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    Freespace 2
    (c) 2002 DracoLord
    Guide Game     : Freespace 2
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    Guide Version  : 1.4
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    Contents :
    1.0  Version History
    2.0  Controls
    3.0  Fighters and Bombers
    3.1 Fighters
    3.2 Bombers
    4.0  Fighter/Bomber Primary Weapons
    5.0  Fighter/Bomber Secondary Weapons
    6.0  Dog-fighting Strategies
    7.0  Multiplayer Mode
    8.0  Capital Ships
    *A*  FRED 2 Guide
    *B*  Squadwar
    9.0  Final Notes
    10.0 Credits and Acknowledgments
    *INSERT 1*
    11.0 Links
    12.0 Copyright
    1.0 Version History
    (Note: Date formats are English; dd/mm/yy, and show the date of completion
    of each area/topic.)
    0.1 (10/08/02)
    - Basic layout and text
    0.2 (15/08/02)
    - Reformatted and redesigned guide for easier reading
    0.3 (19/08/02)
    - Added 'Links'
    0.4 (20/08/02)
    - Removed 'Walkthrough'
    - Added 'Quick Walkthrough'
    0.5 (25/08/02)
    - Minor layout changes
    0.6 (01/09/02)
    - Added 'Misc. Info.'
    0.7 (02/09/02)
    - Added 'Version History'
    0.8 (10/09/02)
    - Removed 'Quick Walkthrough'
    - Added 'Multiplayer Mode'
    0.9 (11/09/02)
    - Various tweaks
    1.0 (11/09/02)
    - The first release
    1.1 (04/11/02)
    - Added '*A* FRED 2 Guide'
    - Updated various other areas
    - Added '*B* Squadwar'
    - Added BEWD 'Shameless Plug'
    - Revised the TvT Stratagies
    - Added the 'Common terms and phrases section'
    - Updated various sections
    - Revised Fighter, Bomber and Weapon Descriptions
    - Added *INSERT 1*
    - Added Info and Suggestions from Carlos Miranda
    2.0 Controls
    T       - Target next ship
    Shift-T - Target previous ship
    Alt-T   - Turn off auto-target
    H       - Target nearest hostile ship
    Shift-H - Target previous hostile ship
    Alt-H   - Toggle auto-targeting
    F       - Target nearest friendly ship
    Shift-F - Target previous friendly ship
    Y       - Target ship in reticule
    G       - Target nearest attacker
    Alt-Y   - Target last ship to send a transmission
    U       - Target next un-inspected cargo
    Shift-U - Target previous un-inspected cargo
    N       - Target newest ship in area
    B       - Target nearest hostile bomb/bomber
    Shift-B - Target previous hostile bomb/bomber
    K       - Target next live turret
    V       - Target subsystem in reticule
    S       - Target next subsystem
    Shift-S - Target previous subsystem
    Alt-S   - Turn off auto-targeting of subsystems
    R       - Target closest attacking ship
    J       - Target target's target
    E       - Target next ship in the escort list
    Alt-R   - Target nearest support ship
    A         - Increase forward thrust
    Z         - Decrease forward thrust (reverse thrust)
    Pad 7     - Bank left  (rotate left)
    Pad 9     - Bank right (rotate right)
    Pad 8     - Pitch forward
    Pad 2     - Pitch backward
    Pad 4     - Turn left
    Pad 6     - Turn right
    Backspace - Set throttle to zero
    \         - Set throttle to max
    [         - Set throttle to one third
    ]         - Set throttle to two thirds
    =         - Increase throttle by 5%
    -         - Decrease throttle by 5%
    Tab       - Engage afterburner
    Left CTRL - Fire primary weapons   (cannons)
    Space Bar - Fire secondary weapons (missiles)
    .         - Cycle forward through primary weapons, and single and dual
                fire modes
    ,         - Cycle backwards through primary weapons, and single and dual
                fire modes
    /         - Cycle through secondary weapon banks
    Shift-/   - Cycle secondary weapon fire rate (single and double fire
    X         - Launch countermeasure
    M                 - Match target's speed
    Alt-M             - Toggle auto-speed matching
    Shift-A           - Order: Attack my target
    Shift-Z           - Order: Disarm my target
    Shift-D           - Order: Disable my target
    Shift-V           - Order: Attack my targeted subsystem
    Shift-X           - Order: Capture my target
    Shift-E           - Order: Engage enemy
    Shift-W           - Order: Form on my wing
    Shift-I           - Order: Ignore my target
    Shift-P           - Order: Protect my target
    Shift-C           - Order: Cover me
    Shift-J           - Order: Return to base
    Shift-R           - Order: Rearm me
    Pad *             - Chase view
    Pad .             - External view
    Pad Enter         - Toggle external camera lock
    Pad 0             - Free look view
    Pad /             - Current target view
    Pad +             - Increase view distance
    Pad -             - Decrease view distance
    Pad 5             - Centre view
    '                 - Cycle radar ranges
    C                 - Open communications window
    Alt-J             - Engage jump drive
    Insert            - Increase weapon energy
    Delete            - Decrease weapon energy
    Home              - Increase shield energy
    End               - Decrease shield energy
    Page Up           - Increase engine energy
    Page Down         - Decrease engine energy
    Alt-D             - Equalise energy settings
    Q                 - Equalise shield settings (all quadrants)
    Up Arrow          - Augment forward shield
    Down Arrow        - Augment rearward shield
    Left Arrow        - Augment left shield
    Right Arrow       - Augment right shield
    Scroll Lock       - Transfer energy (Laser -> Shield)
    Shift-Scroll Lock - Transfer energy (Shield -> Laser)
    Alt-E             - Add/Remove ship from escort list
    Alt-Shift-E       - Clear escort list
    Shift-.           - Increase time compression
    Shift-,           - Decrease time compression
    L                 - Toggle high HUD contrast
    1         - Send a message to all ships
    2         - Send a message to all friendly ships
    3         - Send a message to all hostile ships
    4         - Send a message to your current target
    Alt-X     - Observer zoom-to-target
    Shift-N   - Toggle network information
    Shift-End - Self Destruct
    Learn to use all these controls, and you will soon become an ace pilot.
    3.0 Fighters and Bombers
    Fighters and bombers are small, 1-person, space fairing vessels which can
    mount a multitude of offensive weaponry in the form of both direct-energy
    and projectile. Basically, fighters and bombers blow things up. They are
    the single most important type of ship in the entire game as they can
    fly faster, and manoeuvre quicker than any capital ship, and when in large
    numbers, can present a major threat against any capital ship.
    3.1 Fighters
    Fighters are fast moving, highly manoeuvrable (most of them), ships with
    relatively thin armour and shielding. Although they cannot carry as large
    a payload as Bombers, and also cannot carry Torpedoes, they can carry
    weapons designed to Disable sub-systems (Stiletto II), long-range anti-
    bomber missiles (Trebuchet), and the Advanced-Swarm missile (Tornado.)
    Terran Fighters
    Terran Fighters are probably the most balanced variety of fighter in the
    game. They have reasonable speed, armour (and shielding), as well as
    decent manoeuvrability, but they do not posses great strengths in a
    particular area (which is probably their biggest strength.)
    Hull:        250
    Shield:      600
    Speed:        50
    AfterBurner: 120
    Primary Banks: 6
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    120
    Score:        10
    The Hercules compared to the 2 other old war fighters (Loki and Ulysses),
    is far superior in abilities and firepower, and can even compete with
    some of the newer fighters.
    Herc II
    Hull:        275
    Shield:      610
    Speed:        55
    AfterBurner: 120
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    180
    Score:        12
    The Herc II is the updated version of the original Hercules fighter, the
    ship said to have won the war. While the newer Herc II is superior in
    armour, shielding, speed, manoeuvrability and missile capacity, but it
    has 2 less primary cannons, reducing the overall firepower of this
    otherwise great fighter.
    Hull:        425
    Shield:      650
    Speed:        50
    AfterBurner: 120
    Primary Banks: 6
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    190
    Score:        15
    The Ares is the second most armoured ship in the Terran arsenal, and is
    more available than the strongest (SF Mara (Terran)). The Ares Strategic
    Assault Fighter can deal out tremendous amounts of punishment to any
    enemy fighter, bomber, or capital ship, and can take it too. The Ares is
    the prime choice for any pilot wishing to engage overwhelming enemy forces
    and live.
    Hull:        325
    Shield:      500
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 130
    Primary Banks: 8
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     90
    Score:        12
    The Erinyes is the favourite of most pilots, but IMO it is too heavy on
    turning, and as a result leaves you open to any enemy attacks. On the good
    side though, the Erinyes has heavy armour, is relatively speedy, and can
    carry a respectful weapons loadout, a great fighter for the ace's amongst
    Hull:        250
    Shield:      400
    Speed:        75
    AfterBurner: 160
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 1
    Capacity:     20
    Score:         7
    The Loki is just a scouting fighter, and as a result it is very lightly
    armoured, and lightly armed. This fighter is useless due to it's lack of
    weaponry, and can only take a couple of direct hits, and then...BANG!
    Hull:        180
    Shield:      380
    Speed:        70
    AfterBurner: 150
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 1
    Capacity:     40
    Score:         8
    The Ulysses (The 'Bat') is a average fighter, and compared to the newer
    fighters is obsolete. It has even weaker armour than the Loki, but has
    more firepower, but it still can only take a few hits before it is
    Hull:        220
    Shield:      330
    Speed:        90
    AfterBurner: 160
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 1
    Capacity:     30
    Score:        10
    The Pegasus Stealth Fighter is the only Terran fighter which can fly
    around without being detected by enemy radar, and as a result, they can
    evade almost all enemy fire, and is practically immune to aspect-seeking
    missiles (as the enemy cannot acquire a lock.)
    (Note: I say 'practically' immune to aspect seeking missiles as an AWACs
    ships can allow fighters to lock onto the Pegasus. And if an enemy is
    very close, they can fire the Hornet, Tornado etc. and still hit your
    fighter, not a good idea as the Pegasus has poor armour, and can be
    destroyed in 1-shot at this range.)
    Hull:        165
    Shield:      350
    Speed:        80
    AfterBurner: 140
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        14
    The Perseus class Interceptor is an excellent choice for either surgical
    strikes against enemy capital ship's turrets, and subsystems, and is also
    a great bomber/bomb interceptor, ideal for protecting allied ships against
    enemy bombers and their torpedoes.
    Hull:        290
    Shield:      390
    Speed:        75
    AfterBurner: 135
    Primary Banks: 6
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        10
    The Myrmidon class Fighter is a pretty good dog-fighter, and can also
    deal moderate damage against smaller enemy capital ships. This is also
    the only fighter that can carry torpedoes (Helios), allowing this
    fighter to become a light attack bomber.
    (Thanks to Carlos Miranda for highlighting the fact that the Myrmidon can
    carry only the Helios, and not the Cyclops, Thank You.)
    SF Mara (Terrans)
    Hull:        475
    Shield:      700
    Speed:        75
    AfterBurner: 135
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    210
    Score:        12
    The Terran Mara Advanced Fighter is meanest fighter which you will be
    able to fly, and ultimately, the best. This fighter has tremendous speed,
    manoeuvrabilty, as well as armour, shielding, and weapon loadout. In this
    fighter, an ace pilot can destroy 100 enemy fighters and bombers,
    without even being hit once! Mad!
    (Remember this Fighter is hardly ever seen, except in a SOC mission,
    and a very small handful of multi-player missions. - Thanks Carlos.)
    The Top Terran Fighters:
    Highest 'Scored' Fighter   : Ares (15)
    Fastest Fighter (Normal)   : Perseus (90)
    Fastest Fighter (A/Burn)   : Joint: Pegasus and Loki (160)
    Strongest Weaponry (Pri)   : Erinyes (8 Cannons)
    Strongest Weaponry (Sec)   : SF Mara (2 Banks, 210 Capacity)
    Strongest Hull             : SF Mara (475)
    Strongest Shielding        : SF Mara (700)
    Overall best Terran Fighter: SF Mara
    But as you hardly ever get to fly this, or the Ares, the best, widely
    available fighter is       : Erinyes
    Vasudan Fighters
    Vasudan Fighters focus more on manoeuvrabilty and speed than armour and
    weaponry, and as a result are usually less armoured, and carry less
    payload than their Terran equivalent.
    Another Point of View:
    "Actually, they do focus on weaponry as well as manoeavrability, evident
    with the missile capacity of the Tauret. They do sacrifice some armour
    and shielding though."
    - Carlos Miranda
    Hull:        280
    Shield:      580
    Speed:        55
    AfterBurner: 130
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    120
    Score:        12
    The Seth is the Vasudan Heavy Fighter class which serves as either a
    bomber escort or bomber interceptor. Although this fighter cannot travel
    as fast as other bomber interceptors (like the Perseus), once you engage
    the afterburners...whoosh! This fighter suddenly becomes as fast as a
    medium, or even light fighter.
    Hull:        170
    Shield:      230
    Speed:        90
    AfterBurner: 170
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        10
    The Horus is the Vasudan equivalent of the Perseus Interceptor, and
    fulfils the same role, surgical strikes against large capital ships, and
    bomber/bomb interception. Unlike the Perseus, the Horus relies on primary
    cannons to deal the damage to it's targets, and uses it's secondary
    weapons for long range encounters, and disabling heavily shielded
    Hull:        200
    Shield:      200
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 130
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 1
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        10
    The  Thoth  is  one  of  the  most  manoeuvrable  fighters  in the game, and
    undoubtedly,  one  of  the  weakest.  It has decent firepower through it's 4
    primary  cannons,  but it is incredibly limited when it comes to secondary
    missiles and their capacity.
