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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Orest

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                                  Neverwinter Nights
                              FAQ and Walkthrough v1.2
                              Copyright 2002 by Orest (y_orest@yahoo.com)
    Last updated on October 16, 2002
     This document was written by Orest also known as D.Y. and cannot be used
    without his permission. To receive my permission you need only one thing: email
    (y_orest@yahoo.com) me and receive my permission. Of course, you can read and
    print this document but don't post this document on your site without my
    permission. I hate copyright violence so don't angry me.
     If you have questions about my guide or want to add or correct something then
    send me a message (y_orest@yahoo.com). But don't try to send letters with some
    nasty remarks. Please put "NWN" subject when emailing me. Latest updates of
    this guide are available at www.gamefaqs.com and www.neoseeker.com. I am sorry
    if I don't respond to the letters because I read my mailbox not often. I can
    respond to the letters lately.
      v1.0 The first release of the NWN FAQ/Walkthrough (September 25, 2002)
      v1.1 Second version (October 7, 2002)
           Added some additional information
           Fixed some grammar and spell mistakes
           Corrected some information
           Added arcane spells section
           Luskan: Colmorr's Fantabulous Contraptulater quest solution (by Madruk)
      v1.2 Current version (October 16, 2002)
           I've beaten the game again with rogue(11)/ranger(9) character so I've
    included some major updates
           Added some additional information
           Fixed some grammar and spell mistakes
           Corrected some information
           Added divine spells section
           Added some secondary quests (South Road: Poor Neva, Luskan: The Ghoul
    Lords, Luskan: The Ruins of Illusk)
           All henchman quests completed
          9)my characters
         10)arcane spells
         11)divine spells
          2)Chapter 1
            a)City Core
            b)Peninsula District
            c)Blacklake District
            d)Docks District
            e)Beggar's Nest
            g)Henchmans and their quests (all quests completed)
          3)Chapter 2
            a)Port Llast
            b)North (North Road)
            c)East  (East Road, Neverwinter Wood)
            d)South (South Road, Charwood)
            e)Luskan and Host tower
            f)Henchmans and their quests (all quests completed)
          4)Chapter 3
            a)Beorunna's Well
            d)Fort Ilkard
            e)Henchman and their quests (all quests completed)
          5)Chapter 4
            Final Battle
    PART 0 Introduction
       In this FAQ I will cover some aspects about Neverwinter Nights game
    processing. Part 1 explains the aspects of the creating the main hero of the
    game. There is no information in the FAQ that is available in the manual just
    only my opinion. I beat the game twice and have some experience. Of course, it
    is possible to spoil the game if for example create the fighter with strength
    8, and so here some my advices on creating characters. Part 2 contains some
    general information about the game and some strategy tips based on my
    experience. I recommend you to choose D&D Hardcore Rules difficulty level
    because the lower difficulty levels make the game very easy and boring. Part 3
    contains the full walkthrough and secondary quests. It also contains henchman's
    I also recommend you to read the game manual because it contains a lot of
    information about NWN rules and creating characters.
    Part 1 Creating main character
       9)my characters
       10)arcane spells
       11)divine spells
     I've found that gender has some influence on the NPC dialogs and some game
    environment . But this part of the character creation is not important.
    Here is all races and some my advices about this races. I will not cover the
    race characteristics because they are available in game manual.
     Human is not a bad choice for all classes. Humans does not have real bonuses
    and no penalties and they are very smart than other races. A human rogue with
    high intelligence will gain a lot of skill points.
    Recommended classes: all, but for some classes other races more recommended.
    Not recommended classes: none.
     Elves are a good choice for wizard and rogue characters, especially ranged
    weapon fighters, but -2 CON penalty makes them bad melee fighters.
     Recommended classes: wizard, rogue, ranged weapon fighter classes.
     Not recommended classes: melee fighter classes.
     Dwarves are an excellent choice for fighters and barbarians, but for
    charismatic characters not recommended.
     Recommended classes:fighter,barbarian,ranger.
     Not recommended classes: bards, sorcerers, paladins.
     Other classes: you can experiment with other classes.
      Halfing have some thieving bonuses.
     Recommended classes: rogue(highly recommended).
     Not recommended classes:fighter,barbarian,paladin,monk.
     Other classes: you can experiment with other classes.
    Gnomes are a good choice for spellcasters.
    Recommended classes:wizard,sorcerer.
    Not Recommended classes:fighter, barbarian, paladin, monk, ranger.
    Other classes: you can experiment with other classes.
    Half-elves are not so smart as humans, but they gain some nice bonuses and no
    Recommended classes: all.
    Not recommended classes: none.
    I did not find in manual any information about this half-orc ability but when I
    create half-orc fighter character I receive one extra feat as humans receive.
    Half-Orcs are an excellent choice for stupid chaotic evil fighters who crush
    everything in this world. Low wisdom for this characters not recommended
    because mind-affecting spells will nerve
    you. My henchman was Daelon and Owl's Wosdom was one of my favourite spells
    because he ran from battle while fighting some evil mummies and other monsters
    with aura of fear, but his damage make him killing machine.
    Recommended classes:Barbarian,Fighter.
    Not recommended: wizard, sorcerer, bard, paladin.
    Other classes: you can experiment with other classes.
     Here is classes and my advices. Multiclass system I will not cover because I
    played with single class characters. I will not cover the characteristics which
    are covered in manual.
      This class gains a lot of hit points (HP) per level, more then other classes
    and with high constitution you can reach wonderful results in gaining HP. Use
    Rage ability in battles and take Power Attack feat.Good for offensive fighting
    and exotic weapons feat recommended.
    Defense is fair but for barbarians with low or medium dexterity armor
    proficiency (heavy) feat recommended to increase defense.
    Abilities:high strength(STR) and constitution(CON) recommended,low or medium
    dexterity(DEX), for human and half-orcs characters medium wisdom(WIS)
    recommended, you can increase your intelligence (INT) for more skill points but
    high INT is not recommended,low charisma(CHA). About skills and feats see in
    Feats and Skills section.
      The maximum bard's spell level is level 6 so bard need CHA 16 to cast level 6
      Fair for offensive fighting and fair defense. Heavy armor not recommended
    because arcane spell failure will be very high in heavy armor.
    Advices:medium STR, medium or high CON,medium or high DEX,low or medium WIS,
    low or medium INT, medium or high CHA (I recommend CHA 14+ , at high levels CHA
    must be 16+).
     To cast a spell must have WIS 10+spell's level (at the higher levels WIS 19+
    recommended in order to cast level 9 spells).
     Fair for offensive fighting and good defense  (high DEX not recommended
    because heavy armor has some DEX penalties).
    Advices:medium STR,medium CON,high WIS (16+ ) (I recommend WIS 16),medium
    INT,low or medium DEX, medium or high CHA (cleric's Turn Undead ability based
    on CHA modifier and cleric's level ).
     To cast a spell must have WIS 10+spell's level (at the higher levels WIS 19+
    recommended in order to cast level 9 spells).
     Bad in offensive fighting and fair defense (armor proficiency(heavy armor)
    feat recommended)
     spells: Divine (druids cannot access some cleric's spells (such as
    Ressurection), but have some unique spells which cannot be accessed by
    Advices: medium STR, medium or high CON,high WIS (16+),low or medium INT,low or
    medium DEX,low or medium CHA.
      Good in offensive fighting and good defense (high DEX not recommended)
     Recommended INT 13, because some useful fighter feats require INT 13.
    Advices:high STR and CON,low or medium WIS,INT 13,low or medium DEX,low CHA.
      Monks are specialists in unarmed strike and during leveling up gain some
    useful attack and defense bonuses.
     Bad armor defense, but monk defence bonuses compensate this penalty.
    Advices:high STR,medium or high CON,medium or high WIS,medium or high DEX,low
    INT and CHA.
     To cast spells must have WIS 10+spell's level (max spell level 4)
     Good in offensive fighting and good defense.
    Advices:high STR,medium or high CON,WIS 14+,low or medium DEX,low or medium
    INT,medium or high (very good) CHA.
     To cast spells must have WIS 10+spell's level (max spell level 4)
     Good in offence and fair defense. Remember that ranger receive for free some
    useful two-weapon fighting feats.
    Advices:medium or high STR,medium or high CON,WIS 14,medium or high DEX,low or
    medium INT,low CHA.
      Fair offence(special assasin's weapons will be useful ,sneak attack is very
    good and not good armor defence (recommended high DEX).
      skill points per level:8+INT modifier(!!!) (VERY GOOD)
      Sneak Attack(extra damage (+1d6 damage at 1-st level and +1d6 damage every
    two levels), some creatures are immune to sneak attack)
    Advices:medium STR,medium or high CON,low or may be medium WIS,high DEX,low or
    medium INT(medium or high INT is not a bad idea),low or medium CHA. Human rogue
    will be smart one but halfing or elf is a good choice too.
      to cast spell must have CHA 10+spell's level (at the higher levels CHA 19
      Bad offence and bad armor defense (using armor feats not recommended because
    spell failure penalties)
      Light armor is not a bad idea.
      Few skill points.
       Special Abilities:
         does not need to prepare spells every day unlike wizard and can cast
    spells multiply times, but cannot memorize spells from scrolls to the spellbook
    and has lesser spell slots than wizard, gain new spells when leveling up and
    can get rid of useless spells when leveling up.
    Advices:low STR,medium or high CON,low or medium WIS,medium or high DEX,medium
    INT,high CHA16+.
      to cast spell must have INT 10+spell's level (at the higher level INT 19
      Very bad offense and bad armor defense. Spells and only spells.
      For this class high INT required to cast high level spell, first it seems
    that wizards gain few skill points, but high INT compensate this disadvantage
    (my character human wizard with INT 23 at level 20 gained 9 skill points).
      special abilities:
       wizard specialist(while creating new wizard character you can become
    specialist in some magic school, it has some advantages in chosen magic school
    and disadvantages because every magic school has prohibited school of magic).
    Wizard specialist gains one additional slot for each spell level but cannot
    cast the spells from prohibited school of magic.
       need to prepare spells every day and can cast each spell once per day,
    contain more spell slots than sorcerer, can memorize spells from scrolls and
    get rid of useless spells from memory at any time.
       Use some metamagic feats.
    Advices:low STR,medium or high CON,low or medium WIS,medium or high DEX,high
    INT(16+),low CHA.
    4) alignment
      There are 9 alignments in Neverwinter Nights: lawful good, lawful
    neutral,lawful evil,neutral good,true neutral,neutral evil,chaotic good,chaotic
    neutral,chaotic evil. Remember that your actions in game can change your
    alignment and if you break your class alignment restriction you cannot gain new
    levels,for example nonlawful good paladin cannon gain levels until he would
    become lawful good again. Alignment influence on NPC's reaction and can be
    changed during the game with your actions. For example, if you have lawful(85)
    good(60) alignment and then some evil action decrease your good alignment
    towards 10 and your alignment will be lawful(85) neutral(50).
      I recommend you to choose alignment according to your future actions(good or
    evil,lawful or chaotic).
     With higher strength you can do much damage in melee combat and can carry more
    items in inventory. High STR recommended for melee fighters.
     DEX modifier adds to AC and Reflex saving throws,range weapon fighters need
    high DEX. High DEX is strongly recommended for rogues.Low DEX  recommended for
    characters who wear heavy armor and don't use ranged weapons.
     High CON increase your number of hit point and hit point you gained per level.
    CON modifier adds to your fortitude saving throw (very useful) and spellcasters
    with low constitution can easily be interrupted while casting spells.Low CON
    not recommended for all classes.
     Number of skill points you gain per level depends on INT modifier. INT is very
    important for wizard class: with high INT wizard can cast more spells, their
    spells are more powerful and it is very hard to resist this spells(INT is added
    to your spell DC when enemy attempts saving throw against spell). Strongly
    recommended for wizards.Low INT is not recommended for characters who gain few
    skill points per level.
     WIS modifier adds to Will saving throw. WIS is very important for clerics and
    druids, and important for rangers and paladins. Low wisdom not recommended for
    halfings,humans,half-orcs(I recommend 10+). I've found that with high WIS some
    NPC dialogs appear with 'Insight' option which are not available for characters
    with lower WIS.
     CHA is very important for sorcerers and paladins,important for bards,clerics
    and monks. It influence cleric's and paladin's turn undead ability. I think
    that CHA is useless for other classes , especially for evil characters(not
      I will not describe each skill because you can read their description during
    the game. I describe only my opinion about all skills. You need only one skill
    point to increase your class skill else you need two skill points.
      1)Animal empathy
     Accesible only by druids and rangers.Recommended for druids and rangers.
     Strongly recommended for spellcasters (especially
      3)Disable Trap
     Recommended for all characters because there are a LOT OF traps in the game
    and some traps damages you greatly and can kill you instantly.
     Not bad for melee fighters classes
     Recommended for all characters exept clerics
     Recommended for stealth characters especially rogues.
     Useless skill
     Useless, because you can identify items with traders.
      9)Move silently
      Recommended for stealth characters, especially rogues.
      10)Open lock
      Not recommended for wizards and sorcerers and characters with high
    STR,because  lock can be opened with spells or bashed with weapon. Recommended
    for rogues and bards.
      Recommended for melee fighter classes but this skill is not so important for
      Bard unique skill.Increase as high as possible.
      Very interesting skill. I recommend for all characters because it makes game
    more interesting. This skill works in conversation. With this skill you can
    purchase good items, more gold from NPC and access some NPC quests.
      14)Pick Pocket
      Recommended for bards and rogues.
      Recommended for all classes exept wizards,sorcerers and bards,because they
    have find traps spell.
      16)Set traps
      May be for rogues but I thing it is useless.
      Strongly recommended for spellcasters. It helps them to identify spell and
    perform counter spell.
      Useless skill
      Useless.May be for evil characters.
      20)Use magic device
      Only for rogues and bards. Very useful.
     Some advices about feats.
     2.Ambidexterity(requires DEX 15+)
      Good for two weapon fighters
     3.Armor Proficiency (light,medium,heavy)
      Some classes have this feat as default.
     4.Called shot (requires base attack bonus +1 or higher)
      Good for fighter classes
     5. Cleave (requires STR 13+ and Power Attack feat)
      Not bad for melee fighter classes
     6.Combat Casting
      Spellcasters must have
     7.Deflect arrows(require DEX 13+,Improve unarmed strike feat)
      Not bad for all characters.Monks receive this for free at level 2.
     8.Disarm (requires INT 13+)
      Not bad for melee fighters
     9.Dodge(requires DEX 13+)
      Not recommended for wearers heavy armor, but it is not bad.
     10.Empower spell (Metamagic)
       Good for spellcasters(FireBall or Chain Lighting spell with this feat very
     11.Extend Spell(Metamagic)
       Not bad for spellcasters
     12.Extra Turning(for clerics and paladins)
     13.Great fortitude
       Usefull for all
     14.Improved critical(requires proficiency with chosen weapon and attack bonus
       Very good for nonmagic characters
     15.Improved disarm(INT 13+,Disarm feat)
       good for fighter classes
     16.Improved knockdown(requires Knockdown feat and base attack bonus +7)
       very good for melee fighters
     17.Improved Parry(Int 13+)
       good for melee fighters
     18.Improved Power Attack(STR 13+,Power attack feat)
       very useful for fighters anf barbarians
     19.Improved Two-weapon fighting(requires two-weapon fighting and ambidexterity
       for two-weapon fighters
     20.Improved unarmed strike
       for monks(they receive this feat for free)
     21.Iron will
       for characters with low WIS
       fighters and barbarians must have, very useful for fighters classes.
