focus (chances for a Critical Attack are raised 
    for 5 seconds per level of the caster)! Not only that, but Dak'kon gets a 
    permanent boost to the following stats: +1 STR, + 2 DEX, and +2 CON :-)
    Well, that's about as far as you can take the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon, 
    but it hasn't been a bad journey, has it?
    Fell's tattoo parlour, on the east side of this region, is an absolute boon 
    to your stats, but it's gonna cost ya! All the good tattoos - ones that raise 
    your primary stats by 2 - cost 1200 coppers each. You only have room to wear 
    3 tattoos on your person, so choose wisely. Note: when you return here later 
    with a special item, have one of your party members translate for you. Fell 
    will recall tattoos that he had long since forgotten how to execute, and they 
    will then be available for you to purchase. Another note: you can, and should 
    return to Fell's often. Depending on what you've experienced so far in the 
    game, Fell will usually have a few new tattoos for sale that are based on 
    these particular experiences. Remember also to pick up a few tattoos for 
    your companions. It's worth it. 
    1. Resolve a bar tab - 1000 XP.
    At the east side of the Smoldering Corpse bar, the woman Mochai is 
    masquerading as a Dustman (seems like a popular pre-occupation). For 100 
    coppers, you can settle her tab with Barkus, the owner.
    The Hive - Alley of Dangerous Angles
    Though it grates on you, it's probably best to pay the 10 coppers to grant 
    yourself safe passage, else you'll just wind up fighting the entire way 
    through the Alley, and will only be able to get Quest 4 below.
    Periodically, some members of the 2 gangs will have a go at each other. Let 
    them at it. Easier for you to just pick up the pieces afterwards!
    1. Krystall wants Rotten William dead - 1500 XP, no more toll for Alley, 
    Quest 3.
    Krystall is the leader of the Razor Angels. She's standing in the NW corner 
    of the Alley. Rotten William hangs out in the SE corner. If you take Rotten 
    William out for Krystall, you of course won't be able to get Quest 2. Rotten 
    William has 300 coppers on him, so this fact might influence your decision!
    2. Rotten William wants Krystall dead - 1500 XP, plus request to deal with 
    Rotten William is the leader of the Darkalley Shivs. He's standing in the SE 
    corner of the Alley. Krystall is located in the NW corner. If you take 
    Krystall out for Rotten William, you of course won't be able to get Quest 1.
    3. Krystall wants Blackrose dead - 1500 XP and 700 coppers.
    Blackrose is located in the burnt-out building just east of where Krystall 
    hangs out. He questions you about your alignment. If you say you stand for 
    good, he'll ask you to kill Rotten William (1500 XP). If you've already 
    killed Rotten William, Blackrose will ask you to kill Krystall, to restore 
    "balance" to the Alley. Anyway, all these quests are kinda circular! If you 
    kill any 2 of them, you'll net 3000 XP, plus varying amounts of copper.
    4. Rauk needs you to fetch 3 rings from his tent - Scrolls (Armor, Fist of 
    Iron, Identify!), Ring of the Traveler, Green Steel Dagger.
    The intellectually challenged Rauk, along with 5 Mages-in-Training, are 
    located in the burnt-out building in the very south of the Alley. He's 
    forgotten to bring rings for the Mages, so they can't train. You're looking 
    for a Bronze, a Silver, and a Gold Ring. Strictly speaking, they're not all 
    in Rauk's tent; rather, you can get the Bronze one off most any dead gang 
    member, the Silver is in Rotten William's tent under some slats near the 
    stove, and the Gold is hidden in a bed in Krystall's tent. When you return 
    the Rings to Rauk, the mages use them to conjure... a killer lim-lim?! It 
    slaughters all the mages, leaving you to round up the spoils. Whatever you 
    do, don't kick the lim-lim. It will then attack you, is very difficult to 
    defeat, and only nets you 130 XP for killing it! Also, it's Rauk's new-found 
    'friend', and he'll attack you if you hurt the lim-lim. Go figure.
    Player's Maze
    In the NE part of the maze, you'll find a pile of bones near an abandoned 
    campfire. The ashes of the campfire contain a Journal, and a Sledgehammer 
    that turns out to be a valuable enchanted weapon (Brimstone Hammer). The 
    journal, left by yourself in a previous incarnation, contains a clue about 
    how to get the hell out of here: "maybe I should go through one, THEN walk 
    back to the same portal without..." (let me finish the sentence) "going 
    through any other portal". Right. Go through the portal at 4 o'clock on the 
    map, then head back to that same portal without going through any other 
    portal. When you go through this portal the second time, you wind up at the 
    portal at 7 o'clock. Exit the maze through this portal (you actually have no 
    other choice once you get here).
    The Hive - Ragpicker's Square
    You get here from the NW region of the Hive.
    Just to the north of where you enter, a hideous creature named Marrow-Friend 
    is lurking there in an alley. Allow him to take a bite of you(!) in exchange 
    for the finger bone hanging from his neck. Once you have it, bite off your 
    own finger, and replace it with this finger bone. A ring drops off the 
    finger, and you can now choose to wear Mempa's Biting Ring. The item is 
    cursed, but it never seems to do TNO any harm, and it adds +2 to his Armor 
    Just to the west of where Marrow-Friend hangs out, there's a door into a 
    house. Once you open the door, a portal appears. If you go inside the house 
    via the portal... there's no apparent way out. Wait a while until a character 
    named Vlask appears with 2 henchmen. You can either pay him 100 coppers for a 
    glass bead that activates the exit portal, or kill them for it.
    Old Mebbeth's place is the big round house in the south part of the Square 
    (the midwife's hut on your map). She'll heal you and your party members for 
    free, and you can rest here. She's also got a lot of nice things for sale, 
    including a handy Scroll of Remove Curse, and a Divine Censer.
    Ratbone is standing outside Sharegrave's kip, in the SE of the Square. He'll 
    train you as a Thief for 50 coppers. Also, go on inside and talk to 
    Sharegrave. He'll tell you where Pharod is holed up and gives you Quest 1 
    1. Find out where Pharod's corpses are coming from for the man in Ragpicker's 
    Square - 750 XP and 100 coppers.
    If you follow the walkway all the way around to the north of the Square, 
    you'll come to an archway that's blocked by rubbish. If you have some Junk on 
    you, you can thrust it into the archway and activate a portal here! This 
    portal leads through another portal, and finally to a door that takes you 
    underground - and so begins your quest to locate Pharod... see section on 
    Trash Warrens next.
    2. Find Amarysse for Nodd - 750 XP.
    Nodd is standing just outside of Old Mebbeth's place. Amarysse is the harlot 
    dressed in blue just SE of the entrance to the Smoldering Corpse bar in the 
    SE region of the Hive. She entrusts 100 coppers into your care, to be taken 
    back to Nodd.
    3. Find a spell ruby for Jarym - 500 XP plus 200 coppers.
    Jarym's tent is just south of Mebbeth's place. He's looking for a good 
    quality ruby in order that he might complete a spell he's working on. Hey, 
    didn't Moridor's box, the one that Mar gave you, have a ruby in it? If Aola 
    banished the fiend for you, he has the ruby, and you can buy it back off him 
    for 300 coppers (200 with high CHR). Jarym gives you back 200 coppers when 
    you deliver the ruby, so it's not as bad as it seems.
    4. Learn the ways of the Art from Mebbeth.
    During the course of your conversation with Mebbeth, ask her if she's a 
    witch. Usually, a question like this would be presumed to cause offence. 
    Hmph. But Mebbeth is keen to teach you if you agree to run some errands for 
    her first. See Quest 5 to get started.
    5. Find the herbs that Mebbeth needs - 500 XP and Quest 6.
    Go to the marketplace in the SW region of the Hive, and seek out the merchant 
    who sells seeds. He won't know what to do with the seed that Mebbeth gave 
    you, but Mourn-for-Trees in the SE region does! See Quest 6.
    6. Find a gardener who has Mebbeth's herbs - 1500 XP and Quest 7.
    Talk to Mourns-for-Trees in the SE region of the Hive. Then just will the 
    seed to grow, and it'll sprout barbs that wrap around your wrist (500 XP). 
    When you return, Mebbeth gets you to will the barbs from your wrist, and then 
    make them into a frame (a Sadistic one, I should imagine) for another 1000 XP.
    7. Get Mebbeth's wash from Giscorl - 1000 XP and Quest 8.
    Another trip back to the marketplace... Giscorl is the merchant in red. 
    500 XP for picking up the wash from him, and another 500 for bringing it back 
    to Mebbeth.
    8. Get ink for Mebbeth from Kossah-Jai - 1000 XP and Quest 9.
    Kossah-Jai is the portly woman in the marketplace, SW region of the Hive. She 
    doesn't have what you're looking for, but she thinks that Meir'am down the 
    road might...
    9. Find Meir'am, get the ink for Mebbeth - Quest 10.
    Meir'am is standing on the east side of the Office of Vermin and Disease 
    Control, SW region of the Hive. She has one of these peculiar fish that 
    Kossah-Jai mentioned, but now you need to find a bowl or cup to hold the ink. 
    Argh! If you go back to the marketplace again, you can get a Battered Tankard 
    off the woman in red just to the east of Giscorl. Bring it back to Meir'am, 
    and she'll squeeze the ink out of the fish.
    10. Deliver ink to Mebbeth - 7000 XP and you become a Mage.
    Once you've completed all the quests for Mebbeth, you get 2000 XP for 
    committing to be a Mage, plus another 5000 XP after you listen to all her 
    instructions. You also get the following spells: Chromatic Orb, Blood Bridge, 
    Identify - plus a pair of Amber Earrings that add +2 to AC!
    The Trash Warrens
    You get here using the Junk-activated portal in Ragpicker's Square. 
    Immediately you arrive, a collector accosts you. With high CHR (I had 16 at 
    the time), you can talk your way by the collectors and thugs at the 
    entrance; else, you'll have to fight them.
    On the east side of the Trash Warrens is a group of hostile Buried Villagers 
    guarding a portal. The portal leads to a room containing a crate, guarded by 
    a group of cranium rats that are casting spells at you (remember, Phineas T. 
    Lort told you they were dangerous in packs?) There's a pretty good haul in 
    the crate, so it's worth at least sending Morte over to pilfer the contents: 
    300+ coppers, Scroll of Magic Missiles, Prickly Club (good weapon for 
    Thieves!), Silver Frame (turns out to be a Sadistic Frame that invokes 
    "Pain Mirror"), some Cranium Rat Tails, and a Cranium Rat Charm.
    In the SE part of the Warrens, you can talk to Bish. The entrance to the 
    Buried Village is through the trapdoor behind him, and he should let you 
    pass. You net 1200 XP for talking your way through.
    Buried Village
    Marta the Seamstress' house is located on the west side of the Buried 
    Village. Have her take out your (ugh!) intestines, and you'll get a Twisted 
    Ring for the experience. It adds +1 to Armor Class. You can buy the Teeth of 
    the Viper here for Morte, a pretty nice set of enchanted snappers.
    I was never able to get much out of Ojo, even with a CHR of 16. He knows Gris 
    is dead (see Weeping Stone Catacombs), but that's about it.
    Quint's Shop is located in the north of the Village. Unlike a lot of other 
    merchants, Quint will buy almost anything from you. Good prices too (he paid 
    me 320 coppers for a Bone Dagger).
    1. Recover Ku'u Yin's number from Radine - 2500 XP and Number of Ku'u Yin.
    Ku'u Yin is standing right in front of Ojo's house. Radine is skulking about 
    to the SW of there. A few trips back and forth between the pair of them will 
    net you the Number (give Radine 30 coppers to ease the pain of losing the 
    number), and Ku'u Yin lets you have his number anyway. It's a wearable tattoo 
    that protects you from chaotic creatures.
    2. Find and return Uhir's 'lucky knife' - 5000 XP.
    Uhir is wandering around in the eastern part of the Buried Village. His 
    knife... you will encounter further along in your travels.
    3. Get bronze sphere for Pharod - 15000 XP... and a surprise addition to 
    your party!
    Pharod's hide-out is located in the NE part of the Buried Village. Finally, 
    you get the chance to speak with your old 'mentor'. Fetch the bronze sphere. 
    Ah, such an innocent sounding little quest :-)
    Go to the SE part of the Buried Village. A man named Barr will let you into 
    the Weeping Stone Catacombs, once you mention that Pharod has sent you.
    4. Get Quint's Poison Charm from the body of Gris - 7500 XP.
    If you ask Quint about himself, he'll offer you this quest. See section on 
    Gris in Weeping Stone Catacombs for info on how to complete it.
    Weeping Stone Catacombs
    In the area just to the south and east of where you enter, there are 2 
    ghouls to defeat. Then, go through the door to the NE there, ('To the 
    Shattered Crypt' on your map), and be prepared to be assaulted by a pack 
    of lesser vargouilles. In the NE of this room, in a pile of bones, lies an 
    extremely valuable weapon - the Punch Daggers of Moorin! (not to mention 
    500+ coppers in a crate nearby)
    In the NW of this same area, there's an entrance to the Crypt of the 
    Embraced. There are some real tough ghouls in here, the toughest one worth 
    1200 XP. If you have the Special Ability 'Stories-Bones-Tell' (see Dead 
    Nations), you can talk to Gris in the coffin, and he'll tell you about his 
    stash near Ojo's place in the Buried Village. It's supposedly to "the right 
    of Ojo's kip as you face the front door", but I wasn't able to find anything 
    there... unless he means that pile of crates behind Ojo's place. There's a 
    lone crate set into the ground behind the pile that has a Tarnished Silver 
    Bracelet and a Silver Earring in it... but you could get those even before 
    speaking with Gris. Better though, if you've been to see Quint in the Buried 
    Village and he gave you Quest 4, you'll be able to find the Necklace of 
    Hollow Teeth. It's actually just to the south of Marta's shack, near the 
    window with the bent bars. When identified, it turns out to cure you if 
    you've been poisoned. I didn't plan on being poisoned anytime in the near 
    future, so I just took it right back to Quint and got the reward. Funny 
    though... he supposedly hands you a heavy bag of coins in return, yet 
    nothing appeared in my inventory or was added to my total of coppers. 
    A bug, I suspect.
    In the NW part of the Catacombs, just before the entrance to the Dismembered 
    Crypt, there's a tomb that contains a 'Claw'. Once identified, this turns out 
    to be a Shamanic Rod. It invokes the spell "Magic Missiles". In the 
    Dismembered Crypt you find... surprise, surprise... a Severed Arm! When you 
    get a chance later on, take it to Fell's tattoo studio. Have Dak'kon 
    translate for you this time, and ask Fell about the tattoos on this Severed 
    Arm. If you press Dak'kon really hard on this topic, you'll learn about TNO's 
    4 previous travelling companions. Keep pressing until you get 750 XP, and 
    Dak'kon agrees to talk to you further about this subject only when outside 
    the earshot of Fell. So, go outside and ask Dak'kon about your travels. You 
    should then get the topic about the tattoos on the arm. You learn that one of 
    your previous companions was a blind archer by the name of Xachariah. If you 
    now travel to the 1st floor of the Mortuary (tell them you're there to visit 
    Deionarra to gain entry), you'll find zombie worker #331 all the way to the 
    east on this floor. It's none other than Xachariah! Grill him about 
    everything, and he'll eventually tell you about an object you left inside 
    him for later collection. Initial probing reveals only his liver, but a 
    subsequent probe finds his heart, which is worth a permanent +1 to DEX, and 
    +1 to AC vs. Missile Attacks.