    Hull:        220
    Shield:      200
    Speed:        75
    AfterBurner: 135
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     90
    Score:        12
    The  Serapis is the Vasudan Advanced Interceptor, and unlike the Horus and
    Perseus,  this  fighter  is best used as a bomber/bomb interceptor, rather
    than  fulfil the other role played by the other two interceptors (surgical
    strikes.)  This  fighter  cannot  fulfil  the  other role due to it's weak
    shields  and  armour  which  will not offer adequate protection from enemy
    turret fire or flak.
    Hull:        300
    Shield:      530
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 135
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    200
    Score:        10
    The Tauret is the newest Vasudan Heavy Fighter, intent on replacing the
    ageing Seth class. This fighter, unlike the Seth, can be used both as a
    Dog-Fighting ship, and can take on enemy capital ships and come out of the
    ordeal with enough firepower to deal with the next wave.
    Hull:        220
    Shield:      330
    Speed:        90
    AfterBurner: 160
    Primary Banks: 1
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     30
    Score:        16
    The Ptah Stealth Recon Fighter is almost identical to the Pegasus (in
    terms of stats.), but the Ptah has 1 less primary cannon bank, and 1 more
    missile bank giving this fighter less overall firepower (as missiles are
    expendable, and primaries are infinite, so long as you keep your power
    level up.)
    The Top Vasudan Fighters:
    Highest 'Scored' Fighter    : Joint: Seth and Serapis (12)
    Fastest Fighter (Normal)    : Joint: Horus and Ptah (90)
    Fastest Fighter (A/Burn)    : Horus (170)
    Strongest Weaponry (Pri)    : All (except Serapis and Ptah) (4)
    Strongest Weaponry (Sec)    : Tauret (2 Banks, 200 Capacity)
    Strongest Hull              : Tauret (300)
    Strongest Shielding         : Seth   (580)
    Overall best Vasudan Fighter: Tauret (Not IMO)
    Overall best Vasudan Fighter: Thoth    (IMO)
    Shivan Fighters are flying nightmares. They focus on ALL areas with their
    fighters, so they are highly manoeuvrable, relatively fast, and have very
    heavy shielding. The heavy shielding also gives these fighters their one
    weakness, wafer-thin armour. Once your weapons have penetrated their
    shields, the fighter is as good as dead.
    (Thanks to Carlos - Yes Again :) for pointing out that Shivan fighters DO
    NOT have a higher payload than their Terran and Vasudan equivalents, and
    highlighting the fact that Shivan lasers are slow firing.)
    Hull:        100
    Shield:      700
    Speed:        75
    AfterBurner: 150
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 1
    Capacity:     20
    Score:        16
    The Shivan Dragon fighter is probably the most annoying enemy fighter in
    the entire game. It is so manoeavrable that it can dodge and evade any
    missiles or direct-energy fire directed towards it, so single these
    fighters out, and concentrate fire on 1 at a time.
    Hull:        100
    Shield:      950
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 110
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    160
    Score:        12
    The Basilisk is a Shivan Heavy Attack Fighter, whose role involves
    targeting and destroying slow moving targets, such as bombers, heavy
    fighters, freighters etc. So if you are assigned to protect these kind
    of ships, or you are flying one of these, prioritise these fighters.
    Hull:        100
    Shield:      500
    Speed:        87
    AfterBurner: 155
    Primary Banks: 1
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        12
    The Manticore is and incredibly fast and agile fighter, and unlike most
    other fighters of this nature, this one carries a powerful primary weapon,
    and has enough missiles to take out several fighters. Although this
    fighters offensive is strong for this type of fighter, it does have very
    weak armour and shielding, and as such, can not last long against other
    Hull:        125
    Shield:      850
    Speed:        68
    AfterBurner: 110
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 1
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        12
    The Aeshma is very similar to the Basilisk in terms of role and firepower,
    and should be treated in the same manner as the Basilisk.
    Hull:        200
    Shield:      620
    Speed:        70
    AfterBurner: 120
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    160
    Score:        12
    The Shivan Mara (Advanced Fighter), is the single biggest threat in terms
    of enemy fighters. They are fast, agile, and deadly. Do not pass infront
    of this ships crosshairs, or you are dead.
    Hull:        100
    Shield:      450
    Speed:        80
    AfterBurner: 155
    Primary Banks: 1
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        13
    The Astaroth is the Shivan light/medium fighter, which posses incredible
    speed, manoeuvrability, and reasonable armament, but like most other light
    fighters, it has weak armour and shielding, so once it's shields have been
    depleted, it's game over for the Shivan pilot.
    The Top Shivan Fighters:
    Highest 'Scored' Fighter    : Dragon (16)
    Fastest Fighter (Normal)    : Manticore (87)
    Fastest Fighter (A/Burn)    : Joint: Manticore and Astaroth (155)
    Strongest Weaponry (Pri)    : All (except Manticore and Astaroth) (2)
    Strongest Weaponry (Sec)    : Joint: Mara and Basilisk
                                  (2 Banks, 160 Capacity)
    Strongest Hull              : Mara (200)
    Strongest Shielding         : Basilisk (950)
    Overall best Shivan Fighter: Mara
    The Overall Top Fighters:
    Highest 'Scored' Fighter    : Dragon (S) (16)
    Fastest Fighter (Normal)    : Joint: Pegasus (T) and Horus (V) (90)
    Fastest Fighter (A/Burn)    : Horus (V) (170)
    Strongest Weaponry (Pri)    : Erinyes (T) (8)
    Strongest Weaponry (Sec)    : SF Mara (T) (2 Banks, 210 Capacity)
    Strongest Hull              : SF Mara (T) (475)
    Strongest Shielding         : Basilisk (950)
    Overall best Fighter: SF Mara (Terrans)
    (Note: As this comparison involves fighters from all three races, I will
    indicate which race they belong to by placing the first letter of the
    name of the race.)
    Key: (T) = Terran
          (V) = Vasudan
          (S) = Shivan
    3.2 Bombers
    Terran Bombers
    Terran Bombers are sluggish and lumbering ships, with pretty heavy armour,
    and shielding, and can carry a reasonable payload. They say nobody is
    perfect, and this describes Terran Bombers, not perfect. In fact they are
    second rate, as they cannot evade even the slowest of missiles, and
    turret fire rips them apart, so if you get the choice, pick a Vasudan
    Bomber, they are much better.
    Hull:        275
    Shield:      700
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 110
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    160
    Score:        10
    The Artemis is a Terran Medium Bomber, and is mainly used for quick
    strikes against slow moving targets, and smaller enemy capital ships.
    For a bomber, the Artemis is lightly armoured, but makes up for this in
    it's shielding and pretty high speed and manoeuvrability (in relation to
    other bombers.)
    Artemis D.H.
    Hull:        275
    Shield:      700
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 110
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    160
    Score:        10
    The Artemis DH is very similar to the Artemis Bomber, but has higher
    manoeuvrability, and can achieve a higher speed, quicker than the normal
    version. In addition the Artemis D.H. has a different 'skin' to the
    original, giving it a darker, more menacing look.
    Hull:        350
    Shield:      700
    Speed:        50
    AfterBurner: 100
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    200
    Score:        10
    The Medusa is the standard Heavy Bomber used by the GTVA to destroy
    enemy warships. It has enough shielding to survive enemy fighter and
    turret fire, and has enough firepower to challenge even Destroyer class
    enemy vessels when deployed in large numbers.
    Hull:        550
    Shield:      850
    Speed:        45
    AfterBurner:  90
    Primary Banks: 5
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    240
    Score:        10
    The Ursa is the heaviest armoured and armed bomber in the GTVA, as well as
    the slowest. It posses extremely heavy armour and shielding, a huge
    payload capacity, and has an AI controlled turret mounted ontop of the
    bomber which can take out enemy fighters whilst you deliver your ordnance
    to an enemy capital ship.
    Hull:        200
    Shield:      450
    Speed:        55
    AfterBurner: 110
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    120
    Score:        10
    The Zeus is the GTVA's Strike Bomber, used primarily against smaller
    enemy capital ships, and other slow moving ships. Although this bomber
    has relatively weak armour (compared to other bombers), it is the fastest
    bomber available, ideal for chasing down fleeing enemy capital ships.
    Hull:        325
    Shield:      850
    Speed:        55
    AfterBurner:  85
    Primary Banks: 1
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    240
    Score:        10
    The Boanerges is a next generation Heavy Bomber, with incredible armour
    and shield ratings, but like everything, it does have a weakness, and that
    is manoeuvrability. This bomber cannot challenge enemy fighters due to
    this weakness, so it does require a fighter escort inorder to survive,
    and destroy it's intended target. On the bright side though, it carries
    an incredible amount of secondary weapons, enough to single handily take
    out an enemy Cruiser, and enough to take down a Destroyer when deployed
    in groups of 2 or 3.
    Vasudan Bombers
    Vasudan Bombers are pretty nimble when considering other bombers, but pay
    the price in the form of weaker armour and shielding, as well as a slight
    payload decrease. But even with these seemingly big weaknesses, Vasudan
    Bombers are far superior overall than any Terran Bomber (IMO).
    Hull:        600
    Shield:      600
    Speed:        50
    AfterBurner: 100
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    100
    Score:         8
    The Osiris is an ageing Reserve Bomber which has been refitted with launch
    racks compatible with the newer weapons used by the GTVA. In terms of it's
    potential as a bomber, it does fail to deliver the amount of payload of
    other, newer bombers, but can still take out an enemy cruiser or corvette
    when deployed in large numbers.
    Hull:        440
    Shield:      620
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 105
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:    180
    Score:        13
    The Bakha is a stereotypical Vasudan ship, fast, agile, but lacking in
    terms of offensive and defensive capabilities. Unlike many other bombers,
    the Bakha can manoeuvre almost as well as a fighter, and can take out
    enemy fights should the need arise. When it comes to destroying enemy
    capital ships, this bomber can deliver enough firepower to take out
    smaller ships (cruisers and corvettes.)
    Hull:        500
    Shield:      850
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: 135
    Primary Banks: 4
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    240
    Score:        10
    The Sekhmet is IMO the best flyable bomber in the game. It wields enough
    firepower to take out enemy cruisers and destroyers, and has enough
    manoeuvrability to defend itself against enemy heavy fighters and
    bombers, a truly well-rounded bomber.
    Shivan Bombers
    Like the fighters, Shivan Bombers are a pain in the....neck. They are not
    very manoeuvrable, but have heavy payloads, have extreme shielding, but
    still have thin armour (relative to their Terran and Vasudan bomber
    (In my opinion Shivan Bombers are 'pretty manoeavrable', but it seems
    that this view is not widely shared, so I have changed the description
    accordingly. Thanks to all of you have pointed this out.)
    Hull:        500
    Shield:     1600
    Speed:        60
    AfterBurner: N/A
    Primary Banks: 1
    Missile Banks: 4
    Capacity:    160
    Score:        11
    The Nephilim is the slowest of the Shivan bombers, but can still pose a
    threat to any unsuspecting fighters and bombers, do not underestimated
    this bomber, as it has enough firepower to take on ships up to, and
    including Destroy class, when deployed in large numbers.
    Hull:        600
    Shield:     1000
    Speed:        65
    AfterBurner: N/A
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 2
    Capacity:     80
    Score:        10
    The Taurvi is the Shivan 'all-rounder' Bomber, not incredibly fast, not
    incredibly powerful, and not incredibly armoured, but it can still
    outclass many of the GTVA Bombers. With this said, this bomber does not
    posses enough payload to destroy larger capital ships, but can still pose
    a threat to smaller ones, so do not take these ships too lightly.
    Hull:        300
    Shield:      900
    Speed:        90
    AfterBurner: 150
    Primary Banks: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Capacity:    100
    Score:        14
    The Nahema is superior to all but the latest GTVA Bombers, and even they
    can be considered only equals. This bomber has enough speed to outrun
    any fighter used by the GTVA, and has enough firepower to destroy any
    capital ship, and enough shielding to survive fighter and turret fire.
    Definitely one of the most dangerous Shivan craft about.
    Hull:        500
    Shield:     1600
    Speed:        60
    AfterBurner: N/A
    Primary Banks: 3
    Missile Banks: 4
    Capacity:    240
    Score:        16
    The Seraphim is most dangerous Shivan Bomber in the game. Although it
    does not posses the speed and manoeuvrability of the Nahema, it carries
    enough firepower to make short work of even Destroyer class vessels. Not
    only does it have the firepower, it has the highest shielding of any
    bomber, making this an incredibly hard ship to destroy, even with allied
    capital ship fire-support.
    4.0 Fighter/Bomber Primary Weapons
    Primary Weapons (Cannons) are mainly used either during a dogfight, or
    surgical strikes against a capital ship's turrets (not sub-systems as
    missiles are better for this purpose, but more on that later in the
    GTVA/NTF Weaponry
    Standard Weaponry
    GTW Subach HL-7
    Damage (Overall):  15.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  13.50
    Damage (Shields):  10.50
    Energy Used     :   0.20
    Rate of Fire    :   0.20
    Velocity (Speed): 450.00
    Max. Range      : 900.00
    Type            : Standard
    The GTW Subach HL-7 is a great Terran dogfighting weapon, best coupled
    with a heavier damage weapon (like the Kayser.) It has a very high
    rate of fire, and uses small amounts of weapon energy, allowing you to
    allocate this energy to other ships systems. Also, due to the small
    energy usage, you can 'spray' the area, giving new pilots, or inaccurate
    pilots a chance to fire like mad, hit the enemy, and still have enough
    energy left over to finish 50 more fighters off, in a row.
