Review by Achilles Heel

Reviewed: 11/26/00 | Updated: 11/08/01

A great game that is sadly ignored

Freespace 2 is a game that should have sold much better than it did; thirty thousand copies is not one-tenth of how much this spectacular space sim deserves to have sold. You can blame it on anything you wish, but I believe it is just because, sadly, interest in PC games is falling. When near-perfect games like Freespace 2 fail to sell, something is wrong. If you consider yourself a gamer, buy this. I’ll explain why.

Here’s the story: as a Terran (human) years before your race had fought the Vasudans. In the middle of the war, the evil Shivans came and tried to take over both of you. The Terrans and Vasudans banded together to stop them, and succeeded, but the link to Earth was destroyed. Now, the Terrans have recently discovered a giant warp-gate to parts unknown. However, they find more Shivans within. They’re back!

This should have sold because of the fact that the graphic are absolutely spectacular. The ships look wonderful; you could easily imagine designs of human ships evolving to look like this. The capital spaceships are my favorites, as they’re just plain huge! Flying alongside these juggernauts is truly awe-inspiring. Usually in space sims such as Freespace 2, the space backdrop is just black with dots of color depicting stars. Not here. You can see beautiful galaxies and worlds; of specific beauty is when you fly through the “fog of space.” The mix of wonderful colors is great. Topping it all off are the weapon animations. The lasers, missiles, and bombs are just as good looking as the ships. The graphics are wonderful!

The sound is almost as good as the graphics. The other members of your squadron will talk to you, unlike most sims; this game has an actual script. The voice-acting is pretty good for a game, as most games usually just have the rather untalented designers. The effects are pretty good too; everything sounds right. Also good is the music, but you’ll find yourself turning it down to hear the acting and effects.

Gameplay is space simming at its absolute finest. As a space pilot for the Terrans, you’ll fly starfighters against the Shivans. Freespace 2 controls wonderfully; the keyboard commands are intuitive if you’ve played space sims before. The display is very helpful. You can always find what you need in the heat of battle. I really like the diversity of missions; sometimes, you’ll be planting a bomb on a target; other times you’ll be defending refugees. Flying has never been this fun!

Freespace 2 is a wonderful game that every self-respecting gamer should own. If every good game sells this few copies, companies will give up on making games of quality. Buy it today; help keep good games being made.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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