How do i get Neverwinter Nights to play again and how do i fix module creation runtime errors?

  1. - I got the Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition and played it with no updates and the game played fine. I also created a very basic module and created some items in the module. i have had problems with "runtime error" when creating items each occurance of which caused the program to crash, However, I was able to get back into it through toolset and modify things until the next occurance crashed each time. I was also able to play the module i created and successfully exported the character with the items i placed in the module. I also successfully tested the items in the normal game. during play i also used codes to increase ability scores. I also beat the game (ok i cheated). i experienced some problems at the final battle of the very last module of Hordes of the Underdark, but I attribue this to high resolution settings.
    - I then decided to play Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold Edition so installed that and downloaded the patch for it, but before i played it i decided to download the patch for Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition and play around with that some more. I started a new game importing the same character starting on chapter 2 of Hordes of the Underdark just to see what it looked like. That character had the same items that i had created in my custom module. I then successfully exported the character and then quit. I then loaded my custom module and modified some of my previously created items that character had in order to include the new updates, encountering the same errors as usual. I then finished and played my module importing my character. I picked up the items and exported my character successfully. I then brought up the tool set to further modify the items, getting the same errors as usual. I then tried to play it. When I clicked "play" the NWloader screen popped up as usual (with the NWN eye icon) and then shut down. I gave up and switched back to NWN 2 Gold and it did the same thing. so i uninstalled both programs. retaining the previously created module and characters and save games from Neverwinter Nights Platinum.
    - I reinstalled Neverwinter Nights Platinum (didnt mess with NWN 2 Gold since then) downloaded the patch again. I got the same results as when i frist downloaded the patch, and also had the same problems with runtime errors when modifying the previously created module.
    - So I uninstalled again this time deleting my previously created module, saved characters, and saved games (all that work gone!). I reinstalled and downloaded the patch. I created a brand new character starting at the beginning and played through the prolougue and part of chapter one with no problems. I eported my character, saved the game and then quit. I then recreated my module from scratch and created new items for my new character (having the same "runtime error" as before), And it happened again. I clicked "play" and the NWloader screen came up and then it jsut shut down again. restarted, rinsed, and repeated.
    - The game i have is the Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition updated to version 1.69.8109 English. My operating system is Windows Vista and i have DirectX 10.
    - Is it the game? Is it my system? Is it my drivers? (how do i check those, im not computer savy) Is it the patch? Or is this just what i get for cheating? But even so, I should still be able to create a module and successfully play it.

    User Info: merekstorrgaard

    merekstorrgaard - 8 years ago

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  1. You have the same problem that i do but my problem is with nwn2. You need to send an e-mail do the support.
    If you dont know whats the supports email you go to the last page of neverwinter nights manual book and then you have the email. They will send you a email asking for you to press Win+R at the same time and send them that file .

    User Info: jb97

    jb97 - 8 years ago 1 0

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