    Rating: 9/10
    GTW Mekhu HL-7
    Damage (Overall):  12.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  10.80
    Damage (Shields):   9.60
    Energy Used     :   0.20
    Rate of Fire    :   0.15
    Velocity (Speed): 485.00
    Max. Range      : 970.00
    Type            : Standard
    The GTW Mekhu HL-7 is a great Vasudan dogfighting weapon, best coupled
    with a heavier damage weapon (like the Kayser.) It has a very high
    rate of fire, and uses small amounts of weapon energy, allowing you to
    allocate this energy to other ships systems. Also, due to the small
    energy usage, you can 'spray' the area, giving new pilots, or inaccurate
    pilots a chance to fire like mad, hit the enemy, and still have enough
    energy left over to finish 50 more fighters off, in a row.
    Although not as strong as the Terran version (Subach HL-7), the Mekhu
    fires faster, travels faster, and has a further effective range, which
    fits perfectly with Vasudan fighters and Bombers (they try to attack at
    longer ranges, so they take less damage.)
    Rating: 10/10
    GTW Akheton SDG (Subsystem Disruption Gun)
    Damage (Overall):  30.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  15.00
    Damage (Shields):   0.00
    Energy Used     :   1.60
    Rate of Fire    :   0.35
    Velocity (Speed): 500.00
    Max. Range      : 750.00
    Type            : Anti-Subsystem
    The Akeheton SDG is a tactical weapon, and as such should only be used
    for missions requiring you to disable enemy subsystems. On the plus side
    though, this weapon does decent hull damage, so it can act as a light
    anti-capital ship weapon, but it is useless against enemy fighters (as it
    does no damage to shields.)
    Rating: 2/10
    GTW ML-70 Morning Star
    Damage (Overall):    7.00
    Damage (Hull)   :    3.50
    Damage (Shields):    9.10
    Energy Used     :    0.80
    Rate of Fire    :    0.15
    Velocity (Speed): 1000.00
    Max. Range      : 2000.00
    Type            : Kinetic
    The Morning Star is used to 'push' enemy fighters and bombers away, which
    serves 2 key roles; firstly, the enemy is pushed further away from you,
    and the resulting 'jolt' makes it harder for an enemy to lock thier
    weapons on you, or any other allied craft. (A good multiplayer D/Fighting
    weapon, when available.)
    Rating: 7/10
    GTW-5a Prometheus (R) (Retrofit)
    Damage (Overall):  18.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  19.80
    Damage (Shields):  14.40
    Energy Used     :   0.60
    Rate of Fire    :   0.45
    Velocity (Speed): 450.00
    Max. Range      : 900.00
    Type            : Retrofit
    The Prometheus R is a poor weapon system as it uses a fair amount of
    energy to do only a small amount of damage. Ontop of that, it has a very
    poor rate of fire which makes targeting accuracy crucial as you cannot
    'spray' the area as you can with a weapon such as the Subach or Mekhu
    Rating: 1/10
    GTW-5 Prometheus (S) (Standard)
    Damage (Overall):   30.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   27.00
    Damage (Shields):   30.00
    Energy Used     :    1.00
    Rate of Fire    :    0.35
    Velocity (Speed):  750.00
    Max. Range      : 1500.00
    Type            : Standard
    Only slightly better than the Prometheus R, the Prometheus S offers
    greater firepower, a greater range, and a slightly better fire rate. IMO
    only good for bombers for use against capital ships. (A poor D/fighting
    *Another Opinion:*
    "You mentioned that the Prometheus S is only "slightlty" better than the
    Prometheus R. In fact, it's MUCH better! It does twice the hull damage
    and up to three times shield damage than the R. It also fires faster
    and has almost twice the range and also travels faster (thus hitting
    the target faster.) The Promethus R is good for absolutelt nothing,
    even though the game advertises more hull damage for the Prometheus R,
    the Subach actually does much more hull damage per minute, for much
    less energy and twice the hull damage and fire rate."
    - Carlos Miranda
    Rating: 3/10
    GTW-66 Maxim Cannon
    Damage (Overall):   20.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   26.00
    Damage (Shields):    4.00
    Energy Used     :    1.00
    Rate of Fire    :    0.15
    Velocity (Speed): 1800.00
    Max. Range      : 3600.00
    Type            : High Velocity
    The Maxim Cannon (AKA Maxim Gun) is an ideal choice for Bombers as it
    can shred a capital ship's subsystems and hull to pieces, very quickly.
    It has an incredible rate of fire (as fast as the Mekhu HL-7), which
    allows large amounts of damage to be dealt, very quickly (watch your
    weapon energy gauge closely, as it will go down very fast.) In terms of
    D/fighting, this weapon is practically useless (due to the shields on
    fighters), unless coupled with an anti-shield weapon (but due to the
    massive power consumptions of both these weapons, this is highly
    Rating: 8/10
    GTW UD-8 Kayser
    Damage (Overall):  28.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  28.80
    Damage (Shields):  25.20
    Energy Used     :   1.20
    Rate of Fire    :   0.25
    Velocity (Speed): 650.00
    Max. Range      : 975.00
    Type            : Special
    The Kayser it the single most powerful fighter/bomber mounted weapon
    system. A dual bank of Kaysers can take out almost any fighter or bomber
    in just 1-shot! And the rest in 2 or 3. Not only does it have such
    incredible firepower, it can fire at a very quick rate, making this the
    first choice of any D/fighting pilot.
    (Note: Keep a close eye on the weapon energy gauge, as this weapon will
    drain it very quickly, especially if you have 2 banks of them.)
    Rating: 15+/10 :) Yes 15+ out of 10!
    GTW-19 Circe
    Damage (Overall):   45.00
    Damage (Hull)   :    0.00
    Damage (Shields):   45.00
    Energy Used     :    1.00
    Rate of Fire    :    0.40
    Velocity (Speed):  450.00
    Max. Range      : 1350.00
    Type            : Anti-Shield
    The Circe's only role is to destroy enemy fighters and bombers shields
    so that a powerful 'hull-busting' weapon (like the Maxim) can be used to
    finish it off. In terms of a D/fight, this weapon is practically useless as
    it does no damage to the enemy hull, and therefore cannot destroy any ship
    without another type of weapon.
    Rating: 2/10
    GTW-83 Lamprey
    Damage (Overall):  14.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   1.40
    Damage (Shields):  14.60
    Energy Used     :   1.20
    Rate of Fire    :   0.30
    Velocity (Speed): 450.00
    Max. Range      : 900.00
    Type            : Energy Draining Weapon
    The Lamprey drains the power from an enemy fighter or bombers systems
    which leaves them without power, and therefore, vulnerable. Due to the
    heavy power usage of this weapon, and the slow rate of fire, it is useless
    in a D/fight, unless you can evade all enemy fire, and single out 1
    fighter at a time, otherwise, it is useless.
    Rating: 3/10
    Dog Fighting Weaponry
    Subach HL-7 (D) (Dogfighting version)
    Damage (Overall):  15.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  15.00
    Damage (Shields):  15.00
    Energy Used     :   0.20
    Rate of Fire    :   0.20
    Velocity (Speed): 450.00
    Max. Range      : 900.00
    Type            : Standard
    Same as the Subach HL-7, but tweaked for D/Fighting purposes.
    Rating: 9/10
    Mekhu HL-7 (D)
    Damage (Overall):  12.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  16.80
    Damage (Shields):  18.00
    Energy Used     :   0.20
    Rate of Fire    :   0.15
    Velocity (Speed): 485.00
    Max. Range      : 970.00
    Type            : Standard
    Same as the Mekhu HL-7, but tweaked for D/Fighting purposes.
    Rating: 20/10 :) Yep, 20 out of 10
    Morning Star (D)
    Damage (Overall):    7.00
    Damage (Hull)   :    3.50
    Damage (Shields):    7.00
    Energy Used     :    0.80
    Rate of Fire    :    0.17
    Velocity (Speed): 1000.00
    Max. Range      : 2000.00
    Type            : Kinetic
    Same as the GTW ML-70 Morning Star, but tweaked for D/Fighting purposes.
    Rating: 8/10
    Prometheus (D)
    Damage (Overall):  20.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  16.00
    Damage (Shields):  20.00
    Energy Used     :   0.40
    Rate of Fire    :   0.30
    Velocity (Speed): 450.00
    Max. Range      : 900.00
    Type            : Standard
    Same as the GTW-5 Prometheus S, but tweaked for D/Fighting purposes.
    Rating: 3/10
    Maxim (D)
    Damage (Overall):   20.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   16.00
    Damage (Shields):    4.00
    Energy Used     :    1.00
    Rate of Fire    :    0.15
    Velocity (Speed): 1800.00
    Max. Range      : 2700.00
    Type            : High Velocity
    Same as the GTW-66 Maxim Cannon, but tweaked for D/Fighting purposes.
    Rating: 5/10
    Kayser (D)
    Damage (Overall):  28.00
    Damage (Hull)   :  16.80
    Damage (Shields):  16.80
    Energy Used     :   3.00
    Rate of Fire    :   0.30
    Velocity (Speed): 650.00
    Max. Range      : 975.00
    Type            : Special
    Same as the GTW UD-8 Kayser, but tweaked for D/Fighting purposes.
    (Note: The Mekhu HL-7 D is more powerful than the Kayser D, due to it's
    higher rate of fire, and it's higher shield damage rating.)
    Rating: 10/10 :( Only 10/10 this time, due to the Mekhu HL-7 D
    Shivan Weaponry
    Although you never get to pilot a real Shivan ship (that does not include
    the SF Mara (Terrans), as this has been outfitted with GTVA Weaponry),
    it is always good to know the capabilities of the enemy.
    Shivan Light Laser
    Damage (Overall):   8.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   1.00
    Damage (Shields):   1.00
    Energy Used     :   0.30
    Rate of Fire    :   0.30
    Velocity (Speed): 450.00
    Max. Range      : 900.00
    Shivan Heavy Laser
    Damage (Overall):  15.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   1.00
    Damage (Shields):   1.00
    Energy Used     :   0.40
    Rate of Fire    :   0.50
    Velocity (Speed): 475.00
    Max. Range      : 950.00
    Shivan Mega Laser
    Damage (Overall):  30.00
    Damage (Hull)   :   1.00
    Damage (Shields):   0.60
    Energy Used     :   0.90
    Rate of Fire    :   0.75
    Velocity (Speed): 400.00
    Max. Range      : 600.00
    (Note: All the damage ratings are the number of hitpoints worth of damage
    dealt from each shot, so a weapon with a 16.00 rating for Hull will do
    16 hitpoints worth of damage to an enemies hull.)
    (Note: The Overall Damage is the average amount of damage done in total
    by that particular weapon.)
    5.0 Fighter/Bomber Secondary Weapons
    Secondary Weapons (Missiles) are mainly used either during a dogfight, or
    surgical strikes against a capital ship's turrets and sub-systems.
    Missiles, unlike primary cannons, are best used from medium-to-long
    ranges, but in some cases require a lock-on (unlike primaries.)
    (Note: Cargo Space Needed refers to space required, for 1 missile.)
    GTM MX-64 Rockeye
    Damage (Overall)  :   45.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   36.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   36.00
    Rate of Fire      :    0.50
    Velocity (Speed)  :  190.00
    Max. Range        : 1900.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    4.00
    Type of Lock      : Heat-Seeking
    Special           : Fire & Forget
    The Rockeye isn't very accurate, and does require a pretty large amount of
    missile bank space, but in an intense D/fight where aspect-lock is
    difficult or impossible to acquire, this is an ideal solution
    Rating: 7/10
    GTM Mx-6 Tempest
    Damage (Overall)  :   45.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   40.50
    Damage (Shields)  :   22.50
    Rate of Fire      :    0.30
    Velocity (Speed)  :  360.00
    Max. Range        :  648.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    0.25
    Type of Lock      : None
    Special           : Dumbfire
    Although the Tempest has no homing ability, they can be carried in huge
    amounts, even on fighters with relatively small weapon payloads. For an
    ace pilot, these are an excellent weapon to harass, and destroy enemy
    fighters, bombers, and capital ship turrets and subsystems. (A good
    secondary missile for D/Fights.)
    Rating: 8/10
    GTM-4 Hornet
    Damage (Overall)  :   25.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   50.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   25.00
    Rate of Fire      :    2.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  190.00
    Max. Range        : 1330.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    1.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Swarm Missile
    The Hornet is a great D/Fighting weapon as it can easily destroy any
    enemy fighter or bomber very quickly. The one problem with this missile
    is the fact that they can be evaded by good pilots, leaving you open
    to attack (whilst you wait for the lock, the enemy could be already
    launching their missiles, and firing their primaries at you.)
    Rating: 6/10
    GTM-4a Tornado
    Damage (Overall)  :   25.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   50.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   25.00
    Rate of Fire      :    2.50
    Velocity (Speed)  :  230.00
    Max. Range        : 1610.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    1.25
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Advanced Swarm Missile
    The Tornado, unlike the Hornet is much more difficult to evade, but very
    good pilots can still pull it off (even without counter-measures.) The
    Tornado cannot be carried in such great numbers as the Hornet, but they
    have a longer effective range and have a stronger tracking system. (A
    great D/Fighting weapon.)