     23.Lighting reflexes
       for characters with low DEX
     24.Maximize spell(metamagic)
       expensive pleasure
     25.Mobility (DEX 13+ ,Dodge feat)
       recommended for fighter and rogue classes.Not recommended for wearers heavy
     26.Point Blank Shot
       range weapon fighters must have this feat
     27.Power Attack(STR 13+)
       Fighters,Barbarians and other fighter classes must have this feat)
     28.Quicken spell(metamagic, ability to cast 4-th level spells)
       Very expensive pleasure(for example with this feat you can cast maximum
    level 6 spells on level 9 spell slots)
     29.Rapid Shot(DEX 13+,Point Blank Shot)
        for range weapon fighters
     30.Sap(Base attack bonus +1,Called shot feat)
       not bad for fighter and rogue characters
       not bad for rogues
     32.Silent spell
       useless (may be in Multiplayer)
     33.Skill focus
      for all characters who wants increase some skill but I don't  recommend this
     34.Spell focus
      very good for wizards and sorcerers
     35.Spell penetration
       spellcasters must have
     36.Still spell
       very useful for wizards who wants wear some heavy or medium armor without
    spell penalties
       You can choose all three armor proficiency feats and this feat then wear
    some magical heavy or medium armor and prepare all spells with this feat. Only
    level 9 spells will suffer armor penalties.
     37.Stunning fist(DEX 13+,WIS 13+,Sap,Improved Unarmed Strike,base attack bonus
        Monks receive this feat for free, for other characters it is very expensive
       very good at lower levels, bad at higher and medium levels. For all classes.
       if you choose this feat at level 1 then at level 20 you will have additional
    20 hit points
       (good for spellcasters and rogues)
     39. Two-Weapon Fighting
       for two-weapon fighters
     40. weapon finesse(base attack bonus 1+)
       very good for rogues and light weapon fighters with high DEX
     41.Weapon focus(proficiensy with chosen weapon, base attack bonus 1+)
       fighters must have for weapon specialization feat
     42.Weapon proficiency exotic
       good for monks
     43.Weapon proficiency martial
       all fighter classes exept monks receive this feat for free
       not bad for clerics
     44.Weapon proficiency simple
       all classes exept monks,druids,rogues and wizards receive this feat for free
     45.Weapon Specialization(fighters only,base attack 4+,weapon focus feat in
    chosen weapon)
       Fighters must have
     46.Rogue Special Feats( this feats accessible only by rogue class):
      a) crippling strike
        must have
      b) opportunist
      c)skill mastery
        not bad
      d)slippery mind
        must have
      e)improved evasion
        very good
      f)defensive roll
        not bad
    8)my characters
     Here is some characters which I created and walk through the game.
     I chose D&D Hardcore Rules difficulty level.
    Character 1:
     alignment:lawful good
      STR 8
      DEX 14
      CON 14
      WIS 10
      INT 18
      CHA 8
      concentration +4
      disarm trap +2
      heal +4
      lore +4
      persuade +2
      search +2
      spellcraft +4
       default race and class feats
       combat casting
       spell penetration
     While playing this character my henchman was Daelan Red Tiger(Half-Orc
    Barbarian). At the end of the game I killed Morag Queen with one reloading. My
    favoutite spells were chain lighting, Meteor Swarm (good against crowd of
    enemies),Premonition,Protections from spells,Greater Stone skin (good
    protection spells),Greater Planar Binding( celestian avenger is very good in
    battle),Finger of Death (good against nonundead strong enemies),mass haste(good
    in critical moments),Gate(EXELLENT , before using this spell it is strongly
    recommended to cast protection from evil),ShapeChange (good if all alies are
    dead),Tenser's Transformation (use it until you reach Shapechange
    spell),Animate dead (good in the middle of the game),Dismissal(good against
    summoned enemies),hold monster(use it on melee fighers who attacks you),Time
    Stop(VERY VERY GOOD),Improved Invisibility(use it always),Resist
    elements(useful at the beginning of the game),lighting bolt,flame
    arrow,fireball(use it always),find traps(good),magic missile(use it
    always),burning hands(effective at the beginning of the game against the crowd
    of enemies),owl's wisdom(increase wisdom).
     Character 2:
      alignment:lawful evil
        STR 14
        DEX 8
        CON 14
        WIS 16
        INT 12
        CHA 12
       concentration +4
       disarm trap +2
       persuade +4
       spellcraft +4
       default race and class feats
       extra turning
       air (turn undead ability works on elementals and I gain some useful offense
    Arcane spells)
       death (summoned avatar and some good death Arcane spells)
      Playing this character was not difficult.I killed queen Morag with no
    reloadings. My henchman was Tony (rogue), Grimgnow (monk) and other henchmans
    in some locations. My hero was equiped with powerful morning star and wearing
    heavy dragon scale armor. At the end of the game my AC was 39 so queen Morag
    can't hit me with melee weapon. At level 19 I've change my class to rogue. This
    helped me to gain sneak 1d6 damage attack and skill points bonus at level 20.
    I've also increase my DEX with rogue's ring.
     Character 3:
      alignment:chaotic neutral
        STR 12
        DEX 18
        CON 12
        WIS 12
        INT 14
        CHA 8
       disarm trap +4
       hide +4
       move silently +4
       open lock +4
       persuade +4
       pick pocket +4
       search +4
       set trap +4
       spot +4
       use magic device +4
       default race and class feats
      When I achieved level 11 then I change my class to ranger. So at the end of
    the game my character was rogue(11)/ranger(9). At level 3 I chose weapon
    finesse feat and always used small weapons and long bow. My character was
    balanced melee and ranged warrior. When I chose improved disarm feat then I
    became a really good disarmer (I disarmed Loxar,Calik,Desther in chapter 1,
    Gorkan,Vardoc in chapter 2, high captains in Luskan and Aribeth in Chapter 4).
    When I became a ranger I used two-weapon tactics in melee and strong long bow
    with magical damage arrows as a ranged weapon. I created a fine dagger with
    Daze 75%/round effect in Chapter 1 and used it always. Few enemies can resist
    daze(undead, golems, immune to mind-affecting) so when the enemy became dazed I
    damaged the enemy with sneak attack (6d6 damage at level 11). In chapter 3 I
    created a powerful mace with the damage and attack bonus against undead . My AC
    was 33 at the end of the game. With rogue sneak attack and ranger's attack
    bonuses and two-weapon feats I had no problems when fighting melee fighters
    (exept undead and golems). I've killed queen Morag with no reloadings (first I
    killed two powerful Morag's lizards then I destroyed the trap and killed the
    Protector from Sword with Aribeth's Sword (my magic device skill was 16) and
    dagger with daze effect). I also used disarm and improved disarm feats with
    tough enemies. At level 10 I chose very useful crippling strike rogue feat. As
    a ranger I chose racial bonus feat against giants and lizardmen. My henchmans
    were Linu and Grimgnow.
    10) Arcane spells
      In this section there is only my opinion and strategy in using all arcane
    magic spells. Bards also use Arcane magic but I will not cover some bard spells
    which are not accessible by wizard and sorcerer.
     Level 0 spells (cantrips):
    1. Daze (Enchantment)
    2. Light (Evocation)
    3. Ray of Frost(Conjuration)
       Use it to kill some weak enemy with "near death" hit points
    4. Resisatnce (Abjuration)
     Level 1 spells:
    1. Burning Hands ( Transmutation )
       Use this spell at the beginning of the game against the crowd of enemies but
    watch your allies because they are also can be damaged by this spell (D&D
    Hardcore rules).
    2. Charm person (Enchantment)
       I found this spell useless but you can experiment with this spell on
    different NPCs.
    3. Color Spray (Illusion)
       Not bad against the crowd.
    4. Endure elements (Abjuration)
       Use it at the beginning of the game as a defensive spell until you reach
    higher defensive spells.
    5. Grease (Conjuration)
    6. Identify (Divination)
       Useless. You can identify the items by traders. Use it if you develop your
    Lore skill and cannot identify the item by yourself.
    7. Mage Armor (Conjuration)
       Forget about AC and this spell
    8. Magic Missile (Evocation)
       Very useful offensive spell during the game. Use it always.
    9. Negative energy ray (Necromancy)
       Useless. You can use it at the beginning of the game but don't use it on
    10. Protection from alignment (Abjuration)
       Use it on some figher allies. I recommend protection from evil because there
    are a lot of evil enemies. At the beginning of the game it has a short duration
    so wait until you will be more experienced.
    11. Ray of Enfeeblement (Necromancy)
        Use it against some powerful fighters. But for sorcerers it is a very
    expensive pleasure.
    12. Scare (Necromancy)
        Useful against weak enemies but you can kill this weak enemies with other
    more useful spells. Remember that some races has strong mind-affecting defence.
    Don't use it against undead.
    13. Sleep (Enchantment)
        Useless. May be against some humans and half-orcs.
    14. Summon creature (Conjuration)
        Use it until you reach more high summoning spells.
     Level 2 spells:
     1. Blindness/Deafness (Enchantment)
     2. Bull's strength (Transmutation)
        Use it on your fighter allies and on yourself to increase your inventory
     3. Cat's Grace (Transmutation)
        Use it on Tony henchman.
     4. Darkness (Evocation)
     5. Eagle's splendor (Transmutation)
        If you have low CHA then this is your spell. You can also use this spell on
    Linu henchman when fighting some undead.
     6. Endurance (Transmutation)
        Use it on yourself
     7. Fox's cunning (Transmutation)
        If you are a wizard use it always on yourself.
     8. Ghostly visage (illusion)
        Use it as a defense spell when fighting some tough enemies until you reach
    more higher spells.
     9. Ghoul touch (Necromancy)
     10.Invisibility (Illusion)
        You can use this spell to explore the area but I recommend to forget about
    this spell.
     11.Knock (Transmutation)
        Use it to unlock the locks. Very useful spell.
     12.Lesser dispel (Abjuration)
        Use it against some weak mages with defensive spell aura. But I recommend
    you to forget about spell at the beginning of the game.
     13.Melf's Acid arrow (Conjuration)
        Use it as a main level 2 offensive spell. At the end of the game this spell
    has a small effects on enemies.
     14.Owl's wisdom (Transmutation)
        Use it to compensate low mind saving throw.
     15.Resist elements (Abjuration)
        Use it as a main level 2 defense spell
     16.See Invisibility (Divination)
     17.Summon Creature 2 (Conjuration)
        Use it as main summoning level 2 spell
     18.Ultravision (Transmutation)
        Sometimes useful against the crowd of enemies.
    Level 3 spells:
     1. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (Divination)
     2. Clarity (Necromancy)
     3. Dispel magic (Abjuration)
        Use it to dispel enemy magic defense or for counterspelling
     4. Find traps (Divination)
        Use it to find and destroy traps.
     5. Fireball (Evocation)
        Use it always against the crowd of enemies. Very useful with Empower spell
     6. Flame arrow (Conjuration)
        Use it as a main level 3 offensive spell during the game
     7. Haste (Transmutation)
        Very useful but has short duration. Use it in critical situation. At the
    end of the game the duration of this spell will be good.
     8. Hold person (Enchantment)
        Use it on powerful melee fighters
     9. Invisibility sphere (Illusion)
        For amateurs
     10.Lighting Bolt (Evocation)
        Useful spell. Use it always but watch for allies near target enemy.
     11.Magic circle against alignment (Abjuration)
        Good but has a very short duration
     12. Negative energy burst (Necromancy)
        Not bad but fireball, lighting bolt and flame arrow are more recommended.
     13. Protection from Elements (Abjuration)
        Use it as a main level 3 defense spell
     14. Slow (Transmutation)
     15. Stinking cloud (Conjuration)
     16. Summon creature 3 (Conjuration)
        Use it as a main level 3 summoning spell
     17. Vampiric Touch (Necromancy)
        Useless (this is not a Morrowind)
     Level 4 spells:
     1. Bestow curse (Transmutation)
     2. Charm monster (Enchantment)
     3. Confusion (Enchantment)
     4. Contagion (Necromancy)
     5. Elemental Shield (Evocation)
        Not bad and not good.
     6. Enervation (Necromancy)
        I found this spell useless but you can experiment on powerful enemies.
     7. Evard's black tentacles (Conjuration)
     8. Fear (Necromancy)
        Sometimes is not bad but I recommend to forget about this spell.
     9. Ice Storm (Evocation)
        Extremely useful and dangerous offensive spell. Use it always but watch for
     10.Improved invisibility (Illusion)
        Very useful. Use it with other defensive spells.
     11. Lesser spell breach (Abjuration)
     12. Minor Globe of Invulnerability (Abjuration)
       Not bad. You can use it in some situations.
     13. Phantasmal Killer (Illusion)
        Interesting spell. I recommend you to leave one slot for this spell.
    Sometimes you can kill tough enemy instantly with this spell. I recommend to
    use this spell on rude creatures (such as Orcs,Minotaurs and others).
     14. Polymorph Self (Transmutation)
         Not bad but I recommend you to wait for some higher polymorph spells.
     15. Remove blindness/deafness (Divination)
         Forget. Useless spell.
     16. Remove curse (Abjuration)
     17. Shadow Conjuration (Illusion)
         Not good
     18. Stone skin (Abjuration)
         Use it as a main level 4 defensive spell until you reach Greater Stone
    Skin spell
     19. Summon Creature 3 (Conjuration)
         Use it to summon a creature
     20. Wall of Fire (Evocation)
         Good spell but Ice Storm is more recommended
     Level 5 spells:
     1. Animate dead (Necromancy)
        Use it as a main summoning spell in the middle of the game until you reach
    Greater Planar Binding spell. Has a duration 24 hours (long duration).
     2. Cloudkill (Conjuration)
        Useful against weak enemies.
     3. Cone of Cold (Evocation)
        Good but I prefer Ice Storm spell (level 4)
     4. Dismissal (Abjuration)
        Use this spell against summoning creatures at the latest stages of the
     5. Dominate person (Enchantment)
        I found this spell useless. You can use this spell on some neutral NPC or
    some Orc.
     6. Energy Buffer (Abjuration)
        Combine this spell with Stone Skin spell.
     7. Feeblemind (Divination)
     8. Greater Shadow Conjuration (Illusion)
        I prefer Animate Dead spell
     9. Hold monster (Enchantment)
     10.Lesser Mind Blank (Abjuration)
        Not bad but short duration
     11.Lesser Planar Binding (Conjuration)
        You can use this spell as an alternative summoning spell
     12.Lesser spell mantle (Abjuration)
        not bad against spell but short duration
     13.Mind Fog (Enchantment)
        for amateur
     15.Summon creature 5 (Conjuration)
        Dire tiger has a very weak defense
     Level 6 spells:
     1. Acid Fog (Conjuration)
        not bad but Chain Lighting is more useful
     2. Chain Lighting (Evocation)
        Very strong offensive spell against the crowd of enemies. Use it always.
    Effective against dragons.
     3. Circle of Death (Necromancy)
        Try to use on some tough fighter
     4. Ethernal visage (Illusion)
        Not bad but I prefer Greater Stone skin
     5. Globe of Invulnerability (Abjuration)
        Sometimes it is very useful (especially against Ice Storm spell) but if you
    are a sorcerer then forget about this spell and concentrate on more useful
     6. Greater Dispelling (Abjuration)
        More powerful dispel magic spell. I prefer lower Dispel magic spel to save
    the slots for some other level 6 spells. You can use it to counterspell some
    powerful spell.
     7. Greater spell breach (Abjuration)
        Always use this on tough enemies to decrease their magic resistance
     8. Greater Stone Skin (Transmutation)
        Use this spell until Premonition spell
     9. Legend Lore (Divination)
     10.Mass Haste (Enchantment)
        Use it when fighting a lot of strong enemies
     11.Planar Binding (Conjuration)
        I prefer Animate Dead spell because of spell duration
     12.Shades (Illusion)
        Not so useful
     13.Summon creature 6 (Conjuration)
        I prefer other summoning spells
     14.Tenser's Transformation (Transmutation)
        Use it to fight the enemies. You are a really tough guy.