    The entrance to the Mosaic Crypt is in the NW part of the Catacombs. Careful 
    not to step on any of the grates set into the floor of the crypt, or you'll 
    be zapped by some powerful magic. The sarcophagus here contains an Enchanted 
    Hammer, plus 212 coppers.
    In the middle of the Catacombs, there's a stairway infested by a pack of 
    cranium rats. At the bottom of the stairway, hidden in a container, is a 
    Smiling Bottle. This Bottle invokes the spell "Elysium's Tears".
    1. Find the Decanter of Endless Water - 5000 XP.
    Glyve, the face in stone, is located in the passageway leading to the Mosaic 
    Crypt, on the west side of the Catacombs. He'll ask you to find this 
    Decanter, in the Drowned Nations, deep within the Catacombs. Once you've 
    returned the Decanter to Glyve, he'll tell you to seek out a woman named 
    Nemelle in a place called the Clerk's (or, Upper) Ward...
    2. Kill vargouilles to prevent the corpse of Chad from becoming a vargouille 
    himself - 3750 XP plus location of Decanter of Endless Water.
    Chad, or what's left of him, is lying just outside the entrance to the Dead 
    Nations, on the west side of the Catacombs. You need 'Stories-Bones-Tell' in 
    order to be able to speak to him (see Dead Nations). To fulfil his request, 
    head back down the passageway, turn left, then head north and kill the 3 
    vargouilles there. In return, he'll tell you the whereabouts of the Decanter. 
    Of course, you probably already have it at this stage in the proceedings.
    Dead Nations
    The entrance to the Dead Nations is on the west side of the Catacombs. Oops. 
    Looks like you're going to be here a while. Resistance is futile. Once you 
    submit to them, you're taken to Soego's room (so, you finally found him)! You 
    can rest there.
    There are 3 ways you can leave the Dead Nations:
    1. Kill yourself. You and your party wind up back at the entrance to the 
    2. Perform quests for Hargrimm (see Quests 1 and 2 below).
    3. Get an audience with the Silent King. See section on Stale Mary below.
    Stale Mary is located in a room on the west side of the Dead Nations. From 
    her, you can gain the Special Ability called 'Stories-Bones-Tell' (3750 XP), 
    whereby you can speak to all manner of dead and undead, including zombies, 
    ghouls, and even the bones of the dead that are scattered throughout the 
    Catacombs. If your CHR is high enough (mine was 16), Mary will get you in to 
    see the Silent King (another 3750 XP)! Walk into the alcove to the north of 
    her, and a portal appears. I offered to take the place of the Silent King... 
    but this brought an end to the game (you sit in darkness and silence 
    forever?) Anyway, if you promise not to tell anyone the truth about the 
    Silent King, Hargrimm will agree to let you take your leave of the Dead 
    Nations, and you get 7500 XP for this.
    There is a Puzzled Skeleton in the centre of the Dead Nations. He's been 
    posed a riddle that he can't solve by a Riddling Skeleton (whose location is 
    not fixed). If you have an INT of at least 16, you'll be able to trade 
    riddles with the Riddling Skeleton until you stump him, for 6250 XP. Any less 
    INT, and the Riddling Skeleton will best you before you get the answer to the 
    riddle out of him, but you still get some XP for solving a few riddles.
    The Knifed Ghoul in the south end of the Dead Nations has Uhir's Knife (see 
    Buried Village, Quest 2). Just give him some Cranium Rat Tails in exchange 
    for the Knife (600 XP).
    1. Seek out and slay any cranium rats in the Dead Nations - 3750 XP and 
    Quest 2.
    Speak with Hargrimm, and ask him if there are any tasks you could perform 
    that would convince him of your loyalty, in order that you may be allowed to 
    leave this place. He'll ask you to kill any cranium rats you might encounter. 
    Indeed, there are some at the end of the hallway just to the south of the 
    2. Give Hargrimm a reason to remove Soego from the Dead Nations - 5750 XP 
    plus permission to leave the Dead Nations.
    You need to perform Quest 1 to get this quest. Then... there is a Doubtful 
    Skeleton hanging about just outside the room where Stale Mary is located, on 
    the west side of the Dead Nations. Speak to this skeleton, then return to 
    Soego and tell him there is a skeleton who is thinking about embracing the 
    True Death. Soego leaves his quarters to go speak to this skeleton, and it is 
    then that you are provided with the opportunity to secretly read Soego's 
    journal (2000 XP), which is hidden in his bed in the north part of his 
    quarters. Turns out he's a wererat, sent by the Many-as-One (cranium rats) to 
    spy on the Dead Nations! Talk to Hargrimm afterwards, and he goes to speak 
    with Soego... be sure to take Soego's Skull after the fact, it might come in 
    handy later. Then go talk to Hargrimm once more (3750 XP). If this quest was 
    your ticket out of the Dead Nations (i.e., you didn't see the Silent King), 
    Hargrimm agrees to petition the Silent King on your behalf, and you get an 
    additional 7500 XP.
    3. Find the Nameless Zombie her name - 5000 XP.
    You need to have the Special Ability 'Stories-Bones-Tell' (see Stale Mary) 
    before you can get this quest. Then, speak to the Nameless Zombie, near where 
    the Puzzled Skeleton is. She'll ask you to locate her tomb, in the Drowned 
    Nations... but you can convince her that this isn't necessary, and just make 
    up a name for her on the spot.
    Drowned Nations
    One entrance to the Drowned Nations is in the SW part of the Dead Nations. 
    The other is in the SW end of the Warrens of Thought (though I never managed 
    to open this particular locked door).
    In a room just to the east of the entrance to the Drowned Nations, there's a 
    trocopotaca standing over a body. The body has an Abyssal Pipe on it, which 
    invokes the powerful spell "Cloudkill". Just south of this room is another 
    room with some of the same beasties inside. There's a chest here with 
    371 coppers in it.
    In a room on the east side of the Drowned Nations, down a set of stairs, 
    there's an alcove to the north that has the Decanter of Endless Water lying 
    inside. Be prepared to fight for it! Return the Decanter to Glyve to complete 
    Weeping Stone Catacombs Quest 1.
    In the south part of the Drowned Nations, there's a chest containing 3 Charms 
    of Infinite Recall. Much more useful than the "Identify" spell when you have 
    multiple items to identify.
    In the far SE part of the Dead Nations, on a body, is the Bronze Sphere for 
    which Pharod sent you into the Catacombs! Also here is a Sealed Passageway, 
    that leads to... a tomb. You must enter alone, so make sure you have plenty 
    of room in your inventory first, as there are a few worthwhile items inside.
    Head into the room to the south, avoiding the large symbol set into the floor 
    (note that if you step into the centre of the large symbol, you get zapped. 
    Hmm). You get teleported to a room to the west. Get Tomb Key1 from the 
    sarcophagus, and be sure to pick up the Abyssal Pipe from the body just south 
    of there. Notice that if you try to exit this room, you just get teleported 
    right back into it. So, stand in the centre of the symbol (killing yourself), 
    and you wind up back at the entrance! This time, when you head south, you 
    wind up in a room to the east. Get Tomb Key2 from the sarcophagus there, 
    stand in the centre of the symbol... and this time when you walk south you 
    wind up in the room to the south. Pick up Tomb Key3 from the sarcophagus 
    there, and kill yourself once again. Finally, with this key, the next time 
    you attempt to venture into the room at the centre... you get to stay there.
    Now examine all the wall panels, pushing in each one in turn. By the way, 
    this is your journal, so you've just completed The Mortuary, Quest 2! TNO was 
    relying on the fact that he could kill himself repeatedly in order to move 
    from room to room - a feat no one else could possibly accomplish - to protect 
    his journal from the rest of the multiverse. Once you've pushed in all 8 wall 
    panels, you can open the sarcophagus in the centre of the room, revealing... 
    Tomb Key4. Now head south again one more time. You wind up in a small room in 
    the SE part of the tomb. The sarcophagus here contains: Knot Charm, Charm of 
    Infinite Recall, Scroll of Ax of Torment, Tear of Salieru-Dei (an artefact 
    that grants permanent +1 to CON, but only if your alignment is Lawful Good, 
    which it's probably not :-), and an Enchanted Battle Axe. A portal here opens 
    up, allowing you to exit the tomb and rejoin your companions.
    The Warrens of Thought
    The entrance to the Warrens of Thought is on the east side of the Weeping 
    Stone Catacombs, guarded by 2 wererats. Careful, these creatures will only 
    succumb to magical weapons or spells.
    Once inside, things will run a little differently depending on if you've 
    visited the Dead Nations or not. If you have, you can bluff your way past 
    Mantuok and get an audience with Many-as-One (2000 XP). If you haven't, then 
    you'll probably get teleported to a room where you are held prisoner. No fear 
    though, the room is loaded with useful weapons (Baatezu Mace for you Club 
    fans), and you can talk the guard into letting you out. But then you have to 
    fight your way through to the room where Many-as-One hang(s?) out. Just keep 
    heading north and east.
    Once you've spoken to Many-as-One (you get Quest 1 below), you no longer have 
    to fight the wererats, and are free to explore the Warrens of Thought at your 
    leisure. In the room furthest north, in a barrel in the (dark!) NW corner, 
    there's a bottle of Murk, which allows you to cast "Blacksphere". In a room 
    to the south, near where you get locked up, there's a Scroll of Ball 
    Lightning sitting on a shelf.
    In the far SW of the Warrens of Thought is the door that leads to the Drowned 
    Nations, but I never managed to find out how to open it. I couldn't find a 
    key, and couldn't bash it open even with STR 20 :-(
    1. Discover the weaknesses of the Silent King for Many-as-One - 9500 XP.
    You get this quest when you first speak to Many-as-One. If you subsequently 
    tell Many-as-One the truth about the Silent King, you'll get 7500 XP, plus 
    2000 more XP when Many-as-One helps you to recall some memories; however, 
    once you do this, you have outlived the extent of your usefulness, are no 
    longer welcome in the Warrens of Thought, and will have to fight your way 
    back out.
    Tenement of Thugs
    Once Annah has joined your party, you can enter the Tenement of Thugs, 
    because she tells you the trick for getting by the supposedly 'painted on' 
    door. The Tenement is in the SE region of the Hive, being the large 
    building to the north of the Smoldering Corpse bar.
    Interlude: Pharod's Vault
    Once you enter the Tenement of Thugs, you'll witness a cut scene where Pharod 
    is beset upon by a horde of... shadows. OK, the poor blighter's dead now, so 
    you can go pilfer his hidden stash. Though strictly speaking, Pharod's Vault 
    is not within the confines of the Tenement of Thugs, I've chosen to document 
    it here as it's as good a place as any. Anyway, as you surmised, his Crutch 
    is the portal key. Take it (and the Bronze Sphere of course, you can sense 
    it's important somehow!) and when you approach the archway to the NW of his 
    'throne', sure enough a portal appears. Now, you have to search all the 
    bookshelves on all the levels of his stash meticulously, and this is a list 
    of the important stuff you should find there: Scroll of Magic Missile, Scroll 
    of Chromatic Orb, Blood Fly Charm, Scroll of Swarm Curse, Blood Charm, 
    Stinger Earring (+2 to AC!), Angle-less Eye (+1 to AC for missile attacks? 
    Hmm). By the way, Pharod's Crutch is a useful enchanted Club weapon, so you 
    might want to keep it if you're so inclined.
    Meanwhile... back at the Tenement...
    If TNO dies here, you wind up in a room with a locked door. Just have Annah 
    use her Thief skills to open it.
    1. Find key and sneak out of Tenement - 1000 XP plus Adder's Tear.
    Speak to Sybil, the woman standing just outside the large room filled with 
    crazed thugs on the ground floor. She'll tell you about a key you'll need to 
    open the door to the alley, and that it's supposedly hidden on one of the 
    thugs somewhere upstairs. She'll also allude to the fact that you can sneak 
    past the thugs if you enter the room via another door to the SE of here. 
    Anyway, all the way up on the 3rd floor, there's a mage at the end of a long 
    corridor. Open the door to this corridor, wait for the 3 thugs to come out of 
    the corridor, then kill them. The mage won't have seen you yet. Then have 
    Annah sneak in the shadows, get behind him, and backstab him. One less crazed 
    mage, and he has the Tenement key on him! The room next to where the mage was 
    standing has a cart with 4 Clot Charms and 170+ coppers in it. Once you have 
    the key, give it to Annah, then head back to the ground floor, and find the 
    door on the east side of the room with all the thugs in it. Have Annah 
    stealth her way through the entire room, being careful to keep in the shadows 
    (if you have some Dirty Rat Charms, these boost Stealth skill by 10%). The 
    door to the alley is all the way at the south end of the room. Once she makes 
    it through the door, you're all out, and Sybil meets up with you in the 
    alley. By the way, you don't have to stealth your through the room in order 
    to get out - you can simply make a mad dash for it or fight all the way to 
    the door - but using stealth for a change is a lot more fun!
    Alley of Lingering Sighs
    The only way to get here is through the Tenement of Thugs.
    Enter the Small Dwelling to the south of the Tenement, and recover the Hammer 
    from the dead Dabus there. Also, make sure you determined how the dabus died, 
    either by using Stories-Bones-Tell, or by simply examining the corpse. Then, 
    head east, through the large gate, and down the stairs. Speak to the... 
    entity there, and you'll get Quest 1.
    1. Get rid of dabus in the Alley of Lingering Sighs - 11500 XP and Quest 2.
    You can kill the dabus that's hammering away in the Alley, but it's bad for 
    your karma, among other things (like, it pisses off the Lady of Pain, and you 
    don't want to do that... again). A better way is to tell him about his fallen 
    colleague in the Small Dwelling. He'll go to investigate, and shut himself 
    2. Undo repairs the dabus made to the Alley - 16250 XP and passage to the 
    Lower Ward.
    I sure hope that you're still carrying that Iron Prybar around with you. If 
    not, it's going to mean heading back into the Tenement of Thugs (there's one 
    in a cart on the ground floor, right at the bottom of the stairs that lead to 
    the 2nd floor). Anyway, there are 2 spots on the wall in the Alley that 
    exhibit a question mark when you place your cursor over them. One is to the 
    NW of the gate at the top of the stairs, the other is just to the west of the 
    Small Dwelling. Make sure you have your Hammer and Iron Prybar in inventory, 
    then examine each of these spots, and make the necessary adjustments.
    Lower Ward
    The only way to get here is through the Alley of Lingering Sighs. However, 
    once here, you can head back into the Alley of Lingering Sighs, then use the 
    World Map to get back to any place in the Hive.
    As soon as you enter the Lower Ward for the first time, Morte is kidnapped by 
    2 wererats. Sigh. I suppose you'll have to go looking for the poor bugger 
    now... OK, I guess I have to tell you where Morte is, since this is a Guide. 