    Rating: 9/10
    GTM-19 Harpoon
    Damage (Overall)  :  100.00
    Damage (Hull)     :  100.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   80.00
    Rate of Fire      :    2.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  250.00
    Max. Range        : 1250.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    2.50
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Quick Lock
    The Harpoon is ideal for taking out both fast enemy fighters, and slower,
    heavier armoured targets. Although these missiles take up considerable
    missile bank space, their quick locking ability makes them a very useful
    D/Fighting weapon.
    Rating: 8/10
    GTM-55 Trebuchet
    Damage (Overall)  :  350.00
    Damage (Hull)     :  315.00
    Damage (Shields)  :  175.00
    Rate of Fire      :    6.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  280.00
    Max. Range        : 5040.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    8.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Long Range
    The Trebuchet is an extremely long-range anti-bomber missile, and at
    these long-ranges scores many successful kills. At medium-to-short ranges
    however, this weapon is practically useless as it takes several 1000's of
    metres to adjust it's course to intercept it's target, but a short range
    launch will not allow for this necessary course correction.
    (Note: As D/Fights are usually fought at short-to-medium ranges, the
    Trebuchet becomes useless, unless you are taking enemy fighters from long
    Rating: 10/10 (3/10 for D/Fights)
    TAG-A (Target Acquisition and Guidance missile)
    Damage (Overall)  :    1.00
    Damage (Hull)     :    0.10
    Damage (Shields)  :    0.10
    Rate of Fire      :    3.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  400.00
    Max. Range        : 2000.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    1.00
    Type of Lock      : None
    Special           : Electronic (Dumbfire)
    The TAG-A missile is only used during the main Freespace 2 Campaign, and
    outside this they are useless (unless the mission you are flying requires
    Rating: 0/10
    Damage (Overall)  :   10.00
    Damage (Hull)     :    1.00
    Damage (Shields)  :    1.00
    Rate of Fire      :    8.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  325.00
    Max. Range        : 1625.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    2.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Electronic
    Same as the TAG-A.
    Rating: 0/10
    Damage (Overall)  :   10.00
    Damage (Hull)     :    1.00
    Damage (Shields)  :    1.00
    Rate of Fire      :    8.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  205.00
    Max. Range        : 2665.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    4.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Electronic
    Same as the TAG-A.
    Rating: 0/10
    GTM-10 Piranha
    Damage (Overall)  :   100.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   100.00
    Damage (Shields)  :    75.00
    Rate of Fire      :     5.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :    90.00
    Max. Range        :   360.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    12.00
    Type of Lock      : None (Remote Detonation)
    Special           : Area Effect
    The Piranha is often found on bombers, and serves as an anti-fighter
    weapon. When launched, the missile travels in a straight line until it
    is remote detonated, or it reaches it's maximum range, at which point it
    explodes, releasing several heat-seeking missiles which target and track
    the nearest enemy fighter or bomber (the initial blast also does damage
    to any nearby ships.)
    Rating: 8/10
    GTM-43a Stiletto II
    Damage (Overall)  :  775.00
    Damage (Hull)     :    7.75
    Damage (Shields)  :    0.00
    Rate of Fire      :    2.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  220.00
    Max. Range        : 5500.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    8.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Anti-Subsystem Missile
    The Stiletto II is great at taking out enemy subsystems and turrets, but
    not much else. In terms of it's D/Fighting potential, it does not exist
    as this could not hope to destroy an enemy fighter or bomber, let alone
    lock onto it in the first place.
    Rating: 10/10 (1/10 for D/Fighting)
    GTM-11 Infyrno
    Damage (Overall)  :   150.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   150.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   112.50
    Rate of Fire      :     5.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :   120.00
    Max. Range        :   840.00
    Cargo Space Needed:     1.00
    Type of Lock      : None (Remote Detonation)
    Special           : Area Effect
    Similar to the Piranha in terms of use and purpose, but releases more
    powerful heat seeking missiles, and more of them.
    Rating: 9/10
    GTM-12 Cyclops
    Damage (Overall)  :  2000.00
    Damage (Hull)     :  2000.00
    Damage (Shields)  :    40.00
    Rate of Fire      :    20.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :    95.00
    Max. Range        :  2375.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    15.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Anti-Cruiser
    The most common type of torpedo used by the GTVA which is use to take
    down enemy cruisers and corvettes. Due to the Cyclops's slow speed, it
    is usually necessary to fly to within a few hundred metres of the target
    before launching them (as enemy turret, beam and flak can destroy them
    easily when the are launched from the weapon's maximum range, and if they
    don't get them, the bomber/bomb intercept fighters will.)
    Rating: 9/10
    GTM-13 Helios
    Damage (Overall)  :  6800.00
    Damage (Hull)     :  6800.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   136.00
    Rate of Fire      :    30.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :    65.00
    Max. Range        :  1950.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    25.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : Anti-Capital
    The Helios is the more powerful version of the Cyclops torpedo, and is
    used to take down larger warships, up to, and including Destroyer class.
    The same strategy as the Cyclops must be employed to actually hit the
    target, and with the Helios's slower speed, this becomes even more
    necessary to score a successful hit.
    Rating: 10/10
    GTM-14 EMP Advanced
    Damage (Overall)  :   45.00
    Damage (Hull)     :   45.00
    Damage (Shields)  :   36.00
    Rate of Fire      :    2.00
    Velocity (Speed)  :  275.00
    Max. Range        : 1375.00
    Cargo Space Needed:    4.00
    Type of Lock      : Aspect-Seeking
    Special           : EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
    The EMP Adv. scrambles enemy systems which allows you to quickly destroy
    the target, before they even get their systems back on-line. The one
    fault with this weapon is the fact that it affects ships within an certain
    radius, and as such can effect allied ships, or even your ship, so be
    careful when and where you use this weapon.
    Rating: 8/10
    (Note: There are D/Fighting versions of these weapons, but they are so
    similar to the ones listed above that there is no reason to list them
    6.0 Dog-fighting Strategies
    Throughout the course of the main Freespace 2 campaign, and the
    multiplayer mode, you will be required to engage in dogfights with enemy
    fighters and bombers which have different abilities, strengths and
    weaknesses to the fighter/bomber which you are piloting (unless you are
    D/Fighting the exact same class of ship.) These are some tips on how to
    survive, and become a successful dogfighting pilot.
    720 Degree Turret
    If you are piloting a slow, poor manoeuvrability fighter or bomber, coming
    to a complete stop, and aiming from this position allows you to track,
    target and destroy enemy ships much quicker than trying to fly after them.
    The one major problem with this strategy is simply that you are now a
    sitting duck, allowing enemy fighters, bombers, and capital ships to
    take you out very quickly (and as you are not moving, you cannot evade
    any enemy missiles.)
    High-Speed 'Switch'
    Similar to the '720 Degree Turret' method in the sense that you come to
    a complete stop, but different in application and execution. If you are
    being chased by an enemy fighter or bomber who is using afterburners to
    keep up with you, simply come to a complete stop, let them fly past, and
    then pursue (the hunter becomes the hunted.) This only works against
    rookie and amateur pilots, as an ace will be matching you speed, and will
    also come to a complete stop, so do not use this against an experienced
    Laser Spray
    If you are equipped with either a Subach or Mekhu HL-7, you can
    effectively 'spray' an area, making it difficult for an enemy ship to
    evade your primary weapon fire, and gives you a decent chance of hitting
    a target at the weapon's maximum range.
    Anti-Fighter Bomb
    If you have run out of anti-fighter missiles, but are carrying a Cyclops,
    or Helios torpedo, simply launch it at an enemy fighter (which will
    dodge it), and then destroy the torpedo, the resultant explosion will
    destroy any enemy fighters close to it. (Remember you need a lock to
    fire these weapons, so you need alot of time on your hands to pull this
    Double Turns
    Most pilots just use the left and right controls on the keyboard or
    joystick, but forget about the 'rotation' controls. The 'rotation'
    controls make you ship rotate about it's central axis (you don't turn,
    you rotate.) Now, combine this with normal turns, and you have a way to
    evade almost all enemy primary fire, and a great way to evade enemy
    missiles. Not only is it a good defensive measure, it can also help you
    line up more agile targets.
    Can you think of any tips or tricks which I haven't listed above?
    If you have, E-Mail me your suggestions to : The_RSM@hotmail.com
    And I will review them, and if they are suitable, put them in this guide.
    Please note that you will be given FULL CREDIT for your suggestion(s).
    (Please mark your E-Mails with the Subject : FS2TIPS)
    Thank You.
    7.0 Multiplayer Mode
    In this section I will highlight and answer FAQs (Frequently Asked
    Questions) which have been asked about the Multi-playing component of
    Freespace 2.
    How do I get promoted?
    To earn each promotion, you must achieve a certain amount of points, which
    can be earned through multi-player dogfights, co-op missions, team
    missions and on-line campaigns.
    How many points do I get?
    The number of points you earn depends on how many, and what targets you
    destroy throughout the mission. It also depends on how many mission
    objectives you fulfil (if any), and what difficulty level you play the
    mission at (Very Easy gives you the least number of points, whilst the
    Insane level gives you the most.)
    How do I get medals?
    Certain multi-player missions award you medals so long as you fulfil
    certain criteria (e.g. Complete ALL mission objectives on a certain
    difficulty level, or score the greatest number of kills, destroy a
    certain target etc.)
    How do I host game?
    When you log into PXO, you will see the main window, and in the top right
    is the 'games' windows (displays how many players are in the 'room' you
    are in, and how many games are being setup, playing, and in the final
    stages.) Press the 'Games' button in the bottom right of the screen, and
    another window will appear. Now press the 'Create Game' button, enter
    a name when prompted, and press 'Accept'.
    How do I change what wing someone is in?
    You can only do this when you are hosting the game, or are the leader of
    a team in a team-vs.-team game. Firstly DO NOT press the 'Lock' button
    (middle-bottom-right), as this will stop you from changing wings. Now,
    click and hold the left mouse button UNDER the name of the pilot you
    wish to transfer, and then drag them to the desired position (place the
    'dragged' pilot UNDER the desired position's  name), and release the
    mouse button, and that's it.
    How do I change my ship and weapons?
    You can only do this when you are hosting the game, or are the leader of
    a team in a team-vs.-team game. Then simply press the 'Lock' button
    (remember that as soon as you press this button, you CANNOT changed
    what wing each player is in.)
    What do people mean when they say 'Are you on LOW?'?
    This is asking whether your object update rate is on LOW. (This makes the
    computer 'predict' where all the ships, and weapons will be at any one
    time, rather than wait to receive the actual info.) To check/change this,
    simply press F2, and press the 'Multi' button. Then on the left hand side
    (near the middle) you will see your current object update setting. To
    change it, simply press the small 'notch' next to the name 'Low', and
    press 'Accept'.
    Why do the ships 'jump' around the screen?
    This means either that the 'ping' between you and the server is very high
    (over 500ms), so you get 'lag'. Or, you or someone else has set an object
    update rate higher than 'Low' (except the server, it needs at least a
    'High' update rate.)
    Are you having problems with any multiplayer issue?
    If you have, E-Mail me your questions to : The_RSM@hotmail.com
    (Please mark your E-Mails with the Subject : FS2FAQs)
    Thank You.
    8.0 Capital Ships
    After several E-Mails about capital ship abilities, strengths and
    weaknesses, I have decided to add this section into the guide. This
    section will highlight all the sections stated above.
    (Note: No capital ships posses shields, so anti-shield weapons are
    not required when attacking them.)
    (Note: I will only mention anti-fighter beam turrets, flak guns, and
    missile launchers, as these are the only weapons that pose a major
    threat to allied fighters and bombers IMO. (Turrets are not a major
    threat as they can be easily evaded.))
    (Note: The following information is based on my, and my friends
    observations, so do NOT expect them to work in ALL situations.)
    Terran Capital Ships
    Terran Capital Ships, like their fighters are all-rounders, and do not
    concentrate on any 1-type of weapon system. Terran capital ships have
    reasonable speed, armour, and have a multitude of turret types, ranging
    from laser-turret to the super-powerful anti-capital ship beam turret.
    Cruiser Class
    Cruisers are the smallest kind of capital ship, and are often used for
    escort duty, or fire-support, they are rarely seen leading assaults
    against enemy ships or installations.
    Fenris Class
    Hull   : 10000
    Speed  :    20
    Turrets:     9
    Score  :   100
    Fenris class Cruisers are not major threats, and can be destroyed
    relatively easily. Their one strength is their anti-fighter beams, which
    can shred an unsuspecting fighter or bomber within 1500m. Although these
    beams have a good coverage of the ship, they do not cover the front of the
    ship, so when attacking these ships, fly head-on and dodge the turret
    fire, and then fire away at the ship's fore armour plating. And watch out
    for the Mortar weapon mounted on the base of the ship, it is very
    inaccurate, but can do damage if you are not careful.
    Leviathan Class
    Hull   : 35000
    Speed  :    20
    Turrets:     9
    Score  :   200
    Like the Fenris class, the Leviathan class do not pose any major threat
    to fighters or bombers. Again, the beam turrets do not cover the front of
    the vessel, and a head-on attack still works, but the mortar still poses
    a threat to unsuspecting fighters and bombers. In addition, the
    Leviathan class (unlike the Fenris) has an anti-capital ship beam turret
    at the very front, so watch out when it is about to fire (although it
    cannot be aimed at you, it can still destroy you if you happen to be in
    it's direct path.