     15.True Seeing (Divination)
    Level 7 spells:
     1. Control Undead (Necromancy)
        I prefer summoning spells
     2. Delayed Blast Fireball (Evocation)
        Good offensive spell
     3. Finger of Death (Necromancy)
        Good but I prefer other spells
     4. Mordenkainen's Sword (Transmutation)
        Powerful summoning spell but has a very short duration
     5. Power Word, Stun (Divination)
     6. Prismatic Spray (Evocation)
        Not bad but I prefer to use some metamagic feat slots for offensive spells
    on this level
     7. Protection from spells (Enchantment)
        Very useful. Use it always and combine with some damage defensive spells.
     8. Shadow shield (Illusion)
        Useful but has a very short duration
     9. Spell Mantle (Abjuration)
        Useful but has a very short duration
     10.Summon creature 7 (Conjuration)
        not bad but I prefer Animate dead spell
     Level 8 spells:
     1. Create Undead (Necromancy)
        good but I prefer Greater Planar Binding
     2. Greater Planar Binding (Conjuration)
        The most balanced summoning spell in the game. Medium duration and powerful
     3. Horrid Wilting (Necromancy)
        Very useful against the crowd of enemies. Beware undead.
     4. Incendiary Cloud (Evocation)
        Very powerful offensive spell but watch for allies
     5. Mass Blindness/Deafness (Illusion)
     6. Mass Charm (Enchantment)
     7. Mind Blank (Abjuration)
        Useful in some situations but has a very short duration
     8. Premonition (Divination)
        The best defensive spell in the game against damage. Use it always. Combine
    this spell with Improved Invisibility spell and Protection from spells spell.
     9. Summon Creature 8 (Conjuration)
        Powerful spell but I prefer Greater Planar Binding spell
    Level 9 spells:
     1. Dominate monster (Enchantment)
        Don't lose your spell slot on this spell
     2. Energy drain (Necromancy)
     3. Gate (Conjuration)
        The best summoning spell in the game. It has small duration. Before casting
    this spell cast Protection from Evil spell or you can't control your summoned
    creature. Use this spell when fighting very powerful enemies (dragons, Maugrim,
    queen Morag and others)
     4. Greater Spell Mantle (Abjuration)
        Very good but has a very small duration
     5. Meteor Swarm (Evocation)
        The best offensive spell in the game. Use it always to show the enemies who
    is a really powerful mage. Your allies are not damaged by this spell.
     6. Mordenkainen's Disjunction (Abjuration)
        I prefer lesser dispel magic spells. This spell can counterspell some very
    powerful spell.
     7. Power Word, Kill (Divination)
        Useless, most of the enemies at the end of the game has more then 100 HP.
     8. Shapechange (Transmutation)
        This spell will transform you to very powerful creature. I prefer to leave
    the slots for other spells.
     9. Summon Creature 9 (Conjuration)
        You can use it as an alternative to Greater Planar Binding spell
     10.Time Stop (Transmutation)
        Very useful spell. Use it with powerful enemies. Try to cast some offensive
    or defensive spells while the time is stopped.
     11.Wail of the Banshee (Necromancy)
        I prefer to leave slots for other spells
     12.Weird (Illusion)
        Not bad. You can experiment on enemies.
    Arcane spells conclusion:
       It seems that Evocation spell school is the best spell school for offensive
    spells (I recommend to choose Spell Focus (Evocation) feat). The Abjuration
    school is the best defensive school magic. Conjuration is the best for
    summoning spells. Necromancy contains some useful death spells but a lot of
    necromancy spells are useless. Illusion also has some useful and useless
    spells. Enchantment and Divination are the weakest spell schools but Divination
    contains powerful Premonition spell and Enchantment contains Protection from
    spells spell. Transmutation is the most universal spell school because it
    contains some good transformation, offensive, defensive and summoning spells
    and some very useful Level 2 spells.
    11) Divine spells
        In this section I'll describe divine spells usefulness. Some divine spells
    that are available in Arcane magic school I will not describe here. For more
    info about such spells see arcane spells sections. Here we go!
        Level 0 spells:
          1. Cure minor wounds
             Not bad at the very beginning of the game
          2. Virtue
        Level 1 spells:
          1. Bless (Cleric)
             Use it always in battles during the game.
          2. Cure Light wounds
             Good at the beginning of the game
          3. Doom (Cleric)
             Not bad. Use it on tough enemies.
          4. Entangle (Druid)
          5. Remove fear (Cleric)
             Don't waste the slot
          6. Sanctuary (Cleric)
             Not bad but a very short duration
         Level 2 spells:
          1. Aid (Cleric)
             Not bad but useless at the latest stages of the game
          2. Barkskin (Druid)
             Good if you want to increase your AC
          3. Charm person or animal (Druid)
          4. Cure Moderate wounds
             Use it at the beginning and at the middle of the game
          5. Flame lash (Druid)
             Good druidic offensive spell
          6. Lesser Restoration
             Useful spell. Use it to cancel some negative effects
          7. Remove paralysis (Cleric)
          8. Silence (Cleric)
             Very useful against enemy spellcasters
          9. Sound burst (Cleric)
             Nice offensive spell
          Level 3 spells:
          1. Call lighting (Druid)
             Use it always
          2. Cure serious wounds (Cleric level 3 and druid level 4 spell)
             Use it always
          3. Dominate animal (Druid)
          4. Invisibility Purge (Cleric)
          5. Negative energy protection (Cleric)
             Sometimes is useful
          6. Prayer (Cleric)
             very good but small duration
          7. Remove desease
             Use it to remove desease
          8. Searing light (Cleric)
             Useful against undead and golems
          Level 4 spells:
          1. Cure Critical wounds (Cleric level 4 and Druid level 5 spell)
             Use it always
          2. Death ward (Cleric) (Druid level 5)
             Useful against death spells but I recommend to skip this spell
          3. Divine power (Cleric)
             Very good but small duration. Use it with powerful enemies.
          4. Freedom of Movement
             Good against paralysis but there are some magic items with Freedom
    property in the game
          5. Hammer of the Gods (Cleric)
             Good offensive spell
          6. Neutralize poison (Cleric level 4 and druid level 3 spell)
             Very useful when fighting some enemies with poison damage
          7. Poison (Cleric)
             Not bad
          8. Restoration (Cleric)
             Very useful spell in the game. Use it always
          Level 5 spells:
          1. Awaken (Druid)
             use it on your animal companion
          1. Circle of doom (Cleric)
          2. Flame strike (Cleric)(level 4 spell for Druid)
             Not bad
          3. Healing circle (Cleric) (Druid level 6 spell)
             Sometimes is useful
          4. Raise dead (Cleric)
             Useless in Single Player Campaign
          5. Slay living
             Nice death spell
          6. Spell resistance
             Has a very small effect in the game
          Level 6 spells:
          1. Blade Barrier (Cleric)
             Not bad against a lot of enemies. See you allies
          2. Harm (Cleric) (Level 7 druid spell)
          3. Heal (Cleric) (Druid level 7)
             Keep one slot for this spell
          Level 7 spells:
          1. Aura of vitality (Druid)
             very useful
          2. Destruction (Cleric)
             Good against a single enemy
          3. Creeping doom (Druid)
             Experiment with this spell
          4. Greater restoration (Cleric)
             Use it when restoration spell failed
          5. Regenerate (Cleric) (Druid level 6 spell)
             Nice but I prefer cure wounds
          6. Ressurection (Cleric)
             Useless in Single Player
          7. Word of Faith (Cleric)
             Very useful spell against the crowd of enemies. Use it alaways.
          Level 8 spells:
          1. Aura versus alignment (Cleric)
             Useful but small duration
          2. Create Greater Undead (Cleric)
             Powerful summoning spell
          3. Fire Storm (Cleric) (Druid level 7 spell)
             Not bad
          4. Mass heal (Cleric) (Druid level 9 spell)
             The best healing spell. Keep one slot.
          5. Nature's Balance (Druid)
             Very good against tough enemies
          6. Sunbeam
          Level 9 spells:
          1. Elemental Swarm (Druid)
             Use it against elementals
          1. Implosion (Cleric)
             Very good. Use it
          2. Storm of Vengeance
             Not bad. Use it
      Conclusion: It seems that cleric's spells are oriented to healing and
    blessing (increasing some characteristics). Some cleric's spells are against
    death magic and good against undead. Remember that healing spells damage
    undead. Druids have less healing and blessing spells but they receive some
    useful defensive and offensive spells. Paladins are more close to cleric's
    spells and rangers are more close to druidic spells.
    Part 2 General Information and strategy
      Stone of Recall:
       Use the Stone of Recall in critical situations. In some areas you cannot use
    Stone of Recall so be careful (such areas are rare).
      Hit Points Tip:
        When you gain and accept new level then your number of hit points
    increases. It depends on your hit dice and CON modifier. For example if you are
    a cleric with CON 14 then every level you add 1d8+2 hit points where 1d8 is
    your class hit dice and +2 is your CON modifier. But 1d8 is a random value
    (which means the random number between 1-8) so for example you can gain 8+2=10
    hit points or 6+2=8 hit points. So I recommend you to see how many hit points
    you gain before accepting new level and if you don't want to accept this value
    you can cancel leveling up. Click again on level up button and the value will
    change. With this tip my cleric character had more then 200 hit points at the
    level 20. Every level my cleric gained 8+2+1=11 hit points, where 8 is a
    maximum 1d8 value, +2 CON modifier, +1 toughness feat.
      Heavy Armor tip:
        If you are wearing some heavy armor then there is no reason to inscrease
    your DEX more then 12-13 because of AC DEX penalty. If you have high DEX then
    there is no reason to wear heavy armor.
      AC tip:
       If you want to increase your AC as high as possible then increase your DEX
    to 12-13, wear heavy armor, use one handed weapon and shield, search some items
    which increase your AC. I found a good shield which totally increase my AC to
    10 (usable only by lawful characters) and I found a good heavy dragon armor
    (totally AC to 11).
      Skill points Tip:
        Don't waste your skill points on non class skills (may be exept disarm trap
    and persuasion skill) and develop your class skills.
      Feats tip:
        Choose your feats carefully and wisely because you can get only one feat
    every 3 levels (exept some classes feats abilities). Choose your feat according
    to your class development.
      Wizard tips:
        Rest often and use your advantage of memorizing spells in different
    situations . Always cast some defensive long duration spell (such as Stone Skin
    spell or Greater Stone Skin spell) and summon some creature (for example
    Animate dead spell). Familiar is useful at the beginning of the game but at the
    end of the game your familiar is very weak. Create some powerful or not so
    powerful items in the magic labs (Chapter 2,3). Don't use melee weapons in
    battle, equip your character with some ranged weapon. Combine damage
    resistance, damage absorbtion and saving throw increase spells. Cast some
    protection spells on your henchman and summoning creatures. Increase your INT
    as high as possible. With very high INT few enemies can resist your spells.
    Forget about AC and attack bonuses. Choose Metamagic Empower spell feat and use
    some middle level offensive spells with this feat (for example Fireball spell).
    Use Bull's Strength on your fighter henchman or summoned creature. Use Bull's
    strength on yourself to increase your inventory weight. Increase magically your
    CON in order to decrease your Concentration failure.
    If you have low mind saving throw then increase your WIS magically (Owl's
    wisdom). Use Dismissal spell on summoned enemy creatures. Use dispel magic
    spells on enemy wizards and try to counter spell with some powerful wizard
    spells. Increase Concentration and Spellcraft skill as high as possible. If
    your defense is destroyed and enemies attack you then run from the battle or
    cast some good defense spell. Prepare a lot of offense spells but don't forget
    about defense and summoning spells. Forget about armor (exept may be light
    armor - 10-20% failure) because you can fail your attempt to cast the spell
    while wearing armor (Still spell feat can change your strategy).
      Cleric Tips:
        Use your advantage of healing spells and prepare a lot of healing spells.
    Don't concentrate on offensive spells but concentrate on defensive spells and
    summoning spells. Sometimes use some offensive spells but not so often. Combine
    your melee fighting with spellcasting. Increase your AC as high as possible.
    Use melee weapons in battle and increase your concentration skill. Increase
    your STR and CON with some spells. Use turn undead ability when fighting
    undead. Increase your CHA when using turn undead ability. Increase your attack
    and saving throws(use Protection from Evil and Bless spells). Choose clerics
    domains carefully. I recommend air or stone domain. Air domain has some good
    offensive spells and stone domain has some good defensive spells and you can
    use turn undead ability on elementals (there are a lot of elementals in some
    areas (chapter 2,3)). Remember that arcane magic has more strong offensive and
    defensive spells then divine so don't forget about melee fighting in some
     Rogue Tips:
        Increase your DEX as high as possible. Choose weapon finesse feat  as quick
    as possible. Use small melee and ranged weapons in battle. Increase your magic
    device skill in order to use some class/race/alignment restricted items. Use
    light armor with no or less armor DEX penalty (Mirror or Shadow armor is good).
    Create some small weapon in Chapter 1 with daze/confuse/sleep effect. Your
    great enemies are enemies that are immune to sneak attack. Find some weapons
    with bonuses against undead and Constructs and use this weapons against them.
    Recover the traps and use or sell them. Find and equip some item with Immunity:
    mind-affecting effect. Equip some item with Haste effect. Remember that you can
    use your sneak attack with ranged weapon too. Use arrows or bolts with magical
    additional damage. Increase your STR for more damage. Try to use some scrolls
    with defensive spells while fighting with tough enemies. Choose crippling
    strike feat at level 10. Increase your AC to 30 or more. When fighting some
    mages then before fight choose stealth mode and sneak to the mage to fight him
    before he uses some defensive spells. You can also try to kill some
    spellcasters but choose Point Blank Shot feat. Find some item with dispel magic
    effect. Ranged weapons with magic arrows are more effective against constructs
    and undead then small melee weapons (with no real bonuses against undead or
      Battle Tips:
       Remember that all enemy's summoned creatures or familiars will disappear if
    you kill the enemy who summoned the creature or familiar. Use healing potions
    or spells if your hit points are low then 1/2 of total HP. Hire a henchman and
    always travel with him. Complete henchman quests to retrieve their items which
    increase certain attributes and has some good effects. Concentrate on one enemy
    not on all. If the enemy is strong then it would be good if this enemy will
    attack your henchman first. Use different tactics with different kind of
    enemies, learn their weaknesses (for example Fire Giants are very weak to the
    cold damage and with cold damage spell or weapon you can kill them quickly).
    Some powerful fighters are very weak to the mind-affecting spells. Remember
    that you can quickly destroy enemy wizard's defense with some powerful weapon
    or dispel magic spell. Kill enemy archers and spellcasters first then  melee
      Secondary quests:
        Don't forget about secondary quests because some quests are highly rewarded
    and some quests cross the main quest. Increase your persuasion skill to access
    some secondary quests.
      Respawn ability:
        If you are killed then you automatically respawn in the nearest Temple of
    Tyr losing some gold and experience points. I recommend you to load the
    previous game and save the game very often.
      EXP tip:
        In chapter 2 there is a place with strange pillar (Charwood: Haunted
    Forest) where the right password (NETHER SHALL RULE) is required. If you enter
    the wrong password then you should fight 2 skeletons warriors. This process you
    can repeat to earn some EXP. This is good for multiclass characters with EXP
     Random item tip:
       This is a very useful trick. Some chests or other places contain a useful
    random item. If you discover such chest then reload the last save, then go to
    this chest again and DON'T open it (just disarm or unlock/destroy). Then save
    the game and open the chest to retrieve some useful item. If the item is
    useless for you then reload the previous save and open the chest again. The
    chest will contain another random useful item. You can repeat this trick again
    but remember that once you see the contents of the chest then the items in the
    chest will be the same if you open this chest secondary, thirdly and so on. The
    random item is generated when you open the chest first time. In chapter 2 in
    Luskan: Host tower in the hall where Aribeth and Maugrim there is a crate
    (middle crate) with some useful magical random item.
