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Reviewed: 06/08/09

Just like FreeSpace 1, but a sequel, so it's more like Final Fantasy X-2

FreeSpace was a magnificent game in which you control a young ensign, piloting his way through the universe, seeking out his ambitions like a burning hawk soaring throughout time itself. Now, I know what you're asking yourself, "But Zero," you cry out, causing your dog to awaken from his dream of running. "What does that have to do with FreeSpace 2?" And to that, I can certainly answer that it was the game that this game is building off. So yeah.

The Section where I talk about how the game looks on my old monitor (graphics)
I'd have to give FreeSpace 2 a 10/10 in this section. The game may not look like Crysis, but it's pretty close. For the time. Remember, this came out before most of humanity was born. Back then, anything made of squares looked HOT. And this game is just that; hot. Sexy. Amazing.

What do these flashing buttons do? (controls)
This game receives a 8/10 in this section. Basically, you'll need a keyboard. There's roughly 2 million different things to do at once in this game, especially if you play on "Very Easy" mode (like myself). If you don't lose at least 12 of your fingers whilst playing this video game, you're obviously not very skilled and probably drink tea with steak. But, I digress. T targets the wrong damn ship every time. H targets the wrong damn enemy every time. And S targets the wrong damn subsystem every time. But usually they are decent alternatives, so it's okay.

How many aliens do I kill in this game?
I'd have to say that this section is out of place in a lot of reviews. I mean, there's not even any aliens in Shadow of the Colossus, so why make a section for it? But in this game, it's perfect. You can kill an infinite amount of aliens in this game, if you work hard enough. Even your commanders give you medals for mass genocide, and you can't beat that. Basically, if you love killing things that are strange and different, you'll love FS2. This section gets a 10/10.

Why am I destroying an entire race of aliens, again? (story)
8/10 for this section, hombre. You, Ensign Buttlover (you pick your own name, this is just an example (it was my nickname in high school (girl butts, btw))) are new to the GTVA. Having never killed a single person, you're a rare example of innocence. The GTVA makes sure you start drinking heavily and hating yourself by immediately thrusting you into a war against your fellow man. Then, the story takes a drastic change. You no longer kill pathetic, squishy humans. You start killing awesome, badass ALIENS. I don't want to spoil it, but holy crap, damn. Isn't that enough for you? Cool story.

Hell yes! I'm eating celery for dinner! (misc.)
If you're any kind of man or woman or half man half woman creature, you'll love this game. Go buy it legally. Also, you're stuck as Alpha 1 forever. You may want to start commanding salamanders to call you that in real life, if you know what I mean.

Buy this stuff.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: FreeSpace 2 (US, 09/30/99)

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