    Aeolus Class
    Hull   : 38000
    Speed  :    30
    Turrets:    12
    Score  :   500
    The Aeolus class is a totally different story to the Fenris and Leviathan
    classes. It has 2 anti-capital ship beam turrets mounted on the sides, as
    well as 2 anti-fighter beam turrets directly behind them. With the
    positioning of these anti-fighter turrets, a front-on attack does not
    protect you from their fire, but, an attack from directly behind offers
    a better chance of evading this type of fire. Also, the Aeolus class has
    flak turrets, which are inaccurate, but can pose a big threat when you
    are very close to the cruiser, so either take these turrets out, or try
    and take the ship out from a long-range.
    Corvette Class
    There is only one corvette in the Terran fleet, and that is the Deimos
    class. Unlike cruisers, this class of ship is used to lead attacks on
    enemy vessels, and installations, as well as to offer fire-support to
    other allied capital ships, fighters and bombers.
    Deimos Class
    Hull   : 80000
    Speed  :    30
    Turrets:    26
    Score  :   800
    A real nightmare to any pilot who does not know how to approach this
    vessel. This ship has not real weaknesses in terms of fighter and bomber
    attacks, but a massed, coordinated strike can destroy this class of
    ship. It has Anti-Fighter beams mounted to the front, and rear, making
    evasion of these very hard, so take these turrets out quickly. It also
    has flak turrets on the top and bottom (more on the top), so attacks
    from the top and bottom are also incredibly dangerous. Finally, this
    class of ship uses wide-area fighter suppression missiles (AKA Piranhas),
    so be incredibly careful when attacking from the sides, as this is where
    these missiles are launched from.
    Destroyer Class
    Destroyers are massive vessels bristling with turrets, and shielded by
    huge amounts of heavy armour, and protected by large squadrons of fighters
    and bombers. Destroys are used primarily as flagships, bases of operations
    and heavy fire support vessels.
    Orion Class
    Hull   : 100000
    Speed  :     15
    Turrets:     16
    Score  :   1000
    The ageing Orion class destroyer has adequate armour, and weaponry to
    take down both enemy fighter/bombers as well as other capital ships.
    Compared to the newer Hecate class, and the Hades class, the Orion is a
    relatively easy target for large numbers of bombers, and surgical strike
    interceptors. In terms of firepower, the Orion is equal, and even weaker
    than the Deimos class Corvette (in terms of anti-fighter weaponry.) To
    attack an Orion, a head-on attack is the best option as the ship's anti-
    fighter weaponry is located at the top-middle, bottom-middle and bottom-
    (Note: This is the only capital ship to use tri-turrets; turrets that use
    3 'Arms' instead of the conventional 2. This gives the ship a more direct
    'punch', so do NOT get hit by this fire as it will certainly mess your
    fighter/bomber up.)
    (Note: This ship does not have flak guns, so striking this ship
    successfully is even easier than attacking a Deimos or Aeolus class
    Hecate Class
    Hull   : 100000
    Speed  :     15
    Turrets:     27
    Score  :   1300
    The newer Hecate class destroyer is designed to replace the ageing Orion
    class. Although this ship has no increase in armour, it's firepower, and
    success potential has been dramatically increased. Unlike the Orion class,
    the Hecate class is no easy target when it comes to destroying it with
    a fighter or bomber due to the large increase in the number of defensive
    turrets, but every ship has its weaknesses. The Hecate class uses heavy
    and long range flak, as opposed to the standard flak use by all the other
    previous ships mentioned above, so this type of fire poses an even greater
    threat at close range, and can even take out fighter/bombers at long
    range, so be very careful. In terms of anti-fighter beam coverage, the
    Hecate class has a near 720 degree 'sphere' of coverage, but there are
    a few 'blind-spots' which can be used to fly a fighter in and out, without
    being hit by these turrets. (These points include the bottom-rear left and
    bottom-rear right of the ship, just under the rear (main) engines.)
    Hades Class
    Hull   : 400000
    Speed  :     15
    Turrets:     22
    Score  :   1600
    The Hades class is never seen in the main Freespace 2 Campaign, but for
    the sake of multiplayer missions, and future missions, I'll include this
    ship's info. The Hades class uses Shivan weaponry, giving it greater
    offensive and defensive capabilities as opposed to standard, all Terran,
    or all Vasudan ships. The hull of the Hades is 4 times stronger than that
    of the Orion and the Hecate class, so a much larger attack force is
    required to take down just one of these ships. This ships biggest weakness
    is the absence of both anti-fighter beam turrets, and flak guns, allowing
    fighters and bombers relatively easy access to major ship sub-systems and
    weaponry. To counter this deficiency, the Hades uses 4 missile banks to
    destroy any opposing fighter or bomber, so make sure to save several
    missile decoys when attacking this class of ship.
    (Note: The Hades class uses 2 banks of 'FighterKiller' missiles, and 2
    banks of 'Shivan Cluster Bombs'.)
    Super-Capital Ship Class (AKA Battleship)
    The most powerful class of vessel in either the Terran or Vasudan fleets.
    The Battleship class (what I call it) posses enough firepower to take out
    entire enemy fleets, and still have enough power to deal with the next
    wave of ships. In terms of firepower, the Battleship is second to only the
    Shivan Juggernaut class of vessel.
    Colossus Class
    Hull   : 1000000
    Speed  :      25
    Turrets:      63
    Score  :   10000
    The Colossus class Battleship has the greatest number of turrets in the
    entire game, as well as the greatest amount of armour. I am not even going
    attempt to tell you how to take out this class of ship, as it is almost
    impossible without fire-support from several Destroyer class ships. The
    anti-fighter weaponry on this ship is too abundant to use light fighters,
    and too fast for heavy fighters, and bombers and their torpedoes can
    hardly get close enough to damage this ship, so don't even try. Luckily,
    you do not have to take on a Colossus class ship, so this potential
    problem needs no explanation.
    Just to highlight the firepower of the Colossus class vessel, here are
    the numbers, and types of turrets on the ship:
    Terran Turrets                          :  8
    Terran Huge Turrets                     : 20 (10 turrets, 20 'Arms')
    Standard Flak                           : 12
    Anti-Fighter Beam Turrets               : 20
    Terran Slash Turrets                    :  7
    Terran Anti-Capital Ship (Heavy) Turrets:  6
    Vasudan Capital Ships
    Unlike their fighters and bombers, Vasudan capital ships are heavily
    armoured, and heavily armed, even more so than Terran vessels. The one
    fault with Vasudan capital ships is their reliance on 'set' weaponry,
    rather than a wide range of turrets in relatively equal numbers. (Vasudan
    ships either have lots of laser turrets, and a couple of beam turrets, or
    vice-versa.) In addition, Vasudan flak guns only use Standard Flak, they
    never use Heavy or Long-Range Flak.
    Cruiser Class
    Aten Class
    Hull   : 18000
    Speed  :    25
    Turrets:     6
    Score  :    90
    The Aten class of Cruiser isn't that spectacular as it only has 2 forward
    mounted anti-fighter beam turrets, which leaves the rear of this vessel
    completely exposed (so attack from the rear of this ship.) The other main
    anti-fighter weapon carried on this ship is a Subach HL-7! Yes, the same
    one carried by Terran fighters and bombers, no upgraded version, the same.
    Although this not give the ship any heavy firepower, it does give the ship
    a high rate of fire, so watch out for the middle-top mounted turret.
    Mentu Class
    Hull   : 60000
    Speed  :    35
    Turrets:    16
    Score  :   100
    The Mentu class is significantly more dangerous than the Aten class, not
    only because of the greater number of turrets, and the thicker armour,
    but the fact that it has a near 720 degree weapons coverage. This ship
    also carries flak guns, which are mounted in the rear, and front of the
    ship. The anti-fighter beams are located at the rear (so you cannot attack
    from there safely anymore), and the front-top of the ship, which gives
    way to the ships main weakness, the bottom. The base of the ship is not
    covered by the anti-fighter beams, or the flak guns, so it is pretty easy
    to attack from this angle. The one problem with this is the fact that a
    Subach HL-7 turret covers the base of the ship, take this out quickly, and
    the way is open for attack.
    Corvette Class
    Sobek Class
    Hull   : 80000
    Speed  :    30
    Turrets:    22
    Score  :   400
    Luckily, the Sobek class of Corvette is nowhere near as powerful as the
    Terran Deimos class Corvette, but saying that, do not take this ship too
    lightly. The main weakness, like most other Vasudan capital ships, the
    base of the ship is only covered by a few Terran Turrets, which can easily
    be evaded. The flak guns are located at the bottom-rear (so watch out for
    this when you attack from the bottom), the top-middle and the top-rear.
    The anti-fighter beam turrets are located at the front and rear, both
    of which are on the top of the ship.
    (Note: When I say attack the bottom of the ship, I mean from the middle-
    bottom, because if you stray too near the rear of the ship, the flak
    gun can hit you, and any further and the anti-fighter beams can reach
    Destroyer Class
    Typhon Class
    Hull   : 120000
    Speed  :     15
    Turrets:     15
    Score  :   1000
    The Typhon class has all three types of annoyance for fighters and
    bombers. It has flak guns mounted on both the top and bottom in the
    central section of the ship, and has one to the rear. It's missile
    launchers are located to the rear and middle, on the bottom of the ship,
    as well as one on the top-middle of the ship. The anti-fighter beam
    turrets (all 2 of them), are located at the top-rear of the ship, and
    the bottom-front, giving almost complete 720 degree fighter/bomber
    protection. Although there is an anti-fighter beam turret covering this
    attack path, a head-on attack will allow you to evade most other types
    of fire (take out the beam turret first, before making an attack run.)
    Hatshepsut Class
    Hull   : 135000
    Speed  :     15
    Turrets:     30
    Score  :   1400
    This class of ship has masses of flak guns (10 to be exact), so close
    range attacks are made harder, and long range attacks with torpedoes are
    almost useless (as the flak will take out the torpedoes before they hit
    the ship. This class also uses several fusion mortars (unguided HE
    projectiles), which can destroy slow moving fighters and bombers. (There
    are 6 Fusion mortars in all.) The anti-fighter beam turrets are scarce on
    this class (there are only 4 of them), which are positioned, 2 at the
    bottom-rear, and 2 at the front-top of the vessel (giving an almost 720
    degree anti-fighter coverage.) There are no direct attack routes to this
    ship, and the only 'safe' route is from the bottom-middle, and even
    then you will have to take out the rear beam turrets first, and then
    deal with the flak from the guns mounted there (it is much less than
    you would experience if you attacked from the top.)
    (Note: Do NOT attack from the side of this ship as it can bring almost
    it's entire arsenal to bear on your ship if you try an attack run.)
    Shivan Capital Ships
    Shivan capital ships are incredibly strong with respect to overall
    firepower, and have pretty strong armour. Shivan weaponry with much more
    advanced than either Terran or Vasudan, so be incredibly careful when
    attacking these ships.
    Cruiser Class
    Cain Class
    Hull   : 20000
    Speed  :    30
    Turrets:     9
    Score  :   150
    The Cain class cruiser isn't anything to write home about, but it can
    pose a threat to pilots who insist on just flying in, and blasting away
    at the ships hull. This ship has 1 anti-fighter beam turret, mounted on
    the base to the rear of the ship, so attacking from the top, towards the
    middle of the ship is advised. Another potential hazard, are the 2 missile
    launchers which are located either side of the centre of the ship, so
    when you attack from the top, watch out for these.
    Lilith Class
    Hull   : 75000
    Speed  :    20
    Turrets:     9
    Score  :   210
    In terms of weaponry, the Lilth class is very similar to the Cain class,
    but employs the use the 'Shivan Cluster Bomb' instead of the Cain's
    'Fighter Killer' missiles. The Lilith also has upgraded anti-capital ship
    weaponry, so if you are tasked with escorting allied ships, watch out
    for this class of ship. The strategy of destroying the ship remains the
    same as the Cain class, from the top-middle (but this time you have to
    deal with a hull over 3 times as strong, and Shivan Cluster Bombs instead
    of FighterKillers.)
    Rakshasa Class
    Hull   : 40000
    Speed  :    20
    Turrets:    14
    Score  :   300
    The Rakshasa class has the same weakness as the other 2 Shivan cruiser
    class vessels, it does not have any major anti-fighter coverage on the
    top. (So again, attack from the top of the ship, and NOT the bottom.)
    Surprisingly, the Rakshasa class also has only 1 anti-fighter beam turret
    (located in the bottom-rear of the ship), but also has not missile
    launchers, making this ship an even easier target. (But the anti-capital
    ship potential of this vessel is increased greatly, so if you are
    escorting any vital ships, make sure you destroy this ships main beam
    turrets (at the very front.)
    Corvette Class
    Moloch Class
    Hull   : 80000
    Speed  :    30
    Turrets:    16
    Score  :   440
    The Moloch class, unlike the Shivan Cruiser classes has no anti-fighter
    beam turrets, but instead, has 4 flak guns, 1 heavy flak gun, and 3
    missile launchers. Again, this ships weakness is an attack from the top,
    but this is also where the heavy flak turret is located, so take this out
    before attempting an attack run. In addition, the missiles which this
    class of ship uses (2x MX-52 and 1x Piranha) are pretty accurate, so make
    sure you look out for these.