    Part 3 Walkthrough
      2)Chapter 1
         a)City Core
         b)Peninsula District
         c)Blacklake District
         d)Docks District
         e)Beggar's Nest
         g)Henchmans and their quests (all quests completed)
      3)Chapter 2
         a)Port Llast
         b)North (North Road)
         c)East  (East Road, Neverwinter Wood)
         d)South (South Road, Charwood)
         e)Luskan and Host tower
         f)Henchmans and their quests (all quests completed)
      4)Chapter 3
         a)Beorunna's Well
         d)Fort Ilkard
         e)Henchmans and their quests (all quests completed)
      5)Chapter 4
         Final Battle
        Academy Training
      Your main quest is to comlete the training in the Neverwinter Academy. Go and
    speak with people in academy about some basic game
    knowledge(inventory,resting,character, etc.).Then according to the class choose
    the training in academy.If you are a mage or sorcerer go to the Arcane magic
    training(one of the door in the long corridor, see sign) and speak with Arcane
    master about basic magic and then destroy the dummy with some spell(magic
    missile will be good) and speak again with master to complete training.If you
    are a fighter character(fighter, paladin, monk, barbarian,ranger) speak with
    figher trainer in the big hall about fighter's skills and then receive
    objective (melee and ranged weapon training). To complete melee training speak
    with Dandy in this hall about training and then hit Dandy, for ranged weapons
    speak with Hewwet in this hall and then hit the target with some ranged weapon
    from long distance then speak again with fighter master to complete training.
    For rogue characters speak with rogue master (door in the long corridor) past
    the Arcane magic training. For clerics or druids go to the Divine magic
    training (door opposite rogue training) and speak with Divine magic master to
    receive objective. To complete divine training you should kill skeleton with
    turn undead ability and heal injured commoner in this room then speak again
    with master. Bards can choose arcane, fighter or rogue training.
      After completing one of the training speak with guard near locked door in
    order to go through the door and then go to the hall (next location) and speak
    with Lady Aribeth. After speaking and killing enemies speak again with Aribeth
    to receive the key. Return to the previous location and go to the locked door
    to the right and use key to open and follow entrance. Clear rooms from hoblins
    and skeletons. In one of the rooms you should meet Pavel who can temporary join
    your side. Then speak with Geldar in one of the rooms to level up and continue
    clearing rooms. When you came to the big hall you would meet a mysterious mage.
    Kill him and exit this location. When you enter next location you will see
    Waterhavian's creatures escape. Kill hoblins and speak with Fenthick two times,
    then exit location to sanctuary.
     2)Chapter 1
       a)City Core
     In Sanctuary speak with Fenthick and Desther then go to the Hall of Justice
    and speak with Lady Aribeth about main quest in this chapter and receive Stone
    of Recall( this item will be very useful during all game and if you lost this
    item try search divine pool in the Temple where all important items reappear).
    You can use Stone of Recall to teleport to the nearest Temple of Tyr.
      Main quest:
        The Wailing and the Waterhavians
         how to get: speak with Aribeth
         situation: Some unknown forces attacked Neverwinter Academy to capture
    Waterhavian creatures. But creatures escaped to the unknown direction. The
    ingredients of this creatures are a part of plague cure. This plague spreaded
    in the Neverwinter City and there is no cure from this plague. You are the hero
    who must find all 4 ingredients for plague. First search Peninsula district.
         difficulty: hard
      to complete this quest you need to find all 4 waterhavian creatures and the
    incredients of this creatures bring to Aribeth to make a cure from plague. This
    quest divides into subquests which you receive in all 4 NeverWinter Districts.
    More info see below in the main quest sections. Before exploring Neverwinter
    districts I recommend you to buy district maps in the Trades of Blade and hire
    a good henchman. The sorcerer or cleric henchman is a good choice for fighter
    classes, but for wizards and sorcerers a melee fighter henchman is an excellent
    choise (Daelan The Red Tiger is a good choice).
      Secondary quests:
        1.Temple of Tyr:Never's Tomb
         how to receive: speak with Oleff in one of the rooms in the Temple of Tyr.
         situation: there are hidden Never Tombs somewhere in the Neverwinter City
    with unique artifacts and the temple needs this artifacts. The first tomb was
    discovered in Peninsula district.
         difficulty: hard
          1)go to the east house in Peninsula district then go downstairs to the
    tomb and speak with Briley in the tomb. Search the chest near Briley to take
    logbook( locations of the other tombs), ceremonial arrow,ceremonial
    shield,ceremonial sword.Keep this important items.
          2)go to the  Blacklake and enter south-west house door (you should see a
    child near this door) then speak with Telma about hidden entrance. Touch the
    bookshelf in this house and enter
    hidden area. Clear the area from skeletons and you should notice a locked door
    and a chest with note near this door. Open chest and put ceremonial arrow into
    the chest to open door. Enter Never's tomb. The enemies in this tomb are very
    tough. If you are not experienced I recommend you run to the sarcophagus and
    take Halueth's rusted armor. Return this armor to Oleff.
          3)go to the Aqueducts in the Docks District (see main quest Docks
    District) and put ceremonial sword into the chest near west locked door. Open
    the door and enter tomb. Open sarcophagus and take the Symbol of Tyr. Return it
    to Oleff
          4)go to the Cemetary in the Beggar's Nest (see main quest in Beggar's
    Nest) and put ceremonial shield into the chest near locked door to open the
    door. Enter Tomb, kill mummy and search trapped sarcophagus for book "Ancient
    Chronicles of Halueth Never". Return this book to Oleff.
         2.The Great Tree:Animal rescue
          how to receive: speak with druid Nyatar near Great Tree in the City Core
    and get transport via plants scroll and scented fetish
          situation: People suffer from plague. Animals in the Neverwinter Zoo
    suffer from people. Free all animals from Zoo.
          difficulty: medium
          1)go to the Neverwinter Zoo in the Blacklake district
          2)go to the Giant tree location (north west) and use on the tree
    transport via plants scroll
          3)return to the zoo and kill master of pens (central room) who guards
          4)pull lever to open animal cages
          5)go to the cages and speak with all 4 animals( you must possess scented
    fetish). Tell them to get out of here.
          6)return to Nyatar for reward
         3.Moonstone Mask:Art Theft
          how to receive: speak with Ophala in Moonstone Mask
          situation: some noble mans stole from Moonstone Mask art items. Return
    this items to Ophala.
          difficulty: hard
          1)Go to the Hodge Estate in Blacklake District and clear estate from
    guards. In one of the room you'll find Urn.
          2)Go to the Rumbottom Estate in the Blacklake district. Clear estate from
    guards and in one of the rooms you'll meet Rumbottom. Speak with him or kill
    him then search his room for portrait of the late Sir Reginald Rumbottom 3.
          3)Go to Andrade estate and find the room with Andrade. Speak with him or
    kill and search his room for statuette of the female form
          4)return all three items to Ophala for reward
         4.Moonstone mask: An Evil Offer
          how to receive: speak with Oleff in the Temple of Tyr to receive Never's
    Tomb quest then go to the Moonstone Mask and speak with Gillet.
          situation: some evil church is interested in retrieving Never's
          difficulty: hard
          solution: same as Never's Tomb quest but all artifacts you should bring
    to Gillet.
           requirements:only for wizards,sorcerers and bards
           situation: you want to become Cloaktower member. You must find 4 magical
           difficulty: hard
           how to receive: go to Cloaktower and speak about membership. You must
    receive wizard lab key
           solution: I recommend you to solve this quest because in Chapter 3 you
    can create good magic items in the wizard lab.
           1)the first wizard lab is situated in the north east corner in
    Peninsula. Enter lab, kill creature and retrieve first ingredient
           2)the second lab somewhere in No-Man's land in Blacklake disctrict.Enter
    lab, kill creature and retrieve second ingredient
           3)the third lab is somewhere in the Docks district( marked on the map
    for wizards and sorcerers). Enter and retrieve third ingredient
           4)the fourth lab  is situated somewhere in Beggar's Nest (north west
    corner).Enter and retrieve last ingredient
           5)return to Cloaktower and bring all 4 ingredients to access final test
           6)enter portal and kill monster( he is vulnerable to magical attacks and
    invulnerable to physical, lighting spell is very good in this situation)
           7)after killing monster return to Cloaktower and speak about membership
       b) Peninsula District
        Main quest:
       Peninsula: Prison Break (this quest goes with the main quest)
       Situation: Some strange thing happened in Prison and all prisoners escaped.
    Restore order in the Peninsula. The famous noble Head Gaoler Alaefin
    dissapeared in prison. Investigate the situation.
         how to receive: near Temple Of Tyr in the City Core speak with frightened
         difficulty: hard
          1)go to the Militia HQ(south-east Peninsula) and speak with Sedos Sebile
          2)break to the prison( prison is a big house in Peninsula). To break to
    the prison you need a prison key. Go to the sewers( entrance is south of
    prison) and kill gang leader. Search his body for prison key and enter Prison:
    Main Level
          3)Prison: Main Level:
             The entrance to containment level is west of main gates. To the south
    is the entrance to Tanglebrook estate. Go to the south room near main gates and
    search for prison storeroom key. Go to the west, unlock the door and enter
    containment level
          4)Prison: Containment Level
             Go to the central hall and pull level near chair to open cell doors.
    Go to the east to the pits. Be carefull with prisoner sorcerers (kill them as
    quick as possible).
          5)Prison: The Pits
             Go to the north-west room and fight with Kurdan Fenkt until he
    surrender. Then speak with him about his master or kill him and then go to the
    Lair of Devourer.
          6)Prison: Lair of Devourer
             Here you'll meet with Head Gaoler Alaefin. Before killing him I
    recommend you to speak with all neutral guards and persuade them to leave this
    place, because when you kill Alaefin, the intellect devourer can move into
    guard's brain and you have to fight the guard. After killing Alaefin you should
    kill intellect devourer. Then search his body for devourer's brain( this is the
    first ingredient of plague's cure).
          7)return to Sedos Sebile for reward, then return to Aribeth to bring her
    devourer's brain. The main quest in this region completed.
        Secondary quests:
           1.Peninsula: Tanglebrook Estate
            how to get:speak with Master Johns in the centre of Peninsula
            situation: after prison break Lady Tanglebrook disappeared.
            difficulty: easy
             1)go to the Tanglebrook estate (north west). If you don't have a key
    you can access estate from Prison: Main Level
             2)Go to the chess field location with a lot of traps and explore
    lady's corpse
             3)return to prison from chess field location
           c)Blacklake District
       main quest:
           Blacklake: Tensor's rising (goes with main quest)
            situation: The BlackLake is divided into two regions:No-Man's Land with
    plague victims and Blacklake with nobles. Nobles don't allow the plague victims
    to access Blacklake.
            how to receive:speak with gate captain near the Blacklake gates
            difficulty: medium
             1)go to the Meldanen Estate in the Blacklake (Blacklake east).There
    are two ways to enter this estate: 1.Complex( Go to the main entrance, kill
    guards and search the body of one tough guard for key to the entrance then
    enter main door) 2.Easy(Speak with Milly (she is somewhere in the town ) about
    Meldanen Estate and get the key from Milly's house. Enter Milly's house and
    enter portal to the Meldanen Estate).
             2)Meldanen Estate:
                 go to the main door and speak or kill Half-Orc guard. You can
    persuade him to unlock south door. The stairs down the to the Meldanen's
    Sanctum are in the centre of estate (south main door, then west pass prison
    cells and north through the room with Meldanen's Apprentice(kill him as quick
    as possible).
             3)Meldanen's Sanctum
                 There are a lot of traps here.In the east room with red sign on
    the floor you'll meet Meldanen. Do not allow him to cast poweful spells or
    you'll be quickly dead. Fight him until he surrender. Then speak with him about
    the dryad or kill him and take the key from dryad's cage. Open cage and free or
    kill dryad. Take the lock of dryad hair( second plague cure ingredient)
             4)return to Aribeth with lock of dryad hair.
         Secondary quests:
             1.Blacklake:The Gauntlet Arena
              how to receive: Go to the Trades of Blade in the City Core and speak
    with Graxx to get gauntlet pass.Go to the Board LordBare Tavern in the
    Blacklake and show pass to the Bartender to get the key. Use the key and go
    downstairs. Then speak with Kellisa about Gauntlet Rules
              situation: The Gauntlet Arena is the arena where fighters fight with
    each other. The best fighter Claudus is invincible. Become a champion.
              difficulty: easy
               1)Speak with Kellisa to enter Arena and fight 4 times with Hrusk,
    Fashi, Agor and Claudus.
               2)if you won all 4 battles then speak with Claudus to become
    tavern's owner. Now you can go to the bartender and take earned money.
             2.Troubles in No-Man's Land
              how to receive:speak with Cendran in the No-Man's Land near the gates
    to the City Core about Loxar
              situation: The evil half-Orc takes advantage of the chaos in this
    region and terrorizes the local people. Killing this Half-Orc will bring some
    order to this region.
              difficulty: easy
                1)go to Ruined Tower in this region and kill half-orc Loxar. Take
    his head.
                2)return to Cendran with Loxar's head (no reward but you are good)
             3.BlackLake: Samuel's Rescue
              how to get: go to the Board LordBare Tavern and speak with Thurin
              situation: Blacklake guard Samuel is missing.
              difficulty: easy
                1)go to Meldanen Estate(see main quest) and go to the prison cells(
    south east)
                2)free Samuel( the key is in the chest) and return to Thurin for
             4. Blacklake:Unrest
                how to receive:speak with Formosa in the BlackLake(south east on
    the streets)
                situation: some people blame Meldanen's actions
                  1)go to Meldanen Estate (see main quest)
                  2)kill Meldanen and take his tooth and warehouse key
                  3)return to Formosa for reward
             5.BlackLake: Killing Formosa
                how to receive: speak with Meldanen after beating him and propose
    to get rid of Formosa
                situation: Meldanen wants Formosa dead
                difficulty: very easy
                  1)kill Formosa (she is in the Blacklake south east)
                  2)return to Meldanen for reward (500 gold)
             6.Hints of the Cult Activity
                how to receive: In No-Man's Land you'll be attacked by strange
    assassins. After killing them search the bodies for note(same note you can find
    in the Docks District and Beggar's Nest)
                situation: some strange assassins attacked you. There are clues of
    some strange cult.
                difficulty: very easy
                  1)go to Aribeth and speak about the note
                  2)go to Fenthick and speak with him about this strange note
        d)Dock District
       main quest
        Docks:Trouble in the district (goes with main quest)
         how to receive: speak with guard near city gates
         situation: smuggler's activity increased and some local authorities have
    evil intensions against Neverwinter order and Lord Nasher. Search for more
         difficulty: medium
          1)speak with  Neibar near City Core gates to know about auction in the
    Seedy tavern(north)
          2)go to the Seedy tavern (to enter Seedy tavern you need tavern key or
    bloodsailor uniform or gold). Tavern key you can purchase in the Lost house
    (east of tavern), bloodsailor uniform you can purchase by killing Bloodsailors
    in the docks or simply you can bribe a guard to enter tavern. The best way I
    think go to the Lost House and search for the tavern key, because you'll need
    it later.
          3)in the tavern in order to go downstairs you'll need password. You can
    persuade chef or go upstairs and speak with Ulfnog to know password. Go
    downstairs to the Bloodsailor hideout.
    Then follow south to next location. In next location go to the north-east room
    where is Dara'nei. Kill enemies in this room and search the body of the one for
    instructions from Calik.
    It seems that Calik's basement is in Aqueducts (north-west Docks District).
    Speak with Dara'nei to retrieve Dara'nei's Locket or kill her. She says that
    you can reach Aqueducts from Silver Sail's trading company .