    Well, you see that place on the very south of the Lower Ward map marked 
    'A Wrecked House'? Yup. Go in there, and when you take the stairs down, you 
    find Morte sitting on a shelf amongst a load of his friends. Then, the mage 
    Lothar appears, and wants you to find a skull to replace Morte with (see 
    Quest 2). He thinks you might find such a skull in a tomb in the Drowned 
    Nations. If you get the dialogue choice to say you've been there and it's 
    empty, you'll get 30000 XP for this!
    Korur, standing just to the SW of the entrance to the Ward, will train you in 
    Lenny, standing just to the south of the siege tower, will train you as a 
    Giltspur is standing amongst a crowd of punters just outside the market. 
    He'll give you Quest 4 if you ask him about work. Also, he's got a Stinger 
    Earring on him. Quite expensive, but also quite easy for the likes of Annah 
    to nick! It's +2 to AC, so not a bad thing to have.
    Speak to Xanthia, the snotty woman in blue standing just to the east of 
    Sebastion the Mage. She'll reveal that just to settle a small grudge whereby 
    a thokola spilt some drink on her dress, she's set him up to kill an abishai, 
    though she knows it isn't possible without magic weapons. Talk to Thorp, the 
    head of the 3 thokola who are standing there to the SE of Xanthia. You get 
    6000 XP for warning them, they give you 600 coppers in return for the favour, 
    plus you get another 2000 XP when you return to Xanthia and tell her what's 
    transpired. She's pissed off at you, but no great loss.
    In the indoor market next to where Giltspur is standing, there are 
    3 merchants with lots of useful items for sale (Note: a Thief will be able 
    to steal most of these. Can't resell them in that case, but if they're 
    useful to you, who cares?) Most notable of these is a Displacer Ring, sold 
    by Aalek, that adds +2 to AC.
    The Pawn Shop in the SW holds little of interest... except for the Shards of 
    Fate, a curious Fist weapon. If you can get Miccah and Brokah (the husband 
    and wife who own the place) to argue, which isn't difficult, Morte learns 
    some new taunts.
    Near the entrance to the Great Foundry, there is a woman named An'azi, a 
    githzerai, one of Dak'kon's people. She is suffering greatly, and begs to be 
    put out of her misery. You can ask Dak'kon to do this, but you only get 
    10 XP. Therefore, I suspect it's one of those accursed alignment tests... but 
    I'm not sure in which direction it takes you - Lawful or Chaotic, Good or 
    Bad? :-(
    1. Kill Grosuk the abishai for Sebastion - 4000 XP and permanent +2 to CHR 
    (Sebastion fixes up your scars)!
    Sebastion is the mage standing on the drawbridge just to the east of the 
    entrance to the Lower Ward. He'll train you to be a Mage, but you'll have to 
    complete this quest for him first. Sebastion tells you there's a contract he 
    can't fulfil, and wants you to kill the party (Grosuk) he made the contract 
    with. Grosuk the abishai is indeed standing just to the east of the siege 
    tower. Speaking to him reveals that Sebastion promised to tell him how to get 
    into the siege tower. Now, you can play this 2 ways:
    a) Kill Grosuk (8000 XP)! You also get a reward from Sebastion, but this 
    solution doesn't do wonders for your 'lawful good' reputation, if you happen 
    to be leaning that way.
    b) Tell Grosuk that Sebastion can't fulfil his end of the contract. Grosuk 
    promptly stomps over to Sebastion, polishes him off, and all you get out of 
    it is a Heart Charm.
    I thought that an extremly extremely clever thing to do would be to get into 
    the siege tower prior to speaking with Grosuk, and then I'd be able to tell 
    him how to get in, thus circumventing Sebastion. Tried this and... no dice. 
    The moral dilemma concerning the 2 choices above is central to the quest's 
    2. Find a skull of great value - 15000 XP plus Morte gains the Special 
    Ability 'Skull Mob', and Quest 3.
    If you've got Soego's skull with you (see Dead Nations), then you're all set. 
    Another option is the skull of Mantuok, the nasty wererat you (possibly) met 
    in the Warrens of Thought. He's to be found through the trapdoor under the 
    divan in Lothar's room, near a bridge with some of his buddies. You can kill 
    him in battle, or you can just give him a piece of Poisoned Cheese that you 
    buy from Giltspur. When Mantuok asks what you're doing down there, tell him 
    you're on a mission for Lothar. Then, when he challenges your intentions 
    further, you should get a dialogue option to offer him the cheese. You get 
    5000 XP if you manage to off Mantuok with this ingenious 
    'have-a-piece-of-poisoned-cheese-won't-you' technique! In any event, 
    Mantuok's carrying around the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought - a neat 
    thing to have if you're a Mage leaning toward the dark side... so it's worth 
    either wasting him or picking his pocket for it. Once it's in your 
    possession, this book will talk to you! If you spill a drop of blood on it 
    for openers, you'll learn the spell 'Blindness'. The next time you talk to 
    it, you'll get Quest 11.
    3. Find the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell.
    This is another one of those quests that might take a while...
    4. Take a handbill to Scofflaw Penn at the Print Shop to be printed - 
    6000 XP and Quest 5.
    Penn's Print Shop is located in the NE of the Lower Ward. After you deliver 
    the handbill, if you mention the note you found in the Mortuary, you can then 
    ask Penn if you can join his group... but he won't entertain you - not yet, 
    anyway. Just be sure that you don't piss him off so much that he locks you 
    out of his shop, because you might require his services later on!
    5. Take a message to Keldor of Durian at the foundry - 6000 XP, entry to the 
    Great Foundry, and Quest 10.
    Giltspur gives you this quest after you deliver the handbill and report back 
    to him. This is your ticket into the Great Foundry! It's in the northern part 
    of the Lower Ward. Just talk to one of the guards behind the gate there, and 
    he'll let you in once you have the message from Giltspur on you. Keldor is to 
    be found through the door to the NE marked 'To the Godsman Hall', immediately 
    you enter the Foundry. Then, go up the steps and through the next door. 
    Keldor will give you Foundry Quest 1 (see section on The Great Foundry below).
    6. Karina needs a friend - 4000 XP.
    Karina is the woman in red garb standing in the middle of the indoor market. 
    Just getting this quest nets you 2000 XP, and then speaking to Corvus, the 
    guard by the entrance north of there, finishes the quest off for the 
    remainder of the XP.
    7. Find Trist's loan documents - 15000 XP, 1000 coppers, and (possibly) 
    Quest 8.
    Trist is one of the people standing on the platform in the north part of the 
    Lower Ward. Speak with her, and you learn that she's being sold into slavery 
    to recoup monies from a loan she supposedly didn't pay. Hmm. Further probing 
    reveals that the loan document was most probably stolen, so go talk to Byron 
    Pikit first. He's standing just outside the marketplace. You get 1000 XP for 
    delving a little deeper into the mystery, but you won't get too much further 
    with Pikit. So, go speak to Lenny next, who's standing just to the south of 
    the siege tower. If you pretend that Pikit sent you, Lenny spills the beans. 
    You get 2000 XP for this, plus another 4000 XP if Lenny tells you about the 
    'bonus' that's stored in the Warehouse along with the loan document (you 
    might need high CHR to get this option). So, head to the Warehouse in the 
    north of the Lower Ward next. In the Warehouse, speak to the floating head 
    there (Vault of the Ninth World). You should at least be able to secure 
    Trist's Loan Document, and also a Scroll of Evidence if Lenny confided in 
    you. While you're here, you might be able to secure a Bag of Coins, if you 
    can guess the amount that's in the Bag on the first attempt. Anyway, Take 
    the Loan Document to Declan, who's the auctioneer standing on the platform 
    with Trist. He'll agree to release Trist, and you get 4000 XP. Talk to Trist 
    afterwards, and she gives you 1000 coppers, plus you get 4000 more XP!
    8. Get evidence that Byron Pikit is a criminal - 2000 XP.
    If you secured the Scroll of Evidence from the Warehouse (see Quest 7), then 
    you can try showing it to one of the Harmonium Officers standing on the 
    auction block. For some reason, they won't even give you the time of day, 
    however... if you completed Quest 6, Corvus in the marketplace is now your 
    friend, and you can get Pikit arrested by giving the Scroll of Evidence to 
    9. Release Dimtree from his zombie condition - 8000 XP.
    Talk to Hamrys in the Coffin Maker's Shop, SE corner of the Lower Ward. 
    Though he's a wealth of information, especially concerning the factions... 
    he's also an interminable bore. Then talk to Dimtree. Seems the poor chap was 
    put here by Sebastion to keep Hamrys occupied - in other words, to keep him 
    from inflicting his boredom upon the rest of Sigil. Anyway, Dimtree has had 
    enough and wants out. Go talk to Sebastion the Mage again. He looks through a 
    spell book, and says he can't help you directly; however, you can 
    surreptitiously read the required spell over his shoulder for 4000 XP. Then, 
    return and speak the words you learned to Dimtree, and the deed is done.
    10. Take the handbill to Barkus at the Smoldering Corpse - 8000 XP and 
    200 coppers.
    You get this quest when you return to Giltspur after completing Quest 5. Just 
    take the handbill to Barkus, and return to Giltspur. Easy money.
    11. Sell a companion into slavery - Scroll of Adder's Kiss.
    After you give the Grimoire a drop of your blood, this is the quest you get. 
    Hmm. The book tells you to seek out Vrischika in the Clerk's Ward (see 
    below). She'll buy a slave. This is not looking good...
    12. Kill a companion for an additional power - Scroll of Power Word, Kill.
    After you complete Quest 11, the Grimoire will give you this final quest. Of 
    course, being the Nameless One (now 'Dark One'?), you can probably resurrect 
    whoever you bump off about 30 seconds later... but it's just not the same 
    afterwards, is it? Hard going here. As you can imagine, this is negative 
    Karma all the way. After this, the Grimoire becomes silent.
    The Great Foundry
    You get here from the Lower Ward, as a result of Quest 5 there (Note: you can 
    also gain entry to the Foundry via an item you obtain in the Clerk's Ward, 
    Quest 10... but that happens much later on. Don't peek ahead if you wish not 
    to spoil things too much). 
    If you speak to Saros in the Godsman Hall (see Quest 3 below), and ask him 
    about his sister, he'll tell you that she has a special talent. When you then 
    speak to Sarossa, who is usually standing in the circular room at the 
    entrance to the Godsman hall, only then will you get the dialogue choice to 
    ask her about this talent. If you can convince her that you believe in the 
    Godsmen philosophy (usually, you have to join the Godsmen to be able to 
    convince her), then she'll agree to 'change' you. You gain a permanent 
    +1 to WIS.
    Nihl Xander is standing at the end of the passageway off the east side of the 
    Godsman Hall, leading up to Sandoz's room. He recognises you, from a stone 
    bust that someone had carved! If you agree to help him construct this 
    'Dreambuilder', you'll get Quests 5 and 6 below.   
    1. Forge an item - 8000 XP and a new weapon of your choosing.
    When you mention to Keldor in the Foundry that you might like to join the 
    Godsmen, you get this quest, and also Quest 2. Head back out into the Foundry 
    proper, and seek out the woman who is walking around there, Alissa Tield. 
    Tell her you want to forge an item, and she'll tell you that you need: 
    protection from the flames, tongs, hammer, and a piece of iron ore. Go see 
    Nadilin in the clerk's office (room just to the east of where you entered the 
    Foundry). And he'll sell you the Leather Apron, Forge Hammer, and Tongs. He 
    mistakenly quotes 50 coppers as the price, when it's actually 40. You can 
    pick him up on this if you're a miserly bastard, or pay him the 50 for a 
    little push towards Lawful Good. Nadilin says you can only get iron ore from 
    someone named Thildon, so head back out into the forge and look for him. 
    Thildon reluctantly parts with a piece of ore. Now, find the one empty 
    smelting pot, and left-click on it (not exactly the intuitive way, I 
    thought). You can forge a Stiletto, a Sledgehammer, or an Axe. Not bad 
    weapons, actually. When you're done, report back to Keldor, and he'll give 
    you Quest 3.
    2. Join the Godsmen - 8000 XP, access to Godsmen artefacts, and to the room 
    containing the 'secret' project.
    You must complete Quests 1, 3, and 4. Then you get access to some very useful 
    weapons and scrolls. You'll be able to take on Quest 9 now, and also have 
    Sarossa 'change' you.
    3. Solve the murder of Avildon the smith - 10000 XP and Quest 4.
    Back to Alissa, and she'll fill you in a bit on this murder Keldor wants you 
    to solve. Now, you can finger any of the 3 suspects to complete the quest, 
    but I believe this is the 'right' way: Speak to Thildon, and he'll suggest 
    you interrogate Saros. Saros is Sandoz's son (Sarossa's brother). You can 
    find him skulking about in the hall where Keldor is. He presents you with an 
    awl that he says Thildon dropped on the night of the murder. Back to Thildon 
    then, and he insists that Saros stole the awl from him and planted it as 
    evidence. Saros... admits doing this, but still insists that Thildon is 
    guilty, and that he only did this to make sure that Thildon would get 
    convicted of the murder. Sigh. Thildon next fingers Saros and Bedai-Lihn 
    (remember, the 3rd suspect?) as Anarchists. Back to Saros again, and he still 
    insists that Thildon is the guilty one. Finally, when you return to Thildon 
    this time, you can threaten him with having to take an oath (along with 
    Saros) in front of Keldor to determine who's guilty. He finally backs down, 
    and you can either have him arrested, or allow him to flee, depending on your 
    Lawful/Chaotic tendencies.
    4. Prevent Sandoz from killing himself - 12000 XP, and you may join the 
    You must complete Quest 3 first, then Keldor will give you this final quest 
    to become a Godsman. Head to the east side of the Godsman Hall, through the 
    door, up the passageway and the stairs. You should be able to talk Sandoz out 
    of his suicide by speaking to him through the closed door to his room.
    5. Help complete the Dreambuilder in the Great Foundry - Portents of things 
    to come...
    You need to have the Dream Key, a result of completing Quest 8, in your 
    possession. Then go to that small door in the NW of the Foundry, the one 
    you've always been wondering what lies beyond, and dream.
    6. Fetch a vial of skin and blood.
    You need to venture into the Clerk's Ward to secure this item. See Clerk's 
    Ward, Quest 1. When you return with the vial from the Apothecary, you get 
    Quest 7.
    7. Fetch a birdcage festooned with razorblades - Quest 8.
    If there was ever a compelling reason to get into the siege tower, this is 
    it! Talk to Lazlo in the Marketplace. Ask him about this ward. He'll tell you 
    of some strange comings and goings, and it is from this that you deduce how 
    to get into the siege tower! Now go to the drawbridge to the east of the 
    siege tower, and a portal will open up. Go through it (only if you don't want 
    to, of course :-) Once inside the siege tower, speak to Coaxmetal the golem. 
    Interesting. Coaxmetal will provide you with some nice weapons, namely: Punch 
    Daggers of Shar, Brimstone Hammer, and Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power. You 
    can't steal these, so purchase wisely! Also, more importantly, he'll forge 
    the Blade of the Immortal for you... something that you can supposedly kill 
    yourself with, but only if used in the right place. Hmm. Oh, and don't forget 
    to ask him for the birdcage :-)
    8. Bring a coffin pillow to Xander - 16000 XP and Dream Key.
    Easy one. Go talk to Hamrys in the Coffin Maker's Shop again, and ask him 
    about a pillow. Then listen to his long dissertation about coffin making, and 
    feel free to threaten him with bodily harm once your patience is exhausted. 