    Destroyer Class
    Demon Class
    Hull   : 160000
    Speed  :     20
    Turrets:     26
    Score  :    840
    The Demon class has only 2 anti-fighter beam turrets, and 4 flak guns, but
    it also has 5 missile launchers (all using FighterKiller missiles.) The
    2 anti-fighter beam turrets are located on either side of the ship, in
    the central section, giving a near 720 degree coverage, but it does leave
    the rear of the ship more vulnerable. Although the rear of the ship sounds
    like the weakest region, it isn't. Not only do 3 flak guns cover this
    region, but so do 2 missile launchers, so be incredibly careful when you
    attack from the rear. The very front of the ship is also not covered by
    the anti-fighter beam turrets, but again, it is covered by both flak and
    missile launchers, so there is no completely safe way to attack.
    Ravana Class
    Hull   : 100000
    Speed  :     20
    Turrets:     30
    Score  :    670
    Probably the single greatest threat to allied capital ships next to the
    Shivan Juggernaut. This ship wields more firepower than any Terran or
    Vasudan Destroyer class ship (in terms of anti-capital ship weaponry.)
    It's 2 anti-fighter beam turrets are both located at the rear of the ship,
    one on the top, and one on the base, so attacked from the rear, and sides
    would result in fatal consequences. The flak guns are located all over the
    ships, but are concentrated to the rear of ship. In addition, it's two
    missile launchers are located to the front and rear. Knowing this, the
    only flank left vulnerable is the ship's front, so to attack a Ravana class
    Destroyer, simply fly head-on, but watch out for it's missile launchers
    (which use FighterKiller missiles.)
    Lucifer Class
    Hull   : 800000
    Speed  :     15
    Turrets:     17
    Score  :   1000
    The Lucifer class is not seen in the main Freespace 2 campaign, but for
    the purpose of multiplayer and future missions, I'll include it anyway.
    Compared to the other Shivan Destroyer class ships, the Lucifer is a
    relatively easy target. It has no beam turrets, or flak guns, but does
    have 4 missile launchers (which use FighterKiller missiles and Shivan
    Cluster Bombs.) These launchers are located on the front-top, rear-top,
    front-bottom, and middle-bottom, which leaves the rear of the ship the
    easiest place to strike. So, simply take out the 1 missile launcher at the
    rear, and then make your attack run.
    Juggernaut Class
    Like the Terran/Vasudan Battleship class vessel, this is the largest, most
    powerful Shivan warship, and ultimately, the most powerful ship in the
    entire game. Although it has fewer turrets than the Colossus class, it
    more than makes up for that with advanced Shivan weaponry.
    Sathanas Class
    Hull   : 1000000
    Speed  :      25
    Turrets:      53
    Score  :   10000
    Unlike the Colossus class, you do have to fight this ship in the main
    Freespace 2 campaign. I am not going to try and tell you how to destroy
    this class of ship, as it requires heavy fire support from several
    Destroyer class vessels (and in the main campaign it is accomplished
    Just to highlight the firepower of the Sathanas class vessel, here are
    the numbers, and types of turrets on the ship:
    Shivan Turret Lasers                          : 25
    Standard Flak                                 : 12
    Long Range Flak                               :  2
    Anti-Fighter Beam Turrets                     :  9
    Shivan Anti-Capital Ship (Light) Turrets      :  1
    Shivan Anti-Capital Ship (Ultra Heavy) Turrets:  4
    *A* FRED 2 Guide
    You whould be surprised at the amount of FRED2 missions which are
    submitted, and what percentage of these are actually useable, about 10%!
    The other 90% are rejected, or not given the Volition 'Official' status
    (which allows it to make a player score points in a multiplayer game.)
    So, in this section of the guide I will highlight, and try and shead some
    light on how to make and successful, and stable mission.
    What is FRED2?
    FRED2 (or FReespace EDitor 2) is a program which is used to create or edit
    missions for use with Freespace 2. These can be either single player,
    multiplayer, and can also form a part of a larger campaign.
    Things to do:
    - Make the mission orginal (do NOT copy any Freespace 2 mission, or a
      remake of a mission from another game.)
    - Make the mission challenging (there is no point in having 8 allied
      fighters against 1 enemy one, pointless.)
    - Limit what weapons and fighter/bombers the player can select (some
      ships and weapons may make your mission too easy, while having the
      wrong weapons can make it too hard, balance is the key.)
    - Have a clearly defined mission structure and/or storyline (do not let
      it get overwhelming, boring, or side-tracked.)
    - Balance the allied/enemy numbers
    - Have a reward at the end of the mission (like a medal etc.)
    - Use the 'K' key to cycle through turrets (this will make it look more
      authentic when you use the 'Fire-beam' command, as a beam fired through
      the ship which is firing looks pretty stupid.)
    - Use 'Shift-O' to place a ship/wing at an exact location, it looks neater
      and makes it easier to figure out firing distances, waypoint distances,
      and other such 'eye candy'.
    - Look through the ships view, this way you can make sure that the
      battlefield looks like what you want it to look like.
    - Fly the mission at every major 'event' in the mission to make sure you
      have used the write 'event' strings (if you leave it until you have
      finished the mission, it is very hard to pin-point what part/parts are
      wrong with the mission.)
    - Keep it simple, yet interesting (probably the hardest thing to do.)
    - Change capital ship weaponry to suite your mission (as their standard
      selection is very poor, and not challenging IMO.)
    - Have fun while making it (when you are enjoying what you are doing, it
      shows in the final thing.)
    Things not to do:
    - Do NOT make the mission impossible (1 allied fighter against 100 enemy
      fighters and 20 enemy capital ships is just stupid.)
    - Do NOT go overboard with ship numbers as this will slow down gameplay
      in the multiplayer arena (hundreds of cruisers, corvettes and destroyers
      battleing it out may look cool, but what is the point if you can't even
      play the game properley due to the massive lag?)
    - Do NOT have 'lulls' in the action for more than a minute, or they will
      soon get bored of the mission.
    - Do NOT send a hundread-odd messages during an intense moment in the
      game, as the player will have more pressing matters to deal with (namely
      not getting killed.) Leave the 'story' messages for the 'lulls' in the
    - Do NOT issue a hundred medals, and fifty promotions for completing a
      mission (as this is stupid, impractical, and will never be accepted.)
    - Do NOT make a capital ship's weapons ridiculous (giving the Fenris class
      cruiser a 'BFRed' beam cannon is not only unrealistic, but it stupid. A
      tiny Terran cruiser with a weapon only carried by a Shivan Juggernaut??
      I think there would be many people saying something about that.)
    - Make more than one mission at a time, concentrate on finishing one, and
      then move onto another if you want. (Otherwise you will forget where the
      mission is going, and will lose track as to what events work, don't work
      and which ones need changing/tweaking.)
    - DO NOT Leave the ending of your mission/campaign open-ended, wrap it up.
      If you have a new group collapse under the pressure from the GTVA, make
      sure you give valid reasons, (or make a mission to sort out all the loose
      ends.) (Cliffhangers are OK for the developers, because they can make an
      entire sequel to round all this up, you can't. - In the same way,
    Top 10 Tips:
    (Not in any particular order)
    - Keep the mission balanced
    - Make the mission challenging, but not impossible
    - Give the player a choice of ships and weapons, but none that will make
      the mission too easy
    - Fly th mission yourself, and see how it works out, then try it again,
      and then get someone else to try it, then someone else, and then submit
      it (if you want to.)
    - Keep ship numbers reasonable (5 capital ships at one time is more than
    - Have a storyline or clear objective running throughout the mission, do
      not stray (unless this forms part of the story.)
    - Be original, there is nothing worse than flying a mission which is
      exactly the same as another one, but has a different name.
    - Changed the weapons on the capital ships to suite your mission
      requirements (you may need to have a cruiser take out a destroyer, so
      giver them more powerful beam turrets etc.) (But do not go overboard
      here, you still need a feel of realism.)
    - Make the storyline/objective believable (saying you have to capture a
      medical ship to help revive Aeris, to revive Sephiroth, to bring back
      the Colossus to bring back the victims from the Supernova is just plain
    - Finally, give the mission a briefing, objectives and a proper debrief!
      It is so annoying when you fly a mission, destroy a ship, and come to
      the debrief which says 'You did not destroy the....', that is so
      frustrating, so make sure you are accurate.
    Have you got any advice/suggestions concerning FRED2?
    If you have, E-Mail me your suggestions to : The_RSM@hotmail.com
    When I recieve your suggestions, I will review them, and will then add
    them to this, or a future Freespace 2 FAQ/Guide.
    Remember, you will get FULL credit for any advice/suggestions you make.
    (Please mark your E-Mails with the Subject : FRED2FAQs)
    Thank You.
    *B* Squadwar
    The  basis  for  Squad War is that organised squadrons should be able to
    conquer  and  defend  regions  of  space.  Squad  War allows multiplayer
    squadrons  to  challenge other squadrons for control of territory in the
    universe.  Squad  War  is an organised form of team vs. team multiplayer
    gameplay. PXO servers will maintain a list of registered squadrons (each
    has  a name, a password, and a list of members) which will be managed by
    users through a web page. Squadrons will fight it out (via team vs. team
    missions)  for  control  of sectors. The PXO database will keep track of
    which squadron controls each sector.
    - From www.Squadwar.com FAQ section
    So basically, Squadwar is ladder system for TvT matchs, simple. And before
    I forget....
    *Shameless Plug*
    So, you've played a few TvT games, and liked it? Fancy proving your skills
    were it really matters, on the Squadwar ladder? Well you can!
    Join the BEWD (Blue Eyes White Dragons) and you will be able to fly
    alongside ace pilots, and eventually become an ace yourself!
    So, if you:
    - Are friendly
    - Have an account of PXO (or are thinking of getting one)
    - Are willing to be part of a team
    - Are willing to give up some time to fly
    Then YOU are perfect for the BEWD Squadron.
    (Note: You DO NOT have to have any previous TvT experience, or any other
    form of experience. We will personally train you in how to become an ace
    pilot, and how to win in the TvT world.)
    Have further questions?
    Then E-Mail the Squad Leader : The_RSM@hotmail.com
    (Or chat to me online, just look for: BEWD-DracoLord)
    * BEWD Squadron Notice *
    We are currently looking for a co-leader, who will lead the BEWD squadron
    when the creator, and current squad leader (BEWD-DracoLord) is unable to
    make a team game. This person, unlike a normal pilot, and member of the
    BEWD Squadron MUST have TvT experience, and must have the skill,
    dedication, and understanding to make BEWD the top of the league.
    If you fit this criteria, then please, e-mail me your pilot filename
    (and just the name) to : The_RSM@hotmail.com (please make the subject:
    BEWDSLA), at which point I will review your pilot record on the FS2
    ladder, and then e-mail you back with a date, (this will be made so it
    is convient for both you and me), and you will then prove your skills to
    me, personally (so there is no point in trying to fake who you are,
    because if you can't fly well enough, I'm afraid you will NOT make it as
    the Co-Squad Leader.)
    So, what do you get as being the Co-Squad Leader?
    - The FULL support of the current Squad Leader (BEWD-DracoLord)
    - The respect, and trust of the Squad (which must be earnt)
    - Full access to the Squad Admin, so you can challenge other squads, and
      communicate with the members of the squad)
    - Full access to the website (TBA), and full rights and privalages on the
      message board, and the other areas of the site
    - The pride and enjoyment which comes as being the leader of something
      greater than you alone
    - You can train, recruit and any other thing which YOU deem necessary, so
      you get almost complete freedom, and can feel in charge of something
      (if you aren't already)
    - You will be filled with pride and joy when OUR team defeats any
      challengers, and/or any challenges which WE make
    Thank You.
    How to join a Squadwar Squadron:
    Firstly, you have to get permission from the Squad Leader, or any other
    member of the squad who is allowed to let you join (some squads only let
    aces join, or people in a certain time zone etc.) Then, you create a new
    Multiplayer pilot (it will be the squadname-your nickname, e.g. BEWD-Rage)
    Finally, to actually compete as a member of the squad, you will need the
    password to actually join the squad (you join at www.squadwar.com.) This
    password will be given to you either by the squad leader, or a trusted
    member of the group.
    TvT Missions:
    Unlike Coop. missions, you do not all get together and battle the AI, and
    unlike a dogfight, you don't fly around trying to kill any fighter or
    bomber which you aren't in, this is the ultimate experience, flying as
    part of a team in which you have to worry about you, your squadmates, your
    enemy squad and any other obstacles in the way.
    These missions are won by accomplishing a set task (killing all members of
    opposing squad a certain number of times, destroying the enemy cruiser, or
    another enemy cap. ship etc.
    To best sum up what you do:
    Together we fight, united by a bond-
    A bond of courage,
    A bond of daring,
    A bond of friendship
    Without my wingman I am nothing.
    Without me my wingman is nothing.
    Only together can we achieve
    What our cause has called us to complete.
    For our beliefs we fight
    Against the menace that has risen.
    My wingman is my guardian,
    And I am my wingman's guardian.
    With my wingman by my side,
    I will not fear death or destruction,
    I will not feel the eyes of hate resting upon us.
    I will fly my ship strong and straight,
    Never doubting that my wingman is there to protect me.
    - From Wing Commander III - The Heart of The Tiger (manual pg. 41)
    If you wish to fly as part of a team, it is advisable that you use, or
    purchase a joystick (which are pretty cheap anyway), so that your gaming
    experience will be improved, and made a lot easier.