          4)Return to the streets and enter Silver Sail's trading company. Clear
    your way by killing giant spiders and fire beetles until you'll come to the
    strange door(marked on the map).Use
    Dara'nei's Locket to open door and go downstairs to the Aqueducts. Go to the
    mysterious boat carefully (a lot of traps). Speak with Charon to go to the
          5)Sewers: Find Calik and kill him. Then speak with Vengaul until he
    escapes. Kill his thugs and search the crate for Cockatrice feather( third cure
    ingredient).Return this feather to Aribeth.
         secondary quests:
            1.Docks:Masterson Amulet
              how to receive: Speak with Hemmel Masterson on the streets south-west
              situation: local authority Calik possessed Masterson family amulet.
              difficulty: very easy
                1)Kill Calik( see main quest) and search his body for amulet
                2)return to Hemmel with amulet
       e)Beggar's Nest
         main quest:
           Beggar's Nest: Undead Infestation (goes with main quest)
             how to receive: speak with guard Mano near the Gates to the Beggar's
             situation: A lot of undead creatures raised from local cemetary and
    kill people on the streets. Investigate the reason of this chaos.
             difficulty: medium
              1)go to the Shining Serpent Inn and speak with Harben Ashensmith to
    know more about this problem
              2)It seems that solution must be somewhere in the cemetary. You can't
    enter cemetary through the main north gates. There are two ways to enter
                 way 1: go to the strange building (north west) and try to enter.
    It seems that access to this house is private. Go to the barricaded house in
    the west (south from strange house) and speak with Jemanie to know some
    information about Strange Cult and retrieve estate ward stone. Return to the
    strange building and enter Snake Cult Estate. Clear your way until you'll come
    to the room with snake cult leader. Kill him and search the bookshelf for some
    information then go downstairs to the crypts. Follow east and pull the lever to
    open locked door. Go north then east and north downstairs to the cemetary.
                 way 2: Enter Warehouse (north near Academy). Then follow
    downstairs. Clear your way by killing ghoul lords and other undead. In one of
    the rooms kill Drawl (undead swordcoast leader) and  free the guard Walters
    from the cage. Go downstairs to the crypts. In crypts go to the west and pull
    lever to open locked door the go north to the cemetary.
             3)In the Cemetary kill undead and go to the Warrens of the Damned.
             4)Warrens of the Damned:
                   Go north to the locked door. Clear your way to the north-east
    room and search this room for ancient key. Return to the locked door and open
    it. Here is some good armor. Then go to the central hall( the entrance is from
    north side) and confront Gulnan. She is very tough until you destroy the
    pedestal in the west part of the hall. Then kill Gulnan and search her body for
    Yuan-Ti heart( last cure ingredient).
             5)Return to the Shining Serpent Inn for reward and then return to
    Aribeth for final preparations.
         secondary quests:
             1.Beggar's Nest: Missing guard
               how to receive: speak with Gate Captain Ergus near City Core gates.
               situation:The local guard is missing. He was last seen near academy.
    Find what happened with him.
               difficulty: easy
               solution: Go to the Warehouse, kill Drawl and free Samuel( see main
             2.Beggar's Nest:Aldo and Hector
               how to receive: speak with Aldo in the centre of Beggar's Nest on
    the streets
               situation: after undead arrival Aldo's business crashed. His
    companion Hector missed with Aldo's wares.
               difficulty: very easy
                 1.Go to the Thomas Wheelwright Wagon Repair (south east) and speak
    with Hector
                 2.Return to Aldo with Hector and speak with Aldo
             3.Beggar's Nest: Find Krestal
               how to receive: ?
               situation: ?
               solution: I simply spoke with Krestal (in the barricade house down
    Neverwinter Academy) and this quest appeared in the completed quests list.
             4.Beggar's Nest:Sword Coast Boys
               how to receive: speak with Krestal(see above)
               situation: Local Sword Coast boys leader Drawl became a powerful
    undead. Other boys became undead too. Investigate the reason.
               difficulty: medium
               solution: complete main quest and this quest will be completed
    (don't forget to kill Drawl in the Warehouse)
             5.Beggar's Nest: Lost Soul
               how to receive: speak with Bertrand in the Temple of Tyr (Beggar's
    Nest south east)
               situation: Bertrand lost his brother Marcus. Find what happened with
               difficulty: easy
                 1.go to the main cemetary gates and search the body of Marcus for
    journal and magic staff
                 2.return to Bertrand with journal and staff
             6.Beggar's Nest: Find Jemanie
               how to receive: ?
               situation: ?
               solution: Jemanie is in the barricaded house to the west
             7.Beggar's Nest: A missing brother
               how to receive: speak with Jemanie (see above)
               situation: Jemanie's brother Torin get involved with some strange
    cult in Beggar's nest. Investigate the fate of the Torin.
               difficulty: hard
                1) go to the Warrens of the Damned and search for corpse of Torin
    in the south-east room. Retrieve Torin's ring from corpse.
                2)return to Jemanie
              8.Beggar's Nest: Strange Cult
                situation: some strange cult activity after undead arrival
                how to receive: speak with Jemanie
                difficulty: medium
                solution: complete the main quest in this region
     main quest:
         When you bring Aribeth all 4 ingredients then speak with her to go to the
    ritual chamber.
         Ritual Chamber:
           The Cure at last:
              go to the ritual chamber and speak with Aribeth, Fenthick, Desther
    and Lord Nasher. Then watch the ritual until Desther and Fenthick would escape
    with plague cure. Then speak with Lord Nasher and Aribeth and go to the Portal.
           Sins of Traitor:
              Go to the north gates and speak with strange person who will appear
    behind you. Then enter gates to the courtyard. From the courtyard go to the
    Helm's hold through back or main entrance. Clear your way through enemies to
    the north-east and go upstairs. Speak with Fenthick and go upstairs to the
    final battle with Desther. Before going to the hall with Desther I recommend
    you to prepare for battle (rest, cast some protective spells) and enter hall.
    Desther is immune to damage. First you must kill all ritual creatures and then
    concentrate on Desther. If you are a Paladin or Cleric then use your turn
    undead ability and the battle will be easy. Fight Desther until he surrender.
    Search rooms for some useful items before speaking to Desther then speak with
    him and proceed to Chapter 2.
        secondary quests:
           1.A Devil's Deal
             how to get: speak with demon Chaohinon of the Void in the north-east
    room (Helm's hold location) near altar
             situation: The ritual of summoning evil demon Chaohinon is not
             difficulty: easy-medium
                1)go to the small room to the south not far from altar and search
    the bookshelf for book 'Black Grimoire'.
              for evil characters:
                2)use the book on the Altar to comlete the ritual and speak again
    with demon for reward
              for good characters:
                2)use the previous book on the Altar to banish the demon then go
    west to the small north-east room and kill False Helmite Elite and search
    trapped bookshelf for the Book of Helm. Then return to altar and use this book
    to summon Guardian Spirit. Speak with him for reward.
        g)Henchmans and their quests
           Henchman's quests are available when speaking with your henchman. If you
    are enough experienced then your henchman will give you some quest. You can
    complete all henchman's quests having one henchman. When your henchman will
    give you a quest go and speak with other henchmans to hire them then speak
    about their quests and hire again your henchman. You should complete this
    quests before entering Chapter 1 Finale. This quests are very difficult but the
    rewards are not bad and you gain access to henchman's quests in next chapter.
    Your henchman levels up with your character but cannot be more then level 14.
    Henchman's reward items can be updated while completing their quests in next
    chapters (for example Daelan's amulet has +1 STR in Chapter 1 and +3 STR in
    Chapter 3).
          1. Daelan Red Tiger (Half-Orc Barbarian)
             profit: The best fighter henchman but weak to spells (especially
    mind-affecting spells). Recommended for spellcasters.
             quest: find his family talisman brooch (Are you lucky?)
             difficulty: hard
             solution: the brooch is in the Docks District in one of the chests on
    the streets (west on the ship)
             reward: amulet of the Red Tiger (STR+1, immunity: fear)
          2. Boddyknock Glinckle (Gnome Sorcerer)
             profit: The best spellcaster henchman. Good combination of offence and
    defense magic. Very weak in the combat and needs protection. Recommended for
    fighter,rogue and cleric characters.
             quest: find recipe for 'leaven bread'
             difficulty: hard
             solution: the recipe is in the Beggar's Nest in one of the barricaded
    houses(west) on the dead body
             reward : Lantanese ring (CHA +1, regeneration +1)
          3. Linu La'nera (Elf Cleric)
             profit: the only healer henchman. Some spells are good and she is a
    medium figher. Recommended for all.
             quest: find silver chalice of moonbow
             difficulty: hard
             solution: search Blacklake: Meldanen Estate near Meldanen
             reward : pendant of the elf (DEX +1, darkvision)
          4. Sharwyn (Human Bard)
             profit: Bad fighter and fair spellcaster. Not recommended (may be
    recommended for fighters).
             quest: find cure for Sharwyn's mother(celestian elexir)
             difficulty: hard
             solution: search Peninsula: Tanglebrook Estate
             reward : belt of the performer (CHA +1, perform +1,persuade+1)
          5.Tony Undergallows (Halfing Rogue)
            profit: Medium fighter (sometimes his sneak attack does a lot of
    damage). Very useful in opening locks, searching and disarming traps.
    Recommended for all exept wizards, sorcerers, rogues and bards.
            quest: find some official documents
            difficulty: hard
            solution: Beggar's Nest: Search Thomas Wheelwright wagon repair( south
            reward : ring of the rogue (DEX +1, disable trap+1,open lock+1)
          6.Grimgnow (Dwarf Monk)
            profit: Good fighter (not good as Daelon Red Tiger) and very resistive
    to spells. Good offence and defence combination. Recommended for all. He serves
    Silent Lord and hates necromancers and undead.
            quest: retrieve forged silver ring from Alaganda
            difficulty: very very hard!!!
            solution: (very difficult to find. If you are not so lucky to find the
    ring then see below)  Search the desk for silver ring in one of the unnamed
    houses (north-west No-Man's Land near gates) (Where is Alaganda?).
            reward : amulet of the long death (CON +1,spell resistance:10)
     3) Chapter 2
       a)Port Llast
        main quest:
         The Search for the Cult:
          how to get: speak with Aribeth and Aarin Gend in Kendrack's barracks
          situation: It seems that Desther was the agent of some strange evil cult.
    You need to know more about this cult. There are some cult activities near Port
    Llast region. Investigate the clues and find cult headquarters.
          difficulty: hard
          solution: see North, East, South sections. First I recommend to explore
    caves to the north road.
        secondary quests:
          1.Port Llast: Bounty Hunt
            how to get: speak with Kendrack in Kendrack's barracks
            difficulty: hard
            situation: five prisoners escaped from well-guarded Waterhavian prison.
    Zor used his strength to break the doors, Deliah poisoned guards, Wyvern
    tricked guard dogs and Stirge retrieve prison map.Yesgar was the initiator and
    the leader of the escape from prison. There is a  bounty for their ears.
             1)the first criminal assasin Deliah is in the East Road: Archaeologist
    barracks (Jax barracks) level 2 upstairs. Kill him or speak with him to
    retrieve his ear. Return with his ear to Kendrack.
             2)The second criminal elf Wyvern is in the Druid Encampment
    (Neverwinter Wood). Fight him and his animals until he surrender. Then kill or
    speak with him to retrieve his ear.
             3)The third criminal Stirge is in the South Road: Farmland north-west.
    If you want to save his life and know information about other criminals then
    speak with him and play the game. Ask candle, wall, goodness. Take his ear.
             4)The forth criminal minotaur Zor is in the North Road: Green Griffon
    Inn in the Inn. Search second floor for Zor and kill him. Take his ear.
             5)If you bring all four ears to Kendrack then he will tell you about
    his kidnapped daughter Shaldrissa by half-orc criminal Yesgar. Go to the North
    Road:Port Llast Mines (north-east) and search for Yesgar. Fight him until he
    surrender then kill him or speak. Take his ear and free Shaldrissa from locked
    room. Return to Kendrack for reward.
          2.Port Llast:Five tomes of Imaskar
            how to get: speak with Eltoora Sarptyl near Eltoora's  magical sundries
            situation: five tomes of Imaskar are useful books for any wizard. Find
    all 5 tomes.
            difficulty: hard
             1)Tome of Resonance is located in the Setara's house(north-east cave
    Neverwinter Wood: The Heart of the Wood). Search shining bookshelf for book in
    the central library.
             2)Tome of Ice is located in the Wanev's Tower Main floor north-east
    library in the shining bookshelf (South Road).
             3)Search Imaskar Tome of Fire in the Karlat's Chambers south-west
    library (South Road , Charwood village Jhareg's castle)
             4)Imaskar Tome of Death (west library in the shining chest in Quint's
    chambers South road Charwood village Jhareg's castle)
             5)Imaskar Tome of Life. Go to the North Road: Green Griffon Inn and
    enter Arcane Brother's Tomb in the graveyard (north-east). Find brother Toras
    in the tomb and kill him. Search his body for the Tome.
             6) Return to Eltoora with all 5 tomes. If you are a wizard or sorcerer
    than you can create some useful items from recipes from this books in Eltoora's
          3.Port Llast: The Serpent's Gems
            how to get: speak with Elaith Craulnober in the Inn
            situation: The famous adventurer Elaith Craulnober is interested in
    purchasing some unique gems for her daughter.
            difficulty: hard
             1)the first gem is in possess of Neverwinter wood witch Setara. Go to
    the Cave(Neverwinter Wood:The Heart of the Forest north-east). Speak with
    Setara and present her mirror of vanity (see main quest Neverwinter Wood) or
    kill her and retrieve Setara's gem.
             2)go to the South Road: Wanev's tower(the entrance to Wanev's tower is
    from the Cave near tower or use the key on the main gates). From the main floor
    go to the second floor and enter portal. Fight Wanev until he surrender. Then
    speak with him about creature's portal and Summoning Chambers. Search Wanev's
    gem in the chest to the north.
             3)go to the North Road:Green Griffon Inn and enter inn. Speak with
    Zamitra and go to her room upstairs. Search the chest in her room for Zamitra's
             4)Bring Elaith all 3 gems and retrieve reward (random good magical
    item(armor or belt))
          4.Port Llast: The werewolf hunter
            how to get: speak with Neuric in the Temple of Tyr
            situation: Werewolf hunter Sir Karathis and some adventures hunted some
    strong Werewolf Black Wolf but werewolf infected them with lycantrophy and they
    became werewolfs. Only young adventurer Anoler escaped desease. Find Sir
    Karathis and other werewolf and cure or kill them.
            difficulty: hard
             1)speak with Anoler in the Inn about the locations of the werewolves
             2)the first werewolf Urth is in Port Llast in the outflying farm
    upstairs. Find and fight him until he surrender then speak and cure him or kill
    him. Bring his ring to Neuric.
             3)the second werewolf Geth is in the East Road (south east near exit
    to Charwood)
             4)the third werewolf Bran is in the Cave (South Road north-east). Cure
    or kill him.
             5)the fourth werewolf Sir Karathis Ironheart is in the Cave
    (south-east) North Road: Green Griffon Inn. Fight him until he surrender and
    speak with him to retrieve his journal about Black Wolf. Return to Neuric with
             6) It seems that Alchelor is the Black Wolf. Go to the Alliance Arms
    Inn and speak with Ander. Then go to the Alchelor's home (centre of the town)
    and kill Alchelor Black Wolf. Bring his tooth to Neuric.
           5.Aribeth tale
             how to get: speak with Aribeth
             situation: after Fenthick's death Aribeth is changing
             solution: speak with Aribeth (good solution reward: Aribeth ring)
           6.Aarin Tale
             how to get: speak with Aarin Gend
             situation: Aarin's life history
             solution: speak with Aarin (good solution reward: Aarin amulet)
           7.The search for cult: Solomon
             how to get: meet Solomon in the Inn and get his ring
             situation: strange gnome Solomon is interested in your quest
             difficulty: very easy
             solution: Solomon will meet you on the North Road or somewhere else
    randomly. It seems that he is a cultist's assasin. Kill him then search for the
    letter. Return to Aribeth with letter.
           8.South Road: Poor Neva
             how to get: speak with Tarran (near Temple of Tyr) or Jaheel in Port
    Llast after completing the main North Road quest
             situation: Neva was kidnapped by some bandits and is being held
    somewhere on the South Road.
             difficulty: very easy
             solution: Go to the South Road: Farmland and find Neva near the
    entrance to Charwood. It seems that she is a cultist and Taran with Jaheel are
    their companions. Kill them all and take the Maugrim's letter from Neva's
           9.The search for cult: Vardoc's hunt
             how to get: meet Lerner in the Alliance Inn after completing some main
    quests in the regions.
             situation: your efforts in searching the location of the cult are
    noticed by the cultist leader Maugrim after Solomon's and Neva's failure.