    He sends you to the Warehouse. Just tell the Vault that you're here to claim 
    something, and you've got your Dream Pillow. In return for the pillow, Xander 
    gives you a key to get into the room where the Dreambuilder is housed.
    9. Sabotage the Godsmen's machine for Bedai-Lihn - 8000 XP and Quest 10.
    Bedai-Lihn is an Anarchist, but you need to have undertaken Quest 3 in order 
    to find this out. You also need to join the Godsmen, or you won't be able to 
    complete this quest. Once you're a Godsman, take the north stairway from the 
    circular room at the entrance to the Godsman Hall, and speak to Bedai-Lihn at 
    the end of the walkway overlooking the Godsman Hall. Tell her you're not 
    happy about being a Godsman any longer. She'll confide in you, and ask you to 
    destroy the weapon that's being built for the baatezu. Speak to Keldor again, 
    and ask him about the secret project. He'll give you a Godsman Token, which 
    grants you access to the room at the north end of the Foundry. If you talk to 
    one of the guards near the large doors, and show him the Token that Keldor 
    gave you, he'll let you inside. Talk to Kel'lera, the githzerai woman who is 
    heading the project (you'll get a lot more out of her if you have Dak'kon 
    with you). It appears that they've been contracted by the baatezu to build a 
    weapon that spews forth a great stream of fire. After you've got the skinny 
    on the weapon, ask her about... ahem... 'weak spots' (I can't believe you get 
    away with this). Then left-click on the rear of the machine where the 
    question mark appears when you put your cursor over it, and you'll be 
    allowed to sabotage it! Beware that in addition to blowing up the machine, 
    you've just blown any chances at being a Lawful Good type :-)
    10. Kill Sandoz, the Godsman factotum - 8000 XP and Quest 11.
    Just march upstairs and take out Sandoz and his 2 guards.
    11. Smuggle Bedai-Lihn from the Foundry - 8000 XP, and Scofflaw Penn will now 
    talk to you.
    You need to find her a complete set of smith's gear, and some rags. First, I 
    thought I could just give her my smithy stuff, and I had some rags hanging 
    about, but this doesn't work. There's also a Hammer, Tongs, and rags in a 
    crate at the north end of the secret room, but these are of no use either. 
    What you must do, in fact, is head back to Nadilin the clerk, and he'll sell 
    you a Godsman Disguise for 60 coppers! Once you've completed this quest, you 
    wind up outside the Warehouse. If you're still dead set on being an 
    Anarchist, you can now talk to Scofflaw Penn in the Print Shop. See Quest 12.
    12. Join the Anarchists  - 16000 XP and access to their stash at the 
    When you speak with Penn this time, you get the dialogue option to repeat the 
    phrase that Bedai-Lihn gave you: "The city must burn." If you agree with 
    Penn's doctrines, he'll assign you a task to kill Qui-Sai in the Civic 
    Festhall. Qui-Sai is what appears to be a stone statue in a room in the north 
    part of the Civic Festhall, which is located in the NE part of the Upper Ward 
    (also known as the Clerk's Ward. To get to the Clerk's Ward, take the eastern 
    exit from the Lower Ward). Now, you're better off waiting a while before you 
    do anything rash here, because you'll be OK inside the Festhall after you kill 
    Qui-Sai (no one there seems to realise what you've done), but once you step 
    outside, every Harmonium Officer in the Clerk's Ward is going to be chasing 
    after your sorry ass - making it difficult to go about your business at a 
    leisurely pace. But then... you are an Anarchist, right? :-)
    Talk to Penn afterwards, and he'll send you off to see Leena and Conall in 
    the Warehouse, which doubles as their safehouse. Frankly, their stuff at the 
    Warehouse isn't top notch (the most notable being Scroll of Cloudkill, and a 
    few earrings that double as spells). However, they do have cells of followers 
    scattered around the place, so maybe there are some with real weapons like 
    the other factions make available? (Note: indeed, Ebb Creakknees, located in 
    the Smoldering Corpse bar, is another Anarchist. However, I never tried 
    speaking to him when I was an Anarchist, so I don't know for certain whether 
    you can get any decent gear from him)
    Clerk's Ward (a.k.a. Upper Ward)
    A lot to do here! You can start by seeking out the woman called Nemelle who 
    Glyve, in the Catacombs, told you would know the command word that activates 
    the Decanter of Endless Water. Sure enough, Nemelle is standing right there 
    at the outdoor bar in the SW part of the Ward. Not only will she give you the 
    command word for the Decanter, but you'll also get Quest 2 when you ask if 
    she's looking for someone. Anyway, now that you have the command word, you 
    can head back to the Smoldering Corpse bar and put out Ignus! He'll join your 
    party then :-)
    Vrischika's Curiosity Shop, in the south part of this Ward, is a veritable 
    treasure-trove of useful (and not so useful) items. You'll need many of her 
    exotic items to complete quests. Of the non-exotic items, the best haul here 
    is the Hammer of Comminution. It'll set you back upwards of 12000 coppers, 
    so... it's best to have Annah steal it! Just have her use Dirty Rat Charms 
    until her Pick Pockets skill is at least 110%, then she should be able to 
    nick the Hammer within 10 attempts. Also worthy of buying or stealing: Teeth 
    of the Fire Drake (possibly the best weapon for Morte!), Heart of the 
    Fosterer (but you need to be of Chaotic alignment to use it), Tear of 
    Salieru-Dei (for Lawful Good types), and a Divine Censer, used to raise the 
    The Brothel of Slating [sic, should be 'Slaking'] Intellectual Lusts is 
    located in the centre of this ward. Talk to Fall-From-Grace, the succubus 
    madam, and if you agree to speak with all 10 of her girls, she'll agree to 
    join your party (see Quest 3 below). You can trade tales with Yves the 
    Tale-Chaser (located in room at 5 o'clock on the map) for 500 XP a go. If you 
    enter the room at the 12 o'clock position in the Brothel, and move your 
    cursor over the left-hand wall panel, a secret door is revealed. Downstairs 
    is an area that contains a sensory stone for each student of the Brothel 
    (and a tenth stone with the name scratched off). Speaking with the caretaker 
    reveals that the stones can only be accessed by the students, each one being 
    tuned to the girl whose name is carved on the base. I never figured out how 
    to access these stones. Grace didn't even have anything to say about them. 
    If you buy the 'metallic cube figurine' (Modron Cube) from Vrischika, then 
    seek out the Modrons in the central courtyard of the Brothel of Slaking 
    Intellectual Lusts, you'll learn how to manipulate the Cube in such a way as 
    to be transported directly to the Modron Maze (see section below).
    You can buy a 'tattered rag doll' from Vrischika as well, that turns out to 
    be a Lady of Pain Rag Doll (by the way, if Fall-From-Grace has joined your 
    party, she's got a very high Lore skill and can identify quite a few items 
    without need of spell or scroll). Anyway, talk to the doll. Keep selecting 
    dialogue choices until you feel a tingling sensation and the doll... changes. 
    Then the next time you take any exit from the Clerk's Ward, the Lady of Pain 
    will appear and send you to the Player's Maze. If it's the first time you've 
    been there, see the 'Player's Maze' section above to learn how to extricate 
    yourself. If it's the second time, then you're a deader anyway :-)
    Jolmi, the woman dressed in green just inside the entrance to the Civic 
    Festhall, will offer you 1000 coppers (2000 if your CHR is high enough) for 
    allowing her to kill you. Man, these Sensates are jaded :-)
    Seek out Jumble Murdersense, a small stout man wandering around the Civic 
    Festhall. Get him to put a curse of hiccups on you. Then speak to Salabesh 
    the Onyx, self-proclaimed Master of Curses, who is holding court just 
    outside the Festhall. Shame him into giving you the phrase that puts a 
    counterspell on Jumble! You get 10000 XP for this, plus you can now get 
    Jumble to remove the Curse of Stench he put on Reekwind for another 1000 XP 
    (see the Hive - SW region, Quest 2 :-)
    Qui-Sai is what at first appears to be a statue in the northern-most room of 
    the Civic Festhall. You can persuade him to train you in weapons, but you 
    need to refute his argument that he shouldn't train you first! See Quest 15 
    In the Galleria, one of the exhibits is a stone statue. If you examine the 
    cracks in the statue, you'll note that a piece can be broken off... but you 
    need an ordinary hammer to accomplish this feat... which you probably 
    aren't bothering to carry around anymore. No worries. Just nick back to the 
    Great Foundry and buy another set of forge gear from the clerk. The 
    Forge-Hammer does the trick nicely, extracting a Mad Splinter from the statue 
    (4000 XP), which turns out to be one of the better Edged weapons in the game 
    (though it's fragile). Then, head on over to Vrischika's place again and 
    purchase the Gorgon Salve. When you apply it to the statue (another 4000 XP), 
    Morte learns some new taunts. The statue's curse has the side affect of 
    killing TNO, but that's hardly anything to worry about, is it?
    On becoming a Sensate
    Normally, you can't become a member of one faction if you're a already a 
    member of another, unless you renounce the first one. However, because there 
    are things you need to accomplish in the private sensorium of the Civic 
    Festhall - which is accessible only to Sensates - in order to complete the 
    game, the designers have thoughtfully provided a 'back door'. Go speak to 
    Aelwyn again after completing Quest 2, and she'll remind you that you were 
    once a Sensate in a previous incarnation! Armed with this knowledge, Splinter 
    will allow you to visit the private sensorium. You won't have access to all 
    the things a full-fledged Sensate is entitled to, but it does the job.
    Once you've gained entry to the private sensorium by whatever means, seek out 
    Quell (Splinter tells you he knows something of Ravel Puzzlewell). While 
    you're there, make sure you experience 'Longing' from the stone in the room 
    to the north. Deionarra gives you the keywords necessary to retrieve a legacy 
    left with her father, the advocate. Also be sure to access the stone in the 
    south room, called 'The Messenger'. You meet Ravel, and she tells you that to 
    find her you need: a door, a key, and to unlock the key. The door is in a 
    "place of steel and forges". Must be the Great Foundry. Quell is obviously 
    the person in the Festhall who holds the key, but he won't help you until you 
    find... an exquisite chocolate for him! Head for Vrischika's once more, and 
    purchase the Chocolate Quasit. Quell then opens up a bit (8000 XP and you get 
    Quest 12), and reluctantly tells you that a piece of Ravel is the key to the 
    door you seek (you can also buy magical chocolates from Quell, the most 
    useful of which is a Stinky Chocolate that invokes 'Cloudkill' for only 
    350 coppers). You can't get a piece of Ravel herself, but how about one of 
    her offspring? See Quest 9. As for unlocking the key... see Quest 12.
    You may also visit 'your' room now. It's at the far eastern side of the 
    Festhall. Just ask the nice lady clerk for the key... there are quite a few 
    spells and charms on the shelves, not to mention a Scroll of Fire and Ice 
    plus a mysterious Dodecahedron in a locked cupboard. You can fiddle with the 
    Dodecahedron until it opens up. It looks to be one of your well guarded 
    journals, and deciphering the language in it is the subject of Quest 10 below.
    Actually, about the only extra thing you get by joining the Sensates is the 
    special ability of Sensory Touch. Fall-From-Grace (see Quest 3), being a 
    Sensate, also possesses this ability. A little experimentation reveals that 
    it works something like a Mage's spell - you can only use it once, then you 
    must rest before you can use it again. However, I never found it to be 
    particularly useful! When invoked, it seems to transfer up to about 10 HP 
    from the caster to the target. There are easier ways to move HP around.
    ...is a big, bad place. It exists for only one purpose, and that is: to 
    gain XP! You get there by taking stairs downwards from either of the 
    entrances, at the north or the SW of the Ward. Before you go down there, 
    be sure to rest up and have plenty of healing aids at hand. Near the north 
    entrance, the main menace is Larval Worms. These will make mincemeat of your 
    party in no time. They're worth 8000 XP each though. If you want to max the 
    XP, it's best to kill each one individually, but you can wuss out and 
    slaughter a whole group at once with Cloudkill (you only get 8000 XP for the 
    whole group this way though). Near the SW entrance, you'll encounter mostly 
    Trelons, also quite nasty. These are easier to kill though, and Grace's Call 
    Lightning spell is especially effective. I thought there'd be loads of 
    treasure down there, but the only thing of any real value is a pair of 
    Manacles, that when identified are found to invoke Chain Lightning Storm.
    1. Split Pestle and Kilnn - 6000 XP and 10 Clot Charms.
    The Apothecary is the large building in the centre of the Clerk's Ward. 
    Speak to the dual personality Pestle-Kilnn behind the counter. If you're 
    here as a result of The Great Foundry Quest 5, you'll get the dialogue option 
    to ask for the vial that Nihl Xander sent you for. Additionally, you can 
    split Pestle-Kilnn by venturing into Vrischika's Curiosity Shop just south of 
    here and procuring the Elixer of Horrific Separation for a mere 200 coppers. 
    Afterwards, speak to Pestle and he'll create 10 Clot Charms from a drop of 
    your own blood.
    2. Find Aelwyn for Nemelle - 8000 XP and permanent +3 to HP.
    Aelwyn is to be found at the other outdoor bar, on the east side of this 
    ward. She asks you to return to Nemelle and tell her that she's here.
    3. Speak to the ten students in the Brothel - 20000 XP and Grace will join 
    your party.Ask Fall-From-Grace if she would like to travel with you. After 
    much persuasion, she'll accept the offer, but only if you agree to speak to 
    her 10 students. Of course, this leads to not a few quests, beginning with 
    Quest 4 below. Once you've spoken to 9 of the students, you'll get a dialogue 
    option to ask the girls who the 10th student is. None of them can tell you. 
    Of course, when you then speak to Grace... you realise that the 10th student 
    is none other than yourself! (if your INT is not high enough, you'll get the 
    dialogue option to say that Luis the armoire is the 10th student) 
    Fall-From-Grace is the only NPC of the Priest class. Her Call Lightning spell 
    is deadly, and she's also the only one who can throw healing spells. Her Lore 
    skill is very high, so be sure to speak to her regarding anything you're 
    curious about on the Planes.
    4. Spice up Juliette's love life - 20000 XP.
    Juliette is the woman in green, whose room is located at the 8 o'clock 
    position in the brothel. I agreed to get some fake love letters from Scofflaw 
    Penn (Print Shop in Lower Ward) and deliver them to her lover Montague in the 
    Civic Festhall. He's the man dressed in red in one of the northern rooms of 
    the Festhall (if you've managed to piss off Penn and can't get into his Print 
    Shop anymore, you can get a Love Letter from the locked dresser in Yves' room 
    in the Brothel, located at 5 o'clock on the map). You get 5000 XP for 
    presenting Montague with the fake Love Letter, plus another 5000 XP when you 
    suggest he tries a spot of turnabout on Juliette. Return to Juliette for the 
    remainder of the XP.
    5. Find and return Vivian's 'personal scent' - 25000 XP and permanent 
    +1 to CHR.
    Vivian's chambers are at 11 o'clock in the Brothel, but she can often be 
    found just wandering around the place. It seems someone has absconded with 
    her scent. Hmm. But you need to be given Quest 6 as well before you can take 
    any action. When you eventually do present the Veil to her, she'll use her 
    skills to lessen TNO's formaldehyde stench, thus permanently improving 
    his/your Charisma!