    'Bind' the joystick buttions to perform certain, critical actions which
    you use most of the time.
    For Example:
    Button 1  : Fire Primary Weapons
    Button 2  : Afterburner
    Button 3  : Equalise Shields
    Button 4  : Launch Counter-measures
    HAT up    : Look up
    HAT down  : Look back
    HAT left  : Look left
    HAT right : Look right
    Z-Axis    : Increase/Decrease Thrust (Throttle)
    The ships which you fly are exactly the same as the ones used in any other
    section of the game, and the primary and secondary weapons are standard
    (not dogfighting as some people have thought.)
    Standard Rules:
    In the Squadwar world, most of the members are experienced players, and
    they already know the standard rules which are used. For those of you
    who don't know, or are not quite sure, these are the 'Standard Rules':
    - No EMPs allowed
    - No AI fighters/bombers allowed
    - No Anti-Fighter Suppresion Weaponry (Piranhas and Infyrnos)
    - No cheating (tables, trainers, LAG bombing, hacks etc.)
    Best TvT Ship and Loadout:
    As I have said at various occasions throughout this guide, everyone has
    their own opinion, and taste, so this selection may, or may not appeal to
    you, and your flying style(s).
    Best Fighters:
    Erinyes *
    Herc II
    Best Bomber:
    Best Primary Configurations:
    Morning Star and Kayser *
    Morning Star and Subach/Mekul
    Kayser and Kayser
    Kayser and Subach/Mekul
    Best Secondary Configurations:
    Tornado and Rockeye *
    Tornado and Tempest *
    Rockeye and Rockeye
    Harpoon and Harpoon
    (* My personal favourates.)
    I say, if you say 'my favourate is...', you should always have a list of
    reasons as too why your choice is a good choice, so, here is my list:
    + Quite manoeavrable
    + Well armoured
    + Multiple gun mounts (great primary firepower)
    - Pretty small payload (compared to Herc II)
    Morning Star:
    + 'Throws' enemies off course, and into a spin
    + Makes it hard for your enemy to get a lock
    + Hard to escape from (unless you run out of weapon energy)
    + Great TvT weapon (a MUST have)
    - Pretty high energy usage
    - Makes your enemy stop, which makes it easier for them to target you with
      primary weapons, heatseekers and dumbfires
    + High damage potential
    + High rate of fire
    + Good range
    - Pretty high power usage (and with the Morning Star, the energy is
      drained away very quickly, so be careful)
    + Good rate of fire
    + Can be carried in reasonable numbers
    + Pretty accurate
    + Deadly if they strike there target
    - Aces can evade them easily
    - Run out too quickly
    - Takes time to lock onto the target, time which you might not have
    + Great rate of fire
    + Good to distract enemy
    + No lock time
    - Very easily evaded
    - Cannot be carried in large numbers
    - Only reasonable damage
    + Excellent rate of fire (instant)
    + Good to distract enemy
    + Can be carried in large numbers
    + No lock time
    - No homing system, so you must aim precisely
    TvT Strategies (AKA Do's and Don't of TvT's):
    - Stick together. Don't try and take on an entire squad by yourself, you
      can't. You may be the best pilot in FS2, but, even you cannot match up
      against 3, 4, 5 or 6 enemy fighters, all aiming at your ship.
    - Communicate. There is no point in flying around, trying to take out any
      fighter, or any ship when all your squad mates are doing the same thing
      and are expecting you to cover them.
    - Assign roles/jobs to each of your pilots. You have to assign roles to
      each of your pilots, a role which they can fulfil, and excel at. (E.g.
      Give an experienced dog fighter the role of engaging the enemy aces, or
      another pilot the job of attacking the enemy cap. ship whilst you engage
      the enemy fighters etc.)
    - Have a game plan before you start. The worse thing to have is a
      dis-organised squad who fly by their own rules, and do what they want
      to do, it will just not work against organised teams. Decide what you
      do, before you begin the mission, for example. Does X attack the enemy
      leader, whilst A and B attack the enemy fighters, whilst Y and Z attack
      the enemy cap. ship?
    - Stick with your favourate ship and weapon loadout. As I have said
      before, everyone has their own style, and preference when it comes to
      ships and their loadout, so pick the one which is right for you, not
      the one which your squad leader uses, or another member of the squad
      does, use what you are good with, and nothing else.
    - Be dedicated. There is NO POINT in joining a squad if you do not intend
      to attend team matches, or training, you will just be extra bagage, and
      an upset to the team, and morale. If you have asked to join, then think
      to yourself, 'Do I have the time for this?', or 'Am I really intent on
      being a productive member of the squad?' If the answer is Yes, then good
      luck to you, and I hope you help your team win many matches, but if the
      answer is No, then don't even bother applying in the first place,
      because if you do apply, and then decide not to attend matches, then the
      squad leader will have to fighter with less people, or even forfiet the
      match just because of YOU, so don't do it.
    - Wear the right 'uniform'. When you join a team, you will have to change
      your squadron logo to what the squad leader has decided to make the
      symbol for your team, and your name (e.g. BEWD-Rage), means you are part
      of a team, a group, and ultimately a community, so ALWAYS play as your
      new team multiplayer pilot. (You may have hundreds of medals, and have
      achieved the rank of admiral on another pilot file, but that is just a
      small line of code which says 'BEWD-Rage has the....and....and.... etc.
      It means NOTHING in the TvT world, an Ensign can beat an Admiral.)
    - Set your object update rate to LOW (unless you are the host server in
      which case you set it to HIGH or LAN.) If you put your O.U.R. to any
      other setting, you will increase the LAG on the game (this can be
      considered as LAG Bombing, and your team can be disqualified from that
      match, and even SquadWar itself, so DO NOT do it.)
    - Never slag off other teams, team members, or any member of your squad.
      Be polite to everyone, even the people who have just beaten you, or you
      are facing in about 5 minutes, they are just normal people, who have
      decided that they enjoy to unwind by playing FS2, and SquadWar, so
      treat them as you wish to be treated (nicely.)
    - Humour the moment. Nobody sits at home all day playing this game (at
      least I hope not), so they probably have to go to work, or school, so
      they will probably be tired, fed up, bored, and a whole host of other
      emotionals states, so try and be funny (with a limit.) Lighten the mood,
      if one of your squad mates is doubting themselves, be a friend, and
      reassure them, make them feel happy, because on day you will be in that
      situation, and would like someone to lend a helping hand, and make you
      feel better.
    - Cut the language. There are people of all ages on the forums, and in the
      games, so don't swear every other word, because an eleven year old,
      sitting in front of a computer screen shouldn't be subjected to this
      kind of foul language, and I don't think his/her parents would be happy
      if they knew that their child was trying to play an innocent game, and
      was being influenced by people from all over the world.
    - Language. When you join a team, or the forums, there will always be
      people from other countries, who speak other languages, and/or have
      'loose' english, so don't insult these people, and don't be rude to
      them. We live in a multicultural, multilingual society, so you should
      learn to respect, and accept them.
    - The three NO NO's. Politics, religion and sex, NEVER talk about these
      three things in the forums, games, or a TvT, these are very sensitive
      subjects, and can result in a whole host of problems, so please, DO NOT
      talk about these subjects openly.
    - Have fun. The whole point of this game (apart from making the company
      and the developers money), is for you, and me to have a good time and
      enjoy our online experience, and even vent stress, anger and other
      negative emotions by taking it out on computer generated ships, doing
      away with the need for actual violence (believe me, it does reduce
      stress, at least in my case.)
    Common terms and abbrieviations:
    We've all seen them, these three, four letters which make no sense to
    us. LOL, LMAO, GL, GG, HF etc. What do they all mean? Well, these are
    acronyms (a series of letters, each of which stand for an actual word),
    and are used to lessen the need to type more than you actually need to.
    Just so you don't misunderstand, here are some of the most commonly used
    terms and phrases you will undoubtly find whilst playing a game, or in
    the forums:
    Abbreviation|                       Meaning(s)
    ?           |What?
    @COLL       |At College
    @HM         |At Home
    @SCHL       |At School
    @WRK        |At Work
    ^)^ ^(^     |People Talking
    ~~~c___     |Beach
    :-|:-|      |Deja' vu
    1DAFUL      |Wonderful
    2           |To, Too, Two
    24/7        |Twenty Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
    2B          |To Be
    2BCTND      |To Be Continued
    2D4         |To Die For
    2DAY        |Today
    2L8         |Too Late
    2MORO       |Tomorrow
    2NITE       |Tonight
    4           |For, Four
    4E          |Forever
    7K          |Sick
    8           |Ate, Eight
    A/S/L?      |Age/Sex/Location
    ACTIV8      |Activate
    ADD         |Address
    ADN         |Any Day Now
    AFAIAA      |As Far As I Am Aware
    AFAIAC      |As Far As I Am Concerned
    AFAICT      |As Far As I Can Tell
    AFAIK       |As Far As I Know
    AFAIR       |As Far As I Remember
    AFAIUI      |As Far As I Understand It
    AFK         |Away From Keyboard
    AI          |Artifical Intelligence
    AISB        |As I Said Before or As It Should Be
    AISI        |As I See It
    AIUI        |As I Understand It
    AIW         |As It Were
    AKA         |Also Known As
    ALIWANISU   |All I Want Is You
    AMAP        |As Much As Possible
    AML         |All My Love
    ANYTNG      |Anything
    AOB         |Any Other Business
    ASAP        |As Soon As Possible
    ATB         |All The Best
    ATK         |At The Keyboard
    ATM         |At The Moment
    A3          |Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
    ATTN        |Attention
    ATW         |At The Weekend
    AU          |Australia
    AVDB        |Alles Van Die Beste
    AVG         |Average
    AX          |Across
    AYOR        |At Your Own Risk
    AYT         |Are You There?
    B           |Be, Bee
    B/C         |Because
    B2          |Back To
    B2B         |Back To Business
    B4          |Before
    B4N         |Bye For Now
    BBB         |Busy Beyond Belief
    BBIAB       |Be Back In A Bit
    BBIAF       |Be Back In A Flash
    BBIAM       |Be Back In A Minute
    BBIAS       |Be Back In A Second
    BBL         |Be Back Later
    BBS         |Be Back Soon
    BCNU        |Be Seeing You
    BCUM        |Become
    BD          |Big Deal
    BF          |Boyfriend
    BG          |Big Grin
    BION        |Believe It Or Not
    BN          |Been or Being
    BFN/B4N     |Bye For Now
    BOL         |Best Of Luck
    BRB         |Be Right Back
    BRT         |Be Right There
    BTA         |But Then Again
    BTDT        |Been There Done That
    BTM         |Beats Mee
    BTR         |Better
    BTW         |By The Way
    BWD         |Backward
    BYKT        |But You Knew That
    C           |See
    CZIN        |Season
    C%D         |Could
    C%L         |Cool
    C&G;        |Chuckle & Grin
    CUL8ER/CUL8R|See You Later
    C/O         |Care Of
    CID         |Crying In Disgrace or Consider It Done
    CIO         |Cut It Out
    CN          |Can
    COS/COZ     |Because
    CR8         |Create
    CSG         |Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
    CART        |CAn't Remember a Thing
    CU          |See You
    CU @ 7      |See You At 7
    CU2MORO     |See You Tomorrow
    CU2NITE     |See You Tonight
    CUS         |See You Soon
    CUZ         |Because
    CYA         |See You
    D           |The
    DD          |Dead
    DINR        |Dinner
    DK          |Don't Know
    DL          |Download
    DM&         |Demand
    DOIN        |Doing
    D/L         |Download
    DAMHIK      |Don't Ask Me How I Know
    DIKU?       |Do I Know You?
    DIM         |I'll Do It Myself
    DIY         |Do It Yourself
    DK          |Don't Know
    DNA         |Did Not Answer
    DON         |Doing
    DQMOT       |Don't Quote Me On This
    DUCWIC      |Do You See What I See?
    DUR         |Do You Remember?
    DV8         |Deviate
    DWB         |Don't Write Back
    DXNRE       |Dictionary
    EG          |Evil Grin
    EMFBI       |Excuse Me For Buttin In
    EMSG        |E-mail MeSsaGe
    ESP         |Especially
    EZI/EZY     |Easy
    F?          |Friends?
    F2F         |Face To Face
    F2T         |Free To Talk
    FAQ         |Frequently Asked Question(s)
    FC          |Fingers Crossed
    FIFO        |First In First Out
    FIOFY       |Figure It Out For Yourself
    FISH        |First In Still Here
    FOCL        |Fell Off Chair Laughing
    FONE        |Phone
    FST         |Fast
    FTAC        |Fantasy
    BTBOMH      |From The Bottom Of My Heart
    FTBL        |Football
    FTL         |Faster Than Light
    FUNE        |Funny
    FWIW        |For What It's Worth
    FYA         |For Your Amusement
    FYI         |For Your Information
    G2CU/G2SY   |Glad/Good To See You
    G2G/GTG     |Got To Go
    GA          |Go Ahead
    GAFIA       |Get Away From It All
    GAL         |Get A Life
    GBH&K;      |Great Big Hugs & Kisses
    GBH&KB;     |Great Big Hugs & Kisses Back
    GD&R;       |Grinning, Ducking, and Running
    GF          |Girlfriend
    GFN         |Gone For Now
    GG          |Go to Go or Good Game
    GJ          |Good Job
    GL          |Good Luck
    GMAB        |Give Me A Break
    GMT         |Greenwich Mean Time
    GNR8        |Generate
    GNRLE       |Generally
    GONNA       |Going To
    GOWI        |Get On With It
    GR8         |Great
    G9          |Genius
    GT          |Good Try
    GTG         |Got To Go
    GUDLUK      |Good Luck
    H2          |How To
    H2CUS       |Hope To See You Soon
    H8          |Hate
    HAGN        |Have A Good Night
    HAGO        |Have A Good One
    HAK         |Hugs And Kisses
    HAMRD       |Hammered
    HAND        |Have A Nice Day
    HB          |Hug Back
    HH          |Holding Hands
    HICA        |Here It Comes Again
    HIG         |How's It Going
    HOAS        |Hold On A Second
    HOPR        |Hang On, Phone's Rining
    HOUER       |Hanging On Your Every Word
    HOWRU?      |How Are You?