    Maugrim sent his personal killer fighter half-orc Vardoc to kill you.
             difficulty: easy
             solution: Vardoc will find you on the North Road or somewhere else
    when you complete the main quest in Neverwinter wood. Kill him (he is very
    strong in melee fighting)  then search his body for Maugrim's letter.
         North Road:
          main quest:
           The Search for Cult:
          Go to the caves (North-West)
           Goblin and Orc Caves:
             west exit leads to surface to the North Road
             south-west stairs lead to Bugbear Caves
             North exit also leads to surface
             Goblin King is in the north-east (south west from north exit)
             South-East - Orc Temple
             Orc King to the East (some good loot here)
            You can go to the Bugbear Caves or clear all this places from monsters
    than go downstairs.
            Bugbear Caves:
             North exit to the Goblin and Orc Caves
             Bugbear King is south from north exit not far
             East stairs lead to Ogre Caves
             in the south centre (north from kennels)is Prison
             west exit leads to surface
             Kennels are to the south (beware wild animals)
            Explore this area than go to the Ogre Caves.
            Ogre Caves:
             go to the south to the Dergian's Lair. Kill Dergian and cultist agent
    Ganon than search the chest for Ganon's journal. Go to the nearest small room
    and enter portal to the North Road. Than return with journal to Aribeth. That's
    all, the search for cult in this region is ended.
        secondary quests:
            1. North Road: Gerrol's wife
              how to get: speak with farmer's son near Kendrack's barracks
              situation: Orcs from north caves kidnapped Gerrol's wife. Rescue her.
              difficulty: medium
                1) go to the North Road and speak with Gerrol about missing wife
                2) His wife Leah is in the prison in Bugbear caves (see main
    quest). Find and speak with her.
                3) return to Gerrol for reward
            2. North Road: Dergian's Head
                how to get: speak with farmer Gerrol (North Road)
                situation: Dergian is the leader of the monsters in the North
    caves. His monsters terrorize local farmers.
                difficulty: medium
                 1)Kill Dergian and take his head from his body (see main quest)
                 2)return to Gerrol with Dergian's head
       North Road: Green Grifin Inn
           main quest: if you have completed all main quests in area then you are
    ready to go to the Luskan. Speak with Aribeth and Aaron Gend and then speak
    with guard near gates to city Luskan.
           secondary quests:
             North Road: Mutamin's Challenge
               how to get: go to the inn and speak with locals about competition.
    Then speak with Mutamin about competition and retrieve his key.
               situation: There is some competition. The group of adventurers enter
    dungeon and must leave this dungeon. The first group who leaves dungeon is a
               difficulty: hard
                1)go downstairs and speak with Jaroo to enter dungeon.
                2) Level 1:
                   east - exits to level 2 and level 3 (more south)
                   search one of the rooms for crystal skull (false ingredient).
    You can speak with Yuan Ti and ask her questions( 15, 12 trinkets and 6 girls)
    to retrieve crystal frog (false ingredient).
                3) Level 2:
                    east: to the Level 3
                    one of the minotaurs has crystal insect (false item)
                4) Level 3:
                    signpost 19 room has puzzle key
                    north-east room chest: crystal egg (true ingredient)
                    In the corridor you'll meet dwarf Gorkan who has Great Axe.
    Kill him and retrieve his axe. Go south-east to the competition exit. Speak
    with statue and place crystal egg to the chest. Exit dungeon.
                5) Return to Mutamin for reward
         East Road:
          main quest: The Search for Cult
           go to the Neverwinter wood (east)
          secondary quests:
            1.East Road: What Lurks Below
             how to get: speak with Jax near Archaelogist Barracks (north-east near
             situation: Jax has some theory about ancient creator race. Find clues
    (book) about this race.
             difficulty: very hard
              The book is in the Creator Ruins Level 3. Here I'll explain some
    areas that you need to explore in order to reach Cretor Ruins Level 3
              East Road: Caves
                Troll Caves: Storage Area
                  west - exit to the surface
                  south - deep into caves Level 1
                Troll Caves Level 1
                  east - to the Storage Area
                  south-west - deep into caves Level 2
                  north-east - exit to the surface
                  north - Troll chieftain
                  north-west - exit to the surface
                  south-west - deep into caves Level 2
                Troll Caves Level 2
                  north and north-east - exits to Level 1
                  north-west - exit to surface
                  south-west - deep into caves Level 3
                Troll Caves Level 3
                   north-west - exit to Level 2
                   south-east - deep into caves (Creator ruins Level 1)
                Creator Ruins Level 1
                   north-west - back to caves Level 3
                   north-east - entrance to Creator Ruins Level 2
                  First, speak with Golem, but he don't allow you to pass without a
    ring. Go to the south-east area and search large chest for golem signet ring.
    Then return to golem and show him the ring. Go to Level 2. In some of the
    chests you can find useful items.
                Creator Ruins Level 2
                   north-west - back to level 1
                   north-east - entrance to level 3
                   Speak with another guardian golem about password. The creator's
    scroll with password is in the chest (south area with flesh golems). Return to
    golem with password and proceed to Level 3
                Creator Ruins Level 3
                   north-west - to level 2
                  Kill seal guardian golem and go to the locked gates. You need
    key. The key is on the dead thief body in the central room. Unlock the door
    with a key and kill some creator sorcerers. Then search one of the chests in
    the last room for book 'Complete history of the creator ruins'. Go to the
    portal and bring this book to Jax.
             2.East Road: A Troll lead trophy
                how to get: speak with Lenton in the Archaeologist Barracks (Jax
                situation: local Troll Chieftain terrorizes local people
                difficulty: medium
                solution: kill Troll Chieftain in the Troll Caves Level 1 and bring
    his head to Lenton (location of Troll Chieftain see in the previous quest)
             3.East Road: The simpleton's mother
                how to get: speak with Revat in the Archaeologist barracks
                situation: Revat's mother missed somewhere in the Troll Caves
                difficulty: medium
                solution: Revat's mother Janis is somewhere in the Troll Caves :
    Storage Area. Find and speak with her then return to Revat.
         Neverwinter Wood:
           main quest:
             The Search for the Cult:
               Neverwinter Wood: Druid Encampment:
             speak with archdruid Aawil and receive quest The Spirit Of the Wood.
    Something strange happened with local animals. They became hostile. The Spirit
    of the Wood doesn't protect animals and druids. Go east, deep to the
    Neverwinter Wood.
               Neverwinter Wood: Deeper Woods:
                 locations: north-east - Nymph home
                            east - to the Heart of the forest (deep Neverwinter
                            south-east - Cave
                  Go to the Nymph's house and follow north-west to the big room.
    Speak with Nymph and retrieve ceremonial dagger and mirror of vanity from the
    chest. Exit house and go to the Heart of the Forest.
               Neverwinter Wood: Heart of the Forest
                  north-east - Cave(Setarro's Home)
                  south - Cave (some good items there)
                  south-east- Altar of the Spirit of the wood
                 Go to the Altar( south-east Spirit falls) and touch altar. Choose
    option 'Draw forth the dagger and plunge it into your chest and have your
    henchman do the same'. You'll appear in the Realm of the Spirit.
               Realm of the spirit
                Speak with dwarf cultist agent Relmar. He is mad because his
    companions left him in this place. You can purchase some useful information
    from him if your persuasion skill is high. He tells you about other cultist
    agents, about poisoned Spirit of the wood and about his master Maugrim. After
    dialog, kill him and search his body for Relmar's journal. Then go north-west
    and search the ground for spirit poison antidote. Find the Spirit of the Wood
    and fight him until he surrender. The speak with him and cure(if you have
    spirit poison antidote) or kill him. Return to Aawil then to Aribeth.
         secondary quests:
               1. Neverwinter Wood: Missing Druids
                  how to get: speak with Aawil
                  situation: After Spirit's illness three druids missed somewhere
    in the Neverwinter woods.
                  difficulty: hard
                     1)the first druid Orlane is in the Cave (Deeper Woods
                       go to the feeding chamber (south-west cave) and fight Queen
    spider then free Orlane from cocoon.
                     2)The second druid Terrari is in the Nymph's house (south
    room).Speak with him.
                     3)The third druid Bree is in the Setarro's Home (cave
    north-east The Heart of the Forest). Go south-east and speak with Setara. Give
    her the mirror of vanity (see Nymph's house in the main quest) or kill her.
    Take the key from her. Then go south to the prison cells and free Bree.
                     4)return to Aawil
      d) South
       South Road:
         west: entrance to Port Llast
         north: to the East Road
         east: to the South Road: Farmland
         north-east: Cave (werewolf Bran)
         south-west: Wanev's Tower and Cave (you can access Wanev's Tower from this
         north-west: Cave. There are remains of Maegel in this cave. Go to the pool
    well and dive to the pool to swim to the another part of a cave (high CON
    required, increase CON with potions or spell). Than go to the Maegel's remains
    and summon Maegel. Answer his question (the correct answer you can find in the
    journal on the dead body in the cave) and search his remains for some useful
        main quest: No cultists tracks there.
         go to the South Road: Farmland (Charwood entrance).
        secondary quests:
         1.South Road: Closing Wanev's Portal
           how to get: go to the Wanev's Tower through the cave or from the main
    gates( you can retrieve the key to Wanev's Tower in the secret room in Wanev's
    cottage in Port Llast). Find wizard Wanev in the tower upstairs and fight him
    until he surrender. Then speak with him.
          situation: Wanev has problems with creature's portal in his summoning
          difficulty: medium
           1)go to the summoning chambers. Clear your way to the south-west where
    you find creature Gulgash. Kill him and retrieve his heart from body. Return to
    portal in the chambers and place Gulgash's heart to brazier.
           2)return to Wanev for reward
        South Road: Farmland
          west: to the South Road
          north-east: Erik and Ingo's home
          south-west: O'Deel Ranch
          south: Cave (Silverback wolf)
          east: entrance to the Charwood: Haunted Forest
        main quest: No cultists tracks. Go to the Charwood: Haunted Forest
          secondary quests:
           1.South Road: Peter and the wolves
             how to get: speak with Peter O'Deel near his ranch
             situation: some agressive wolves with their leader wolf Silverback
    attacked Peter's cattle.
             difficulty: easy
             solution: go to the Cave and fight Silverback. Bring his head to
    Peter. When I've played as a rogue/ranger character then after some fight
    Silverback surrendered. I've spoken to him and persuaded him don't attack
    Peter's cattle then I've persuaded Peter.
           2.South Road: Erik's Despair
             how to get: speak with Erik in the Erik and Ingo's home
             situation: Erik need his brooch
             difficulty: easy
              1)go to the O'Deel Ranch and speak with Constance O'Deel. Buy the
    brooch or kill her.
              2)Return with brooch to Erik
          Charwood: Haunted Forest
               west: South Road: Farmland
               east: Charwood village
               south-east: strange pillar (not marked on the map)
             main quest: No cultists tracks. Go to the Charwood village.
             secondary quests:
              There are no secondary quests but you can find some useful items in
    this location.
             Go to the north-west and search one of the chests for Old Scrol with
    words NETHER SHALL RULE. Go to the strange pillar and search the corpse near
    pillar for explorer's journal. Touch pillar and choose words NETHER SHALL RULE.
    Go to the opened portal and enter crypt. In the crypt there are some useful
    items and some powerful undead enemies.
          Charwood village
             west: Haunted Forest
             east: Jhareg's Castle
             centre: Mayor's house and Inn
          main quest:
             Go to the central house (Inn) and speak with a strange man. He is a
    mad cultist agent. Kill him and search his body for his journal. Return to
          secondary quests:
            1.Charwood: The village of Eternal Night (interesting quest)
              how to get: speak with Quint near gates
              situation: The village is cursed. Villager's spirits cannot leave
              difficulty: hard
               1)go to Mayor's house and speak with Mayor to know more about
               2)go to the Castle Jhareg : main floor. Search the chest for scroll
    and key and choose one of the three doors( north: law, east: neutral, west:
    chaos). Go to the north central hall and speak with guardian. Now you are a
    Judge and you must investigate the crimes of two brothers: Quint and Karlat.
               3)go to the Karlat's Chambers:
                  in the north-west you can find Karlat's key and Karlat's burning
    wand (burning hands spell, see Belial's Tale quest). Search one of the rooms
    (east) for Karlat's journal and Karlat's protection wand (protection from
    alignment). Go to the Karlat's summoning chambers and summon Belial (see
    Belial's Tale quest). Speak with demon and retrieve his oath. Go to the south
    room and speak with Karlat. Retrieve his oath.
               4)go to the Quint's chambers
                 Search small north room for Quint's key. Journal of Quint is in
    the south-east room. Go to the south room and speak with Quint. Retrieve his
               5) Return to Guardian and preserve oaths. Then judge brothers. You
    can return guilty one of the brothers or none at all. If you decide not to
    punish brothers than you can preserve Belial's oath (if you have) and decide to
    take Karlat's phylactery or not. If you decide to give phylactery to guardian
    then the village will be cursed as before but Demon Belial cannot leave this
    castle. In other situations the curse is removed and you can speak with the
    spirit of mayor near castle gates, but demon will not be punished for crimes.
    Karlat's phylactery is not a bad item (Sanctuary spell 1 use/day ) but the
    duration of the spell is very short.
           2.Charwood: Belial's Tale
             how to get: read summoning tome (Karlat's chambers)
             situation: instructions of summoning demon Belial
             difficulty: medium
              go to the Karlat's summoning chambers and place fire beetle's belly
    in the ritual brazier. Then cast protection from evil on self and cast Burning
    Hands spell on brazier to summon demon. Speak with Belial and retrieve his oath
    (recommended) or magical item.
     e)Luskan and host tower
         south-east:The Cutlass
                    Jadale Estate
         south-west: Kurth's Quarter
         west: Mercantile Store
               Runehammer Smithy
               Temple of Tyr
               Colmorr's Fantabulous
         north-west: gates to Host Tower
         north-east: Sewers (Baram's quarter)
         north: Slums
                Garlone's Home
         centre - The Wink and Tickle
      main quest:
       The Search for Cult:
         Previous investigations show that the cult headquarters are somewhere in
    the city Luskan.
     The city is ruled by high Captains who fight each other. But the rumors said
    that the real     power has the guilt of mages Arcane Brotherhood and high
    Captains are their marionettes. The Arcane Brotherhood headquarters are in the
    Host Tower. But the gates to the host tower are guarded and access denied
    without a permission. Go to the Temple of Tyr and speak with Aaron Gend. He
    tells you about Aribeth disappearence and access to the Host Tower. Aaron can
    forge for you diplomatic pass to the Host Tower but you must find a captains
    seal. The seal is in the High Captains headquarters. There are two High
    Captains in Luskan: Baram( sewers north-east) and Kurth (south-west Docks). To
    retrieve the keys you should go to the Wink and Tinkle and speak with Bela to
    retrieve quest Strange Bedfellows. You should go upstairs and speak with
    Rhaine(for male characters) or Oreth (for female characters) to retrieve the
    keys to the High Capatains headquarters. Then go to the Kurth or Baram
     1.1 So you decided to go to the Kurth quarters then go and speak with high
    captain Kurth in the Docks near gates to his base. Then open gates (Kurth and
    his people will become hostile) and clear your way to the Kurth Lair. Enter his
    lair. In this location there is a creature's portal. You can close this portal.
    Find and search Burke's corpse in the central small room for journal and smooth
    token. Then go to the north-east room with fountain. Search fountain for
    glowing sphere. Then go to the portal room (west) and put smooth token and
    glowing sphere to the portal to close it. Find high captain Kurth in the north
    room and kill him. Search his body for some useful items. Then go to the
    north-west room and search the chest for captains seal. Return to Aaron.