    6. Find and return Marissa's Crimson Veil - 25000 XP.
    This quest is related to Quest 5. Marissa's Veil has also gone missing. Once 
    you've got both these quests in your journal, talk to Nenny Nine-Eyes 
    (usually in room at 9 o'clock on the map). As a side quest, you can rack up 
    5000 XP just for teaching Nenny how to be 'bad'. Anyway, Nenny will implicate 
    both Marissa and Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. Go speak to them both (Kimasxi's room 
    is at 4 o'clock, and she can teach Morte some new taunts). After you've 
    spoken to Marissa and Kimaxsi, speak to Nenny again one more time. Then 
    she'll tell you that she once saw a man sneaking around the place. He 
    disappeared, yet she never saw anyone leave the premises. Uh huh. Now it's 
    time to pay a visit to Luis the talking armoire(!), located in the room next 
    to Juliette's. Whether or not you've spoken to him before, you'll get a 
    dialogue choice to accuse him of the thefts based on what Nenny just told 
    you. You can then wangle the Veil off him. Marissa's Veil also holds Vivian's 
    personal scent, so complete Quest 5 before returning the Veil to Marissa.
    7. Return to Dolora the 'keys to her heart' - 30000 XP.
    Merriman is the rotund little guy who continuously wanders around the 
    central corridor of the Civic Festhall. He (literally!) holds the keys to 
    Dolora's heart. You can pickpocket him to get them, or take them by force... 
    but completing Quest 8 for him will net you a whole lot more XP, not to 
    mention satisfaction :-)
    Once you've returned the Keys to Dolora, you can ask her about Ecco, the 
    silent prostitute, who's the subject of Quest 9.
    8. Find a way to erase Merriman's memory - 12000 XP and Dolora's Keys.
    Time to take in some culture. Pay a visit to the Art and Curio Galleria, next 
    to the Advocate's home. Have a look at the display directly in front of you 
    as you enter (Dark Birds of Ocanthus). Then, go speak to Yvana the caretaker 
    and query her about this exhibit (while you're at it, if you've already 
    spoken to Yves the Tale-Chaser in the Brothel, you can re-unite mother and 
    daughter for a karma boost). Anyway, looks like one of the Dark Bird ice 
    shards will be just the thing to make Merriman forget, only you need a way to 
    stop the shard from melting once you've removed it from the display. If you 
    spoke with the drunken mage at the outdoor bar, you'll have learned that his 
    magical mug could keep anything very cold... but you couldn't get the mug off 
    him. There are 2 ways to obtain this mug: either head over to Vrischika's 
    Curiosity Shop to buy one (it's the rune covered Ale-Stein), or talk to the 
    woman named Death-of-Desire, located in the room to the west of yours in the 
    Festhall. She can make you lose your desire for anything, and you can now 
    impart this information to the Drunken Mage at the bar who will give you his 
    Frosty Mug in return (as he doesn't need it any longer). Anyway, once you 
    have obtained this Mug by whatever means, take it back to the Galleria, and 
    you can now capture one of the Dark Birds in it. Finally, present the Mug to 
    Merriman, and you walk away with Dolora's Keys safely in hand.
    9. Help Ecco regain the ability to speak - 30000 XP... and an interesting 
    piece of info regarding Kesai-Serris!
    You need to complete Quest 8 first (Dolora tells you how Ecco lost her 
    voice), before you can get this quest. Then, 'speak' with Ecco and agree to 
    help her. OK, it's off to Vrischika's once more. Get the Fiend's Tongue 
    (and the Deva's Tears. Just saved you another trip :-) Of course, the Fiend's 
    Tongue restores her speech, but at a terrible cost. However, the Deva's Tears 
    soon soothe the savage tongue. When you now ask Ecco about Ravel Puzzlewell, 
    she presents you with the astonishing revelation that Kesai-Serris, one of 
    the other students in the Brothel, is actually Ravel's daughter! When 
    confronted with this fact, Kesai vehemently denies it. Go speak to Juliette 
    then, who's a friend of Kesai's. She tells you that Kimasxi and Kesai are 
    half-sisters. Kimasxi then tells you to confront Kesai again, and have her 
    contact their father... in a spiritual sense. Kesai does this, and finally 
    comes to the realisation that she is Ravel's daughter. This information is 
    vital to your completing the quest to find Ravel... you might now want to 
    seek out Quell, in the Civic Festhall, but you need to become a Sensate in 
    order to do this (see section 'On becoming a Sensate' above).
    10. Learn the language of the dodecahedron puzzle box - 22000 XP and you can 
    read the journal.
    Once you have the Dodecahedron in your possession  (see section 'On becoming 
    a Sensate' above), visit Finam the linguist's house in the south of the Ward. 
    You learn that his father was murdered (if Finam won't talk to you, you may 
    have to retrieve his lost book for him first. It's in the Brothel of Slaking 
    Intellectual Lusts, in the room where Luis the armoire is). Use 
    Storie-Bones-Tell on the urn, and you converse with Finam's dead father and 
    recall the language of the Uyo, which is also the language of the writing in 
    the Dodecahedron (if you don't have Stories-Bones-Tell in your bag of tricks, 
    you'll have to pursue the alternate route of finding Finam's book). You also 
    recall that it was you who murdered the poor sap, so that no one else could 
    learn this language. Seems that TNO is always apologising for one 
    transgression or another that he committed in a previous incarnation :-)
    Reading the Dodecahedron also turns up the number of a legacy, '51-AA'. When 
    you claim this legacy from Iannis (8000 XP), who is astounded because the 
    legacy is so old, you receive: a Kaleidoscopic Eye, a Stone Gullet, and a 
    Godsman Receipt. Take the Godsman Receipt to the clerk in the Foundry, and... 
    one instant Unfolding Portal to Ravel's maze coming up (not to mention 
    40000 XP)! If you have the Handerchief with Kesai-Serris' blood on it (see 
    Quest 12), you can now travel to meet Ravel. Like the man says, be sure to 
    stock up on supplies first... see section on Ravel's Maze below.
    11. Retrieve Malmaner's costume from Goncalves - 8000 XP and Quest 13.
    Malmaner is standing outside the Tailor's Shop on the north side of the Ward. 
    Just go inside and talk to Goncalves the tailor. He'll sell you a Dustman 
    costume for 30 coppers, but warns you that a lot of folk are already going 
    to a party as Dustmen. When you return to Malmaner and tell him this, he'll 
    pay you back the 30 coppers and ask you to fetch a different costume.
    12. Find the portal key to Ravel's maze - 40000 XP.
    You must first establish that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter (see Quest 9). 
    Then you have to speak to Quell, in the Civic Festhall private sensoriums 
    (see section 'On becoming a Sensate' above), and learn that the portal key to 
    Ravel's maze is a piece of Ravel. Kesai is the next best thing. Just obtain a 
    handkerchief from one of the rooms in the Brothel, and Kesai will... donate 
    some blood, thus 'unlocking' the key!
    13. Obtain a second costume for Malmaner - 6000 XP.
    You need to complete Quest 11 first. This time you fetch a Godsman costume 
    for the git. By the way, there are some fantastic garments to be gained for 
    both Annah and Grace by trading with Goncalves the tailor!
    14. Obtain permission for Iannis to use Deionarra's sensory stone - 8000 XP.
    Once you've accessed Deionarra's sensory stone in the Civic Festhall private 
    sensoriums (see section 'On becoming a Sensate' above), you can return to 
    Deionarra's father, Iannis the advocate, and claim your legacy, which is: a 
    letter from Deionarra, a Healing Scroll, and a ring. Then, you can promise to 
    obtain permission for Iannis to visit Deionarra's stone. Just go to Splinter 
    in the Festhall, and ask his permission.
    15. Rebuke Qui-Sai's arguments for training as a thief rather than a 
    warrior - 250 XP and Quest 16.
    Qui-Sai (or to be more accurate, your journal) suggests that you go looking 
    for the Thief trainer in the Festhall. If you question one of the 
    Thieves-in-Training in the Festhall's middle training room, you'll find out 
    that the trainer's name is Eli Havelock, and that he's wandering the streets 
    somewhere in this Ward. Sure enough, he's to be found standing just to the 
    east of the entrance to the Brothel. He'll provide you with the info 
    necessary to refute Qui-Sai's argument for training as a Thief. When you 
    return to Qui-Sai, he suggests you might want to be a Mage instead! See 
    Quest 16.
    16. Rebuke Qui-Sai's arguments for training as a mage rather than a 
    warrior - 10000 XP and Qui-Sai will train you as a warrior.
    Seek out Lady Thorncombe, the jaded resident Mage trainer, in the public 
    sensoriums. She provides you with the info you need to refute Qui'Sai's 
    second argument.
    Modron Maze
    You get here by manipulating the Modron Cube. See Clerk's Ward above.
    Just work your way through the Maze until you come to the room full of 
    Modrons. Talk to the only Modron there who will converse with you (the 
    engineer). If you offer to take over the operation of the Maze, you'll 
    get the opportunity to create a dungeon and choose the difficulty setting. 
    Set it to 'hard', and prepare for a real challenge! Each High Threat 
    Construct that you manage to kill nets you 4000 XP. Since you've got to kill 
    quite a few of them (20 - 30), I was able to pull Morte, Annah, and Dak'kon 
    up a level or more in the course of these battles. Keep fighting until you 
    get to the room where Nordom hangs out. He'll join your party for a whopping 
    36000 XP, and he's pretty handy in a fight. Those arrows and curious 
    attachments you've been picking up as you fought your way through the Maze 
    are usable only by Nordom. Note: at first, it doesn't seem that Nordom is 
    very handy in battle. Creatures close so fast on you in Torment that ranged 
    weapons seem of little use. But once you know how to employ him properly, 
    you'll find him to be indispensable! Here's how you do it: suppose a group of 
    Larval Worms, Trelons, or whatever are rushing at your party. All you do is 
    send the likes of Dak'kon, Annah, and any other Fighters up to meet them and 
    keep them occupied. Then select Nordom (with his default arrows so he doesn't 
    waste any of the good ones, please) and click on one of the creatures who are 
    busy fending off your Fighter. Nordom will just sit 10 feet back and fire 
    arrows into them at a ferocious rate. This technique really works, even on 
    the toughest of creatures! Nordom hardly ever takes a scratch, and deals 
    out tons of damage in return. By the way, save those Whistling Bolts of Doom 
    for the closing parts of the game. You'll need them :-)
    To exit the Maze, all you have to do is find a Portal Lens on one of the dead 
    constructs. You can use it to return to anywhere you've previously visited in 
    the Hive or the Wards.
    Ravel's Maze
    You get here by completing Clerk's Ward Quests 10 and 12.
    Ravel is to be found wandering around in the left-centre of her maze. You get 
    90000 XP just for finding her. Be nice to her, and don't let this rather long 
    conversation terminate prematurely, because there's a lot you can learn from 
    Ravel (and besides, the game will end prematurely if you exit the 
    conversation before you obtain Quest 1 below - worth 180000 XP just in the 
    obtaining)! During the course of your conversation (if you choose the correct 
    conversation path), Ravel will transform herself into the forms of Ei-Vene, 
    Mebbeth, and Marta. You gain various items/stat boosts for this. You can also 
    get a lock of her hair for another 90000 XP, though I never managed to find a 
    use for it. Unfortunately, no matter how much you flatter - or even... kiss 
    (ugh!) Ravel (for which you gain an interesting tattoo or so later on at 
    Fell's place :-), you're consigned to fighting her once the conversation 
    ends. You should kill Ravel no matter what (if only to pilfer her body for 
    all the goodies afterwards and for the 32000 XP it nets you), but you have 
    the choice of whether or not to stick around and try to beat up on all the 
    Shadows that materialise - or to run like hell!
    To exit the maze, take the portal at the NE part of the maze. You emerge near 
    a portal at the SW. Ignore that one, and proceed around the western edge of 
    the maze until you see a portal to the NW. Take that one, and then the next 
    portal you arrive at takes you out of the maze. 
    1. Find the angel Ravel spoke of.
    Ravel tells you of a Deva who holds the key to your fate. This is another one 
    that might take a while to figure out...
    Curst is comprised of two parts: Outer (where you arrive from Ravel's Maze), 
    and Inner.
    On the east side of Outer Curst, there are two Harmonium guards trying to 
    beat some info out of a poor citizen. I beat up the guards, but the poor sod 
    I was trying to help just ran away and I never got to speak to him. Hidden in 
    a pile of hay behind where they were standing is a Displacer Ring, +2 to AC!
    1. Assemble the Key.
    This is a single quest comprised of 5 sub-quests. To start things rolling, 
    talk to Tainted Barse, the proprietor of the Traitor's Gate tavern. His 
    daughter has been kidnapped by slavers. He sends you to see Marquez, the 
    Harmonium officer standing just SW of Barse.
    2. Rescue Barse's Daughter - 65000 XP.
    Marquez tells you that Barse's daughter is being held on the east side of 
    Inner Curst. To get there, take the exit in the far NW of Outer Curst. Sure 
    enough, Jasilya, Barse's daughter, is being held by 6 rogue Harmonium 
    officers there. Talk to Skatch, their leader. You have no option but to 
    fight them; however, choose your words carefully before the fight, or they'll 
    kill her. Make sure you speak to Jasilya afterwards. Just to the south of 
    where Jasilya was being held, there are some thugs standing around amidst a 
    bunch of crates. One of the locked crates contains: Dustman Embalming Charm 
    (Greater), Serpent Ring, Ring of the Traveler. Report back to Marquez to get 
    Quest 3. Marquez will now train you in weapons if you so desire.
    3. Mediate the Family Dispute - 131250 XP.
    Marquez sends you to see Kitla, who's standing over by the... hanging shark 
    thingy. Kitla wants you to settle a dispute over legacies between 
    Crumplepunch and Kester. Crumplepunch the smith's place is just to the west 
    of the Traitor's Gate tavern. Kester the distiller's place is located in 
    Inner Curst, just to the left as you pass through the gate. You can settle 
    this one of 3 ways, in decreasing order of desirability:
    a) Settle the dispute. I talked to the smith first, and got his legacy. Then, 
    Kester attempts to double-cross his brother when you go speak to him next. 
    So, I simply told Kester that I had decided in favour of the smith. This 
    approach seems to produce the most satisfactory outcome, and you net a 
    whopping 131250 XP for it! Best to keep the smith on your side anyway, as he 
    has great weapons for sale: Assasin's Knuckles, "Foolsmiter", Blind Terror... 
    and for Nordom especially: Jagged Bolts, Zephyr Bolts, and the infamous Bolts 
    of Whistling Doom.
    b) Talk them both into giving you their legacies, then hand the legacies over 
    to Kitla (most XP at 150000, but not really good for the karma).
    c) Kill them and take the legacies. Only for the chaotic at heart.