    HP          |Home Page
    HTH         |Hope This Helps
    HV          |Have
    IB          |I'm Back
    IC          |I See
    ICAM        |I Couldn't Agree More
    IDGI        |I Don't Get It
    IDTS        |I Don't Think So
    IDTT        |I'll Drink To That
    IIRC        |If I Remember Correctly
    IJLS        |I Just Like Saying
    IKWUM       |I Know What You Mean
    AM          |I Am
    IMBO        |In My Biased Opinion
    IME         |In My Experience
    IMHO        |In My Honest Opinion
    IMI         |I Mean It
    IMMOR       |I Make My Own Rules
    IMNSHO      |In My Not So Honest Opinion
    IMO         |In My Opinion
    IMPOV       |In My Point Of View
    IMPRS       |Impress
    IMS         |I Must Say
    INT         |I'll Never Tell
    IOU         |I Owe You
    IOW         |In Other Words
    ISC         |I Stand Corrected
    ISO         |In Search Of
    ISTR        |I Seem To Remember
    ITUFIR      |I Think You yoU'll Find I'm Right
    ITYM        |I Think You Mean
    IUSS        |If You Say So
    IUTKATS     |I Used To Know All That Stuff
    IWIK        |I Wish I Knew
    IYDKIDKWD   |If You Don't Know, I Don't Know Who Does
    IYD         |In Your Dreams
    IYKWIM      |If You Know What I Mean
    IYQ         |I Like You
    IYSS        |If You Say So
    IYSWIM      |If You See What I Mean
    J/K         |Just Kidding
    JAM         |Just A Minute/Moment
    JAS         |Just A Second
    J4F         |Just For Fun
    JIC         |Just In Case
    JIT         |Just In Time
    KC          |Keep Cool
    KHUF        |Know How You Feel
    KIA         |Know It All
    KISS        |Keep It Simple Stupid
    KIT         |Keep In Touch
    KOC         |Kiss On Cheek
    KOL         |Kiss On Lips
    KWIM        |Know What I Mean
    KYHU        |Keep Your Head Up
    L           |Laugh
    L8          |Late
    L8R         |Later
    LALL        |Live And Let Live
    LAN         |Local Area Network
    LCH         |Lunch
    LDN         |London
    LKIT        |Like It
    LLTA        |Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
    LMA         |Leave Me Alone
    LMC         |Lost My Connection
    LMK         |Let Me Know
    LO          |Hello
    LOL         |Laugh Out Loud
    LTM         |Laughing To Myself
    LYN         |Lying
    M8          |Mate
    MBRSD       |Embarrassed
    MFG         |More Friendly Garbage
    MFI         |Mad For It
    MHM         |Members Helping Members
    ML          |More Later
    MNC         |Mother Nature Calls
    MOB         |Mobile
    MorF        |Male or Female
    MT          |My Time
    MTE         |My Thoughts Exactly
    MTF         |More To Follow
    MYOB        |Mind You Own Business
    N           |And or No
    N1          |Nice One
    NA          |No Access
    N/M or NM   |Never Mind or No Matter
    NADM        |Never A Dull Moment
    NAGI        |Not A Good Idea
    N/A         |Not Applicible
    NBD         |No Big Deal
    NBTD        |Nothing Better To Do
    NC          |No Comment
    NCASE       |In Case
    NDM         |No Disrespect Meant
    NE          |Any
    NE1         |Anyone
    NED         |Need
    NITING      |Anything
    NLT         |No Later Than
    NMP         |Not My Problem
    NMS         |Not My Style
    NN          |Night, Night
    NO1         |No-One
    NOOTO       |Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
    NOYB        |None Of Your Business
    NP          |No Problem
    NRN         |No Reply Necessary
    NTG         |Not To Good
    NUFN        |Nothing
    NYI         |Not Yet Implemented
    NVM         |Never Mind
    NWO         |No Way Out
    O           |Over
    O4U         |Only For You
    OATUS       |On A Totally Unrealated Subject
    OBTW        |Oh, By The Way
    OIC         |Oh I See
    OMG         |Oh My God
    ON4IT       |On For It
    ONNA        |Oh No, Not Again
    OO          |Over & Out
    OT          |Off Topic
    OTT         |Over The Top
    OTTOMH      |Off The Top Of My Head
    OTW         |On The WHole
    OVA         |Over
    OW          |Oh Well
    PEST        |Please Excuse Slow Typing
    PLMK        |Please Let Me Know
    PL&         |Planned
    PLONK       |Person with Little Or No Knowledge
    PLS/PLZ     |Please
    PM          |Pardon Me or Private Message
    PO$BL       |Possible
    POAHF       |Put On A Happy Face
    POV         |Point Of View
    PPL         |People
    PRT         |Party
    PTMM        |Please Tell Me More
    PTMY        |Pleased To Meet You
    Q           |Queue
    QED         |Quite Easily Done
    QPSA?       |Que Pasa?
    R           |Are
    RE          |REgarding or Nice Seeing You Again
    RUOK?       |Are You OK?
    RSN         |Real Soon Now
    RTM         |Read The Manual
    RUMF?       |Are You Male or Female?
    RU OK?      |Are You OK?
    RUUP2IT?    |Are You Up For It?
    SAL         |Such A Laugh
    SAT         |Sorry About That
    SC          |Stay Cool or Shivan Cruiser
    SEC         |Second
    SETE/SE2E   |Smiling Ear To Ear
    SHTSI       |Somebody Had To Say It
    SIT         |Stay In Touch
    SITD        |Still In The Dark
    sme1        |Someone
    SOT         |Short Of Time
    SOVS        |Someone Very Special
    SNERT       |Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager
    SO          |Significant Other
    SOHF        |Sense Of Humour Failure
    SOL         |Sooner Or Later
    SOTMG       |Short Of Time Must Go
    SPK         |Speak
    SRY         |Sorry
    STATS       |Your Sex and Age
    STS         |So To Speak
    ST2MORO     |Same Time Tomorrow
    SUM1        |Someone
    SUP         |What's Up
    SWDYT?      |So What Do You Think?
    SWL         |Screaming With Laughter
    SWYP        |So Whats Your Problem?
    T+          |Think Positive
    TAFN        |That's All For Now
    TANJ        |There Ain't No Justice
    TBC         |To Be Continues
    TBE         |To Be Expected
    TC          |Take Care
    TFTT        |Thanks For The Thought
    THX         |Thank You
    THN         |Then
    TIME        |Tears In My Eyes
    TMI         |Too Much Information
    TMIKTLIU    |The More I Know, The Less I Understand
    TMOT        |Trust Me On This
    TNX         |Thanks
    TNT         |Till Next Time
    TTBE        |That's To Be Expected
    TTBOMK      |To The Best Of My Knowledge
    TTTT        |These Things Take Time or To Tell The Truth
    TTUL        |Type To You Later
    TYT         |Take Your Time
    TYVM        |Thank You Very Much
    U           |You
    U2          |You Too
    U/L         |Upload
    UGTBK       |You've Got To Be Kidding
    UOK         |You OK?
    UP4IT       |Up For It
    UR          |You Are
    URLCM       |You Are Welcome
    USU         |Usually
    UWOT        |You What!?
    VBG         |Very Big Grin
    VRI         |Very
    W/          |With
    W4U         |Waiting For You
    W8          |Wait
    W84ME       |Wait For Me
    WAN2        |Want To
    WAYD        |What Are You Doing?
    WB          |Welcome Back
    WCKD        |Wicked
    WEN         |When
    WENJA?      |When Do You?
    WERJA?      |Where Do You?
    WERUBN?     |Where Have You Been?
    WK          |Week
    WL          |Will
    WN          |When
    WOT         |What
    WTG         |Way To Go
    WTM?        |What Time?
    WU?         |What's Up?
    WUF?        |Where You From?
    W/O         |Without
    Xlnt        |Excellent
    Y           |Why? or Yes
    YA          |You
    YBS         |You'll Be Sorry
    YIU         |Yes I Understand
    YKWYCD      |You Know What You Can Do?
    YL          |Young Lady
    YM          |Young Man
    YR          |Your
    Z           |Said
    ZZZZZ       |Sleeping
    :)          |Happy
    :(          |Sad
    ;)          |*Wink, Wink*
    ^_-         |*Wink, Wink*
    ><><><;;*>  |Fish!?
    :@          |Piggy Face
    :|          |Sad/Dissapointed
    BEWD?  : What do your squad initials stand for? (Replace BEWD with
             whatever squad you are talking about)
    (Note: This list is comprised of both my knowledge, and a whole group of
    my mates, so if some of them don't make sense, are incorrect, or just
    plain stupid, it wasn't me! :) No, seriously, let me know so I can change
    it before someone uses it in the wrong context/out of place, Thanks.
    Remember, these are just some of the expressions you may encounter in the
    forums, so if you have any more questions about this topic, please, feel
    free to E-Mail me at: The_RSM@hotmail.com, and I will help you if I can.
    (Please mark these e-mails subject as: ACFS2. Thank You.)
    9.0 Final Notes
    I hope you've enjoyed reading this guide, and I also hope that you've
    found the answers you were looking for, even learnt something you didn't
    know before. If you have then this guide was worth writing, and the hours
    of effort was worth it.
    If you have any suggestions on how I could improve this guide, or general
    improvements for any future guide, please E-Mail me them and I will
    get round to doing them (Please do not send any negative comments, if
    you didn't like the guide then fine, you are entitled to your own opinion
    and I can't change your mind, so just don't send any comments.)
    I am very interested in receiving any advice or additions which you can
    offer to this guide. If you submit something you will be given FULL credit
    for your contribution, and if you want, you may also request for a link
    to your guide(s) so long as your advice is relevant to this guide.
    (Please mark your E-Mails with the subject : "FS2CON")
    Thank You.
    Look out for future guides from me and my staff!
    These include, but are not limited to::
    - (PSX) Breath of Fire 4
    - (PSX) Final Fantasy 6
    - (PSX) Final Fantasy 7
    - (PSX) Final Fantasy 8
    - (PSX) Final Fantasy 9
    - (PS2) Final Fantasy 10
    - (PS2) Final Fantasy 11
    - (PS2) Summoner
    - (PS2) Summoner 2
    - (PS2) GTA 3
    - (PS2) GTA 3 : Vice City
    - (PS2) GT 3 A-Spec
    - (PS2) GT 4
    - (PS2) WWE : Shut Your Mouth
    - (PC)  Freespace 2
    - (PC)  Red Alert 2
    - (PC)  Imperium Galactica 2 : Alliances
    - (PC)  Homeworld
    - (PC)  Homeworld : Cataclysm
    - (GBA) Golden Sun
    - (GBA) Golden Sun 2
    - (GBA) Pokemon Ruby
    - (GBA) Pokemon Sapphire
    - (GBA) Yugioh Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1
    - (GBA) Yugioh Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2
    - (GBA) Yugioh Duel Monsters 7
    10.0 Credits and Acknowledgments
    This part of the guide is dedicated to crediting and acknowledging the
    people (which is giving away by the title) who have contributed their
    advice, knowledge and/or services to producing and supporting this
    guide. To these people all I can say is, thank you, and hopefully I
    will be able to help you in your guides, or something like that :)
    And now, without further ado (drum role please) I present to you the
    people who made this guide happen:
    - www.interplay.com for making the game in the first place
    - www.volition-inc.com for their part in making the game
    - www.pxo.net for running the Multiplayer element of the game
    - www.GameFaqs.com for hosting this guide
    - www.NeoSeeker.com for also hosting this guide
    - Carlos Miranda
    - *Reserved for any contributors*
    - And YOU for actually taking the time to read this guide
    *INSERT 1*
    I have decided to create this section to properley acknowledge, and pay
    tribute to the people who have expressed their own personal opinions on
    my opinions :). I feel that a quick mention in section 10 (above) is not
    enough, so you can find ALL the people who have contributed to this guide
    in this section as well :).
    - Carlos Miranda for sending his opinions on some of the descriptions I
      have given, and for highlighting some mistakes which I have made. (I am
      only human you know :) )
    11.0 Links
    Huge collection of FAQs and guides for nearly every game you can think of,
    and even more than that!
    A site similar to Gamefaqs.com, but concentrates more on codes than FAQs
    (Whether Gameshark, Gamegenie, or internal passwords), this site has
    them all.
    A wide selection of guides for a whole host of games, from the well known
    block-busters, to the small, and relatively obscure developments, you
    can find them all here.
    The official Freespace 2 site.
    12.0 Copyright
    This guide is copyright 2002 DracoLord.
    (c) 2002 DracoLord
    All rights reserved.

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