      1.2 If you decided to go to the Baram's quarters then enter sewers to the
    south-east. Speak with Baram and infiltrate his base. Go stairs up to Baram's
    Lair. Find two necromancers near necromantic summoning portal. They are
    invincible now. To weak them go to the Bone spirit ritual and destroy with
    weapon or magic two bone transmitter tablets. Return to the portal and kill one
    of the necromancers. Then go to the shrine spirit ritual and kill all skeletons
    and greater mummy. Return to portal and kill second necromancer (conjurer).
    Search his body for crypt key and unlock north door. Find and kill high captain
    Baram and search his body for some magical items. Search the nearest chest for
    captains seal. Return to Aaron.
      2)speak with Aaron Gend and retrieve diplomatic pass to the Host Tower. Go to
    the Host Tower Gates and speak with guard to present diplomatic pass. Then
    enter courtyard and speak with captain Islund. Enter Host Tower: Ambassador's
      3)Host Tower:
         Ambassador's quarters:
          go to the east room and fight hostile golem. Then search armor in the
    room for tower key and Aribeth diary. It seems that Aribeth in the Host Tower
    and has meeting with Maugrim (the cult leader). After Fenthick's execution
    Aribeth decided to meet with Maugrim . Go to the north and unlock the door.
    Touch hosttower portal and go to the 2-nd floor.
         Level 2:
          Search south-west room for 4-th floor portal stone and go to the 4-th
         Level 4:
          Search the body of Arteno Geth for his journal. Search the chests in  the
    south-east and central rooms for golem control rod and golem replication pod.
    Place this two items to the golem replication pod and summon golem. Follow
    summoned golem until he will crash the door. Then fight Rimardo Domine and his
    creatures (tough battle) until Rimardo surrender. Then speak with him to know
    more and go to the north-west library. Search the chest for 7-th floor portal
    stone. Return to the portal and go to the 7-th floor.
         Level 7:
           Kill Warden Erjack in the prison and search his body for pinnacle portal
    stone and prison key. Go to the level 9.
         Level 9:
           speak with Arklem (Arcane
    Brotherhood exleader). He tells you that powerful wizard Maugrim and his people
    now rule the Arcane Brotherhood and Luskan. Destroy four braziers in the cages
    to free Arklem and then speak with Arklem again. Enter pinnacle.
           Notice and Listen Maugrim and Aribeth dialog. It seems that Aribeth
    bertrayed Lord Nasher's alliance and joined Maugrim to lead Maugrim's army.
    After dialog kill Gorgoth and his minions. Search the chests for some random
    useful items (I found useful dragon scale armor in one of the chests). To learn
    more about queen Morag you can go downstairs and find Maugrim's journal. Return
    to Aarin and speak with him about Aribeth's bertrayal and proceed to Chapter 3.
        secondary quests:
         1.Luskan: Erb's delicate problem
           how to get: speak with Erb (Wink and Tickle 2-nd floor)
           situation: Erb need his ring from lady Jadale
           difficulty: easy
           solution: go to the Jadale Estate and speak with Lady Jadale to retrieve
    Erb's ring. Return to Erb for reward.
         2.Luskan: the Harlot's husband
           how to get: speak with Yvette in the Wink and Tickle (2-nd floor)
           situation: Yvette's husband Garlone has her child. She wants to return
    her child.
             go to the Garlone's home and speak with Garlone to retrieve the child
    or kill him. Then to Yvette with her baby.
         3.Luskan: Saving Evoine
           how to get: speak with Elynwyd  in the Cutlass.
           situation: Elynwyd's girl Evoine is held in the Kurth's quarters as a
    prisoner. Free her.
          difficulty: medium
            1)Evoine is in the Kurth's Lair in the room near the room where you
    fight captain Kurth. Find and free her.
            2)return to Elynwyd
         4.Luskan: Nine Lives
           how to get:speak wit Londa in the Cutlass.
           situation: High Captain Baram kidnapped Londa's children. Find and free
           difficulty: hard
             Go to the Baram's Lair and search cocoon in the south room for Nanny.
    Speak with her about Londa's children and retrieve bear. Return to Londa.
         5.Luskan: Colmorr's Fantabulous Contraptulater
           how to get: speak with Colmorr
           difficulty: hard
           situation: Colmorr has some strange machine in the sewers. This machine
    can convert sewer water into magic potions but now the machine is broken.
    You'll need to repair this machine. To repair machine you must find 4 machine
           solution: The full solution of this quest was given to me by Madruk (he
    was the first). Soon, I solved this quest and fixed some location errors. He
    also wrote the info about potions which can be created by this machine.
       Here is this solution.
            1) The first lever is in the locked room in the Winkle and Tickle (with
    a guard dog)
            2) south-east sewers (entrance in the middle of the Slums): In the
    chest behind the Ghoul lord
            3) south-west sewers: return the amulet from the previously killed
    Ghoul lord to the ghoul outcast
            4) Already at the machine (north-west)
           The ghoul outcast will also give you the key required to open the door
    leading to the machine, which is north-west of the sewers
             possibilities of potions for the 4 levers:
              potion of Lore (Lore +13)
              potion of Barskin
              potion of Bull's strength
              potion of Aid
              potion of Cat's Grace (DEX +3)
              potion of Invisibility
              potion of Cure Serious wounds
              potion of Cure Light wounds
              potion of Fox cunning (INT +2)
              potion of Endurance (CON +5)
              potion of Cure Moderate wounds
              potion of Speed
              potion of Clarity
              bottle of Sewage
           (thanks to Madruk)
          6. Luskan: High Captains
             how to get: speak with Kurth or Baram.
             situation: Kurth wants Baram be dead and vice versa.
             difficulty: hard
               Killing Baram: kill Baram and return to Kurth with Baram's head
               Killing Kurth: kill Kurth and return to Baram with Kurth's head
          7. Luskan: the Ghoul Lords
             how to get: speak with ghoul outcast in sewers (south-west)
             situation: Some evil ghoul lord stole the amulet from ghoul outcast
             difficulty: easy
             solution: Kill ghoul Lord in sewers (south-east) and retrieve the
    amulet of power. Return this amulet to ghoul outcast.
          8. Luskan: The Ruins of Illusk
             how to get: Go to the Docks region and touch the statue near Abandoned
             situation: There are some ancient ruins under the Luskan. This ruins
    are cursed by immortal lich Voleron and you must destroy 3 seals in order to
    face Voleron and remove the curse.
             difficulty: hard
              1) The first seal: go to the abandoned house near statue and kill
    skull warrior. Take skull warrior's head and put it on altar near entrance. Go
    dowstairs to the level 1 ruins.
              2) The second seal: Fight some zombies. Go south and kill Fallen
    Hero. Take Hero's heart and put it on altar to destroy the second seal. Go
    downstairs to level 2 ruins.
              3) The third seal: Fight some shadows and mummies. Go north-west and
    kill water elemental guardian. Take blessed water and put it on nearest altar
    to destroy the last seal. Go downstairs to level 3 ruins.
              4) Voleron the Damned: Find and kill Voleron and his undead servants.
    He is very tough and resistive so be careful. Collect some useful items from
    the chests and exit the ruins from portal.
     f)Henchmans quests
          1.Daelon Red Tiger:
            quest: Daelon's mother was killed by some killer. The killer has
    notched axe. Find killer and retrieve the axe.
            difficulty: very hard
            solution: the killer is dwarf Gorkan. He is in the Mutamins Challenge
    dungeon: Level 3. Kill him and retrieve his axe.
            reward: amulet of the red tiger(STR+3, immunity: fear)
          2. Boddyknock Glinckle
             quest: Boddyknock is searching for rare seeds of flower 'prism
             difficulty: very hard
             solution: go to the Creator Ruins Level 1 and search the crate for
    seeds (near exit to the caves).
             reward: Lantanese ring (CHA+3, regeneration +1)
          3. Linu La'neral
             quest: Linu lost his husband. Her husband is an archeologist. She
    seeks some clues about husband.
             difficulty: very hard
             solution: go to the Troll caves Level 1 and search the corpse
    (north-west area) for journal of Synth La'neral.
             reward:pendant of the elf(DEX +3, darkvision)
          4. Sharwyn
             quest: She seeks the nymph's hair
             difficulty: hard
             solution: Go to the Nymph's house and search south-east room for the
    lock of Nymph's hair.
             reward:Belt of the perfomer(CHA+3,perform+2,persuade+2)
          5. Tony Undergallows
             quest: Tony wants to retrieve the famous ruby "Star of Calimshan".
             difficulty: hard
             solution: Search one of the chest(middle chest) in the Wanev's bugbear
    barracks (Wanev's tower: Main floor in the centre)
             reward: ring of the rogue(DEX+3,disable trap+2, open lock+2)
          6. Grimgnow
             quest: He seeks some special corpse hand to free his followers from
    the lich's curse.
             difficulty: hard
             solution: go to the Arcane Brotherhood Tomb (North Road: Green Griffon
    Inn) and search the chest (north from exit) for corpse hand.
             reward: amulet of the long death(CON+3,spell resistance:10)
    4)Chapter 3
      a)Beorunna's Well
        main quest:
         Word of Power:
          how to get: speak with Aarin Gend
          situation: It seems that Maugrim is a servant of an ancient lizard queen
    Morag who seeks for some unique powerful artifacts called The Words of Power.
    Some sources said that this artifacts are somewhere near Beorunna's Well.
    Adventures must find this artifacts and bring them to Aarin who will transport
    this artifacts to the castle Never with Lord Nasher himself.
          difficulty: hard
          solution: go to the Drinking House and speak with Lillian Cambridge. She
    will give you the quest: The Snow Globe. This quest is a part of the main quest
    in Coldwood. See other sections for main quest.
         secondary quests:
          1.Rolgan's trial
            how to get: speak with Neuric in the Temple of Tyr
            situation: Rolgan killed a man. You are a defender of Rolgan. You need
    to investigate what happended and defend Rolgan in the court.
            difficulty: medium
             1)speak with Edegor and Rolgan in the Temple of Tyr
             2)speak with Zed (HEAL HIM with potion or spell) and Jevon in the
    mercenary enclave. If you are evil then you can bribe Jevon.
             3)go to the drinking house and speak with Averic (you can bribr him).
    Then speak with Lodar and offer him a drink. Then speak with Lodar again what
    happened. It seemed that Rolgan couldn't control yourself while doing his crime
    and Lodar is your witness.
             4)go to the Uthgardt settlement and speak with Palla and Vanda.
             5)return to Neuric and begin trial. Answer and ask questions. Persuade
    people that Rolgan could't control yourself and is innocent. If everything will
    be ok then you win the trial.
           2.Recover the Star Saphire
             how to get: speak with Husher Clay in the Trading post
             situation: The Star Saphire is a rare artifact and Husher wants this
    artifact. It is somewhere in Coldwood tomb.
             difficulty: hard
               1) go to the deeper Coldwood past the Wizard's circle. The entrance
    to the tomb is somewhere north-east in the deeper Coldwood. Enter Layenne's
               2) go to the large room with 5 pedestals( south ). The central
    pedestal contains the star saphire but it is locked (DO NOT DESTROY PEDESTALS).
    You'll need to retrieve other four gems to unlock the pedestal. This gems are
    somewhere in the toms
               3)gem of misery and gem of pain :search the sarcophagus in the
    north-west rooms (there are two north-west rooms). To kill golem you must
    destroy 4 glyph generators in the golem room.
               4) gem of duty: go to the central room (more east) with some
    skeletons and zombies and search the sarcophagus for gems.
               5) gem of honor: go to the north-east room with a lot of chests and
    search the sarcophagus for gem.
               6) return to the room with pedestals and put the gems in pedestals
    in following combination:
              north-west pedestal: gem of honor          north-east pedestal: gem
    of misery
              south-west pedestal: gem of pain           south-east pedestal: gem
    of duty
               7)take the Star Saphire from central pedestal and return to Husher
    Clay for reward
             3.Save the supply lines:
               how to get: speak with Rolkid in the mercenary enclave
               situation: some bandits attack merchants supplies and there is a
    bounty for their heads. Kill two leaders: orc Vaath in Coldwood and Guzud
    somewhere near fort Ilkard.
               difficulty: hard
                 1) go to the Coldwood and fight Vaath somewhere south-east in the
    Orc camp on the surface. When he surrender decide his fate. Bring his head to
                 2) go to the fort Ilkard region and enter the cave(Orc Lair)
    somewhere north-west from fort. Find Guzud and take his head. Bring his head to
                 3) Rolkid offer you a reward for the head of Orc King Obould Many
    Arrows. You can find him in the south-west orc cave in Moonwood. Bring his head
    to Rolkid. You can see all three heads near the entrance to mercenary enclave.
              4. Investigate the Elk Tribe
                 how to get: speak with druid Yusam near Druid Grove.
                 situation: Suddenly the Uthgardt Elk Tribe became Neverwinter
    alliance's  enemy. Investigate what happened.
                 difficulty: medium
                   1) go to the Fort Ilkard and go to the Fort Ilkard: Homesteads
    (west entrance). Then enter the Elk Tribe Keep (north-east entrance to Uthgardt
                   2) find and speak with Elk tribe leader Zokan. You can kill him
    and return to Yusam or choose another good way: speak with Zokan about the
    plague cure and go to the fort Ilkard , speak with commander Damas in the
    Commander's lodge and buy the cure from him. Bring the cure to Zokan and return
    to Yusam.
      b) Coldwood
         main quest:
           The snow globe:
          Enter Coldwood and go to the Wizard's circle (somewhere north-east near
    the entrance to the deeper Coldwood). Fight cultists in the Wizard's circle and
    enter the portal to the Wizard's Dungeon.
          Wizard's Dungeon:
           There are two fire summoning chambers(north-east and south-west). You
    must destroy braziers with spells or weapon to interrupt the elemental's
    appearing from chambers.
           There is a wizard's room with altar in the north-east region. Search the
    chest for ring of Melf (Melf's acid arrow spell)if you are not an arcane
    spellcaster. If you are an arcane spellcaster then you can create the Staff of
    Command( put rakshasa eye and quartz crystal to the altar and cast Dominate
    person spell on altar).
           You can summon the greater water elemental in the Summoning pool
    south-west. Simply put slaang tongue to the pool and cast Melf's acid arrow
    spell on pool to summon the elemental. Then speak with elemental.
           There is a hong puzzle in the north-west room and you must solve this
    puzzle to unlock the door to snow globe. Go to the north-west library and find
    the diary page in the chest. Read this diary page because this is a solution to
    this puzzle. Return to the puzzle room and touch the hongs in following order:
    puma, dog, bear, dragon. If everything ok then the door will be opened. Search
    the pedestal in the unlocked room for snow globe then return to Lillian
         Drinking House:
          Speak with Lillian and go upstairs. Enter room with pedestal and touch
    pedestal. Enter the globe.
         Snow Globe:
          If you are male then dryads will be your enemies. If you are female then
    dwarfs will be your enemies. Arwyl is a dryad's leader and Hodd is dwarf's
    leader. Go to the south cave (north entrance).  Speak with guardian white
    dragon. It seems that there is a war between dryads and dwarfs but after
    killing each other they respawn again. There is a legend about amulet of ages
    which can stop the fight. You can find this amulet in the chest. But I don't
    know how to stop the fight (see Note). So I simply kill the dragon and search
    his chest for Word of Power. Then speak with Haedraline and go to the portal.
    Return to Aarin.
         Note (by Andrew Wilson): To solve the amulet puzzle go to the globe, get
    the amulet, have the dryads/dwarves fix it, exit the way you came in (click on
    the little red thing in the center of the portal), ROTATE THE GLOBE, go back
    in, have the other people fix it, kill the
    dragon. The amulet gives you 30 cold resist and 5+ to cold saving throws.