    When you return to Kitla, she sends you to Nabat for the next part of the 
    Key. See Quest 4. She'll also train you as a Mage. Oh, and she'll hand you a 
    Scroll of Abyssal Fury too :-)
    4. Defend the Dump Caretaker - 43750 XP.
    Nabat is standing near the wall, a bit to the south of Kitla. He wants you to 
    help out Kyse, the dump caretaker, because a gang of thugs are after his 
    stash of coins. The dump is just to the SW of the tavern. Kyse sends you to 
    talk with Wernet, who's located just through the gates of Inner Curst and a 
    bit to the SW. Wernet resents your butting in on his little scheme, and won't 
    even talk to you. When you return to Kyse to give him the news, a set piece 
    occurs whereby Wernet and his thugs show up and attack Kyse. Try not to let 
    the old sod get killed, will you? :-)
    Once you've dispatched Werner and co., return to Nabat in the tavern. Nabat 
    will now train you as a Thief. He sends you to Dallan for the next part of 
    the Key. See Quest 5.
    5. Deal with an Official Dispute - 287500 XP.
    Dallan is standing in a room just to the SE of where Jasilya hangs out, on 
    the east side of the tavern. He asks you to settle a dispute between two 
    politicians. The gith called An'izius you need to see first is located near 
    the gate to Carceri, which is in the far NW of Inner Curst. He wants you to 
    frame his opponent, Siabha, by telling the Captain of the Guards that Siabha 
    tried to hire you to kill him. Hmm. Go speak to Siabha next. She's standing 
    in front of a building to the east of there. She will pay you double whatever 
    An'izius is paying! Finally, go see the Guard Captain, who's standing just 
    north of the gate back to Outer Curst. Just tell him that both An'izius and 
    Siabha are corrupt, for 200000 XP. You get the rest of the XP when you report 
    back to Dallan, who finds this a satisfactory outcome. He sends you to Dona 
    Quisho for the final part of the Key. See Quest 6.
    6. Free Dona Quisho's fiend - 191250 XP.
    Hey, you get weird requests in fantasy RPG's all the time... but this one 
    takes the biscuit. Dona Quisho is the plump woman standing near Kitla. She 
    wants you to free a fiend that is being held in the grain silo. Right. 
    Anyway, the grain silo is just to the north of the tavern. Once inside, head 
    up the ladder, walk towards the pentagram (you get 60000 XP for this), and 
    examine the scroll that Dona gave you when the dialogue choice appears. You 
    summons Agril-Shanak. Have a chat with the fiend, and then you can decide 
    whether or not to release him. I suspect choosing not to release Agril-Shanak 
    keeps you more on the Lawful Good side of things. Anyway, no matter which way 
    you choose, you get the same XP (131250) and 1500 coppers upon returning to 
    Dona Quisho... and the final part of the Key! As Dona suggests, talk to Barse 
    again. Now... before you have Barse send you on your way, you need to be 
    aware of two things:
    a) Barse is going to send you to the same place (Curst Underground) you can 
    get to by taking the steps downwards in the middle of Kyse's dump! So, all 
    that rigamarole over getting the Key was for XP alone :-)
    b) Once you go down there, you can't get back up, so make sure you've done 
    everything you want to do in Curst, and that you have also stocked up on 
    provisions and rested. Barse pays pretty good prices for things (there's a 
    Gold Ingot in a locked crate in the Warehouse, Inner Curst, that Barse will 
    fork out 4000 coppers for!), and you can buy an unlimited amount of Blood 
    Charms and Clot Charms from him.
    Curst Underground
    You arrive here from Curst either via the steps downwards in Kyse's dump, or 
    through Barse's secret passage.
    To the NE, there is a room full of Lemures and a room full of Nupperibos. You 
    can kill them, but you don't get much XP... don't really know why they're 
    there. Also to the NE is another new type of creature, a cornugon named 
    Tek'elach. He'll tell you that it's possible for Curst to slide into Carceri, 
    and that it's also possible to save it after this happens. Hmm.
    In the NW corner, there is a hermit who will let you rest there. You'll be 
    coming back here a lot. From the hermit's place, head SW for your next 
    1. Kill the gehreleth for Voorsha - negative Lawful Good points? Do you care?
    Vorsha is a bootlegger hanging about in the south of Curst Underground. 
    Careful, there are a lot of booby traps in his lair. He'll ask you to kill a 
    gehreleth (to the NW of here). The gehreleth is going to eat you anyway, so 
    what the hell? Again, having dealings with a bootlegger ain't going to do 
    wonders for your Lawful Good rep... but I had given up at this stage. I've 
    had Annah steal well over 20 valuable items for starters :-)
    Anyway, once you've killed the gehreleth and returned to Voorsha, it turns 
    out that Voorsha never intended to carry out his part of the bargain (to 
    split his bootlegging profits with you), because he didn't think you'd be 
    able to kill the gehreleth. He attacks you, but goes down real easy. There's 
    a lot of pretty good stuff in a crate and a cart... but you can take that 
    even when Voorsha is still alive.
    You arrive here from Curst Underground. Just take the exit SW of the hermit.
    Mostly Curst Guards to work your way through here. Try to tempt one or two at 
    a time to break away from the pack, rather than taking on a half dozen or so 
    at once. 
    1. Free the deva - 393750 XP and a new party member!
    Trias, the deva who Ravel told you to seek out, is being held in a room in 
    the south part of the Prison. He needs you to find his sword, and whispers 
    the combination of the room where it's locked up into your ear. This room is 
    in the SW part of the Prison, and is heavily guarded (of course). Just before 
    the entrance to this guarded area, amongst a bunch of barrels over to the 
    west, is a barrel containing: 500 coppers, Adder's Tear, and a Scroll of 
    Greater Embalming. Once inside the locked outer door (using the phrase Trias 
    gave you), start to work your way down the outer circular corridor. Be sure 
    to get the Finger Bone Key off one of the guards you kill.
    In the third (innermost) circular corridor, you'll meet Siabha and An'izius 
    again, if you did the right thing in Curst and got them both locked up that 
    is. Of course, neither of them will speak to you. Also in this corridor, 
    you'll find a Reminder Note on one of the guards you've killed. It alludes 
    to there being a trigger plate somewhere in here that opens up the last door 
    to the "inner sanctum". Sure enough, when you step into one of the circular 
    patterns on the floor about halfway up the corridor... you get 87500 XP. It's 
    also trapped, so you're gonna lose some HP doing this. Funny, but I was able 
    to open the innermost door without stepping on this plate first. Hmm. Perhaps 
    during the scuffle in the corridor, someone else had already stepped on it? 
    Anyway, once you get to the inner sanctum, there are no more guards. Just a 
    fat bloke named Cassius. Only he's a lot meaner than he looks. You get a 
    choice of defeating him using either: strength, wits, or speed. Obviously, 
    you'll choose accordingly depending on whether you're a Fighter, Mage, or 
    Thief. Once you've defeated Cassius, you get a really impressive weapon: 
    "Celestial Fire". If you're of Lawful Good alignment, you can at least use 
    it to fight your way back out of the Prison, but then you have to hand it 
    straight back to Trias in order to complete this quest :-(
    Once you return to Trias, and agree to break his chains, he is free and you 
    lose "Celestial Fire". However, you do get some things as compensation. Trias 
    tells you of the next person to seek - Fhjull Forked-Tongue - and that this 
    person is bound by Trias to help you. Also, Trias gives you one of the links 
    from his broken chains (though it doesn't actually appear in your inventory), 
    which activates a portal near that locked door in the NE corner of the 
    Prison, and it's your ticket out of this miserable place... but not so fast! 
    The first time I played, I just activated the portal and stepped through 
    immediately. I thereby missed one of the better PC's in the game - Vhailor. 
    He's standing there beyond the portal in the next room, and you can get 
    him to join your party. Just walk right past the portal, try to engage him 
    in conversation, and examine his Helm. Vhailor is a spectral entity, the 
    spirit of an ex-MercyKiller. Very strong and very tough. Once you're finished 
    here, step through the portal and you wind up in...
    The Outlands
    You arrive here from the Curst Underground Prison, through the portal that 
    Trias told you about. Fight your way south through some creatures you haven't 
    seen yet, and you come upon an extremely large skeleton (by the way, I 
    noticed at this point that Nordom can detect portals, even when they're not 
    open yet! Very useful indeed). There's a doorway in the skull. Speak with 
    Fhjull Forked-Tongue, and ask him about your immortality. He'll tell you of 
    a place called the Fortress or Regrets. He doesn't know how to get there, but 
    he suspects the Pillar of Skulls, located in Baator, might be able to help 
    you in this regard (350000 XP for learning all this)!
    The portal to Baator is located in the large creature's hand (another 
    100000 XP). Meanwhile, you can rest here, and since Fhjull is bound by Trias 
    to help you in every way... you can also get tons of supplies off him for 
    free. Man, does he hate parting with the stuff :-)
    Though you'll have to wait a while before they can be employed, perhaps the 
    most useful of Fhjull's items are brain parasites called 'kassegs'. When 
    used, they boost your INT by 3 points for a few hours. Very handy for 
    Mages in the very latter stages of the game... anyway, when you're all 
    stocked up and rested, go back outside and step through the portal near the 
    creature's left hand...
    1. Return to Curst and speak to Trias - 375000 XP.
    You get this quest when you return to the Outlands from Baator (see end of 
    Baator section below). Fhjull tells you about another portal located at the 
    arse end of the skeleton that takes you back to Curst...
    You arrive here from the Outlands, via the portal near the immense skeleton's 
    Just work your way to the SE, past a cornugon and several green abishai 
    (8000 XP apiece). There's an exit in the SE that leads to the Pillar of 
    Skulls. Best leave Morte behind while you talk to the Pillar. He doesn't need 
    to be with you and it complicates things. Alright then. You only need to ask 
    the Pillar about two things: how to find the Fortress of Regrets, and how to 
    get out of this place. Before the Pillar will answer each question, it 
    demands something in return. Keep asking for alternatives until you find 
    something you are comfortable parting with :-)
    The Pillar knows the key to the portal leading to the Fortress of Regrets (to 
    feel regret, of course!), but it does not know the whereabouts of the portal. 
    It turns out that Trias does know about the portal (a previous incarnation of 
    yours told him), so he has betrayed you by not telling you earlier when you 
    freed him. The Pillar tells you that the exit from Baator is located in the 
    far SW. You have to find a piece of obsidian and eat it... then a portal 
    opens up which takes you back to the Outlands.
    Curst Gone
    You arrive here from the Outlands by taking the portal near the large 
    skeleton's arse end. Curst is indeed gone. Talk to the Gate Heads (there is 
    a portal there). It appears as if Trias is responsible for causing Curst to 
    slide into Carceri. There are a few locked containers to the east here. 
    You'll find a Corpse Fly Charm and a Cockroach Charm in them. Not much else 
    here... except the biggest, baddest sucker you're going to meet in the whole 
    game! Over to the west is the fiend from Moridor's box (that is, if you 
    didn't release him the first time, when he was a more benign fiend). You 
    need weapons that are at least Enchanted +2 to inflict any reasonable damage 
    on him (Siphon Knuckles are good here). I lost 2 party members before I 
    managed to defeat him, but this is worth 500000 XP! You also get what is 
    arguably the most valuable artefact in the game off his body: the Aegis 
    of Torment. After that, nothing to do now but head through the portal to...
    Trias has this place in pandemonium! Immediately you enter, speak to Kyse the 
    dump caretaker, who's standing just to the west of the two men near the cart. 
    He'll explain that in order to defeat Trias, you'll first have to perform 
    some good deeds to redress the imbalance towards chaos that Trias has 
    created. He also hands you a scroll containing an awesome spell: Scroll of 
    Meteor Storm Bombardment.
    Now, you have to act quickly before the place becomes overrun with gehreleths 
    and trelons. Worse yet, if you go into the Distillery or the Barracks to 
    rest, the buggers re-spawn and you can never wipe the whole lot of them out. 
    So, you should try to do all the following in one go, before things get out 
    of hand!
    Right. Good deeds it is then. First order of business is to sort out the two 
    men near the cart. Speak to Tovus, who's trapped there, and offer to pull him 
    out. As you begin to lift the cart, you discover that Berrog is also trapped 
    under the cart, and that if you lift the cart any further, you'll crush him 
    while trying to free Tovus (and vice-versa). The trick is to get your party 
    members to help you, thereby freeing both of them. Tovus gives you a Scroll 
    of Deathbolt for helping him.
    Next, head over to the west and up the wooden steps to sort out two 
    gehreleths that are attacking the townspeople there (225000 XP)! Then, head 
    back down the steps, go around this structure to the north, then up another 
    set of wooden steps in the SW that lead to an execution platform. Talk the 
    judge out of executing the merchant for another 225000 XP. That's 3 good 
    deeds already!
    Over to yet another set of wooden steps to the NE this time. At the base of 
    these steps, Jasilya is being molested by some thugs. Save her yet again for 
    75000 XP and yet another good deed done. At the top of these steps, talk 
    Jujog and his gang out of looting the warehouse for 150000 XP. Then, enter 
    the warehouse. You find Ebb Creakknees there, holed up with a bunch of 
    Anarchists. You can convince him (I had CHR of 19, lower might work just as 
    well) to join the good cause instead of sticking with anarchy. If you 
    succeed, he gives you a Scroll of Desert Hell, then runs off to join the 
    fight. That makes 6 good deeds so far. But don't leave the warehouse just 
    yet! There are a few useful scrolls and a Magus Shield in some of the crates 
    there. Also, there's a really powerful artefact (Ancient Scroll) located to 
    the left of the entrance, in a pile of boards. It's a really small spot, so 
    you have to look very carefully to find it. Anyway, this Ancient Scroll is 
    only usable by TNO, and only if TNO is a high level Mage (level 12 seemed to 
    do the trick). It turns out to be a Wish Scroll, and you can use it once to 
    wish for any one of the following:
    a) Arcane Knowledge. This choice conjures up the following spells: Power 
    Word (Kill), Stygian Ice Storm, and Meteor Storm Bombardment
    b) An Increase in Abilities (+2 to one of your stats)
    c) An Item of Power. Produces the Ring of Thex, which adds dramatically to your 
    HP, AC, and adds 2 to all saving throws
    d) You can heal your entire party (not particularly useful, as you're 
    probably swimming in healing aids by this time)
    e) 10,000 CP in wealth
    Leave the warehouse and head for the NW, where the Administration Building is 
    (Trias is on the balcony there). One more good deed to perform. A Curst 
    Official is beset upon by an angry mob of citizens just south of the 
    Administration building. Only one of the mob will talk to you, the 'Angry 
    Curst Citizen'. Talk him out of bothering the Curst Official, and he'll tell 
    the mob to back off (150000 XP). And that should be enough good deeds done, 
    thank you very much. Finally, talk to the Hermit just outside the 
    Administration Building. He'll let you know whether you've done enough deeds 
    to sufficiently counter Trias' chaos. Even if you haven't, you can still head 
    inside and battle with Trias - it's just that the less deeds you've done, the 
    stronger he is, and thus tougher to defeat. But you've a ways to go before 
    you meet Trias in any case... on the 1st floor, nothing but Sohmeins and 
    looters. Easy. Be sure to to check out the shelves on either side of the 
    stairs for useful charms. On the 2nd floor, it's Curst Guards and gehreleths. 
    Some really nice stuff (3000 coppers and some charms!) in two trapped and 
    locked cabinets in a small room to the east of the stairs. Annah needs pretty 
    high Detect Traps and Open Doors skills to get at them though, but her Thief 
    stats should be beefed up enough by this time (or, maybe TNO's the Thief to 
    be reckoned with, depending what role you're playing :-)
    The stairway leading up to the 3rd floor is at the end of the narrow corridor 
    that runs along the east side of this floor. On the 3rd floor, be sure to use 
    your Thief skills again to open the locked desk on the west side of the large 
    room. Annah's best weapon/indispensable thing for a Thief to have is in 
    there: Mark of the Savant! There's also a formidable axe ("Edge of Oblivion", 
    usable by Vhailor) in there too, and a fearsome Vrock Club. 
    Trias is standing on the balcony, south part of the 3rd floor. He summons a 
    few Sohmeins to help him. Try to keep harassing him melee-wise in order to 
    make it difficult for him to get spells off, and you shouldn't have too much 
    trouble with him! Once you've sufficiently weakened him, he submits, and you 
    get to speak with him again. If you choose to kill him afterwards, he 
    releases the bind on Fhjull, and you cannot complete the game... so you're 
    best off vowing to spare his life. He then tells you that the portal to the 
    Fortress of Regrets is located in - wait for it - the Mortuary! As the Pillar 
    of Skulls already told you, the key is to feel regret, but Trias tells you 
    again anyway, only with a little more precision. Now, here's the kicker... 
    you vowed not to kill Trias, and you're in big trouble if you break your 
    word. However, if Vhailor is with you, he strikes Trias down and there's 
    nothing you can do about it except stand there and watch! Oddly enough, you 
    can still complete the game now (I suppose because you didn't have any choice 
    in the matter?) If Trias is killed you can get "Celestial Fire" off his body, 
    not to mention the Scroll of Celestial Host! Anyway, no matter how it turns 
    out, you've just completed the Outlands Quest 1, for 375000 XP. Take the 
    portal that has appeared in the doorway back to Sigil.
    Sigil again
    You wind up in the Dustman Monument, having returned here from Carceri. Now, 
    hold it right there, cutter! Before you go running off to the Mortuary to 
    meet your destiny... there are a few new things you can do around Sigil since 
    you were last here. Visit Coaxmetal in the siege tower. He'll have some new 
    weapons you can purchase. Then, when you're finished speaking with him and 
    are about to leave, he'll ask you to free him from the tower, by giving him 
    the Modron Cube. In exchange, you get the most powerful weapon in the game: 
    the Entropic Blade! By talking to it, you can get it to change into any form 
    of weapon to suit you or one of your party's fighting skills... but, before 
    you do this, pause to consider the consequences of giving a very powerful 
    chaotic being the ability to undo the multiverse, or something to that 
    effect. Ah, but what the hell - maybe that's why there will never be a 
    Torment II :-)
    UnderSigil now has a new creature lurking about. In addition to the usual 
    packs of Trelons and Larval Worms, there's now a much more formidable foe: 
    Greater Glabrezu... greater XP for you too!
    OK... when you're ready to progress, go to the Mortuary and tell the guard at 
    the entrance that you need to get in to see Deionarra's memorial. The portal 
    to the Fortress of Regrets is located at the far end of the room where you 
    originally woke up on the slab. How ironic. Not giving too much away, but 
    your party is about to be split up, so make sure TNO is carrying the 
    following: Bronze Sphere, Blade of the Immortal, Deionarra's Wedding Ring, 
    the kassegs you got from Fhjull, and all the healing charms you can lay your 
    hands on. Check. When you're ready, head through the portal (250000 XP).
    Fortress of Regrets
    You arrive outside the Fortress, alone. Head along the walkway all the way to 
    the east, then south, and speak to Deionarra. Then, go back to where you 
    started, and head all the way to the west to enter the Fortress. Once inside, 
    you have to act quickly. As Dei warned you, there are Greater Shadows all 
    over the place! Note that as you arrive inside, the Transcendent One has 
    turned Ignus against you, even if Ignus is not a member of your party. 
    Anyway, head south, and examine the clock in the room there. It's your 
    writing, and it says: "RUN - DOORS are LIES - USE Cannons - then Portal". 
    Well, if you're a Mage, I definitely recommend taking this advice. A Fighter 
    or Thief with a good weapon can defeat the Shadows... but there are a lot of 
    them (worth 10000 XP each though).
    Anyway, you need to find the 4 Cannons TNO has referred to. When all 4 are 
    activated, a portal will open up in the room to the NE. The first cannon is 
    at the other end of the room you are in now. The place where you wind up when 
    you pull the lever is a room all the way to the NW. Take the middle stairway 
    down, and use the 2nd cannon. You wind up in a room just to the west of 
    there. The third cannon is in the large central room where you first came 
    into the Fortress, in the NW part of the room. So, head down the stairs and 
    get there. You wind up just north of there. Finally, head down the stairs, 
    and then back up to the only place you haven't been yet - the large stairway 
    directly to the north on your map. Indeed, the 4th and last cannon is just to 
    the east here. You wind up in the room where the 1st cannon is - only 
    something different happened this time. A portal has opened! It's back where 
    the 4th cannon was, so make your way back up the stairs to the north again, 
    and enter the portal...
    You wind up in a room with statues surrounding a strange crystal. Ignus is 
    there, and you must fight him to the death. This would be a good time to use 
    some Charcoal Charms (finally!), because all of Ignus' spells are fire based. 
    Once you've defeated Ignus, find the Sounding Stone behind the statue to the 
    NE. Use it. You find out a bit more about the situation you're in. Also, it 
    tells of a stash of supplies hidden in the base of one of the statues here. 
    It's the statue to the SW. You have to look carefully all around the base. 
    Once you have these supplies, it's time to use the crystal in the centre of 
    the room.
    You wind up on a slab again, with three of your previous incarnations 
    standing around you. The Practical one speaks to you first. Make sure you 
    explore all avenues of conversation about Deionarra, and the Bronze Sphere 
    (96000 XP), as these paths of conversation open up opportunities shortly. 
    Then, if your INT is high enough (use the kassegs if it isn't around the 
    20 mark yet), you can trick the Practical Incarnation into letting you 
    absorb him (let him think you're going to allow him to absorb you, then 
    turn it around - for 96000 XP). If you find yourself with no choice but to be 
    absorbed, back off and stop the conversation. You can always absorb the Good 
    Incarnation (32000 XP, but again, make sure you exhaust all the conversation 
    paths before you do so - especially the one where you learn that the Good 
    Incarnation was the very first Incarnation - for 96000 XP more). You can also 
    easily absorb the Paranoid Incarnation (speak to him in the language of the 
    Uyo, then absorb him for 64000 XP). Finally, if you can't absorb the 
    Practical Incarnation, then you'll just have to beat the crap out of him, 
    won't you? :-)
    Once you've dealt with all 3 of your incarnations, Deionarra appears. Before 
    you speak to her, it's time to tap the resources of the Bronze Sphere, which 
    you now know to be a dead sensory stone. This nets you 2000000 XP (that's 
    2 million, bud), 6+ Characteristic points (depending on your INT and WIS), 
    and you discover your name! Also, you acquire a fantastic spell: "Rune of 
    Torment", that you can put in a quick item slot and invoke as many times as 
    you want without resting - even if you're not a Mage! Unfortunately, if you 
    didn't explore all the conversation trees while talking to the Practical and 
    Good Incarnations, this opportunity is not available to you. However, you 
    don't need to use the Sphere in order to complete the game, unless you're a 
    Mage and want access to all those neat Level 9 spells you now have in your 
    possession. Anyway, speak to Dei now, and tell her the truth about what 
    you've done to her. You wind up on the Fortress roof...
    As you walk to the centre of the roof, you'll come across your dead party 
    members. The Transcendent One, your other half, is hovering about on the far 
    side of the roof. Head over there, and now it's time for the Final 
    Confrontation. You can play this out 5 different ways:
    1. If you were able to use the Bronze Sphere, you can talk to him about your 
    recently acquired name. He will reluctantly agree to merge with you. You 
    resurrect all your friends, then go off to fight in the Blood War. This is 
    the most satisfactory ending.
    2. Threaten him with using the Blade on yourself. He agrees to merge with 
    you. Same ending as 1 above.
    3. Take your own life with the Blade of the Immortal. You both perish 
    abruptly. Most unsatisfactory.
    4. You can resurrect just one of your fallen party members, but this only 
    pisses him off and you'll have to fight him (see 5 below. If you do choose 
    this option, make sure it's Vhailor that you bring back to life. His need 
    for justice at any cost somehow makes him all the more fearsome during this 
    ultimate battle :-)
    5. Fight him. He has about 400 HP. Once you defeat him, you get 64000 XP 
    (as if it matters at this stage in the proceedings). This ending also sees 
    you going off to fight in the Blood War. You don't get to resurrect all your 
    party members after you fight the Transcendent One, so these last 2 endings 
    aren't the greatest either.
    Well, that's about it. You spend the better part of eternity atoning for your 
    sins in the Blood War, then become re-incarnated as a used car salesman on 
    the outskirts of Birmingham. You marry a girl who bears an uncanny 
    resemblance to Annah (sans tail, of course), and sire a lone child - Ted - 
    who for some mysterious reason is horribly scarred from birth... funny ol' 
    game, huh?
    Important Items
    Things you wouldn't want to miss. I was originally intending to document 
    every item, ranging from the lowly bandage all the way up to the most 
    powerful of weapons and scrolls... but I soon realised that this was an 
    incredibly ambitious undertaking! The list became way too large, and I 
    finally had to pare it down to only the significant items. These items are 
    difficult or costly to obtain - perhaps only becoming available as the result 
    of completing a quest or joining one of the factions - and are usually imbued 
    with some sort of magic :-)
    Note that if an item can be found in many places, I only list the first 1 or 
    2 places where you would normally come across one of these items.
    Enchanted Hammer
    Weeping Stone Catacombs, Mosaic Crypt, sarcophagus
    Damage: 2-9 Crushing
    Enchanted: +1
    THACO: +1
    Speed: 7
    Weight: 5
    Proficiency: Hammers
    Usable only by Fighters
    Severed Arm
    Weeping Stone Catacombs, Dismembered Crypt, downstairs
    Usable as a club, but much more useful for obtaining some new tattoos at 
    Xachariah's Heart
    Mortuary, 1st floor, zombie #331
    Adds +1 to DEX, and +1 to AC vs. Missile Attacks
    Usable only by Fighters
    Enchanted Battle Axe
    Drowned Nations, small room in SE of your tomb, sarcophagus
    Damage: 2-9 Slashing
    Enchanted: +1
    THACO: +1
    Speed: 6
    Weight: 4
    Proficiency: Axes
    Usable only by Fighters
    "Death of Desire"
    The Hive - Gathering Dust bar, Emoric
    Damage: 2-7 Crushing
    Enchanted: +2
    1-6 Piercing Damage
    Causes Stunning
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 5
    Weight: 11
    Proficiency: Clubs
    Usable only by Fighters
    Usable only by Dustmen
    You must join the Dustmen faction to get access to this weapon.
    Divine Censer
    The Hive - Gathering Dust bar, Emoric / The Hive - Ragpicker's Square, 
    Old Mebbeth
    Invokes "Raise Dead"
    Good for at least 3 goes at raising your dead comrades.
    Amber Earrings
    The Hive - Ragpicker's Square, Old Mebbeth
    +2 to Armor Class
    Memorize 2 Additional 1st Level Mage Spells
    Weight: 0
    Usable only by Mages
    Usable only by Nameless One
    Mebbeth presents these to you upon completion of your training as a Mage.
    Scroll of Remove Curse
    The Hive - Ragpicker's Square, Old Mebbeth / The Great Foundry, Godsman Hall, 
    Keldor of Durian
    Level: 4 / Wizard
    Usable only by Mages
    Can be used to remove a curse/cursed item from a person.
    The Great Foundry, Godsman Hall, Keldor of Durian
    Damage: 3-10 Slashing
    Enchanted: +2
    +2 Slashing Damage
    +1 to Charisma
    +1 to Armor Class
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 4
    Weight: 4
    Proficiency: Axes
    Usable only by Fighters
    Usable only by Godsmen
    You must join the Godsmen faction to get access to this weapon.
    The Great Foundry, Godsman Hall, Keldor of Durian
    Damage: 5-12 Crushing
    Enchanted: +2
    +2 Crushing Damage
    +1 to Charisma
    +1 to Armor Class
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 6
    Weight: 5
    Proficiency: Hammers
    Usable only by Fighters
    Usable only by Godsmen
    You must join the Godsmen faction to get access to this weapon.
    The Great Foundry, Godsman Hall, Keldor of Durian
    Damage: 2-7 Piercing
    Enchanted: +2
    +2 Piercing Damage
    +1 to Charisma
    +1 to Armor Class
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 1
    Weight: 1
    Proficiency: Daggers
    Usable only by Fighters
    Usable only by Godsmen
    You must join the Godsmen faction to get access to this weapon.
    Scroll of Chain Lightning Storm
    The Great Foundry, Godsman Hall, Keldor of Durian
    Level: 6 / Wizard
    Usable only by Mages
    Does 7-70 points worth of fire damage to all enemies within range.
    Scroll of Cloudkill
    Lower Ward, The Warehouse, Conall / Clerk's Ward, Curiosity Shop, Vrischika
    Level: 5 / Wizard
    Usable only by Mages
    Kills all susceptible creatures within range. Your best bet against Larval 
    Scroll of Power Word, Blind
    Clerk's Ward, Civic Festhall, Splinter
    Level: 8 / Wizard
    Usable only by Mages
    Blinds up to 100 HP worth of enemies for a duration varying by how many 
    enemies are affected (the less affected, the longer the blindnes lasts).
    Scroll of Power Word, Kill
    Grimoire of Pestilential Thought / Carceri, warehouse, Ancient Scroll
    Level: 9 / Wizard
    Range: 15 feet per 2 levels
    Area of Effect: 1 creature
    Saving Throw: None
    Usable only by Mages
    Kills outright any victim with up to 120 HP. I had to kill one of my 
    companions before the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought would fork this one 
    over. Oddly enough, my alignment remained at Neutral Good?!
    Hammer of Comminution
    Clerk's Ward, Curiosity Shop, Vrischika
    Damage: 4-14 Crushing
    Enchanted: +1
    Special: 1-6 Acid Damage
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 10
    Weight: 10
    Proficiency: Hammers
    Usable only by Fighters
    The most bad-ass weapon in the game!
    Punch Daggers of Shar
    Lower Ward, Siege Tower, Coaxmetal
    Damage: 1-4 Piercing
    Enchanted: +3
    +2 to All Saving Throws
    +35% Resistance to Magic
    Speed: 2
    Weight: 2
    Proficiency: Fists
    Usable only by Fighters and Thieves
    Brimstone Hammer
    Player's Maze, NE section, campfire / Lower Ward, Siege Tower, Coaxmetal
    Damage: 2-9 Crushing
    Enchanted: +1
    +4 Fire Damage
    +25% Resistance to Fire
    THACO: +1
    Speed: 7
    Weight: 5
    Proficiency: Hammers
    Usable only by Fighters
    Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Lower Ward, Siege Tower, Coaxmetal
    Damage: 4-6 Crushing
    Damage: 4-6 Piercing
    Enchanted: +1
    THACO: +3
    Speed: 1
    Weight: 2
    Proficiency: Fists
    Usable only by Fighters and Thieves
    The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought
    Lower Ward, underneath Lothar the Mage's house, Mantuok the wererat
    Only useful to Mages, and only those leaning toward the dark side... once 
    identified this book talks to you! You can get some powerful spells from it, 
    but you need to perform some cruel deeds before the Grimoire will fork 
    over :-(
    Bolts of Whistling Doom
    Modron Maze / Outer Curst, Crumplepunch the smith
    Damage: 4-16 Crushing
    Enchanted: +2
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 10
    Weight: 0
    Proficiency: Missiles
    This is Nordom's ultimate weapon, but they are quickly depleted. Use them 
    wisely! You should find a few packs of 10 on the dead High Threat Constructs 
    in the Modron Maze, but you can also buy them from Crumplepunch the smith 
    in Outer Curst.