    (thanks to Andrew Wilson)
     c) Moonwood
        main quest:
         The Word of Power:
          go to the Moonwood
             west: cave( Orc Lair)
             north-east: deep to Moonwood
          go to the Moonwood deeper
             centre: cave entrance (dragon Akulatraxas)
             north: spine of the world
             west: Giant cave entrance
          go to the spine of the world and fight cultists.
           Spine of the World:
             south-west: cave (with dead dragon)
             centre(more east): cave (dragon Gorgotha)
             north: cave (Fire Giant Lair)
          go to the fire giant lair.
           Fire Giant Lair:
             centre: entrance to East Fire Giant Lair
             north-west: entrance to North Fire Giant Lair
          go to the East Fire Giant Lair
           East Fire Giant Lair:
             north-east: deep cave (slaad Cavern)
             east: deep cave (Dragon Dungeon)
             south-east: Klauth's Lair
           kill king Scrogg and search his body for pass amulet. Unlock the door
    and go to the Klauth's Lair.
           Klauth's Lair:
             Speak with Klauth. The word of power is in his room but this room is
    locked and Klauth has the key. If you want to kill Klauth then it will be a
    great challenge for you because Klauth is very strong (when I've played as a
    wizard I use chain lighting spell). There is another safe way to kill Klauth:
    Go to the Dragon Dungeon and search dragon sphere in the fountain. Then kill
    Dragon (he is not so difficult as Klauth). Then put dragon sphere to the
    pedestal and take full dragon sphere. Then return to Klauth and bring him the
    sphere to kill him. Search his body for a key. You can also take his quest for
    dragon eggs and after completing this quest he will give you a key. Go to the
    Klauth's room and search his chest for Word of Power. Speak with Haedraline and
    return to Aarin.
       secondary quests:
         1. Working for Akulatraxas
            how to get: speak with dragon Akulatraxas in her cave
            situation: Hill giants wants to steal her eggs. Kill their leader.
            difficulty: easy
           go to the Hill giant's Lair and clear the way through giants. Go deeper
    to the caves in the centre. Find and kill Hill Giant Chieftain (south-west) and
    take his head. Return to Akulatraxas.
          2. Gorgotha the Gold Dragon:
             how to get: speak with dragon Gorgotha in her cave
             situation: dragon Klauth and his fire giants wants her eggs.
             difficulty: hard
             solution: kill Klauth (see main quest) and bring his head to Gorgotha.
          3. Klauth the Ancient Red Wyrm
             how to get: speak with Klauth
             situation: Klauth wants some dragon eggs.
             difficulty: medium
             solution: Go to the Gorgotha's cave or Akultraxas's cave and kill
    dragon. Search the incubator for dragon egg and return to Klauth.
      d)Fort Ilkard
        main quest:
         The Word of Power:
          Go south from Beorunna's Well. Kill some elk tribe warriors and go south
    to the Fort Ilkard. Speak with knight to open fort gates.
          Fort Ilkard:
             north-west: Cave (Orc Lair)
             west: Homesteads
             south-east: Ruins
             other places in the fort: Commander's Lodge, settler's barracks,
    soldier's barracks,
            Uthgardt command post (near fort)
          If you want some secondary quests then speak with commander Damas. To
    continue the search for word of power go to the Ruins. Kill cultists and their
    leader and go to the cave entrance (south east). It seems that you have found
    some ancient creator race ruins.
           Creator Race Ruins:
             centre (entrance from west): garden
             north-west: sun dial
             north-east: riddle of sound, invincible golem and another sun dial
    (more east and north)
             south-east: riddle of smoke and invincible golem
             south-west: riddle of light and invincible golem
             south: the locked gates
            Enter the ruins and search the corpse near exit for translation amulet.
    You'll need this amulet in order to understand the creator race language. Equip
    this amulet. The south gates (the door of three) are locked and don't try to
    open them. Don't try fight golem because they are invincible. Go to the garden.
    In the garden speak with Sapphira. She will give you Time Crystal and some seed
    (need for her secondary quest). It seems that you cannot kill golems and unlock
    south gates now. The solution must be in the past of the ruins. You must travel
    to the past and find solution. Return to the ruins and go to the Sun dial. Use
    Time Crystal on sun dial (same as Stone of Recall) to travel to the past.
           Creator Race Ruins : Past
            locations: same as in present time but the environment differs
            Go north-east and speak with Lokar. He is a slave leader. Retrieve his
    ring. You need this ring to persuade the slave workers to weak the golems. You
    can also persuade this workers without Lokar's ring. Go west near riddle of
    light and speak with slave worker (translation amulet must be equiped).
    Persuade him to weak the golem. Then choose golem weakness. You can choose
    fire, cold, blunt weapons, slashing and piercing weapon weakness. Choose it
    wisely because golems will be vulnerable only to the chosen weakness. For
    example when I played as a wizard I chose fire weakness and lately killed
    golems with fireball and flame arrow spells. For fighter or rogue classes fire
    and cold are not recommended. To unlock the south gates you'll need to solve
    three riddle puzzle. But you cannot solve this puzzle in the past. Search the
    old one defenses scroll in the riddle of light room. This scroll describes the
    puzzle's rules. Go to the garden and speak with young queen Morag.
    Unfortunately you can't kill her. So fight her lizard guards and put Sapphira's
    seed into Dirt weeds. Return to ruins and go north-east to the riddle of sound
    entrance. Speak with another slave worker and choose weakness for another
    golem. Then go south-east near riddle of smoke and speak with the last slave
    worker to choose golem weakness. Return to the sun dial and use your time
    crystal to return to the present.
           Creator Race Ruins: (present time)
             Riddle puzzle: Unlocking the Door of Three
              1)Riddle of smoke
                Go to the riddle of smoke. Kill golem (golem must be vulnerable to
    the some kind of damage which you chose in the past from the last slave
    worker). Take golem key from his body and unlock the gates to the riddle of
    smoke. There is a smokey brazier,alchemist's apparatus and some painting. The
    puzzle is not difficult: Take red, blue and yellow powders from alchemist's
    apparatus. Put this powders in the brazier in following order: red-yellow,
    blue-red, yellow-blue. If everything is ok then this powders will dissapear and
    the riddle of smoke have been completed. Your journal must be updated after
    completing the riddle.
              2)Riddle of sound
                Go north-east and kill another golem. Take his key and unlock the
    gates to the riddle of sound. Kill odd one bodak champion and search his body
    for fairy bottle. Use this bottle in the inventory to free the sprite from
    bottle and repeat her actions with hongs to complete the riddle of sound. There
    are 4 hongs in the room:
                        North-west hong (4)             North-east hong (1)
                        South-west hong (3)             South-east hong (2)
         The right combination is 2,1,3,4,3,1,4,2.
              3)Riddle of light
                Go to the riddle of light and kill the last golem. Take his key and
    unlock the gates to the riddle of light. Take purple,orange and green gems from
    pool of swirling. The puzzle is easy: you must press color gem in each pool of
    primary colors and then put the gem from poll of swirling to the each pool of
    secondary colors. If the placed gem is the combination of the primary pools
    colors then the riddle will be solved. For example press red and blue gems in
    the pools of primary colors. The combination of red and blue color is a purple
    color. So split the purple gems in the inventory and place one purple gem in
    each pool of secondary colors to solve the puzzle.
             If all three riddles are completed then go south and unlock the door
    of three. Fight Balor Lord. Take his key and unlock the altar. Take the last
    Word of Power and speak with Haedraline. Return to Aarin and proceed to Chapter
        secondary quests:
          1.The Siege of Fort Ilkard
            how to get: speak with commander Damas in the commander's lodge
            situation: Fort Ilkard is under siege by elk tribe
            difficulty: medium
             1) first you need to destroy all catapults near fort. Simply kill some
    elk tribe warriors and commanders near fort then destroy 4 catapults and 2
    ballistas. Return to Damas.
             2) the next objective is to kill elk commander Arness. Go to the
    Uthgardt command post and find Arness. Kill him and bring his head to Damas.
             3) and finally you need to kill Elk leader Zokan. Go to the Homesteads
    and enter Uthdardt Fort (Elk Tribe Keep) (north-east). Find Zokan. Kill him and
    return to Damas. You can also speak with Zokan and take his quests for plague
    cure, then return to Damas and buy the cure then bring this cure to Zokan and
    return to Damas to complete the quest.
           2. Deliver Eckel's Note
              how to get: speak with Eckel in settler's barracks
              situation: Eckel wants you to deliver his note to his wife
              difficulty: easy
              solution: Go to the Homesteads. Go north-west and enter Eckel's
    homestead. Kill elk brute and speak with Galia.
           3. Plant the Ulforg Tree Seeds
              how to get: speak with Sapphira in the creator ruins garden
              situation: Sapphira wants to plant some unique tree
              difficulty: easy
              solution: Go to the past and enter garden. Kill Morag guards and put
    the seed into Dirt weeds. Then return to Sapphira in the present time for
    reward (4 rubies).
     e) Henchman's quests
       1.Daelon Red Tiger
         quest: Daelon wants to find ceremonial Uthgardt spear which is great
    Uthgardt relic.
         difficulty: medium
         solution: This spear has Elk tribe leader Zokan. Kill him or complete his
    quest to retrieve the plague cure.
         reward: amulet of Uthgardt(STR+4,immunity: fear, spell resistance: 12)
        2.Boddyknock Glinckle
          quest: He searches some dragon scale
          difficulty: hard
          solution: Go to the Moonwood: Spine of the World. Enter south-west cave
    with dead dragon and search the rubble for dragon scale.
          reward: prophyro's ring (CHA+4, regeneration +1)
        3.Linu La'neral
          quest: She wants to find some volcanic oak seed.
          difficulty: very hard
          solution: Go to the Fort Ilkard: Ruins and search the volcanic oak seed
    near the summoning Altar outside the creator race ruins (thanks to xavier for
          reward: pendant of the elf (DEX+4, immunity: mind-affecting spells)
          quest: She wants the rare legendary bard Tamorlyn's love song.
          difficulty: hard
          solution: Search the sarcophagus in the east room of the Creator Race
    Ruins (present time).
          reward: belt of the performer(CHA+5, perform +4, persuade +4)
        5. Tony Undergallows
           quest: He wants to find the ashes of the great hero
           difficulty: hard
           solution: go to the Elk Tribe Keep and search the north room for the
    Ashes of Running Wolf
           reward: Ring of the Rogue(DEX +4, disable trap +4, hide +2, move
    silently +2, open lock +2, pick pocket +2)
        6. Grimgnow
           quest: He wants to complete the Final Challenge of the order. He needs
    some weapon with the mark of his order to face Silent Lord.
           difficulty: very hard
           solution: go to the Coldwood (Orc Camp) and search the unnamed dagger
    somewhere near criminal Vaath.
           reward: amulet of the Silent Lord (CON +4, spell resistance: 10,
    immunity: level/ability drain.
      Chapter 4
       Final Battle
        main quest:
         Now you are back in the Neverwinter City. Speak with Lord Nasher and Aarin
    Gend. It seems that Neverwinter city is under siege by Aribeth's and Maugrim's
    army. They occupy some Neverwinter regions exept City Core. Go downstairs to
    the castle prison and speak with Haedraline. She tells you about Maugrim's Word
    of Power and you need to retrieve this word of power from Maugrim himself in
    order to travel to the source stone portal where is lizard queen Morag. It
    seems that Morag awakened and Maugrim is her servant.
         So go to the City Core and enter War Zone (south-east).
      War Zone:
       There are two invicible golems in the area. You need to kill two wizards who
    control this golems. Enter house with shining door near catapults and kill
    first wizard and Balor. Then go to the big gates and unlock or destroy them.
    Then quickly enter another shining door, kill wizard and Balor and exit house.
    Now golems are dead. Go to the south-east house and exit from the other side of
    the house. Kill half-dragon Baalor. Enter portal to Maugrim's Sanctuary.
       Maugrim's Sanctuary:
        Fighting Aribeth:
         Speak with Aribeth and fight her until he surrender. Then you can speak
    with her and persuade her to surrender and go to the prison or kill her. If you
    kill her then search her body for her sword. This sword is very good but can be
    used only by lawful evil paladin. So if you are a paladin then you can kill
    some citizens in the City Core until your alignment changes to evil then equip
    this sword. You can also use this sword if your magic device skill is 10+. The
    description on this sword tells that you possessed this sword from Aribeth's
    corpse but I didn't kill Aribeth I simply disarmed (improve disarm feat) her
    with my rogue/ranger character (developers forgot this factor). Aribeth is not
    an easy enemy because she heals herself and can cast spells and has a good
    sword. When I've played as a cleric my AC was 38 and Aribeth was not a
    difficult opponent. Kill her as quick as possible.
        Fighting Maugrim:
         Find and speak with Maugrim Korothir. Then fight and kill him. Search his
    chest for Word of Power. Maugrim is more easy fight for spellcasters but he is
    also very tough (more than Aribeth). He casts Time Stop spell at the beginning
    of the fight and ressurects two flesh golems. So Greater dispel spell
    recommended to dispel some effects from Maugrim. He also heals himself and
    casts some powerful offensive level 7-9 spells such as Meteor Swarm. Beware his
    spells. When you kill him return to castle Never.
        Castle Never:
         Go downstairs and speak with Haedraline. Then go to the castle cavern and
    put the word of power on word of power pedestal. Enter source stone.
        Source Stone Sanctuary:
         Speak with Asheera and retrieve her amulet. This amulet is very good
    against lizards so I recommend you to equip this amulet. Fight lizards and
    enter the portal in the centre.
        Guardian lair:
         Kill two guardian dragons and search their bodies for guardian keys.
    Unlock the gates. Then before entering cave I recommend you to rest, to prepare
    necessary spells and take some potions because in the next area you can't rest
    and can't use stone of recall. Then enter caves.
        Inner Sanctum:
         Listen the dialog between Morag and lizards. Kill lizards and search the
    body of the one of the lizards for the key. Unlock the door and prepare for
    final battle with queen Morag. Speak with Morag and prepare for fight. Don't
    try to fight her now because she is invincible. She is protected by her
    followers and her followers are protected by the trap. You can't access her
    protectors because of a trap. First you must bash the statue near the trap to
    destroy the trap. Kill some powerful enemies. There are 8 Morag protectors:
    protector against mace (blunt weapons), sword , the lessers (ranged weapons),
    venom (some poison damage), frost, spear , storm and flame. Each protector is
    vulnerable to his kind of protection, for example the protector against fire is
    vulnerable to the fire damage and can be killed by some fire spells, and for
    example if you killed the protector against fire then queen Morag will be
    vulnerable to the fire. Same with the other protectors. When I have played as a
    cleric I killed the protector against mace with my morning star and then killed
    queen Morag with this weapon. Queen Morag is very powerful enemy and can cast
    some powerful wizard (Time Stop spell) and healing spells.  Kill Morag and
    enter portal. Speak with Haedraline and enter portal to complete the game.
    Congratulations, you have beaten the game!!!
       secondary quests:
         1. Neverwinter under siege
            how to get: speak with Tranear in the Trade of Blades
            situation: Neverwinter under siege
            difficulty: medium
            solution: go to the War Zone and destroy 3 catapults then kill 2
    wizards (see main quest). Return to Tranear.
         2. Rescue Leesa
            how to get: speak with Luce in the Moonstone Mask
            situation: Leesa is lost somewhere in the War Zone
            difficulty: easy
            solution: go to the War Zone and speak with Leesa somewhere north-east.
    Then return to the Luce for reward.
    PART 4 Credits and special thanks
      Firstly, I would like to thank a God because he created me and made me free.
      Of course, I thank Bioware for their difficult work and wish them to continue
    create another great and exiting games.
      Special thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for their game FAQs. I hope that my guide
    would help some people in their difficulties.
      Credit to Madruk for Luskan: Colmorr's Fantabulous Contraptulater quest
      Credits to Andrew Wilson and xavier.
      Don't lose optimism.
    Permitted sites to post this guide
     If you have the information about other sites with my guide then please email
    me. If you want my permission then email me (y_orest@yahoo.com).

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