    Bolts of Kessek the Devourer
    Modron Maze
    (Minor Artifacts)
    Damage: 4-8 Piercing
    Enchanted: +2
    THACO: +4
    Speed: 5
    Weight: 0
    Proficiency: Missiles
    Only managed to find one pack of these on a dead High Threat Construct in 
    the Modron Maze.
    Clerk's Ward, Civic Festhall, your private quarters
    This is another one of your journals in disguise! You need to seek out 
    Finam the linguist in order to decipher the strange language it's written in.
    Bodice of the Godless Priestess
    Clerk's Ward, Goncalves the tailor
    Armor Class 5
    Memorize 3 Additional 1st level Priest spells
    Memorize 2 Additional 2nd level Priest spells
    Weight: 5
    Usable only by Fall-From-Grace
    Doesn't do anything for Grace's AC, but the 5 extra spell slots are a great 
    Bodice of the Perilous Quest
    Clerk's Ward, Goncalves the tailor
    Armor Class 5
    Special: Increases Regeneration
    Weight: 6
    Usable only by Fall-From-Grace
    Gives Grace a regeneration ability much like that of TNO.
    Jerkin of the Brazen Rogue
    Clerk's Ward, Goncalves the tailor
    Armor Class 4
    THACO: +1
    Weight: 12
    Usable only by Annah
    Knocks 4 points off Annah's AC! Also makes her a better fighter.
    Jerkin of the Flitting Shadow
    Clerk's Ward, Goncalves the tailor
    Armor Class 6
    +15% Pick Pocket Skill Bonus
    +25% Stealth Skill Bonus
    Weight: 8
    Usable only by Annah
    Knocks 2 points off Annah's AC and improves her Thief skills.
    Mad Splinter
    Clerk's Ward, Galleria, Stone Statue
    Damage: 2-5 Piercing
    Enchanted: +1
    Poisons Target
    Fragile, Breakable
    Speed: 1
    Weight: 1
    Proficiency: Edged
    Not usable by Priests
    One of the more useful Edged weapons in the game, but prone to breaking.
    Lens of Inherent Viciousness
    Clerk's Ward, Curiosity Shop, Vrischika
    Special: +2 to Damage
    THACO: +2 to Missile Weapons
    Usable only by Modrons
    Makes Nordom all that more... vicious :-)
    Deionarra's Wedding Ring
    Clerk's Ward, Advocate's House, Iannis
    +1 to All Saving Throws
    +1 to Armor Class
    +3 to Armor Class vs. Piercing
    Weight: 0
    Usable only by Nameless One
    When you collect Deionarra's legacy this is one of the items you receive.
    Kaleidoscopic Eye
    Clerk's Ward, Advocate's House, Iannis
    Invokes "Chromatic Orb" when held
    Special: Equipped
    +1 to All Saving Throws
    +1 to Save vs. Spells
    +5% Resistance to Magic
    Weight: 0
    Usable only by Good creatures
    When you collect the legacy numbered '51-AA' that you found out about from 
    reading the Dodecahedron, this is one of the items you receive.
    Ravel's Fingernail
    Ravel's Maze, Ravel
    (Unique, Artifact)
    Damage: 2-7 Piercing
    Enchanted: +2
    Special: 1-12 Poison Damage
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 1
    Weight: 1
    Proficiency: Edged
    Not usable by Priests
    You get this weapon off Ravel's body.
    Assassin's Knuckles
    Outer Curst, Crumplepunch the smith
    Damage: 1-10 Piercing
    Enchanted: +3
    Causes Stunning
    THACO: +3
    Speed: 1
    Weight: 1
    Proficiency: Fists
    Usable only by Thieves
    One of the better hand-to-hand weapons in the game!
    Outer Curst, Crumplepunch the smith
    Damage: 4-14 Crushing
    Enchanted: +2
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 10
    Weight: 15
    Proficiency: Hammers
    Usable only by Fighters
    Blind Terror
    Outer Curst, Crumplepunch the smith
    Damage: 1-2 Crushing
    Enchanted: +2
    Causes Blindness
    2-8 Acid Damage
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 5
    Weight: 4
    Proficiency: Clubs
    Usable only by Thieves
    Not much up-front damage... but the possibility of causing Acid Damage and/or 
    blindness makes this a formidable weapon.
    Scroll of Abyssal Fury
    Outer Curst, Traitor's Gate tavern, Kitla
    Level: 9 / Wizard
    Range: 50 feet
    Duration: Instant
    Speed: 9
    Area of effect: 1 creature
    Usable only by Mages
    Kitla gives you this scroll when you complete the quest for her part of the 
    Key. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful spells in the game. Even a 
    successful saving throw results in a lot of damage to the victim, whereas 
    a failure to save means instant death! Unfortunately, it's doubtful that you 
    or anyone in your party will have attained a sufficient Mage level to use 
    it... just yet, that is :-)
    "Celestial Fire"
    Curst Underground, Prison - Inner Sanctum, Cassius / Carceri, Administration 
    Building - 3rd floor, Trias
    Damage: 3-18 Slashing
    Enchanted: +2
    +2 to Armor Class
    +10 Fire Damage
    +10% Resistance to Slashing Attacks
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 3
    Weight: 5
    Proficiency: Edged
    Usable only by Lawful Good characters
    Obviously the best sword in the game, but there'd have to be a catch, 
    wouldn't there? You can only use it if you're of Lawful Good alignment.
    Hatred's Gift
    Outlands, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    Damage: 3-13 Slashing
    Enchanted: +1
    Special: Berserk when used
    THACO: +1
    Speed: 7
    Weight: 7
    Proficiency: Axes
    Not usable by Good characters
    Not a very useful weapon, because the item is cursed. The user goes berserk 
    and loses control in battle.
    Scroll of Globe of Invulnerability
    Outlands, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    Level: 6 / Wizard
    Range: 0 feet
    Duration: 5 seconds per level
    Speed: 3
    Area of effect: 5 feet radius
    Saving throw: None
    Usable only by Mages
    Allows all spells that you cast to flow outwards, but only spells of level 5 
    or greater to come inwards.
    Scroll of Stygian Ice Storm
    Outlands, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    Level: 7 / Wizard
    Range: 50 feet
    Duration: Special
    Speed: 7
    Area of effect: 50 ft x 50 ft area
    Saving throw: Special
    Usable only by Mages
    Does 8-64 points of ice damage, with no saving throw - plus confuses all 
    affected for 5-30 seconds, due to forgetful effect of River Styx.
    Scroll of Chain Lightning Storm
    Outlands, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    Level: 6 / Wizard
    Range: 50 feet
    Duration: Special
    Speed: 6
    Area of effect: 50 ft x 50 ft area
    Saving throw: 1/2
    Usable only by Mages
    Does up to 70 points of damage, with saving throw reducing this to half.
    Scroll of Acid Storm
    Outlands, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    Level: 7 / Wizard
    Range: 30 feet
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Speed: 7
    Area of effect: 20 ft radius up to 20 ft high
    Saving throw: 1/2
    Usable only by Mages
    Does 1-6 points of acid damage per level of caster every 5 seconds, with 
    saving throw reducing this to half.
    Scroll of Bladestorm
    Outlands, Fhjull Forked-Tongue
    Level: 7 / Wizard
    Range: 75 feet
    Duration: Instant
    Speed: 7
    Area of effect: 10 yards per level radius
    Saving throw: 1/2
    Usable only by Mages
    Inflicts 1-8 points of damage per level of the caster, plus an additional 
    2-20 points of damage on a natural roll of 20 (and it's obvious that sporadic 
    bits of the AD&D rules found their way straight into the game text!)
    Aegis of Torment
    Curst Gone, fiend from Moridor's box
    +3 to Constitution
    +15 to Base Hit Points 
    +3 to Armor Class
    Weight: 0
    This fiend, in the form of a Greater Glabrezu, is especially tough to beat, 
    but is it worth it for the XP and this artefact? You bet!
    Scroll of Deathbolt
    Carceri, Tovus
    Level: 8 / Wizard
    Range: 100 feet
    Duration: Instant
    Speed: 9
    Area of effect: 1 creature
    Saving throw: Special
    Usable only by Mages
    Tovus gives you this scroll after you free him and Berrog from being pinned 
    under the cart. Kills target creature if no saving throw is made, else deals 
    out 10-60 points of damage.
    Scroll of Desert Hell
    Carceri, Warehouse, Ebb Creakknees
    Level: 5 / Wizard
    Range: 50 feet
    Duration: Instant
    Speed: 5
    Area of effect: 50 x 50 ft
    Saving throw: 1/2
    Usable only by Mages
    Does 2-40 points of fire damage, with saving throw reducing this to half.
    Ancient Scroll
    Carceri, Warehouse, left of entrance in pile of boards
    Turns out to be a Wish Scroll. If TNO is at least a level 12 Mage, he can use 
    it once to wish for any one of the following:
    1. Arcane Knowledge. This choice conjures up the following spells: Power Word 
    (Kill), Stygian Ice Storm, and Meteor Storm Bombardment
    2. An Increase in Abilities (+2 to one of your stats)
    3. An Item of Power. Produces the Ring of Thex, which adds dramatically to 
    your HP, AC, and adds 2 to all saving throws
    4. You can heal your entire party
    5. 10,000 CP in wealth
    Mark of the Savant
    Carceri, Administration Building - 3rd floor, locked and trapped desk
    Damage: 3-18 Piercing
    Enchanted: +4
    +2 to Armor Class
    +1 to Dexterity
    +15 to Base Hit Points 
    +25% Open Locks Skill Bonus
    +25% Stealth Skill Bonus
    +10% Detect Trap Skill Bonus
    THACO: +3
    Speed: 2
    Weight: 3
    Proficiency: Fists
    Usable only by Thieves
    Best item for Annah (or yourself as a Thief) in the game, bar none!
    "Edge of Oblivion"
    Carceri, Administration Building - 3rd floor, locked and trapped desk
    Damage: 2-9 Slashing
    Enchanted: +2
    1-6 Cold Damage to target
    +50% Resistance to Cold
    +25% Resistance to Magical Cold
    THACO: +1
    Speed: 8
    Weight: 10
    Proficiency: Axes
    Not usable by Good characters
    A good weapon for Vhailor.
    Vrock Club
    Carceri, Administration Building - 3rd floor, locked and trapped desk
    Damage: 4-16 Crushing
    Enchanted: +2
    Special: Poisons Target
    THACO: +2
    Speed: 3
    Weight: 4
    Proficiency: Clubs
    Only usable by Thieves
    Made from a poisonous creature called a 'vrock', this weapons deals out 
    poison damage in addition to tremendous crushing damage.
    Scroll of Celestial Host
    Carceri, Administration Building - 3rd floor, Trias
    Level: 9 / Wizard
    Range: 100 feet
    Duration: Instant
    Speed: 9
    Area of effect: 50 ft. x 50 ft. area
    Saving throw: None
    Usable only by Mages
    A truly awesome spell. Deals out 40-120 points of damage, with no saving 
    throw possible!
    Entropic Blade
    Lower Ward, Siege Tower, Coaxmetal
    Damage: 3-23 (type of damage varies)
    Enchanted: +2
    THAC0: +2
    Speed: 1
    Weight: 1
    Proficiency: Edged, Axes, Hammers, or Fists!
    Usable only by Fighters
    You can obtain this weapon when you return to Sigil from Carceri, and visit 
    Coaxmetal again (you have to give him the Modron Cube. Probably not a good 
    thing for the Planes, but what the heck). By talking to it, you can change 
    its form to suit your fighting skills!
    Important People
    Characters you'll meet throughout the course of the game who may join your 
    The Mortuary - 2nd floor
    Morte joins your party immediately you awake on the slab in the Mortuary 
    at the beginning of the game. Of course, you can always get rid of him, but 
    I found him to be a useful Fighter (especially during the early part of the 
    game where TNO is relatively weak), and for the most part welcomed his banter 
    throughout the game.
    The Hive - SE region, Smoldering Corpse bar
    You can acquire the githzerai Dak'kon in the Smoldering Corpse bar. He's a 
    multi-classed Fighter/Mage who comes with a small arsenal of 
    githzerai-specific spells, but he can memorise other spells too. It's unusual 
    for a gith to be subservient to a human, but you'll find out the reason for 
    this in due time. Whether or not you intend on becoming a Mage, it's worth it 
    for a brief time alone - if only for Dak'kon to teach you the Way of 
    Zerthimon :-)
    Buried Village, Pharod's lair 
    Ah, dear Annah! The love interest in this game, though it's a quirky 
    touch-and-go affair at best. Annah will not join your party until you present 
    the Bronze Sphere to Pharod. She's a Thief, and the only weapons she can use 
    are Punch Daggers. Fortunately, you find more powerful variations of these as 
    you progress through the game (plus some armour made especially for her), and 
    she eventually becomes a tenacious scrapper.
    The Hive - SE region, Smoldering Corpse bar
    Ignus the Mage will join your party once you put his fire out using the 
    Decanter of Endless Water. Like Dak'kon, he comes pre-equipped with 
    indigenous (fire based) spells, but can use any other Mage spell. If you're a 
    Mage too, then Ignus can eventually do something with your Intestines...
    Clerk's Ward, Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts
    You need to solve all the problems concerning her students before Grace will 
    join your party. She's the only Priest in the game, and invaluable for her 
    healing skills. Also, she's as good looking as TNO is ugly, thus providing 
    some balance to the party's appearance :-)
    Grace also possesses a very high Lore skill, and can identify quite a few 
    items without having to resort to Identify spell or Charm of Infinite Recall.
    Modron Maze
    You have to set the difficulty of the Modron Maze/Dungeon to 'hard' and work 
    your way through a load of High Threat Constructs in order to find Nordom. 
    Nordom is a great Fighter, and the better class of arrows you find for him, 
    the better he gets!
    Curst Underground, Prison
    You'll miss out on Vhailor if you don't look past the exit portal from the 
    Prison, as I did the first time I played. Vhailor is a strong Fighter with a 
    lot of HP... but you may find it difficult to get his AC down to a decent 
    level as you acquire him towards the latter part of the game, when all the 
    enchanted rings and such are already being used by other party members :-(
    I'd like to thank the following people for contributing to the latest version 
    of this guide. Thanks very much for the tips and corrections :-)
    Donald Raoul
    Copyright Steve Metzler (smetzler@gofree.indigo.ie) for the Games Domain - 
    September, 2000. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without written 
    permission from the author.

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